Orange Rubber Chicken Circuit

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I’ve seen it before so I ought to have seen it again but hope often blinds a man to ugly truths. I had been hoping the Orange Man was not just another Republican, one of those creatures who makes hay – and raises green – by denouncing limitless government and promising that if you send him money and give him your vote limits will be placed on government.

Give speeches. Collect dollars. Get elected. Do nothing. Lose the election. Give speeches, collect dollars.

It’s an old record that’s been played over and over again since at least the Goldwater run back in 1964. And Barry – who lost – may have been sincere. We’ll never know because he didn’t win. But we do know about those who did, including the latest one.

Lots of Tweets – not much action.

This is hard to hear and abrades the sensibilities of those – like myself – who had hoped for something more and still pine for it, even as President Select Biden tries out his Anointment Day suite in the mirror while the Orange Man Tweets pitches that you send him $30 for a T-shirt.

On that promise, he’ll deliver.

But Fauci is still the Face Diapered eminence grise behind the throne. The Orange Man let this man hystericize and tyrannize the country. He could have fired him. He could still fire him.

He has not fired him.

Instead, he repeatedly affirms the Faucian Doctrine that “millions would have died” had 330 million people not been imprisoned, tens of millions unemployed and America transformed into a Sickness Gulag populated by faceless drones wearing their Holy Vestments.

The “national emergency” declared by the Orange Man is still in force – because the Orange Man has not rescinded it. He could rescind it. He is still the president.

He has not rescinded it.

The Bill of Rights has been rescinded by the Orange Man’s dereliction of his duty, his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Which includes the right of the people to peacefully assemble, as at church and at home and outside – which they are no longer allowed to do by the decree of Gesundheitsfuhrers.

Who have also decreed that everyone must show support for Gesundheitsfuhrer-ing by wearing the article of submission, the Holy Face Diaper.

The Orange Man could not, apparently, see that the whole point of forcing everyone to wear the Holy Rag was to make it appear that everyone supported the wearing of the Holy Rag and – more finely – did not support the Orange Man.

Diaper-wearing being a dissent-suppressor.

Also a vote-suppressor, which the Orange Man also apparently did not see. Or do much about, before it was too late to make doing anything about it effective.

Mr. McGoo could have seen this coming.

Create mass hysteria via the controlled – or rather, the owned – press about a virulent and easily spread contagion that requires mail-in voting, else mass death. Set the stage for months in advance. It does not matter that 80 million people still mostly showed up to vote for the Orange Man because more could be adduced via the mail for the now-President Select.

The Orange Man had months to prepare for this. But what did he do? He waited until after the deluge of mail-in votes were counted to complain that the election was in fact a selection – and now he wants $30 for a T-shirt.

Maybe the courts will do something but I doubt it. The battle is now even more uphill than the attempt of the Andria Gail trying to surmount the 100-foot wave at the end of the movie.

One senses the inevitability of the plunge.

It’s a tragedy because it didn’t have to happen. There would be no – or much less – question about the election if we’d had one. Which we might have had – had Orange Man put into place measures to deal with such things as voting after deadlines, stopping the counting of votes when trending one way then re-starting them and reversing the trend.

He could have insisted – decreed – that all polling places be closely supervised by auditors of both parties, with independent observers there as well. That measures be taken to assure that whoever won was the one Americans actually voted for. There is no excusing the fact that votes were “counted” – in whatever direction – by obscure electronic means under the control of dubious private parties interested in a particular outcome.

It is as egregious as allowing the currency of the United States to be controlled not by the people of the United States or their representatives in Congress but rather by a cartel of private banks who create money out of thin air and then lend it to the government of the United States at interest.

The Orange Man didn’t do anything about that, either.

Nor about the law forcing Americans to buy health insurance – or else. It will shortly be enforced with vigor. Also other laws – and “mandates,” which have supplanted the bother of passing laws.

Unless he does something. 

There is still time. But it will take more than Tweeting about T-shirts.

We’ll see, soon.

. . .

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  1. At the intersection of 14th and K Street in Washington DC dead center in the middle were the words ‘Fuck Trump[‘ right there for all to see. Nobody was trying to remove the insulting graffiti.

