Orange Rona

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Forced Diapering and Needling is now a near-certainty. It rides on the news that the Orange Man has the ‘Rona. Which means, almost certainly, that the Orange Man will wear a Face Diaper at the next “debate” – which isn’t one, of course – since the candidates agree on the fundamental thing, which is that they have plans for you.

These are plans which you won’t be allowed to opt out of. Your choice, such as it is, will be to choose Plan A or Plan B. Plan C – choosing neither and being left unmolested – will not be among the options.

This will include Diapering – and then Needling.

Unprincipled past is prologue.

When Obamacare came up, for instance, the Orange Man did not contest the idea of the government planning your health care. He asserted his plan for your health care is better than the other guy’s plan. Not repeal. Repeal and replace.

Might as well have voted for Mittens.

Now comes the Diaper. Which will almost certainly cover the Orange Man’s face and thereby let you know what will happen to your face, no matter which man wins the pending election.

We had the comforting hope of a choice before the Orange Man “tested positive.” Orange Man didn’t usually Diaper heretofore – giving hope that he would not force Diapering on the country. But he has “tested positive” – and that probably puts paid to our choice. It will be nigh impossible for him to dissent from Diapering – else he will be accused of spreading death every time he breathes.

And if the president Diapers, everyone will be forced to Diaper. And then, Needle.

His great error was to get tested, of course.

Practically everyone who takes one of these tests test positive. For financial and political reasons. There is money and power to be made.

Also because the tests are hypersensitive to trace amounts of viral DNA; because WuFlu DNA is Corona DNA and Corona viruses are extremely common (e.g., the common cold, the ordinary flu) and thus almost everyone has or has already had “Corona.” Or made antibodies to combat it – the human body’s self-manufactured “vaccine” – which the tests also pick up.

But “testing positive” doesn’t mean you’re sick – much less contagious.

Even less that you will die.

It just means the tests picked up trace material in your system. It would have done so last year and it never would have occurred to anyone to slap a Diaper on their face.

But it is this year now. And thanks to a campaign of fear unprecedented since the time of Der Sturmer, a positive test result has been high-alerted to a “case!” of the WuFlu and the implication of imminent and all-but-certain death. The fact that literally almost all of the “cases!” so identified have not died – or even gotten mildly sick – hasn’t registered because the media never explains it.

Instead, it hypes it.

The cases! The cases!

And the Orange Man fell for it.

He has “tested positive.” Whether he is sick won’t matter. He will be portrayed as sick and will look sick by wearing the symbol of the New Normal, the ugsome Face Diaper. We will see it on his face at the next debate. We will probably never see his face again. Just as he accepted the premise of government deciding for you what your health care “choices” will be, the government will decide whether you can show your face – or not, as it will probably turn out to be.

If the Donald doesn’t Diaper, he will be portrayed as despicable, irresponsible. Hair Plug Man will refuse to be present in the same  room with him unless Donald Diapers, which until the Donald’s “positive” test would have made HPM look like the Sickness Psychotic he is. Now HPM has fear as his ally. A public deranged by ‘Rona Fever will not abide Undiapered Donald.

And that, in turn, will lead to Undiapered no one.

The wheel just turned – and it will leave skid marks down your back and a Diaper on your face.

All because the Orange Man was stupid enough to get tested when he wasn’t sick.

Unless, of course, he isn’t that stupid. The unbearable thought being it’s all part of the plan.

Their plan.

For us.

. . .

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  1. From Ann Barnhardt at

    Is no one going to question this?

    IF one or both do get a cold, will they try to murder one or both by ventilator?

    A COLD.

    It’s a COLD, remember.

    One month to the day before the election, in which the opposition candidate is literally demented.

    Hands up: who usually gets a cold/sniffles once per year? Yeah, me too. Which means we all carry cold viruses, especially in cold season, completely asymptomatically. We have covered this before in the post about how every day we expel poop which contains TRILLIONS of virons and bacteria of various and sundry types. To be human is to carry bacteria and viruses. By the trillions. This is why civilized people build sewers, use flush toilets, and wash their hands after visiting the water closet.

    If they can use this to essentially put Trump under arrest, you do realize that they intend to use this to control the entire population as a tool. The Soviets used accusations of “psychological illness”. The New World Order / Freemasonic One World Political Religion will use the excuse of… a common seasonal cold to eliminate/incarcerate anyone at any time.

    They won’t even need to go through the theater of the “tests”. They’ll just claim “Contact Tracing.”

    So, just to review: two healthy people have been put under house arrest because lying liars have declared that “tests” show they carry a cold virus that might give them the sniffles.

    If they can do this to Trump, they can do it to you. And your CHILDREN.

    Welcome to the brave new world of Freemasonic Kayfabe.

  2. There was never any doubt that Trump was a member of the club. You know, the one George Carlin said you “you ain’t in”. They are all minions of the bank cartel. Which is currently in the process of destroying the middle class in order to acquire its assets, and enslave its people with the approaching absolute surveillance and control. While I fear a civil war as much as anyone, it may be our only chance at salvation. It’s either that or the breakup of the nation, which the bank cartel will make every effort to prevent. With the surreal level of debt the US government has acquired, will at least some of the States realize there’s no advantage in remaining a party to it? Doubtful. There’s too much potential for personal gain among State politicians, with the bank cartel ready to print up some more money to buy them with. I see no way out of this that doesn’t suck almost as bad as remaining in it. One thing is for certain, there will be no return to “normal”. “Normal” has been utterly destroyed.

