Understandable Derangement

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Today – Monday – may be the day the Orange Man is dragged feet first out of the White House. Even if not, the day is coming when his die-hard supporters will have to deal with the hangover of the delusion that by some deux ex machina – or “kraken” – the Orange Man’s fortunes are going to be reversed at the very last minute, just wait and see. Generals with no commands are saying so!

Cling tight to the fantasy because the actuality is just too much to bear.

Here is the bitter pill that must be swallowed:

Facts are irrelevant now. It does not matter that the election probably was stolen any more than it matters that a “mask” isn’t stopping the spread of anything (except sanity). A medieval mentality is rising from the shattered remains of the Enlightenment. A new Dark Age is descending, defined by irrationality rabidized, as it was 500 years ago. If you listen, you can already hear the cry . . .

Burn the witch!

Just sub in “Trumper” – or conservative or for that matter anyone who questions anything the new priest class says the faith requires. People worry about the Second Amendment when the First is already on the rack, its tendons snapping, bones dislocating. How will the Second fare when its turn comes?

Yet many people on the Trump (or other-than-Biden) side still do not fully appreciate what they face. They retain their own anachronistic faith that facts matter; that if only the people knew the truth about the election! About Biden! About this virus that doesn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the healthy population!

The truth does not matter.

It is no defense, either.

It won’t persuade people who believe in witches. Who are riddled with fear of things they can’t see but who see you aren’t fearful, which unnerves and shames them – and instills in them an urge to see you burn. This is the etiology of the Holy Warriors of Sickness Psychosis, who are the same people who don’t want to hear anything about the election their high priest won, no matter how he won it.

Similarly, the tragic faith in a last-minute Hail Mary by the retired generals and Tweeting lawyers that the “kraken” is coming, don’t you worry. Even as the day is days away – if not sooner – that Orange Man will either leave the premises on his own two feet or be dragged out of the premises by his feet. It doesn’t materially matter. They still believe. Even though what will happen is that he’ll be leaving and that something else is coming, like it or not.

I get it.

I also wanted desperately to believe that, somehow, facts about the election would cause a reconsideration of the election’s result. Just as I want the facts about the WuFlu to heal Sickness Psychosis. it is hard to let go of faith in facts, in their power to dissipate fear.

I wanted to believe, not because I am a Trumper but because I dread the thing slouching in his wake. Whatever his many flaws, I don’t regard the Orange Man as evil – just flawed. Like a brother-in-law who drinks too much and talks too loudly when he drinks.

But not a bad guy.

The thing slouching in his wake is bad. Very bad. It has already given an inkling of  what it will do once the formalities have been attended to. Speech will be suppressed. Dissent will be pathologized, as in the old Soviet Union – when criticism of Communism was taken as evidence of mental illness. Wait and see. It is coming.

It is almost here.

What isn’t coming is a last-minute reprieve. The Special Forces didn’t snatch Nancy Pelosi’s computer and Epstein isn’t testifying about anything. Chief Justice Roberts’ secrets – whatever they may be – are safe. Mike Pence will probably get a six-figure gig as a board member of some corporate conglomerate and the Orange Man will continue to Tweet – or Twat or whatever they’ll call his new social media echo chamber, where the faithful will continue to believe in their lost cause and the endless imminence of the “kraken” that will never come.

It is time to stop confusing wishes with what is. And to come to grips with the new normal, a joint run by hysterias and injunctions, led by a new clergy that understands what matters now and it isn’t facts.

The Orange Man blew his chance – and ours – when he didn’t act to prevent the Dark Age from descending and enveloping. He could have. The “kraken” that might have saved us all should have come eight months ago, when it was known to anyone still thinking that everyone wasn’t going to die or even get mildly sick and that it was fatally sick to let the impression be created that it was something more than that.

Instead, the Orange Man let the priesthood take over and so Darkness descended. Rome has fallen – again.

And it may take another 1,000 years to snap out of it.

. . . .

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  1. Watch Nickelodeon or Disney to understand why most Amerikans are mentally retarded/mentally ill deranged degenerates…Freaky unsociable and lack self-consciousness.

  2. Yup…The Political Terrorists are going to have their 1000-year Reich. Prepare yourself accordingly…Move someplace warm where you can fish.

    Look up Michael Malice on YouTube…A fellow Anarchist who refers to the political terrorist master class as “The Cathedral”. A new Dark Age with magic virus and magic climate change is upon us. I suspect millions are going to be starved.

    • Hi Chomp,

      Yup; amen… it is coming. The frightening thing is that many do not see it because they cannot believe it. This is the same thing that paralyzes a deer caught in the headlights.

      • The political terrorists own the schools, mass media, and voting machines…The final piece they need to own is HC energy production. They have unlimited funds thru their money counterfeit system they call their “Central Bank”.

        What could possibly go wrong?

        • Indeed, Chomp –

          And that is precisely why the push for electric cars. Which is the means by which mobility will be restricted, just as Weaponized Hypochondria is the means by which the populace is being restricted.

          If enough of us come to understand what they have in mind – and are willing to fight it – there is perhaps some hope. If not, there’s none.

  3. Maybe a bit off topic, but I’ve been thinking about possible nicknames for Biden. Orange Man is taken, and it wouldn’t fit anyway. “Clueless Joe” came to mind, as a take-off on the ballplayer Shoeless Joe Jackson. Another thought was to include the lovely and talented Kamala and refer to them as “Joe and the Ho”. “The Great Pretender” would fit, given that his “election” was accomplished through massive fraud, but the lyrics of the great song with that title go in a different direction.

    I have finally hit upon my favorite choice: “The Scarecrow”. This suggests two primary traits of his: like the scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz”, he has no brain. Not a functioning one, at least. And he is a strawman — i.e., made of straw just like the Oz character — for the real powers in government.

    It would be great to hear additional suggestions…we can all use a bit of levity to alleviate the pressure of these depressing times.

    • His establishment handlers refer to Biden as “Corpse”.
      You might want to start thinking of a nickname for the Kunt-Maul-Ya psychopath.

    • I cannot help with China Joe (who-ho-ho, talkin’ bout China Joe…) but as to the next empty suit in line Sarah Hoyt pretty much nails that one with Commie LaWhorish.

  4. My goodness, somebody forgot to keep our dear Eric Peters in the info loop! He is discouraged, and that is something many of us badly need in order to face what has been ruling Earth for so long and why The Cabal (or whatever you call them) MUST be destroyed. All of you do need to learn how monstrous a Biden/Chicom/Vatican, etc etc Presidency would be. Most of you would DIE and those would be the lucky ones. Survivors would be zombified–turned into robots without emotions, or real free will.

