Diaper Report: 10/24/2023

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It’s almost Halloween – the annual day of wearing costumes. It’s mostly for kids, but maybe it ought to be for adults as well this year. It might be cathartic – it might be purgative – to get as many grown-ups as possible to do the one thing none of them ought to have done for months on end during the (cough) “pandemic.”

Wear a “mask.”

Wear several.

More than just that. How about full sickness psychosis regalia? The “mask” and the gloves. Also the shield, to achieve the full effect. Get creative!

You wouldn’t send your kid out to trick or treat wearing just a mask. If he’s going as Dracula or a ghost, he needs the whole outfit.

And so do we.

It’s our chance to reverse what was done to us – by a national-level mocking event of what was done to us. Imagine almost everyone walking around on Halloween wearing three or four “masks” – as many as can be managed while still being able to breath – plus the gloves and the plastic face shield.

Dress up like your favorite mask-pushing Gesundheitsfuhrer!

Pretend to be scared when someone else gets too close to you. Make a big show of walking around them in a wide circle. Jump when someone else coughs or clears their throat. Carry a bottle of windex and a towel with you, to ostentatiously wipe down every door hande before your gloved hand touches it.

The effect would be stupendous!

And so would the results.

If this could be organized, if this were to happen, it would be almost impossible for anyone to not show their face the day after Halloween. It would look as ridiculous as walking around with a Frankenstein mask the day – the month – after Halloween.

Social pressure was used to get people to “mask” – in order to make it look as if everyone was terrified of getting sick, which served to make it much easier for the sick bastards who fomented the “pandemic” mass-hysteria to impose their sick regime of “social distancing” and thereby societal alienation. It facilitated the lethal-to-the-political-health of this country casting into widespread doubt the integrity of the 2020 election by providing the false pretext for turning election day into election months and instead of people showing up to vote and having people check that they had a right to vote, collecting (and counting) unvetted mail-in votes.

Let’s use social pressure for good!

Whether you supported the Orange Man or the Biden Thing is not the point. The point is there has yet to be a true accounting of the vote. We are told – by the Biden Thing and those who supported him – that we must just accept the vote, despite the way those votes were cast (and counted) having occurred under palpably suspicious and incontestably unprecedented circumstances.

And that will happen again, if this business isn’t treated before the next election.

Mocking the “masking” would go far toward that end by making it very hard for them to seriously try imposing it, again. It would be like trying to get everyone to put on a clown’s ruffle and red nose, along with the extra-large shoes. Almost everyone would laugh – and that is powerful medicine.

Remember: The Devil – the proud spirit – cannot bear to be mocked.

And neither can the people in human form who are devils, themselves. Most of these are not the ones you saw “masked” during the (snort!) “pandemic.” Those were merely the victims of devils such as the truly scary Dr. Fauci and other such costume-wearing freaks. They knew exactly what they were doing – and fomenting. We’re fools if we do not let them know we know – and that we will never let them do it to us, again.

That alone would make it well worth doing to dress up in mockery of what they imposed on us with all the seriousness of the gelb stern – and for the same reasons.

And there is also the purgative reason.

This nation needs to shed itself of the past three years – not just try to forget it ever happened. The latter doesn’t address the damage done; it merely shoves it below the level of daily consciousness, in the manner of trying to forget about the funny uncle who touched you in a bad place when you were little.

Much better to confront what was done. To get it all in the open. To – in this case – make a laughingstock of evil.

And by doing that, release its hold on us forever.

. . .

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  1. Got my ear tag, got my mask on, got my covid vaccine, got my brain washed, it’s all good.

    Yeah, right.

    Two positives don’t make a negative. Yeah, right.

  2. Nice juxtaposition by Eric referring to Frankenstein and then embedding a picture of Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan! Well done and funny! She doesn’t need to wear a costume for Halloween… she’s frightening enough.

  3. The local politicians are using the Covidian germ phobia to their advantage in other ways. A local city has just outlawed feeding Canada geese. Yes, even on your own property. The reason? They poop, and the poop has germs. From their website:

    “The average goose can produce from one to one-and-a-half pounds of feces per day with movements as frequent as every twenty minutes. Their feces can carry bacteria inclusive of Escherichia coli (E Coli), Listeria moncytogenes, Salmonella, and Campylobacter jejuni,”

    Want to take bets that the people who are so freaked out about poop and germs are the ones who drench their yards in toxic, carcinogenic chemicals in pursuit of a perfect lawn?

