Diaper Report: 02/27/2024

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There is a definite urban-suburban skew of what is styled “long COVID” – i.e., persistent sickness psychosis –  which you can see for yourself if you venture downtown. It will be especially noticeable if you don’t live downtown – and so aren’t used to seeing mentally ill people walking around with that strange device over their faces and everyone else pretending to not notice it.

We ventured downtown the other day, which for us is downtown Roanoke, VA – to check out the art museum, not so much to see the art but to see what apparently counts as “art” in these latter days of declinum et fallum.

Fittingly, there were other things on display besides the various disjointed lumps of metal and a whole room devoted to Bedazzled purses and such (we styled it the Target Collection). We saw a young family, guy and his wife plus their young son – all wearing the strange device over their faces. No one besides us seeming to notice what – just a few years ago – would have been cause for everyone to look and wonder  . . . what the fuck?

As in – what is wrong with those people? And – what the fuck are they doing to that kid?

Pardon the profanity. But it’s necessary – in order to make the point. That being, a disturbing thing has been normalized by silent, complicit approbation. People sometimes wonder why deranged behavior seems to be almost a  . . . pandemic. We see people who are not only confused about which sexual apparatus (and chromosomes) they were born with but also militant about their confusion being affirmed – and we wonder how this could have happened.


“Masking” – as it is called – is a symptom of  a culture that has lost its mind. There is no other way to account for its persistence. And toleration thereof. Spare me, please, the unctuous platitudinous talk of their fears – and feelings. When this culture was healthy, it did not hold the hand of the mentally ill and tell them they were ok. It let them know they needed help. Parents explained to kids who asked them why those men (and women) shaved their heads and wore saffron robes and chanted and tapped tambourines . . . those are Hare Krishnas, son. They are lost souls who’ve fallen victim to a cult. 

And the same for Moonies and trannies and other people who’d lost their minds.

If someone in the family began to develop an irrational fear of germs and catching cold, began to perform strange rituals such as obsessive hand-washing and insisted on wearing rubber gloves or a surgical mask – we’d try to get them to see a psychiatrist in order to help them deal with their pathological hypochondria. Because it was once understood that being a pathological hypochondriac was sad and debilitating.

Now it’s play-pretend that it’s “normal.” That it’s ok to see a young couple walking around in public with their “masked up” little boy – the latter being conditioned to pathological hypochondria by his pathologically afflicted parents. A healthy society would look at that and recoil. Would not abide it being done to the kid. How is making a child walk around with a “mask” over his face any different than making him walk around with a dunce cap on his head?

Arguably, it is worse.

The dunce cap merely humiliates the kid; makes him look stupid. The “mask” makes him feel fearful. Of others. Of the world. Of the unseen but everywhere viral bogeyman who’s gonna get him if he doesn’t wear that “mask.”

Try to imagine how the kid sees the rest of the world. And consider what he’ll think ought to be done about it as he grows up.

No doubt, his parents are telling him to be afraid – and that all the other people he sees who aren’t wearing a “mask” are not just foolish risk-takers but also mean and selfish people who don’t care about other people. They value their freedom more than our health. So we have to do what we can to keep ourselves safe from them.

It is certain that kid hears such talk constantly, so as to counter any nascent thought that, perhaps, his parents aren’t quite right in the head. So as to assure – even if not meant maliciously – that the kid grows up disturbed.

Italics to make the point. The parents of that little boy almost certainly don’t think they’re doing something vicious. They almost certainly believe they are doing something righteous.

And that’s what so depressing – and terrifying – about “long COVID,” or chronic sickness psychosis.

. . .

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    • I am at the point that the Elephants disgust me as much (if not more so) than the Asses. The contrived insinuations that they are fiscal conservatives, capitalists, deregulators of corporate and individual mandates, etc. Then they pass this garbage. They make me want to barf.

      • With a few mods here & there, a person could probably substitute most any politician, from either wing of the same bird of prey, in place of Trump here:

        “My Trumpenstein thesis is that the elite recruited the most bombastic and obnoxious personality they could, and inserted him into the presidential campaign. They assigned him the role of populist outsider, and wrote some alluring rhetoric for him, which was often revolutionary. He wooed millions, including me. Millions of others instantly hated him. That’s how programming works. I didn’t think he could possibly be sincere, but I couldn’t completely discount the notion that a billionaire could theoretically become fed up with what he’d witnessed behind the scenes. At any rate, once Trump selected his cabinet, the psyop became obvious.”…


  1. Slight uptick in face diapers central Kentucky. The good news is it’s maybe 1-2 out of every hundred people in any given building. Basically flipped 180⁰ from what it was during the height of the covid-con, where if I saw between 2-5 people in an absurdly overcrowded grocery store without face diapers I’d feel like I’d found my tribe.

