Diaper Report: 09/04/2023

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You have probably been hearing about “masking” again –  via the same “media” that is once again advertising what those who paid for the ads want advertised. Isn’t it astounding how little attention is paid to such conflicts-of-interest? Including the interests of the advertisers – i.e., the drug cartels – who reaped billions by pushing drugs millions were all-but-forced to take.

In order that they might – at last – be allowed to take off the “mask” and go back to living, again.

The irony of the insouciance is even more striking when one reflects that the most insouciant – indeed, the most strident advocates for (and defenders of) the drug pushing and the “mask” wearing were the very people who used to rail stridently about such conflicts-of-interest. But that was before the Left became the Man – and bought control of corporate America and the “media.”

But this time, we have the advantage of foreknowledge.

We know what these pushers have in mind. And we know it is based on calculated hysterics, just the same as last time. This is our weapon against them. The one they used against us last time was the default tendency of the non-psychopathic brain to assume the best rather than the worst – as regards the intentions of others. And – usually – this is reliably reasonable as most people are not psychopaths. They may be annoying to you. They may not have the same opinion as you. But they are not consciously malignant. They do not mean to harm you. Unlike the psychopaths, who are indifferent to the suffering they plan to impose in order to further their plans. If the psychiatric literature is correct, better than 98 percent of us do not think like that – and have difficulty thinking (understanding) that there are people like that.

This time around, a very large slice of that 98 percent has come to understand. Are you one such?

If you are, what will you do when – not if – the psychopaths attempt another “lock down”?  What will you do when they try to force “mask” wearing again? Be aware – right now – that these creatures will try to do it and, as before, they will do so by appealing to your psychologically normal instinct to not be callously indifferent toward the well-being of other people.

Granny might die!

And who wants to be responsible for granny dying?

It was a brilliantly evil tactic.

You may have already heard about their new tactic, which is an elaboration of Granny might die! merged with the symbology of Black Lives Matter:

Vulnerable Lives Matter.

That’s their new marketing catchphrase for the pending “pandemic.” They will try to browbeat you into compliance by exhorting you that failure to comply is tantamount to wishing death on the “vulnerable.”

This is powerful – because it seems like the morally right thing to do. That is to say, most people instinctively feel the right thing to do is to protect the “vulnerable.” As one instinctively does with regard to kids. As any man worthy of the title instinctively does with regard to women and old people.

But this is oilily different.

The “vulnerable” being mostly the ill.

As in mentally ill.

Like the doctor in the video above, who can be seen wearing not one but two “masks.” This is like seeing a lifeguard wearing not one but two pairs of heavy boots. Does the doctor not know that people who aren’t sick cannot spread sickness – and for that reason, their wearing a “mask” is like a celibate man wearing a prophylactic to avoid getting the girlfriend he hasn’t got pregnant? And – please – spare us the hypochondriacal imbecility of “asymptomatic” spreading.

Does she – a doctor – not understand the witch-doctor absurdity of demanding other people wear a “mask” she says she believes protects the “vulnerable”? If so, then those who wear the “mask are not “vulnerable,” according to her own logic. Ergo, what she and other “mask” pushers are demanding isn’t about “health.” It is about sharing their sickness.

Such logic is wasted on “masked” doctors. It is also why more and more of us no longer put much stock in what doctors say – about anything. For the same reason we don’t put much stock in what we’re told by politicians, which is what all-too-many doctors have become. Well, they’ve become the weaponized instruments of political terrorists.

Will we let them terrorize us again? That is the question to ask ourselves – and answer – right now. Before it begins, again. 

it can only happen again if we let them terrorize us again. All that’s necessary to prevent that from ever happening again is to refuse to tolerate it, ever again. And to make that very clear to the terrorists, right now.

Once you understand that it is you who are “vulnerable” – that your most decent impulses are being used against you by despicable people – you will understand how necessary it is to stand up to these despicable people.

. . .

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  1. When I hear people say ‘democratic socialism’ would be better than capitalism, I want to beat them to within an inch of their lives with the reality of history.  

    This is a great series, no narration, no motion-film propaganda, just images of pure totalitarianism, ideological brainwashing, and a nationwide emotional fanaticism driven to the height of narcissistic insanity.


    • Hi Graves!

      “Democratic socialism” is one of those terms used to make something evil seem (sound) benign. Like “we’re all in this together.” The “democratic” part makes it sound like everyone has a say in this system of coercive collectivism – i.e., “socialism.” In fact – as always, when it comes to both “democracy” and “socialism” – a handful of people who have power order everyone else around, claiming it’s “democratic.” This is the reason why “socialists” love “democracy.”

  2. Eric, you’re right!

    We can resist with manly dignity; with politeness and smiles. When commanded to mask up, simply state that you are exempt — because you are! The virus religion is just that: https://www.theepochtimes.com/opinion/who-best-avoided-the-covid-religion-5477689?utm_source=ref_share&src_src=ref_share&utm_campaign=mb-cc&src_cmp=mb-cc

    No man may be compelled to affirm a religion he doesn’t believe. So you have a religious exemption from wearing virus vestments! Don’t explain, just quietly invoke your exemption.