    • Oh, now BJ, everything is juuuuuust fine! See the whole world donning face masks to irradicate the flu? It just maskes perfect sense! They just want to protect you. Cashless society? Mandatory vaccines? All countries in lock-step? Nothing new here….. Just sane people and benevolent politicians doing good things, eh?

      • Sure Nunz! Nothing to see here Citizen!. Move along, move along… ^^ Normally, I’d have just let that pass (like a bad bean burrito…) but I was in a weird mood last night. Well, weirder than usual… So, I just had to tease you some more. ^^
        I’m quite certain, that all is going according to The Plan, and that Evil Incorporated’s™ foul schemes for Total Global Domination™ are well advanced. But hey, everyone needs to have a hobby…

        • But…but….BJ, I stayed up late one night and figgered it all out. Siegfried from KAOS is the mastermind behind the NWO (Leave it to a German to blame it on the Jews!).

          Now it’s come down to whether our neighbors vote for Maxwell [not so]Smart….or the talking mailbox…..

    • Auric, I’ve been preaching similar stuff for 30 years, to no avail. It’s now coming to pass before our eyes…and still, people don’t want to believe…… Remember how different the country was 30 years ago? No one thought this BS was remotely possible- “It can’t happen here”. Thanks to gradualism, most STILL don’t realize it IS happening here…….

      • Nunz; Thinking about the America I knew in 1990 compared to today is depressing. moreso America in 1980 or 1970. What a great time to be alive! These poor kids today have no idea how great it was to be an American back then. I think Trump recalls the easy livin’ we had in the late 70s and 80s and wants to bring it back. I know I sure do!! Hell, I wish it was 1955 again…..

        • Heck, think of the America I knew in the 1950s – we’re talking about a completely different planet. I feel like I’m trapped in some kind of crazy science fiction dystopia without even so much as a flying car or robot butler as consolation

          I keep hoping to find myself living that scene from the movie “Back to the Future” where Marty McFly wakes up after what he believes to be a nightmare to be told “You’re safe and sound now back in good old 1955.”

          • Oops, forgot to put “Jason Flinders” in the above. For some reason logging directly into the site just hangs on this ancient laptop.

        • They were simpler times. Humans need simplicity. Life is much more fulfilling that way.

          I’ll never understand those that spend money on junk and work like a dog their entire life. What kind of life is that?

          • Amen, Handler! I know people who have boats, and ATVs for the whole fambly, etc. and they spend more time maintaining them and paying for them than they do using them.

            I’ve always lived simply- I don’t need all of that crap- I value my time more than anything.

        • What we have lost, Auric & Jason! We got to experience the very pinnacle of civilization. Seemed like a dream!

          Scary thing is, half the people alive today are too young to have experienced that. They’re told that it was “terrible”, and that “today is much better”- and they don’t know any better, because they didn’t experience it, and they’re fed BS, and they have smartphones…..

          I can’t even imagine what I would be if I didn’t hasve all ther memories of what that great life was like. It’s what keeps me going, because I can think of it every day, and remember the joy and grandeur. It was truly a different world; a much better world. People were people…not government-programmed automatons. There was civility and politeness. You lived within your means…and kids were kids- 4 year-olds didn’t access to porn and Google; and adventurous teens didn’t have street-view…ya had to physically go there to see what it was like! (And you could ride your bike miles from home, alone, when you were ten- and someone calling the fuzz on ya for doing so wasn’t an option!)

          • My brother came over to visit a few days ago – haven’t seen him two years. Wow, did he change!

            He acted very erratic and was constantly pecking at his smartphone answering text messages his twat of a wife sent. Nothing he said was rational whatsoever. I saw him sipping on a Monster, and I asked him how many energy drinks drinks a day. He couldn’t count. He said he has to drink them in order to do his job and take care of the kids. Mommy is apparently too busy being a career woman to care for her family.

            He’s just another victim of modern society. I hate seeing people (especially family) deteriorate like that, but he chose that materialistic family life. I suspect him to snap very soon, especially if he’s still taking those psychotropic drugs his wife forced him to take to control his supposed ADD.

            • Hi Handler,

              Those “energy drinks” are the real-life Brawndo of our time. It can’t possibly be an IQ booster to guzzle chemicalized sugar water all day long. Of course, I type while drinking my fourth cup (already) of strong black coffee. I suppose we all have our drugs…

              • I am desirous of true health and well being. That in my mind defined as taking care of yourself with a decent diet, exercise, minimizing toxic exposure and first-and-foremost treating the medicine-man as a consultant rather than a white-coated deity.

                Yet still absolutely true indeed, caffeine is a cross a lot of us bear.

  3. It’s all just ammunition for the opening shots of Civil War II, which will break out on November 4th. I don’t think America, ANY part of it, is even remotely prepared for just how ugly things are about to get, or how quickly they’re going to get that way.

    I think it was The Saker who said over at the Unz Review a month or so ago that it doesn’t matter who wins the election. The winner isn’t going to become president, as there will be no nation left to become president of.

    • I agree, Lib. This is likely at least in part what the lockdowns were about: To ensure that the pump would already be primed by a restless population struggling uinder a collapsing economy…losing their houses and bidnesses…. They’ll have little to lose. May take a few more months after Nov. to kick-in…but it’s a’comin! Like ya say, things’ll devolve quickly.

  4. OM is going to the hospital “out of an abundance of caution”. If he gets really sick with it, or is assassinated by some bug, we are screwed. The useless diapers will be ubiquitous and eternal.

