“The Law”

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Part of growing up is coming to terms with reality – contra what you believed it was when you were still a child. You realize your parents aren’t omniscient. You find out there’s no such thing as the Easter Bunny. And you discover that “the law” is not some mighty edifice of  protection against the machinations of evildoers; it is just rules enforced by men who control the system that uses “the law” to keep you under their control.

The foundation of this control is your belief that “the law” is objective and impartial; that what matters in a courtroom is “the law” – and the facts – as opposed to the arbitrary whim of the judge.

And therein lies the rub.

“The law” – by itself – is just words written in books and those books are written and interpreted and applied by men, who are inherently partial and often arbitrary. All men have their own points-of-view. It is unavoidable. A good man will try not to let his opinion cloud his interpretation of the facts but it’s childish to believe his opinions do not color his interpretation of the facts. A bad man will not only allow his opinion to color his interpretation of the facts; he will deliberately twist (or ignore) the facts and use “the law” as a weapon against those he wants to punish, who have offended his opinions.

Like the Orange Man, as an obvious for-instance.

One need not like the Orange Man to understand that what is being done to him – as in the “defamation” case brought against him by a woman who obviously hates him but had nothing more than her hate to substantiate her assertions about his supposed actions 30 or more years ago. “The law” says Orange Man owes this woman more than $80 million dollars because Orange Man publicly dismissed her assertions and the woman, herself, as a “whack job.”

This, apparently, constitutes “defamation” sufficient to justify an $80 million-plus judgment.

But where is the justice in it?

Keep in mind that Orange Man has been convicted of nothing – as regards the allegations made by the woman. They are ancient hearsay allegations and as such ought to have been disregarded by “the law,” if “the law” were based on facts rather than controlled by the opinions of the men (and women) who control it. Instead, Orange Man has been convicted . . . of “defamation.” For publicly dismissing ancient hearsay allegations and the woman who made them as a “whack job.”

Which she is, if the allegations are false. And that is at least as probable as them being true since it is nothing more than she said vs. he said.

Orange Man arguably has a stronger claim to having been “defamed” by the woman who made the hearsay allegations against him. Unlike the woman – who is (or was) an unknown woman – Orange Man is a very public man. He is not only the former president, he is running for president. And he is a business magnate whose business in no small measure depends on those he does business with not regarding him as a sexual predator. How much damage has been done to Orange Man’s very public persona via the hearsay allegations made against him? When such allegations are made, people (especially women, many of whom vote) tend to remember them – no matter whether they are ever substantiated.

The suspicion they are true lingers. The reputation never fully recovers.

But the woman who publicly made these embarrassing and damaging hearsay allegations isn’t dismissed – or punished – by “the law” for failing to produce evidence in support of her allegations. She is rewarded for making them, to the tune of $80-plus million dollars.

Consider the implications of this.

“The law” has displayed its power to apply potentially devastating financial ruin on someone not convicted of anything criminal to punish the accused for excoriating his accuser. More finely, for annoying the accuser – and the men (and women) who control “the law.”

We see the same in the proceedings brought against Orange Man in Georgia and elsewhere, where it is clear “the law” is out to get Orange Man – but not because he is guilty of anything under “the law.” Rather, because he offends the orthodoxy of those who are “the law.”

Consider the implications and where they might lead. Will people who dismiss the allegations made by those who insist “climate change” is happening (of a piece with the claims made about what supposedly happened in a department store changing room 30-something years ago) and call them “whack jobs” face persecution for “defamation” by “the law”?

Is the possibility outlandish?

In fact, it is probable – arguably – when “the law” is become a weapon in the service of men and women whose feelings carry more weight than facts. When what is written matters less than what such men and women insist it means – even when what they say it means is a kind of assault upon what it clearly says. An example of this being the Biden Thing’s attack upon Texas for attempting to apply “the law” that the Biden Thing refuses to apply, notwithstanding it is “the law.”

That does not matter. Because the Thing is “the law.”

Time to grow up. And come to terms with what is – as opposed to what we once believed.

