You’ll Get a Charge Out of This . . . Or Maybe Not

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IBM, the company that helped keep track of the trains (and people) headed to the east during the late unpleasantness in Germany, has filed a patent for a new system to keep track of EVs – and whether people will be allowed to charge them – according to their social credit score.

The latter being a system that the Chinese government uses to make sure people in China are Good Germans, by rewarding “good behavior” – that is, obedience – and punishing “bad behavior,” i.e., disobedience. If you fail to exhibit the proper attitude – and actions – you’re locked down, economically. Electronically.


You face (or phone) is scanned and then you’re allowed to buy (that is, debit, via your electronic currency) a soda from a vending machine – or not – depending on how good a German you are. And it’s much more than being allowed to get a soda from a biometrically controlled vending machine. Your ability to travel is likewise metered according to how obedient – or not – you’ve been.

The same is in the works for us – and IBM is a key player, as it was in Germany all those years ago.

As an aside, is it not interesting that while the political figureheads of the German Reich were put on trial – and several hanged – there were no trials for complicit corporations such as Thyssen, Krupp, Beyer, Rheinmetall – or IBM? James Watson, the CEO of IBM, received a medal – the Order of the Eagle – from Der Fuhrer himself.

For his “service to the Reich.”

These “services” included providing the Reich with IBM’s Hollerith punch-card reading machines, which were basically mechanical computers. Each card fed into the machine had standardized holes; these were used to catalog the specific traits of individual people. Jews and other undesirable people were sorted in this manner – and their dispositions arranged. Each punch card served as “a nineteenth-century bar code for human beings.” The way it worked was detailed at length in Edwin Black’s 2001 book, IBM and the Holocaust.

Watson died in his bed of natural causes in 1956. Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess died in Spandau Prison, in 1987.

Corporations enjoy a kind of diplomatic immunity – the best that millions of dollars can buy – that ordinary people do not.

So also the highest-ups that use these corporations to amass millions – if not billions.

Including the grandfather of “The Decider,” George W. Bush. The assets of the companies involved in the grandfather’s shady business dealings with the Reich were eventually seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act. But Prescott Bush never sat in the dock. He sat in the Senate, from 1952-1963. He was also instrumental (financially) in the rise of one Richard M. Nixon, who more than any other Republican accelerated the merger of corporations and government (viz, HMOs).

Government can be very good business.

Anyhow, back to the business at hand.

IBM’s patent application goes into great detail about making EV charging more . . . efficient. Just like those trains headed east. Via use of what amounts to real-time monitoring of EVs and collating of information about who is charging an EV, where and when.

“User behavior information” would be collected for the express purpose (it’s literally stated in black and white) of “establish(ing) a social score model (italics added) of users in the charging system” that would “reward users with favorable social scores with early notification of charging station availability and optimal waiting location identification.”

The latter may sound less malignant than the former – hey, they are just trying to make it easier and faster to charge up! – but that misses the implicit threat contained in the former, that bit about “user behavior information.”

Not to mention the mentioning of social credit scoring.

It is clear what’s intended. People’s “behavior information” will serve as the basis for their social credit score and that will serve as the basis for their being allowed to drive, via allowing them to charge.

Or not.

What do you suppose people’s social credit score will be based upon? The mere fact that “user behavior information” is to be kept track of and collated by a creepy corporation in bed with creepy government – both run by the creepiest people imaginable – ought to raise the same alarm in people that the sight of a wolf pack does for a moose. He understands what the intentions of the wolves are toward him.

And so should we.

There is a reason for this push to “electrify” everything – and it not to stave off a “climate crisis.”

It is to control everything, by controlling the one allowable source of energy, which is already very much under the control of the creepy people pushing for the “electrification” of everything – not just cars – because it is much easier to meter electricity, which (unlike gas, which can be stored and transported in ways that electricity can’t be stored and transported) is much more easily turned off or on at the whim of these creepy people.

Why do you suppose there has been this push for “smart meters” – and “connected” appliances?

EVs are just another kind of appliance. They are the vehicle for controlling your driving – via controlling when, where and how much you’re allowed to charge it. Or whether you’ll be allowed to charge it, at all.

Please stand here. Approach the retinal scanner. Sorry.

Access denied.

. . .

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  1. United Airlines Issues Nationwide Ground-Stop Of All Flights

    Eventually the luciferion control group will shut down all the airports…no more travel for slaves….off to the 15 minute city/prison/gulag…

    from zh comments..

    I told you, they are now starting to kill transport industry to save oil consumption to close to a minimum. I expect attack on ICU auto industry too.
    Majority of people still can’t figure it out, but just pay attention on fossil fuel burning industries. They will be attacked big time now.

