VW’s Politically Incorrect Chick Car…

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There are men’s – and women’s – clothes. Different cut, different colors, different emphasis. No one sane complains that either derogates the other. If anything, the opposite. Women’s clothes make women look better; men’s also.

It’s kind of the point.

They are tailored to fit their different bodies and different preferences.


Because the sexes are not the same.

Either physically or – generally – in terms of their respective preferences. Products are routinely designed and marketed to appeal to one or the other, which makes sense if the object is to… er… sell them things.

Most men won’t be interested in jeans cut for women’s hips and most women don’t like men’s underwear. Men like baggy pants and women like high heels and – usually – each complements the other. And the problem is… ?

Why then is there an uproar – feigned, certainly – over a car oriented toward women?

It’s a little – and very cute – city car designed by SEAT, a Spanish-brand subsidiary of Volkswagen that specializes in … small, cute cars.mii-cosmo-2

The latest of these being a special edition of the Mii hatchback revealed last week at the Paris Auto Show. This version (Italics  for a reason, bear with) of the Mii was made specifically to appeal to women, with “feminine touches” such as “eyeliner” themed headlights, “jewel effect” wheels and a “Violetto” purple paint job. It even has a special handbag hook.

Much in the same way that a number of vehicles are available in trims and colors and with features obviously designed to appeal to men.

This – male-minded marketing and design – isn’t considered denigrating to men. Nor an exclusionary affront to women.harley-f150

Because, of course, it’s not.

Men – like women – have different tastes.

Not all of them, of course. Everyone’s an individual – and some women like to wear men’s clothes just as some men like to wear women’s clothes. And there’s nothing wrong with either.

But, it’s generally true that each sex has distinct – and differing preferences. Car companies – like other companies that sell stuff – try to make what they’re selling appealing to buyers.

Is there anything sinister or degraded about this?

I’m not seeing it.

But Perpetually Aggrieved Women are feigned and furious about the special edition Mii.

So furious, they have to lie about it.

All the media coverage suggests that the offending car is a stand-alone model SEAT made just for the little woman. Not that there would be anything wrong with that, either.seat-lineup

But it’s despicably dishonest reporting.

Because the uproar is about a special edition of the Mii.

It’s the Mii Cosmo – designed with input from the women’s magazine. Which, curiously, no one male seems to take issue with… I mean, the fact that here is an entire magazine marketed at women. And so necessarily “neglects” men.

Why no articles in Cosmo about degreasing engines or ads for razor blades? Because men read Maxim and Field & Stream. And are fine with women reading Cosmo. It does not offend them.

Anyhow, the point is the Mii Cosmo isn’t a stand-alone model designed just for the little woman.

It is like the Mary Kay Edition of Cadillacs – which (so far) have not triggered an eructation of outrage. mary-kay-caddy

The Mii (sans Cosmo) is a standard production model for SEAT, available as a three or five-door hatchback and without the “feminine” design touches unique to the special edition Mii Cosmo that is the focal point of feigned outrage.

It’s just an appearance (trim and so on) package, in other words.

You know, like the Harley Davidson (burly biker) or King Ranch (over the top cowboy) packages you can buy (“you” being invariably a dude) to dress out a Ford F-150 pick-up truck. Or the macho decal/hood scoop packages you can buy for muscle cars like the Dodge Challenger R/T and Chevy Camaro SS, which variants are marketed to and purchased overwhelmingly by men.

And which women, if they are into such, are perfectly free to buy as well. Just as a man is not forbidden from buying a Violetto-hued Mii, if that is his preference.

What’s the problem here? mii-fr

Why aren’t the Feigned and Furious complaining about the version of the Mii marketed at men? It’s called the FR and it features bright red paint, bold “FR” callouts and stuff like that designed to appeal to dudes.

But dudes, not generally looking for an ax to grind, remain silent. They are not offended. If anything, they are glad that SEAT makes a hopped-up version of the Mii that sates the typically male need for speed and the appearance thereof. Men like to strut and preen, too.

They just do so differently. Because they are men.

And there’s the problem for the perpetually aggrieved, the Feigned and Furious. Any mention of – much less approbation for – difference between the sexes (and that’s the right word, not this flaccid “gender” garbage) is regarded in some quarters – usually, physically unattractive quarters – as some kind of sinister attempt to minimize the fairer sex.

Whoops. I just committed a politically incorrect-ism by referring to one sex as “fairer.” But then, I am dude who finds the other sex fair.

Which I suppose is the problem – as far as the Feigned and Furious are concerned.