    The geese are now considered “nuisance animals.” The only real nuisance I see are the politicians, and I wish I could stop feeding them. But paying taxes is mandatory.

    • Hi SLH,

      That’s about as disgusting as the Nobel Prize Committee giving the Nobel prize in medicine to 2 inventors of mRNA “vaccines”..

      • Hi John,
        Also giving the “peace” prize to Obummer, who got off on murdering people with drones. Would love to send a hellfire missile into his propane tanks on Martha’s Vineyard.

        • Hi Mike,

          Oh yes, the Nobel Peace Prize having been awarded to Barack Obama when he was President. That was a joke too (And NOT a funny one), as Obama didn’t do anything that I’m aware of to actually EARN that prize. Speaking of the Nobel Peace Prize, when Donald Trump was President, there were people who nominated HIM for that prize, but someone else got it instead. I forget who it was. I’ll be disgusted if it was Tony Fauci.

          As for fmr President Obama, he may have campaigned on “No more wars” during his 2008 run, but as you stated, after he got into the White House, his regime murdered people with drones. We also had MORE wars during his time as POTUS. Heck, one could make the case that he made his predecessor, George W. Bush, look like a peace monger by comparison.

  4. Mandates…

    The seven ‘Nolan’ principles…

    Seven Principles of Public Life….that public servants must adhere to….selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership,

    Localism Act 2011 – Section 28: Codes of conduct
    126.Section 28 requires a relevant authority to adopt a code whose contents must be consistent with the seven ‘Nolan’ principles of standards in public life (selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership), and must set out the rules that the authority wants to put in place with regard to requiring members to register and disclose pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests.

    but….all these government bodies, municipal, state, federal…. are all corporations…set up to make a profit…

    If they are Corporations, they have no powers whatsoever, we have not contracted with them, neither do we have any obligation to them.


    from the comments….
    at my workplace in a public service corporation. Management give you sets of rules and say somebody followed the rules and was injured:
    they then inform you that it was only guidance or recommendation.

  5. Have you ever noticed the retards who willingly wear the mask proudly also believe in climate change and drive EVs. There is no fixing stupid. Whenever I bike by one of these virtue signalling morons I cough like we did in school, muttering “retard” and laugh. I use that specific word because you are not allowed to use it. Also I do not look at them, that gives me plausible denibility.

    Have you noticed that people who can afford EVs are often really stupid?

    Also, back during the height of covid, I had an incident. I never went back into the Safeway in my town where they wouldn’t let me without a mask. The employees formed a human barrier with arms locked because I absolutely refused to put on a god damn mask. So I flipped off the whole store with both arms raised up and yelled, fuck all of you covid is a god damn hoax. I am a big guy too, and I used all of the force of my being to project my outrage.

    Not one of those morons has ever apologized to me for their collective insanity (small town we know everyone), but several Safeway employees “died suddenly” as that store gives out free vaxxes. I mean how stupid can you be, how much in denial can you be when your vaxx support and belief is culling your own fellow employees.

    People, this is beyond stupid, this is diabolical. Safeway killed off their own workers and the workers defend the jab!

    Good video about the debt and housing crisis, covering all the points I have posted on this site:

    • BTW another myth needs to be busted – that the Federal Reserve controls interest rates. Not anymore. With deficit spending completely out of control, war spending in the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars per month, with M1 increased by a whopping 16 trillion, whatever happens next is completely outside the ability of the Fed to assert control over it.

      If the Fed tries to abandon interest rate hikes to stop inflation, the bond market will react violently and want more interest. So the Fed can not do anymore QEs or pivots.

      No one knows that yet, except you all, cause I just told you.

      interest rates IMO are going up like the 1970s, to the moon and beyond

      Weimar Amerika is now in an existential crisis, and the joke is, the idiots in charge don’t even know it yet!

      • The fed knows they’re trapped. They’re just playing it off, eyes to the sky, searching for a flock of black swans.

        I’m not even sure 10% is the right number. They can have lower interest rates, the cost becomes astronomical, as in Weimar dollars, wheelbarrows worth. Went and picked up a few items today. A loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, and a pint of blackberries, 17$. But inflation is under control, because last week I bought paper clips, rubber bands and some flash drives at Office Depot for less than they cost me 3 years ago, so there is that

    • Morning, Jack!

      In re: “Have you ever noticed the retards who willingly wear the mask proudly also believe in climate change and drive EVs?”