    But I saw a video 27 hours ago (day old then?) showing airplanes over America and Atlantic–big gap over most of the East Coast. Something very BIG is happening. Vatican blacked out. Absolute twitter/lamestream censorship that SHOULD have clued you in that those filth are BEYOND DESPERATE!! You think they did not recover US property-Nancy Pelosi’s assigned laptop? Then why was she shrieking so hysterically that Trump should be impeached days before he’s supposed to leave the Presidency? Why wasn’t she present in the House yesterday, Monday the 11th? She’s not desperate to sneak out of the country before arrest?

    Duck Duck Go is still working. Parler is down and I have not been able to get onto Gab. MeWe was working fine last night. It is a challenge to find Truth at this time of thunderous change. Keep at it.

    It should be obvious that the situation is so dire that only G-d can save us. He is not some moon “out there” in the sky some place. Per Jesus, “the kingdom of Heaven is within.” Go into your heart, and ask your highest SELF (we are each a spark of G-d) for wisdom. You should find it much easier to learn the truth then.

    • Hi Lady,

      Yes, I am very discouraged. Especially by what seems to me to be the serial failure of the Orange Man to do anything to prevent his presidency from becoming the latest casualty of Sickness Psychosis – and taking the whole country down with him.

      • Eric, I’ve been discouraged since I was old enough to realize what’s been going on in this world- over 40 years now. That’s not a bad condition, as it prompts sober thinking about what one needs to do on a personal level to maintain a life of freedom (Errrr….seems to be getting to the point where it may be more am atter of prompting us to maintain life…. 🙁 )

  5. I live in the city where the george flyod riots happened. Im planning on selling my house this summer and moving south. Looking at a small plot n mobile home we can buy with our profit to live debt free and away from the nannies. Trump did a lot but not enough in 2020 to stop the election. He was a true independent hated by both parties. Unfortunately for us he helped trample on the constitution and lost all his economic gains.

    • That’s what I did nearly 20 years ago, Moo. Got a then 5 year-old singlewide for $12K, a slightly older one for my mother for $7K (and it’s nice!)…a little plot (27.5 acres) and have been living the good life debt-free and hardly working to pay the bills…and actually enjoying life and the beauty around me. Do it! The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t do it much sooner.

      As fer the Trump fiasco- it’s truly a standard text-book case of why we as Libertarians should not support statist politics. More evil; less evil; it doesn’t matter- Try naming one admin in the history of this country at whose end the size and scope of government wasn’t increased; that didn’t usher in a plethora of new laws; and that didn’t further trample our liberties. Gov’t is a self-perpetuating, self-reproducing monster- if we don’t fight against it, we are enabling it’s growth- which I guess is why they have a slightly-less-evil party, so that those who don’t support the more evils can still support the expansion of government and destruction of liberties, which most will gladly tolerate as long as it is done “their way” or at least while using words which condemn the other side and signal virtue, even if those whom they support do the exact same things as the other side.

    • Raider Girl,

      Even with the “case” and death data we are being fed here in Az, if I were to fit to it an intuitive Gaussian curve, things will be back to baseline by mid-February.
      But I think you’re right in that it’s time to reengineer the psychology of the plebes, now that they will remember the time of the Orange Man to be tumultuous and painful, so that they see the entrance of Commander Scratch ‘n’ Sniff as delightful and euphoric: a little like the propofol hitting your veins before they cut you open.

  6. Not a single FBI, politician or CIA actor jailed for lying under oath. You can’t suspend a country of laws all summer, support the burners with rhetoric and bail money and not expect pushback.
    As Ayn Rand said, brothers you asked for it.

  7. On the good side – I’m hoping the R party will dissolve after this & something better will take its place.

    I don’t have a lot of hope, but a little.

    In the mean time, I’m enjoying the circus. All I can do is not participate in the foolishness to come as much as possible

  8. Nothing to add to your comments here Eric. This is exactly where we are. We will fail to plan on that basis at our own peril.

  9. Between now and Jan. 20th I am a pure agnostic on Trump: If he pulls something out of his hat, awesome. If not, I wash my hands of him. I have no predictions. I wait and see.

    If Biden or Harris takes office on Jan. 20th, I am dropping out altogether. No more politics or internet for me. My line in the sand:

    If my family and I can live in our house and walk in nature unmolested, then I won’t get violent. Otherwise, I will die with my smoking gun in my hands.

    The politicians can burn in hell. So can all the police and military who go along with them. So can all the businessmen who go along with them. So can anyone who goes along with them.

    • Hi Geoff,

      This is sound counsel. I agree with it. I plan to try my best to just keep on minding my own business and leaving others alone. But if that’s not enough, then so be it.

    • Oh, Geoff- it will never be that easy. This was a full fledged coup with communists/fascists seizing power. In an occupied land with surveillance cameras on every vertical surface, weaponized drones roaming the skies, satellite surveillance of every square inch of the planet, internet and phone surveillance, and legions of brainwashed zombie snitches, its going to be really unlikely to keep living.

      Our guns give us a chance to die with honor, but make no mistake we’re fighting misguided brainwashed fools who believe the law is good and honorable and the stars and stripes still stands somehow for freedom. And since they have armor and air power, and they are established right here, we don’t even have the extended family and home field advantage the Taliban or the Viet Cong had.

      Pray for deliverance, be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove, because the pogroms are already beginning and czar Trump and his wife and young children will likely be murdered and dumped down a well. He didn’t do his job, he didn’t stand up for his supporters, and all the great things he did will be undone and forgotten.

      The most important job he had was to clean up the swamp, hire tens of thousands of fresh outside faces dedicated to cleaning out the corrupt lifer bureaucrats. And he simply did not do that. Compared to that a few miles of border wall and some tax reform is irrelevant. And since he didn’t realize the nature of the game- he assumed Chuck and Nancy were good people, and now he’s going to pay the price for his foolishness. He has 8 days to make it right. I’m not holding my breath.

  10. Well, I guess everything’s over and we should all just go eat our guns, right?

    And let’s make sure to point out how very SAD it all is while we’re at it.

    Not INFURIATING, no, just terribly, terribly SAD. Because God forbid conservatives and libertarians show a temper.

    The rest of you people might be willing to crawl into a hole and die, but The Left has robbed me of my chance to live a quiet, peaceful life.

    Which means I’m not done with them yet.