      • I don’t believe that’s the case but the tests certainly are inaccurate to the point of being worthless. “Cases” don’t mean a damned thing. Sickness and death do, and even the CDC concedes that only 6% of the people claimed to have died from the China virus didn’t have other serious maladies. (In some cases, serious maladies in those who “tested positive” and counted as China virus deaths have included gunshot wounds.)

      • The thing here is “COVID-19,” which isn’t really a defined cause-and-effect correlated disease. Perhaps there is a virus that can be isolated as SARS-CoV-2 but that is not what a PCR tests actually test nor as they intended to be diagnostically specific. It’s a blank slate that allows the test outcome be whatever is necessary. If you go into the test looking for COVID-19 the PCR is guaranteed to find COVID-19.

        An observation of illness has until now been understood to be a medical case, which was assigned to a viral and sometimes bacterial cause with an anti-body test. If you weren’t ill in the first place you never were a case in the first place.

        The new case definition is flipped. Exposure and indication of anything assigned as “foreign” via PCR is deemed a medical case simply as potential for illness. This new definition has been slowly creeping into our knowledge with terms like “prediabetic.” Everyone will sometimes indicate high (relative anyway) blood sugar and that’s all it takes for a doctor to slap a new ailment a growing prescription regiment.

        You may feel and look fine but trust me, you are truly gravely ill! And they can’t be wrong since without fail everyone does in-fact die of something. If you remove all the obvious traumatic deaths, which doesn’t really take that many people, then the doctors are 100% right that something caused you to die and one look at a lifetime of charts will present at least one “see, I told you” thing to blame it on.

        • Exactly, Anon!

          A “case” without sickness or even symptoms. The critical question… and? is almost never asked. This bait-and-switch is pure evil genius.

          • Well, what else would you expect from the Source of all Evil, Eric? ^^
            Its also interesting, that their testing system has been designed, to throw out large numbers of false positives.

            Look into the number of amp steps they use. Couple that with incentives to class just about everything as “covid” related, and you have the bogus numbers so useful to terrorize the general population.

            • Hi BJ,

              Yup. Getting tested is dangerous. To your freedom. If you “test positive” – as practically everyone will – they have you in their system and you are now subject to tracking/quarantine and – probably – a forced vaccination.

              I don’t understand people who aren’t sick getting tested. Do you have your car tuned up when it’s running great?

  5. The US in its current existence is solely for Israel and thus, the Rothschild banking cartel to feed off the goyim for all their worth. Suck the labor, the capital, the technology, and literally the blood, of goyish America. I wish more people were as astute as Mark3 and Nunzio (and our glorious site provider and author, the man who coined face diapers, but he cannot acknowledge publicly he knows about the nose or face utter destruction of this site.)

    When you know the tricks and their evil ways, you know what’s coming. The covidiot shot that is coming will ruin you and your progeny for eternity.

    • Hey, thanks, anonymous! It’s been quiet here for a while, white supremacist/aryan warrior pinheads haven’t crawled out from under their rocks for a while. I’ve really been missing you guys, you’re a lot of fun.

      Nice how you conveniently ignore the Rockefellers, the Chases, the Morgans, etc., not to mention past crackers in the bankster biz like the Medicis and the Barings. All those regular white guys doing the exact same thing as the eeeeeevil Rothschilds (code for you-know-who)! Is there a reason you ignore them? Needless to say if you were to “get rid of” the “Rothschilds” you would still be in exactly the same situation given the huge number of elites hailing from the white christian race and other ethnicities. Of course you guys have never exactly been known for your intellectual capacity. (Nunzio is very astute and craps all over everyone who deserves it. Markie not so much.)

    • LOL! Nice to see one of you morons crawl out from under your rock, it’s been quiet here lately! I’ve really missed you guys!

      Nice how you conveniently ignore the Rockefellers, the Chases, the Morgans, etc., not to mention past cracker banksters like the Medicis and the Barings. All those regular white guys doing the exact same thing as the eeeeeevil Rothschilds (code for you-know-who)! Is there a reason you ignore them? Needless to say if you were to “get rid of” the “Rothschilds” you would still be in exactly the same situation given the huge number of elites hailing from the white christian race and other ethnicities. Of course you guys have never exactly been known for your intellectual capacity.( Eric of course is very astute and I’m certain realizes how full of it you peckerheads are. Nunzio is also very astute and craps all over everyone who deserves it. Markie not so much.)

      • the rothschilds are very real and have financed european wars for at least 400 years. Theyre fake jews from eastern europe called khazars. Theyre very dangerous and run the world today basically. oh well. I cant do anything. And yes Nunz is astute.

        • I guess much like white supremacists are fake christians, right Markie? Of course you very conveniently ignore all the regular white guys throughout history who have done exactly the same thing, which is the point, not that the Rothschilds are any bargain. Dangerous? Check out some of the stuff that the Rockefellers have done and continue to do, as well as Bill Gates, just for starters. All good o’ pork eaters.

          I do agree with you about Nunz, love the guy. I love our little banters as well, but in a different way.

          • Jason theyre jewish converts —-sigh—- not real jews from the bible, And theyre all secular not religious. You could argue theyre satanic especially how they treated the people of palestine and continue to do so. Not one of them believes in the judaism of the old testament. Jesus educate yourself man. Peter the great did kick their ass though and they moved to europe,

            • Which makes absolutely no difference whatsoever, and there are certainly many christians for whom the same could be said. Religion is bullshit. People are just people, all with the same capacity for good and evil.