  3. The smokey haze from fires in Canada and the US has the air quality index at over 200. You can see the smoke 300 feet in front of you. It’s been several weeks of poor quality air and it kind of gets to you. No fresh air for you.

    It is the third year in a row that the daytime high temps during July and August did not reach 100 degrees F. August was always hot during the 1960’s.

    Fall and winter will be here soon enough, might be a good idea to prepare.

    Nobody around here wears masks, don’t have to and aren’t going to.

    The sweet corn is ready and it’s a killer crop.

    Time to dig potatoes.

    • RE: “The smokey haze from fires in Canada”

      A different twist to add?:

      “According to the Royal Canadian Police, and the Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, the fires across Canada are considered – arson. This season is Canada’s most destructive in history. As of July 880 fires were burning over 25 million acres. In addition to the forest land, the fires are burning petroleum land. Which would account for why they are so hot and furious. “The remnants of a nuclear blast”. Damaging lungs.

      These are NOT normal. And they are NOT climate related. These fires are purposeful and meant to destroy Canada’s oil industry.”…


  4. Engineers used to be considered professional positions, like doctors and lawyers. Then the industrial revolution and rise of the factory made them employees. The doctors and lawyers watched this happen (along with the loss of stature came the subsequent lower wage), and the AMA especially was hell bent on preventing this from happening to their profession.

    In the end though, the institutions won. Doctors are pretty much employees now, and not only that, so specialized they can’t possibly practice medicine outside of a factory setting. The “family” or GP doctor just takes down information and passes it along to the specialists, who are second guessed by the insurance review doctors who will override on your behalf.

    An anecdotal example:

    A few months ago I had an old-man incident on my bike, and thought I had torn my PCL (the ligament holding the back of my knee together). I had a video consultation with a GP (the insurance company) who recommended an MRI, but required me to follow up with another doctor (also via video) who would schedule it. In the meantime a nurse recommended I wrap it in an ace bandage, sent me a link to a YouTube video for instructions on how to do it correctly. A few days later my knee felt good enough to go back to my 3 mile walks and a few weeks later I was riding again, so I blew off the follow ups.

    About a week after the initial “consultation” I get a letter from my insurance company. Turns out they denied the MRI without 6 weeks of physical therapy. Probably the correct action, but then I also saw a billboard for $500 MRIs, which is less than one month’s premium. What a racket!

    The lawers somehow managed to stave off industrialization, likely due to the convoluted way law is practiced. Odd that too, since the commerce clause doesn’t seem to apply to law firms. But as Adam Curry pointed out on the No Agenda podcast last week Chat GPT will eventually do all the low-level lawyer stuff, just like the nurse who told me to wrap up my knee, and lawyers will just be there to promote the law firms.


    • Hi RK,

      Yup. I have mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: I come from a family of medical doctors. My grandfather – an allergist – had his own practice. He owned it. He had an employee – a receptionist/nurse who helped him with the patients and scheduling of appointments, etc. This used to be typical. Now it is uncommon. Doctors are employees now. And they do what their employers tell them to do.

      • The problem is really that almost everyone’s health insurance is “paid for by someone else.” No one thinks that an employee has a cost associated with them, and just like anything else in a business there’s a P&L for every employee. Every dollar that goes toward the insurance premium is a dollar that won’t go to your paycheck. The Sanders socialists love to make hay over the fact that wages don’t keep up with inflation and that health care is too expensive, yet they don’t make the obvious connection between health benefits, compensation and lack of provider choice.

        Or maybe they do.

        • Hi RK,

          Yes. Also, too many people fail to make the connection between health and healthy choices. Excepting people who have congenital defects, most of us do not have to be sick, or even unhealthy. Obesity is largely as function of choice. If you avoid getting heavy – and exercise and eat reasonably – it is probable the only “healthcare” you’ll need for most of your life is a box of Kleenex.

        • >The problem is really that almost everyone’s health insurance is “paid for by someone else.” No one thinks that an employee has a cost associated with them

          Bingo. Those of us who are, or have been, self-employed are well aware of all costs, including medical costs. For us, there is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or Tooth Fairy to “magically” make costs disappear.

  5. Something to ponder:

    “Did you know that when the menstrual periods of women living together sync up, or the leaves start changing colour and falling off in the fall, or bears hibernate in Alaska first, then Canada, then the US, that it looks contagious but is not?

    Did you know that there have been over three dozen advanced contagion experiments over the last 100 years, some of them running for nearly 4 decades, including close contact, injection of blood, swallowing of fluids, spraying up the nose and in the eyes…and not a single person or animal has ever been made sick from contact with blood or fluids from a sick person?”…


    • Wow, Helot.

