Another One Bites The Dust

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A very effective way to get people into EVs – or rather, into deep debt for an EV – is to get rid of affordable alternatives to them. It looks like Nissan is going to help do just that by cancelling its most affordable non-EV, the Versa.

You can still pick one up for $15,980 to start.

That’s about $2,300 in 1972 dollars – which is almost exactly what it would have cost you back in ’72 to buy a brand-new VW Super Beetle with a sunroof – but without AC, which wasn’t available (at least not from the factory). The Versa comes standard with AC. And power locks. And a decent four speaker stereo (vs. the ’72 Beetle’s one speaker radio).

It is a measure of how much more you can get for your money today. Assuming you’re interested in spending less of it. But it is about to be taken away. Not because it doesn’t sell, either. Sales of this economical car increased by 115 percent in the third quarter of this year – probably because in the Biden Thing’s America, where a dozen eggs now cost as much as a ribeye steak used to before the last selection, more people are wanting (are needing) economical cars again.

But economical cars like the Versa constitute a threat to electric cars – like Nissan’s Leaf, which is the least expensive EV the automaker sells, at a net loss.

Its base price is $28,040 – or $12,060 more than the base price of a new Versa.

Do you get more car for that additional $12k?

No. the Versa is actually just a scooch larger overall (177 inches vs. 176.4 for the Leaf) and both cars have about the same interior space. But you do get about half the range for your money, if you buy the Leaf. It comes standard with 149 miles of best-case range, in “city” driving. The Versa comes standard with just shy of 300 miles of range in “city” driving and it can go just shy of 400 on the highway.

You can buy a Leaf with a little more range (215 miles) but it’ll cost you a lot ($8,000) extra. That’s the uptick in MSRP from the 149-mile-range Leaf to the “Plus” version with 215 miles of best-case range that stickers for $36,040. For that you can drive an EV that goes a little farther, maybe, than half as far as the Versa – for more than twice as much as it costs to buy a new Versa.

Put another way, if you’d bought the Versa rather than the Leaf “Plus,” you’d have saved $20,060. Not counting the time saved.

You see the problem.

It’s not merely that the Leaf is impractical for anyone who needs a car that isn’t tethered to a very short leash (bear in mind that the best-case range touted by EVs is exactly that; your actual range will be much less if it’s very cold – or hot – outside, just two of the factors that can and do hugely affect how far an EV can actually be driven in real-world driving) or who doesn’t have the time to wait for it to charge. Or who cannot charge it – at home – because they do not own a home.

It is preposterously expensive on top of all that. The “Plus” version is still an “economy” car in terms of everything else. It isn’t fancy. It is small. It comes with a few basic amenities. Other than it being battery powered, the only thing that differentiates it from the Versa is that it costs more than twice as much – and only goes about half as far. Maybe.

So – naturally – the Versa’s got to go. At least, that seems to be the plan. Reports are that 2025 will be the last call for this economical car. With the plan being to make room for another electric car. “As we accelerate towards realizing Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision we have many exciting plans in development,” a company tool told Motor1.

Note the “2030” thing, again. That number seems to have a certain significance, like 666. And for similar reasons. The year 2030 is the year by which the Biden Thing and the things who selected it to be resident plan to have there be essentially no new cars available that are not electric cars. These things have not illegalized alternatives to them. Not yet, at any rate. But they have enacted regulations that are, for all practical purposes, impossible for any vehicle to comply with that isn’t at least partially electric; i.e., a hybrid like the the just-redesigned Toyota Prius (my review is here). And even the Prius is going to have a time meeting the latest regs, which require new cars to average 58 miles-per-gallon.

The just-redesigned Prius averages 57.    

It also stickers for $27,450 – which is $11,470 more than the price of a new Versa. The good news is the Prius has more than twice the range of the Versa. The bad news is you’ll be paying for every bit of it.

. . .