    Saw it with my own lying eyes one week after Trump’s inauguration.

    Also, there were homeless people hanging around all day long, had tents pitched, all asking for five dollars. Like I’m supposed to pay you so you can be homeless. Nice try. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Newsflash: Washingtonians don’t like New Yorkers. Whoddathunkit?

    Melania is relieved that President Trump got shit-canned via election fraud.

  2. Trump lost because he is both an ass and made bad decisions on the pandemic. If he hadn’t been/done either of those (not be an ass, or made good decisions sooner), he would be a 2-term president.

    Me, I’m OK with a president that’s a jerk, as long as they make good decisions. But what we’re ending up with is a president that (portrays himself as) a nice guy, and won’t make good decisions because he’s bound by ideology and old age.

    Really, I blame both the major parties for presenting the American people with such poor candidates to choose from. The Republicans should have gone with a Pence + Haley ticket. The Democrats should have gone with Buttigieg and literally anyone (there’s not a deep bench there…)

    • Hi Chip,

      Agreed. I can overlook his often boorish – gratuitously boorish – behavior but many people – who might otherwise have supported him – cannot overlook it. Which is why I am angry with Trump. He didn’t have to behave like an ass – as you put it. Yet he did and it cost him.

      He also didn’t have to enable the Sickness Cult. But he did.

      And that has cost us.

  3. Hi Eric,

    “But Fauci is still the Face Diapered eminence grise behind the throne. The Orange Man let this man hystericize and tyrannize the country. He could have fired him. He could still fire him.”

    As I pointed out in a previous post, when Fauci told the American people that “the Covid” is ten times deadlier than the seasonal flu, he was LYING. It is easy to prove this, just cite his own words in the paper, “Covid 19 – Navigating the Uncharted” and compare them to his words from the committee hearing of March 11.

    “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%”.

    In the March 11 hearing, justifying his calls for “aggressive containment and mitigation” policies, he said that “the Covid” was ten times deadlier than the seasonal flu; this is a provable lie. Check out the video in this link:

    At the 30 second mark he elaborates on the lethality of “the Covid” culminating by saying, “it is ten times more lethal than the seasonal flu”.

    Trump could have exposed Fauci as a fraud in March, he didn’t. Among conservatives, and some libertarians, it is an article of faith that TDS afflicts only the left. This is false, it is also endemic on the right. Many people, even here, ponder why didn’t Trump do this, or that, etc…, they postulate that he was prevented from doing so by the Deep State, biding time for a second term or planning a last minute 4D chess move. This is all bullshit, Trump didn’t do these things because he didn’t want to. If he had wanted to, he would have done them. Sure, the entirety of the media and political class were against him, but so what? He ran as an outsider, exploited the “hatred” of the mainstream elite and used that TO WIN THE FUCKING ELECTION. Having successfully used that narrative to win, he could have, if he were sincere, used the same narrative to defeat his supposed enemies in the Deep State. Call them out, every day, point out their lies, show their agenda for what it is, tell them to pound sand and do what he wants anyway. Sure, the NYT and the entirety of the mainstream media/political establishment would have blown a gasket. Again, SO WHAT? This is what endeared him to his supporters and convinced them that he was genuine and different. Telling them to FUCK OFF would have helped him.

    In reality, Trump has been a political insider all his life, that he successfully ran as an outsider proves that he is a great politician (especially gifted in the art of deception). This alone should have made “us” wary. Still, in the beginning there was some reason for hope. Sure, he’s an insider who parlayed his political connections to build his “empire”, an authoritarian copsucker, despises other people’s private property rights, etc… But, he is kind of a maverick, doesn’t need more wealth or power and loves grandiose posturing. If anyone were capable of setting fire to the whole rotten system, it was him. He didn’t, which proves that he was NEVER anything other than a typical pol, albeit with a bad mouth and a boorish character.