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  1. Our modern feminists … if they aren’t pissed off about something, they just aren’t happy. The only female feature I wish my car had is a different headrest for when I have a ponytail in. This reminds me of a theory I once read about the Edsel. Detroit figured out that the wife generally chooses the family car, so they made her a vagina car (in the grille). It bombed because women don’t like vaginas that aren’t their own. They preferred the more phallic models. Not sure if that’s a true story, but it makes sense. This was back in the days when men were men and women liked them for that.

    • Everything I’ve ever read called it a horse collar. And just checking that I found some called it a toilet seat. In any case nobody liked the Edsel grill apparently.

      • 1958 Edsel…Cultural critics speculated that the car was a flop because the vertical grill looked like a vagina….

        Vaginal Grill

        The Concept

        The front of an Edsel. This front contains the design inspired from Adolf Hitler’s Nazi rally vehicle.

        Near the end of Henry Ford’s life in 1947 he was deep in the grip of dementia and doped up on morphine. His control of the Ford Motor Company was as still strong as his anti-semitism and he was able to chart the business plan of the company for the next disastrous decade.

        Though spread over a number of long and rambling memos the direction of the corporation could be summarized into two points.

        Re-elect Adolf Hitler.
        Build a car capable of flying to the planet Mercury that ran on morphine…

        After nearly ten years of development at secret facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska the drug powered space car was nearly complete.

        At the developmental stage it was still known as the Lincoln-Mercury Project. The amount of morphine used by the research and development team was phenomenal causing Lincoln to become the world’s richest and most crime ridden city between 1954 and 1956.

        After spending 600 million dollars on research and high grade opiates the prototype model was ready in 1957.

        Carrying a specially trained macaque named Edsel as it’s test pilot the LM-1 was launched into space. There were many surprises that day for man and monkey alike, and Edsel survived for almost an hour in the scorching, lifeless climate of Mercury.

        Ford’s Marketing department named the new line of cars “The Edsel” in honor of that first monkey test pilot. The commercially sold Edsel hit the market in Christmas of 1957. It’s radical design, such as the tail fins, vagina-like intake in the front grille and monkey shaped hood ornament frightened and confused most Americans since it was 1957 and everyone was a bunch of paranoid, xenophobic, white bread squares.

        • My 50 on the Edsel:

          The looks were a problem but the bigger problem was the car was nothing special (contrary to what had been hyped prior to its launch). Ford teased the public that the car would be some kind of Great Leap Forward. It was just an ugly styling job on another ordinary Ford. People bought ordinary Fords… but not ugly ordinary ones!

          • eric, it was the ultimate insult to the man who single-handedly saved Ford from bankruptcy. His father continued to produce the Model A long after it should have been replaced and it was sending Ford down the tubes. When Lincoln went bankrupt Edsel bought it and made a new iconic car. He made several new, innovative cars.

  2. start surrounding yerself with red pill women

    better they slap you every morning with the invigorating truth than kiss you every evening with debilitating lies

    with a humble network of rough little diamondettes keeping your hearth and hunting grounds under constant loving pressure, you can finally start to harden your eloi common black carbon baseness into sparkling facets of real crystalline morlockian value

    chick POV meme: how I look at home for my SO versus how I look in public for strangers

    Informal letter to a subpar GF

    shit tests, all women are like that, hypergamy

  3. I don’t understand why women eschew their femininity, especially a soft femininity. Seems like they are either Butch’es or whores. Went to a symphony concert yesterday, wonderful by the way, conducted by a Maestra (vs Maestro). She essentially wore a mans tuxedo and looked quite goofy, IMO. Meanwhile other members of the orchestra wore very feminine and functional black gowns and looked quite exquisite. Why didn’t the conductor do that? Why do women dress to something they are not? Why do they dress like a man? Hillary is another perfect example of this. She just looks stupid. Any she’s not a bad-looking woman, IMO with her hair and figure. Don’t know why she wears those damn Kim Jung Un outfits…. Same with cars too, as you write.

    • A friend sent a pic of Hil being helped up the steps of a building, looking like the two guys holding her hands were having a hard time keeping her upright and headed forward. I’m amazed that fashion these days doesn’t get away from that tight stuff for old women. Hil’s jacket was tight around her sizable ass. The jacket and pants reminded me of my waders. I mentioned I knew how she felt, getting out there in the dark and not coming in all day until after dark…….but I removed my float tube and waders once on dry land. I guess you just had to see it. She needs fore and aft lights.

  4. A little girlie car with some of the powder puffs removed, and a few stereotypical guy things added? No thanks, I’ll stick with Excursion. You know you’ve got a real “guy car” when you only get 10MPG… Maybe I’ll get a Mii to carry in the back….