    • Correction, Ice Age: The left AND the right have robbed us of our chance to live a quiet peaceful life. Those two sides account for the majority of adults in this country, so there really is no side for us here- there really never has been in our lifetime- as every successive administration, D or R, has just been an exercise of taking away what remained of what we did have here, and in turning things the other way by expanding government evermore. Now it’s all coming to it’s logical conclusion, and if we don’t want to be a domino in the chain, we’d better find a place afar off in the wilderness from which to watch the flames. Forget about anything here, because it’s not just the politicians; it’s all of those people around us who vote for, obey, work for and do the bidding of those poles, be they of the evil party or the ever so slightly less evil party.

        • No its more like 1933. Almost the same exact tactics, almost the same exact formula used by the brown shirted German progressives.

          “Get ready for hell”- J. Palance, Young Guns

          • Yep, Andy- and FDR II is about to ascend the throne. We are still feeling the impact of commie FDR 90 years later- He having largely defined the workings of government ever since- and FDR II (And FDRette) is going to be the final round of what the first bastard started.

            • I fear you’re right. The Biden presidency will be the continuation of the O’Biden Bama presidency. If I remember correctly, Obama once said that FDR was his hero.

    • “Well, I guess everything’s over and we should all just go eat our guns, right?”

      No. When it is clearly hopeless, Coke, Hookers (viagra) and Scotch until the money runs out. Then?

      Do you have a motorhome I could borrow?


      Seriously though, I understand your frustration. I feel it too but twenty plus years of trying to get fairly intelligent people to wake up to the creeping tyranny, and failing miserably, has left me spent and basically resigned to the fact that nothing I do from here on will save us from those who don’t care to save themselves. Sorry.

      • Yep, I’m draining my IRA’s. There will be no retirement and their going to be stolen anyway. Future business will be as far off book as possible and I can probably claim a disability. I plan to add my weight to the crushing burdens. And there is already an old motorhome in somebody else’s name. Go Galt.

        • And do what with the money? I certainly don’t want to hold dollars which they’re in the process of destroying the value of.

          • Hi Robbie,

            I took mine and paid off our family’s house and hubby’s truck. I am with Ernie why have it sitting in a retirement account? I am going to take the tax hit, but that’s a small price to pay. At least, I don’t have to send a check to the mortgage company each month.

          • There are many things of value which can be bought cheaply. Run down real estate is great but is easily located and taken. Rural real estate is good to sit on and usually somewhat incognito.

            Older machine tools go cheap and are damned useful when you can make things others need. Gold and silver are both concealable and fungible.

            The only question is how much to keep liquid, how long will the shitshow hold together. For the moment we all need cash, after the break it will be worthless. I strongly suspect that the break will be sudden. After the Chinese buy up everything of value sold them by the traitors in yankee land.

            • **”Older machine tools go cheap “**

              Heh…. This machine shop I patronize; I was standing there one day as the owner was machining a piece from gearbox I had brought in, looking at the collection of large machines around me. I figured that just the one huge metal lathe I was standing next to must’ve cost a good eighty grand or more.
              I mentioned to Bobby, the owner, something about the huge investment he must have in all of the machinery- and he says: “I get it all used, from places that have gone out of business, etc” -He points to the “$80K” lathe I’m gawking at, and says “See that? I got that for three grand”! I just about fell over!

              • Yep. It needs room to set them up and some power, but I’ve never paid more than 500 for my prewar chunks of iron artwork- prewar when America stood for freedom, pride, and quality.

                There is a lot of ruin in a nation. Were about out though.

  11. Well-said, Eric. Well-said, my friend. Ah…what could have been- but alas, instead of the less-evils actually doing anything, they just sit on their hands and wait for their guy to do something, and remain hopeful that he will, even after 4 years of it being apparent that he will do nothing other than pave the way for the more-evils.

  12. Unfortunately, what I see coming down the pike is that not wearing the holy rag or getting the holy jab will be considered an act of “domestic terrorism”, which will of course be punishable by “law.” Any written dissent will be considered hate speech another form of “domestic terrorism.” At that point we will all be outlaws. The police will gleefully enforce these measures. They wouldn’t have taken the job if they didn’t like the power and the perks.
    No white knight is going to save us/you. We are all on our own, plan accordingly.

    • They wont even have to do that, Randy my friend. Their billionaire pals in the “private sector” will de-platform your bank account, your paypal account, your vehicle, and your income stream, job or otherwise. Your access to medical care, your access to education, your access to the internet…..gone! Just, ya know, private business can do anything they like, it’s the free market, don’t ya know?

  13. People will spend 20 minutes going over a football play looking at all the camera angles etc but they won’t look into election fraud. Thats all that needs to be said.

    • bingo! They’ll cruise through the channels…stop at CNN, and go look honey, see, there’s no fix! Go to fridge, pop open another beer, and sit and vegetate, satiated by the knowledge bomb CNN just dropped on the goober.

    • Many of us peons WANTED to review the election, but the major parties, both Dem and GOP, did not. Why wouldn’t the GOP not be interested, since the fraud affects them? That tells me that they’re IN on it. But yeah, it was TPTB that didn’t want a review…

      • The communist party had an express goal in the 1930’s of taking over one or preferably both political parties in the US. They did it.

        The Democratic party is wholly owned, and even its rank and file members, our neighbors, have fallen for the lie that you can have a civilization based on voting yourself whatever you want of your neighbors’.

        And the Republicans, well the grass roots are better but don’t understand anymore that the powerful state is the enemy, And the leadership are all corrupted and owned.

  14. Agree 100%, Eric. Except that Trump will not be allowed any peace. He will be hounded out of the country, more than likely. The evil leviathan is doing what Hitler did; expressing its intentions openly before enacting the full agenda. Trump will leave office; then the attacks on him will really being. Hundreds of lawsuits, physical attacks, his family harassed, his businesses destroyed.

    The message is clear; trump supporters, you are the targets. Look what we can do to a sitting president. Think what we will do to you.

    No facts. Just ideology. No debate.

    And its your fault. Your fault for accepting the war on drugs. Your fault for accepting undeclared wars. Your fault for accepting the war on poverty, taxes on everything, restrictions on everything, forced vaccinations, forced schooling, marriage licenses, eminent domain, police brutality, the central bank, welfare, social security, medicare/caid, checks in the mail….all of it led to this day in our history. We deserve what is about to come, because we stood by and hoped instead of acted. Now it is too late for words. Watch as our once great nation is dismantled, dismembered, and destroyed.
    The only real solution now is secession. But secession at this point will have to be backed with strength and force.
    This is the cycle of every empire. Just our bad luck we happen to be around for the demise of this one.