    • Trump is an insider as someone who purchased political influence on local levels and maybe occasional federal issue to get his projects done. Small time stuff really. He’s not an insider the way a Clinton or Bush is an insider, as servants to the ruling class. The typical insider is there to serve the corporate and social engineering interests that purchase him. To serve ruling class interests. Trump was and still is the customer, the purchaser, but only for his very narrow self interests. That’s the huge difference and I don’t think that’s lost on anyone who understands Trump.

      As to his views on property rights and so on, he’s an ignoramus who follows what he thinks are good ideas and he’s self serving. There is this idea that Trump somehow understands like we do and just didn’t do what he could have. The man doesn’t understand like we do. Intellectually it was like electing Archie Bunker or Thornton Mellon. Sure occasionally by accident his good ideas aligned with liberty but that’s all it was, an accident. There’s no principled framework involved. Trump is a low information guy. He’s a man on the street when it comes to big issues. And like the man on the street he is sometimes correct and often wrong.

      The CS Lewis quote about robber barons and moral busy bodies really does apply to the Trump or Biden choice. The self interested robber baron can leave us alone outside feathering his coat but the moral busy body will never leave us alone.

      • Hi Brent,

        I agree that Trump is not an insider like Bush or Clinton, nor is he a member of the Deep State, consciously serving their ends, while posturing otherwise. He is, however, a man who has no principled objection to using political power in pursuit of his self interest, and has exploited his “lesser” insider status to do so his entire adult life . He has no principled objection to corruption, as long as it serves that interest and, like all successful politicians, he is especially gifted at aligning, in his own mind, the “common good” with his own interests. He is, as you describe him, an Archie Bunker, one who occasionally stumbles on the truth, but lacks both the knowledge or character to delve deeper.

        My objection is not to Trump, but to those who believe that he was/is something that he clearly is not; an outsider, a savior, a principled defender of freedom, an enemy of corruption, a voice for the common man, etc… He is none of these things.


  4. Vote for the people on the local and state offices that hold the beliefs of this county. Also, be willing to work and fight for those beliefs. President Regan one said the country is one generation from losing the freedoms we have. Understand the other side is working just as hard to undermine those freedoms and make this country something you do not want. Like children choosing to be a gender, limiting freedoms, abortions, the attack on the traditional family, and gun rights. As a black person i do not care for either party, but i do care for the freedoms we have. I fight by working in the organization for the other side (dems) and everyday i work to expose the things that are not right. We all have to be vested and do what we are able to do. In the book , the art of War. You have to learn your enemy, and take those strengths and make it their weakness. Happy thanksgiving & Merry Christmas to all

    • Hi Tawan,

      Well-said. There is an episode of the classic Star Trek series in which Kirk finds himself – along with Abe Lincoln – battling evil characters from history for the amusement of a rock creature. Lincoln advises Kirk to fight with the same tactics the enemy uses, to not pull punches out of a misplaced sense of humanity. I agree with this. When you are forced to fight, fight to win.

      Good to have you with us!

  5. The thing about “draining the swamp” is that it’s a uphill battle no matter what. You could have overwhelming support from the public and still fail badly.

    It’s very difficult to get the government (or one of the many proxies that may as well be government agencies) to stop doing what it is doing. The primary function of any government agency (not just the US GOV but every GOV worldwide) is its own promotion, continuation and growth. No, definitely not it’s “mission”. That is laughable that anybody believes that, but there are. Even simple reform are seen as huge threats to the agencies actual survival.

    Even if you would manage to end a government agency, they would still live on for decades as they “wind down”. We could end Social Security today, and parts of it would still exist 50 years from now, just because of how entwined it is.

    Until fairly recently taxpayers were still paying the pensions of “surviving” relatives of civil war veterans. Yes, for a war that ended over one hundred and fifty years ago!!! Never mind the very last actual civil war veteran died in the early 1950’s. Nope, it lived on another 70 years!

    One of the things Trump did manage to do, getting us withdrawn from that climate change treaty, took years to do. We only actually left it “formally” on November 4, 2020, so nearly four years. Biden will probably take at best a few days for it to be “formally” back in force. Funny how that is, long road to exit, easy to start up……..

    • Hi Rich,

      I take your point but at the same time, Trump could have appointed sound people to the important positions, such as AG. If he couldn’t do so – for whatever reason – then it’s all academic, isn’t it?