      Yes. And I think I know why – at least partially. These people crave meaning, which they find in causes rather than religion. All of these things – the Diapers, the EVs and “climate change” – have an in-group/out-group mentality, a sense of moral righteousness and a dogma that must be followed even (especially) in the face of contrary facts, else you’re a denier.

      Many people need religion – a broader system that provides their lives with meaning and purpose and so sense. Lacking religion, they embrace causes.

      • Unfortunately, their meaning requires hate. Of the “other”. I’ve lately become convinced that hate is the affliction that is destroying us.

        • Hi John,

          I saw that too. What’s laughable is at the same time they claim to be all about love, they’ve preached hatred of various “others”, including the unvaxxed, white people (particularly white men), people who supported Trump, people who disobeyed draconian COVID measures, people who don’t belieeeeeeeeeeeeve in climate change, etc.

      • I think you are spot on, but lacking a PhD is psychology I can not say for sure. LOL

        Anyways, during peak covid, I flipped them all off and yelled profane things like “fuck you, you fucking fucks” because I was mad as hell when I could not buy food because of the Safeway employee collective insanity.

        The bigger joke is that in Oregon such “extreme” behavior of yelling profanities in a public place is tolerated as normal behavior. LOL

        It is bad enough being a wage slave driving some crap car and barely getting by. But when the stoopids gang up on you because they watch the TV and believe in the Covids I lost it.

        So guess what I did? When I got home from work I sent my wife to buy the food, at a different store. If anyone tells me I have to eat crickets I am going to take a cricket bat and beat them.

    • Good stuff Jack,
      I usually give out a “baaaaah” when I walk by these masked freaks; wish I could do something similar for the ones driving by, alone in their cars, fully diapered.

      • Hey Mike,
        I now give a loud and obnoxious Rot ro, in Scooby Doo voice when I walk by them, all while acting like they dont exist. The mask holes alone in their cars, I give them a wide berth. Was stuck behind one yesterday doing 35 in a 50 on a one lane road. The line to pass was 6 cars behind me. Didn’t catch the diaper face until I passed him. Showed him some compassion by not flipping him off. Plus, I was on my best good behavior, as the wife and I were on a lunch date.

    • I hadn’t heard about how RFK Jr. wants to decree 3% mortgages under certain circumstances. This makes him out to be completely unserious on economic issues. However, it also raises the issue of how politicians are framing housing costs as an “affordability crisis”, which, as Eric put it, is ripe to be used by communist demagogues.

      Where I live, the county commissioners have demanded the towns within the county form an “affordability task force” comprised of county officials and each town’s mayor and another “planning” official to meet to come up with a “plan” to address “affordability” and the need for “workforce housing”, in other words artificially cheap housing for government workers. It was specifically demanded to no one with a bias against such schemes be part of the committee so the fix is in. Imagine that.

      There is already a big pot of state money, $35 million, at hand to implement any plan. To get it, a law is pending in the legislature whereby the towns would have to forego any building code sovereignty that might forestall say, giant Section 8 Projects being built wherever connected crony developers, one of which with the same last name as the current governor, wishes to build them. Despite some rumblings or resistance, I’m certain they will do this for the money, just like the renamed flu scam. it’s face it’s just another bound to fail crony boondoggle but the precedents and implications over time are chilling.

      • Agreed. Government creates market distortions and then it complains about the consequences of the market distortions, like un-affordable housing following unprecedented money printing. It then begets more distortions by subsidizing this “work-force” housing at the expense of others. Given a chance, the free market would work this stuff out. All of the central planning and grift is maddening and just perpetuates itself.

        RFK, Jr. is a leftist central planner. He seems like he might be a decent guy to hang out with for a weekend at the compound in Hyannis Port, but I don’t want that guy lording over me.

  6. Another way of mocking those who pushed universal face diaper wearing is wearing one by the strap on your ear. That way you “complied” with nonsensical mask mandates your authoritarian governor or local public health bureaucrat decreed but also didn’t suffocate yourself by wearing one “correctly”.

  7. Randomized controlled trials are the “gold standard” of science… until they conflict with what the government (AKA the funders) want.


    So even though the mechanism proported to prevent transmission of viruses doesn’t work, the overall effectiveness of masking does somehow prevent transmission. Huh. So because there’s no experiment you can run on a speaker cable that shows any difference between lamp cord and high end oxygen free “directional” cables, when audiophiles claim they can hear a differnce they’re openly mocked by the scientific community. And let’s not mention prayer and how there’s nothing showing any difference between praying and not praying, yet miracles continue to happen that can’t be explained. But a lousy cloth mask will prevent transmission.