    Oh, and as far as making your own server and trying to promote alternatives to the official propaganda social media outlets….lol!

    • ‘Trump will leave office; then the attacks on him will really begin.’

      It’s not just Trump. Bloomberg reports that Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Marriott (close to Mitt Romney), Blue Cross Blue Shield, and other corporations are suspending contributions to lawmakers who challenged Electoral College results.

      Their boycott and freeze-out conforms to Mussolini’s structural definition of fascism: “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.”

      Since fascism is often misunderstood to refer only to right-wing governments, ‘united socialist front’ works better to describe today’s crackdown in a way that will be commonly understood.

      The USF is growing by the day, and its tactics are scorched-earth. General Sherman sweeping through Georgia, burning crops to starve widows and children, is their ideological model.

      This is an outright declaration of war on red states and their federal representatives who won’t toe the united socialist line. It’s gonna get real ugly real quick.

      • Give the man a cigar! I would be willing to just be left alone and let the rest burn, but they cannot afford to do that. Trump 2016 scared the living crap out of the Dems and the Leftists. They can never just leave us alone.

        When will people get it through their heads; politics is violence, government is force. Voting is using political force against your neighbor. I would say, Stop it, but already too late.
        Time to reap the whirlwind.

      • That reminds me of the re-election expenses of the late William Proxmire of WI. He served honorably in the US Senate for several terms. His total expense was I believe about $430.00 for his Senatorial re-election.

    • If you own a business, work a job, have a bank account, a 401k, or own property you will not be left alone. If want to travel freely where and when you choose, you will not be left alone. If you value privacy, you will not be left alone. If you are a Christian, you will not be left alone. If you dissent from the leftist agenda, you will not be left alone. You will be punitively taxed, placed under surveillance, harassed by government agencies and coerced into compliance. If you doubt that will happen, look at China today, that is the future. The question is not what is will happen, but how to react.

      The media propaganda machine and the deep stare are working relentlessly to demonize Trump and fragment his supporters. After signing the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin said, “We must hang together, or surely we shall hang separately.”. Vigilantes never brought positive changes in the past and especially now with main stream and social media controlled be leftists, any acts of violence will be used as justification to repeal the 2nd amendment and disarm the population. Regional separation, non-violent civil disobedience, and political organization is the way forward.

      • Griff,

        I’d only make one minor amendment to what you said: political organization at the LOCAL LEVEL is the way forward! Work to get good, CONSTITUTIONAL Sherrifs in, that sort of thing.

  15. What’s coming will be worse than we can imagine. By putting an incoherent mentally absent figurehead in the office, his handlers can do anything they want, and Creepy Joe will obliviously take the blame….err credit. It is indeed a religious movement, based entirely on belief. Stating facts will no longer be ignored or criticized, it will be prosecuted. Any time any religion acquires this much raw power, it never ends well. Now comes the inquisitions and the burnings. It may be a curious thing to see how the now more heavily armed than ever public reacts. Will they take it or stop it?

    • What’s more maddening is they are a small minority. The overwhelming populous has had enough, but (((they))) print the money, dole it out to themselves and use it for nefarious purposes.

  16. “I am free of all prejudice, I hate everyone equally.” – W.C. Fields

    So said all of Congress. When congresscritters are using legislation to directly punish Trump, you know it is fascist at heart, a black heart to boot, ushers in a new dark age, kind of got here quick too.

    I might be time for the military to invade the hallowed halls of Congress, expel every last member of Congress and send them packing. When you are escorted from the premises at gunpoint, you pack up and leave.

    Those are the rules. Probably the time and the right move, get them all gone. They’re no good, a disgrace to humanity. Nothing but senseless bickering, gotta stop somehow.

    Some folks still maintain that Trump is going to expose the whole enchilada, the traitors, and will be inaugurated on January 20th.

    One journalist states that the Empire fell on January 6th. Duckduckgo Nebojsa Malic. He’s over at RTdotcom, easy to get there from here.

    Finito, the end, that’s what they all say.

    Whatever it all is now, it ain’t good.

    Time for a mask with the Star of David on the left side and a swastika on the right side of the mask or vice versa. Gotta go full spectrum politically. Mocks it plenty. Probably the way to go, whatever sells.

    Some folks might possibly be offended, but who cares?

    The hate dollar, good concept, you just might sell millions of masks with a swastika on one side and the Star of David on the other.

    Any mask of the Star of David and a swastika seen on a masked face will be ripped off immediately by some who are offended.

    Mission accomplished.

    Marx, Engels, Lenin, all racists, all for killing any group needing cleansing, no matter the excuse. Nihilists one and all.

    Ethnic cleansers lives matter! Bolshevist lives matter!

    I’m sure the hammer and sickle masks are sold out, been done.

    Another mask idea is to have ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ across the entire face mask.

    Evil is good

    Good is evil

    Truth is Lies

    Lies are Truth

    Freedom is Slavery

    More mask ideas, gotta make the money while the bidness is on fire!

    Time to start to roundup deplorables, find them a new home and teach them something, a good beating will do, improves the morale.

    It’s here now, if you haven’t noticed.

    You can’t say dark age, no say D word. The New Dark Age, Covid did its job.

    Definitely a winter of discontent, for sure. A dark one at that.

    • The military? Really? The military is about 40% of the swamp, from contractors to the pentagon. The most useless and overrated of all government institutions. You do know the pentagon spends about $1 billion lobbying congress each year? Imagine that, a government department, that receives at least $600 billion each and every year lobbies the body that gives them that kind of money.
      Sorry, the military has had their opportunities to “defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic” and they whiffed each and every time. Just order takers, like the police.

  17. Eric,
    Great article again. There is hysteria for sure.
    I’m quitting facebook. The hysteria and anger is over the top. They smell blood in the water and it’s a feeding frenzy. I have a younger friend whom I’ve trained in martial arts helping him getting ready for his tests. He has been all over FB with hate screeds against Trump. This is what I wrote him this weekend:
    “To XXX:
    Just a few words to mediate upon:
    As a trained psychologist and college professor you are master of the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context. I am sure you are dedicated to helping people live a better peaceful life thru your study and teachings.
    Trump will be gone in less than two weeks and as for most politicians; good riddance. However, from my paradigm I see some anger in this and some of your other posts. Everyone has the right and should express our opinions for open debate, it is embodied by our creator as free men. However, I am sure if you were treating someone clinically who was filled with anger and resentment, you would try to encourage them to find ways to stop. You and I know we can’t live a happy life filled with anger and resentment.
    Please forgive me for sermonizing but I think as Aikidoka we need to build bridges to peace.”

