On “Derangement”

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I am accused by some of “derangement” for pointing out facts regarding the Orange Man’s failures – specifically as regards his failure to acknowledge that the “vaccines” he helped to “warp speed” into the bodies of millions of Americans have not “saved millions of lives” and have, in fact, cost many their lives.

To say nothing of what it has cost America.

But this is not the man’s only failure. It is merely the end result of the ones prior. These serial failures are why I suggest the Orange Man is not to be trusted – no politician ought to be trusted – even if it may prove  necessary to vote for him, again.

These two things are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

I would, for example, “vote” to keep the pumps on the Titanic pumping for as long as possible. I would “vote” to shoot flares into the sky and  to keep the Marconi room signaling for help as long as possible. For fundamentally the same reason, I would vote for this man again, if he refuses to step aside in favor of a better man. I’d like a better man.  I’d like no man, at all. I’d like for all men to be free.

But because there is a worse man – or woman – as the only actual alternative, I will vote for this man if that’s the only alternative. Just as there was no keeping-the-Titanic afloat alternative. It was: Keep her from sinking for as long as possible, so as to reduce the losses associated with her sinking.

Some will say: Better to let her sink and be done with it. But if this means more harm than good it’s bad. It is probably the same as regards the Orange Man, if that is the only actual alternative to a “sinking” (and faster).

This does not mean the man is trustworthy or even competent. He has established that he is neither. Cue the cries of “derangement!” – from those unwilling to own up to the facts of his actions.

It’s said the Orange Man was a victim of circumstances. That he didn’t know what he was up against. If so, he was the wrong man then – and now. What is needed is a man who can stand up to those arrayed against him.

Orange Man arrayed such men against himself. Men such as Dr. Fauci. And women, such as Dr. Birx. Some will say: But the Orange Man could not fire these people! Perhaps – but that’s a pathetic excuse given a modern president is a de facto dictator who can do as he likes. Witness what the Orange Man’s successor has done – and that man is said to be incipiently senile.

At any rate, the Orange Man was not obliged to stand beside the Two Doctors for months on end, lending presidential credibility to what they said. He could have let them say what they said without the benefit of the implicit approval of the president. He could have brought forward his own men – to counter what that man and woman were saying. And he could have done it with the seal of the president on the podium – and with him standing beside them.

He could have brought Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. into his administration – as he implied he would do – but that was before the Orange Man accepted a yuge donation to his 2016 presidential campaign from the very pharmaceutical cartels that subsequently benefitted from a presidential grant of “emergency use authorization” to “warp speed” their “vaccines” into the bodies of millions of Americans.

He could have not worn a “mask.” Ever. He was the president. No one had the power to force the president to “mask up.” Unless the president is a puppet.

But he did. So, was he?

He could have used his executive authority to declare the “lockdowns” unconstitutional – which they were. His defenders say: But he lacked the authority! Tell that to the man who replaced him, who is not shy about asserting presidential authority in the furtherance of  . . . whatever he likes.

But Orange Man was too timid – or complicit – to defend the constitutional and human rights of Americans to not be “locked down” in their homes, “locked out” of stores and restaurants, churches and gyms. He wasn’t even willing to protect the constitutional right of Americans to vote – in person – and to deny the “right” of mass-absentee voting, absent any vetting.

He was very willing, though, to “warp speed” these dangerous drugs styled “vaccines” past all-but-the-flimsiest safety protocols so that he could take personal credit for “ending the pandemic,” which would never have started had he not serially failed to prevent it.

Those are the facts – and the truth – as the eponymous Clover used to put it. If it makes me “deranged” to point them out, so be it. I’d rather be “deranged” about the facts – and the truth – than someone who thinks its sane to pretend otherwise.

. . .

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  1. Libertarians voting for politicians would be like an anti-smoking advocate who inherited stock in a tobacco company keeping the stock and voting as a shareholder for who gets to be CEO.

    You might try to ‘splain to the anti-smoking advocate that:

    *Anyone who is chosen to be in that election was chosen for his intent and ability to maintain and even expand the tobacco company.

    *Everyone else who will be voting is motivated by the desire to sell more cigarettes and to preserve the well-being of the company.

    *If somehow a CEO were elected who did not protect the interests of the tobacco company and it’s ability to sell cigarettes and thrive, he would be promptly removed.

    One might point-out that the anti-smoking advocate is delusional to think that his vote have ANY effect- much less accomplish anything in line with his own sentiments, because no matter whoi becomes CEO of the tobacco company, it is their job to sell cigarettes and attract new customers. The only difference between those vying for CEO may be their tactics and style. And the smoking advocate’s vote is utterly meaningless, because no CEO candidate represents his interests, and even if one did, the vast majority of other shareholders would never vote for that candidate.

    So the delusinal anti-smoking advocate accomplishes nothing, other than participating in the formal ritual of corporate life; of giving his consent to one of the candidates \vying for CEO, and of being invested in a corporation- and one that promotes the very thing which vehemently opposes- and he in-fact lends legitimacy to the whole scheme of limited-liability protection created by the state, AND even makes the tobacco company seem more benevolent, since “even an anti-smoking advocate is invested in our company and participates in our shareholder privileges!”.

    THAT, my friends, is voting.

    • A superb analogy, Nunz, and so thorough!

      The feeble utilitarian argument by which a dismaying number of “libertarians” continue to rationalize their persistence in “voting” is not only completely inadequate to address the moral culpability entailed in voting, but as you amply demonstrate, it’s a non-starter even on its own consequentialist terms.

  2. So DJT is better than Biden? But he let us all down with the covid nonsense that we are still suffering with. Had he “manned” up and fought the covid lunacy, we might have avoided the two year emergency and all the suffering that resulted. Please DJT, shut up and go away. You had your chance to drain the swamp and you failed.

    • Amen, Howard –

      And it is not just the “vaccine” pushing. It is everything else the Orange Fail failed to do . . . and did. Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. But Orange Fail proved himself serially incompetent when it came to handling this manufactured “pandemic.” Or he was complicit – and I’m unsure which is the worse.

      • It’s interesting: Trump didn’t do the things he promised to do; the things he campaigned for; the things which were the very reason many voted for him- but he did do some things…

        He did empower the next admin by dutifully foisting the clot-shot on the country; by signing the biggest military budget in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD (Gee…what a coincidence, just in time for his successor’s admin to prop-up the Ewe-kraine and provoke WWIII )….he did start the massive inflation/destruction of the economy by signing CARES- the most money any country has ever created out of fiat and spent in one fell-swoop (And he was supposed to be “the conservative”); He did fulfill The Hildebeast’s promise of bombing Syria (Ah yes…but of course the simple little rube was “duped” again 😉 ); He did appoint one of the judges who allowed the Clinton Crime Family to get away with blatant murder to the Supreme Court; he diud ban bumpstocks…. The listy goes on and on….

        So we can’t say that he didn’t do anything. He did plenty. All bad, of course….. Thus far, even faggot-loving Pedo Joe has not been able to do as much as Trump got away with.

        • I hear you, Nunz…

          I don’t disagree with your points, either. How could I? And yet… what’s the realistic alternative? As bad as Trump was (and is) Joe (and Hillary) are worse. We are faced with this obscene choice: Evil – or less evil. Yes, I know. The third choice is to not choose either. And yet – per the old Rush song – if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. Or rather, it will be made for you – by the people who choose the worse evil.

          I suppose one could argue that the right choice is to have nothing to do with it. To give it sanction to the lesser or worse evil – even if it means the worse evil prevails. And maybe so. But I still prefer to try to limit the damage done – to myself and to others. So, as regards Trump, by electing him (last time) we got the elimination of the “individual mandate” as well as a few other arguably better-rather-than-worse things.

          I try, in my work, to advocate for the ideal. But in real life, I grudgingly accept that all that may be possible at this moment in time is something better rather than worse.


          • Hi Ya, Eric,
            First off, at the risk of being repetitive, you KNOW I can’t enough good about your writing and the service you are doing via your articles, comments, and providing of this site! THAT, my friend, is living proof of the kind of difference just one man can make, and THAT is a difference that matters, as it most of all helps those who want to change their own lives, and who are encouraged by the ideas you put forth and encouragement and example you provide. If you were a one-man band, you’d manage to sound like the Vienna Philharmonic!
            [Based on all the mistakes and typos I make, I’d sound something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3M7FnqrOcM ]

            But {Hey, you asked for it! 😀 ) I think the promoting of voting is counterproductive to all else that you do, because it encourages people to participate in the system; to devote time and energy and thought and effort to it, and gives them hope that they can somehow change the system for the better if they just vote harder or vote for the right candidate, etc.