    The pity I feel for these poor creatures is parallel what I’d feel for the schizophrenic bum at the park screaming at the sky or somebody who crapped their pants and didn’t realize it. You wish you could say something to them, but you may as well wish the sun to rise in the west.

  2. Went to the open-mic night at our local pub the other day. One of the members of a trio was missing. I asked about her.

    ‘She’s terrified of catching covid,’ I was told. ‘She’ll only come back when the weather warms up and we can play on the outdoor stage.’

    I know the missing musician, an intelligent woman. Evidently the Lügenpresse hijacked her mind with their frightening tales of mass death in 2020.

    But like the US fedgov, which has dozens of states of emergency still in effect from countless years ago, the Lügenpresse forgot to ever issue an ’emergency over’ notice. Millions still cower in terror, believing they are in mortal danger.

    Effectively, their lives have been stolen from them by a cynical, fraudulent Big Pharma marketing campaign. ‘Mask and vax, or die horribly, gasping for breath’ is the lifestyle lesson they absorbed. The damage is incalculable.

  3. Good read over at Mark Glenn’s The Ugly Truth (TUT)


    “Just like the short selling that took place on the morning of the 9/11 terror attacks engineered by the Jewish State, as well as the fact that–BY PURE COINCIDENCE, ALL CAN BE ABSOLUTELY ASSURED–there just happened to be 5 Mossad agents situated right across the river in Liberty State Park, NJ filming the destruction taking place that morning and cheering, and who later, after returning to Israel, admitted on a talk program that they were Mossad and had been sent to the US to ‘document the event’, that obviously, what all of this indicates is this thing known as ‘foreknowledge’ of what was to take place.

    Couldn’t have been any other thing, and the fact that the 5 goons from Mossad admitted that they had been sent by the Israeli government to ‘document’ the event means that ‘they’–meaning the political and intelligence players in the Jewish State–knew.

    And now we have the curious situation where Nikki Haley, who at present is Israel’s choice for POTUS, is staying in the race even though all the indicators are that she doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. She has vowed to stay in the race–EVEN AFTER ALL THE PRIMARIES HAVE TAKEN PLACE–and after which, her chances of getting the nomination are actually less than zero, in and of itself a statistical/numerical impossibility.

    So, the obvious question that must be thrown into this little political ‘jrama’ is ‘why’?

    Well, for those who still aren’t ‘getting it’, we’ll spell it out in a very simple, 2 word explanation–


    Meaning, she has been told, just like the Mossad agents arrested on 9/11 and just like the 4,000 Israelis working in the Twin Towers that morning who received text messages from Odigo telling them not to show up for work that day. She is operating on the same foreknowledge of 9/11, i.e. of ‘something to come’, and this best explains her decision to remain in the race.

    In other words, it’s not just because she is a glutton for attention or applause, but rather because she has been told that ‘the fix’ is in, and HEAVILY in her favor.”


    I couldn’t agree more – no one can beat Trump – but will he ever hold office again? Not if Satanyahu has any say in it.

    • Hi Jack,

      That’s a scary but plausible scenario. Of course, if Trump is removed and Nimrata is inserted it will be evident to all that “democracy” is a sham and whether Nimrata loses or wins, the authority of the state loses. I don’t think the crisis of legitimacy the state is facing can be salved absent a truly popular leader – which is why I think Trump will be the one.

        • Good morning, Mister!

          Yes – I think they’ve backed themselves into a corner. The old grifter (Biden) is hugely unpopular – and obviously senile. He may literally crap his pants in public long before the election. Kemala is also unpopular – but she’s a woman and (half) black so how do they dump her – and in favor of whom? Big Mike?

          Trump, on the other hand, is obviously popular. If they remove him in favor of Nimrata or some other GOP party hack, that will be widely unpopular.

          A Trump win would restore “legitimacy” to a system that has lost it. And that is why I suspect he’ll be allowed to win.