    Rather than admit they are trying to save oil, they do ‘demand destruction’ by making air travel a hellish experience. Apparently that is not enough to stop some people, so they have to get creative with lockdowns and excuses.

    they are conditioning this country for something big. Highways, airports, everything shut down all the time

    The Great Pumpkin Reset requires a great experiment in human conditioning.
    After years of brainwashing people into ‘wanting’ to travel like the rich….they will slowly be convinced that air travel is unpleasant and an experience bogged down with hassles and inconvenience.
    Festivals and gatherings like Burning Man will become lockdown experimental locations where the event organizers have the power to lock the entrances and exits and let the “petri dish” play out according to an unseen agenda

  2. It doesn’t even require an EV to get drivers off the roads, at least in a bureaucratic sense. With social media monitoring, all that need be done is for the DMV to send a notice that one’s driver license is suspended. After all, it’s a “privilege”!

  3. I wondering about the idea that IBM or any German company should have been held responsible for the atrocities committed in WWII. War criminals are punished for having the direct authority and responsibility for the crimes alleged.

    IBM was just fulfilling a defense contract. If you punish them do you also punish the guy who built the camp? The builder of the boxcars that bought people there? The restaurants that fed them? Of course not, they did not have the authority for the crimes committed.

    It’s also why the soldiers of the losing army are not charged with a crime, the military leaders are. Or the factory that built the tanks, etc.

    I wish companies would act more responsibly but their bottom line is to make money. Unless I’m missing something?

    • KK, you are not bright. The corp is just a shell to protect the scum (people) that run the corp from liability. The folks that run the corp and own the stock are responsible for the corps actions. They should be charged criminally and then imprisoned or in many cases executed.

      • I’m not bright? That’s your go to insult to every post you don’t like. The poster is stupid, a chat bot, or a troll. Then you proceed to say something really dumb like people that own stock in a company are responsible for the company and should be punished for the company providing their goods and services to customers. You clearly do not understand what the purchase of stock entails. Anyone can purchase stock in most companies and they have no say in the day to day operations.

          • Where does this idea that corporations can get away with immoral acts come from? Corporations get sued all the time. A corporation is nothing more than an entity that allows a simplified structure for conducting a business. The piercing of the corporate veil can be assessed by a good lawyer at any time.

        • Krusty,

          The thing that’s exasperating is the way you minimize evil, including participating in evil. What IBM did during WW II was evil. Watson helping Hitler was evil. Using “social credit” to meter people’s access to goods and services is evil.

          • Did Watson even KNOW what use Nazi Germany would make of IBM punch cards and tabulation machines? I find it appalling to judge a man over what was a LAWFUL business deal when made. What Hitler did with the equipment falls solely upon him.

            BTW, keep abreast of Mark Felton’s YT channel. He’s got a good series going re:Hitler’s fate.

    • “IBM was just fulfilling a defense contract.” -krustyklown

      How was this a “defense contract?” What was Germany “defending” against?

      “These “services” included providing the Reich with IBM’s Hollerith punch-card reading machines, which were basically mechanical computers. Each card fed into the machine had standardized holes; these were used to catalog the specific traits of individual people. Jews and other undesirable people were sorted in this manner – and their dispositions arranged.”

      So in krusty’s world, you can do anything you want with impunity if you use a euphuistic characterization. Great critical thinking!

      • Good morning, Moister!

        I’m not sure what to make of Krusty. He says social credit systems aren’ “real” – except for the fact that they exist (as in China) and the referenced IBM patent uses the same term, with all the sinister implications. He is blase about corporate crime – “IBM was just fulfilling a defense contract.”

        And the TSA is just keeping us “safe,” too.

        • You’re misrepresenting the system IBM developed to try and make a point that they were evil. All IBM did was develop a more efficient record keeping system then paper and pencil in a filing cabinet.

          This same system was used in the US to track convicted criminals so that police departments could more easily track them.
          There is nothing “evil” about the government being able to identify criminals. It’s the only way to properly keep track for benefits such as social security or veterans benefits. I agree that ideally those benefits should not exist but if they do they should be distributed correctly.

          And they will contain specific traits about people. Religion being one of them. If you were to get arrested they would ask you if you are a member of a religious group, not to persecute you for it but to allow for you to properly observe it if necessary.

          • Krusty,

            I am “misrepresenting”?

            I stated the fact that the patent specifically mentions using a social credit system to meter charging. It is not my opinion. It is a fact.

            And social credit is what’s used in China to restrict people’s ability to buy things or even do things based on their obedience to government.

            You seem to think this is unimportant, nothing to worry about.

              • Krusty,

                I did not “misrepresent” anything with regard to IBM and its role in helping the Nazis organize the Holocaust. It is an incontestable fact. The head of IBM sat down with Hitler in 1937 – by which time it was obvious what Hitler’s intentions were – to do just that. To arrange for IBM’s German subsidiary to have the necessary equipment to keep track of the people destined to be “relocated” to the east.

                Are you an imbecile?

                I ask this sincerely.

                • Are you an imbecile? Do you really believe the jewish propaganda that Germany set up a database for every jewish person in Germany, Poland, and the other countries they captured with IBM punch cards? That’s as stupid a fairy tale as making lamps out of the skins of victims. The nazis loaded people in box cars and hauled them off to camps. They didn’t record each one in a database will full information on them and then shoot them in the head in mass graves. What is you source for this massive IBM project? The IDL and their lawyers readying a big lawsuit against IBM?