. . .

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    The forgotten but deadly Unidroit Treaty Whitlam signed…

    In 1973 the Australia Government under Gough Whitlam signed the Unidroit Treaty giving control, allegiance, obedience to a foreign power, Rome, the Vatican, NWO. This is against Section 44 (i) and(ii) of the Constitution, I believe the Australian Government has committed treason and is illegal, The NWO is controlling Australia,

    JFK wouldn’t sign it…in 1963 he was eliminated…..on March 13th 1964 the U.S. signed up……becoming a member……


  2. ‘The Law’ – Even on the freedomista side, I’m not sure there’s any hope.
    Guys, People, are talking about, “to take that little old lady’s house in CT. so he could build one of his casinos” … Or, Nikki this, and Fani, that. Psft!

    Here’s a bit much larger than all that petty b.s. in comparison, those who said there’s no such thing as Geoengineering can suck on, the NWS admits the goobermint sprays 500 tons of aluminum coated glass fibers into the air above you all… that’s what they admit to, like a child caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they swear, they only took one. …’No way’, is it much more than that. Psft!


    ‘What she just said IS ALARMING! Now you have SOLID PROOF!!’


    …Open Up & say, ahh.

    • My Friend, my reference to the eminent domain thievery was just an off-hand way to reference how these bastards (Even while still “civilians”) care not one iota for justice, liberty, or our most basic rights but rather actively fight against those things using the perverted law and power of the state to do so. So I think it rather funny and quite appropriate when that corruption entraps them. Pointing such things out is also a good wake-up call to those who for some reason think that Trump will somehow save us if only he can be re-elected (He gave us a phony pandemic and the evil clot-shot the first time around, what will he give us if there were to be a next time?). These people (politicians) hate our guts and everything we stand for.

    • The Sovereign Project:

      This is Pete’s list of people who do good work for further research:

      :Kobus: from the house of :Hinsbeeck. Reference Live-life claim
      Romley Stewart
      Brother Hebert
      Peter Wilson
      Robert O’Deck – Observation Deck
      Alphonse Faggiolo
      Santos Bonacci
      David Straight
      Carl (Hornsey wood)
      Chad Manian
      James C Lovett
      Bibi Bacchus
      Kali Spell
      David-wynn Miller (Parse Syntax grammar and how courts work)
      Jordan Maxwell
      Mark Passio (Natural law)
      Gary Fraughen
      Dean Clifford – courts

  3. Edit needed, paragraph 4: “One need like the Orange Man to understand that what is being done to him” should read “One need NOT like…”

  4. I really don’t care. Consider it payback for using eminent domain to take that little old lady’s house in CT. so he could build one of his casinos.

    I mean, would you care if Hillary or Bill were convicted jaywalking and got a twenty million dollar fine, or executed? I sure wouldn’t.

    It’s good when these criminals get what they deserve, even if via a roundabout way. Remember Trump signing CARES and see if you’re as concerned with his ‘persecution’ when you go to the grocery store and experience the resultant inflation (Now just hope that Bidet gets his too for ushering in the second round of the same thing Trump did).

    I don’t care if Germany invades the USSR or if the USSR invades Germany. At least one of them might have perished. Then there’d only be one left to deal with instead of two.

  5. Creating slaves for the slave owners….tax slaves, debt slaves…

    Some children are sacrificed before they are born….some after…

    As soon as they are born they are signed up for the slave market…registered as a corporation…corp means dead…the land of the dead….so they have to obey the slave owner’s corporate law system….the world of dead corporations….and work as a slave to pay the vatican…who is the administrator….

    As soon as they are born they are signed up for the slave market…entered into the land of the dead….this is a similar concept to when children were sacrificed to moloch….


        • Wrong info….1984…lol….formation 1926….try again….