      I think his biggest mistake of all was allowing this mass hysteria to cement. It destroyed him and it may well destroy us, too.

      • OM’s emergency order regarding WuFlu is the basis for every state level order. It’s still in effect. Tells you something…

      • One must keep in mind Trump does not understand like we do. He’s an ignoramus. But he’s not evil in the sense that he does not want to socially engineer human society like the truly evil opposition to him wants to. So every so often his gut feeling of what’s best aligns with our knowledge and the next moment it’s just plain awful. Given the choice between an ignoramus and evil, it’s ignoramus. Trouble is evil can influence the ignorant. And trump also wasn’t entirely good either, but his misdeeds are limited to what amounts to petty self interest in comparison to others in the fedgov.

        • No, the military is still in the middle east and Trump is still bombing away, while at the same time poking Russia and China. On the home front, he still has the lockdown order in effect and occasionally shows up face diapered. I have listed things he has absolute fist control over. Seems like he’s doing plenty of evil.

          • That’s because Trump believes media narratives on the middle east and so on. He’s dumb. It’s like having Archie Bunker make the calls. A few gut feels are right but he mostly believes what any other low information american does.

        • Well-said, Brent –

          But, I submit he could have ended the “emergency” months ago. And he certainly could have taken steps to reduce election shenanigans, which he had to know were coming. He’s an ignoramus, certainly. But I don’t think he’s an imbecile.

          • He could have, but first he needed to understand. I don’t think he does. And then he would have to act without appearing to the world as tin foil hat conspiracy theorist.

            He’s smart in some things but then he’ll believe in the narrative for one thing even though he knows the media lies about another. To me that’s pretty dumb. Once you know you’re being lied to everything becomes questionable.

            I would still believe narratives if I never learned how government lied to me about speed limits. But once I saw that lie, I saw the same mechanism of lying over and over again and then I trusted nothing at face value from government or media. Trump doesn’t seem to do that. He is going subject by subject and each one is trusted until proven otherwise.

        • “He’s an ignoramus” – You mean like Obama and GW Bush? Sorry, I disagree. Trump knew what he was up against and tried to fix what he saw as broken – it seems to me he wasn’t tethered to some Oligarch’s money, which allowed him to pursue renegotiating USMCA and backing out of the stupid, evil Iran deal. Then there’s that Paris Climate Accord that he canceled, and the China and European deals. Maybe the China deal ultimately unleashed all this? Does that make him ignorant? I don’t know, but he sure has more courage that most of the presidents in the last 30 years.

          I really hate how he has handled this virus, and in this case he seems weak, but before this happened, it seems that he was better than the Ignorant Obama, Elitist Bush II, Devious Clinton and Elitist Bush I, all caring more for themselves than the people of this country. I think Trump Likes this country, as opposed to Obama who hates it; Obama sowed a lot of discord and mischief during his eight years – maybe one day we’ll find out who was truly pulling his strings – because he’s not that smart, in my opinion.

          I think we’re dealing with Biblical stuff here, and if this isn’t the apocalypse, only God is going to pull us out, working through all of us. Our job is to resist this lockdown and mask-up crap, and fight back if necessary. I’m going to support Trump right now, and hope truth prevails and evil recedes again.

          • Hi Snap,

            I badly want to believe good things about the Orange Man; I still have a sign of support posted on a tree facing the road adjacent to my driveway.

            But he gave away the (s)election to an evil, senile, demented pedophile and has thereby put us at the mercy of the latter. His performance in the first debate was catastrophic and inexcusable. He behaved like a buffoon – neatly conforming with the stereotype and helping to make the “loss” seem reasonable in the minds of many.

            He did nothing to palliate the mass hysteria and arguably facilitated it by not ending the “emergency” and – worse – by repeatedly agreeing with the narrative that “millions would have died.” Inexcusable.

            And then he let the opposition craft the perfect storm for the (s)election itself, via the WuFlu hysteria and vote-by-mail.

            That was imbecilic.