      This requires so much attention… I’m still assembling research for addressing some of your previous posts, but it’s not a priority at this time in my insanely busy life. But, before too long, I’ll start giving some substantial and hopefully interesting and educational input.

      Quickly, I’ll address this:

      “Did you know that the founders and scientific pioneers of the pseudosciences of virology and epidemiology for the last several hundred years have all been debunked and that’s why it is still called Germ “theory” and not “fact” to this day?”

      Because something is a “theory” doesn’t mean that theory’s tenets aren’t facts. Sometimes there is a “conspiracy theory”, but it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a conspiracy. There is a “Theory of Evolution”, but it doesn’t mean that life doesn’t change over time.

      Again, more later. Just every minute of every day seems consumed before it reaches me.

      • RE: “Just every minute of every day seems consumed before it reaches me.”

        I can relate.

        RE: “There is a “Theory of Evolution”, but it doesn’t mean that life doesn’t change over time.”

        Ya made me think of, what exactly does a duck-billed platypus evolve from? A duck, or a platypus?

        I saw a video once about spirals on earth & in the universe… got zero energy left, day is over.

        • Hey Helot,

          Well, if you find a bill-less platypus, I’m sure it will be the story of the year in wildlife biology. 🙂

          Also, regarding the platypus: It’s able to find its prey through electrolocation. What a sense to possess, especially if you could get it to work through the air!

  6. The MuskRat strikes a blow for Globalism!


    Seems that Twit-X is back on the Ban Wagon. This is not surprising given that the CEO is a WEF’r.

    RFK, Jr. seems to be the best thing going for Prez in 2024 but, that’s a pretty low bar. Anyone that thinks Trump will do better the second time around is deluding themselves. He showed his true colors when he appointed John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. He then doubled down by not firing Fauci, et. al and going “warp speed”, things for which he remains proud.

    Ron Paul would be what this country needs. Perhaps Rand will team up with RFK, Jr. Remember, Utopia is not an option.

    • WEF’r, I like that one.

      “for every life they [claimed to] save by preventing a death from COVID, they are killing four people from cardiac arrest,”

      The above reminds me a bit of this take:

      OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY

      ‘MAUI 🔥 COINCIDENCES! What do you think?’


      “I outline several crazy “coincidences” that happened right before the Maui Fire… its really something to consider, was it a set up?”

      • ~Pattern recognition? A slice of a comment below the video, dunno if it’s true, wow:

        @kathleenfindlay2361 18 hours ago
        “The same things happened in the “Campfire” in Paradise and Magalia California. The only road going out of town was 2 lane in both directions. The mayor and the city council closed one lane in each direction making it one lane going in and going out. One day before the fire, a white powder appeared everywhere in Magalia. If you look at the local chatter on the internet, people were asking each other what that white powder was. Obviously, it was an accellerant. When they closed the roads people complained about closing the roads because there would be no way out if there was a fire. The city counsel said they had a plan. It was a call system to call people to give them evacuation order if the fires were close. The first people who were evacuated were the people who man the call system. No one got a warning. When the fires were dangerously close, people called the police and the fire department. They were told to stay in their homes until the warning went out. When people realized they had to go or die, the one-lane road became a death trap. Thousands died but the official count is 85. They don’t count piles of ash as a death. So for the dozens of cars that had a pile of ash at the steering wheel and a pile of ash in the passenger side and piles of ash in the backseat; there were no deaths. Once the people escaped to Chico, there was little help there. People had to find their own place to stay. The Red Cross gave everyone a t-shirt and a bottle of water. When people told them they needed their medications and wheelchairs and other medical and dental needs, the Red Cross said “We don’t do that.” Yet the Red Cross raised billions for the fire victims and refuse to say where they spent the money. The Buddhists passed out money cards with hundreds of dollars on it so people could get a meal and a room for the night. A church was feeding fire victims for free so the garbage company in Chico charged the church thousands of dollars because of all the garbage the paper plates and plastic forks created. The police wouldn’t allow any of the victims back to their homes to try to salvage anything for weeks. People who had RVs were not allowed to park on their own land. The city would not issue any permits to rebuild for nearly a year and then only a couple. The cable and water companies continued to charge victims even though they had no home to run services to. They told the victims there would be a substantial reconnect fee if they had an interruption in their service.”…

  7. “Dr” Jill Biden tested positive for COVID. Fortunately, she is experiencing mild symptoms and will isolate in her beach home.

    Why is she testing herself? And why didn’t her multiple jabs protect her? Those questions will never be asked!

    I predict a lot more “positives” among our celebrities, just in time for a new round of diapering by Christmas. Mask up you sheep to protect the old and infirm.

    • Hi Howard,

      There is something supercilious about people who are not medical doctors – or who hold doctorates in “social” sciences – referring to themselves as doctors. Like “doctor” Martin Luther King, for instance. And “doctor” Jill Biden.

