Today’s Politically Incorrect Lump Under the Rug

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We are told men and women are equal. This is not only preposterous, but obviously preposterous. Yet we pretend otherwise, for the sake of social conformity – which is becoming not merely a matter of general Babbittry but essential to obtaining and retaining employment.

The nation – the nation’s men – must keep their heads down and mumble the required pieties.

But unequal is not the same as better – and worse. Which is the duality Feminism wishes to impute to the term, because it encourages women to to feel victimized – and men to feel guilty.

There’s power to be mined. And misery to be imposed.

Men and women are different – and that is a form of inequality, certainly. But it is not a pernicious one, unless one takes the view that nature should have made us all identical (and so literally equal) which would be exceptionally boring.

A human ant hill would be the result – which is actually desired in certain ugly corners of the postmodern world. But not by psychologically normal people, or those who aspire to it.

The differences between the sexes are what makes it all so interesting –  for both sexes.

Men, for one, cannot have children and so obtain meaning in caring for those who can have them – women. And in the work which makes this possible. For which we are better adapted by nature than women.

Example: I’m middle-aged and no longer in my prime but I can still cut and split four cords of wood for heating the house in winter. How many women at the peak of their physical power could do the same? Could cut/split a single cord?

I doubt one out of 100, if that many. Even at 25.

Most 45-year-old men can – or at least could.

It’s just one example, but makes the point.

Male bodies are built stronger, can take more physical damage. Bear more burdens. Not politically correct, but fact regardless.

No man, however, can bear a child. Only women can do that. It is nothing less than a miracle – and it is also what defines a woman relative to a man. She is the bearer of life, of the continuity of humanity.

The man, at most, can protect and provide.

Men and women are not equal because they are not the same – and thank god for it!

The fatuity that they are essentially interchangeable “genders” and “equal” in terms of capacities must be thrown in the Woods, as a first step. They are no more equal – that is to say, no more the same – as an oak tree and a pine tree, though both are trees and each have their respective strengths and weaknesses.

A man is generally, inherently superior in some ways – just as a woman is generally, inherently superior in other ways.

They differ in terms of inclinations and temperament as well as physicality. Women tend to be more risk-averse by nature, which is entirely natural given their physical weakness and vulnerability relative to men; this manifests, positively, in caution and protectiveness and solicitude toward children – a valuable trait and counter to the risk-taking tendencies of men, which are also good and sex-specific.

Together, the two balance each other – creating a whole that is stronger and better than each on its own.

Men need women for balance as much as women need men for it.

And kids need that, too. A man to encourage independent action (which is a form of risk-taking) and a woman to encourage appropriate caution.

Without one – or the other – you end up with imbalances.

What do most men want from a woman? Let’s be blunt. They want female softness. Not just sex, though that is a big component of it. But fundamentally, they want the things which make a woman not a man – and which other men cannot provide.

Just as a woman – most women – naturally want a man who is not a woman who happens to have male equipment.

Feminism has largely destroyed this natural interplay between the sexes, by programming women to emulate male roles and attitudes such that men increasingly find such women less and less appealing – at least as potential wives and mothers. I italicize to make the politically incorrect point. Men want wives – and mothers for their kids. Not “partners” – a business term, which is precisely what feminism has turned marriage into.

Meanwhile, feminism has also made it easy for men to get sex whenever they want it – without commitment. And so, they do get it. This isn’t just the “milk and cow” line; it’s much deeper than that. Men shy away from marriage and commitment in the postmodern world because feminism has made it unappealing and dangerous – financially and emotionally.

But because they can easily get sex without the rest, they do.

Men get the better of this deal because – again – men and women are different.

A woman’s initial appeal to a man is her youthful appearance and implied ability to have children. As she ages, she becomes less initially desirable – and thus most men will focus on her younger rivals.

After 40, a single woman’s “partnering” options are (in most cases) hugely limited vs. what they were when she was 30 or 25.

By 50 she is effectively off the market – in the “Whoohoo!” (discounted/day-old ) bakery bin.