            You ask “What can we do?”. Well here’s the thing: Our participation in the system does not accomplish one damned thing. It is an exercise in futility. It doesn’t matter. Vote for Trump or Hitlery…you will not change the outcome, and no matter who wins, ya get the same results. it is an utter waste of time, a mere signatory action- like driving an EV to save the world. When you voted for Trump (The less evil-sounding evil) did you imagine that it would be through his auspices that that the clot-shot would be thrust upon us? Had Hitlery won and done the same, we’d be saying “Ah, if only Trump had won, this would not have happened! Vote harder next time!”.

            And though it is indisputable that your writing ihas great influence upon the choir, as well newcomers/average Joes, and everyone in between, and WILL make a difference in the lives of some people, one still has to realize that as far as changing society/influencing enough people to have an effect on the political process, you are competing with a mass media and government schools simultaneously brainwash the minds of hundreds of millions- not to mention the near-religious sacred tradition passed down for generations which venerates ‘democracy’ and patriotism and coercion and militaryism and ‘law and order’.

            We have seen how drastically society and this country have devolved just in the last few decades, and at an even accelerated rate just in the last few years. We are near the end of the road, and what you or I do is not going to change ANYTHING- least of all what we might do when playing in a state-controlled system whose objective is to advance the state!

            The only thing we can do is save ourselves- and maybe help a few who want to come along- and we best do that by resisting the system; by NOT participating; by flying under the radar and decoupling; by living as freely as we can. And the more we do that, the freer we will be, and the better example we will be to others, showing how good a life can be had if one makes good choices and devotes their efforts to such things as that which really matter and bear actual fruit, rather than voting and hoping…which accomplishes nothing other than giving the false hope that we can make others make it O-K, and that we can be on ‘the winning side’ 50% of the time, and yet still lose, as we see our liberty further eroded even after our ‘lesser evil’ wins.

            We stop thinking collectiverly; we stop hoping that somehow one of these elected billionaires (or soon-to-be bnillionaires- if he’s not already, and wins) who is in the Jeffrey Epstein Businessman’s Social Club is going to fix their system, much less this dysfunctional society.

            We go about our lives untangling ourselves from as much involvement with the matrix as possible. I see more even non-Libertarians doing this these days- many for religious reasons, or just because they realize they are not free, and want to regain as much lost freedomn as possible, even though they are not acquainted with Libertarian ideas per-se, as I also was not for the better part of my life, and yet sought escape from the system and pursued it diligently, and live more freely today than at any other time- not because I voted (for I never have) but because I sought separation from their system.

            Tl;dr: Accept that we can’t change the world nor the political system (Jesus Christ once did, and even THAt has been overthrown…but wait, He’s coming back…with matches!) but we can rarely change a friend or loved one; but we can ferret out a good deal of freedom and be an encouragement and example to others who are on the same path, and be a great help to them…and they to us. But to waste time debating over which tyrant is the least evil, and wasting time which could be spent in the terlit, in a booth sans terlit…is just an utter waste and silly ritual.

            • Morning, Nunz!

              What you’ve written strikes me as very “Solzhenitsyn”! And yet, does it harm us to resist in any way we can? To adopt dual – multiple strategies? I agree completely with you as regards decoupling and simply taking back as much freedom as possible. Amen. At the same time, though, if a vote is being held to decide whether the property tax the local creeps apply to “our” homes is going to increase, I will vote against this. I will encourage others to vote against it, too. If enough of us do, the amount they steal won’t increase, at least for now. For the same reason, I’ll vote for in congressional elections, since these will determine the outcome of many other things as well. The presidency is become essentially an elected dictatorship at this point and the best that can be hoped for is a relatively benign dictator – Franco vs. Stalin, say. But I’d rather Franco than Stalin – and so I’ll vote for that.

              Does this voting legitimate/perpetuate the system? I’ll concede the point. But the system isn’t going away because we few ignore it. And there are millions who won’t. We give them more power, do we not, by simply ceding it to them? Mind – I don’t suggest this voting business is anything other than an expedient, a delaying tactic. A way to further a softer landing, hopefully. As time goes by, the closer we draw to the end of this system. And the more time we have to prepare for that – and to perhaps lay the groundwork for something better to come – the better.

              That’s my 50, at 3:52 this morning!

              Thanks for yours – and the kind words also!

              • Amen, Eric. I agree with your eloquent words 100 percent.

                We do not foster change by doing nothing. Maybe my thinking is naive, but we have seen what happens when good men (and women) remove themselves from participating or taking their ball and going home. That leaves only evil people in charge and making decisions for all of us.

                I disagree with Nunz when he says we can’t the change the world or the political system, but then (in the same paragraph) states he sees even non Libertarians pushing for more freedom. What happens if those non Libertarians come across Eric’s site, or Zerohedge, or Lew Rockwell, or Ron Paul’s? What happens if they sat for awhile and read these men’s thoughts and realized that they made sense? Grass root movements can change the system. I had great hope for the Tea Party movement, my only disappointment was they didn’t go far enough. But that movement did bring us representation from Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Mike Lee. Are we actually insinuating that these guys are the equivalent of AOC and the Squad?

                I voted last November for Youngkin vs McAuliffe. Youngkin isn’t perfect, but I have more choices (and am paying less taxes) under his governorship than the commie he was running against. Like Eric I will continue to vote. I also hope that others continue to open their eyes and sites like Eric’s do make a difference and change can happen.

                • Thanks, RG!

                  We’re in a tough spot. It’s tough to despise tyranny and “accept” (if that’s the right word) less of it rather than none of it. But how do we get to none? Or even less? Is it by giving up and hoping for the best? Circling our wagons and looking out only for ourselves? I absolutely get – and sympathize with – what Nunz and others have said. But I say we can and ought to do all we can to help the good rather than enable the very bad.

                  • Hi Eric.

                    It has been well said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I understand you and RG’s position. But I believe its based on the illusions/delusions we have spoken of in the past. Our principles as libertarians state that initiation OR its delegation is a violation of the NAP. Participation in an inherently immoral system taints all of those who take part. By participating you are consenting to the systems rules. I’ve no doubt you have heard of the crack up boom.

                    You speak of buying time by choosing the lesser evil. What happens in a crack up boom when the initial phase is extended? The resulting recession/depression is made much worse. I submit that your and others actions (if successful) will actually make matters worse.

                    The Gangs that rule us, are only able to continue their scams because good people don’t think through the consequences of their actions.

                    Then there is also the brutal reality of the system. Voting is ONLY allowed when it doesn’t endanger those who benefit from the power system. 2020 was an in your face demonstration of that. But it was also a wake up call for millions of people. It demonstrated that not only doesn’t your vote count, but those in power don’t care if you know it. But such hubris has historically not ended well for anyone. I suspect our era will be no different.

                    • Hi BJ,

                      Yes, but the paradox (as I see it) is that your method only works when a palpable majority refuses to participate in voting. Until that happens – and I don’t expect it to – resigning from voting only strengthens the voting hand of those who do vote – and most of the ones who do vote (in such a scenario) will be the ones who will vote to take more (f not all) of your money and rights. Result? You lose more than you might have otherwise.

                      Here’s a good example: Trump – for all his many flaws – did get rid of the Obamacare “individual mandate.” For self-employed people like me, this has amounted to many thousands of dollars I am not forced to pay the government (or the insurance mafia). am not saying this counterbalances the not-good things Trump did (and the good things he could have but did not do). I am saying it was a good thing – and better than it might have been.

                      I disagree with you that someone (me) who benefited from and voted “for” that lessening of evil also voted for the evils of “warp speed” and so on. I certainly did not vote for that or any other such thing. Trump did those things. Without my sanction.

                      My point is, we are in the position of prisoners who can “choose” to better our lot but cannot choose to escape the prison. I take no action to harm the other prisoners. But if I can “vote” to lessen the beatings, I will do so until such time that the doors to the prison are opened.

