9/11 Questions…

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There are many entirely legitimate questions about what happened on 9/11 left unanswered:

* Why is there no video of the plane that hit the Pentagon? That area (I lived there, so I know) is probably one of the most heavily surveilled areas in the entire world. There are security cameras everywhere. Tourists, too. Yet no film of the plane coming in to hit the Pentagon… and we know that at least one such video – taken by a camera at a nearby gas station – was confiscated by the FBI very shortly after the event. And subsequently disappeared. Why?




* How does a large commercial jet striking (supposedly) the Pentagon not leave a similar-sized entrance hole (as was the case with the planes that the WTC towers)? Watch the early video of the scene outside the Pentagon, just after impact. Most of the floors (and the roof) are still intact. There is one roughly circular hole appx. 10 feet in diameter, but the area above it (including windows) is still intact. What happened to the tail of the airplane? Where did the wings go? How come there is no gash roughly equal in breadth to the wingspan? Where are the huge jet engines (One video shows what appears to be the fan of a much smaller jet engine lying on the ground outside the Pentagon; it was not a component of either a Rolls Royce or GE/Pratt & Whitney full-size commercial jet engine…

* To strike the Pentagon as he (supposedly) did, the pilot (whom we are told was a barely competent raghead with some Cessna and simulator training) would have had to fly a large commercial jet traveling 400-plus mph at close to treetop level, or execute a series of steeply banked, descending turns, to hit his target. Credible? Believable? And again: Why is there is no (not one) video of this plane coming in? Surely, the sight and sounds of a commercial jet coming in over suburban DC/Northern Virginia – engines screaming –  at low level or making hard, banking turns – would have caused thousands of people to look up and watch… and some, at least, to video. Military jets on training runs often overfly my house. I can hear them coming well ahead of their actual appearance – and when a jet aircraft comes in low, you know it.

Yet there is no visual evidence of any commercial jet flying low/incoming toward the Pentagon….

* Why is there a “Doomsday” 747 (airborne command center) jet circiling the area well before the attack? This aircraft was video’d. If it was there 30 minutes or more before the attack on the Pentagon, then the government had to know the hijacked plane was en-route and was tracking it. Why, then, was the Pentagon not evacuated? Why were no fighter interceptors on scene. The first WTC tower was struck at 8:46AM, the Pentagon at 9:40AM, nearly an hour later, with no effective response from our vaunted military. Yet Andrews AFB is minutes away from the Pentagon/DC (flying time). Does it seem reasonable to you that not a single fighter was sent to intercept the plane that eventually (supposedly) hit the Pentagon?


There’s also a lot of weirdness surrounding what happened in NY and PA, too.

For those who dismiss this as “conspiracy,” well, the incontrovertible truth is the government is known to have not just contemplated such scenarios in the past – it is known to have undertaken them. From Operation Northwoods (a plan to incite war with Cuba in the early 1960s by staging “false flag” attacks on Americans and American targets, such as warships) to the sanctioned killing of foreign leaders whom Washington disliked, such as Allende in Chile, Diem in Vietnam and the many CIA attempts to kill Castro. These are all documented facts of our history. 

Our government is evil. So it is certainly capable of evil acts.

To believe otherwise is to reveal to all the world that you’re either a fool or naive.


  1. There are a lot of unanswered questions about TWA800, as you rightly note. In fact, there have been countless such mysterious events over several decades where the official government explanation simply made no sense. The government has worked hard to cover up the truth in all these circumstances. But the government’s problem is that there have been so many examples of this sort of thing in recent decades that it is impossible to believe that the government will be able to keep the truth covered up in all of them. It’s like drunken driving. If you just do it once, it’s likely that you will get away with it. But if you keep doing it, eventually your luck will run out. The same will happen to the government. It has tried to cover up the truth in countless cases, but it will not succeed in every single one of them. Sooner or later despite the government’s best efforts the truth will come out in at least a few of these cases, and the result will be devastating.

    • Chris, you are so correct, yet I lack your optimism about the truth coming out, or people actually caring even if it did.

      Some folks with beliefs like ours are labeled as “conspiracy theorists”, a tag to minimize our viewpoints and generally marginize us. It works. There are so many stories over the past two decades that scream “check me out”, yet nobody says or does anything. The nobody, of course, is the media.

      Without the internet as a tool for people to exchange the pieces of the puzzle, most of these mysteries will stay mysteries. At least the internet allows the possibility, however remote, that the truth will come out.

      TWA800, Waco, 9/11 and don’t forget Oklahoma City. The truth on that one, I have heard from the inside, and if the mainstream media reported how that occurred, the public would turn on the government, or certain agencies within it, for certain. When I was told about OKC in May, it answered all the nagging questions and it was one of those “eureka” moments. How that occurred is downright scary in that it has been kept quiet thus far.

      I’m not referring to an Alex Jones documentary either, although some of the info in his “A Noble Lie” are correct. The truth makes far more sense than the story .fedgov put out.

  2. I am surprised that there are not more people questioning the official version regarding the September 11, 2001 attacks. We have had close to 10 years of solid scientific evidence contradicting the official version, yet many people cling insanely to the official version. I am not sure what happened on September 11, 2001. I do know that the official version makes almost no sense. We need a new investigation.

    • I know this is an older post, but it will gladly answer Chris’ question: because Americans are lazy, self-absorbed, programmed nitwits, unable to consider or contemplate facts on their own. Please note I said “most”.

      I have a unique perspective having lived on Long Island most of my life, sans my five years “serving” my country. Five? Odd number right? We’ll, I had the temerity to marry while serving overseas and was “asked” to extend my enlistment for an additional year “at the convenience of the government” is what my paperwork states. The truth is that since a DoD accompanied tour is 3 years and I didn’t have 3 years of obligation left, my wife would not be permitted to live on base housing, shop at base facilities, nor fly back to the US with me. I would have to pay myself and fly her commercially. Oddly, had I bought a new car, THAT would be shipped back to the US at taxpayer expense. Pardon the digression.

      I strongly believe, having lived just miles from it, that TWA800’s mid-air explosion was a “dry-run”, to see if the American populace would believe something that many witnesses, and logic screamed was wrong. A spark in an empty center fuel tank caused it to explode? Not in a new prototype plane, but one that has tons of brother and sister planes that don’t blow up under the same conditions, nor have they since. Never mind the numerous witnesses who saw something completely different than the government narrative. The FBI takes over the investigation, rather than the NTSB, and the plane is carted off and reassembled in a guarded facility in Calverton under FBI control.

      I live in Manhattan now, and while I love the things this great city has to offer, I cannot help but notice the stark contrast from my pre-military days, when I went in everyday and the cops were armed with revolvers.

      Now, it’s not uncommon to see gaggles of cops everywhere you look. I have seen them publicly armed with M-4’s and HK MP-5’s. Nevermind the armored vehicles and all the military surplus items bought and given away in defense of the “Homeland”. We are being CONDITIONED to accept a military force on our streets because we cannot, by law, have the military patrol the streets…..so we just dress the up in blue costumes and have them do it. Don’t worry, though. Soon enough, they’ll concoct some reason or event that has the American people “begging” to put the military on our streets. I don’t know, maybe like a massive influx of people south of our border. When we put thousands of GIs on the beach in Normandy, it was called an invasion, when tens of thousands flood our nation, it is called migration. As Eric so aptly puts it: Throw it in the woods? (Hope you don’t mind me copying it this once)


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