    What I got back was rationalization for his anger (at least he admitted it). “Pease is important…but so is justice”. “Trump is the embodiment of evil”. “Healing thru accountability”.
    This guy teaches psychology and has lost his mind. Doesn’t matter Trump is leaving is days, they want him dead.
    This level of hate is coming for all of us even from our friends and relatives because they have lost their minds.
    Better be prepared to answer.

    • Quitting facebook will be a sign that you are their enemy. I would advise against it. Now is not the time for taking a hollow stand. Now is the time to survive the next few years. This website will probably be gone within a few months, maybe. I would guess 50/50 chance of it.

      There is no restraint on the Left’s allies. Media, bloggers, hackers, the cancel mob are all unleashed and you cannot stop it. The law is not a defense. Watch how many prosecutions of republican voters happen for the mere act of self defense take place. Imagine a boot stamping on a human face-forever-G. Orwell.

      • Haha, I quit Facebook a few years ago and haven’t missed it. And I AM the enemy! At least, the enemy of herd mentalities, brain-dead tribalism and Tech Lord oligopolies.
        I predict there is a near 100% chance this site will be here come July, unless Eric decides to call it quits.
        The Tech Lords pretend that all “conservatives” vanishing from their enterprises will be inconsequential. It is not so. If you just count Trump voters, that makes 75 million people, and they’re not equally weighted with Biden voters, are they? The Tech Lord sites still sell advertising, and people who produce things and earn money buy what is advertised. Pretty simple math, isn’t it?

    • Hi Hans,

      My advice – quit Facebook. You will find you have more time for other more intriguing and exciting opportunities (cleaning your guns, fresh air, your own vacations, taking out karate, etc.). You will also regain any sanity that may have been lost in the process of scrolling through peoples vacations, new dog pictures, selfies at the grocery store, how great their kids are, their horrible political stances and and every other mundane item they felt the need to tell the world.

  18. I think we need to take the rose colored glasses off and face reality. I voted for Trump twice (the lesser of evils each time). I liked Trump’s presidency because it benefited me. My business grew, my husband and I made more money than we ever made, someone was going after China’s sorry ass, the stupid Obama penalty was overturned, and he decreased regulations across the board. I can appreciate Trump for that. But (there is always a but) he isn’t a good guy. He is part of the Swamp and has always been so. How much do you believe he donated to Schumer or Cuomo over the years? How many greasing of palms did he participate in to get around the system while the rest of us had to obey? How many small businesses did he destroy by simply not paying them? He cheated on all three wives and fabricates lies with every breath. Once again, he isn’t a good guy and we seriously need to wake up. He is now issuing pardons left and right….to his friends. He wasn’t for the little man (no politician is), but we just got lucky that some of the choices he made (to benefit him) also benefited us.

    Seriously, we need to accept what is coming. We have lost more rights in the last four years then we have in the last 100. The hood has been lifted and instead of a pristine supercharged 454 we have a crappy ass 4 cylinder that hasn’t ran in about 30 years. Accept it and let’s move forth.

    • To extend the metaphor, that ‘crappy ass 4 cylinder’ is about to be replaced by a centrally-dispatched, self-driving EV that’s silent and deadly. Own nothing, want nothing.

      If its internal microphones and sensors detect the presence of a weapon — or merely weaponized speech against the inherent goodness of the united socialist front — the doors will lock and the vehicle will proceed to the nearest police station or fusion center.

      Welcome to Bidenville, comrade. Your immunity passport, please.

      • Hi Jim,

        I don’t fear EVs, because I won’t ever buy one. I don’t fear the Biden Administration either. It is Obama 2.0. Do you believe they will solve anything? If they solve it they have nothing to complain about when they run for re-election. It will be a continuation of renaming post offices, passing feel good rhetoric that doesn’t really do anything, and the adoring media batting their eyelashes at them because they are so “diverse”. Our deficit will continue to grow, fuel prices will increase, and many Americans job opportunities will be limited, but this is what they wanted. It is all BS.

        I am more worried about Isis re-emerging, us putting more troops in the Middle East, and pouring taxpayer dollars in senseless institutions like NATO, the UN, WHO, TPP, and bending over for China.

        • Morning, Raider!

          Isis was never a “threat to our freedoms.” That’s GOP boilerplate, designed to distract is from the GOP taking away – or surrendering – our freedom.

          • Hi Eric,

            Isis bombs places and kills people. I don’t need it to be a threat to my freedoms, but to my life. I am not just referring to just the US, but many Muslim countries, Europe, SE Asia, African nations, etc. They destabilize the world, but mainly the Middle East which results in the US sending more troops and spending more in the name of “defense”. Do you believe this is not a problem? Is what I am saying false?

            I don’t need a GOP talking point. I can see it with my own eyes and feel it in my pocketbook.

            • RG,

              Well, the Unites States bombs places and kills people as well, all of the time. In fact, our gov’t is responsible for the creation of ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, etc. They are a result of US destabilizing the world. Let’s stop that, shall we? 😉

              • Hi BaDnOn,

                I am all for it. I don’t claim the USSA is innocent. We have created most of the military complexes that this world has ever seen. We have invaded countries, killed dictators, and enslaved the masses – don’t dispute any of it. I am just sick of it and have no wish for it to continue.

                Isis will continue (whether it was by or creation or not). They have subcamps all over this country and are just waiting for the day for Old Joe to take office and then we are back to the races.

      • I personally dont think Biden will last much more than a year. Death by natural cause, impeachment, or resignation for health, or ________ reasons.

        I think its about 80% likelihood that K. Harris will be president sometime in the next 4 years.

        Damn, even posting on this site is probably putting targets on us all. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound. Lovely expression from when money was real.

        • Hi andy,

          I agree, Kamala will be Prez in six months, but their is no love for her either. The left put her in in the name of “diversity”, not because she is the most qualified person for the job.

          I am breathe a sigh of relief because there is no central figurehead in politics (Trump was probably the closest in the last 80 years since FDR). History shows to overthrow a government you need a strong figurehead….Hitler, Castro, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Henry VIII, Hussein, etc. The US does not have that and that we can be thankful.

          A central figurehead reigns by loyalty or fear. Neither Biden or Harris have this. Yes, you can say there are puppet masters in the background, as there always are, but it is very hard to run something when 30 different people want to call the shots. Government is inept. It won’t be government that calls the shots are implements policy, but large corporations.