              Once again, you ignore what regular white guys do. Check out what white guys did to the American Indians sometime. The treatment of Palestinians is shameful but good white christians did the same thing, maybe even worse, to the American Indians. For that matter many of the more virulent white supremacist types around today would happily subjugate or eliminate any and all “mud races”.

              If you claim to be a christian you might want to acquaint yourself with Luke 6:42.

              • Jason, while the capacity for unbridled evil is certainly not limited to any one group, the thing that sets the elite clique of globalist Jews apart is their persistent inter-generational striving to rule the world- and how they are accomplishing it by having pursued it for centuries.

                That is at a different level than the lets-kill/enslave/dominate-a-particular-group-at-aparticular-time-because-it-is-expedient-to-accomplish-what-we want-at-the-=moment.

                While the latter may be just as evil, the former have been doing it on an organized basis, and have enshrined it as an identity and religion- and as Mark said, NOT the religion of Scripture, -which welcomes gentiles who would seek The LORD and demands they be treated as equals- but rather the religion of racial superiority which demands that “Jews” rule the world, and that gentiles are mere dogs, to be enslaved and killed, because they are ‘unworthy’.

                -Their very words, as contained in the Talmud and Mishna!

                Ultimately, their treatment of Palestinians is what is slated for US!

                • Remember, Nunz, when referring to the Talmud and Mishna you’re talking about tomes written largely during the Roman occupation of Judea and the Romans were the hated “goyim”. Who can blame the authors of those works? After all, apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order – and peace – what the hell did the bloody Romans ever do for the place?

                  That being said I have no doubt there are deranged Hebes like the ones you describe out there. I’m just saying you can see the exact same evil desires and tendencies in just about any group of people you poke a stick at. (There was an episode of Twilight Zone aired recently on one of those old show channels where Roddy McDowall crashlands on Mars, which is inhabited by white-robed humans, and he discovers that even there, “people are alike all over.” 🙂

                  In particular, the white supremacist contingent wants all of the things that you mention for themselves. Much like many of the U.S. founders who wanted an all-powerful oligarchy here but under their control (I’m looking at you, Alexander Hamilton), those numbnuts are just pissed because they see what looks like some other group doing what they want for themselves. You’ll probably find that radical Muslims fall in the same camp – they want it all for themselves at the expense of everyone else.

                  There is nothing unique in all this, unfortunately. Take away the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and Chases of the world will be more than happy to fill the void.

                  • True enough, Jason- Look at the Cath-O-lics, who have done much like the Cabal. Such motives are not unique to any one group- BUT, the Cabal is better at it, and they are united by a common ancestry which is rooted in the pursuit of their ancient goal- and they have prospered at what they are doing because they understand the need to control the masses indirectly by controlling the narrative, while making it look like it is not controlled/remaining hidden to the masses.

                    The Catholics try to do similar through their Jesuits- but they mainly operate by gaining control of existing institutions and perverting them via infiltration, while the Cabal will take control externally from the top, through legislation and finance, and by influencing perceptions via the media and psy-ops.

                    Just how the Warburgs did- playing both sides during WW1 (and others)- and to this day, we still have a Warburg in our government…..shows the level at wehich they operate- not just as individual entities pursuing their own goals…but for a long-term overall goal of which many of the Cabal’s members are playing their respective parts to accomplish that long sought-after goal.

                    While other individuals and families of various groups may do similar deeds, they are usually just acting for themselves (Or, often, they are where they are because they are furthering the Cabal’s agendas)- Of course, they are just as evil…..but the overall result of their evil is not a grand conspiracy.

                    The point is, not that any one group is more evil than another…but rather, that one group has been consistently working over a prolonged period of time to achieve an agenda, and they have been very effective at it- to the point that what they have been pursuing for centuries is affecting us personally today- and that Cabal has long possessed a hugely disproportionate amount of wealth which they have used to effect that end.

                    It’s just a reality which can not be denied. All roads once led to Rome. Many still do…but today, those roads are financed by the Cabal! 🙂

                    • It would be nice to see some real evidence of this cabal, like inter-office memorandums from the Rothschilds addressed to the Rockefellers giving them their marching orders. Or perhaps some minutes or notes taken from the meetings of this cabal, maybe the addresses of some of the places they meet and the meeting times. 🙂

                      (I really do think the idea of a centuries or millenia-old conspiracy of that kind is pretty unbelievable. Then of course there are people who are just as insistent that it’s the Masons behind everything, or the Illuminati, whoever they are. As I said my own take on it is that it’s just different groups of greedy, avaricious people doing what they’ve been doing since ancient times because human nature does not change. There’s really no need to invoke vast conspiracies to explain events.)

                    • Hi Jason,

                      Perhaps I can give a little insight. Just a peep. As you know, I once worked within the “mainstream” – i.e., corporate – media. I have friends who still work within it. There are no memos or marching orders, per se. But you know what you may – and may not – write about. As well as how you must write about it. This is transmitted by a kind of osmosis. It’s almost never overtly stated. But if you’re smart, you know not to express certain views – or to express other views – when you are looking for a job. And if you get the job, it is understood that you don’t cover certain topics at all or if you do cover them, you cover them unfavorably. I think the same process of selection/elimination occurs in politics. Essentially, if you’re not a statist of one kind of another – and a believer in the various orthodoxies – the doors don’t open for you.