    Don’t scrap your internal combustion engines just yet. They might be better than you’re being told.

    • The ironically-named Scientific American article is one that might be characterize as a limited hangout. Which is to concede something on a very limited basis (in this case, that there’s a legitimate debate as to whether masks are effective in preventing sickness) in order to cement an underlying premise that: “The COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, but in May officials ended its designation as a public health emergency.”

      In doing so, they talk right past the sale of “Covid” and debate about how best to deal with such an “ongoing pandemic.” This would be no different from claiming that the earth is flat and ships could sail off the edge, but there is some question as to whether a rope tied to terra firma is an effective method of mitigating the risks of our dangerous flat earth.

      This article is just a more subtle means of Big Pharma propaganda. It’s pure bought-and-paid-for garbage that should be ignored. The propaganda continues unabated. I just heard an ad from Martha Stewart urging “covid” “vaccination.” Brought to you, of course, by Pfizer.

      • I saw this (heard it on the radio), too: “I just heard an ad from Martha Stewart urging “covid” “vaccination.” Brought to you, of course, by Pfizer.”

        Quite sickening. …Why, I expected better from her, I do not know.

        Must be something about the riddle of steel?

        ‘Conan – The Riddle of Steel’


        [Mang, has Arnold ruined that film, or what?]

        • Hi Helot,

          In re Stewart: It is either sickening greed – as she is very wealthy already – or a desire to signal her virtues to her circle of friends. It is also possible she’s that uninformed. Not stupid. But ignorant and propagandized. There are millions of them in thrall, even still.

          • Hi Eric,
            Especially where Martha Stewart was convicted of “insider trading” awhile back where she was a minnow while the whales swam free. If that were me I would use whatever influence I had left to bring those bastards down. She must have a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.

            • Yes. I guess I expect Martha Stewart to be a little more savvy having been burned by the government.

              By the way, it wasn’t the made-up crime of insider trading. They couldn’t get her on that so they resorted to a “process” crime of lying to the government during the investigation of the made-up crime.

              Having said all that, and although I’m sympathetic of her past persecution, to Martha Stewart I say Fuck You for shilling for Pfizer!

    • The government funds most “science.”

      As a result, most “scientists” are in fact political pawns, who are used to further an agenda.

      Most don’t know it and proceed blithely with their research.

      A few figure this out, or at least refuse to fall into line and do as they are told. Their careers are usually short. You only *thought* it was about learning about nature’s possibilities and limits, or searching for truth. It is in fact a search for empirical justifications for doing whatever it is powerful people wanted to do anyway. Those who provide such justifications achieve degrees, and funding, and high status. Those few who eschew that are cast into the outer darkness, or maybe forced to work in industry.

      • There is more honest science y try o be found in industry than in academia, interestingly enough, but even that has its limits.

        Woe betide the “expert” who tells the boss their pet project can’t be done for some reason. They always say they want yo hear that stuff so they can avoid flushing money down the toilet, but that’s only somewhat true and only when they want it yo be.

        • My experience with a former childhood friend for me confirms your analysis. He never figured it out or did figure it out and chose the dark side. The points you make are important when understanding what we went through the past 3 years.

          • The general public (parts of it, anyway) has spent the last 3 years slowly learning about that.

            They are blessed with a good deal of common sense, but have been taught and conditioned to ignore it and listen to authorities.

            First they have to notice there is a conflict, then they have to size it up, then they have to choose a side, then they have to figure out what if anything to do about it.

            Most of us already did that a long time ago. Everyone else didn’t, so they will require some time, and may vacillate a bit.

  8. Or we can paint ourselves orange, like a pumpkin. Then, add a bouffant blond wig and parade around and “trick” a bunch of rubes into thinking you are going to deliver them from evil.

  9. With any luck, all of the 535 members of Congress will become ill with the corona virus and then die. Then, after that, the executive office holders will become corona-ed and also croak. No one decent soul will miss any of them.

    This nightmare of a government would be over. A relief, time to jump for joy.

    Be a huge benefit for the American experiment and solve a plethora of problems.

    One can dream, but it is just as good to pray too.

    • Drumphish,

      I’m gonna disagree with you on this and pull from Milton Friedman.

      I don’t think the problem is the people who get elected. I think the problem is that the political (and other) incentives influence the powerful to do all the wrong things.