          • Do you think they will back off a little bit for 4 years to calm people down, or do you expect them to crash the system around Trump, so he’ll be blamed?

            Me? I’m not so sure which way they’ll go.

            • Hi Horst,

              Here’s another scenario……if somehow things turn around under a 2nd Trump term, how many militant Trump Haters will say that it wasn’t Trump who did it, but policies enacted by the Biden Thing? There are people who to this day are STILL claiming that the problems of the past 3 years of the Biden regime are the result of something Trump did during his 4 years as President.

            • RE: “do you expect them to crash the system around Trump, so he’ll be blamed?”

              If Brandon Smith is correct & Trump is really no diff than Bid-in, who is really no dif than Putin, all on team WEFers, then Trump could be an instrument to get people to eagerly clamor for a Wall being built to eventually be used to keep people in, not out. And, in the meantime, a domestic purge of illegals would be used to usher in a welcomed national digital biometric ID, ’cause how else ya gonna sort the legal livestock from the illegal ones?

              Deep South Homestead
              [Danny playing Devils advocate]

              ‘It’s TOO Late! Porch Time 2024’


              …Who knows? Crazy world.

            • Horst, the answer is…Yes. Both will happen. They’ve broken their most powerful tool, the propaganda matrix, and everybody knows it. Those of us who revel in it, and those who deny truth at every turn. They are denying truth, and attempting to suppress it because they are weak, afraid, and bankrupt on every level. Beware, a cornered and mortally wounded predator is very dangerous.

          • That’s an interesting idea, whiu\ch I’ll have to admit had not occurred to me. My assumption had been that the Orange One would be removed, either through lawfare or kinetically. But, really, what’s the downside for our actual rulers to permit the already-noticeably aging and diminished Trump being installed? Based on his performance, 2017 – 2021, they have nothing to fear from him. He’ll very likely appoint them to his cabinet again anyway. If there was anyone gifted at kissing his enemies and kicking his friends, it’s the Trumpster.

    • YJ,
      The dancing Israelis is “well known “..relatively speaking.

      Check out the NYT Arts and Entertainment section circa August 16th, 2001…..

      The article on the Israeli Art Students….:
      Removing a window on the WTC ….and there’s a picture of a balcony? Up around the 90th floor!!!

      Mind blowing “Cohencidence”???

      Holy Shit ….
      Hope the article hasn’t been memory holed.

  4. Went in to work today for a presentation by a big wig.
    Maybe 150 of us there, and two dopes wearing masks.

    The one wanted to ask a question, so took off his mask. I would think he’d realize taking it off would defeat any imaginary protection against witch spells it afforded him, but no.

    The power of the mask must be strong.

  5. In the Bay Area, the mask is still a very common practice. At any grocery store, drug store, etc., at least 15-20% of the shoppers are masked. You may see 10 people in a row unmasked, then three out of the next five wearing the diapers. Yesterday, a young millennial couple both wearing masks checking out, then 3-4 maskless customers and maskless workers around them, then a possible trans weirdo in a mask walks out. What’s that 3 out of 10 maskers? Most pharmacy workers wearing masks. About 30% of Orientals in masks at any time. Outside walking maskers and driving alone in car diaper wearers a daily occurrence.

    • Good stuff, Jack!

      True story: After my Dad died (this was in 2017) I had to fly out to AZ to deal with things. On the way home, I attempted to board with a carry-on bag that contained a couple of unopened bottles of high-end whiskey my Dad had at their house. At check-in the TSA creep confiscated these, per the “rules.” Meaning, he stole them – no doubt to drink later with his cretin colleagues. For the first time in my adult life, I almost lost control of myself in an ultra-violent way. I literally hallucinated tearing out the bastard’s larynx, right there in the queue. And almost did just that. Came that close to killing someone. The only thing that stopped me was the voice in my head that said going to prison for life wasn’t worth it, that my Dad would not have wanted that.

      Still, I thought seriously about it for that second or two – until I recovered myself.

      • I actually hallucinate violence against authority nearly everyday of my adult life – I bet it is way more common than we think. When people go postal I always think, yeah the person on the receiving end probably deserved it. This obsession with command and control is a driving force to the daily violence in Amerika. No one has a single bit of authority over another – asserting it is a violation of free will.