                  • Krusty,

                    It’s the ADL, first of all.

                    Second, you (as usual) miss the point entirely. That point being the collusion of corporations and governments. IBM and the government of national socialist Germany; Pfizer, et al and the government of the United States.

                    The fact is that IBM did provide the machines. The fact is the government of national socialist Germany didn’t use them to increase or protect the liberty of German citizens.

                    Just as the TSA isn’t keeping us “safe” from terrists – and forcing people to wear “masks” has nothing to do with protecting anyone’s health.

          • “If you were to get arrested they would ask you if you are a member of a religious group, not to persecute you for it but to allow for you to properly observe it if necessary.” -krusty

            Krusty, please stop it. You’re embarrassing yourself. Are you really this inept or is this just an intended troll post?

        • All an IBM punch is is a method of data storage on a piece of card stock that holds 80 characters IAW the ASCII system. It’s what the programmer does with the “job deck” that matters.

    • Those arrogant whiney Jews would and did shake down every outfit even peripherally involved with the concentration camps – even if they were deliberately deceived by the SD as to what was going on.

      There’s no business like “Shoah” business!

    • Ah, but subcontractors and “worker bees” were and STILL ARE being hectored over the Holohoax…as long as there’s either monies to he shaken loose or political points to score.

      Again, there’s no business like “Shoah” business.

    • I think you guys are going down a very slippery slope. How is a business suppose to know how another business (or government operates)? Playing Monday Morning Quarterback 80+ years after the fact and pretending its hindsight.

      If we are making the case that IBM should be brought up on charges because they worked with an evil man then what about everyone that has purchased an IBM product, after the fact? How about anyone that has bought Bayer aspirin? How about anyone that has since purchased a vehicle from Ford, GM, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz? Anyone that has filled up with Shell Oil? Has a Siemens telephone? Etc. These were all companies that worked with the Nazis by either assisting the government or using labor from the concentration camps.

      Americans purchase goods and services from “evil” corporations everyday. If you know they are evil and are working among corrupt governments how is the individual buying the product any different than the company supplying the product?

      • Well-worded on YOUR part, RG.

        For that matter, what of those, including Sixties “Flower children”, that at one time probably drove a VW? The KDF car, more commonly known as the “Kafer”, or Beetle, was designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1935, inspired in part by the Czech-made Tatra 97. It was partly financed by a subscription savings program which, by 1940, had accumulated about RM 250 MILLIONS, yet no Reich citizen got a single Volkswagen. Instead, what was probably the REAL intention, not only were VW sedans produced for the Wehrmacht, a “jeep” version, boxy body and open top, known as the Kibelwagen, saw service in just about every theater of operations. Immediately after the war, the Soviets confiscated the savings funds as reparations, but the newly resurgent VW, which is an inspiring story of itself, honored the savings stamps anyway, and the rest is history.

        So I guess by the standards being applied to IBM, not that I’m any fan of Big Blue, every VW dealer and owner is somehow complicit in the Holohoax.

  4. This actually opens up a major liability can of worms for the company.

    If they cut you off arbitrarily, and you are having an emergency with a foreseeable bad outcome if you don’t get any juice, you can sue the pants off of them for the harm that results.

    Don’t laugh, this could easily happen. And when it does, you can expect companies to drop this like a hot potato.

    • There will be liability immunity for the companies under the guise of public health. Think of the Big Harma’s immunity from any harm coming from their bioweapon shots.

      • Maybe. But start handing out statutory immunity like candy, and the whole concept will start to be questioned. And that will bring up some sticky Bill of Rights issues no one wants to deal with.

  5. Actually using access to electric vehicle charging as a punishment for a low credit score would be worse then using access to gasoline.

    You can only store so much fuel on your property and unless you have an oil well and a refinery you can’t make any. You could however generate electricity with solar or wind and thus bypass needing the “government controlled” energy source-gasoline.

    In fact you theoretically could take your travel needs “off the grid” easier with electricity then gas.

    All the preppers I know go to great lengths to store fuel. Electric cars get around that problem.

    • >unless you have an oil well and a refinery you can’t make any.
      Gasoline, that is.
      If your vehicle has a diesel engine, you can in fact manufacture your own fuel, in whatever quantity you require. It is called “biodiesel,” and can be made from waste products such as used cooking oil. A friend of mine has done this.

    • “generate electricity with solar or wind”
      While certainly true and possible, the amount required to ‘go somewhere’ more than to ‘town’ would be beyond almost anyone that is not very well off and has a lot of property.

      • Solar panels can power a house. They can certainly charge up an EV. Of course it depends on the number you have, but many people have that capability.

          • Depending on where you live and the amount of sun you get it is estimated that 4-10 solar panels can fully charge an EV in the same amount of time as the house power.

            Why does that rile you up?