                    • Yeah, Jason, I’d like to see the minutes of a Mafia get-together, and their stated objectives, etc. too!

                      I could see 2 guys having this same argument 40 years from now:
                      “But the riots were committed by blacks, mobilized by BLM- a black organization!”

                      “BLM was founded by and financed by ‘Jews’, and given a stage by the media- also controlled by ‘Jews’; and it’s core values were promoted in the universities, which were infiltrated by ‘Jewish’ liberalism- on whose campuses it was even a crime to criticize Israel or anything ‘Jewish’, and where if one dares to even hint at any involvement of ‘Jews’ in anything negative, one is forever branded an antisemite.”

                      “Prove it! Where does it say that in the history books? Where are the records of the meetings? You antisemite! Oh, look at this guy, blaming the poor Jews for what the schvatzes did!”.

            • Amen, Mark! THAT brand of Judaism is essentially Babylonian mysticism- if which many even non-secular non-Jews are practitioners of.

              And ultimately, the secular Jews who control the money; the media; medicine, edumacation, the military, et al remain largely hidden from sight, using goy representatives like the Rockefellas et al as a buffer- which is easy to do when you control all of the above. (And why those goy fronts ultimately pursue the very same agendas- one doesn’t bite the hand which feeds them- which of course, doesn’t excuse their own evils).

              It’s just the highest level of organized crime. The local pizza parlor may be a front for the Mafia….but the pizza parlor owner, while also being a crook, doesn’t dictate what the Mob does…he’s just a useful tool who is rewarded for his participation as long as he cooperates…and he may very well get thrown to the wolves when it is expedient to do so…just as Epstein was.

              Look at Hitler: He was used to get rid of a lot of Ashklenazi… the Khazars wanted to cleanse their race (Hence why Israel would turn away boat loads of escaped European Jews)- So it goes down in history as a goy killing x-number of Jews, rather than Jews killing Jews. They always use a front.

              • Well, that’s just one of the areas where we disagree, Nunz. Like I said, people are just people and there is plenty of evil to be found in all ethnicities. No one group has a monopoly on it.

  6. I almost wonder if OM losing would be so bad. Biden will be a blubbering idiot and harris will become the most hated president in history just like hilary would have been but likely even worse. Im not sure those are bad things,

    • Orange Man is still as close as it’ll get to “four more years”, even in light of the fast one that all our local despots pulled beginning seven months ago. He’s obviously still in on the fix but arguably the descent would be slower. Whatever the case may be, you absolutely don’t want the alternative. That being said, given the low wattage mindset of the average voter, combined with OM”s off-putting demeanor, sadly I’m not holding my breath.

        • My gut tells me you’re right but in my heart there remains a glimmer of hope. I never imagined that anything like this would happen in my lifetime, let alone so quickly, yet here we are and it’s only the beginning.

  7. Interesting. My view from 10000 feet is that this puts an end to any more “debates” (I listened to about 15 minutes of it and felt like I was trapped in a blender). As everyone knows, a positive test means precisely nothing.

    Here’s a theory- having been rolled by the “public health” communists back in March, he’s been playing along for time. The great game has gone on- the communist agitators have been rioting in the streets, the communist politicos have been allowed to destroy or at least disrupt hundreds of millions of lives, things are reaching a point of maximum chaos and discontent/pent up anger.

    There is going to be an election in a few weeks- regardless of how bad the choices, some faction is going to have or gain power.

    What do we know about Trump voters? They are angry and sick and tired of the monolithic state f@@king them over and over and over. What has the last 8 months stoked? It has stoked the anger against our communist overlords to a white heat- and the communist agitators have given a very visible focus for the rage of voting Americans- even in places where the Democrat machine has had exclusive ownership for decades like California and New York.

    I think they’ve all completely missed the picture on Trump- the word salad, the bad hair, the seemingly incoherent policies, and surrounding himself with people who are obvious enemies of what he claims to value. I think he’s one of the most skilled politicians the world has ever seen and a truly dangerous man.

    When he comes out of this “quarantine” I suspect that the mask will be gone and the gloves will be off and there will be a flurry of action.

    If not- President Kamala Harris will be just what the doctor ordered to finally trigger a kinetic civil war. Check and Mate. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

  8. I seriously doubt OM was actually tested. He’s doing what he was told to do. It’s in the script. This whole thing is a shit show. It’s just a larger version of good cop vs bad cop and everyone gets drawn in to the story. Truth is, Trump and Biden and etal are all on the same team. Hell, they probably sat down together for a how-do-we-do-better-next-time debrief after the “debate”. Probably rehearsing the next one now. If it’s government, it’s a lie; one with a nefarious objective.

    • Bingo. It’s all theater.

      Every aspect of the federal government is a lie. And everyone remotely associated with the federal government is playing a part.

      • Hi Kurt,

        I have tried to see some occasional good – even if by default – in the Orange Man. But I am rapidly tiring of trying. If he Diapers, he’s a might-as-well Biden as far as I am concerned.

  9. Was his staff member diapered? If so (I presume it was required in order to be in proximity to the president) then how could this have happened? Does this show the diaper to be ineffective?

    No, this was/is part of the plan. They are doubling down again in some places. Trying to pump up the grounded case count and again trotting out sob stories of kids and grannies dying. What better penultimate piece than the Orange Ass being a case.