                  • Hi Eric

                    Eric, you’ve no doubt heard this old saying. If something is right, its right no matter how few people do it. If something is wrong, its wrong no matter how many people do it. Voting is wrong. Its the delegation of the use of force. Its a clear violation of the NAP. Participation makes those involved parties to the actions of those they delegated the Funny Hat to. It doesn’t matter if one disagrees with some of the resulting actions.

                    As for choosing the “best” warden (or Dear Leader) to minimize the resulting evil.
                    By taking part in the Selection process, one legitimizes it. Once again, if something is wrong, it remains wrong, no matter how many people do it.

                    That’s all great in theory, but many of us know the reality. Voting is only allowed to the extent that it doesn’t conflict with those who own this and most other countries.
                    Keep two statements in mind. “I don’t care who does the voting, as long as I do the nominating”. Second; “Those who cast the votes determine nothing. Those who count the votes determine everything”. We saw a very in your face example of that in 2020… The late great George Carlin said it best. “Its a big club, but you and I aren’t in it”.


                    • Hi BJ,

                      I think our disagreement hinges on the matter of duress. The option isn’t: If you don’t vote, nothing bad happens to you or others. It is: Either vote to counter bad things happening or be a party to them happening.

                      What will happen if people who oppose the Left abstained from voting in November? Is there any question, at all, that the Left would then win decisive control of the federal government? I would rather vote for that to not happen. And that is what I will be voting “for” in a few weeks, if the elections even occur.

                      You have to play on the field the game is being played, else you lose.

                  • Hi Eric

                    Duress is exactly the problem Eric. Its part and parcel of government. But you have the wrong options. It isn’t if you vote nothing bad happens to you. It really doesn’t matter who you vote for. Bad things will happen. The question is, do you legitimize the system by participating? 2020 showed anyone who was watching, that the system is rigged. Its a scam, a hoax that’s been running since before any of us was born.

                    You mention the left. Who has effectively opposed them for the last fifty years? Its sure as hell not been the so called “conservatives”. Look around you. The system has been subverted and warped by the lefts idiotic ideology. In spite of all of the voting that’s been going on for the last 50 years. But it would have been so much worse without the voting… Just as being sick would have been so much worse without being Vaxxed…

                    Being on the field means you are constrained by the enemies rules. Never play the game by the enemies rules. Never play a rigged game. Voting is a rigged game. Its
                    objective is to keep the general population buying into the system. Its entire existence and power relies on that. Don’t taint your principles for a bundle of illusions/delusions. Do you remember that Thomas Paine refused to sign the Constitution? Do you remember why? Its the same now as it was then.
                    “Sometimes the only way to win, is not to play”.

                    • I agree, BJ –

                      In that I play the game by my rules. Which means there are none, as regards opposing collectivists. If voting helps to thwart them, I will vote. If something else helps, I will do that. I learned from Lenin how to deal with Leftists. Libertarians and conservatives ought to listen to him.

                • Hi RG,
                  **”We do not foster change by doing nothing.”**

                  What change have you fostered thus far in your life by voting? The only change I’ve seen over my lifetime has been for the worse. Was that you? Are the handful of Libertarians going to somehow overpower the tens of milliuons of Democrats and Republicans, as well as the international power structure?

                  You guys had good intentions when you voted for some liars who may’ve said a few good (but carefully crafted to say what every listener wanted to hear) but who ultimately did much evil and EXPANDED tyranny- so ultimately what have you achieved, other thjan adding your name to the rolls of those who delegate power and authority to the will of the collective and those whom they elect to represent their interests [only in so far as to how the rules of the republic are administered and who administers them- while acknowledging that those rules are ‘legitimate”].

                  • **”I think our disagreement hinges on the mater of duress“**

                    I heard that the mater of duress was a real bitch! (I mean, just look at what her daughter is!)

                    **”What will happen if people who oppose the Left abstained from voting in November? “**

                    Trouble is, where does one find a viable candidate who opposes the left? All we have is a phony left vs. right paradigm in which those who oppose the left vote for actors who say they oppose the left, but whose actions are just as leftist as the left’s, and or while pretending to ‘fight the left’ they set the stage for the next leftist admin better than Karl Marx ever could.

                    In my lifetime, the ‘lesser evils’ and supposed enemies of the left have been:

                    Richard Nixon [Who gave us The War on Drugs; Ditching of the gold standard; Wage and price controls; ,etc.]
                    Ronald Reagan [Too much to even mention- but overall, the biggest increase in government since FDR to his time]
                    George Bush I [Too much to list]
                    George Bush II [“…” + the never-ending War on Non-Israeli Terror]
                    Donald Trump [Started the greatest inflation we will ever experience; Biggest military budget, EVER!; The Clot-shot…ad infinitum ]

                    So how has voting for the lesser evils, and to oppose the left (supposedly) worked out? In the last 100 years, with near 50-50 split in power between the Wolves(D) and Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing(R), what has substantially changed for the better? When has tyranny been lessened rather than increased, by ANY admin?

                    If something has not worked for long in the past, why would it start suddenly working now, when the tyranny is now virtually ubiquitous and unresisted, and society is in shambles?

                    What is YOUR vote going to accomplish? Nothing.
                    What positive thing is your vote going to accomplish? Nothing- other than to be able to say that you were on the winning team if your candidate wins…but in reality, we all still lose.
                    What will happen if you refrain from voting? The same exact thing as if you had voted.
                    What negative thing will happen if you don’t vote? The same that would happen if you did vote.
                    What positive thing will happen if you don’t vote? You will have the satisfaction of not giving your consent to the inevitable bad things which will happen; you will have clean hands; You will not be added to at least one more government list; you will not have formally agreed that the will of “the people” as represented by the scum they elect is legitimate and has authority over you.

              • Hey Ya, Eric!
                Well, no wonder ya can’t sleep! You have to actually go to bed in order to sleep! (Yeah, I tend to be a night-owl by nature too- but I’m winning the battle these days!).

                Yeah…I agree with ya- nothing necessarily wrong with voting in a situation like you described, where there may be an actual opportunity to preserve liberty by doing so- but even at the local level, in such situations, it usually isn’t so clear cut. You may vote for the dude who offers one easing of some aspect of tyranny (Or more often, just advocates not increasing the tyranny) while it is almost certain that he support and increase other aspects of the tyranny.

                So usually, all we end up doing by voting, is giving our formal consent to the system which enables some men to rule others by the use of coercion, theft and violence. We “participate in democracy” and “do our sacred and civic duty to maintain the republic” by deciding who gets to administer the laws of the republic. Personally, I don’t believe in democracy nor in republics, so why would I be a participant in, and consenting to such schemes?

                Those political philosophies are the diametric opposite of what I advocate. If I were to participate in them, the world will have changed me, rather than me changing the world. I can’t change the world- but I can at least not let it change me.

                I’d rather be an a victim; a protester; an unwilling sufferer, than to be a participant and consenter to their abhorrent tyranny- even if participation could secure me a few little spoils on the march to Hell. I bear witness that the theft and coercion and threats that they inflict on you and I and everyone around us is abhorrent to me, and evil and wrong and unjust. I could not bear that witness if I participated in the very basis of their political system, any more so than I could wear the holy rag just to secure some convenience or perk. “Your mask”….”Your vote”…..

                And thanks for the Solzhenitsyn compliment! I’ve been intending to read him….have GOT to get to it- even though I’ll likely stay up to 3:52 doing so!

  3. The sad reality is that through my lifetime, the list of “lesser evils” would be:

    Richard Nixon
    Ronald Reagan
    George H.W.Bush
    George W. Bush
    Donald J. Duck

    If they be the lesser evils, then we have nothing more to fear from the greater evils…….

  4. -He could have used his executive authority to declare the “lockdowns” unconstitutional

    Isn’t this the job of the supreme court? What is and isn’t constitutional. A government of limited jurisdiction?

    Wickard V Filburn, Whiskey rebellion. They cannot be trusted to be true to their word, it’s what they do and are.

  5. The derangement is embodied in people who vote. Especially those who claim to espouse a libertarian philosophy, or those who claim to abide by the non-aggression principle. The act of voting contradicts these claims.