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  1. This might just have the effect of handing over the market to competitors, such as Mitsubishi, Kia, etc. Where there is a market demand for something (like a relatively inexpensive economy car) some manufacturer out there will eventually at least attempt to fill that demand

  2. The Toyota Yaris was way under 20K but ended in 2020, don’t know why. I knew a few that had one. Their least expensive car appears to be the Corolla starting at 21700 (but probably impossible to find).
    Someone mentioned the Mitsubishi Mirage, it is avail and starts at 16695. wow that is tiny. the mirage g4 looks way better for +1100.

  3. Nissan can’t use Brie and Empowerment to sell a Versa.

    The car is certainly more empowering than a bus pass, but they’re waiting to spring that one on us.

  4. Eric,

    This is a SHAME! It doesn’t make business sense, either. A guy I used to work with, a young guy just starting his career, got a Nissan Versa. I dare say that many young adults buy this car for the same reason why my former colleague did: it’s an economical car that provides a lot of value…

  5. #1 son has a 2018 Nissan Versa, paid off, with about 62K miles on it, and plans to drive it until the wheels fall off. It’s not as comfortable as my (con)Fusion, but it gets 33 mpg about town and over 40 on the highway

  6. The problem Nissan has with the Versa vs. the Leaf. The buyers of those Versa’s, would have probably bought a used car otherwise. Not one Versa buyer is also considering the Leaf. Not a one. They can’t even if they WANTED to.

    • No, the problem for Nissan having both on the lot is that the Leaf’s ride and build quality is not any better than the Versa’s.

      An Altima would certainly offer a better ride than a Leaf, even if the build quality is still the same.

  7. ‘Note the “2030” thing, again. That number seems to have a certain significance, like 666.’ — eric

    Numerology is very important to these demons. You better believe it has hidden meaning.

    • Hi Philo,

      It we were basing it off of numerology then 2030 basically is a new start or rebirth. The 0 mean limitless potential, 2 means diplomacy and harmony, and 3 means abundance and prosperity.

      I put a lot more meaning behind the Rockefeller’s Foundation “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.” They literally are giving us the blueprint.

      • RG,

        Actually, 2030 was selected for very pragmatic reasons; that’s when the present fourth turning should finish.

        Demographers and historians Strauss & Howe wrote a book some years ago, entitled “The Fourth Turning”. These gentlemen coined the term “Millennial”, just to give some context. Anyway, in their book, Strauss & Howe studied five hundred years of mainly English and American history, along with some world history. When they did so, they noticed a pattern in history: every fourth generation (about every 80 years) brings with it major changes. After four generations, a society’s institutions are corrupt; they no longer serve the people; the people lose faith in them; so they agitate for change. These fourth turnings are preceded by and characterized by economic upheaval, war, etc. Now, thanks to enhanced communications and media, the world is more or less synchronized for fourth turnings.

        We can see examples of this in our own history. We had the American Revolution in the 1770s. About 80 years later, we had our Civil War. 80 years after that was the Great Depression and WWII. We’re about 80 years out from WWII now. Our present fourth turning started with the Depression of 2008 (what TPTB SHOULD have called “the great recession”), and it will end around 2029 or so. Hmmm, that’s right before 2030! That’s why 2030 is so important to these demonic people; it’ll signify the end of our present, ongoing fourth turning. Klaus Schwab and his buddies know all about fourth turnings, so they’re trying to guide and direct the present fourth turning to bring about their dystopia.

        To take a step back, we can take a look at the goings-on in the world during the 19th Century. We had our Civil War. Ah, but we weren’t the ONLY ONES! Italy and Germany were having civil wars of their own. You see, our Civil War wasn’t really about slavery; it was about the growing industrialism and consolidation. Both Germany and Italy had consisted of regional kingdoms prior to the 19th Century; for example, in Germany, you had Prussia, Bavaria, and so on. After their civil wars, they became the nation states of Italy and Germany. They consolidated their governments at the national, rather than regional, levels.

        SO! The year 2030 wasn’t chosen for numerological reasons. I’m not saying that the numbers don’t mean what you say they do; they very well may. No, TPTB chose 2030 for the simple reason that, by then, our present fourth turning will have concluded, and that they will have used it to usher in the “Utopia” (DYSTOPIA for us!) they so desire.