          Abbreviation UNIDROIT
          Formation 1926
          Type intergovernmental Organization
          Headquarters Rome, Italy
          Membership 65 States (2023)
          Official language English



          Secretary General Professor Ignacio Tirado
          President Professor Maria Chiara Malaguti
          Website https://www.unidroit.o

          UNIDROIT (formally, the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law; French: Institut international pour l’unification du droit privé) is an intergovernmental organization whose objective is to harmonize private international law across countries through uniform rules, international conventions, and the production of model laws, sets of principles, guides and guidelines. Established in 1926 as part of the League of Nations, it was reestablished in 1940 following the League’s dissolution through a multilateral agreement, the UNIDROIT Statute. As of 2023 UNIDROIT has 65 member states.

          UNIDROIT has prepared multiple conventions (treaties), but has also developed soft law instruments. An example are the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts. Distinctly different from the Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) adopted by UNCITRAL, the UNIDROIT Principles do not apply as a matter of law, but only when chosen by the parties as their contractual regime.

          The seat of UNIDROIT is in Rome, Italy, between via Nazionale and via Panisperna, occupying the Villa Aldobrandini, a 17th-century princely villa that borders the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Angelicum, to the south.

  6. Frédéric Bastiat in his seminal work, The Law, called “legalized plunder.”

    “No society can exist unless the laws are respected to a certain degree. The safest way to make laws respected is to make them respectable. When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law. These two evils are of equal consequence, and it would be difficult for a person to choose between them.”

    I don’t believe in all of the history of mankind has a society that has fallen into corruption has redeemed itself back to a society of morals and justice. If we can pull it off, we (the USA) will be the first. Until then, I will refuse to go quietly into that good night and they can pull the 2nd amendment from my cold dead hands.

  7. In today’s America, and in many other parts of the world, the process is the punishment. Selective prosecution is a major problem in this country. BLM and Antifa types who have committed crimes are ignored while innocents who defend themselves (but are of the wrong political persuasion) are charged with crimes.
    Being charged with a crime, the indictment, the arraignment and trial are all a part of the punishment. Even if the case is dismissed, the damage, the difficult days, the threat of fines, incarceration and legal bills, and the uncertainty of what comes next are all punishments.
    Observe those who were arrested after the January 6, 2020 demonstrations—those who were purposely let in to the capitol and then arrested, days, weeks, and months after the event.
    Those who are presently incarcerated for the January 6, demonstrations are “special cases”–”political prisoners” who have been identified by their political enemies and prison staff and have been selected for “special treatment”.
    Even if their cases are dismissed, the damage has already been done. The time served, the harassment and brutality can never be “taken back”.
    This also extends to the likes of Kyle Rittenhouse, who is clearly observed on video defending his own life against rioters, who was “put through the legal wringer”–once again, the process being the punishment. Thankfully, he was acquitted by a competently-run legal system (in his case).
    The St. Louis couple who were charged with “brandishing weapons” against the BLM and Antifa criminals who broke down a barrier and were trespassing on private property is but another example of selective prosecution. They were indicted on “weapons charges” for merely defending themselves.
    My third and final example of this is the “Satilla Three” who are languishing in prison for defending their lives and neighborhood against Ahmad Arbery, a career criminal who was “casing” construction sites for materials and tools that he could steal. In this case, the “powers that be” went “prosecutor shopping” when the initial prosecutor refused to indict. It took “four tries” before they found a prosecutor who would indict.
    It turns out that Arbery had “doubled back” and threatened the man with the shotgun, pulling on it causing it to fire. You see, Arbery had felt “disrespected”, and in his feral, uncivilized way had to confront the man who had “disrespected” him. Arbery could have run off in any direction, but chose to confront the man with the shotgun. This was a clear case of self-defense, having been video taped as well. The trial was a fiasco, with a weak, incompetent judge, civil-rights hustlers and Arbery family members in the courtroom threatening riots if the “correct” verdict was not rendered. Requests for a change of venue and a sequestered jury were denied. Evidence showing Arbery’s previous criminal activity in the Satilla Shores neighborhood were also suppressed. It would seem that, with all of the legal and procedural misconduct, these three men should have good grounds for a successful appeal.
    Once again, the process is the punishment…something democRATs have been using to their advantage.