          If your rights are being taken away it isn’t the left that will be doing it, but Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, American Airlines, and the like. That is where your fear should lie.

          • RG,

            I don’t know if you’ve ever seen David Knight’s show, but he’s said for years that the CIA, via its front venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel, FUNDED the tech companies when they were startups! The gov’t knows that, thanks to the COTUS, they can’t control our speech. However, private corporations aren’t under any such constraints. No, the gov’t WANTS the censorship, the bans, etc., and Big Tech is merely doing their bidding.

            • Indeed, the free internet scared the crap out of the power structure. It was free, anonymous, and completely out of their control. They have expressed the desire for 20 years for an internet kill switch, for “gatekeepers” like they had with 3 TV networks and print pubs.

              The ingenious answer to that was social media- a shiny object where you could easily associate with the hot gal down the hall or across town, all your old friends, and post all your cat videos and memes. Let people get used to it and dependent on it- set the hook nice and deep, then yank the rod and reel it all in.

              I have to admire the cleverness- I never wanted anything to do with any social media- I was an early adopter of internet and email and was thoroughly overcommunicated by the late 90’s. I like to think I sensed a trap.

        • Considering the political atmosphere and MSM total one sided coverage, I think Bidden is a dead man walking already.

          It would not come as any surprise if he is assassinated in the next week or two. Instantly blamed on the Right, White and Trump. All previous recent history instantly memory holed. Year Zero.

          Boom, the Left has the excuse to lock up all enemies without question. Patriot Act 2.0, AKA “Righticide”.

        • I was doing some digging and Kamala can run for two terms on her own if Biden serves 2yrs+1day. So on the 2nd day of the 2nd year of Biden, he’ll quit, then Kamala can do the next 8 years. I don’t think the country could last 10yrs under President Kamala.

          • You beat me to the punch. Creepy Joe, aka Joe BiteMe, will serve 2 years before Heels Up Harris takes the reins. Then, as you pointed out, she can run for two terms in her own right, thus bringing her total time to 10 years in office.

            As for whether or not the country can TAKE 10 years of her, it doesn’t matter. We’ll never have a fair election again; they’ll all be rigged from now on. The Dems will be in the majority, and the GOPe, aka the RINOs, will be the controlled opposition minority party.

    • Any faith one holds in any politician is misplaced. Politician: one who is most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. I won’t, and haven’t for many years, authorize my own enslavement by voting for one. I will not lend them credence. A thing they certainly don’t possess without being elected. Public office is the ideal environment for the psychopath, which is why they are saturated with them. Not only do they not care in the least about our welfare unless it happens to coincide with theirs, their psychosis PREVENTS them from doing so. They do not experience the human characteristics of sympathy, empathy, guilt, remorse, etc. They aren’t able to consider anything that does not improve or at least maintain their own position. The truly pitiful part is they are quite often very intelligent and charismatic.

      • Good for you, John. I quit voting many years ago after I realized that voting is an act of aggression against everyone else, at least in the context of our system. If we just had city-states, or dozens of small republics with less than 2-3 million citizens, then it might make moral sense to vote.
        Politics is war by other means. Why be a foot soldier in an immoral war?

    • Raider Girl,
      They won’t let you “move on”. Any one showing the slightest independence, the slightest resistance in word or deed, and not willing to make a show of obeisance is going to be hammered.

      People wake up! They have the presidency. They have the house. They have the senate. They have the supreme court. What do you think is going to happen? If the supremes don’t follow the agenda, pack the court. If you try to make a living at a business, attack you with the thousands of regs already on the books.

      There is no moving on. Organize your tribe, undercover, and either leave or hunker down. This is the digital age, where they can cancel you and only your closest friends will even know about it.

      They dont need your money. They dont care about your loyalty. They only want your submission. Fight or leave, or hide. Stay under the radar….oops, too late. Damn, guess all of us are on a list now.

      • andy,

        They had this in 2009, too. Remember all of the false promises? Obama was the Manchurian candidate? He was born in Kenya and shouldn’t be President? He was a socialist and was going to take our guns? Yada, yada, yada.

        What are they going to do? What freedoms are they taking away? I can’t stand the Dems, but the Bush and Trump years cost us more in freedoms than anything that Clinton or Obama did.

        Do you think Biden and Congress is going to have us on lockdown indefinitely? No, it will end in about 45 days. They will push this vaccine on everyone that wants it, ignore the ones that don’t, and in about 45-60 days a miracle will have occurred, thanks to the Biden Administration! The cases will be down, the stupid will be vaccinated, and Covid will be another flu.

        Do you think Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter are going to sit back and watch while half of America shuts down their accounts and goes to Gab or Parler? At the end of the day everything revolves around money. Facebook, Apple, and Amazon are going to lose a ton of it. They overplayed their hand. The government doesn’t have the resources to chase after all of us.

        I am not leaving or hiding and I don’t care if they put me on a list. If they have nothing better to do than antagonize some accountant on some Virginia back road, go right ahead.

        Jesus, people, we are losing our freaking minds. Over what?

        • RG, I’ve seen the official CDC documents, and I’ve seen the Dept. of Health documents from PA and CA. Guess what? Not only are the feds and state governments going to track who takes the Holy Jab; they have provisions in their record keeping to track those who DON’T!

          BTW, Twitter’s shares are already down 12% since banning Trump! I hope that they go all the way to 0; it would serve ’em right…

          • Hi MM,

            I share your enthusiasm with Twitter dropping like a hot potato. I can only hope Amazon and Facebook share in their demise.

            They may be tracking who gets the vaccine (or at least trying to track who has the vaccine), but there is no way in hell they are able to track who hasn’t taken it.

            Now, if you happen to be one of the foolish people that got tested for COVID, you could be in a world of hurt, because they have verifiable DNA, but our government can’t track who is in a particular town, much less in the state or who is in the country. Ask the government how many illegals are in the country (somewhere between 12-24 million). Yeah, they are right on top of that!

            The IRS databases can’t talk to each other. I have very little faith that the rest of government is talking. If you have been arrested, been to court, collect some type of benefits, kids are in a public school, yeah, they probably have something on you, otherwise, I am not losing sleep over it.