        I have a story for you, back when I was a USAF lieutenant I took leave in Bali (from my station in Guam), and visited Jakarta, when my wife and I were leaving some bastard wanted $20 bribe to get on the airplane – which I refused on principle. Just before the flight took off they let me on because I was US military “property”. LOL

        Another story, just before I got divorced, I had a remarkable dream of being on South Campus of Ohio State (where I got my BS degree). A few months later I was divorced and homeless – and ended up at the 1995 Rainbow Gathering in Taos New Mexico – where I met a Hare Krishna girl from Columbus Ohio – she invited me to stay at their house for free – which turned out was on 8th street – directly across from the south campus of OSU. So a few months later I did and while jogging across the south campus of OSU I remembered my dream.

        They are actually very nice people, but yes, they are crazy chanting a zillion times a day. But maybe not. So one day I asked a young Krishna buck why they chant so much – and his answer changed my world view forever – he told me that he did not want to reincarnate on earth – that if he had Krishna on his lips when he died – he would go to Lord Krishna and be assigned to a better planet. Wow! I thought about that for many years, earth is not a good planet. Now I think earth is a hell planet. Who knows, the thing about religion it is all belief and no facts.

        • Interesting stuff, Jack –

          I got to know a number of Moonies when I worked at The Washington Times, in DC. They seemed to be nice people; not stupid, either. One was a member of the editorial page staff. Yet, they revered this crazy Korean messiah who wore a Burger King crown and styled himself the Heavenly Parent.

          And they ask me why I drink…

  6. 130 billion mammals on the planet and one species of 8 billion thinks they have everything under control when what is really happening is total chaos.

    There are some humans who have removed their mask and the ugly result is death and destruction.

    It skulks.

    Airman Bushnell doused accelerant on the wrong person.

    Must have been a monk in Vietnam in a previous life.

    • What a waste Bushnell was… If only he knew how badly Andrew Bourla needed a warm hug that day he could have done some good before checking out.

  7. Re: modern “art”, was in San Diego about 35 years ago, some art exhibit near the aerospace museum and one really caught my eye, a 2 ft square low sided box with a pile of sand, that was it. The only creative thing was some screwball name on it.

    Seattle / King County was out front decades ago. “Adjacent Against Upon” the 1976 rocks as barnyard art:


    And not to be out done, “Earthworks” this is the first one, late 70s. They spent $110k on this abomination. Drove by when it was done, “what the **** is that!” A grass covered pit with burnt tree stumps. And they claim we don’t pay enough property tax.


    • Second that Mister Liberty,
      When I was a kid we had a saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Somehow that got turned upside down and now every little snowflake doesn’t want their feeeeeeelings hurt.

  8. Mad scientists and elements of the U.S. government have been working on “Self-spreading vaccines” for the past several years. They planned on deploying them during COVID, but the “Self-spreading vaccines” weren’t ready back then, so they settled for deploying mRNA jabs that governments here and around the world eventually tried to FORCE people to take….what a way to get around informed consent laws and getting every last human vaxxed WITHOUT their knowledge or consent…..However, engaging in this type of insane experiment could have all sorts of consequences similar to what we saw with the mass vaccination experiment of the past few years….


    • In tandem with that thought, John B, there’s these:

      ‘Multiple States Prepare for Vaccines to Be Added to Food Supply: Doctor Warns About ‘Genetically Adulterated’ Food with No Long Term Safety Data’

      [The author says, “Rather than stopping vaccines from being added to our food, these states appear to be facilitating it.” I didn’t see it that way. I’d rather at least have a label and informed consent. Trying to outlaw it altogether would likely fail as it did in Missouri recently.]

      “…A new Tennessee bill would make it a Class C misdemeanor to sell or distribute food containing vaccines without clearly labeling them as such. […]

      He just wants to let consumers know whether pharmaceuticals have been added to their next meal. […]

      A similar bill in Arizona requires “[d]isclosure of all products made from aquaculture, livestock or poultry that received messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines and prohibits these products from being labelled as organic.””…


    • And, the bride to the groom above:

      ‘Pennsylvania Case Seeks to Deem ALL Food Not Made by Government to Be Illegal’ – Feb. 26, 2024

      “Let me explain what the #AmosMiller case is about after a court conference. The @PAAgriculture claims ALL food is “illegal” — as illegal as illegal drugs — unless it was made by a government-approved facility, and they can destroy it at will.”…


  9. This past Saturday while making the rounds at the grocery stores I saw only two face diaper lost souls.

    One of them, a thin frail looking twenty-something girl leading around an older unmasked plump woman in a wheelchair (her mom?) while they shopped at a thrift store.