  8. The justice system is more properly called the system.

    Created and managed by the elites and their controllers. The rest are priced out of the justice part and become subjects or wards of the system portion.

    Ever subject to change, creating defendants and criminals today out of those perfectly in compliance yesterday.

  9. The 1787 coup only served to provide a tyrannical out of control, out of touch government. At least the Articles explicitly named the States as sovereign. That is what the ‘founders’ hated most….

      • I think the Articles required 100% to pass something like that. They had hell just getting 9 States to ratify the coup constitution. Took the approval of the amendment package first. The whole thing was done in secrecy. ZAP! One day your State is sovereign,,, the next day just lines on a map.

        The completely brainwashed History channel has this to say:
        By 1786, defects in the post-Revolutionary War Articles of Confederation were apparent, such as the lack of central authority over foreign and domestic commerce.

        Well we sure nuff have one hell of a Central Authori-Tie today in Cartman speak.

        Only guessing, the People back then never really thought about it or considered it a coup. How can you tell its a coup? Because no one speaks of it today nor do schools mention it. It’s like it never existed or was some temporary thing. The first President was NOT George Washington….

        Of course they didn’t have government on their back 25 and 8 like we do today. It’s gone so far that now government claims our military boys die for the administration of the President according to our illustrious spokes gal. Those poor souls that just died,,, died for Israel.

        • I remember in school hearing that same crap that the History channel peddled. It never made sense to me. I feel the same way about the BS that WWI was caused by the Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination, without anything further. Keep it moving folks, there’s nothing else to see here.

          • World War 1 was a blood sacrifice wrought by Jews in order to please their god Lucifer and bring about the false “Israel”, which is not the actual “Israel” of the Bible but rather a Satanic anti-Israel. In fact, there are a series of events, starting with the Federal Reserve act (among others) and running through World War 2 which, on the surface, appear as a series of disjointed unconnected events (Spanish Flu? The Federal Reserve? 100% inter-related) but which are, in fact, 1 long single event.

  10. Trump is being fined 83,000,000 dollars. One can think or might believe the punishment as cruel and unusual.

    The price you pay for philandering, must be. Don’t behave that way and you will avoid all kinds of suffering, misery and financial pain. Trump made the choice, the decision, and is responsible. It is not justice, it is vengeance.

    A show trial for sure. Illegal aliens run around and nobody apprehends them then deports them to the country of origin. Just too much cognitive dissonance going on here.

    Doesn’t make any difference what it is, when they’re out to get you, you’ll end up paying through the nose. And then some. And it’s gone.

    Israel is in a different demographic mode, the inhabitants are taking off to someplace else. War can do that, happened fast in Ukraine.

      • Exactly Swamprat,
        Something that supposedly happened decades ago, and this harridan is bringing it up now? I wonder what leftist slimeball paid her to go forward with that accusation, lacking any evidence whatsoever, just because she said so. We are all screwed by the “Just Us” system in the USSA, and we are definitely not part of the “us”.

  11. ‘Orange Man publicly dismissed her assertions and the woman, herself, as a “whack job.”’ — eric

    Hey, anything goes in Crazy Town! Today we read about one Justin Mohn, who began a YouTube rant by exhibiting the severed head of his father, a former fedgov employee who ‘is now in hell for eternity as a traitor to his country,’ according to Mohn.

    ZeroHedge dryly notes that ‘he had previously authored several books which are listed on Amazon.com. While the one book is innocuously titled Poems I Wrote While Stoned, his other work gives more of an inkling into his political leanings.

    ‘The second of his published works is titled America’s Coming Bloody Revolution, foreshadowing the bloodshed that took place at his father’s $390,000 home in Middleton Township, Pennsylvania that Mohn was still presumably living in.

    ‘Another one of his books titled The Second Messiah: King Of Earth was described by Justin Mohn as being “loosely based on the author.”

    ‘Loosely based on the author’ — AH HA HA HA! I laffed till tears rolled down my cheeks. Yes: I identify as royalty. My preferred pronoun is ‘Your Majesty.’