            Even if they are tracking who doesn’t have the vaccine, what are they going to do with the information? The vaccine has not been approved by the FDA (and is not expected to be approved until 2023). They cannot force an untried vaccine on the public (only volunteers). Could government make it harder to do certain things – get benefits, be able to attend school, etc.? Of course. Could employers mandate it? Sure, they could. Could businesses (such as airlines) mandate it? Also correct. But, it would likely be the states and not the federal government. The Supreme Court’s decision of Jacobsen vs Massachusetts allows them the ability to do this. How do you solve this? Leave the state. Both SC and KY legislatures are working on bills that would not force individuals to take a vaccine. I think several other states would also consider some bills. Moving may be inconvenient, but it may be the only way.

      • Andy,

        Thanks to Biden’s AG pick, Merrick Garland; thanks to Katanji Johnson filling the seat at the DC Circuit Court of Appeals vacated by Garland; Johnson will be elevated to SCOTUS when Justice Breyer, age 82 retires in a year or so. Between the four ironclad lefties and Chief Justice Roberts, the libs will have the majority on the SCOTUS again. Ergo, they won’t have to pack the court like they were talking about…

        • MM,

          Breyer is a liberal, not a conservative. Clarence Thomas or Samuel Alito would have to die to get the liberals their numbers back. I expect Breyer to retire during the Biden/Harris administration, but the court would still be 5 to 4 conservatives.

          They won’t pack the Court though. They will talk about, but it will never happen.

          • I wouldn’t count John Roberts as a conservative justice. He not only kept Obamacare; he’s sided with the liberals quite often, and doing so more with every case. TPTB have something on him, and they won’t hesitate to REMIND Roberts of this.

            • I am not, but there are only three liberals left since RBG died (Sotomayer, Breyer, and Kagan). I throw Roberts in as a liberal.

              The conservative judges are Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney Barrett (5)

              • What good are the “conservative” ones, anyway? They foist and perpetuate the Patriot Act; they back the military-industrial complex and the pigs…and they never do a damn thing conservative when a case involving wee-the-people and the Constitution vs. Uncle (or his favored corps) comes along.

              • RG,

                I should’ve been clearer about how I got my numbers. Stick with me, and it’ll make sense.

                Creepy Joe just nominated Merrick Garland as his AG; Garland, if you remember, was BHO’s SCOTUS nominee. Garland will be vacating a seat on the DC Circiut Court of Appeals. Garland’s seat is to be filled with a radical progressive Katanji Johnson. When Breyer retires, Johnson will fill Breyer’s seat. That gives you four solid socialists, along with Roberts. Since Roberts votes that way often enough, it’s safe to say that the court will rule 5-4 on most liberal causes. Since they’ll have their numbers anyway, the Dems won’t NEED to pack the court; they’ll already have what they want.

                • Oh, and since Katanji Johnson will have recently undergone Senate confirmation for the DC Circuit Court, opposing her for her inevitable SCOTUS nomination in the near future will be difficult, if not impossible. That was a shrewd move by Biden and his people; that’s what you call 3D Chess, folks!

                • Hi MM,

                  I still don’t understand your numbers. Who are the four liberals? I count Roberts as a liberal, but you are counting him as the 5th wheel.

                  • I stand corrected, because RBG is gone. I got Breyer’s replacement wrong too; it’ll be Ketanji Brown-Jackson. At 50, she’ll be on the SCOTUS for 30 years.

                    Given what we’ve seen from the three Trump nominees, all bets are off. Even though the “conservative” justices have a nominal majority, given their recent rulings, that’s not set in stone.

          • Right…like de-platforming a sitting president will never happen. Like openly calling for expulsion of senators will never happen. Like using the RICO Act against regular citizens will never happen, like using the law to steal cars, houses, cash, jewelry, and tens of billions of other property from innocent citizens (civil asset forfeiture) will never happen. Like declaring a public health emergency over a virus that kills less than 1% of its victims and voiding the bill of right will never happen…..they will keep us locked down as long as it suites the purposes of whomever is pulling the strings. They can and will pack the court, what difference does it make anyway? The supreme court hasn’t protected your rights since its inception.

            • andy,

              I am not looking for the Supreme Court as a protection of my rights, all I am saying is they aren’t going to pack it.

              Ask FDR how he fared when he came up with this brilliant idea. They would need a majority for this to occur. WV’s Manchin will not go along with this nor will the handful of moderate Dems they have left. No Republican is going to go along with it.

              I also don’t understand why me stating they aren’t going to pack the SC has anything to do with deplatforming sitting presidents or stealing assets.

          • RG, the court is already packed. Kavanaugh almost always sides with the libruls/the state, and that dingbat that Trump recently appointed (forget her name) is nothing but a rubber-stamper for whatever Uncle wants.

            It was like Trump was setting things up for them- just like Reagan, who’d say some great things…and who did us more harm, and increased the size and scope of government more than anyone before him.

            Anyone who says Trump did nothing is wrong. He did plenty…for our enemies.

            • Nunz,

              The court is going to rule how they rule. I am just simply stating they are not going to add more seats. I am not holding up the SC as a beacon of light through the darkness, just clearly stating a fact….they won’t add more seats. The final tally will be 9.

              If you want to have a discussion on how the SC has fucked us over the years I am happy to have that debate, but this is not where I was going with my statement.

            • Nunzio,

              I was leery of Kavanaugh from the beginning. He was part of the GW Bush White House, and he worked on the abominable, unconstitutional USAPATRIOT Act. When he was a judge in the lower courts, his 4A rulings, to put it nicely, were weak. For that reason, I wondered if the sexual imbroglio surrounding his appointment wasn’t an elaborate smoke screen to HIDE these more substantive issues from us. Notice how, during his hearings, little or none of this stuff was brought up, and it SHOULD’VE been…

              • Not to mention that he helped the Clintons get away with murder…. “Lock her up!” Trump chants…as he appoints the one who let her off to one of the most important positions in the world…… Effin’ prick!

                • Yeah, right! What pissed me off about the Starr investigation is that they tried to nail Bill Clinton for lying about his dalliances with Monica Lewinsky. WTF did Starr go for that when there were REAL charges he could’ve filed for REAL crimes? Why wasn’t selling missile tech to the Chicoms not investigated? Why not the Foster murder? There were so many SUBSTANTIVE things for which the Clintons could’ve been nailed, yet Starr went for the weakest one! WTF? And Kavanaugh was working for Ken STarr at the time…

                  • I agree, Mark –

                    I was an editorial writer in DC during the Mizz Lewinsky episode; the right was outraged – shocked! – over Clintigula getting a blowjob and lying about it. But no outrage – or at least, no action – about substantive criminality. Probably because the right is just as guilty while being hung up about sex stuff.

            • Reagan and Trump are a good comparison. Both said nice things as candidates and then governed like establisment whores. Whatever awaits trump will not be pretty. Good.

