Another Cyclist Gets Hut! Hut! Hutted!

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Here’s video of another guy on a bicycle getting Hut! Hut! Hutted! by an armed government worker – this one “under cover.” Who would’ve guessed? Doesn’t everyone walk around with a pistol strapped to their thigh,  a Batman belt around their waist with multiple ammo pouches, an Agonizer (Taser) and a shirt that says SHERIFF in bold yellow letters?

Apparently, the guy on the bicycle didn’t obey a stop sign – a crime requiring the Full Treatment.

The guy on the bike is clearly terrified (note how his hands shake as he films the encounter) as most people would be if forced it deal with a heavily armed goon who is probably psychotic and has a license to harm you. The man is cuffed – and soon another AGW shows up.

Aren’t you proud to be an American? Where at least you know you’re freeeeeeeeeee?

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  1. Well, I dunno … I generally get along with the cops okay, even though I think they are mostly worthless and do more to protect criminals than decent citizens. If there’s no body or they can’t issue a ticket then they generally just want to clear the scene and go on to something else.

    Last weekend I talked to a couple deputies while I was open carrying a .357 Blackhawk and there were no issues about that. My holster was snapped down and I kept my arms folded or otherwise away from my waist, except when trying to describe the incident in question.

    I hardly ever carry ID unless I’m going to town. I’ve lived in the county over 20 years and at the current location 16 years. It’s not like I have any reason to hide my identity or place of residence. You don’t have to like them, but a little politeness can go a long way towards defusing a situation and making your day a little less miserable.

    • dread, you’re quite the good little soldier. If one stops me on my bike he’s not getting anything. This is a huge problem now. Arresting people for non-arrestable “crimes” of which this doesn’t fall under the term “crime”. It’s a statute(if it’s true). He wouldn’t get my phone like that either. I’ve been considering getting a dash cam. It’s about time for no other reason than to CMA.

    • Dread, depends where you live. A very few areas, such as where I live, the pigs are somewhat more tolerable than the beasts one would encounter in the big cities, or in say CA, NY, AZ and most other states. They’re still worthless piles of shit who ruin people’s lives for having caused no harm to others…they’re just a little more reasonable/approachable than in other places- which is often the case in places where it is common for wee-the-people to be well armed.

      Few miles from here, they pulled up to someone’s house; the homeowner came out with gun drawn. They didn’t murder him, or even hut-hut-hut him; no tazing; no shots; no charges….kinda like the way it used to be when this was still America. Most other placers these days? That homeowner would be dead or rotting in jail if he lived.

      The few remaining areas like this are rare and will soon vanish entirely. And the sad thing is, since the cops aren’t as abusive, the people support the fuckers, and don’t understand why so many others hate their guts and have to wary.

      The blatant corruption of said pigs doesn’t seem to bother anyone either… They’re caught selling drugs; stealing evidence (where they get the drugs to sell); beating handcuffed suspects (Locals justify that, ’cause “it was a drug dealer”- just like the cops!); beat their wives and girlfriends……but they aren’t as blatantly violent to the public as some places…so they get a free pass….as pigs always do. Coupla’a counties over, a town’s PD got raided by the FBI for planting drugs on people….you never hear anything more about it- it got swept under the rug quickly, of course.

      Sometimes it’s better when they’re openly and obviously bastards- least that way, most people know who and what they’re dealing with.

      • I agree that they are totally worthless – actually WORSE than worthless because they actually deter the decent folk from just taking care of the situation on our own. All they do is go “talk” to the offender and now I have to continue to live under the same threat because I have no idea when this drug addicted butthead is going to “go off” again, or in what manner. So for the foreseeable future I’m now carrying a backup, keeping my holster unsnapped, and practicing a lot more.

        But since I am a decent folk, I really have no reason to hide my identity and especially not to provoke them by acting all coy and suspicious. I really HAD to call the sheriff office because unfortunately this is no longer the “wild west” when you can just shoot somebody for threatening you and be straight-away cleared as “self defense.”

        • dread, don’t you live in the sticks? Or do you have too many close neighbors? If necessary, I’ll use the 3S’s and that, as they say, will be that.

        • Why would I shoot somebody for threatening me? They can say whatever they want…it’s only when they start to take action that i’ll put a stop to it- but if we are all well-armed, and not restrained by the threat of being persecuted for defending ourselves (Including displaying/brandishing our protection to discourage miscreants) even threats would be rare.

          I compare living here in the sticks where everyone is well-armed and practices the 3S’s…to living in NY where only criminals and cops (I’m being redundant) are armed…. Where do you suppose crime is worse, and where do innocent people live with bars on their windows; and where do the pigs spend 95% of their time messing with honest people who are just going about their business?

          Hint: Not here in the sticks.

          I like my .357 too- I have a nice li’l one that’s easy to carry- people who don’t know guns think it’s a .22.

          50% more power than a 9mm- it’ll come damn close to penetrating 3A body armor. Only drawback is the noise level…but that can be a good thing, as it keeps ya from using it unless it’s a life & death sitchy-ation.

          • WHY ?????

            You try watching your back 24/7 and see how it feels. His property is a rifle shot across the creek from mine – how would YOU like that?

            He acted like he was going to jump out of his pickup and attack me, is that enough for you? Reckon the only reason he didn’t follow through was that I was obviously armed. I dunno if he has a secret suicide wish or if he’s coming at me/us from ambush next.

            • People wouldn’t act like that if their intended victims weren’t being restrained by a system which more often punishes the innocent/responsible than the miscreant.

              They can terrorize you…but you so much as brandish a weapon, and they just make an accusation, or heaven-forbid, catch you on video…and the unjust judges make you the bad guy.

              I meet threats with threats of greater force, plus a little blustering and craziness…..

            • That’s when you are ready for the 3 S’s. Obviously he doesn’t give a shit if he kills you. You eventually(sooner than later)have to make the decision if it’s him or you.

              I don’t deal with people like that. My neighbors are all good people I work with and don’t threaten nor them me. The only reason I’m alive is because I outdrew a speedfreak about to do me in. He left, and I later heard he’d met his maker. It was only a matter of when and where and who he jacked with. Well, good for him. I hope his entire body covered in tats made him feel better as he died. I only heard about it second hand. If anyone deserved it he did. And that’s where the 3S’s come in. He was at my house when he made the threat and was about to draw. He wasn’t my friend and I didn’t know him and barely knew his first name. According to my best friend, somebody else took care of it. Good riddance.


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