    Voting for a certain individual for political office, no matter whom or for whatever reason, is an act of violence against every one else within the same political sub-division. Being born into our current political system and subject to it against our will is the salient feature; I am not allowed to choose whether to play or not, I am subject to voters. Voters are the masters, not the candidates they force on me.

    Voting is imposition. Voting is force, since politics is force. All I see when people write or say who they will vote for is a person willing to point a gun at me to get their way.

    Politics is war by other means. People who vote, i.e. use force, believe that granting their sanction to another human being to represent them to use force on their behalf is moral and just if enough people agree with them. Injustice committed by an individual is still injustice committed by collective fiat.

    The lesser of two evils justification is morally corrupt, a moral relativism that claims superiority over the best and only moral response to an immoral political system: first, do no harm.

    Own your failure, those of you who voted for Trump, you are the failure, not him. He has done only what every single President before him has done. You put him in power, now own it. You, by voting, agreed to the game, you checked the box, you decided to force others to accept your will. Are you really libertarian? Do you really wish to be left alone?

    • Nah! We can fix the system by voting for liars and thieves. ‘Course, we have no idea what they’ll really do once elected, since what they say to the public is more of an act than any episode of Lost In Space; and of course what they DOP do will be to preside over violence and coercion, because that IS what one is voting for when they vote- i.e. to elect someone to shepherd the very embodiment of government, because THAt IS WHAt THEY ARE VYING FOR; and of course it will involve taxation(theft), redistribution of wealth, war, cronyism, bankers, etc. etc. because those things are a part of the matrix over which government presides; and we may even get a few unexpected goodies, like the clot-shot -the moist diabolical scourge to plague humanity since Hitler…brought to us by the guiy YOU voted for and considered to be the “lesser evil”- but yes…WE are hiding our heads in the sand and not doing our part if we refuse to particpate in and give our consent to this fixed political system which is run by the state…….

      I know many non-Libertarians who refuse to vote….it’s super-ironic when actual Libertarians do vote, and think that they are somehow doing something…something good no less, even despite the two most recent boondoggles- i.e. their elected candidate doing more damage to liberty than anyone in American history and enabling the bioweapon clot-shot, and the utter pointlessness of voting which was illustrated by the election fraud committed in the 2020 election. Yet people want to believe…..

    • Jeezy peezy, this should be at the bottom of the page in response to Nunz’s post. The system kept telling me I was posting too much (probably very true) and pushed this to the top of the page.

    • Hi RG

      Some times retreat is the only sane option. In the modern age, fixed defense is suicidal. That is why an understanding of the principles of 4th generation warfare are so vital. But it doesn’t apply only to combat. It also applies to ones personal and professional life. Situational awareness must become second nature. The best means of self defense, is to avoid situations that might require self defense. The second best is to have trained response patterns. That’s both mental and physical. I wish you and your family all the best of luck. We are all going to need it.

  6. Trump the candidate said things we wanted to hear. Trump the President was short on delivering them and reversed on what he said he would do. That’s one of the worst things that he did. People felt that he could be trusted and then he broke that trust. Same as it ever was.

  7. Trump: good ideas, bad person. Despite not being one of the swamp, he acquiesced to them. He left us to the machinations of the Senile In Chief. This is why I hate voting, choosing an Overlord who will mismanage the money they took from me without permission. Didn’t we get away from England over a tiny tax? Why are we paying much more against our will? I’ll pass on participating as much as possible. The American experiment is over and has taught us much. Let’s see what rises from the ashes.

    • Hi James,

      I think any step in the right direction is preferable to talking a step back. I also think the key to taking steps forward is to articulate and defend moral principles, for they really do stand on their own and only the stupid and the evil refuse to acknowledge the truth of them when confronted with a lucid, logical articulation of them.

      For example: If it is wrong to take that which is not yours – i.e., to steal or rob – which almost everyone already agrees is a moral wrong – then it is also wrong to steal or rob and call it “taxes.” This is a tautology almost anyone can understand once it is presented to them as I just did. The reason why so many do not see the connection is because it has been deliberately obfuscated. Our job is to un-obfuscate it!

  8. Have we considered sending Julia or Sarah and the multitude of spam they send a day to infiltrate the FED, Congress, and the White House? Government officials will be too busy deleting posts to destroy the rest of the country.

    • Hi RG,

      This “Julia” (and “Gloria” and several other names_ spammer is somehow able to get through Akismet and al the other filters. I just delete this garbage as it comes in. I wish could send “Gloria” a truckload of rotting fish heads…

  9. Here is a 2 min 17 sec interview with ordinary citizen Lisa Gallagher, who had three armed FBI agents show up at her door the day after “Biden’s” menacing “Dark Brandon” rant in Philadelphia.

    The reason for the FBI’s unexpected visit? They got an anonymous tip that Gallagher was present at the Capitol on Jan 6th, when in fact she wasn’t.


    To sum up, in our new Beria-Garland internal police state, you have several options to harass someone:

    1. Call in a SWAT raid, as was done to Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (twice).
    2. Report them as a child porn trafficker.
    3. Report that they are running a meth lab.

    AND NOW:

    4. Claim that they were merely in or near the Capitol on J6. Attach copies of their online MAGA posts as ‘evidence,’ and bingo: FBI in da house!

    What ever happened to ‘the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances’ (Amendment I)?

    Gone. Over. This shitshow is now way past the point of ‘voting’ for someone to change it. It’s approaching Solzhenitsyn’s ‘we burned in the camps’ post facto regret about not intervening when there was still time.

    • Even if Ms. Gallagher had been in the vicinity of the Captiol, which she WASN’T, so what? The FBI has been harassing folks who were simply on the grounds and, when the whole FALSE FLAG break-in went down, did NOT enter the building. Even folks who said, “screw this, I didn’t come to riot!” are being bothered.

    • I fear you’re right.
      And yet all I hear from anybody with influence is ” This is America, we resolve our political differences at the ballot box and only there” or sometimes “well, the time may come for other means but it’s certainly nowhere near it yet “.
      My worry is that it will be too late before”the time” ever gets here.

  10. This is going to add me to the shit list, but when has that ever stopped me. 🙂

    Eric, my dear, your “derangement” does not stem from your very valid points on The Donald. I agree with you on many of them. I, too, voted for him twice (and I don’t regret it), because let’s look at the alternatives that we were given. I even experienced a small jaunt of hope that he would be able to make significant changes and would bring America back to her former glory…hard work, pride, innovation, and an end to invading foreign nations.

    Where you and I are in disagreement is that you refuse to move on from TDS. We should all see what Trump is (the good and the bad), but we should not focus on the man who no longer holds office but what is occurring around us. By dwelling on the past, we skip the present, and are unprepared for the future. Trump is not the future.

    We can condemn his mistakes and even hold him in contempt, but after rebuking more than once does anything really change. The horse is dead why do we continue to beat it? He no longer holds the keys to the kingdom, nor will he regain the throne. There is greater evil among us who deserve our undivided attention, because they will upend our lives.

    Stepping off my soapbox. 😉

    • Hi RG,

      You will never get on my shit list for stating your opinion! I don’t think we have a different opinion, either. I am looking ahead – not back. I wish Orange Man would just go away. But since he won’t, I will deal with him as he is. I don’t trust him. I don’t think much of him. But would I vote for him again? If it is him or . . . Kamala? Or some other horrendous roach even worse than he is?

      Of course.

      It would not be a vote for him, either. It would a self-preservatory vote against what’s worse than him.

        • I wouldn’t bet on it, RG. Heck, there’s even talk about Ivanka being his Veep.

          Trump did a great thing by exposing the Deep State for what it is. He didn’t, however, “drain the swamp”…he embraced it. He woke up a lot of sleepy citizens to who and what is really going on in Rome on the Potomac.

          Now, his work is done. Let others, if any, finish the job. DeSantis, maybe. Noem, maybe. Rand Paul, maybe. Tulsi Gabbard, maybe. Or, maybe some combination of the above or someone who has yet to make a national appearance. But, Trump and his dysfunctional family, absolutely not. Let he and they bask in the glow of the title of “former” president and party on. Go play golf. Enjoy some well-done steaks but, you’re time is done. Thanks for the memories.

          • Hi Mark,

            He already denied that Ivanka would play Veep a few days ago during an interview with NDTV.