        • Funny thing about cyclical history. It doesn’t tell you what to do, just that something might happen. The great war began because the elites had all figured out how the world should operate and got themselves tangled up. When the eggshell of their aliances cracked the whole thing collapsed.

          Schawb and the boys think they can stave off the future. But are they considering that people in their place 80 (100) years ago also anticipated the change in the wind and tried to tack their ships too?

          We poor libertarians are Cassandras, shouting about inflation and homeland security and government health miniseries, and people laugh and call us kooky… then they run back into the willing arms of government and ask for another dose of the poison. But what action would we take that might be any more effective than Klaus? Best we might hope for is to minimize the damage, but even that’s not likely.

    • I think the significance is that it is the start of the decade. Nothing more. The grand Satanists that control every aspect of our lives do not bother with ancient superstitions like numerology. Are we supposed to believe there is some “magic” in which numbers are used?

      • RE: “The grand Satanists that control every aspect of our lives do not bother with ancient superstitions like numerology.”

        How do you know this?

        Also, you seem to do this quite a bit: “I think the significance is that it is the start of the decade. Nothing more.”

        Minimizing. … Brushing off. … Poogh-poohing.

        What evidence/trend is significant to you?

        Is everything,… nothing much?

        • Rational thought is important to me. Magical numbers is the stuff of primitive irrational minds. It’s in the same category as astrology, crystals, and “Satan”. Irrational beliefs in unseen forces that operate outside of reality.

          • Krusty misses the point once again. The commenters are not making the case that superstitions or numerology have any real effect, but rather that these beliefs are important to them (“Numerology is very important to these demons.”). Nonetheless, you respond as it they did.

            Krusty: I can’t stress enough the importance of reading COMPREHENSION.

            • I think you need to work on your reading comprehension. Clearly some of the posters believe in that nonsense. Which is nearly as ridiculous as not believing in the existence of viruses or questioning medical theories that have been supported by rigorous testing for a couple of hundred years.

              • “Which is nearly as ridiculous as not believing in the existence of viruses or questioning medical theories that have been supported by rigorous testing for a couple of hundred years.” -krusty

                Thanks for reminding us to trust the experts, krusty. Let’s all repeat after krusty: “We must not “question. . .medical theories.”

                Now, point me to that “rigorous testing” which “support” those “medical theories.” Find me one instance where somebody actually separated and collected, from all other biological matter, an actual virus. You pick the alleged virus of your choice.

                You’re so confident in your “belief.” This should be a piece of cake for you.

                  • I know these graphic images of what you link to convince you of the existence of 22 virus which cause disease, but that’s not how the scientific method works.

                    How do you know that each of those graphic images are viruses? Answer: Because you were told that.

                    How do you know that those images of viruses cause certain alleged diseases? Answer: Because you were told that.

                    Here’s a picture of a Jackalope. It must be real ’cause I seen it with my own eyes.


                    • What a surprise! The internet skeptic asks for evidence, is shown a picture, and doesn’t believe it!

                      What would convince you? Can I get your address? I will send you some smallpox virus samples and you can snort them and when you don’t get sick you will win the argument! Deal?

                    • Your “evidence” proves nothing other than someone created a graphic or took a picture of stuff that they have labeled viruses. It’s no better than my evidence of the existence of a Jackalope.

                      Those pictures also do nothing to prove that the things in those images cause disease.

                      Wake up, krusty. You’re a dupe.

                      Why do I even bother with somebody self-styled as krustyklown? Res ipsa loquitur.

    • I go by the Muslim calendar, 2030 will be the real year of 1450 AH, 1450 is a slang term for Internet trolls supporting the Democratic Progressive Party! Think about that one.

