I Can Drive as Fast as I Like!

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Here’s a video making the rounds of a government worker – not armed – lecturing an armed government worker who pulled him over for “speeding” but who did not ticket his fellow government worker. Who explained that – as a government worker – he is entitled to drive as fast as he likes, with immunity from the laws which apply to us, the Little People:

Not that “speeding” is some kind of crime. No one should have to worry about being threatened by armed government workers – and mulcted by armed government workers – merely for driving faster than some other government workers have arbitrarily decreed to be allowed. Who are they to issue any such decree? Let alone threaten others with violence on account of ignoring such decrees.

The point is that the very same government workers who issue and enforce such decrees regard it as a matter for us – and not for them.

They are entitled, privileged – exempted.

Not just from speed laws, either.

Try to imagine how this interaction would have played out if it had been Ordinary You – a non-government worker – glibly telling the armed government worker how you drive as fast as you like and there’s nothing he can do about it…

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  1. Police work just seems to draw the ASSHOLES.

    What’s really galling is that (1) no matter how egregious the (mis)use of force, the cops will spew off “within Department Policy”…gee why did the defendants at Nuremburg use THAT line…oh wait, they did, only they called it “Ve Vas Chust Followink Orderz!” (2) Cops speed and/or use the diamond lane, and worse, drive DRUNK, knowing full well that fellow LEOs will “cover” for them. When they beat the shit out of their respective wives/girlfriends/boyfriends (or all three, FWIW), they know that at worst they’ll get collared for “disturbing the peace” or “false imprisonment” or some other lightweight charge that gets them out of a domestic violence charge, which is otherwise, under the Lautenberg Act of 1996, the end of their law enforcement career.

    • Indeed, Doug!

      And in re Nuremberg: The Nazis in the dock were right. It was “victor’s justice.” The Soviet equivalent of Roland Freisler of the volksgerichsthoff – Vyshinski, of show trail fame – sat in judgment. Molotov was not in the dock, much less Stalin. Yet both also conspired to breach the peace, committed or were complicit in mass murder and were guilty of aggressive war/crimes against humanity.

      Some of the Nazis hanged didn’t kill anyone – yet were hanged anyhow. Streicher, for example. An asshole? Certainly. But all the dude did was publish a repellent scandal sheet. The Chimp is arguably more of a war criminal – yet paints his Gacey-like “art” in peaceful retirement in Texas.

      • As Stalin is reputed to have said, when told that the Vatican objected to suppression of religion in the recently “liberated” Poland by their Communist leadership – “How many tank divisions does the Pope have?” Watch the movie, “The Death of Stalin”, I think you can see on NetFlix. If you’re into history, it’s a goddamned riot! Should have had Eric Idle and/or John Cleese in it, couldn’t be more “Monty Python goes to the Kremlin” than it already is!

        As repulsive a “man” as Herr Streicher was (he had a falling out with Goring over an insinuation that his daughter with his 2nd wife, Edda, supposedly named after Mussolini’s daughter who had recently wed Galeazzo Ciano, had been conceived via the “Turkey Baster”, Goring forbad “Der Shturmer” in his offices and to be issued to Luftwaffe personnel), even to the point where in 1939 he was for all practical purposes kicked out of the Nazi party, indeed, he did NOTHING, other than publish an obnoxious rag and three highly scurrilous books (including the infamous “Trust No Fox…”, oriented towards children), that was LEGAL in Germany and would have been in the USA as well. I’m sure that had his counterpart in the US, one Fritz Kuhn, the self-styled “Fuhrer of the USA” and leader of the German-American Bund, distributed an English copy of Streicher’s infamous magazine, Jewish mobsters under direction of one Meyer Lansky would have gone after them, much as they did at that infamous rally at Madison Square Garden in 1939. However, the US Justice Department would have had NOTHING to say, other than perhaps an allegation, not unlike the Miller case, or with the book “Catcher in the Rye”, that Der Shturmer was “obscene”.

        At least Stalin considered the Nuremberg trials to be a farce. As for did we have ALLIED “War Criminals”…oh, hell yes! In fact, both the RAF Air Marshall Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris and GEN Curtis “Bomb ’em back to the Stone Age” LeMay remarked that had the Allies lost the war and the Axis powers put THEM on trial, they’d be just as liable for “War Crimes” as Goring was. In fact, several high-ranking US Admirals, including Nimitz, King, and Halsey, all gave depositions on behalf of the Kriegsmarine Admirals Donitz and Raeder that they were being tried as war criminals for doing essentially the same thing that they’d done!