            I think Trump is done. If this country hasn’t learned anything by electing an old man to run the country, then shame on us. Trump will play the “will he run or won’t he run” until the very last moment. Look at the money he is making in T-shirts, “2024 Trump for President” hats, fundraising, media attention, etc. Get the money while the getting is good. 😉

            He wants to make speeches, get his supporters in office, and sit back and brag about it all during a round of golf. What is better than amassing the labors of working (money) without actually having to work?

            • There’s a lot more to it than “Trump 2024” merch, RG.

              “The Donald” is the only POTUS, and likely the only elected Federal official (or, at least in very select company) whose net worth went DOWN while in office. There has been very much not simply corruption, more than bribery, more like INSIDER TRADING, that has greatly enriched members of BOTH parties. Just look at how much the Clintons and the Obamas became worth during their respective pair of terms.

              Trump is being cagey about running in 2024 for several reasons. (1) It doesn’t hurt for him to endorse candidates during the mid-term elections whether he’s self-declared for ’24 or not (2) why lose the SUSPENSE? If nothing else, he’s a SHOWMAN.

      • That’s EXACTLY what Presidential elections come down to…picking the lesser of two loathsome candidates.

        BTW, I’m certain that Ross Perot genuinely had a chance in ’92, but he was getting TOO successful for the PTB, and was warned off…he exceeded his role to be the “spoiler” to frustrate the re-election of GHW Bush (in retrospect, we probably should be thankful) and actually believed he could win.


    • I’ll vote for Trump if he’s running in 2024, but that doesn’t mean I wish we had SOMEONE ELSE. If nothing else, the man will be 78 years old on Election Day. Granted, he’s vigorous for a man of his years, and likely 3rd wifey Melania is his “fountain of youth”, but knowing what I go through at my age, and I’m FIFTEEN years younger, well, I’d have reservations about any man that age being the Chief Executive.

      Some of my reservations about OM are simply that he’s not “Libertarian”, nor has he ever professed to be anything like it. Truth is, when he was surprisingly elected in 2016, the day after, I said to myself, “oh, SHIT, what HAVE we done?”, simply because I had no idea how he’d serve. I did take solace that at least the “Hildebeast” wasn’t going to be our first “female” POTUS (and I don’t want to personally confirm same, I’m fairly sure she bore Chelsea, though that hasn’t helped this planet one iota, whether the Hillbilly Horn-dog sired her is for another discussion and contributes nothing to this one). But he did win me over that he was a far better President than ANY electable alternative! Yes, he has his downside…he’s boorish, crass, and thin-skinned. He set loose greater “enforcement” of opioids, which brought forth greater micro-management of doctors in administration of pain meds, which afflicts yours truly.

      Yet, with all that, look who the Dummycrats put up, and it defies any logic to justify how the barely cognizant “Sleepy Joe” bested the prior Dummycrat POTUS, “King Barry the First”, who rode into the White House on the crest of folks fawning over the notion of the “First BLACK President”, never mind his questionable pedigree. Sixty-Nine and change million votes nationwide in 2008, when then was a record in nationwide popularity. Trump won in 2016 with only 63 millions, and was bested in the overall nationwide tally by the Hildebeast by nearly THREE million. Of course, how much of that popular margin was due to outright FRAUD in the once “Golden” State is speculative, but I can well imagine accounts for a great deal of it. He then, in 2020, improved on his prior total by TWELVE million, or almost 20 percent, and still LOST? Bullshit.

      A quick comparison of overall popular votes versus estimated US population should show some interesting stuff: (figures in millions)

      YEAR US Population Overall votes Pct Voted Winner Electoral Win Tally Win Pct
      2008 303.5 131.3 43.3 Obama 365 69.5 52.9
      2012 314.0 129.1 41.1 Obama 332 65.9 51.1
      2016 323.0 136.7 42.3 Trump 304 63.0 46.1
      2020 331.0 158.4 47.9 Biden 306 81.3 51.3

      Now, I didn’t have figures of estimated ELIGIBLE voters, but it seems that in some jurisdictions, that’s not a “problem”, as is not to vote “early and OFTEN”. But two “anomalies” are OBVIOUS…one, the huge spike, not only in overall votes (136.7 to 158.4 millions, an increase of 20.7 million, slightly more than the current population of the #3 state, Florida, or a 15.1 percent increase? And the purported “winner” bested the prior overall popular vote tally by 11.8 million, or SEVENTEEN percent, and this to a doddering, barely articulate old political stooge whose “rallies” were sparse and unenthusiastic, often the reporters and security out-numbering the visible attendees? Absolutely crushing, if these numbers were credible, the first black and the first female POTUS candiates, clarion cries which supposedly turn out the fawning phony leftists in droves?

      Folks, never mind the “2000 mules”, the shenanigans (votes delivered in the middle of the night, after election workers were sent home for the night, a mysterious pipe break, and so on), and the unlawful last-minute changes to the voting procedures, NOT passed by the respective state legislatures. Or the recent inarticulate screaming of the Phony POTUS, in that speech with the creepy red lighting, reminiscent of the Star Wars, Episode 7, “First Order” speech (just before they demonstrate their terror weapon) that to QUESTION the 2020 elections (never mind that he and so many of his fellow Dummycrats whined of “Russian” interference in the 2016 election, i.e. that Trump was “Putin” office…) makes one a “danger” and a TRAITOR?

      This is why I’m guarded about the upcoming mid-term elections. Either they’ll be blatantly “stolen” and we keep the current regime intact, or, if the results indicate a GOP blowout, akin to what happened in 1994 and 2010, likewise mid-way into the first term of the respective Dummycrat POTUS, those new Congress critters and Senators won’t be respected. Maybe the senile Commander-in-Chief will go the “Caligula” route and designate a horse, or Lord knows what critters, to replace the Senators he’ll say don’t belong.

      • Hi Doug,

        I posted something similar last week regarding the number of votes that Trump received, but I broke it down by ethnicity…which he increased in every category from 2016 to 2020. I agree with you there is no way possible (without cheating) that Biden overtook Obama and received 16 million more votes than him. Trump and Obama sold out stadiums. Biden couldn’t fill a school room. No way is his election legit. Unfortunately, the truth may never be known, or it could be decades down the road where it will be considered insignificant.

      • Doug,
        “3rd wifey Melania is his “fountain of youth”. Besides giving us the opportunity to tell the Psychopaths In Charge that we were not pleased, his only other significant contribution was giving us a truly beautiful first lady. Perhaps the only one.

  11. The moment he brought John Bolton on board I knew we should head for the lifeboats.

    With all due respect, however, if voting could change the system it wouldn’t be allowed.

  12. “But the Orange Man could not fire these people!”
    I’ve read this here before, and I can find no constitutional denial of the POTUS authority to fire anyone they please in the executive branch, or hire whomever they please. Don’t fire them, if there is a “law” that prevents it. Hire someone to take their place, and force them to the sidelines.

  13. Trump was an orange swan event to the beltway insiders. They still don’t understand what happened. So of course the only answer could be shenanigans committed by nefarious actors. What else could it have been?

    Well, for one thing, I think Trump is passionate about winning, and likely a very sore loser. His persona reminds me of that kid who misses one question on a test and will argue with the teacher for half the class over why his answer was right, then sit and stew for the rest of the week when the teacher won’t change his grade. As the argument runs on some of the fellow students began to pile on, siding with the teacher: “Just accept that you missed the question and move on,” say some. Others will sit quietly and laugh about him in the hallway after class, and still others will help him lick his wounds. I don’t think anyone would overtly side with the student unless everyone missed it and actually had the correct answer, but being that the test had years of refinement in practice that never actually happened.

    Trump was supposed to look at the results, and concede the election count to Biden. But he wanted audits and recounts, and that isn’t how the game is played. “Just accept you lost and move on” was the message from the insiders. US elections seem to be pretty fraudulent in normal times, so there’s plenty of reason to question the tally. The last thing the beltway boys wanted was a 2000 sequel, especially after all the “reforms” and electronic gee whiz gizmos, so they quashed it. But the orange swan didn’t play along and “planned” the Jan 6 LARPer revolt. When it got out of his control (either by accident or by design) that was just more reason to eliminate the orange swan.