            • Krusty,

              “It is estimated”…

              Instilling any kind of meaningful charge into a 400-800 volt EV battery in less than 24 hours using a home solar system will take one that costs thousands of dollars. Add that to the cost of the EV. Keeping in mind it will still never take less than 8-11 hours to recharge an EV, even if you have a home system powerful enough to continuously feed a “Level 2” (240V) circuit. Assuming the sun is shining bright. It doesn’t in many parts of the country, for days – even weeks or months – at a time.

              What “riles us up” here is idiocy. And defense thereof.

              • It’s easy to do some math on these solar claims.

                The best solar panels these days are 400W per panel. This is nominal wattage – meaning at high noon at the equator. Everywhere else, they make less.

                So, 4 panels = 1600W, 10 panels = 4000W nominal.

                Assume 10 panels. Where I live an hour outside of San Francisco, I can expect about 20kWh/day on a sunny day with a 10 panel array using the best panels available, oriented at the ideal angle. In the winter, I can expect about 8kWh / day.

                An EV battery pack is 100kWh. If it needs 80kWh of charge, a state of the art array in sunny california in the summer would take 5 days to charge it, assuming no charging losses (and there are charging losses).

                This 4kW array would cost about $25k (I know, because I priced it out recently as an upgrade to my existing 2kW array)

                • That’s way more time then other estimates I have seen but I don’t want to get into a numbers argument. I will say that most charging estimates do not figure that you are going to need a full charge every night, just like you do not need to top off the tank every day. The general estimate is 50-60 mile charge what the majority drive every day.

                  • Krusty,

                    I have experience with EVs, so I don’t need to estimate. One of the foundational problems is starting out with a fully charged EV. It’s a problem because most EVs don’t start out with much fully charged range to begin with – typically around 250 miles for the lower-tier models. Now lop off the 15-20 percent reserve you’ll always want to maintain – in order to avoid fully discharging the battery (which is bad for it) and possibly running out of range – because with EVs, actual driving range can and does vary widely depending on a variety of factors, including weather – so as to avoid ending up “bricked” in the middle of the road.

                    You cannot push a dead EV to the side of the road.

                    When they drop off EVs for me to test drive, they typically arrive with 140-150 or so miles of partial charge. That’s because I do not live near a commercial “fast” charger and so by the time they get here, the EV is partially discharged.

                    Which means I have a realistic actual driving range of about 90 miles. This is like driving around a non-EV with two or three gallons of gas in the tank – except it is far more burdensome and time-wasting to get the electric equivalent of 2-3 gallons of gas back into the EV battery, even at a “fast” charger.

                    I find I cannot use the EV except every other day – unless I am willing to waste my time (and money) at a public “fast” charger. So the EV sits on the trickle charger (120V) which takes a day to recover enough range to drive the stupid EV maybe 40 miles. If it’s cold outside, you might get 20 miles of range back overnight. Then it’s back on the truckle charger, again.

                    Oh, I know, I could spend a few hundred dollars to have an electrician wire up a “Level II” circuit in my garage. Then I could recharge in “only” 8-11 hours.

                    The whole thing is absurd. It is like touting the merits of a wheelchair to a person who can walk.

            • Solar panels require a grid connection to work at all – they need something to generate the A/C waveform, and they match it. You need to have a sophisticated inverter and battery system to run off-grid with solar.

              • RE: “You need to have a sophisticated inverter and battery system to run off-grid with solar.”

                “sophisticated” sounds expensive & really really hard to do.

                And, yet:

                ‘Solar Power for dummies, This system is easy!’

                OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY


                I dunno, I’m not off grid, nor do I have solar panels.

                • Yep, they have a sophisticated inverter 🙂

                  My setup is a little more complicated because I have the grid as well, and I use my solar as a backup and as a buffer. I’m using a Tesla Powerwall, which is pretty nice, but expensive, and some stuff that I built myself to feed generator power into it when the grid is out and the sun isn’t shining.

            • An older guy up the road (like many around me) took advantage of a giveaway from the power company a few years/decades(?) ago and got subsidized solar panels installed on his roof & claims he doesn’t pay a power utility bill since doing so.
              …And, yeah, he didn’t disconnect from the grid either.

        • The power losses just to get from panel output to household 115 V, 60 Hz is staggering. It’s all but impractical to get to 220/230, which is really the minimum that an EV should “feeds upon. 480 3-phase, four-wire is best, but what household is wired for that?

    • “Electric cars get around that problem.”
      As long as you don’t need to go far, or carry much, or go in cold or hot weather, or your car doesn’t catch fire.
      They are very limited in their application.

    • Very INEFFICIENT to attempt recharge of a modern EV from a bank of solar panels or a windmill. A 500 gallon tank for storage of diesel is far less trouble.

  6. It recently occurred to me that times have changed regarding the manner in which politicians are being “influenced” (bought off & controlled is more like it) by outside money thrown at them by their favorite donors and lobbyists. It use to be that the big money going to lawmakers and officeholders typically came from “ideological” contributors. In other words democrats gave to democrat criminals and the same for GOP voters and their criminals. And that was pretty much the case in most elections. Everyone seemed to understand that some of our illustrious office holders were bought off, and that was that.