    I don’t see this as a diaper driver, however. But assuredly a needle driver. Too many billions at stake, for big pharma generally, and the chosen few specifically that got billions in BARDA money to crank these out. The vax polls had trended too negatively, the bad press about side effects was bubbling out, and the virus case count was going away. Hence, new lifeblood was needed to the vax narrative. And so, they give us this. Which Orange Ass will now leverage for a vaccination push like we can’t imagine. Warp Speed Ahead.

  10. Give it a week and see what happens. If the Orange Man doesn’t get ill, my guess is that masking will be over.

    In the meantime, if they are new to you, Eric, the “Deep Space Nine” reruns on H&I are entering the best story arcs of the series, where the show dramatically changed, most likely under threats of cancellation from the studio 25 years ago.

    • OM has been all in on promoting and half in on wearing diapers for some time now. Hasn’t affected the diaper clovers one bit. Today, they do seem worried that if he isn’t ventilated or doesn’t die he’ll go all “it’s jussa flu bro” on them and discredit their overhyped narrative. We can only hope.

  11. Respectfully, I disagree about the mandating of the masks, unless he gets sick. If the President gets sick with extreme symptoms or worse yet, hospitalized, then we are screwed. If he remains asymptotic or has a mild case then I think the mask charade is over. I am not a huge fan of the Prez, you wouldn’t find me at his rally, a sign in my yard, or hopelessly hanging on every word, but I can appreciate his business sense and I do believe he and his Administration have made some good decisions for the US (not all, but some).

    There is a psychological war game going on here. The Prez is an alpha male. He respects toughness. I don’t see him doing a 180, real men don’t. When the virus surfaced he questioned its seriousness (at least to the American public). If he comes through this with flying colors he will be back on the road sans mask. He will say to the American people and state “I’ve had it, my wife has had it, half of my Administration has had it, and here we are.” His stance will be “be cautious, but life goes on.“ Trump realizes his Presidency relies on the the robustness of the economy. If the economy comes back swinging he wins. If it doesn’t, he loses. Trump has more at stake then his Presidency, his businesses. His livelihood. If he shows fear and crumbles losing the election is the least of his concern. This would affect his bank account. Let’s be honest, at the end of the day the world revolves around money, not health, not relationships, not experiences, but money.

    My advice is to never bet against an alpha male. If he wants a certain outcome, he will get a current outcome. The only thing that will stop him is death.

    Signed by a granddaughter, daughter, niece, and wife of several Alpha males.

    • Hi RG,

      I hope you’re right. I worry I am. The alpha male has already donned the Diaper. Before he “tested positive.” Will he Diaper now, constantly? If he wears a Diaper at the next debate, it’s over. Elvis left the building. Wearing a Diaper.

      • A few alphas have donned the mask, but only for work. The Prez has done the same. Very few times – mainly hospitals, large factories, etc. If he starts wearing it in the limo, walking off the plane, at rallies, press conferences, etc we have a problem.

        I am hoping the fragile male ego won’t let me down. 😉

        • Raider Girl, I hope you’re right – and thats what I thought when our own Boris got the bug here in the UK, that hes doing it as a stunt to show its not a big deal and get people out again…..

          But look at us now 😛

          • You got it, Nasir! This Corona BS is a WORLDWIDE initiative, designed to homogenize all nations and economies into a global new world order. It would be utter folly to think that any person who occupies a position within the theater which is public-facing front for the powers who have implemented all of this, could oppose the very objectives of his true masters or that what he is doing has anything to do with his own personal feelings on a given subject.

            • AmExit! Or would it be FedExit? (No, wait…that would involve shipping packages when they positively have to get there overnight).

          • Hi Nasir,

            I think the difference between Trump and Johnson are stark – the businessman vs the politician. Trump is used to being decisive and being able to think on the fly. He has dealt with other global business leaders and lets be honest, they are a ruthless bunch. Johnson began his career as a writer and has spent the last 20 years in politics. Businesses buy Johnson’s influence, Trump was the businessman that bought that influence.

            Johnson talks a good libertarian game especially early on his political career, but he doesn’t practice what he preaches. His first term as Mayor of London enacted some of the most liberal and socialist policies ever. I wholeheartedly agreed with him on the idea of Brexit, but he has never produced a record that mimics personal responsibility and free will, although he has made many a sound bite on it.

            Trump is a blue dog Democrat. Conservative? Libertarian? Absolutely not, but he clearly states his objectives and what he hopes to achieve if not always the reason for it (which sometimes can be personally driven).

            I think Johnson’s fight with COVID and what it did to his health terrified him and he has taken draconian measures because of this. Fear can cost a man his sanity and I believe Johnson has succumbed to it.

            I hope Trump does not choose a similar path.

            • Hi RG,

              We’ll soon see… if the debate is cancelled or done remotely or done with Don Diapered, we will know.

              PS: Both Orange Man and Johnson are elderly and obese; they are precisely the demographic vulnerable to getting any sickness – and that sickness getting worse.

              This whole thing is premised on a kind of dumbing-down, which is the premise behind almost everything imposed on Americans over the past 50 years or so.

              A skilled driver who can safely drive at 80 is cited for “reckless” driving . . . on the basis of a dumbed-down law which assumes all drivers are unskilled glaucomic old men. A healthy 35-year-old is forced to collapse his life because of a bug that poses almost no threat to him because it poses a threat to an obese/diabetic oldster with COPD.

      • Hi Eric,
        I hope you’re wrong about what OM’s positive test portends. I agree with Raider Girl that a lot will depend on the seriousness of Trump’s case and that if he is asymptomatic or has a mild case, that could actually be good for us.