      • Hi, Eric,
        Yeah, we had one of those here in local government, who, fortunately, is now gone. A red diaper baby who spent her childhood in Berzerkeley, she “earned” a B.A. in “sociology,” then a “doctorate” in “public administration,” meaning how to be a bureaucrat. No skills whatever which would be of any value in private industry. Made me almost physically ill to watch City Council members slobber over her and obsequiously address her as “Doctor.”

        Years ago, when I worked for a consulting firm, all the science and engineering PhDs insisted on being addressed by their first names, even by those of us junior staff who had not (yet, if ever) achieved a doctorate. We did have one jackass who had a “doctorate” in “marketing” who insisted on being address as “Doctor.” A real pseudo-Nazi heel clicker he was, complete with high and tight haircut, etc. Insecurity, much?

      • …and do not forget Bill Gates. He is not a doctor, either, but wants to jab everyone, quite literally, to death. He is even on video saying he wants to de-populate the world using vaccines. And he says this with a smile on his face, too. P.S. I miss being able to get the follow-up posts in my e-mail, Eric. It is not an option anymore when posting.

  8. Tony Fauci is out there AGAIN. This time he’s asking the Biden Thing to do strict lockdowns of all Unvaccinated Americans. This time, UNVACCINATED might even mean Americans who ARE VAXXED but refuse those “New and Improved COVID jabs” that are supposedly coming. Not only that, now Fauci is even regurgitating BS about COVID and CLIIIIIIIIIMATE CHANGE, trying to connect the two…

    i https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/09/chuck-baldwin/the-empire-is-poised-to-strike-back/

    • Hi Funk,

      Oy. Another. So many of the bands/personalities of my youth – including KISS and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider – have turned out to be everything they pretended not to be. Sad old men, now.

      • I was never a fan of the “hair bands” of the late 80’s. I always found them a little (insert Red Foxx hand movements on Sanford and Son). My favorite singer of all time is Van Morrison. I was so glad he took a stand against the tyranny from day one.

        • Hey Pug, et al,

          I don’t think it’s fair to put Metallica in the same camp as Poison or Def Leopard. Also, do any of you think you’ll be able to belt out “Master of Puppets” or “Fight Fire with Fire” when you’re 60? Ever try now? Also, does anyone know why Hetfield took a test? Perhaps he’s feeling a bit ill, which makes playing a whole night’s worth of thrash metal a little difficult? Would you rather see a top-notch show, or something half-assed due to illness, for your money?

          Pretty quick condemnations, here. Condemn them for the Napster debacle, sure. But, perhaps there is a little overreaction with this?

          • Of course you don’t get it. I didn’t even see in the article that he was “sick”, just that he “tested positive.” Now maybe he was and they just didn’t say/report it. The band sure pushed the phony name brand narrative, though. As if in 2023 those tests have any legitimacy at all. All of this is what’s truly sickening. That it’s still going on.

  9. I so hope I can be Strong this time… Not give in to the pressure. The first time my adult son was freaked out about The Kovid… To minimize conflict I gave in for him.. He has moved! Will I be strong enough to say a firm “NO”. In have the torture of Dialysis 3 times a week.. it keeps me alive. I WILL not wear a mask for the four hour process… Post-Modern 4t digital crap! I hate it! I don’t know anyone who feels this way.. how can I be strong when I AM ALONE! I want my old world back! Aging Gen Xer here… So screwed by the evil. Remember in the 90s there was a revolt against Corporatism.. then they invented “Skryin; Boxes of EVIL AI intent! No one gets it cuz all they care about are twerking DragQueens on SuperBowl(Shit). I will not get me a skryin box: Shiny Black rectangle of ShT!
    How can I be strong for my values when EVERYOPNE is so brainwashed! EPX!!! “Living Dystopia”
    I hope your GD team looses! A**Holes!

    • Hi EPX,

      Having to deal with the medical apparat will make saying NO! to the sickness psychotics much harder. I feel for you, amigo. The thing to do right now may be to find a doctor who will take care of you without . . . taking care of you. I know it’s not easy or convenient and that you need the treatment you’re getting. No one here will fault you for getting it. But I hope you’ll be able to find a way to get it without having to give in to these sick people.

      As far as your son: That’s tragic. I had a taste of that with my younger sister, who has always been conflict-averse. We went to see our mom at the memory car (dementia) place where she lives now. At the door, my sister reached into her purse for “her” (God, how I loathe that term) “mask” and I snapped at her to put the goddamned thing away. She did – and we walked in there together with our faces showing. I love my mom and my sister – but I will not abide “masking” for them or for anyone else.

    • I gave in. When I was going blind from cataracts, and despite much searching for an establishment that could do the work without me masking, and finding none, I put the thing on. Come to find out, the reason it was required was because of Medicare rules. Any business that did work for Medicare recipients had to require masking. It didn’t make me like it any more, but cooled some of my animosity toward the business. As you can imagine, a cataract surgery isn’t going to do well without taking Medicare patients. To me, going blind would have placed an undue burden on my family. Don’t know how I would have reacted if my death was at issue. Likely the same. Do what you think you have to.