    But then something seemed to change. Today’s baby-kisser (regardless of party affiliation) gets his dirty money from contributors who come from any and all segments on the political spectrum. In times past it would have been unthinkable for a left-wing party member to contribute to a right-winger, which would have been considered something akin to treason in those days. But not now. For one, big money donors don’t give a damn about a politician’s so-called philosophical beliefs – not surprising since practically all members of the privileged govt class now share one central overriding conviction: self interest & greed. As long as their paid stooge can be counted on to dance to their tune, that’s all it takes to satisfy most donors. And they always comply. They’ll gladly set aside any philosophical fantasy they may have bouncing around their corrupt brains in order to enjoy those coveted payoffs. I mean after all, think how much more they can drop into the collection plate next Sunday in church. Maybe they might even be honored and get their name on that new addition the church is planning.

    So by understanding how the modern game is played by politicians & govt insiders you can imagine how those members of the Sammy Corp have turned their profession into a business of selling influence to the highest bidders. And we’re all familiar who their clients are: big money wall streeters & bankers, auto makers, the legal industry, the medical industry, labor unions, big pharma, foreign interests, the education industrial complex, and on and on and on to name just a few. And it simply makes no difference which party the person belongs to when you’re looking to purchase their services. All of them are more than willing to take booty from anyone, those considered liberal to conservative, it just don’t matter. That’s because all of them are in on the fix.

    “Governments don’t see themselves as existing to serve the people, they see themselves as feeding off the people. They are essentially parasitical organizations that produce nothing and consume what they can successfully take from the populace.” – Jeff Thomas, 4-14-21

  7. IBM, like Pfizer, Moderna, et all, are tiny parts in the larger wheel designed to destroy humanity and depopulate. Each has a part to play. Why does anyone think the Gates, Soros, Schwabs, et all are still walking on this planet and the pharmaceuticals are still manufacturing their poisons for the fake viruses. Together corporations, government, military and media form the government. Mussolini referred to it as corporatism. Today called democracy.

    The Maui fire,,, obviously a military operation. People turned around and drove themselves and their families back into a fire by order of a no account deputy ‘just doing his yob’. No survival sign whatsoever. They apparently willingly killed themselves! Many children were likely taken off to a Pedo center somewhere to be sold. Obviously all drugged up by pharma somehow. Any investigation by will be like the JFK,,, RFK,,,Waco,,, nine/eleven, Ukraine investigative jokes. Media will treat anything else as conspiracy theory to be forgotten/ignored like the government mandated starvation murder of Terry Schiavo. A euthanasia test case which several US States and Canada now have on their books.

  8. Social Credit Score is nothing more than a reward system.

    You can’t have this until you do what you are instructed to do, then you can have it.

    Highly unethical, smacks of psychological torture.

    You will have no control, you won’t be able to think for yourself, always dependent upon a reward of some kind, but you have to be good. You are then indoctrinated, you will wring your hands and be anxious if your score will decrease. You are brainwashed by then.

    You become a ward of the state.

  9. Meanwhile, if you’re a business owner you’re legally required to serve everyone no matter what. This means shoplifters, pickpockets, mashers, biker gangs, perverts and anyone else who may put your business at risk must be accommodated.

    Imagine if you own a parking garage, maybe renting out spaces under a high-rise building downtown. You’ve seen the videos of EV fires and decide it isn’t worth the risk of fire. Not only do you not install charging stations, you completely ban them outright. Imagine the outrage, lawsuits and legislation that would be passed. Then, after the first fire damage claim, here comes the insurance mafia to jack up every garage owners’ rates because of the new risk of EV fires.

    • “You’ve seen the videos of EV fires and decide it isn’t worth the risk of fire. Not only do you not install charging stations, you completely ban them outright.” Condo associations need to implement this immediately

      Miami DC, where are you?

  10. I don’t think the “user behavior information” is meant to include anything but the use of charging stations. Just like a frequent flyer gets favored treatment over people that fly less. Companies often offer incentives to good customers.

    If your argument is that such a system could be abused if there ever was a “social credit” system in the US, is true. But that would make it true for any other types of purchases even gasoline.

    This type of system will never come to be used in America as our government doesn’t want to encourage good behavior like China. Our dysfunctional system rewards looters and law breakers. A social credit system will never happen in the US because it would be RACIST!

    • Oh dear. Watching in real time as krusty whistles past the graveyard with naïve denial.

      Please read this one more time:

      “User behavior information” would be collected for the express purpose (it’s literally stated in black and white) of “establish(ing) a social score model (italics added) of users in the charging system” that would “reward users with favorable social scores with early notification of charging station availability and optimal waiting location identification.”

      • What’s a “social score”? There is no such thing so it means nothing. There is nothing like that in the US now and I don’t see it happening for the reason I stated.