  5. re: women

    stop being afraid of your inner morlock. and letting quality chicks slip through your fingers because they let some of their morlock freak flags fly

    you’ve been programmed to play the innocent eloi. and ignore your biological morlock needs. you’re a fucking cartoon missing out on a fulfilling life. learn to be shameless.

    waaah. there’s this potentially hot waitress fiona at golden house pancakes in uptown chicago that I could get with. but she’s only potentially so and I’m too closed off and mentally neutered to see what a diamond she is underneath all her ghetto roughness.

    boohoo. this is what that waitress fiona could look like, if I wasn’t such an imaginationless chump who rejects her because of her tramp stamp of obama or some such ridiculous limp dicked eloi faggotry.

    If only there was some way of finding a young woman that was like a treasure chest that would keep in me in endless riches every day of my life. But of course there’s not there’s only the literary world of what if. And the immutable concrete reality of what is right now and could never change because I’m a powerless mundane with no way to carpe the fucking diem before it’s too fucking late.

    I try not to think about what might have been
    Cause that was then and I have taken different roads
    I can’t go back again
    There’s no use giving in
    And there’s no way to know
    What might have been

  6. So much food for thought here. I’m glad Tor brought up the subject of being “red bill”. I’ve been spending a lot of time studying neo-masculinity and the alt-right (hence, not having the time to post here for a while). There is hope and the left is going nuts over it.

  7. So much of today’s culture is an ignorant manifestation of Marx’s theory that if ‘the people’ are left free to their own devices they will continually seek to ‘exploit’ those of other genders, other races or skin colors, other age groups, other species, other generations, members of other socio-economic groups, and yes, even the planet itself. They earnestly believe that this is the core and irrefutable counter-argument to the social harmony of the ‘invisible hand’ of Adam Smith or the ‘spontaneous order’ of F.A. Hayek. These feminists and othe neo-Marxists spend their energies seeking proof or evidence of such exploitation, and any action or word that refers specifically to a potentially exploitable group – such as this automobile expressly designed to appeal to women – is taken by them as just such evidence. If course, in this screwed-up worldview, the ‘exploiters’ are invariably white males who are not so old as to be abused and not so poor as to be homeless. Virtually everyone else in society, in their view, is vulnerable unless the state can be allowed to control this potential and irredeemable exploiting class.

    • The problem with a collective is that someone has to run it. So guess who exploits everyone and the environment without any check or balancing factor? The state and those who run it.

      Private property puts fundamental limits on exploitation. The problem is the state doesn’t do its function and allows some to exploit others and regulates people into being employees.

  8. My wife thinks it’s cute. And she loves the handbag hook. I told her that makes her a terrible feminist. She just rolled her eyes.

    Back in the day, she had a VW Cabrio. Now that was a chick car! I always felt a little weird driving it by myself.

    • Hi Yeti,

      It’s weird, isn’t it? Being a woman is somehow taken as degrading… as others have observed, feminism isn’t about equality before the law. It’s about pretending away sex differences, in terms of function and preferences.

      Women and are supposed to be treated as fungible/interchangeable. The very idea of differences is somehow horrible rather than magical. I personally believe this is one reason why relationships have become so hard for so many people. Men – and women – are in an almost impossible position. Women are encouraged to be almost cartoonishly like the worst “macho pig” stereotype of what men were supposedly like back in the ’50s and ’60s while men are emasculated at every turn, any expression of individual opinion or initiative (let alone audacity) stomped severely.

      I myself have given thought to giving up and buying a small place deep in the woods, where I can wait all this out like a latter-day Charleton Heston, with my books and guns and cats.

      Your move, imperator

      • eric, better get you a dog too. In the 80’s I worked with a single woman with twin boys who were dead ringers for her ex-employer. She got fat and was always loud and obnoxious. She craved sex but had a hard time getting any.

        There was a cartoon character back then that was an ugly old woman who represented the feminists and was uber-capable the message seemed to be.

        One day this woman I worked with came in and had a new coffee mug with that cartoon woman on it with the feminist organization name.

        She came in her usual obnoxious self and whipped that coffee mug into one of my male coworkers’ face(we had the same birthdate, crazy Pisces we were)and said to him “How do you like my new coffee mug?” The logo under the cartoon said “Anything you(men)can do I can do better”. He immediately(wish It had been me)looked her right in the eye and said “Get a hard -on”. She tried to laugh it off but it was so fast and so good even she was stunned by it. He and I laughed ourselves silly. She gallumphed on off taking her extra-sizable ass and too much perfume with her. It was a source of office humor for a couple weeks. She finally replaced the mug.