        On another subject, when I was up your way, I observed two things that made me a little more optimistic.
        1) I went to a gas station/convenience store in Salem which had a sign that said they were required by law to post a “mask-required” sign but there was a medical exemption and that if anyone entered without a mask, they would be presumed to have a medical exemption and out of respect for your privacy they would not inquire about it. The employees were not wearing masks and I saw several customers enter without masks.
        2) In every retail establishment or rest stop I went inside over the past two weeks, there was always at least one other person besides myself who was not wearing a face diaper.

        • I’m always a little encouraged when I go to a local gas station here, at a crossroads in the middle of nowhere, where ya rarely see anyone -even the employees- wearing a mask. Last time I went though, some woman (of course!) was grumbling about “no one wearing masks”!

    • Raider Girl, you are right. Matt Gaetz from Florida was on Fox last night and made the point that if the President who is *the* most protected man on the planet can get wuflu then anybody can and masks don’t matter. If Trump gets a mild case then he can argue to this virus is now no worse than the seasonal flu and blue states need to open up now! The left is going to try to capitalize on this new round of hysteria but I think the Orange Man has the smarts and toughness not to let them.

      • Hi Hans,

        I’m praying you and Raider Girl are right – and I’m not religious! If you’re wrong, then the water has breached the fifth watertight compartment and the ship is gonna sink….

        • Hell Eric, this ship is gonna sink, regardless of what the OM does or doesn’t do. Its only a matter of timing. If HPM/Commie Harris get in, it sinks much faster. Make no mistake, they have well and truly broken not just the national economy, with their antics, but also the global economy. This sucker is going down, and anyone sane, has been making preparations for that inevitability for quite some time now.
          The OM can at best buy us some time. Make good use of it.

      • Hans,
        Your scenario would be possible if Trump were acting of his own volition, and with the motive of doing the right thing for the people- but of course, THAT would be contrary to the agenda of the real rulers, who have imposed this Corona BSon the WORLD as a pretext for establishing world governance…….

  12. Still hoping that people will finally begin to understand why we cannot continue to have one man with so much power.

    I know it’s a quixotic vision.

    • I think that was the original Constitutional message, Mr. Kilowatt. The President should have been a nearly inconsequential officer, mainly there to act as the country’s representative. Didn’t quite work out that way, though.

  13. Eric,

    FWIW, POTUS was on board Air Force One with Hope Hicks, one of his staffers, three times this week. She tested positive for the rona. I don’t know if that had a role in POTUS getting tested. BTW, both Donald and Melania tested positive. Melania says that they feel good, so I’m assuming that they don’t feel sick. Again, FWIW…

  14. Is he really stupid or is this whole thing by design?

    If the Orangey were really calling the shots, he could have ended this insanity long ago. But that’s not the object of the exercise. The object of the exercise is CHINA. When we are just like the Chinese surveillance state here, we can get back to normal. Just like China is “back to normal”.

    • Ancap, I think you’re right. The tell was when POTUS kept Drs. Fauxci and Scarf Queen around-AFTER they were proven wrong…

    • Ancap

      As I look back on it, POTUS, aka Orange Man, gave many tells during his term; that’s especially true over the last two years. What are they? Here they are, in no particular order. One, failure to do anything about tech censorship. Two, failure to go after the coup plotters. Three, failure to protect Julian Assange; he’s doing nothing to stop his impending extradition. Four, failure to do anything about Antifa and BLM. Five, his remarks about taking the guns, then doing the due process later. Six, keeping Drs. Fauxci and Scarf Queen around, even after they were proven wrong.

      • Don’t forget promoting complete lockdown of the economy “for 2 weeks” in March to “flatten the curve” theN be reopened by Easter. He even bragged about it at the debate-acle. Today’s news is just the “October surprise” TM.

      • Don’t forget:
        Never even attempting to “Lock her up!”.
        Never even trying to pursue his #1 campaign promise- to repeal Obozocare- instead, giving the opportunity away, to “make a deal”.
        “Dealing” away any actual opportunity to stop the third-world invaders- and in fact, allowing more in than even Obozo did, while straddling us with the laughable “wall”- which is nothing but a huge corporate welfare scheme for favored sons.
        Sweeping Epstein’s convenient disposal under the carpet, and thus taking the plate which was literally handed to him which would have truly allowed him to clean The Swamp, and scraping it into the garbage.
        Signing onto the biggest spending debacle in the history of THE WORLD and effectively guaranteeing the destruction of our economy and currency; accomplishing the very goals as the Green New Deal would have- only calling it a Corona Relief Deal…..
        FURTHER militarizing the police.
        Further funding the military to a level never before seen.

        Yada, yada……

        The guy is nothing but a player on the stage of political theater who courts the “conservatives” by occasionally spouting some conservative mantras…but never really doing anything conservative. If the roles had been reversed in ’16, Trump would have just as easily played the liberal, because there is no real struggle between liberal and conservative factions…only an act to pacify the masses and keep them content by speaking the scripted words- but in the end, the real objectives (which are neither those of the libtards nor the conservatives) are implemented, while we are distracted by the DC stage show. This is why voting makes absolutely NO difference. (Methinks Eric is finally starting to “get it”!).

        • Nunz I’ll add murdering people for no reason like syrians for made up gas attacks and the iranian general. And not getting out of Syria – why the fuck are we there. Sucking Israel off as much as possible. throwing US forces on the Russian border – why? hiring the civil asset forfeiture king Jeff Sessions. Hiring John frigging Bolton – wtf? Hes a blubbering idiot.