        You want something to worry about? Worry about broken electric grids and shut down refineries as the “blessings of diversity” provide us with the same support crews found in Mexico and South Africa.

        It’s a thousand times more likely no one will be able to fuel up then you won’t be able to fuel up personally due to your poor social score.

        • Hi krusty,

          Watch the continued expansion of biometric passports. They are here. It is happening in little baby steps. The cellular phone was the first tracking device, now your car is watching you, too. Lowe’s (and many other stores) are now resorting to electronic price tags, because they state they cannot keep up with the ever changing prices due to inflation. Turn on the TV, go to a restaurant, walk into a store…do you see the QR codes?

          I was watching videos yesterday of those stuck at Burning Man…everything from the food stands, to the showers, to the sinks require a FOB.

          I see it in my own profession. I am unable to access the SSA website or retrieve IRS information because I won’t “verify my identity.” It is coming. If one wants unemployment benefits, Social Security, Medicare, tax information one will have to sign up. The onslaught of AI will spare no account for “feelings” and it doesn’t understand the word “no”.

          We live in dangerous times.

          • Hasn’t it always been necessary to get a govt number if you want govt benefits?

            For a private company it’s different. As far as Burning Man is concerned isn’t that a bunch of woke liberal weirdo’s that don’t mind being in a government database?

    • And how’s that working out? The massive difference between the frequent flier experience and the occational traveler is so far out of whack now that most people don’t travel any more than the minimum necessary. Not a way to drum up business, but maybe that’s the point.

      I know if I had a better “terminal experience” than I do today I’d probably do a lot more flying. Sardine seats are a problem for sure, but that’s only about two hours or so of the day (and why does a two hour flight always take an entire day?). If I could get into the airline lounge to wait for my flight, Trusted Traveler TSA groping by default instead of paying extra (as much as I fly that would be the most expensive part of any trip), and maybe that little bit of better treatment might be enough to make me not dread the flight.

      But again, maybe that’s the point. The airlines don’t want you using their service, so making it miserable is good business. Especially when you’re too big to fail and mergers are so easy.

    • Krusty,

      Given everything that’s going on (and has already gone on) and given what social credit means in China, do you really believe this is just a benign and helpful attempt to make EV ownership easier and more efficient?

      • Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate you sounding the alarm on this kind of stuff. But I think it’s just an application for a patent. There’s a lot of patents out there that aren’t going anywhere. I think it’s not something to worry about not because of how dangerous it could be but because the people in charge are too incompetent to ever make it work.

    • If such a system will exist, it is hard to employ against a gas pump. There is no need for preferential treatment since customers cycle through at a fast rate.

      And do not be surprised if such a system is used to “correct” racism. Reparations via social goodness scores.

    • Actually, thieves and looters (at least in the US) would not be subject to any sort of “social credit” simply because they will just steal whatever they want. But for those who do that in places like China, either they go to jail or perhaps just disappear…

    • Indeed, Mister –

      History is a sagacious teacher. If only more people would listen… I have (had) a good friend. She’s Jewish. Years before the “pandemic,” she and I had a discussion about the TSA and what had become of dignified air travel in this country. I pointed out to her that the first step toward Auschwitz was dehumanizing people. Once that’s been done, the rest – the worst – becomes much easier to do. She cut me off with: “I just want to go where I want to go.” I tried to reason with her. Tried to warn her that, if what they erected after “911” stands, eventually, you will go where they order you to go – and the demoralized, already beaten people who had been habituated to being treated like diseased cattle (and criminals) will not fight it.

      She thought I was being overwrought.

      • It so easily could have gone the other way. Even on Nihaneeleven the problem was solved by letting the passengers defend themselves. Even with what little they had available (boiling water and first class cutlery) flight 93 high-jacker’s plans were at least thwarted.

        And the whole event wouldn’t have even been possible if they’d just lock the damn doors to the flight deck! But NO! That’s too much money said Boeing and the airlines.

  11. Things do indeed seem darkest just before the dawn.

    ‘First Rule of Fight Club: Do Not Fall for the Demoralization Program’

    “…the morphic field [Jungarian Syncronicty? and…] Dogs Who Know When Their Owners are Coming Home […]

    The morphic field is why we are going to win this thing and beat the Satanic Luciferian banksters who run the world. […]

    Fitts thinks these idiots – because evil is boneheaded stupid – are going to end by killing each other.
    “The closer and closer these people get to success, the more they risk killing each other. You are creating a very psychopathic culture. It’s not the kind of culture that holds together through thick and thin.” […]

    As more and more people saw the image, people started to identify it much faster even though they hadn’t seen it before. Was this because they were tapping into some sort of collective knowledge?”

    The more popular, crude term is the 100th monkey effect, often observed, that monkeys on different islands somehow ‘learn’ behaviour from others hundreds of miles away.

    That is what is happening now. Everywhere normals are putting the boot to the power, and their financial system is starting to show significant cracks.”…

    • helot: I like your optimism, which I share in. I just hope the murder weapons to kill each other are not nuclear weapons. As the Left used to say: “One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day.”