    • Im curious if they have home dialysis units that you can use. I remember about 20 years ago a sales rep who visited my company told me about these as he was selling electronics equipment to the upstart company. I am sorry you are going through all of that. That has to be rough.

      As for Generation X, we are the most conservative generation alive in America today. Kind of scary, eh? Late wave Boomers are a close second. Millenials are likely the most liberal one. Unfortunately, your generation during the 1990’s was too interested in the “work hard, play hard” philosophy. Our 20s through 40’s were marked by political apathy and disingagement, although our voting records belied our actions. Generation X is becoming much more involved in civic affairs than it used to be. Unfortunately, boomer and early Gen x progeny became engaged in the most brainwashed, insufferable way. I can’t stand that group.

      Boomers started giving ritalin to these kids, trying to ignore what they were doing as they went to Sierra Club meetings.

      We are fucked when it comes to real opposition to tyranny, but it’s not entirely done, yet…

      • Thanks for your support! Due to my circumstances at home dialysis is not an option. As a first year “eX’R” I had a rebellious streak that did not make me succumb to the the “work hard, play hard philosophy. Our 20s through 40’s were marked by political apathy and disengagement…” I think we were apathetic cuz we no longer trusted GovCo after Kennedy(s) and Vietnam and Watergate. When ones eyes are opened it is hard to regain trust in “civic” institutions… The Michael J Fox business kid archetype was not for me!

  10. I’ve been reading “The Tragedy of Liberation”, which details how the communists under Mao took over China. Turns out the Chicoms had their own version of a scamdemic in 1952. Here’s how it went down…

    Fear: Beijing alleged the U.S. was waging germ warfare by dropping diseased insects all over China. This stoked a mass hysteria event across the country as the Chinese became terrified of flies, fleas, mosquitoes, dragonflies, etc.

    Panic: Many bitten by a bug immediately rushed to the hospital in fear of their lives, overcrowding medical facilities. Food was hoarded by those who feared a total breakdown of society.

    Fake Science: Millions of insects were captured and examined in laboratories and determined to be “infected” with typhoid and dysentery bacilli and other diseases, further spreading the fear.

    Lockdowns: Militia locked down houses and entire city blocks to keep people from spreading the supposed infections. They cut down trees, burned greenery and turned entire cities into “stark concrete landscapes devoid of greenery.”

    Shaming: The communists forced everyone to join the collective effort to rid the country of insects and proclaimed “he who does not kill flies is guilty of germ warfare.” They also placed black flags on the homes of those who didn’t comply.

    Masks: Quoting at length: “Many residents, from traffic police and food handlers to street sweepers, starting wearing cotton masks, which always surprised foreign visitors. This habit would last for decades.”

    Vaccines: Military forcibly vaccinated everyone (except for those who literally ran away) for “typhus, typhoid and just about every other disease for which there was a vaccine, whether they wanted it or not.”

    Wasted Effort: The final result? The campaign did little to improve basic health care and the incidence of certain diseases actually increased from before the start of the scare campaign.

    • Hi Jason,

      I hadn’t heard about this business – about germ hysteria in Chyna. It puts a very interesting spin on what’s happened in America recently.

      • Yet real chinese food is nothng short of absolutely disgusting. That doesn’t include their bats, which were NOT responsible for “covid.”

      • The germ hysteria reminds me of George Carlin’s bit on YouTube about germs, and his swimming in the Hudson river growing up. It makes one wonder what he would say today, of the face diapers? I am sure it would not be politically incorrect, and laced with F-words, I am sure.

    • One of many “scientifically” planned programs. They also killed all the birds because some party member saw them eating some seed as it was broadcast. This caused crops failures from grasshoppers and other insects destroying all the crops.

      People love to point out how stupid the Chicomms were. Yet those same people are perfectly happy to hold many contradicting ideas, such as all the gender and sex change BS, or that a fabric mask will block viruses, with just as much fervor. Oh, they didn’t kill all the birds, but they did kill the economy.

    • The panic might have been unnecessary, but the insect program could very well have been real. It’s completely reasonable that the Company could do such things after first testing the process on small towns in America first, of course.

    • Yersinia pestis, a bacillus, is all you need, get a few trillion fleas, send them to China, watch what happens.

      Just one little tiny bacterium can do some serious damage.

      It would take some serious planning and logistics, but you can’t do that, it’s criminal and murder if anyone dies of Bubonic plague.

      Ten rats for every person, Shanghai has 29 million people, 290 million rats.

      Some believe the Black Plague in Europe was a bio-weapon attack.