  10. Dress as Hialeah’s favorite OB/Gyn turned expert on transmission of respiratory diseases.

    I guess I’m flogging an expired equine, but I don’t want the world to forget the putz. Note how the camera stops briefly so he can adjust his mask without the tape rolling.


    Oh, and to flog another dead horse, Warren Buffett’s TV station.

    • Nope. The horse ain’t dead yet, so keep beating. That miserable, hijo de puta should have to endure a lifetime of shame for that.

      Alberto Dominguez-Bali
      777 E 25th St Ste 203
      Hialeah, FL 33013
      Tel: (305) 693-3535

  11. I think we are giving the maskers too much attention. I have come to the belief that these people are sick…in the head. They are mentally unstable. I look at them with pity rather than hatred.

    I ran into Lidl yesterday to stock up on my 30 cans of organic green beans that the store had on sale for $1. I turned the cart into the canned goods aisle and there was a young woman (probably late to mid 20s) double masked. She looked like a little mouse. When she realized another person (unmasked) was in the aisle with her she got jumpy. She was only halfway down the aisle but grabbed her supplies and turned the cart around so she didn’t have to pass me. True, no one is going to confuse me with Scarlett Johansson, but I did have a full face of make up on so I wasn’t that scary looking. It was obvious that this was not virtue signaling, but a young woman who has significant psychological issues. Honestly, I felt bad for her. To go through life with that kind of fear and distrust I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

    • I agree, RG –

      But I also think that by treating “masking” respectfully – as if this were normal – we doing the maskers a disservice. Imagine if your kid genuinely believed she was a Furry. Would you meow at her?

      • I had a four year old who believed she was a cat…for five hours. When I took the donuts away she realized it was best to be a little girl.

        I am not saying that we should play their game, but there is a difference between the virtue signalers and the mentally unbalanced. I am not changing my life to appease them. I just give them a wide arc.

    • “I look at them with pity rather than hatred.”
      Indeed, hatred is the life blood of the Psychopaths In Charge. We need less of it, not more.

  12. A Whitmer ghoul mask woould be the scariest costume possible. Another (s)election against a good candidate. Alsp the bullshit FBI entrapment of some innocent guys who wanted to ‘kidnap’ her and now in prison. Our country is f’d.

      • And Killery’s and Piglosi’s. It would be most unsavory to add Ms. Frankenstein’s photo to the line up as she can no longer defend herself. At least that’s the proper thing to do.

    • Whitmer has that disgusting Joker face. You know the one the Gurlz on Tee Vee display from multiple plastic surgeries? Every time I see her I get a strong urge to hurl. I never hit a women in my life, but her face makes me understand why some do.

      Michigan like most states is red. We need one ID verified, in person, person, same day, no mail in ballots, no early voting. Make Election Day a national holiday. Anyone who argues against this is arguing for fraud and continuing the current chicanery

      • The electoral college system is an “equalizer”, which dilutes the power of the largest population centers, forcing the candidates to appeal to ALL states, not just the most populated ones.
        If the “popular vote” was the determining factor in presidential elections, all the candidates would have to do is campaign in two or three of the largest states (New York and California) and could safely ignore the rest.
        The problem is not the “electoral college”, but the “two party system” itself. There should be multiple major political parties, not just two.
        A prime example of the direct “popular vote” skewing election results is that of gubernatorial elections in the “several states”.
        Potential gubernatorial candidates in the large population centers ignore the rural areas as all they have to do is gain enough votes in the major population centers to get elected.
        Here in the state of Michigan, the legislature was, until recently composed of a largely reliably Republican majority. However, the governor’s office is usually filled by a democRAT.
        The states should adopt the electoral college system for gubernatorial elections operating on a county-by-county basis. It would be interesting to see the results of gubernatorial elections if all of Michigan’s 83 counties were properly represented.

        • Correct! A thousand times correct! WA is a prime example also. Demo Gov for 40 plus years, now both reps and senators of the state legislature. Puget Sound population centers and King County in particular is a conveyor belt from county commissioner right into the governors mansion.

          There was a 1964 US Supreme Court ruling that screwed the state’s legislative process, all in the name of “one man one vote”. So much for county/parish control of your state senate and a local republic form of government. Our rural county has one district for state government, King County (Seattle and surrounding areas) have dozens. So, instead of one state senator per county, it’s per state legislative district. We get one state senator King County gets dozens. There is no check on the power of the now libtard majority population centers. Imagine instead, one state senator per county the lib agenda would be immediately outvoted by the other, more conservative counties in the state. Also would apply as a electoral college for any state wide office – your county senator would be the state electoral college vote as well.