        As Rush Limbaugh in his so-called “35 undeniable truths” puts it, there’s no such thing as a “war crime”…WAR ITSELF IS A “CRIME”.

        That’s why the “best” justice system that I’ve seen is the one depicted in “Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome.” “Bust a deal, and FACE THE WHEEL (of misfortune).” After all, what is justice but the flip of a card, a roll of the dice, or a turn of the wheel?

  2. I don’t even mind if he drives 120 on I-10, I like that he said “as long as it’s safe” — I say go ahead, if your car can handle it and you’re courteous to other drivers.

    • While I defend everybody’s right to drive whatever speed you want, I do see the danger when it pertains to truckers. Here’s how it is driving a truck.

      You’re slowly gaining on another rig(everybody feel free to jump in here)and checking your mirrors and taking the utmost care not pull into the lane passing lane when someone is really hauling àss…but the trucker can’t be safe by himself.

      Couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve barely been able to whip that big rig back to the right to not have somebody run into the back of you.

      I got nailed from behind by another truck 4 years ago. You don’t have to tell me anything about it. At least he hit my semi and not a personal type vehicle.

      Since a deputy sheriff decided to ride in the ambulance, I got a lot of advice. Let’s don’t bring up this dipshit who wouldn’t have a clue in my situation.

      Really, I’m not that guy you want to take to skool on anything related to trucking.

    • Hi Crazy,


      The issue, though, is the double standard. Imagine you or me doing the same thing – and saying the same things – to a cop… and what the outcome would be…

  3. SR-71 Groundspeed check story. I’m sure many here have read it before. But think about it in context of Uncle’s warriors spending our money for a dick measuring contest and it takes on another meaning.


    The summary: A pilot of a private, single engine prop plane asks for his ground speed. Then another pilot of a slightly larger plane asks for the same in a show of one-upmanship. Then a navy airman chimes in, thinking he’s hot shit in his taxpayer (meaning the guys in the private aircraft) funded aircraft. Finally the SR-71 pilot (again flying on the taxpayer’s dime) chimes in asking ATC for his ground speed. Hilarious!

    Now at the time this tale took place, the SR-71 was flying over US airspace. It is illegal for you and I to break the sound barrier over the continental United States. But here’s Uncle’s prize pony, easily doing twice that, over the western US. And it becomes nothing more than a funny story told over drinks years later.

    • Not sure how slow a Blackbird could go.
      When fueling the fuel hoses stay attached till it’s ready to roll since it grows in flight and seals up.

      I had a Lockheed higher up send me an email with something he said he knew I’d like. It was a blown 454 “starter engine”.

  4. The Indiana elected critters don’t even have to mouth off to the cops over speeding on I65. The state police largely lets them get away with it. They do it even when people figure out what is happening and complain about it.

    In many states (including both Illinois and Indiana) low number plates (I mean numbers like single, double or triple digits) are badges of prestige for the politically connected. It’s a clear, don’t even think about pulling me over, to the state police. That is if you want to get ahead in your LE career. If you see a car with a ridiculously low number on it (like 4), you’re probably seeing your state rep or one of their family members. Or a very connected insider.

      • Their laissez faire and cavalier attitude (hahaha…this is so funny…haha) really gets my blood boiling. Fucking hypocrites, the whole lot of them

    • When someone “important” comes to Aspen, such as Michelle Obama back in the day, or Mike Pence over Christmas last year, their planes are much too large to land at Sardy Field. So they either fly to Eagle County or Grand Junction and run a motorcade up to town. This causes rolling road closures while they pass by at ludicrous speed. You are commanded to exit the highway. Better to inconvenience hundreds to make sure no unsightly mortal will pass the gaze of the anointed traveler.

      My understanding this is a daily occurrence in the Washington DC metro area, and around the UN in New York.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump saw all this activity around elected officials and it planted the seeds of his desire for the Oval Office. After all, even though he has a chauffeur and big town car, he still got stuck in the same traffic as the rest of us. Meanwhile Maxine Waters can stop the city with a run to Starbucks!

    • Friend here in Alabama found a loop hole in the low number tags. Had 0 for years. Might be an interesting try in other states, too.

      • Colorado won’t let you use 0 on a plate, with the exception of amateur radio callsign plates. When I got mine the clerk couldn’t find my plate in the database because she was looking with O instead of 0.

    • In “Commiefornia”, the active duty and retire CHP have the KA 4993 license plate frame, which is code for, “I’m one of you, don’t bother me!”.


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