      The unvaccinated are not a threat to society, they are a threat to authority

      Boomer’s Sunday

  11. Another term that is likely to be bandied about is LONG COVID, which will likely also be used as justification for bringing back mask mandates for all. I’m no doctor, but is there actually such a thing as “LONG COVID”, or is that just some term that corrupt public health bureaucrats and authoritarians are using to explain adverse reactions people have had to the “vaccines”, prolonged wearing of face diapers, or from being “locked down” in 2020? It has become undeniable that ALL the draconian COVID measures, as well as the “vaccines”, have been a cure worse than the disease itself, but unfortunately we’re still dealing with the aftermath of this failed pandemic policy.

      • Similar to AIDS. Never found a “retro”virus. Aids first stab, gotta make homosexuals mainstream. Let’s give them a disease (nothing to do with lifestyle), make a movie with a big time actor, make it cool to be a fag (I mean homosexual. Put lots of “cool” adds, TV shows with happy fag “families”. Big PR push. My question is, why?
        I have several “gay” friends, also more than several “gay” clients over 40 years. None of them are pushy, none get into the mass push into your face from the controlled media. They just are people living their lives. They are being used. As are most minorities. Even the one which must not be named. Classic divide and conquer. What say you Krustyone?

    • Hey John,

      Having had “Long COVID”, and seeing that many others have endured such a fate, I’m quite convinced it’s real. However, these mRNA transfection systems appear to induce similar effects at times, all on their own.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        I’m sure “Long COVID” exists, but, like climate change and the original COVID, there seems to be an effort to magnify “Long COVID”, when people could be suffering from something else, such as adverse health effects from prolonged wearing of face diapers or having been “vaccinated” with an experimental mRNA shot that to this day STILL has too many unknowns.

        • John,

          As I said, it seems the effects of those “vaccines” can mimic the symptoms of Long COVID, and there is a possibility that people habitually wearing some horrible thing on their face are experiencing ill effects due to hypercapnia (excessive CO2) or the accumulation of disgusting substances and/or pathogens on said face coverings.

          Whatever the malady, environmental issue, etc., and whether or not it meets the definition of “crisis”, some nefarious bastard is ready to “let no crisis go to waste”. That’s doubtless true.

    • Hi John,

      The “long COVID” thing interests me, too. I know there are some here who say they have had it. But what is “it,” exactly? The frustrating thing about so many things in these times is establishing the truth of the thing. I caught a cold during the “pandemic.” Had it been 2015, that’s all it would have been. A cold. I got a stuffy nose, a cough and felt achy and crappy for about a week or so. Was it “COVID”? How is “COVID” different from a cold? I sure as Hell wasn’t going to get “tested” given the hysteria surrounding “the cases.” I was fine, in any event. No “long” anything.

      • Any sickness can cause residual and secondary symptoms that can last for years. Nothing new there.

        Ten years ago I had a terrible cold (I assumed it was whooping cough as it was going around). The cold lasted a month. I broke a rib coughing. Plus my right inner ear was damaged from the infection. I could barely hear out of my right ear for 3 years. Ten years later, that ear is still not 100% and I now have tinnitus in it.

        I guess I had long whooping cough or long cold. Whatever. It is what it is. Since I am not a hypochondriac I don’t obsess about long symptoms from the various sicknesses I have had in my life. Gotta live until you don’t.

        • I agree, Pug –

          Hypochondria is among the saddest mental illnesses. I can’t imagine who miserable it must be constantly obsessing over sickness and performing various strange rituals to ward-off sickness…

      • Eric,

        I’m happy you didn’t experience this particular malady as I did. I know you like to exercise, as I do, and would’ve not enjoyed the searing internal distress that accompanied exertion, for months, in my case.

        It took about 5-6 months before I was back to “normal”, though I’d lost years of gains at the gym. Luckily, I’m gaining back…

        As for as what Long COVID is?.. No one is yet certain. There is simply a breadth of hypotheses out there about this mysterious syndrome. My hypothesis, in my case, is that the infection somehow temporarily banjaxed the way in which my blood vessels expanded and contracted, leading to all manner of circulatory issues. This is how my body SEEMED to be behaving. I’ll possibly never know for sure.

        Regarding other “long” illnesses: Of course, there are many diseases that cause or contribute to extended illness. It happens.

            • What I meant is could the issue be something effecting how the mind is sensing the illness? All the pain and discomfort you feel is sensed in the brain. Even if it’s a nerve or organ all the sensations are processed in the brain. For example you could have a sore foot or the part of your brain that is responsible for the foot “thinks” the foot hurts. It would all be the same to you.

              • Krusty,

                Sure. Now my pulse didn’t drop below 80 for a couple of months, which is certainly abnormal, but one could attribute that to stress or anxiety, along with the heart palpitations I experienced…

                But the idea that the brain perceives all, and thus the whole syndrome could’ve been a perceptual issue, can’t be ruled out, I suppose.

        • What about what people have referred to as Mononucleosis? That is said to last many months (and is alleged to have been identified in the late 19th century). When I was in my late teens I was told I had this. At the time I had a lingering cough, fever, aches, sore throat and general fatigue. When I got tired during the day (or drank lots of alcohol) my symptoms would be exacerbated. It took me about 6 months to get over these symptoms.