            I still retain a small sliver of hope that it wasn’t all another con – and that, somehow, OM will still pull it back. But it increasingly appears that it was a con. Designed to ensure a “reset” back to the regime of Obama, under the nominal tutelage of the senile pedophile.

          • An ignoramus compared to us.
            Do you think Trump has read Rothbard, Bastiat, Spooner, etc? Do you think he has even read a Ayn Rand novel? Of course not. The man doesn’t know what individual liberty is or cares.

            He doesn’t even grasp what government is, the monopoly on legal violence. He can’t see through the scams like we can because he believes in government. He’s at best the typical just the right people will make it work and he doesn’t even know how to choose the right people.

            Furthermore the guy’s career exists by manipulating institutional processes of finance and government. Can we expect him to understand what these things really are when it serves him not to?

            People have projected a lot on to Trump that just is not there. He’s not very bright in these matters. Not evil like a Bush or a Clinton or the people that buy them, but just dumber than a box of rocks in that regard.

            • Well said Brent, the only thing he “accomplished” was to pass so-called tax reform to give more money to himself and his Wall St. cronies. I actually hoped he’d follow through on getting out of the forever wars, and especially NATO, which is well past its expiration date.

      • Trump tended to hire poorly, not having a grounding in hiring people who could work within and vanquish the deep state while not being of the deep state. I’d also say he failed to grasp the depth of the conspiracy against his presidency. Rich Higgins sent him a memo detailing the attacks and ended up getting fired.

        • I agree, Bill –

          I also think one of Trump’s core problems is his apparent lack of any considered, principled philosophy. He appears to suffer from unconscious Utilitarianism; he favors what “works.” This leaves him without any reference point and vulnerable to attack because he has no real defense against them. They’re just “losers” – and so on.

          Well, now it looks as though he’s the loser … and so, unfortunately, are we.

  6. As I and my true countrymen (most of whom I will never formally meet) continue to prepare physically, materially, spiritually, and – most importantly – mentally for the upcoming/inevitable festivities, against reason still have to hold a faith that the “OM” and his true support team are going to follow through on the arrests/tribunals/punishments of the thousands of criminals/tyrants and their guilty enablers. I know of only tiny fraction of the evil and lies of the leviathan – e.g. I did not understand or “see” what was being orchestrated for the future inside Syria, but in retrospect see all too clearly was was being set up while in N. Iraq/Kurdistan, or that I/we knew full-well there were no WMDs to be found no matter how hard we searched or paid off Iraqi “insiders” to the tune of millions of $$$ (A few of your readers may know of “P.Q.”, of which I was part of the agency security personnel). Evil is all around (true evil), and is not always so well hidden if one only chooses to see, and we all have been oppressed by this evil for at least decades. If the “OM” is just like the rest, and only playing his role in the grand puppet show, then I will take a deep breath, come to terms with my misplaced faith, and cross the Rubicon with my few but powerful and determined true countrymen. But I choose NOW to have faith in the information that I believe to be true/verifiable that has been presented by “the 17th letter”, Vox Populi, et al. However, I will not be surprised with whatever the future holds, no matter how unlikely or outlandish.

    De Oppresso Liber

  7. I personally cannot speak for anyone else. I saw Trump winning massive landslide victories, as I expected on election night. Then I saw obvious crazy things like Faux news calling states clearly without a winner for Biden and states Trump was clearly winning as “too close to call”. Then I watched the fraud reports pouring in- hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots with only Biden selected, Trump poll watchers driven away from their posts by force and corrupt cops, votes way over 100% of registered voters, record breaking percentage turnouts, Republican sweeps except at the top where a very popular and polarizing figure somehow carried every candidate but himself.

    All of this surely meets the preponderance of evidence required for the SC to set aside an obviously tainted election, even if the specific acts are artfully concealed so that they can never be conclusively proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    I went through many stages after the great presidential steal of 2020- grief, rage, disgust, depression, and introspection (questioning everything). Recently, I have been cautiously optimistic, verging on upbeat.