      • I personally believe this is one reason why relationships have become so hard for so many people.

        I can see that. I also believe that our general inability to deal with disappointment is a huge part of it. Not that long ago, people seriously had to worry about how they were going to eat. Today, we’ve reached the point where we can bitch about where we are in life and how we thought it would be different. We have everything a person could want and still manage to be whiny little assholes. And each generation seems to be a little worse.

        The idea of the ‘self-made man’ (or woman) is so foreign to us now, I think it might be dead. Individuality is out – modeling your existence after someone else’s ideal is in. Fucking ‘life coach’? Are you kidding me?

        This is yet another area where living as a libertarian is a huge benefit. I really don’t care what society’s expectations are for me or my family. I try to instill in my kids the sheer awesomeness of individualism. Sure, there will be a million challenges for them (as there was for me), but I’m hoping they will gravitate to like-minded people and continue the fight.

        It’s not time to give up, yet.

      • Eric and Eight,

        I think growing up in a time when one teen would comfort his best bud after a breakup by saying “all girls have a vagina (or words to that effect)” have left you jaded.

        The days of the pink Cadillac are long gone.

        If VW wants to build a winner, they should go with a pink pickup. The perfect vehicle for both girls who are boys AND boys who are girls.

        Call it the VW Mahu.

        Because in modern America, not all girls have a punani.

      • >pretending away sex differences
        These are the All Blacks:
        These ae the Black Ferns:
        Any questions?

        Comment #1
        I have a dear (female) friend whom I have known for more than 40 years.
        Angie is a real tomboy, who played rugby into her 70s (!), also golf and fast pitch softball, but she is a real woman who absolutely loves men, and has six children. She is the antithesis of the stereotypical “dyke” female rugger.

        Comment #2
        For a time, in my younger days, I earned a good living as a framing carpenter in SoCal. Piecework: you get paid by what you accomplish. Superior performance requires thought, not simply brute strength. I was a superior performer, as were several colleagues. I estimate about half were university graduates, and the rest were no slouches as regards intelligence, meaning the ability to solve problems. We were considered “elite,” and essential to keeping our employers on schedule, to avoid penalties for falling behind. There were no female applicants for our very athletic jobs, because women are incapable of doing what we did, at the level we were required to perform.

        Comment #3:
        This woman:
        is a USAFA grad, Rhodes Scholar, D.Phil. (Oxford), an instrument rated pilot, married, and mother of 3, who has held high level posts in government and academia. Impressive, at least to me.

        My bottom line:
        Be all you can be. Live life on your own terms, to the maximum extent possible.
        Don’t try to bullshit me, or anyone else, about the nature of physical reality.
        Measuring tapes, scales, stopwatches, voltmeters, etc., etc. do not lie.
        Reality is what it is.

  9. I like where this is going. The best way to survive these kinds of culture wars is to fix the defects within yourself. Abandon your desire for utopian moral purity and immerse yourself in learning empathy for these “offense peddlers.”

    You have to respect existential threats like these and adapt to them in the off chance that they may somehow win the cultural battle and become the norm.

    What if women fought a revolutionary war of their own and formed their own nation of Cosmopolitus. What would it be like? In what ways might it be better than male nations?

    ​The SEAT Mii by Cosmopolitan is finally here

  10. I support the kind of feminism that means “equal rights and justice under the law,” in other words, men and women are treated as equals and held equally accountable under the law, and neither men nor women are in any special classes under the law. The opposite of that would be places like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Victorian England, where men and women are not treated as equals and held equally accountable.

    What I don’t support is the kind of feminism that means “men and women are the same, and men should be more like women and vice versa.” What this kind of feminism does is end up treating men and women as fungible, which they aren’t. What’s more, that same kind of feminism is one that seeks to not treat men and women as equals under the law who are equally accountable. Witness how men and women are treated in harassment cases.

    Finally, the reason why that latter kind of feminism has managed to infiltrate so many parts of society is that it’s really a cover for what TPTB really want, which is for men and women to be fungible, interchangeable and atomized, to better serve their needs.

    But as we’re finding out, that works as well as submarine screen doors, dehydrated water and kosher pork chops.

    • When I was a tech supervisor I hired a woman (the only female applicant). She was very qualified, soared through training, and generally knew her stuff.

      Then I gave her a route with several aerial service drops that would need replaced. The same sort of route that any other tech might get (in fact I usually tried to mix up the routes so techs would learn the whole plant instead of one single neighborhood). A week later she gave her 2 weeks notice. I asked her why, but she didn’t want to give a reason. I’m fairly certain that having to pull the ladder off the rack is why she quit, but we’ll never know.