          Did I have long covid? I mean, come on, what else could it have been?

          Oh, by the way, I used to eat nothing but junk food and drink Coca-Cola. Literally. I ate absolute garbage food like donuts, chips, ice cream, fast food and sugary soda. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread and Kraft macaroni and cheese were probably the highest quality foods I ate at the time. I was constantly sick and suffered from frequent headaches. Was I malnourished? Yup. Did any diagnosing doctor ever ask me about my diet? Nope.

          Given the symptoms that the tv tells me, it’s clear I had long covid. Yup, you can’t convince me otherwise!

          The fact is, the cause(s) of many alleged maladies (such as colds and the flu) are almost impossible to know. It likely could be a result of a nutritional deficiency or exposure to some toxin. I now eat exceptionally well and exercise vigorously. It’s funny, I don’t seem to get sick anymore. I know. I know. It’s because my good eating and exercise habits somehow translates into a stronger immune system which can fight off all of these viral pathogens before I ever become symptomatic.

          • Mr. Liberty,

            Yes, mononucleosis and the Epstein-Barr virus… Sometimes it is a long-lasting illness, but it obviously wasn’t “Long COVID” because you didn’t have COVID beforehand.

            Now I never said that living a healthy life isn’t beneficial, or that a decadent lifestyle and diet didn’t cause or contribute to a whole litany of issues. It does. I live a pretty healthy life, myself, and don’t often get sick either. And yes, that’s partially due to a well-supported immune system.

            • As far as I’m aware, the “Epstein-Barr virus” has also not actually been isolated. They claim to know it exists because of an inference drawn by the “identification” of certain “antibodies” (Heterophile) which they claim appear in one’s blood 2-4 months after “infection.” However, this is the equivalent of seeing a fire truck and claiming (inferring) that a house must have burned down without actually identifying any house or charred remains. Well duh, why there have been a fire truck there unless it was responding to a house fire?

              They also claim once infected, the virus never leaves the body, yet I am not aware of any identification of this virus from one’s blood who has allegedly been infected.

            • Illness is caused by an imbalance of bodily humors, or possibly a small toad living in your stomach. Those little creatures they see crawling about in fluid under a microscope? Nothing but a parlor trick, or imperfections in the glass. Ignore them!

          • We’re on almost the same page ML, RE: “Oh, by the way, I used to eat nothing but junk food and drink Coca-Cola. Literally. I ate absolute garbage food like…”

            For me, it was mostly, Mt. Dew.

            These days, every now & then, I do a Coke. Bad habits, die hard?

            I grew up around a lot of garden produce though, which I attribute to much good health, in spite of the fact it was drizzled in things such as 7.

            … I’d type more, but, ya know, the other day, I was thinking how I was trying to talk to a klown about the benefits of eating dirt, and I’m like, …why?

            Anyway,… too danged tired to expand. Keep on, keeping on.

      • Considering that the PCR test (which is not to be used to test for diseases) cannot differentiate between the flu and COVID, everything is COVID now. Such makes for great fear mongering for the dumbed down masses. They have cured the flu, didn’t you know? What I find ironic, is that I have not been jabbed once, and have not had COVID yet (knock-on-wood). Meanwhile, my jabbed co-workers (and boosted, too) have had COVID multiple times. And one of my double jabbed and boosted friends died. One traveler co-worker relates that when she runs, her lung capacity is way down from before. I do not bother telling her it is because she is jabbed, because she is very much pro-vaccine. Thankfully, between the D-3 (which I increase with the increasing darkness coming), and the pro-biotic, that has done more good for my health than any needle ever could. But, it does not make Pfizer any money….

  12. I am reminded of what Bill Gates said about covid awhile back. ” The next one will really get their attention”. I don’t think he was joking. The fake virus (really a flu) had millions running for the vaxx and are now the walking dead.

    Certain frequencies sent via 5G, will arm the Vaxx many got and kill them. We may see people actually dropping dead on the street. This would be all it would take to see millions fighting for the head of the line at vaxx stations. Of course they too will die but their deaths would be blamed on the unvaxxed. Remember,,, their vaxx doesn’t work unless we are all vaxxed or some stupid thing like that.
    Law enforcement, military and vigilantes would be out hunting the unvaxxed down like mad dogs. Remember,,, their goal is 95% killed… about 8 billion give or take a few million. By the time anyone figured it out it would be too late. Nothing worse or more stupid than a panicked human.

  13. In modern allopathic medical schools, after their “white coat ceremony” where they begin their God Complex, students are taught what to think, not how to think. Modern medicine is about flow chart-like protocols (developed by others) and not problem solving or creative thinking. After they graduate, pharmaceutical reps teach them what to think. Thus, it should surprise no one that most of them went all-in, donned the diaper, and then went all giddy injecting dupes with poison. In short, they can’t think or won’t think. They’re parrots who can read the Merck Manual or the Physician’s Desk Reference, maybe search on PubMed.