    Government overreach is everywhere. Sure, only some of us are enraged by the masking and the house arrest and the economic destruction. But here’s the thing- the American system at the federal and state level, like all governments, runs on consent. It runs on trust that at least some of the parties are decent and will respect the limits of their “authority”. To the extent that it works, and to the extent that nefarious agents get away with actual crimes, this credulity has to exist.

    This electoral debacle is the greatest thing that could happen for a libertarian anarchist. In order to get Trump, the system had to blatantly cheat in ways obvious to anyone looking. In order to get Trump, they were willing to sacrifice everything which allowed them to claim legitimacy. Meanwhile their cops are attacking decent people while allowing violent criminals to destroy property and kill and maim innocents. Their persecuting attorneys are attacking photogenic 17 year old kids who heroically stood up to violent attacking mobs. The propaganda organs are screaming obvious falsehoods.

    What is going to be the result of all this? Regardless of what happens in the electoral college, the system is mortally wounded. People may be wearing masks, but they know it is political theater. Faux news, the controlled opposition for the propaganda organs of the state, has shown its’ true colors, and its ratings are below CNN and MSNBC- not that those have increased, but Faux has slit its own wrists. Wonderful news!

    Fakebook, Goolag, NotYoutube, and Twatter were made and grown to provide shiny objects to average internet users and make them dependent on easily controllable information sources. Gab, Parler, Diaspora, and dozens of alternatives are growing exponentially. People who have been “backing the blue” are realizing that “Law Enforcement” is a tool of authoritarian government, and questioning the loyalty and integrity of those who wear those uniforms. There is even growing realization that the Mutual Assured Destruction which sovereign individuals were gifted with the guarantee of the second amendment is a tool to be used in times of necessity.

    And as far as Trump goes, he’s been a gift. He has been the tool to throw light on the whole filthy corrupt charade. And if he didn’t see this coming and prepare for it, If he didn’t follow through on his promises to haul the criminals out in chains, then he’s not worthy to sit in that chair and he will make a great example to the country when they come for him and his family like they did for Czar Nick and his family.

    They’ve gone too far, too fast, and they are going to crash. It’s going to be glorious!

    • I am not surprised that few establishment Republicans are supporting Trump at this time. And why would they?

      As they see it, over the next two years, the Democrat left will overreach. Establishment Republicans will then get the votes of enraged voters because who else will they be able to vote for? They may not be wrong, as the Republicans will likely pick up seats in 2022.

      Or will they? I know quite a few folks say they are done with voting period, since they know it’s a sham. Since voting for Trump wasn’t radical enough, will NOT voting become the thing?

      Will being the party of complicity finally bite establishment Republicans in the ass finally? It may not be even necessary for Democrats to cheat for the lower offices as voters stay home on election day.

      • Hi Rich,

        Never say never… but I think this is it for me. At least insofar as regards talking Republicans. If they can’t – or won’t – act then they’re useless and I see no point in wasting even 5 minutes of my life to vote for them.

        Trump may have cured me of that.

      • I will vote local, but the state and federal…..who the hell cares. The Rs and Ds are one in the same. When a guy who can bring 30K people to his rallies and loses versus one who can’t get 30 people to attend- it is all BS. If someone stepped forward as a third party candidate I may consider them, but I am no longer dumb enough to believe my vote matters.

    • ‘They’ve gone too far, too fast, and they are going to crash.’ — Ernie

      The same can be said of the stock market and real estate casinos. ‘Markets’ were goosed like never before with CARES Act trillions to re-elect the incumbents (or challengers who could siphon off votes from incumbents).

      But now, with punters ‘all in,’ it’s like the immediate post-election periods of late 1968, 1980 and 2000, when changing-of-the-guard euphoria also reigned. In all three cases, a nasty recession ensued. Stocks fell and real estate slowed.

      One sincerely hopes that “slip-slidin’ with Biden” will bust GM again … permanently this time.

  8. I don’t know if OM can just do anything he wants, even if it’s legal, there’s still ramifications. So maybe he has some plausible deniability, just saying. But what do I know.

    Hey, even the most perfectly healthy of us all is only going to live to be 80 or 90 years old. So, life is short, a decade goes by in a flash, take a break from all of this nonsense and just HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Be grateful this election fraud nightmare is blowing up! There’s no downside to that having come out!