  8. ‘Note the “2030” thing, again. That number seems to have a certain significance, like 666.’ — eric

    Mind the “9/30” thing, too. That’s the end of the US fedgov’s fiscal year. Something must be done, James Howard Kunstler explains:

    ‘You might hear a lot about the coming fiscal year 2024 spending crisis again starting this week. It must be resolved by the end of the month or the government supposedly runs out of money to pay for all the things that government wastes our money on, from underwriting drag-queen story hours to paying the pensions of retired Ukrainian government officials.

    ‘Wouldn’t that actually be a fine opportunity for some vigorous defunding of government activities, such as the DOJ’s special prosecutor operation, Homeland Security’s censorship office, every dollar apportioned to Ukraine, the FBI’s continuing Jan 6 witch hunt, HHS’s Covid-19 hoodoo, and probably a hundred other trespasses against the public’s sense of decency and good faith?’

    So what / who cares? SHUT THE SUCKER DOWN.

  9. I read somewhere that the Versa is the only car left under $20k? Is that true? And now it will be gone, meaning NO cars under $20k.

    Personally I am not interested in spending $50-60 grand on some hi-tech SUV (either electric or gas) that I do not want, cannot work on, and will rot out in the salt.

    Going to be interesting, because it will only be worse in 15-20 years when I am pushing 80.

    • X,

      No, there’s still the Mitsubishi Mirage; it’s competitively priced with the Versa. However, unlike in years past, you can no longer get it with a manual tranny; you get the CVT in all trims. OTOH, the Versa can still be bought with a manual; it’s only for the bottom trim of the Versa, but you can still get it.

  10. They’re literally saying EVs are smartphones on wheels.

    From link:

    In a world where batteries are powering cars, it’s not just design of the car or the engine that is going to win over consumers. Technology is increasingly important.

    “Premium EVs now need to resemble smartphones more than traditional cars to offer a similar experience to Tesla – the gold standard in EVs with its vertically integrated platform,” Counterpoint said in a note last week.

    • I am starting to think the WEFers hate liberals. I would love to find a study that scrutinizes the amount of EMF/RF that is being generated by EVs, smart phones, blue tooth, smart meters, etc. Our bodies are incapable of being able to protect us from insane amounts of electromagnetic radiation that is constantly surrounding us.

      An EV is a freaking microwave and the driver is the chicken that is being defrosted. The only thing a new car is going to do in this day and age is kill us either by frying us alive or overcorrecting our driving.

      • I think they hate us all equally. After all, we’re breathing their air, occupying their land… Like the native americans were doing a few years back until they were “nudged” into their new way of life. Same old story.

        These plans they have for us need to be thwarted at every opportunity.

      • Sit in your EV when charging and get microwaved and if you are unlucky the lithium fire bomb battery will catch fire and incinerate you….

        Health damage from EMF radiation from EV’s

        Since Tesla is an electric car with a large battery and an electric motor, it emits high amounts of EMF radiation. The latest models emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

        Dangers of EMF Radiation from Tesla Cars and Other Electric Cars
        According to a study by Scripps Clinic Research Foundation, high levels of EMF from EVs make the drivers drowsy and sleepy while driving. Based on the study, drivers who are exposed to high levels of EMF while driving are likely to sleep 52 minutes faster than those exposed to low levels of EMF. Is this why there are so many tesla, EV, crashes?

        In addition, exposure to radiation while driving can result in headaches, neck stiffness, and dry eyes or blurred vision. Long-term exposure to these sources of EMF radiation may have long-term health complications.EMF Radiation from Electric Cars
        blurred vision… this causing crashes?

        According to Dr. Joel Moskowitz at the University of California Berkeley, hybrid cars and other electric cars have increased levels of ELF that cause cancer, increase the level of oxidative stress that leads to DNA fragmentation, cause cell damage, fertility issues, drowsiness, etc.

        So drive an EV and get…..damaged DNA , cell damage, get sterilized, get drowsiness and crash….lol

        Electric cars, including the Tesla EV do emit a dangerous amount of EMF ……….Electric cars do emit more radiation compared to standard fossil fuel vehicles.

        If you sit in your EV when connected to the super charger/ high speed charger you get microwaved, stay away from the car when it is charging.