  14. People who fall for COVID hysteria 2.0 are CHUMPS. And the idea that not complying with nonsensical mandates this time is tantamount to wishing death on the “vulnerable”? That’s rich, considering that for a while these psychopaths and psychopath wannabes wished death on those who REFUSED to wear face diapers or become guinea pigs for Big Pharma. Not only that, vaxx hole celebrities advocated DENYING medical care and organ transplants to the “unvaxxed”. And with the alleged coming arrival of “New and improved COVID jabs”, is the Biden Thing and state governors going to try to make taking one of those things MANDATORY, no questions asked, as a condition of resuming normal life?

    How about “Hell NO! We won’t do this again!”, and if necessary, ask questions about what these authoritarian bastards wish to do.

  15. It’s especially offensive given that even the so called experts have clearly stated that this particular strain is relatively harmless (so were the rest). So what’s the problem with ignoring it?

  16. The same people who contributed heavily to my mom’s death in a physical “rehab” facility, by giving her a sick roommate, will undoubtedly “mask up” when they are told to do so. They wouldn’t have the same reaction to being told not to be f’in morons.

    She was a “granny” and elderly and vulnerable, and these imbeciles did the one thing that shouldn’t be done with such a person with regards to communicable disease, namely shack her up with someone who was obviously ill. Yet on the walls of the facility, they have awards for being fervent “COVID warriors” and other such fatuous nonsense. And that should make anyone ill.

    • The term “confession by projection” comes to mind. These psychopaths tell us if we don’t mask up or get vaxxed, we’ll end up killing granny. What they’re really saying is that THEY are the ones who intend to kill granny.

  17. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am noticing a significant decrease of those stating they were “vaxxed”. Did anyone else notice that apparently no one voted for Biden either? I was at my niece’s birthday party on Saturday and I know of one patron there who did get the shot. She didn’t volunteer for it, but it was a requirement for her to be in assisted living. I don’t know how or why the subject came up, but the patron was asking others if they received the shot. Everyone at the party denied it (which is mostly true…if the government says to do something we usually tread the opposite way), but even this participant denied she received it. I kept my mouth shut and just analyzed the situation.

    Oh, how the tables have turned. I think the elite have a fight on their hands if they think 80% of the population is going to be in lockstep this time. I see an occasional masker in my area now and then, but they now stand out like a sore thumb. They usually do not make eye contact, keeping their eyes down, and seem to work swiftly getting what they need so they can exit the establishment.

    I can’t thank the government, medical establishment, and media enough for showing the general population how psychotic they truly are. They overplayed their hand.

        • Hi Swamp,

          I have heard that the “vaccines” are associated with aggressive cancer. I do not know whether that is true. But I am glad I am not “vaccinated.”

          • My initial position was “That’s a completely new idea. I understand how they are telling me it’s supposed to work. But they haven’t shown me any evidence that it actually does work the way they say. And it’s essentially untested. And after the clinical trials we still have no idea what the long-term effects might be. Covid is not likely to be any worse for me than a bad flu, and I’m young & healthy enough that I will almost surely pull through. 98-99% odds or higher, that’s a good gamble. I’ll consider taking a shot like that, if I even still need one, at least five years from now, depending on how this one turns out for everyone else. I have no idea why we are turning medical ethics upside-down over this. It doesn’t even make common sense.”

            Well, it hasn’t even been 5 years and I’m convinced that this new technology is ineffective, dangerous, and unfit for use. If the pharmaceutical companies had any sense of ethics at all they would stop making/selling it. If the doctors & nurses had any ethics, they would stop administering it.

            No need to get into the 5G / self-assembling nanobots stuff. If true that would also be a concern, of course.

            So many reasons not to do it, it isn’t funny. People are far too habituated to doing what they are told all the time.

            • Hi Publius,

              I realized vey early on that the “pandemic” was being grossly and deliberately exaggerated. The cases! The cases! But if you turned off the TeeVeee, it was obvious few people were actually dying, much less “overflowing” the morgues. So I figured it was nothing to worry about and just ignored the hysteria. I’ve also been a longtime skeptic of government and the big pharma cartels and wasn’t about to be pushed into taking drugs I’d already decided I had no need of.

              • They went all-in on this one, and a few—but it looks like probably enough—held out & called their bluff.

                Turns out they weren’t holding any aces after all.

                They’re still playing but now the whole table knows. It will last a while longer, but they’re going bust pretty soon.

    • RG, the snot raggers in Straya are elderly, walk with assistance of some kind, overweight, look older beyond their years, and move very slowly, no doubt all have had 5 shots, and all of them use the plastic cards instead of cash. Especially the women are getting the 5 shots. But I digress. A few chinks also wear the snot rag. Rest of us, no, piss off to wearing snot rags.


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