    People are sick of all this corruption worldwide, it’s a “worldwide spring”, things won’t go on like this. We are the people, we have the laws of physics on our side, resistance is futile.

  9. This comment originates from the occupied socialist state of North Carolina.

    As of last night, el jefe Caligula Cooper claimed, among other actions under the color of law, to continue his open ended emergency giving him unlimited powers, to require face masks on public and private property, including peoples homes and private vehicles and the police power to arrest those who don’t comply.

    This morning I was on the horn with every one of my gov’t reps at every level. All Repukelicans. I warned all of them about this perfected state of tyranny. Apparently the crux of the issue is the state of emergency. It’s been in effect for more than 8 months and there is no statutory limit. Cooper decides when it’s over, which could be never. Just like Saddam or some dictator in Egypt. The most chilling reply was when I asked the county attorney, “will the sheriff arrest people without masks?. He said, “I won’t tell him not to.”

    • Hatterasman,

      Thanks for the heads up. I was planning on driving down to join some family in the Morehead City area tomorrow. If you have any updates on enforcement levels, I’d greatly appreciate them. If enforcement is strict, I think I might just stay home.

  10. I’ve heard it said that Orange Man is in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. Or that he must take the high road (which rarely, if ever, works when your opponent is playing dirty pool, has their eyes on the prize, and is playing for keeps).

    Fact is, we are at war for the culture, soul, and future of this country and our way of life; everything we have known is being systematically destroyed or is targeted.

    Now is not the time for niceties, pyrrhic moral victories, trusting the process, or selling slogans on tee shirts. As Chigurh said to the guy in the gas station, it’s either heads or tails and we need to call it.

  11. Eric,

    Unfortunately, per the COTUS, the states make election law, and set the policies for the same. Secondly, most, if not all, the states already have laws in place to do what you suggest: vote on time, poll watchers, and so on. The problem is that those laws and policies weren’t FOLLOWED; they were outright IGNORED! For example, in PA, GOP poll watchers were barred from entering in Philadelphia. When a court ordered that they be allowed in, the local sherrif wouldn’t ENFORCE the court order. Though I have my problems with Trump, the election shenanigans weren’t his fault; blame the states and their governors for that.

    What Trump COULD have done is have real Attorney General-you know, someone who DOES something! One thing Trump should’ve had the DOJ do is charge the Big Tech CEOs for lying to Congress back in 2018. Back in the fall of 2018, the CEOs testified in front of Congress and denied engaging in censorship. This was in SPITE of the fact that Alex Jones and Laura Loomer had already been banned! Had they been charged with lying to Congress; had those arrogant SOBs been cuffed and perp walked; then Big Tech may not have engaged in the blatant, in-your-face censorship that they engaged in during this election cycle.

    News about Hunter Biden would’ve gotten out, as would Joe Biden’s blackmailing the Ukranian gov’t to fire the prosecutor investigaging his son, Hunter. News about Biden’s copious gaffes would have been passed around; folks would’ve SEEN Biden’s obvious declining mental and physical health. The public would’ve seen enough to know that Biden isn’t the man for the job.

    Trump COULD have done something about George Soros, who’s made it his life’s mission to take down our country. Soros’ home nation of Hungary had the good sense to kick him out; why didn’t WE? Why does George Soros still have his citizenship? Why is he allowed to stay here? Why haven’t his assets been frozen? Had his assets been frozen, then the commie mobs wouldn’t have had the money to operate; the Dem party wouldn’t have had the same money with which to operate. Why wasn’t the beast starved? Why haven’t we done like Hungary, and told Soros to GTFO?

    Trump could also have dome something bout the rioting. First, he could have had the Treasury Dept. freeze the assets of George Soros and his organizations. That would’ve dried up the money paying for these Antifa and BLM a-holes to do their rioting. You know that many of them are from out of state, right? How did they GET to Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, et al? Why didn’t Trump have the gov’t freeze the assets of George Soros and his organizations like his Open Society? The NY Times ran a headline stating that Soros gave $220 MILLION to his pet causes; why wasn’t the beast starved, hmmm?