          • Amen, Mark!

            ….and he being the one who ran on the premise of no more wars; exiting NATO; defunding the UN, etc. and now he’s sucking them off, while serving the usual Yahudim and the same Goldman-Sachs who were just as content with the Clinton Bitch.

            On…and plotting “regime change” in VZ. too….

            Yeah….such a difference from those usual Swamp Dwellers, eh? 😀

        • and yes his treatment of Assange is beyond despicable. He had a great opportunity and he just totally fucked it. Also choosing gross kushner as his closest advisor, I didint realize we were electing ivanka and kushner in 2016

        • He even nominated a pro-lockdown feminist judge to the Supreme Court.

          Just as they did with Roberts, they used the anti-abortion tactic to sell her to the moron “conservatives”. It worked.

          • And let’s not forget Kavanuagh, Handler!- The enabler of the NSA, Patriot Act and Obozocare!

            I forgot to mention in my list, above:

            OM also championed the construction of the 5G network!!!! (Funny how he coincidentally manages to go along with all of the elite’s objectives, which are also being implemented in all of the other countries!)

            • We are totally screwed no matter which one of those jokers wins, Nunz, and it’s been that way for a long, long time. That’s why I don’t vote. (I won’t bother linking to the astute George Carlin rant on voting, anyone who has not seen it can find it via search.)

              • Exactly, Jason. It’s just a show for the ignorant masses.

                As if Trump could save us from the very things which have happened under his watch! Time progresses…government grows exponentially, and our liberties are destroyed, as the globalist agenda is enacted…and this has indeed been the case regardless of which party or actor has been on the stage. They just mouth the words and throw their respective crowds a tiny scrap once in a while…and that contents the people as we hurtle over the cliff.

                All voting accomplishes is to make us think that we have a choice, as we give our consent to those who rule us. Since I don’t accept the legitimacy of anyone’s rule over me except God’s, I will not vote for a ruler.

                They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do, and with the consent and complicity of most of the people…but not with mine (nor yours!).

                Not voting is about the most Libertarian thing one can do; that, and living our own lives with as little compliance to any of their BS as is possible. Most who vote delegate their autonomy to “the system”.

                • Marky, “If voting changed anything, They wouldn’t let us do it”.

                  Democracy is just the latest scam, that Those Who Rule Us, are using to keep the rubes pacified and productive.

                  It used to be the Divine Right of Kings.


                  Before that it was simply brute force.

                  Which at least was more honest. But has the disadvantage of being too open.

            • Another item to add is the $500 billion of stolen loot he plans to give away to blacks… if they haven’t been given anything the past 60 years! To hell with those working class white males that got him elected!

              What else have we missed?

              • $500 billion to them….but I heard someone bitching the other day that the Socialist Security cost-of-living-increase for 2021 will be one of the lowest of all time- something like 1.1% (Ya know…’cause there’s been ‘no inflation’ LOL).

                Not that I approve of Soc Sec of course…but THAT is absolutely astounding! I figgered that the oldsters would be riding the gravy train! (Well, if the oldster is black…he will be!)

                If I played the stock market, I’d be investing in Cadillac, ’cause there are gonna be a lot of Escalades sold in the near future! They’re gonna have to expand the size of the parking lots at the food stamp offices!

                • Amen and amen to everything on this sub-thread.

                  Orangey talks a tough line and gets the left stirred up against him and galvanizes the right behind him. Then the left still hates him while he implements their bullshit better than any leftist ever did. What does the right do? Love him even more as he advances leftist bullshit.

                  The best shams are hidden in plain sight.

                  • ***”
                    Orangey talks a tough line and gets the left stirred up against him and galvanizes the right behind him. Then the left still hates him while he implements their bullshit better than any leftist ever did. What does the right do? Love him even more as he advances leftist bullshit.
                    The best shams are hidden in plain sight.”***

                    THIS^ !!!!!!!!

                    You could delete everything I’ve ever said about American politics on this site since I started posting here, because YOU have summed it up PERFECTLY in a few sentences!!!!!

                    And it applies across the board,.

                • Morning, Nunz!

                  My resentment toward SS is manifold. It’s not just the money I was forced to “contribute” – it’s the opportunity cost stolen. Had the money not been taken, I’d have used it to make investments under my control, that I own. I’d have probably purchased at least one rental property and by now would be able to live off the rental income and – when I wished to do so – cash out the property and retire on that.

                  Meanwhile, I’d have the money from the rental income; ergo not having to spend more money to pay my day-to-day bills.

                  I’d have been able to not have to work years ago. But like most, I am forced to work and will have to work until I die. Not because I am irresponsible with money. Because the government keeps stealing my money.

                  • Exactly, Eric!

                    Everyone must pay, because some may be too irresponsible to provide for their own retirement…which is to say that all are guaranteed the right to retire, regardless of how they’ve lived their lives.

                    SS is probably the most nefariously ingenious scheme ever inflicted upon any population. Then they wonder why the birfrate has collapsed in all developed countries- who needs kids, if the kids of strangers are forced to support you throughout their working lives?

    • And one party rule, no pesky opposition to get in the way of our glorious future!

      Now get out there and start smelting steel. If our district meets the quota will have all weekend to kill off a few songbirds.

      BTW, we’re going to need your wife to have an abortion because you can’t afford the second child tax.


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