    But if they are successful at purging the orange swan, where does that leave the Republican party? Are there enough George Will Republicans alive to matter anymore? Every one of the old guard GOP has been around long enough to have a closet full of skeletons and horrible voting records. DeSantis, sure, but what about the rest of the ticket? Going back to the 3X5 card isn’t going to cut it in a world where governments are telling kids to keep secrets from their parents.

    • As others have oft stated, if elections actually mattered, at least enough, they’d not be ALLOWED. De facto, they’re not, what we have is a SHAM, a dog-and-pony show carefully crafted to create the illusion of the electorate participating in their republic. We’ve not heeded Ben Frank’s admonition to “keep it”, it was long DESTROYED by “Dishonest Abe” in his unjustified war on the several states that had enough and PEACEFULLY decided to leave the Union and form their own nation.

      Every one in awhile, though, something good slips out anyway. Whatever derogatory things one can say about OM and his only term, thus far, he got three SCOTUS appointments, which transformed the Court already back to what it was intended to be. What we saw this past summer with the Hobbs ruling, which, after half a century, relegated Roe v. Wade to the legal dustbin, same as Plessy v. Ferguson and other SCOTUS brain farts, and not for how one feels about abortion, but that this matter was remanded back to the several states WHERE IT BELONGS, means that Trump did a small, but nevertheless significant thing, to return our de facto NATIONAL Government, which lords it over the several states and the People, to a FEDERAL government, where it’s the SERVANT. That, overall, more than any specific issue, is the thing that needs to happen to restore the once proud American nation that Dishonest Abe mortally wounded during his first term and not-too-brief portion of his second.

  14. I voted for the Orange Man twice, both times to spite the system and pain the satanic lunkheads who drive every new social fad. The second time, the choice was a dementia-addled pervert corruptocrat or narcissistic buffoon.

    Again, easy choice even though the Orange Man did NOTHING in his first term but get into Twitter squabbles, get caught in silly nothing-burger scandals generated by the people who REALLY run the country and get backstabbed by the people he stupidly thought were loyal.

    I’d like fresh blood, but I’m afraid that the Democrats with their lawfare/scandal machine have scared every decent alternative away. Also, why would you run when they’ll just simply kick their fraud into overdrive in Atlanta, Philly and other major cities, all Democrat-controlled and defeat you with a “ballot drop” at 2 a.m.?

    • Dr_mantis Trump did plenty in his first term. He pissed off the CCP enough to get them to shut down the world. He pissed off the stuffed shirt diplomats by talking to Putin and Kim Jung-un, and by moving the US Israeli embassy into disputed territory. He eliminated the Obamacare tax.

      If anything I think he tried too much. If he had just focused on China trade and got the damn wall built (along with real immigration reform, not just election talking point reform) I would have voted for him. But I think he figured his chrisma and “art of the deal” negotiation skills would carry him through.

  15. I don’t get the voting thing. Eric, did voting in 2016 or in 2020 have any effect at all? Did it do ANYTHING to preserve liberty and or slow the decay? All you are doing is legitimizing the tyranny and consenting to it. Whether you vote or don’t vote, or vote for the one who seems ever so slightly less evil and whose lies are a little more palatable isn’t going to make one iota of difference, because as you may have noticed, these tools are all there for one purpose, and that is to fulfill an agenda- an agenda which has been being implemented over the past 100 years or more, and the choices we get to choose from when voting are all members of the same club, they just use different words to appeal to a different segment of the population, but they all DO the same thing, and all work together. Bear in mind that we lost as much or more liberty under Trump than under even the present clown- so what did your voting accomplish, other than giving your consent and blessing to the ‘legitimacy’ of the bastardized democratic-republican system, which is the very thing we as Libertarians oppose? Voting is tantamount to agreeing that the winner of the election has the legitimate right to rule you.

    • I think it’s worse than that, Nunz.

      Voting doesn’t merely signal one’s consent and acknowledgement of the legitimacy of the system as a whole, or the legitimacy of the winner, but it makes the voter an accomplice and participant in every evil that is perpetrated by anyone the voter voted for. Just as the hitman and the hirer of the hitman share full culpability for the murder that is accomplished, I say so too does every voter share in full responsibility for every murder committed by the head of state for whom they voted, or any functionary thereof.

      Eric justifies his complicity in the mass murder that is government’s daily work, with an example of voting to bail out the Titanic. That’s fair and good…except what if the vote was to keep the Titanic afloat by throwing people overboard, starting with the children and pregnant women? Is Voter Eric still justified in casting his vote to throw over that fat-ass momma-to-be, who’s weighing down the ship with her undue girth? Because that’s closer to the reality of voting for a “lesser evil,” knowing full well that at a minimum that “lesser evil” will continue to perpetuate and sustain a system that uses mass extortion and terror to keep people “paying taxes” and “abide the law”.

      As far as I’m concerned, anyone who voted for Trump shares full responsibility for the murder of every Syrian he bombed, and every person murdered or ruined in the pseudo-medical tyranny that was enabled by Trump’s “emergency declaration”.

      • This is it exactly, FP. People always throw around something like “if you don’t vote you have no right to complain.” Bullshit. If you vote, you put the assholio in office and you, then, are responsible for everything thing zhe does. Every bomb dropped, every political prisoner taken, every wood shampoo administered as a result of some diktat. I am not and will not be a party to government violence. Then, I will complain about the murder and mayhem your vote has wrought.

        • Amen, BAC! Had I ever voted, I don’t know how I’d live with myself, knowing that I helped to enable the things you mentioned, and or that I was continually duped and lied to, and yet kept going back for more; and that I legitimized the ‘power and authority’ of the psychopaths by participating in their illicit system wich relies on the delegating of personal power and responsibility in order to empower the few.

          Whenever someone utters the bullshit about a ‘social contract’ or ‘the rules we all agree to live by as a society’, at least I can say that I NEVER agreed to any of that- but when one votes, they ARE agreeing to those very things- to live by ‘the will of the majority and the authority which they delegate to their representatives’ -for that is the very contract one is adhering to when they cast a vote, and if it were not so, then what authority would their candidate, if successful, have over those who did not vote for him/her/it?

      • Absotively, Free_Phi! That is the MAIN reason I have never voted, and why I keep my income below taxable level (Financing their illicit BS is even worse than voting for it!). I will never consent to their evil, nor will I finance it.

        • Too far, Nunz.
          Taxes are involuntary.
          If a mugger mugged me and bought drugs, in no way am I culpable for drug possession.
          More power to ya if you can dodge the tax man. But tax-donkeys are not, by virtue of that, accomplices in state crimes.
          Voting, on the other hand, is completely volitional, and operates as an election to share in the culpability of the state.

          • I agree, Free-Phi,
            I’m not saying that tax slaves are accomplices or criminals, because as you say, it is involuntary. But I’ll be damned if I’ll work to support their illicit bullshit. Bad enough I still have to pay property taxes and sales taxes and registration fees, etc. which support enough tyranny on the local level- from SWAT raids and “traffic enforcement” to government schools- but I have yet to find a way out of much of that.

  16. We can agree to disagree on Trump’s motives and political viability, but there is one thing the Republicans could do (absent the RINOs) that would totally “upset the apple cart” of ALL politics in this country, dems and repubs alike.
    When the new Republican Congress is formed, (if the Republicans can get past the dems wholesale cheating in the election), appoint Trump as “Speaker of the House”. There is no constitutional or congressional prohibition on a non-congressperson holding the position. Unbeholden to his party, he could direct the House of Representatives in a real positive light.
    This one move would give Trump and the MAGA movement the political power needed to affect real change.
    Of course, the Trump-haters will disagree, but so what?

  17. Spot on Eric,
    Orange Fail said a lot of great things that cheered me – end the forever wars, get out of long past its expiration date NATO, reign in the alphabet agencies, etc. All that went out the window once he actually got the job, the only thing he accomplished was a tax break for himself and his wealthy backers, so that showed what his true ambitions were. It’s all part of the PTB agenda to destroy the middle class and turn us into serfs.

    • Indeed Mike,
      Trump served only one purpose. To give us an opportunity to tell the Psychopaths In Charge we were not pleased. It ended the moment he was elected. While his campaign promises were attractive, he fulfilled few of them, and what he did fulfill were done so in an unpredictable and self destructive manner.

      • I and four million other voters who picked Gary Johnson in 2016 thought we were doing that.