    Trump could also have sent the Feds in to quell the rioting; he had two justifiable gournds for doing so. One is the previously mentioned interstate travel. Remember Holly Zoeller, the woman who passed out riot gear in Louisville, KY earlier this year? She was also in Charlottesville, VA. When criminals go interstate, the Feds can get involved.

    The second ground Trump had for quelling the rioting is the fact that Antifa and BLM have a thing for Molotov cocktails. Under Federal law, Molotov cocktails are considered “destructive devices”; destructive devices are ILLEGAL, Folks! That said, why didn’t Trump has the BATF go after these people? After all, they were using Molotov cocktails, which are destructive devices, right? Since those are illegal, where the F*CK was the BATF? Why weren’t they doing anything about it?

    I could go on, but you get my point. In closing, Trump COULD have taken steps to get George Soros out of the country. His home country, Hungary, has the good sense to kick him out; why didn’t we? Trump could’ve had a REAL AG, and had the Big Tech CEOs charged for lying to Congress back in 2018; that would’ve put a stop to the censorship we saw this year. Trump could have had the assets of George Soros and his organizations frozen, thus starving Antifa and BLM for operational funding. Trump could have sent the Feds in, since these a-holes were crossing state lines to riot. Finally, the BATF could’ve been sent in, since Molotov cocktails are destructive devices, and are therefore illegal under federal law. Though Trump couldn’t have done anything about election rules in the states, there WAS plenty he could’ve done; he didn’t do it, so here we are…

    • Excellent post, MM. I agree 100%.

      Trump’s biggest downfall was hiring the wrong people. His original AG, Jeff Sessions, was as incompetent as they come. I had hope with Barr, but all he proved is that he is still Bush’s wingman (and part of the Swamp) when the Durham report still hasn’t been released….wonder how much that has cost US taxpayers? He fired Comey and then puts in Wray, another Bush guy! He has zero institution when it comes to choosing people. I can’t believe a man that has 50 years in NY real estate business didn’t know better people then the ones recommended and selected by him.

      • RG,

        That’s what I thought! Trump spent decades in business, so he knows people. Either they would’ve been good for jobs working with him, or they’d know others who’d be good.

        WRT Chris Wray, WTF didn’t Trump FIRE the SOB? He fired Jim Comey rather quickly, so I don’t understand keeping Wray around.

        For AG, Trump could’ve tapped Jeanine Pirro, aka Judge Jeanine. The two have been friends for years. She’d be a KICK-ASS AG!

        I don’t know if the RINOs in the Senate (that includes Mitch McConnell, the majority leader) stood in the way of appointing better people. As I understand it, McConnell has kept the Senate in perpetual session, so Trump can’t even make a recess appointment. That said, I don’t know why he couldn’t get around that by appointing “Acting” whatever, like he did with AG Whitaker. For someone who talked about draining the swamp, he sure has a lot of swamp creatures around him…

        • It seems like that was a big part of it. To pass anything in the senate Trump needed almost every Republican because the Bolsheviks held together. He needed the neocons like McCain and Rubio. Trump was very flawed but at least he was a speed bump. With senile sniffy, it’s going to be full speed ahead for the globalists.

  12. The fault in a POTUS election lies with the State legislatures. They created it. The Constitution gives sole and complete authority to the State legislatures to select electors. The only reason there is a popular election for POTUS is because that was the decree of those legislatures. They have authority to rescind that decree, immediately, discard the election results, and choose electors by any other means they wish. Chicken entrails and astrology if they prefer. The purpose of the electoral college is to PREVENT democracy. A noble purpose, since gang rape is democracy in action. Imagine, if your State legislators controlled the selection of the POTUS, and Federal Senators were still selected by them. Then realize you have FAR more influence on those State legislators than you do on Washington DC. Democracy is the problem, not the solution.

  13. Voters for Goldwater had a great line back then: “I was told that if I voted for Goldwater, we’d get war. Well, I voted for Goldwater and we got war.”

    • Lyndon Johnson: “I’m not going to send American boys to do what Asian boys should be doing”.
      Right, how’d that work out?


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