        Stay out of the car….lol……….this will be interesting in the middle of the night, in a dark parking lot, when it is snowing and freezing out….lol….these Ev`s are a safety hazard in many ways…

        Avoid Sitting in the Car While Charging the Battery
        When supercharging the battery, a high amount of EMF is emitted, therefore, do not stay inside the car.

        Charging the car creates substantial amounts of dirty electricity (DE). When you charge your car in the garage, you are putting extremely high levels of DE onto the wires of your entire home. turn your house into a microwave oven….lol

        To supply electricity for EV`s the electrical grid has to be expanded by 500%, so the EMF radiation from the transmission, distribution lines will increase 500%, destroying people`s health.

        This is especially problematic as most people charge the car overnight when the occupants are sleeping – the time of day when we want our EMF exposure to be as low as possible.

      • EV’s don’t emit microwave radiation except for WIFI communications which is present in ICE cars too. There is EMF radiation which is probably harmless but you should be paranoid about everything because you never know.

  11. So if I am reading this correctly,,, Americans will stampede to a much higher cost pile of junk if the manufactures simply stop making the less expensive junk apparently not caring what the payment or insurance, title and taxes are so long as they’re fighting nasty old Globul Warming.

    Looking back over the past 20 years,,, Okay,,, I can believe that.

        • I know people who own Nissan Leaf’s. The car isn’t very nice. They have drunk the kool aid so bad they have two. One is basically ready for the junk yard, they just don’t last long.

          At least the Versa is cheap. So it doesn’t matter as much that its not very nice or long lasting.

    • ‘Americans will stampede to a much higher cost pile of junk if the manufacturers simply stop making the less expensive junk.’ — ken

      Hey, it works in Germany, comrade. Or so they claim:

      ‘The EU’s pledge to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars and vans from 2035 poses an “imminent risk” to Europe’s car manufacturers, which are unlikely to win a looming EV price war with their Chinese competitors, BMW chairman Oliver Zipse has told the Financial Times.

      “I want to send a message: I see that as an imminent risk,” Zipse said.

      ‘The executive, however, said BMW was in a better position to compete with the Chinese manufacturers, most of which are targeting buyers of cheaper and smaller electric vehicles.

      ‘Yet, “The base car market segment will either vanish or will not be done by European manufacturers,” Zipse told FT.’

      In Depression I, auto and home builders desperately moved up-market, since only posh folks still had cash. But volumes went way, way down, no longer covering fixed costs. And that’s what kills companies dead.

      Fascinating to watch euro-lemmings plunge off a cliff to their deaths, panicked by an invisible gas called carbon dioxide. It’s another future chapter in Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Krauts … errr, Crowds, sorry!

      • I don’t consider EVs a car,,, more like an appliance as Eric says.

        The economics between the electric and IC auto was determined a hundred years ago in a time when Americans did not allow the government free reign over consumer goods that were none of its bees wax.
        However, it was a time period when Americans allowed the government to take its first baby steps into fascism/nazism. In one year, bankers stole the Peoples money,,, the States were kicked out of participation in the federal government and the People became tax slaves. All under one President actually (s)elected to two terms. The end of the republic.

  12. ‘Note the “2030” thing, again. That number seems to have a certain significance, like 666.’ — eric

    Saw two headlines over the weekend. One said that BMW and Mercedes are doubling down on EeeVees, in pursuit of Tesla, the object of their envy.

    Second headline this morning, in the New York Slimes:

    Chinese Cars Star at Munich Auto Show, Underscoring German Economic Woes
    China, an electric-vehicle juggernaut, will have at least seven brands on display, while Germany’s automakers are now a drag on their home economy.

    EeeVees will the ruin of many a company.

    Meanwhile, here’s another significant number: 9/14. That’s when the UAW’s contracts expire. ‘A walkout could take a big economic toll,’ observes the Slimes.

    But we’re talkin’ Democrat core constituencies here. So if the old economy and the Big Three get gut-punched and crotch-kneed as strikers do their thing, then they’ll just to hunker down and take their beating.