        I had to go to OM in 2020 as a small gesture of my middle finger at the ruling class, even though in the once-Golden State of Cali(porn)ia, that’s mattered not a whit.

  18. ‘The Orange Man is not be trusted – even if it may prove necessary to vote for him, again.’ — eric

    At this point, the question has become whether Americans will be permitted to vote for Orange Man again, even in a primary election.

    A sinister, Beria-style purge is underway, backed up by a flurry of grand jury subpoenas and FBI agents knocking on doors. Among the dozens of targets are the attorneys representing some of the other targets.

    ‘We’ve obtained the subpoena. This subpoena demands the communications from dozens of Republicans and people who have spoken to them, including State Representative Jake Hoffman in Arizona, Republican National Committee member Kathleen Berden in Michigan, former U.S. Representative Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania and Republican State Party Secretary James DeGraffenreid in Nevada, among dozens of others.

    ‘At no time in American history has it been okay to grab the personal communications of someone’s lawyer because those are privileged. Not anymore. Matt Morgan; Justin Clark; Kenneth Chesebro and Mike Roman; RNC official Joshua Findlay; Trump Attorneys John Eastman, Jenna Ellis, Joe DiGenova, James Troupis, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Victoria Toensing, Cleta Mitchell, and Bruce Marks. We could go on and on.

    ‘The point of this is to suppress political dissent, to hobble an entire political party and to keep any of these people from ever participating in American politics again. This is a full-blown political purge. That’s not a talking point. It is not in any sense a conspiracy theory. It’s completely real.’ — Tucker Carlson


    A coup d’etat is underway. The D-party seeks permanent rule, by arresting and jailing any meaningful opposition. (RINOs are sort of okay for now, till they too become inconvenient to have around.)

    “Biden’s” inflammatory rhetoric has demonized the MAGA movement, much as brownshirts heaped blame on Jews in another time. Now it’s Kristallnacht for election denialists — of which I am one.

    ‘Then they came for the MAGA Republicans, and I did not speak out — because I was not a MAGA Republican.

    ‘Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.’

    —Martin Niemöller

    • A coup d’etat is underway. The D-party seeks permanent rule, by arresting and jailing any meaningful opposition.

      setting up a duplicate of the chinese ccp party, a one party only system no opposition, a communist government………

      China has infiltrated all levels of governments, taken control, (check out the leftist/communist takeover), your politicians bought off, paid to push the EV agenda.

      Anybody pushing EV’s is a paid ccp shill.

      Who benefits the most from the EV vehicle conversion? china does.

      All the most important components in the new EV’s are all made in china.
      80% of the lithium fire bomb batteries in EV’s are made in china.
      Then you are dependent on china for replacement parts, etc., in effect they take over the whole vehicle supply chain. Vehicle production then centralized in China.

      the chinese are taking over the electric car market, they are starting to export their EV’s worldwide, their EV’s are supposed to be advanced and cheap, they will kill off the other manufacturers……

      the chinese make most of the chips, maybe the shortage was to help their EV launch….lots of their cars coming here soon

      at this rate everyone will be driving a chinese car soon, a lot of electronics in your car are made there already…….

      no wonder tesla moved a lot of production to china…

      china…..it is where most rare earths are processed; and most of the mineral supply-chains for electric vehicles lead there, with existing supply sewn up.

      With more EV’s the grid has to be upgraded, most of the equipment for expanding the grid is made in china.
      The largest beneficiaries are the Chinese manufacturers of electric transformers, cables, generators, etc. since almost none of that stuff is made anywhere else anymore.

      If there is a war and china detonates a neutron bomb that takes out the grid, they get to supply all the replacement equipment, another win for them.

      What about all the vaccines and drugs the government has been pushing, all the ingredients come from china, they benefited the most from the bat germ bs narrative.

      china was chosen to lead the wef great reset, they probably cooperate to help their own agenda


      • it makes sense for the ccp to set up their government before invasion…..the whole G7 has been setting up ccp type governments……

        and……In the video there is a discussion about an invasion of N. America in the near future, so weakening your enemy with deadly injections ahead of time would make sense.


  19. Eric,
    I’m with you 100%. I despise this man, because we did in fact trust him to drain the swamp. What he did was embrace the swamp as long as those swamp creatures around him faked loyalty towards the Orangeman. The Orangeman values loyalty over competency. People who disagree with the boss are considered un-loyal in the narcissist’s mind. I understand today, close associates to the Orangeman are raising the issue of vaccines and encouraging him to renounce these vaccines and blame the Elf. He hasn’t much time but if he did this, I think he has a chance to re-earn voters like me back towards him. The Orangeman will hang up on anyone who even raises the question. Add to the list of his failures…he never saw a spending bill he didn’t like and signed into law.
    All that said…there is a condition I would vote for him again and it all depends on how bad the other side behaves.

  20. Deranged is voting for this turd. Scratch that, deranged is voting, period. This months/years long charade of picking which low IQ satanic puke gets to wield the police powers of the government over us, the nice people who just try to raise our families, enjoy the sunshine, and make the world a little better than we found it, though we are frustrated at every turn. Fuck that. Voting day is just another November day for me, and I am not a participant in the tacit endorsement of some dimwit who thinks they have the divine right to lord over me. Just sucks that I need to drive through endless miles of little rectangular signs everywhere – eyesores and yard spam – to vote for Asshole A or Fuckstick B for the next several months. Ruins the scenery and shows how pathetic people are – to advertise for some scum politician in your front yard?

    What the hell is wrong with people? I mean, just look at the pathetic Brits crying in their beer over a dead queen FFS – what is this, 1292? Can’t get past this need to have some overlord, orange-hued or otherwise. Human defect, this.

    • Well-said, BAC!!

      ….and although it’s true of voting in general (I refuse to waste my time; I will not participate in their charade.) just think of the absurdity of voting for the very one who is responsible for the existence of the clot-shot, and as such is responsible for all which that enabled, such as the mandates.

      I would be horrified if I had voted, only to realize that THAT was the ultimate result- but as if that isn’t bad enough, to go back and to not only participate in the same system of tyranny and lies, but to vote AGAIN for the very same prick who foisted what is probably thus far the most egregious act against humanity upon us, …..at what point does one wake up and say “Why am I doing this, as it is merely signatory?”.

      They say they are voting for the lesser evil. How is that working out? There is no lesser evil when it comes to these devils- only those who can convince you that they are less evil.

      I truly am baffled and don’t “get it”- how anyone at this point can think that voting accomplishes anything, especially when their voting in the past, even when their guy won, has done nothing except help to empower some of the greatest evil we’ve ever witnessed. And then they say “It would have been worse if the other one had won”……

    • BAC,
      To rephrase an anti-Vietnam war slogan, “what if they had a war and nobody came?”
      What if there was an election, and nobody came?
      From where would they gain any authority or “mandate”?
      All one does by voting is provide that authority and whatever “mandate”. Hard to win an election with zero votes.

      • But they do come John.

        Many may call me a fool, but I will vote. The saying goes: “There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and cartridge.” There is an order for change, but one must try the most diplomatic method first.

        Does the soapbox work? Usually not, but it gives a synopsis on what is wanted.
        Does the voting box work? Rarely, but it gives an idea on how many are discontented.
        Does the jury box work? Sometimes, at least for Rittenhouse and OJ.
        Does the ammo box work? Yes, but the loss is always nonrecoverable and should be used when all other boxes have been utilized.

        • RG,
          THEY may come, but I won’t be a party to it. NOTHING has been changed by voting in my 50 years of adult life, except the speed of the handcart to hell we ride on. The Republicans occasionally slow it down, the Democrats speed it up, but the cart continues rolling toward the abyss. In fact, I think I can see it now. It’s the end of the dollar’s reserve status, and it ain’t gonna be fun. In fact, the US Psychopaths In Charge, being psychopaths, may just have a fit and blow up the world over it.

          • Hi John,

            Except the problem remains. Sure, we can sit on our hands, but what does it accomplish? We are back to the original point of nobody wanting to take charge of the problem. Okay, so we don’t vote. Now what? What do we change? How do we change it?

            Societies have always failed, but that doesn’t mean the people die off with them. If the US dollar is no longer the reserve currency our economy is insolvent, but new settlements and economies will be created. If fiat currency crashes, we all don’t jump off the bridge. What do we do? How do we prepare?