    He only has the moves of a knight
    But he wants the absolute freedom of a Queen
    Too bad the only money he’s got is coming in
    Colored American green

    — Jefferson Starship, Devil’s Den

  12. The invading hordes are Sub 70 IQ people for the most part.
    They might improve to sub 95 IQ, but it would take a century and an effort on the part of the gang of selfish scum that rule their countries as monarchs and their conspirators ruled over serfs in the middle ages. Lots of cell phones do not make serfs into people who understand that freedom must be earned by people willing to dedicate their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to gain freedom.
    That same gang of selfish scum now rule in America and we who do understand freedom must take up arms against them and defeat the evil looting traitors in D.C. (and NYC and Chicago and other cities run by looting traitors) now to regain freedom for all.
    Talk is cheap and it won’t gain anything. There can be no compromise with evil. The fedgov is the enemy. The fedgov must be defeated and traitors executed.

  13. The BITCH claims He is a witch, and the BITCH judge agrees, and the BITCH jury agrees.
    The BITCHES want to Drown the Witch but the BITCHES can’t show any evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever.
    The justUS system is utterly corrupt. Women and chickenshit leftist wimps who produce nothing and have NEVER PRODUCED ANYTHING are responsible.
    Their opinions are worthless. They should never have any voice in ANYTHING.
    Take away all their voices until they produce something that others are willing to buy voluntarily without being coerced or forced by government that has exceeded the powers defined explicitly in the Constitution.
    They are nothing but whining BITCHES. Muzzle them.

  14. ‘Time … to come to terms with what is – as opposed to what we once believed.’ — eric

    What I once believed is that if one regards the states as the Founders did — as sovereign entities — then New York was one of the most developed US states. Its ports and canals made it rich early on, in the 19th century. Hosting Wall Street gave New York the most developed securities law in the US. Even many international sovereign bonds reference New York law in the indenture.

    It’s quite a wake-up call that the culture of Leftist Wokeism could undermine New York’s long tradition as a solid bastion of the rule of law, to the extent of subverting its courts to execute an $80 million shakedown of a leading presidential candidate (and former president) on the thinnest of pretenses.

    Having spent several decades living in and around New York, I look back and ask where the rot started. One clue was when Hillary Clinton, still residing in the White House, in Sep 1999 bought a house in Chappaqua, NY to qualify herself to run for one of New York’s US Senate seats, despite never having lived in the state.

    People in most states resent carpetbaggers. You wouldn’t get away with that crap in Texas, and I expected the same in the Empire State. Yet New Yorkers lapped up Hillary’s ersatz, Lügenpresse-fueled celebrity, giving the foul-mouthed shrew a 55/43 victory margin. I rechristened it the Doormat State.

    This century’s horrific decline of one-party Peoples States such as New York, Illinois and Commiefornia shows that the culture of the DemonRat party has become far more toxic and subversive than it ever was during the long-gone late 20th century, when the Democrat party was merely on the liberal side of moderate. Now it has gone full communist, out to vandalize and destroy everything of value.

    • New York has been a shit-hole of looting for a century and a half. There hasn’t been any actual production of any product coming out of NYC since the beginning of the 20th century. The entire city flourished by sucking up to the gang of pirates on Wall Street and the banksters creating money from nothing since 1913.
      At street level there are a lot of ‘honest’ small businesses, but they only survive on the loot stolen from other businesses across the world by banksters and Wall St thieves.
      Every single employee of Wall St survives on pump and dump piracy and the manipulation of share pricing to screw up and coming businesses who actually produce products of value.