But a man in his 40s or 50s can still select from an almost endless menu of much younger women – because a man in his 40s or 50s is just as capable of fathering children as he was in his 20s and probably more capable of protecting and providing for them, which makes his appealing to women younger than himself.

Men will go for younger women for the same reason that anyone who doesn’t have to shop at Goodwill won’t. A man in his 40s or 50s will stick with the same-age woman he married when he was in his 20s or 30s. But if she leaves him, he’s not likely going to date a same-age woman if he can get a much younger one.

Because he doesn’t have to. Because he hasn’t got 20 years’ investment in the hypothetical same-age woman and thus, no counter to ameliorate the biological facts of age on women – and the freedom to avoid them.

This of course drives the older women who bought into the Feminist lie to spittle-spewing fury – but what did they think would happen? Feminism has pathologized normal sex differences – and appeal. It’s not good for men, but it’s worse for women.

Biologically, financially, physically.

All of the above is obvious – yet it’s been stuffed under the politically correct throw rug and everyone’s supposed to pretend they don’t see the lump.

But we trip over it, regardless.

. . .

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  1. Sorry that I’m late to the discussion.

    Like ((marxism)), ((critical race “theory”)), ((Freudian)) psychology, ((Keynesian)) economics, ((Rothschild))-dominated central banking, Israel-first foreign policy, ((Frankfort School)) sociology, ((Boaz)) school anthropology, endless ((neo-conservative)) wars abroad, anitfa street violence, black-lives-matter, ubiquitous pro-miscegenation images in corporate advertising, anti-White historical narratives in academia, anti-White male employment practices – the mid-20th century feminist movement, founded exclusively by radical ((activists)) like ((Gloria Steinem)) and ((Betty Friedan)) and funded by anti-American oligarchs like the Rockefellers, is just another tentacle of the vampire squid sucking the life-blood from Western / European culture. Among Its various objectives was: to pull women into the work force, thereby doubling the taxable income base for servicing the ever mounting usurious debt and subsequently enslaving us to the fiat money system; to draw children into the clutches of mandatory government schools for indoctrination at earlier and earlier ages; and to emasculate White men economically and spiritually, thereby isolating children from their fathers, fracturing the White family, and advancing the NWO collectivist project toward ((global hegemony.))

    NB: Aware of the ever tightening noose of censorship and threat of de-platforming on the net..those who know whom you cannot criticize, also know that the use of (( )) is code for the special people.

    My 2 bits.

    • Isn’t the special code supposed to be 3 parens – as in (((Jooooos)))? Or is there another group that the double parens refers to? (Blacks? Puerto Ricans? Indians?) It’s hard to keep up with the special codes used by ((((people with their heads up their butts)))).

    • ***”mong Its various objectives was: to pull women into the work force, thereby doubling the taxable income “***

      Mack, that is SO true, and so readily observable that I fail to understand how 99% of the population could not observe the blatant trickery, and have willingly participated in it!

      As a typical real-world practical example, I always submit the case of my uncle, who was a mere blue-collar worker living on Long Island in the 70’s. On that single blue-collar income, he had a nice house 60 miles east of NYC; with an extra lot nextdoor, with a barn, where he had a horse for his daughter. He raised 4 kids and had a stay-at-home wife. They bought new cars once in a while, and had a idyllic life.

      Today? LOL

      Two professionals now live in that house. (It would take more than what my uncle earned in a year just to pay the property taxes)- No lot & barn nextdoor anymore. No horsie. The professional couple living there have one kid.

      When I still lived in the area, I’d pass the house frequently at all times of day and night. Never EVER saw any kids playing around the property (as my cousins and I always did)….actually, I never saw anyone, nor any signs of life. Just cars parked at night- and a forsaken house at all other times.

      I’m sure that the professional couple who live there now think that they are at the top of the world because they earn several hundred thousand dollars per year- and the wife probably thinks that she has “accomplished something”, and would view my stay-at-home aunt of the 70’s with scorn and contempt- but what do these people have?

