I Will Shoot You, Sir!

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Here’s a video of an armed government worker demanding ID – once again – without an lawful authority to do so. The guy filming the government building has every legal right to film anything that can be seen from public property. The armed government workers know this – or ought to.

Granted, the guy taking the video is being deliberately provocative in asserting his right to take video. But so what? Either you have a right to do something or you do not. And if you do, then the government has a legal (as well as moral) obligation to respect it, no matter how much they may not like it.


Also, it’s worth a mention here that these armed government workers are typically uber pedantic when it comes to enforcing actual laws as applied to us. Seatbelt laws and “speeding” laws being obvious cases in point. And Elvis help you if you dare to “interfere” with an armed government worker…

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  1. Eric, further watching of the following 3 videos pertaining to this will clear up the unanswered questions of what took place. These 2 guys were educating Olmos PD because they had done same to others

    One guy had his wrist broken in 2 places being arrested. The one filming was tazed in the back by the police chief.
    Now the city is facing a couple of large suits.

    The victims kept trying to contact them but nobody would respond.

    I’m personally aware of what the do to people they don’t like.

    When you don’t properly genuflect immediately things get bad quickly. Your jail time will not be a simple booking or release. I had some people who were tight with a bail bondsman who got me out quickly (a bit over 24 hours ).h

    Don’t know how but they told him there would be more charges coming for me that never occurred.

  2. As with all such videos of Armed Government Workers[sic] what amazes me is not only the power trip but, the underlying paranoia. What are these people afraid of? Same with when they demand ID because they seem to think everyone is a terrorist.

    Just a bunch of armed to the teeth, pants wetting pansies from what I can tell.

    • Hi Mark,

      We have to keep in mind that video recording their temples is an affront. The priests take umbrage. We are supposed to defer, avert our eyes. Submit, obey.

      This is de facto . . . soon to be de jure.

      • True. And, much of society is part of this religion formed around the Great god GovCo.

        This tragic event occurred Sunday morning. The man who drove the car killed his daughter and daughter-in-law. The daughter was employed by the local sheriff department and the sheriff got tv time talking about how it was tragic and had impacted the department. Her employment had zero to do with her death yet, we’re all supposed to mourn for the Fallen Hero.


  3. As if being a bipedal nonviolent person isn’t enough to just be left alone, this woman(?) has any business even asking? If she wants to “know” what kind of he person he might be, maybe she can ask him out to dinner, unless her “wife” objects, AHahahahaha! (yes, I laugh at my own sarcasm, hey, it worked for Paul Lynde)

  4. Haha! What fun! Of course, he is trying to conceal his transport of “ill repute”, but I can tell you it is a red
    1985-86 Honda CB650SC Nighthawk. They were inconspicuous enough in the 1980’s and ’90s, but not so easy to disguise nowadays, lol! The helmet with a giant star/target on it isn’t exactly what I’d call stealthy, either.


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