Clovers in the Rain

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What is it about Clovers and rain?

They will put on their emergency flashers  and creep along at 15 in a 55, but never just pull off the road. Or, as in this video, they will create a conga line – one Clover leading the queu at well below the already under-posted speed limit.

Yes, tires have less traction in the wet. But rain is not oil – and slowing down to 35 or 40 on a road with an under-posted 55 MPH speed limit because it’s raaaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnning – is emblematic of the Safety Cult-addled state of this country which, in the space of a single generation, went from putting men on the Moon to being afraid of … everything.

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  1. I wish I knew where this behavior started. It is completely idiotic. People started doing it in my area in heavy rain on the expressways. It’s like asking to get rear-ended.

    • Hi Brent,

      It’s the Safety Cult. People are marinated in hypercautiousness now. About everything. And they are belligerently proud of it, too. Witness the way a Clover will honk and flash its lights if you pass it in such a scenario.

      The way they herd into a line behind an obstacle and will not go around, no matter what. I often roll up on 5-6 cars behind a tractor creeping along at 10 MPH. No one will pass, even though there is plenty of time and space… assuming one floors it and executes the maneuver safely.

      But Cloooooovers do not floor it. Ever.

      They therefore never pass, because there isn’t enough time and space when you attempt to do it cruise-control style.

      Notice we never hear about passing gear performance any more.

      Institutionalized passivity.

      It is no accident people, in general, literally look like cows.

      Fat and stupid, waiting to be led down the chute.

  2. Ironically, these slow pokes in the rain are actually more dangerous then those going with the flow of traffic or a little bit faster. Going all over the place (like the clover in the vid) doesn’t help either. Makes it very hard for other drivers to predict what this moron will do. Try to pass him? He is liable to swerve right into you when you try to go by.

    • Wish I could get my brother and sis in law to get out of there. Their health insurance costs have skyrocketed, since Barrycare, and this income tax increase will be yet another punch.


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