      A huge income tax and property tax bill.
      A lifestyle that affords them less time for leisure, and for raising their one kid than a simple doer of manual labor had a few decades ago.
      A kid who has no home life, and whose parents are essentially strangers to him, as he spends his time with strangers.
      Only 1 kid vs. 4.
      Both parents must work, and had to spend a lot of time and money (more debt) in order to enter fields that would allow them enough income to even live in that house- which is just a meager old house….with some fancy keeping-up-with-the-joneses upgrades.

      For all that- 2 people working vs. 1. Professional careers vs. blue-collar work. Time, money and debt invested in years of edumacation…..they do not even have my uncle, and millions of others like him could once easily have.

    • Well written Eric, and so spot on. Ashley Montague (Natural Superiority of women) would be “proud” of you. In fact I think I will be using quite a bit of your essay on people I know who are “feminists”.

      • We men desire the softness of women also to counteract the hardness of the real world, specifically the raising of money and capital to provide for the family and offspring he wants to bring into the world. And having to do so much of the hard, dangerous, dirty and laborious work that women would never even consider.

        • Just finished reading a book on the Titanic and its fateful night, the book concentrating on the passengers’ actions. It struck me that so many women, and young women at that, refused to board the lifeboats without their husbands. Imagine that, women so not wanting to live without their husbands that they preferred to die in the cold waters with their husbands and go to the bottom of the ocean 13000 feet below. Would we see women do that today? I think not.
          Voices of the Titanic by Geoff Tidballs.

        • “I swear, a woman’s breast is the hardest rock the Almighty ever made on this earth and I can find no sign on it.” – Bearclaw (Will Geer)

  2. It’s funny- They call it “feminism”, but the resultant product is a total rejection of femininity.

    They want to be “equal” to men, but by trying to compete in areas in which they are not naturally suited, they have neglected and rejected the very traits and pursuits in which they could naturally excel, and which made them unique and valuable.

    Throughout the vast majority of human history, it used to be that a woman lived with her parents, and was taught by her mother the skills of being a good wife and mother, so that she would be desirable to a man, who would support and protect her and their offspring so that she could thrive in the areas to which nature has made her most suited; and in turn, the man could thrive in his natural areas of ability, having someone at home to care for the home and family while he was doing the heaviy work or engaging in business.

    Today, all women have to offer is the vanity of attractiveness and sex- which soon fades. Roles have become reversed, as now men bow before an often worthless woman, pleading with her to marry him.

    Finally, men en-mass are starting to realize the absurdity of the situation, and are forgoing the marriage.

    What is the point of marriage, if the woman whom you marry is just essentially a fellow wage-earner who just happens to live under your roof? You share expenses; and share chores “equally”- so you really gain nothing compared to living alone; only you give up autonomy and peace and privacy for the “privelege”; and get screwed-over financially when your fellow wage-earner decides to take up residence with someone else.

    Many men are complicit in this too, as they have bought into the mentality which has been foisted upon society, so that they even desire a woman who will work outside of the home and “aern her keep”

    The childr5en are the innocent victims- having no full-time mother to rely on; having to live in mixed households after the inevitable divorces and remarriages- being passed around constantly from house to house; being used as pawns between feuding exes and step-parents; being raised by strangers in commercial settings; having no example of a functional home life or marriage for when they assume the roles of spouses and parents….

    Even though we were very poor when I was growing up, I’ve always felt as though I was among the richest, simply because i had a full-time stay-at-home mom. It made ALL the difference- to make me strong and independent; to be able to withstand the constant onslaught of social pressures that have shaped the modern world to it’s detriment.

    To think, that so many women today would think that being a cog in some corporate office or government agency, or being able to provide the latest gadgets and luxuries would somehow be superior to personally raising their own offspring!

    I have two relatives whose sons died. One in his 20’s, and one in his 30’s. While of course, terrible tragedies, the thing is: The one whose son died in his 20’s was a stay-at-home mom. While devastated, she did get over it, and resumed normal life.