        • I agree with you about the electoral college. We give that up at our peril. It seems most states face a similar dilemma. A few population centers containing 60-75% of the people decide it all.

          Once the voting machinery has been commandeered by some low quality lickspittle favored by Soros, or the WEF, that state never moves out of the reliably socialist category. All the places where this happens, it all started with progressive SOS’s around 10-15 years ago. From then on, those officials make deals with software companies. Often given free vacations, bribes, and ‘contributions’ paid for by those wanting control of the count. Then, the state buys the new software, under the guise of transparent, equitable, and fair. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if an algo was written into all this voting software whereby every D vote in the “City” counts as 1.6 votes, or every R vote is .8 of a vote. One day, when we find out the truth, I’d bet a fat stack its something along those lines.

          The country has been shifting to a more conservative outlook for nearly two decades, and yet, Ds sweep the floor with Rs. Don’t let the media fool you. The majority of the country doesn’t cotton to this soft handed, fake and gay agenda. The Bat Flu Psyop only worked because orange man was running it. Imagine if Shuffle Shoes Shitz his Pants, or Hilary was president when it started. Instead of the 2-3% of us who refused, probably a third to a half the people would have never touched a mask. In that case their narrative would have collapsed within a couple weeks, and they wouldn’t have been able to poison half the population.

          Maybe its time that voting was something you qualified for. The left wants to expand who can vote in the name of one progressive hobgoblin after another. In their fevered dream, the ideal turnout should equal 115% of the population. They literally see no problem with that.

          Maybe voting isn’t for everyone. Maybe its only be for property owners, in person, the same day. If you’re too old or enfeebled to show up, you aged out. If you didn’t register in time, tough titty. If you’re under 21, have no job or property, too bad, so sad. Accomadations would of course be made for handicaped or those in wheel chairs to move to the front of the line. But none of this ‘fill out yer ballot’ and give it to some third party to handle. Until these things change, I see no reason for wasting my time, voting for some ‘lesser of two evils charade.’ Its not working, time for something new.

  13. ‘Much better to confront what was done. To get it all in the open. To – in this case – make a laughingstock of evil.’ — eric

    If I wear a Netanyahu mask, will anyone laugh? Will children flee, knowing that he’s killing hundreds of them every day?

    ‘Netanyahu’s political stock within Israel is so low, that the only way he can recover is by making a major step towards the complete genocide of the Palestinian people and the achievement of Greater Israel.

    ‘Netanyahu now knows that there is no violence against Palestinians so extreme that the western political elite will not support it under the mantra of “Israel’s right to self-defence.”

    ‘Biden’s calculation, or that of his security services, is that nobody can or will intervene to save the Palestinians. They judge the genocide as containable. That is an extraordinary gamble.’ — Craig Murray


    On second thought, reckon I’ll just celebrate Dia de los Muertos this year, as the ‘containable genocide’ rolls on, supervised by the inevitable ‘US advisors’ counseling the most efficient means of industrial-scale mass slaughter.

  14. The politicians & bureaucrats who forced that COVID insanity on the masses during the pandemic WANT everyone to forget what they did so they can do it again, not to mention get away with the crimes against humanity they already committed. For example, we have the Biden regime, Gavin Newsom, Justin Trudeau, Tony Fauci, and others trying to claim they never forced anyone to wear face diapers, take experimental mRNA “vaccines” (or else lose their job), or close down a business they own. Well enacting COVID jab mandates for millions of private sector employees with the penalty of LOSS of job for noncompliance sure sounds like FORCE to me. Thankfully the Supreme Court struck that down last year. I’d hate to think what else the Biden Thing might have done had SCOTUS ruled otherwise.

    They also claim they never said that getting vaxxed would prevent someone from getting the dreaded ‘Rona despite NUMEROUS video clips out there of media figures (such as Rachel Maddow) and those same politicians or bureaucrats making such claims.

    I suppose next, they’ll also claim they never mocked or blocked access to drugs that have PROVEN to be effective COVID treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin. But Pepperidge Farm remembers the media & late night “comedians” running a campaign mocking Ivermectin as “Horse dewormer”, not to mention the FDA’s Twitter (now called X) post stating “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it”. They also mocked Hydroxychloroquine as a DANGEROUS drug advocated by the Orange Man, though he ended up being right about that drug.


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