      Another female tech didn’t have enough seniority to get a Monday-Friday shift. She ended up moving into dispatch because otherwise her kids wouldn’t have supervision on Saturdays (she was divorced). The dispatcher position didn’t pay as much as a technician, mostly because it’s a desk job, not something where you have to wear PPE and work 25 feet in the air. I felt bad that she had to take a pay cut, but at the same time, the only people keeping her from getting paid the technician wage were herself and the ex husband.

      I understand that women want to be paid the same as men. And there are plenty of women out there who do equal (and often superior) work. And those women are promoted and given more compensation, often with allowances for their work/life balance needs. But this idea that you can slot anyone into a position and expect the same performance is ridiculous. And the perpetuation by the intelligentsia that every job has the exact same skill set and risk factors is doing a huge disservice to people who actually work for a living.

      Wages are one case where everyone really is a special snowflake, yet the politically correct view is that suddenly we’re all the same. Once you get past fast food entry level, we all get paid a different amount, even for the same job title. Even Walmart, that bastion of horrific working conditions, pays up if you show any sort of motivation and have some time in the smock.

      • Hi Brent,

        Among other things, feminism has tried hard to convince women that happiness lies in being not merely the same as men but the same as men are conditioned to be in our society. For example, obsessed with fuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttball.

        • That’s Canadian writer Karen Straughan, the most popular Men’s Rights Activist on YouTube

          135,376 subscribers • 12,250,145 views

          She’s a top notch fearless redpiller: girlwriteswhat@gmail.com

          He’re an excerpt…

          Many of the great dads I know did not change diapers, did not burp babies, did not play catch with the kids in the backyard, did not give baths or jiggle colicky infants on their knees.

          Do you know what my dad was doing when I walked across the stage at my Grade 9 “junior high leaving ceremony”?

          He was en route to Swan Hills, 250km from where we lived. While I was attending the dance, and my mother was worrying whether I’d be home by curfew, he was on his back on the shoulder of a highway in the rain and the dark, with a flashlight in his teeth, underneath a Peterbilt, trying to figure out what was wrong with it.

          He’d bought a ticket, and I know he’d have loved to be there with me, to watch me walk across the stage in the dress my mom made for me, but work called him away.

          And since his work paid the lion’s share of everything, including the taffeta for the dress my mother made for me, and the shoes, and the everything else, he missed my leaving ceremony. I got home that night before he did, and I waited up for him. He staggered to bed around 2AM, and was up again at 6 to be at work at 7:30, because that’s what he did.

          • yep, I know who she is. She knows the history quite well except the people do what they always do when confronted with facts. Dismiss the facts and attack the person.

            Although with what she does I think her self labeling as an anti-feminist is more accurate than MRA. She doesn’t seem to care so much about the rights of men but rather how wrong feminists are. Men having some rights is really a by-product of holding feminists accountable and exposing their lies and rest of the story they lop off because it doesn’t suit their narrative.

        • My lack of interest in sportsball is yet another reason driving my singleness. There are so many women who are into it now and so many that expect a man to be. No. I’m not.

          I saw a girl working at the grocery store recently…. air jordan symbol tatooed on her. WTF?

    • If it had never been changed would you break the drain plug loose or such it out. Is it a left-handed thread? Filter too? If, and when you put a wrench on the plug does it say “Ow, that’s cold. Be gentle, I’ve never done this before. I’m scared.” When you break the plug loose does it make a little “ee” sound? Once you’re screwing the plug out does it say “Oh, that feels good”? When it’s in your hand does it say “more” or “oh, that’s feels so…..right”? When you put the wrench on the plug and it’s real tight does it say “can’t you just suck it out”. So many questions.

      Guess I’ll have to go out and run that big hog off that’s ignoring Cholley Jack. It wouldn’t have ignored Buck but CJ seems to need backup.

  11. “difference between the sexes (and that’s the right word, not this flaccid “gender” garbage)”
    Exactly – ‘gender’ is a grammatical term, which may sometimes, but not necessarily, have to do with sexual differences.

  12. This isn’t new — Dodge did a “La Femme” trim package on the 1955 Coronet. Interior trim, lavender colors, matching handbag and umbrella. What’s different is the State Religion, which has poisoned relations between the sexes. Men who refuse to be men and women who are pushed into being men.

    • The Dodge Boys discovered the Le Femme package didn’t sell, and it wasn’t the color scheme. It was for girls only, no boys allowed. Narrowing the market severely limits sales.


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