    The other relative, whose son died in his 30’s a few years ago, has never gotten over it. She was destroyed, and has never recovered, and it’s looking like she never will. I think the difference is: She worked full-time since her son was quite young. I’d say she now realizes that things could have been so much different, and is suffering guilt for not being the mother she knew she ought to have been by just putting in the time and forgoing all of the meaningless BS that people clutter their lives with; by being the type of mother that her mother was to her. This woman has been near suicidal for years now, and is basically non-functional.

    Deep down people know what is right. They often choose to do otherwise. Sometimes they get away with it, or at least can live with the results, if the results are not too far from the norm of everyone else around them; sometimes, the consequences are more graphic, and the reality slaps them in the face.

    • What a HOME-RUN of a comment!! Everything absolutely SPOT-ON! As a well-established guy approaching 30, I’ve done everything I possibly can to get my financial house in order. I cannot ever imagine voluntarily signing away my “financial freedom,” which took TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of HOURS over the last decade+ to accumulate, for simply the sake of “proving my love to her.” It’s me and her, and nothing says I Love You quite like bringing in courts and lawyers into the relationship lol. But the part you wrote about having a stay-at-home-mom REALLY touched me… mine was too, and we were poor also (immigrants), and it never felt that way because I had both parents that knew their roles in the household. But I guess that’s why we can look around at the insanity of today and see what complete nonsense young women are being sold.

      • Thanks, Maybe MGTOW!

        It’s reassuring to know that there are some others out there who appreciate such things.

        Even growing up in the 70’s, so many of my friends did not have the luxury of a full-time mom; and most of them were middle class. I even realized then, that the extra material things they had were no substitute for what they lacked in the security and guidance of a traditional mother.

        Interestingly, most of those childhood friends are now already dead, or have otherwise come to no good.

        And it works both ways. You see these now elderly women stuffed into “senior housing” and nursing homes; and their kids come and see them once or twice a year. Some feel sorry for them, and say “What lousy kids they have”- but I remind such critics that people reap what they sow.

        My mother, who is currently 94, lives in her own mobile home on my property- and I have kept her with me all of my life. Mothers who put the time and effort into their children, get children who do the same for them when they are old.

        Judging by the comments on this article, I think Eric needs to become “Eric, Your Libertarian MGTOW Guy” instead of “Eric, Your Libertarian Car Guy”!

  3. The US used to love personal responsibility, freedom, morality, peace, and balanced budgets.

    Americans are now embracing welfare, tyranny, immorality, war, and debt.

    Some Americans are not adjusting well to the changes and the hypocrisy.

    You just need to go outside to see the insanity. Have you noticed the panhandlers, the illegal immigrants, the cashier high on drugs, a black man using his fingers while pretending to shoot you, the homosexual in the gym shower leering at you, the white man spitting, the fat girl wearing pajamas at the supermarket, and the old lady driving slow on purpose in the parking lot talking to herself?

    People living in the US would think this was normal, but Americans don’t realize how far the USA has fallen until they travel abroad.

    Being a fat, tattooed single mother in Vietnam would be shameful.

    How can Americans sleep at night while the US collapses or look in the mirror now without feeling disgusted?

  4. More times than I wished I’ve had to get the wife to help when 2 people were required. She got a certain satisfaction from most of those forays but certainly not all.

    She’d drive the truck or tractor while I humped hay bales, always the least physical chore when possible.

    If the chore could remotely be done alone I found a way. I rue the day she helped work cattle and we had a new squeeze chute. She tried to reverse the gate after tripping the release on a cow I wasn’t done with. 1200 lbs. of pissed off cow simply went on and with the wife holding the lever she was thrown across the pens. Later that day a cat tripped her and her ankle shattered. No going back on that and life’s never been the same for either of us. Up to that point she could do, in a limited way, most things a man can do and did so when it couldn’t be avoided. Farm life is tough and especially so for women.