    • Hi Helot,

      I like this article – because I think the author is on to something immensely important. I want to try to flesh this out without sounding as though I consider myself some kind of seer, but rather to make a point that relates to the author’s point:

      I knew the “pandemic” was not about physical sickness almost immediately – as soon as the entirety of the media began warbling as one about the cases! the cases! It was as bright as the summer sun to me that they were deliberately lying and that the lying was orchestrated on a mass scale. I just knew it. Like I know I have dog shit on my shoe by the smell of it. But others – at the time – did not seem to know it and this was very depressing to me. How could they not see what I could? Then came the “masks” – and I knew it even more.

      I think we all have this ability to know, but it is greater or lesser depending on the person and it also “awakes” differently in different people (it has been harder for me to know – I mean to truly know – other things were/are true, so I am not a seer; I just saw clearly, sooner, on this dirty business).

      I agree a powerful awakening is in process – and if it all goes right, the future could be incredible. But first, we must take out the trash.

    • I read this article this morning. I had never been aware of this concept. But, as I often say, what we know is a puddle compared to the ocean we don’t know. It may be impossible for the Psychopaths In Charge to destroy the world, due to forces unknown.

    • As I’ve read Peterson, I’ve developed a respect for Jung. I had two psychology courses in college, general and educational psychology. The gen psych prof openly laughed at Jung while describing the collective unconscious, so we all thought it was woo. But as we learn more about brain structure and how magnetic fields and phycobilin can invoke religous experience in test subjects, I think a lot more of us is hard coded than psychology is willing to admit.

      This also seems to be why the transgender and homosexual movement is so odd. It openly defies the blank slate theory of birth (which is forced on societey because of IQ not being an inherited trait) by allowing people to claim they were born whatever gender they feel they are. Well, which is it?

      As far as telephathy goes, I think most of it comes from your brain trying to explain some event and while sifting through the memory finds some thread that seems to correspond with the event which is then expanded.

  12. We are on the road this weekend, staying at a Mariott which received a fairly recent renovation.

    The most surprising new tech we saw was the elevator control system which lacked any floor selection buttons inside the cab, determined by the guests’ door key cards scanned by sensors on the ground level.

    I now wonder who got a patent on that and how quickly it could be cut off.

    • This isn’t going to end well. The floors will be segregated by class, like airplanes.. or the Titanic. But unlike aircraft you won’t even see the people in first class and they won’t be “forced” to mingle with the hoi-polloi. Of course they can also rent out floors to the homeless and get some big bucks too for steerage too.

        • Hi Sparkey,

          This won’t succeed, because the rich already have their own personal yachts. For those that can’t afford a full time yacht one can rent a yacht (or a boat) for a few days to a several weeks at a time. Why share a boat when you can have the whole boat to yourself?

          • You are correct, true wealth has their own exclusive path not involving any public interchange. Setups like the Norwegian Haven appeal to the almost there crowd such as the tech bros and bro-ettes with way more money than the also rans, but not enough for that private yacht.

            A funny rich story from my aerospace days. Two managers that thought they were hot sh** took the 40 ft so called motor yacht out for a cruise, tied up at the dock for lunch. Dwarfing them was a 110 ft real yacht “wow wonder who owns that!” His pal turn to him “ oh that’s owned by Mike, your worker bee in systems design”. “Whuut?” Mike’s ultra wealthy parents passed away and left him loaded including the boat. He kept working just to stay busy and the social life at work he enjoyed – plus the perk of being a thorn in management’s hide.

  13. In related news:

    ‘British Court Rules That Competent & Conscious Patient Can Be Denied Life-Sustaining Treatment Against Her Will’

    “…the judge found that she is mentally incapable of making decisions for herself because “she does not believe the information she has been given by her doctors.” […]

    Accordingly, the court ruled that decisions about ST’s further care should be determined by the Court of Protection based on an assessment of her best interests. Her “best interest,” according to the doctors, is to die.”…

    • Elsewhere:

      ‘National Australia Bank adds mean speech to debanking criteria’

      The National Australia Bank (NAB) updated its terms and conditions to inform customers they have a new relationship that resembles that of a schoolteacher and grade school student. […]

      Effectively, NAB may debank customers any time they hurt another person’s feelings. […]

      MacKenzie wasn’t told why he was no longer welcome to use the bank beyond “risk appetite.” […]

      “I’m afraid I don’t have any more detail. I’m just the messenger,” [HAL – 2001] the bank rep said.

      The Scotiabank agent further told MacKenzie he’s not allowed to visit any bank premises without permission.

      MacKenzie publicly criticizes the Trudeau government and the RCMP and participated in the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa in protest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandates.”

      …It’s all coming together, slowly, bit by byte.

  14. And it will end as the previous IBM project did with death and destruction until it collapses. Why is it the people who learn the least from history are the ones rising to lead future generations?

