Clovers and Diaperers

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The Sickness Cult is a natural consequence of the Safety Cult; both are fundamentally worry-wart cults. Something might happen – so everything (no matter how over-the-top) must be done to prevent the possibility.

Clovers fear speed – and hate “speeders.” They believe that slower is always safer – and their assertion of this “fact” justifies (to them) the impositions on you, whether in the form of driving 10-15 MPH below the posted speed limit – like the Clover in this video – or via siccing men with badges and guns on the driver who exceeds the posted limit.

Someone might dieeeeeeeee! – or so they claim – as a result of driving faster than they feel is saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe.

Jut as the Sickness Cultists believe that Diapering is safer – and insist that their belief entitles them to impose Diapering on others. And even to sic armed men with badges on those who don’t Diaper.

One brought us the other.

When American wasn’t a worry-wart nation afraid of everything, none of this would have passed muster.

Maybe one day Americans will be remember – and regret what America has become.



  1. “the impositions on you, whether in the form of driving 10-15 MPH below the posted speed limit”Clover
    Sounds like you have trouble with people exercising free choice in the speed they want to drive.

        • Clover,

          I never said slow drivers haven’t got the same right to use the road; I said it’s inconsiderate to not yield to faster-moving traffic, especially when one is driving below the posted speed limit.

          Reading comprehension isn’t a strong suit, is it?

  2. I remember in the 90s folks would put stickers that said “No Fear” (a brand of some kind tied loosely to action sports back then?) on their car and truck windows. Stopped seeing most of those a few years after nahneleven and never see anything like that now.

  3. I’ve used the speed limit example for rationalizing my bare face. Masker: “Why don’t you just put on the mask for 12 seconds while ordering and then take it off? If it helps a little bit, why not do it?” My response, “why don’t you drive the speed limit? lowering your speed will make you safer and if every little bit helps, why not do it?”

  4. Well I for one am delighted with all the hyper cloverism. After all, now that we have eliminated all dangers in life, we are all going to live forever, right? Never mind that life will fall just a tad short of being worth the effort. Never mind that once you reach the age of understanding how safe you are there will be little if any change in your life. Just the same dreary male bovine fecal matter, day after day after year after year, forever (since no one is going to die). For whosoever beliveth in the Safety, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

  5. Get that mask on, you covidiot, doncha know this is a war on a virus?

    Good grief, get a clue, you should be ashamed for not wearing a designer mask and feel guilty for showing your fat ugly mug, you no good filthy swine. Somebody call the cops, you’re not wearing your mask.

    When government orders private businesses to close and cease doing business, what do you have?

    Full on Socialism, government telling you what to do and when to do it, tyranny, which, apparently obvious to every dullard out there, amounts to snafu, fubar and all of the rest of the stupidity.

    Hardly a profitable adventure, the losses are mounting to incredible heights, the numbers are staggering.

    Every bit of it is stupid and the stupidity continues as such.

    When it all stops, it will be a relief, a blessing in disguise.

    • Hi Drump!

      The core issue – core problem, in my view – is this business of interfering with private interactions between freely consenting adults. One ought not to have to beg permission to engage in commerce – i.e., a “business license.” That is properly an affair between the buyer and seller. Especially given that these interferences aren’t performed by a wise, beneficent deity but rather merely other people – rarely better and often much worse than average. Whence came the moral right of these people to micromanage the affairs of others? They hold office? They were “elected”? But who elected them? Who gave them this power? Can any person give power he lacks – morally – to interfere with others to another person to do so on his behalf? And it is not even that, since the proxy isn’t direct and specific. It seems all that is required is for some people – non-specific – to affirm by a vote that they agree to empower an office holder to rule over everyone, including those who voted nay and those who voted not at all.

      In other words, a dictatorship – the assertion of power as its own justification – only harder to pin down its source because there are a number of individuals wielding it and the “public” is allowed to vote which way the power flows – but never to turn it off.

  6. After this past weekend I understand your creation of the Clover. I traveled on I-81 from Wytheville to Winchester. Never, in my life, have I seen so many people driving at or below the speed limit in the left lane. Mile after mile after mile after… On and on and on. It’s a good thing I wasn’t armed. Then there was the masking warnings…sheesh. People getting cute with “the new Norm” (picture of Norm from Cheers wearing a mask) and incessant hectoring. Almost everyone wearing masks while driving alone. How do you live in such a totalitarian state?

    • Virginia is currently better than NY and CA. Not as good as SD. Probably on par with most states in the area. Picking up and moving isn’t a trivial task.

      • The question was mostly rhetorical…but, Eric started it with Clover, Cloverism, Cloverette, To Clover, Cloverific…much like the F-bomb it has many uses.

    • Driving while masked has got to be dangerous. It lowers blood oxygen. Prove that by going to Walgreen’s or Walmart or any pharmacy and buying a pulse oximeter. Measure yourself diapered and Godly (with the face the Creator gave you), first resting and then exercising. Then get some alcohol wipes and show other people.

      We need to fight this–and not by violence. We need to SHOW people what diapers do.

      Gates and other vaccine-mongers say we will have a big disease surge this winter. We will. Blocking sunshine, hydroxychloroquine, even the supplement NAC as soon as BigPharma found out it helps–we have weakened our immune systems. Terror-mongering weakens us as well. Add germ concentrators, and YES, every cold (there are 100 coronaviruses) and diptheria and pneumonia and TB out there will SURGE this winter. Most of it will be claimed as SARS-2, because Media are liars.

      If you are not a cannibal, don’t get any vaccine (they contain human fetal cells). Get Carlson’s lemon-flavored cod liver oil and use it for salad dressing.

      Peters Readers deserve to survive.

      • I don’t know how the diaperers drive a car like that. You will lose alertness and a good portion of your overall consciousness if you don a face condom for any extended period of time. Combine this with the already confined airspace inside the car and you’ve got someone who’s a real danger to themselves and others. It’s the equivalent of inebriation by way of oxygen deprivation.


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