    We had to give up some things when she could no longer carry a sack of feed when I was gone too long and a feeder ran out.

    I’d rather not have had her do many physical chores but she was a trooper and sometimes did them when I could have later. She could see I’d be done in day after day and do a tough chore without my asking. If we had it to do over she’d never have done more working cattle than fill syringes and change branding irons or change the knife in my hand for the emasculators.

    Life isn’t necessarily fair nor kind for anyone, especially men. These snowflakes wanting equal pay have obviously never worked. I can get them equal pay in the patch, and to be quite honest, they’ll always get the easy job or just a made up job.

    I had a great picture on my phone that died. After a lifetime of seeing only men pipelining, I saw a young woman working as a welders helper, not an easy job at all. There was a male and female outhouse on site and I found out why. See, they make exceptions for women in every aspect just to have a female employed.

    What the snowflakes want is executive pay for listening to other women’s bitching about hurt feelings.

    • “Tripped over a cat” Apologies to you and the Mrs, 8- but that just sounds SO freaking funny! But I know…. My mother, when she was in her 70’s, fell while trying to swat a fly…and broke her hip!

  5. Play it again Eric.

    You must remember this
    A kiss is still a kiss
    A sigh is just a sigh
    The fundamental things apply
    As time goes by
    And when two lovers woo
    They still say, I love you
    On that you can rely
    No matter what the future brings
    As time goes by
    Moonlight and love songs never out of date
    Hearts full of passion, jealousy and hate
    Woman needs man and man must have his mate
    That no one can deny
    It’s still the same old story
    A fight for love and glory
    A case of do or die
    The world will always welcome lovers
    As time goes by
    It’s still the same old story
    A fight for love and glory
    A case of do or die
    The world will always welcome lovers
    As time goes by

  6. Equality is just an excuse to move a political agenda forward. When equality doesn’t work to move the agenda forward things like the “tender years doctrine” are invoked which certainly isn’t an equality measure. Feminism is a political movement for the same sort of goals as any other. The last thing desired is equality.

  7. I, for one, have reached the point where I relish the chance to give random women every opportunity their benighted little hearts desire to prove themselves “the equals” of men. It’s such FUN to watch the catastrophic failure that inevitably follows – which, of course, is ALWAYS blamed on men not doing their share to ensure feminism’s success.

  8. You are a brave soul Eric!. This topic is considered blasphemy these enlightened days. True but blasphemy as far as the little woman is concerned. lolol.

    Off Topic,,, I have been reading about the problems Tesla’s are having in the frigid El Norte. Not to worry though,,, A software fix is coming to fix it all…. :))

  9. Eric, Bravo!
    Though you haven’t gone far enough with this, the premise is solid gold. The reality is that our society needs to undo over 100 years of programming, 100 plus years of “progressive” progress. In every aspect.
    In the first half of the 20th century, men and women knew who they were, what they wanted, and what to expect of each other.
    In 1930 you could buy a genuine Thompson submachine gun through the mail. (Or if you preferred, a war surplus spandau or vickers).
    People bought cars which they had the economic literacy to know would require maintenance and valued quality and reliability.
    Freedom was understood as being far more important than safety.
    Cops knew their place, and a citizen who shot down an out of line cop got off. (Don’t take my word for it, read some old newspapers.)

    Undo 100 years of programming and life won’t be perfect, but the madness will end.

    • It is quite fitting of you to put “progressive” in quotes. Far too many people see any kind of change as progress. What we have been experiencing at the hands of “progressives” is progress in the same way that fungal decay and rust can be considered progress.

  10. I am literally shitting bricks in fear of knowing what my poor kid(s) will have to endure in their first years at Gov-Compulsory schools. “Now class let’s introduce ourselves to everyone.” -I am Ze Penflower-Lotus-Moon and I identify as transitional with no pronouns today. (for fucks sake…..)