    FJB! FJB! FJB!

    • The Demonrats, or their handlers think they have everything under control. We shall see. Change can happen fast. One reason they want to disarm us. Not gonna happen.

      In reality they are losing despite all their advantages in owning all media. In reality they are panicking. It will be a rough ride. Get ready.

      Advice to KrustyKlown, buy more bagels, you will need them. Hahaa (que satanic laugh)

  13. Note also that if someone assumes that fueling the $28k EV is free and fueling the $16k Versa costs $3.50 a gallon (and ignoring the cost of financing the extra $12k) it would take over 120,000 miles of driving to recover the extra cost of the EV.
    Assuming that charging the EV to 150 mile range takes 8 hours vs 15 minutes to fill the Versa for 300 mile range, that would cost the EV driver 6300 extra wasted hours in 120,000 miles. It’s likely that the range of the EV will decline over time also as the battery wears out meaning more frequent charging.

    Depending on the conditions, the EV driver would likely have to replace the battery at least one time in the 120,000 miles and that cost is difficult to predict, but it could be more than half the cost of the EV. This would reduce the resale value of the EV substantially since few used car buyers have $14k to spend on a replacement battery, while the resale value of the Versa might follow historic averages and give the seller over $5k of his purchase price on the sale. In fact, if recent trends are any indication used IC cars could sell for much more than historic trends, assuming fuel is still available and affordable.

    EV’s as they exist today are a complete clusterf**k for buyers.

    If I was elected POTUS I would immediately shut down the federal branches that deal with EV promotion, vehicle efficiency and saaaaafety and do away with all federal regs on vehicle emissions, miles per gallon, and safety equipment. I’d verbally encourage production of efficient diesel engine vehicles leaving the free market (buyers) to decide whether that was in their best interests.

    • Yes, but he (and wasn’t Lennen who supposedly said that?) missed one very important part if the equation – mainly the deep coexistence between commie governments and the monopoly-granted corporations. They only sell the rope to hang themselves when they’re granted eternal life (and there enemies’ deaths) by the State.

  14. One can only assume that the Psychopaths In Charge hate our guts. They appear to be dedicated to making our lives as difficult as possible, if possible at all.

    • Hi John, I believe that they truly believe all the BS about climate change, etc…. and have to ‘break some eggs’ to accomplish their goals. And yes, they hate us, only cause we oppose them. Only those at the top know the real score that it’s all bs, but they absolutely want more control and less people.
      However, some happy news. my kid in college had 4 mentally deranged kids sitting in the front row of his new class w/masks on, and the professor said get out, cancel the class, he doesn’t even want them back without masks. The kids screamed ‘we’ll get you fired’, he replied best of luck. I asked him if he clapped and cheered like they did to him 2 years ago when the opposite happened against him. Don’t have a reply yet.

    • I remember when I was a kid we would take a summer vacation. Usually somewhere nearby, but because my grandparents were in Florida, we went to Disney World a few times. When lowcost airlines started offering $40 flights to anywhere that, along with the 24×7 marketing machine that was the Disney Channel, made trips to Disney an achievable goal for everyone. Then international flights got cheap too (relatively when compared to post cold war prosperity), so now the special destinations were in global reach. Businesses loved the new influx of cash, but also had to somehow figure out how to accommodate the crushing hoards. Some destinations, like Aspen Ski Company, raised rates to ridiculous levels to keep their premium image, but still the “new money” (much of it Eastern European) continued to invade. But most places just took the cash and got everyone comfortable with standing in line.

      And the Hoi Polloi in the US could save up too. Adam Carolla would talk about Paris Hilton’s McLaren vs the professional or entrepreneur who worked hard and bought an F1 as a reward for himself. Who enjoys the car more?

      When money doesn’t buy exclusivity then what’s left? You have to pull the ladder up behind you and quash any attempt to build a new one. And if you can restrict supply you can make a buck while you’re at it. Win-win.


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