      • Jew York City is one sh!thole that I have only visited once and will never visit again.
        The latest criminal shenanigans are that of jews crawling out from tunnels under New York City streets (which is comedic but tragic at the same time) while their adrenochrome and child abuse (sacrifice) tunnels (evidence) are being permanently and purposely destroyed by the city. From baby high chairs to blood-stained mattresses that were found in their underground lair, you can be sure that criminal acts were being performed. Of course, it is “anti-semitic” to say so.
        Let’s not forget the insane “rents” that jewish shylock landlords extract from those who (are stupid enough to) live there. I have pissed off my few relatives who choose to live there as they are always bragging how “wonderful” it is to live in a sixth-floor walkup with a non-functioning elevator for $4000 per month. They got mad when I remarked that New York City residents don’t own anything of real value as they are too busy working to pay the rent.

    • Well, Jim, do you really believe Hitlery won a legitimate election? For a leftist, might makes right and the end justifies the means, if you have to kill and destroy some people to win, rigging/stealing an election is not even going to trouble your sleep.

      You can vote in communism, usually with enough brainwashing and lies, but you can’t vote it out. It has to either collapse due to its inherent evil and destructiveness, or be stood up against a wall and shot. Often a little of both. I, for one am optimistic as they’ve screwed this nation into the ground, and gotten desperate, and even average, slow thinking people have noticed. So the place is collapsing and bankrupt, the communists are dictating harder, and the reckoning is near. Of course, I’ve been wrong before. Usually I’ve been early.

    • >bought a house in Chappaqua, NY to qualify herself to run for one of New York’s US Senate seats
      Nothing new. Robert Kennedy, Sr. did likewise many decades ago.
      Professor tom Lehrer joked about Massachusetts being the only state with three senators.

  15. Eric, since you are sheltering in place, have you begun building physical barriers around your property yet? I hear ditches are a good basic defense. Maybe train some attack geese to ward off the zombie elite when they come for your woodpile and eggs.

    My son thought I was nuts last year when I predicted to him that 2024 had a high probability of internal strife bad enough to cause privation to large numbers of American, either that or open warfare in the cities, declared or just street fighting amongst the factions vying to control us.

    Now he’s thinking the old man ain’t so crazy after all.

    • I know it, Andy –

      And I regularly think (in hindsight) that when I moved to The Woods, I didn’t move deep enough into The Woods. I didn’t – at the time – because where I moved was (then) still pretty rural. It’s (seemingly all of a sudden) less so now. Also, I needed to be close enough to civilization for the car companies to deliver the cars I test drive and review. If I’d moved deep into The Woods, I probably would not have been able to continue reviewing cars. Of course, that may come to pass anyhow – as the increasingly Woke (that is, obeisant to the agenda) car industry decides guys like me are dangerous and I no longer get cars to review.

      • It makes you wonder, when SHTF, if you can ever live deep enough in the woods to to avoid the crazy people? Even BFE does not sound like a far enough away place. Like the stupid Californians that migrated to Montana and Colorado (and now Texas), the bastards like to move after they have destroyed the place they are currently calling ”home”. As for the lack of car reviews, well, the truth hurts.

        • Hi Shadow,

          Yup. I suspect it comes down to this: If you want to avoid them – as in not having to see them or deal with them – it is probably necessary to give up being a part of this civilization (what’s left of it). By which I mean giving up being close to any roads or populated areas. No supermarkets. No grid power or water or anything else. There are still wilderness areas left where – if you bought a 50 acre parcel (or even a 5 acre parcel) and built a homestead, you could probably ignore this civilization for the rest of your days (and it would probably ignore you). But this would entail a physically difficult, self-sufficient lifestyle that most of us aren’t in a position to live.

          So, the best we can do is the best we can do.

          • Sadly, I think you are correct. Up here, we call it “Bush Living”. It can be done, but it is tough living, especially during the long, brutally cold Winter months. During the Summer you get eaten alive by the mosquitos. And for some reason, when I read your headline, it reminded me of that old song line, “…I fought the law and the law won”. How true that is, even today.

      • We were lucky enough to buy a retreat in a rural county with rugged terrain that is slowly losing population. Sucks for the property tax rate, but our valuation is low, so little matter. Regarding ditches as security, meh. I think that very steep access drive grades with good sniper fire sight lines from densely wooded, very rocky, slopes above to be preferable. YMMV

    • No doubt things have gone to shit. But, why should the people who built this country retreat for “survival”? Subsistence farming on 50 acres in the wilderness isn’t winning, it’s misery, defeat and death, worse than the slavery of “you’ll own nothing and be happy” of the communists.