    • Raider Girl,

      I agree with your assessment of Trump, though we were still prospering increasingly on borrowed money, and that must end sometime. He wasn’t Charles Manson or Joseph Stalin evil, but I wouldn’t call him an altruist of any kind. 😉
      As for voting for the lesser of evils? Yeah, please, stop doing that, all of you. Gary Johnson and Jo Jorgensen were much less evil the rest of the schmucks in the last two voting cycles. In fact, I’d go as far to say they were, and are, decent people. But tribalism and fear bites, and people separate into two camps and vote for the shit they’re handed, because it appears a bit less shitty than the other shit.
      Now, people are seeing the problem with tech monopolies. Just like the monopoly of the major parties, they’ve taken control of nearly everything, and though they may be different in some detail, they are united in your submission and subservience.
      Luckily people are waking from the Twitter/Facebook/Google nightmare and seeking independent alternatives. Good. See, diversity truly IS strength. When one attack doesn’t work on everyone, but only affects a fraction, there is resilience. Let’s become resilient, knowledgeable, diverse and dexterous.

      • I am done voting completely. Never again. I honestly don’t give a shit. Both parties share the same body as a two headed snake. Jo Jorgensen was not a libertarian. Any “libertarian” candidate that demands their voters wear a holy mask to attend a political rally is not a true libertarian. I liked Gary Johnson, but the Libertarian Party will never be a contender until they have a clear cut message, which they have been trying to find now for over 30 years.

        • RG,
          For the record, from what I understand of it, Jorgensen didn’t demand the diapering, it was the cities in which they held the rallies. The LP was afraid of either being fined, or being banned for holding rallies.
          From Wikipedia: “Jorgensen opposes government mask mandates, considering mask-wearing a matter of personal choice. She argues that mask-wearing would be widely adopted without government intervention because market competition would drive businesses to adopt either mask-required or mask-optional policies, allowing consumers the freedom to choose their preferred environment.”
          If you listen to her interviews, or had attended her rallies, you’d get a better idea of who she is. She was 10,000% more libertarian than Trump, if that could be quantified.
          As far as the LP message: They’ve have a pretty clear and consistent platform since I’ve been paying attention (20 years or so). Republicans and Democrats have been quite metamorphic. But, perhaps they HAVE been consistent. They still both steal your money and blow it on their own interests, without fail.

          • BaDnOn,

            Doesn’t telling your supporters to mask up because we are scared of fines go against the libertarian base of freewill and personal responsibility?

            I have been one of a very few on here that believe some type of law and order is necessary and that limited government is best, but I was told many a time I wasn’t a libertarian, but a believer of collectivism. If what I say isn’t libertarianism, then what Jo says isn’t libertarianism either, since we are basically saying the same thing.

            I never claimed Trump to be anywhere near a libertarian. Quite the opposite in fact. I played the cards I was dealt (hence, voting for him). I should have folded and went home, but I stayed and played with a 2 and 7 and got burned. Next time I will watch from the sidelines.

            The Libertarian Party has done a horrible job on getting the message out. Yes, I know where they stand on issues and I understand the government that they would like to enact, but it is because I have researched and studied, not because the LP brought the message to the people.

            They don’t even go door to door. They toss a candidate in every four years to run for the Presidency and omit any local or state party system they may have a chance at. Their advertising and marketing campaign sucks and their website needs to be improved. Try to find a meetup with the LP – nowhere to be found. It is very hard to get your message out when you refuse to be seen.

            BaDnOn, my post and curt attitude is not directed toward you at all, but in hopes that the LP can actually improve and prosper.

            • Raider,

              Haha, no offense taken! And for what it’s worth, I think you’re pretty libertarian, just from what I’ve read here. Yes, some hardcores won’t accept you believe in liberty if you’re anything less than a red-circle-A anarchist. And anarchism is wunderbar, but humanity is NOWHERE NEAR wanting or accepting that social paradigm. We can walk it in that direction, and maybe someday…
              As for the LP being mismanaged, you’re absolutely correct! It is pitifully, abysmally mismanaged. Give me a couple million, and I’ll have my name and the LP platform on every TV and every twonky in the country before long. Sure, there would be publicity stunts and perhaps grey-area legality involved, but I’d get it done! And I’d tour the country relentlessly like a punk-rock band, and refuse to be ignored…
              But the LP hasn’t done any of that. They couldn’t promote themselves out of a paper bag.

              • Hi BaDnOn,

                I agree with you 100%. If they advertised exactly as you suggested I think the LP could very well hold a few minority seats (enough to keep either of the other parties holding a majority). 🙂

        • RG,

          I don’t know if I’m going to vote again, either. Though I’m not ready to do what my uncle’s fixin’ to do (take himself off the voting registry), I changed my party affiliation; I’m now independent, or no affiliation. Trying to change the GOP from within is a fool’s errand; it’s been tried for decades, and nothing’s changed…

          • I like your uncle’s idea. I may just do that. What is the point of voting? The entire system is rigged. This way they have one less paper trail on me. 🙂

            • Plus, you can’t get nailed for jury duty! That said, I’ve only been called twice in my life: once while I was in the Navy and thousands of miles way, and the other time was almost 20 years ago now. I don’t know if or when I’ll be called again…

  19. I’ve been saying this since the stupid lockdowns. If he never listened to that fraud in the health department, another deep stater, he should of kept the country open. If he did he would of won no problem. Be no mail in ballots and covid fear. Trump was is own worst enemy.

  20. Good article, once again.
    It cites one component not fully grasp: HYSTERIA
    Go look up the historical origin of this mental illness, and do not tell me it is archaic or ill founded.
    In fact, contrary to common sense, Hysteria is contagious across sexes !
    Don’t ask me HOW, just observe for yourself !
    The table has been set for PUSSIFICATION, and we have eaten the fare.

  21. I’m with you 100 percent on this one. For a couple of months, I’ve been hearing and reading about the Hail Mary pass that’s coming, how it’s going to be Biblical, blah blah. False hope, that’s all it is. I’ve decided that I’m now going to focus strictly on local issues, such as getting our governor impeached (and there’s a pretty good chance that will happen), and getting the bill passed to prevent mandatory vaccination. And prepping, developing the skills to maintain my freedom and allying with others in my area who think likewise. We’re not going to be saved by some last second miracle. It’s over, the opposing QB should be taking a knee now but it looks like they’re going to throw for another meaningless TD when they already have the game sewn up. Good luck, everyone, and consider keeping a low profile to stay out of their cross hairs.


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