            • Hi RG,
              If I may put my two-cents in (Though I know John will easily make my reply look like a pile of inner tubes!):

              The first thing we can do, is to stop thinking collectively. The history of the world has proven that most people tolerate and or advocate various forms of tyranny and collectivism, as we little fleas who are here but for a moment, and who seem to be a different breed than the majority, are never going to change the majority.

              The most we can do is live freely ourselves; seek physical separation (as the Founders did); fly under the radar; be hermits; form voluntary loose communities in remote areas, etc. If others who have any inclination at all towards liberty see our success, they may just follow- But to think that ANYTHING we do while in the collective is somehow going to alter the existing power structure or the propensities of others- much less merely voting for which member of the club gets to run the tyranny- we are totally wasting our time.

              Even if we had no qualms about using the political process to force adherence to our desires, it would still be pointless to even try, as we are the smallest of all groups- outnumbered easily by even Skinheads and pure unabashed communists- so our chances of achieving what we want are exactly at the bottom of the list.

              Our time is better spent trying to secure our own freedom, and distancing ourselves from the collective- especially seeing that the degree of surveillance and control is on the verge of expanding exponentially.

              Who would we vote for? The one who would give us war, more interaction with the fuzz, more welfare, more corporate cronyism, more banksters, more Monopoly money, more surveillance, more government, etc. etc.? Oh…wait….every candidate will give us all of those things if elected…just some will ‘forget’ to tell us that that is what they’ll do…or will lie and say they’ll do the opposite, but once in, will in fact do all of those things. We’ve seen this play out as long as we’ve been alive, and way before that if we are familiar with history- and we’d be fools to believe that it will be any different this time or the time after that.

              • Hi Nunz,

                I am not advocating collectivism or an authoritarian government. The problem is one has to change people’s perception that individual choice and personal responsibility are acceptable forms of self-government. Take a look at the average person…they hate making decisions. They want someone else to make the choice for them. Maybe that is years of public-school indoctrination, or enforcement of “follow the rules”, that one learns from birth. Let’s be honest, Mom and Dad are the first tyrannical overlords of “do as I say, not as I do” jargon.

                How do we change the average mind? Libertarians and Constitutionalist make up 1.5% of all people. Has either party made any headway over the last 50 years? The whole movement is losing members. Why? Critical thought and natural law are being suppressed by the very people who should be teaching it…us. How? By flying under the radar and being hermits. We can retreat and believe the rest of the world is going to learn magically. Libertarians and Constitutionalists are formidable opponents against those in the two-party system, but we must change minds. Hiding is not how we do it.

                • Well-said, RG!

                  I’d only add what I have added previously when this subject comes up. Which is that (per Lenin) while you may not be interested in government, government is interested in you. It is nobly naive to await the ideal and scorn the better until the ideal arrives. How will it ever arrive if the better is scorned and thus, the worse enabled?

                  • Hi Eric,

                    Government is formed by people who do not wish to make their own decisions or take personal responsibility on what happens to them. They want someone else at fault who they can blame for their own laziness and stupidity. Governments are created by horrific people whose focus is control. The individuals allow this to happen. Government always self-destructs. The USSA will be no different. The problem is by doing nothing (lack of advocacy, not following our principles, etc.) we (generalization) allow government to get out of control and to take power away from the individual. We cannot sit on the wayside and hope something changes because it will not.

                    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the people discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy–to be followed by a dictatorship.”
                    ― Alexander Fraser Tytler Woodhouselee

                    • RG,
                      “The individuals allow this to happen”. By voting for which psychopath they prefer to tyrannize them.
                      Every single government, ever, is founded upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you don’t obey. There are not exceptions. “Voting” on which psychopath will retain that authority does not reduce that authority. Sane people do not seek that authority. Psychopaths do.

                  • Eric,
                    My thoughts were once nearly identical to yours. I don’t await the ideal. I just refuse to participate in the currently ongoing crime. I don’t expect the ideal. But one certainly doesn’t get closer to it by picking your preferred greater or lesser tyrant. It just puts off the inevitable while liberty disappears.
                    If no one voted, neither the greater nor the lesser evil would win.

                • RE: “Libertarians and Constitutionalist make up 1.5% of all people.[…] The whole movement is losing members.”

                  No idea how you draw this conclusion. Also, where do you get your 1.5% figure from?
                  Seems to me ‘the whole movement’ is growing by leaps and bounds. Or, am I misunderstanding what you’ve written?

                  … “Here are ordinary folks in the Midwest advancing principled and cogent arguments based on liberty! Did we see them protesting the myriad desecrations of our rights prior to COVIDiocy? Nope. But over the last eighteen months, the Marxists have offered a crash course in freedom’s priceless value!

                  Like the TSA, COVIDCon has recruited more Americans to freedom than any phenomenon since the Ron Paul Revolution.” …


                • RG,
                  “I am not advocating collectivism or an authoritarian government.”
                  Sure you are. You are prepared to vote for it. By picking which tyrant you prefer to inflict that authoritarian government. The only way to change the average mind is to stand aside and let the Psychopaths In Charge fail, so the average mind clearly sees it can’t, and shouldn’t work. The more that play their game, the longer they will last.

              • Nunz,
                Far from a pile of innertubes. It’s nearly exactly what I propose. I have no doubt that the insanity of picking which insane tyrant we prefer will continue. Even if the current tyranny collapses. But I will not be a party to it. It’s sort of like the mask thing. It’s a moral/ethical decision. I would no more vote for my preferred tyrant than I would kill and eat my neighbor’s children. “But to think that ANYTHING we do while in the collective is somehow going to alter the existing power structure” is a nearly perfect description of my disgust with voting. It simply doesn’t matter. I think it was Einstein who said, (paraphrased) “A mindset that creates a problem is incapable of solving it”. I refuse to play the game.

            • RG,
              The problem does NOT remain, if psychopaths don’t get ANY public support. We revert to local government instead of national government, where the only two votes that matter, and can’t be defrauded, your wallet and your feet, come into full play. It’s like the central bank thing. In my younger years, banks COMPETED for savers. Since we no longer have a minimum fractional reserve, they can loan money they don’t have. And how long has it been since a passbook savings account paid more than inflation? I am not “sitting on my hands” by not voting. My lack of voting IS a vote. You contradict yourself. “Now what? What do we change? How do we change it?” Followed by “Societies have always failed, but that doesn’t mean the people die off with them. If the US dollar is no longer the reserve currency our economy is insolvent, but new settlements and economies will be created” The same apples to governments. If what we have fails, we will find a way. It’s human nature.

            • RG, in response to your questions, Now what? What do we change? Those type of questions.

              I understand your perspective, I once shared it, and can easily fall into that type of thinking if not careful.

              Those type of questions assume a collective “we” exists, and also assumes an “ought” that is better than what actually is. Your statement, “…of nobody wanting to take charge of the problem” is extremely troubling. The same attitude spread across large populations is what granted some pretty evil people the power to take charge.

              Rephrase your question. What do I change? How do I take charge? I can only take charge of myself. The desire to change the external world is the desire to impose your vision on others, usually through force. Voting comes to mind.

              This is why fundamental principle, not exigency, must be the basis of any political action, and never violated no matter what the circumstances.

              I can change myself. I can influence others through example. When moral behavior is observed by others it strengthens their resolve to be better. But these are all value judgements which individuals define for themselves. You want a better world? Define better. Kill all the lawyers? End taxes? Stop foreign wars? Kill all the old people? Vote…Republican?

              There is always a choice. Even Germans in Nazi Germany had choices. I forget the book that studied this phenomenon, but everyone assumes that in Nazi Germany, any opposition to orders resulted in prison or a death sentence. Not true. Most Germans went along with the Nazi’s because they wanted to. There are some things I will never do, even unto death. There is always a choice.

              There is nothing wrong with America. America does not exist, it is a figment. People who cannot accept the gap between “ought” and “is” are never satisfied.

    • At least it was ADMITTED that the old dowager, and now her doddering son, have no REAL authority…like we here “across the pond”, the Brits have been sold on the silly notion that who occupies No. 10 Downing Street, or which coalition has control of the House of Commons (the House of Lords, likewise, being nothing but a dog-and-pony show) actually matters.


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