    As a recent new dad I have learned to respect the “driver of life” (aside from capitalism) that has gotten us to this point. The investment of care and energy parents have to take from their own life to invest into a future life that cannot possibly handle the world on its own. Think about it, our ancient “human” ancestors (evolution is a joke) had to invest time into nurturing young cave-kids as the men gathered and hunted and …. HAD TO PASS THIS KNOWLEDGE DOWN TO THEIR KIDS for their survival. Yet today we are goaded by the likes of Disney Cartoons, Lying scum Media, anyone tied to the club of rome or Davos that it is selfish and wrong to raise your kids how you want and that society should raise them. Or even worse the disappearance of strong family units being portrayed in arts and cartoons and even childrens programming. How many movies or shows exist today with stable functioning hetero parents? crickets… I wonder why. Even worse as Mooeing above has mentioned is the abandonment of maternal desire to be with your kids and go earn some Federal Reserve Notes and Linkedin Status Checks (corporate mom hero whatever). Well damn you can’t take those with you, but you can take with you the knowing that you spent precious time with your off spring. If my boss lady made as much as I do and could generally support us I would quit my job in a heartbeat and home school our son at any cost. Because there is nothing more rewarding than passing on that knowledge you have gained to them.

    • You know where they won’t hear that nonsense? Well with the Ron Paul homeschooling program of course! Cheesy podcast related joke aside I would 100% encourage you to look into the RP homeschool courses. The wonderful Dr. Tom Woods has them on his site with some bonus stuff as well.

    Even the Commies couldn’t fight evolution. Turned out the ideal Soviet Woman was a baby factory, not an equal to the Soviet Man. Whoops.

    It seemed to me that the wimin’s lib movement was all about marketing and cheap labor, not about “empowering” anything. From Philip Morris creating Marlboros as a woman’s brand to Enjoli, the “8 hour perfume for your 24 hour woman,” selling the idea that a woman can only be fulfilled by being everything (and buying everything) continues to be extremely effective. Why not sell politicians using the same system? It works well enough for everything else.

  12. Well done on the explanation Eric. My wife was all worried if she’d be happy as a stay at home mom when we had out first. She ended up loving it and can’t imagine having to give up care to another woman so she can go work after just 3 months of caring for the child. She didn’t finish college because she didn’t see the point when she wasn’t planning to enter the workforce for another 18 years minimum. I encouraged her to do what she wanted school or even part time work if the pay was worth it. We decided to homeschool as well to get away from the government indoctrination and she is happy homeschooling. She’s better organized and good at little detail work. I can turn a wrench, work hard, and do all the carpentry. My liberal sister once thought this was strange and said we are acting like midwestern white christian conservatives. I am from south east asia and tried to explain libertarianism but most 2 sided political people think libertarians are the opposite side of their beliefs. She’s now 32 and finally getting married and realized being a single strong liberal feminist (who worked in a college university) was not a happy life. She looks forward to becoming a mom and left the university. Getting a dog actually opened up her eyes to how much she enjoys the oppression of motherhood. She’s still liberal as shes moving to France and looks forward to the healthcare but has realized feminism does not lead to happiness.

    • My experience echoes yours: Best thing for my marriage was when my wife quit working 9-5 outside the home. We (which is to say she) homeschooled all our kids. Well, I did some little things…. Anyhow, each of us having our “swim lanes” was very beneficial to the partnership of our marriage working out so well. I also think college is good for a woman who decides to stay at home with the kids and raise them. University study imparts certain knowledge and breadth of thinking that is beneficial to being a mother and wife. However, I temper my previous statement with garbage left-wing liberal arts, and humanities studies. Thankfully, my wife studied an applied art. (e.g. graphic art design). And yes, when she decided to reenter the workforce after raising the kids, my advice to her was to do whatever she wanted to do. The money earned is not necessarily the driving factor. She found a job with a Catholic apostolate ministry that she enjoys thoroughly.

      • Thats great Tom. When i got engaged my wife had just finished her 2nd year of college studying sociology. I told her either change your major or quit school because i didn’t want to marry someone with 4 years of debt for a worthless degree.