      The only path is to organize in political and religious communities and resist. If we won’t fight to save our communities and families, perhaps we don’t deserve to survive.

      “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”

      George S. Patton

      • As a temporary (hopefully short term) measure until the odds improve, it beats the crap out of being shot or imprisoned for a principled stand made in the heart of subsidized stupidity territory. If the smart, able, rational people would abandon the idiots en masse, it should vastly hasten their coming self-destruction.

      • I agree Griff,
        I’m too old to start over, and why the hell should I? I have a 12 gauge and won’t be afraid to use it if they come for me.

  16. “law” has rarely been a concern to the Psychopaths In Charge. The ink wasn’t dry on the Constitution before there was a Sedition Act, which made it a crime to criticize the FedGov. An open and direct violation of “the law”. And on it goes.

    • Exactly John,
      There is also the blatantly unconstitutional “Espionage Act” from the evil Wilson administration that is still on the books to this day, persecuting anyone who dares to reveal government malfeasance. That this law wasn’t struck down by the Supreme Court the moment it became “law” tells you all you need to know about the “justice” system.

      • As far as I know, only one of the Bill of Rights is still intact. I don’t think we are compelled to house troops in our homes, yet.

        • Not yet. but did you see where, in liberal cities, authorities are begging (at least for now) people to house illegal aliens (“migrants”) in their homes? I cannot help but wonder at what point “citizens” will be forced to house such “migrants” by force. These illegals are not military, but will be used against U.S. citizens as though they were a military force. There was never a rule that our crooked government could not work around.

          • “These illegals are not military, but will be used against U.S. citizens as though they were a military force.”

            Just reference the recent NYC illegal beating up the cops, getting set free, and flipping off the country on the way out the door. They aren’t here to assimilate.

            I predict that as the illegal alien violence ramps up, it will be blamed on “white supremacists”, which is now simply synonymous with “white people”.

          • Shadow,
            They take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and immediately set about spending most of their efforts on how to get around it.

    • Shay’s Rebellion occured in Massachusetts beginning in 1786, and was violently put down by state forces in the following year. It occured because the Mass powers that be, including my (fortunately distant) cousins, the Adamses, were instituting the very same taxation without representation policies against the farmers in the western part of the state that they had so recently vehemently fought against England imposing on them. Political hypocrisy at its worst.

  17. There was a recent survey indicating that potential DC jurors have a very negative view of “January 6th defendants”. Many potential jurors surveyed even think that life in prison or the death penalty is a fair punishment for these “insurrectionists”, regardless of the fact that NONE of the January 6th defendants have ever been charged with INSURRECTION…..


    • So now ‘rape’ is like ‘vaccine’ — a malleable word which can piggyback on its former specific definition to mean anything one wants it to mean.

      Thus rape has become as meaningless a word as anti-semite — that is, a term one can casually sling around simply for rhetorical purposes.

  18. The federal judicial system is the weakest of the three branches. The judges are selected by other two branches. The states have no say at all in the matter. Even less so now that we directly select Senators instead of the states’ legislatures.

    It’s supposed to be non-patrician, apolitical and impartial. But that’s pretty much impossible. By design.

    If the states had any backbone, they’d not put up with these shenanigans. They’d come up with some amendments that would take back control over the federal courts. But the parties have gelded the state legislatures, and the media’s insistence that anything other than federal law is nazi crazy stuff, so anyone who won’t take 5 minutes to consider another opinion won’t even understand the issue.

  19. The problem is we have become a nation ruled by imperfect men, not by an impartial application of the laws written by our elected legislators. The rule of law as expressed in the Western tradition is dead. Since we’re becoming a Third World hellhole as the invasion continues, we’ll become more like the countries these sub-95 IQ people with no democratic traditions fled. The so-called “magic dirt” theory is absolute hogwash.


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