    As usual, people will welcome this new technology of biometric permission slips because they only look at one side of the coin. And they never question. Two of the best employers I ever had were two pricks named Stan and Bruce. They both headed up their own small businesses. What they taught me, however, was that there is ALWAYS another question. No matter how good your idea was, they’d spent an hour trying to tear it apart with their relentless questioning. It was brutal. But, the result was the customer or competition could not shake the concepts because it was thoroughly thought through.

    Note how today we are badgered into not asking questions. It speaks volumes about our so-called “leaders”.

    This is not just the province of the Left. Conservatives on the Right are just as bad. Next time someone talks about putting up a wall to keep out illegals, point out the fact that anything that can keep them out can keep you in. At best in response you’ll get a blank stare; at worst you’ll be asked, “Why would I want to leave?”.

    • Mark in BC: I know that blank stare. I hate that blank stare. I got it on a daily basis during the “pandemic.” It was often followed with calling me a tin foil hat wearer (or something like that).

      • I think that blank stare is the physical manifestation of somebody’s entire belief system being challenged, which is tough to handle all at once without warning. My guess is the stare is the initial shock, which is then quickly followed by denial in order to protect one’s self-esteem.

        The truest quote is Mark Twain’s about it being easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled. Most people’s egos are just too fragile.

      • Mr. Liberty, when they call me a tin-foil hat wearing, flat earth, science denier I simply reply that the hat is aluminum foil and that I’ve been insulted worse than that by better people than them.

      • I usually get the huff and puff “this conversation is over!” as they hike up their skirts (both men and women), and plod away from me as fast as their cankles will let them.

    • “ Two of the best employers I ever had were two pricks named Stan and Bruce “

      My experience as well. First job after high school was working at the rental car division of a car dealership. Boss Harv was a overbearing maniac – but not a psychopath. There’s the diff, the pricks are leaders with experience and knowledge the psyco’s are just plain dangerous. Harv was smart, logical, take no prisoners type of guy. He would sit us down and explain how credit worked, why and how to get started with building good credit even as youngins, and the correct use of insurance & how to avoid financial scams. Get chewed out for screwups but praised for good work, the way it’s supposed to be. Everything he told us turned out true and I’m thankful for his wisdom from long ago.

  15. Is today’s democratic socialist Germany really that different from the bad old National Socialist Germany?

    ‘A 98-year-old former Nazi concentration guard has been indicted on charges of aiding and abetting the murder of more than 3,300 people, German authorities said on Friday.

    ‘The public prosecutor in the western city of Giessen, near Frankfurt, said in a statement that the man worked at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp between 1943 and 1945. The man, who was a minor at the time of the alleged crimes, is accused of “having assisted in the cruel and insidious killing of thousands of prisoners,” prosecutors said.

    ‘The man will face a juvenile court because he was under the age of 18 when he served at Sachsenhausen. The statement added that the trial is expected to be in Hanau, close to the man’s home, in accordance with juvenile law.’

    One senses a lack of perspective and proportion here, in the hounding a 98-year-old, and the bizarre spectacle of trying him in juvenile court for crimes committed as a child eighty years ago.

    CNN also mentions the notorious case in 2021 of a 96-year-old German woman tried for crimes she was alleged to have committed while working as a stenographer and typist in a concentration camp.

    At this late date, is this not elder abuse?

    I don’t say this out of ethnic prejudice — I’m half German by heredity. But I find 2020s Germany, just like 1930s Germany, a repugnant and fanatical socialist regime.

    • Jim,
      “Is today’s democratic socialist Germany really that different from the bad old National Socialist Germany?”
      I would say worse. They don’t need to round you up and send you to a camp. They can simply turn you off.

    • It’s the German government pushing this insanity at the behest of the jews. Germany is suffering from its own version of “Stockholm Syndrome”, being the “loser” in WW2.
      You see, the phony jewish “holocaust” is running out of steam as more and more decent people observe for themselves that it was and is merely a massive hoax–a “shekel grab”, nothing more.
      That being said, jewish vengeance, even misplaced is seen as a positive trait, the talmud stating that “non-jews are livestock with souls, given long lives in which to serve the jews”.
      Jews don’t care that innocent people get hurt. Jewish vengeance is not based on true “justice”. It’s all in their talmud.
      Collective punishment is a hallmark of jewish behavior. We are all Palestinians, now.

      • The farther in time people get from historical events, the less likely they are to care about them, is my observation. WWII and Pearl Harbor was my parents’ generation, not mine, and they grew up during the Great Depression.

    • Hi Jim,
      Are you familiar with C.J.Hopkins? He wrote a book critical of the “New Normal” that had a cover depicting a mask with a very faint swastika on it. This of course is verboten, despite many books already out there using similar imagery. In true Kafkaesque fashion he has already been sentenced by a German judge, trial to occur later. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • In the case of the now very elderly woman – typing, filing, and answering the phone is now a crime against humanity in the FRG. I wonder why they didn’t add charges for every time she bent over on the desk and gave the Herr Kommandant something to take his mind away from his grim work.


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