AZ AGW Arrested on 61 Criminal Counts

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Mic was right: Every AGW is a criminal. This one, at least 61 times.

Tremaine Jackson, a 13-year “veteran” AGW in Phoenix, AZ, has been arrested and charged with 61 criminal counts, including sexually assaulting a woman stopped over a trumped-up traffic “violation.”

A statement released by the AGW’s department reads in part:

“… we received an initial complaint about some inappropriate comments by Trooper Jackson to a female motorist,” said DPS Director Col. Frank Milstead. “While we were investigating that May complaint, on June 11th, we received a second complaint. This one also alleging inappropriate commentary and then also criminal behavior to the extent of sexual abuse.”

DPS officials said a total of eight women have come forward so far.

“Trooper Jackson was using his position as Arizona State Trooper to bargain leniency for favor,” said Col. Milstead.

On Tuesday night, Jackson was taken to the 4th Avenue Jail before his first court appearance. He was booked on multiple counts of sexual abuse, attempted sexual abuse, sexual extortion, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, harassment, forgery, and tampering with a public record, among other charges.

So far, eight women have come forward with allegations, but with the timeline only starting last October, Jackson’s entire career with the DPS is being scrutinized.

DPS is urging those who have been victimized, or know someone who has been victimized, to call the department at (602) 223-2389, or submit a complaint form online.


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  1. Years ago (1979) in my young and foolish days I applied for the Arizona Highway Patrol (which is what it was called then ) after returning from Vietnam. I was refused because my brother was a ex-felon. Apparently they have lowered their standards since then, like everything else. At that time I had the highest regard for cops. Today I am happy they turned me down…..

  2. I checked: Arizona state AGWs wear campaign hats.

    Campaign hats: Only a six year-old, or a psycho
    would willingly wear a campaign hat. This must be the origin of phrase “ass hat”.

  3. This is what happens when a country has centralized security. Centralization is fine in general, for everything except security. But security must always be decentralized for checks and balances. Although it can still be organized.

    • Hi Krazy,


      That is anathema to a free society. Risk is the price one pays for freedom. The right to assume it, freely – and with it, the consequences, if any. But in the absence of consequences that involve harm to others – not “might” but actual – a man should be free to make his own choices without being punished a priori.

      • Centralization is always pitched as an way to make something more efficient. Only it never does. There is a reason why you never get great service from a large company. It’s because they take the decision from the man on the ground.

      • And most union contracts require that a cop that is not found guilty of a crime get his job back. Happened in my neck of the woods lately. He will be back out there soon.