    I kept wondering what should I say to her. Should I “Baaaa” at her? Or, try using logic & reason with her? As I contemplated she moved to the next isle and placed the wheelchair in between us, not in a, ‘running away from a guy’ maneuver, it was a weird skittish huddle thing I can’t articulate well.
    …I concluded that saying anything would just freak her out & do no good & make me look like the bad guy, so I moved on. Can’t fix stupid?

    The other face diaper lost soul looked similar, a poorly dressed lower working class twenty-something girl walking out of a grocery store side-by-side with a scruffy bearded working class guy in work type clothes. They put a full grocery cart of goods into an average suv. One of only three full carts of groceries I saw that day. But, I digress.
    They were too far away to interact with. I wondered what the conversations between them must be like that she wore a face diaper & he did not.

    Anyway, when I read Eric say, “And – what the fuck are they doing to that kid?” I thought of this exchange:

    ‘Dr. Phil Slam Dunked the Ladies of The View’ Feb 26, 2024

    [The monster] “Whoopi tried in vain to defend it, saying a lot of people died during this, but, as Dr. Phil pointed out, it wasn’t children dying. […]

    Ana Navarro tried to jump in with a silly question, “Are you saying no school children died of COVID?”

    Dr. Phil said, “I’m saying it was the safest group. They were the less vulnerable group, and they suffered and will suffer more from the mismanagement of COVID than they will from the exposure to COVID, and that’s not an opinion; that’s a fact.”

    The audience clapped and cheered Dr. Phil.”…


    • Hi Helot,

      It was obvious to people who’ve paid attention in 2020 that COVID was never that much of a threat to children. It was largely killing people who were over 70 and people with comorbidities, though we were bombarded with this propaganda campaign that it was equally a threat to everyone, which was subsequently used to justify draconian COVID measures such as lockdowns and face diaper mandates. Well, the dreaded ‘Rona spread anyway, but the heavy handed COVID response from government caused MASSIVE damage to society that lingers to this day.

      As for Dr. Phil, he also slammed the lies being told about transgenderism and “Gender affirming care” in a recent interview with Joe Rogan.


      • If I remember correctly, a thing not as common as it once was, the average age of death from Covid, has been precious close to average life span. You were close to death anyway. And if you tested positive, your death was a “Covid death”.

      • There is no Covid, please stop. It killed nobody because Covid and viruses do not exist. Any excess deaths were due to the deadly hospital protocols of Remdesivir, sedatives like fentanyl and morphine in lethal doses, and, the big one, the ventilator to finish them off – all for big government bonuses courtesy of the CARES Act. No excess deaths in Jan/Feb of 2020. Only after the hospital protocols were implemented.

        Others, mainly the elderly, living in places like nursing homes and senior living, banned from having any visitors, family, friends, social life, church, just gave up and died. Suicides and drug overdoses, particularly among the young, skyrocketed. It was all a depopulation program to usher in the great reset and Agenda 2030.

        • You are correct Alvin,,, but you’re swimming upstream. No matter how much people say they distrust doctors now,,, they’ll believe anything they say. They (even those that say the plandemic was faked) will not listen to logic or reason which is exactly the reason why it all happened. I’ve given up on them. They’ll likely fall for the next one as well. In Brazil its Dengue fever. They’re already freaking with a death toll of 45 out of 205 million.
          And take a guess what ‘test’ is used to detect Dengue….. If you say PCR, you win a cookie!

        • Just to clarify, there are viruses and they do exist.
          But they aren’t living things and don’t cause illness.
          Covid also existed, but it needs to be understood as a psychosomatic manifestation of a mental and spiritual disorder.

  10. Eric: To see what apparently counts as “art” in these latter days of declinum et fallum.

    Apparently “art” means something different than when I grew up. In the good old days when you could smoke indoors a “carelessly” tossed match would have dealt with that “art”.

    Sadly I’ve got a buddy who’s a “masker”. He lives in fear of “The Virus” but at least he lets his son play sports. We have not got together in almost 4 years. The guys an engineer for crying out loud. You’d think he could figure out he was being played? Nope.

    Anyone have any ideas on “deprogramming” him? I’m going to send him a copy of the Cochrane report on masking but I suspect that it won’t break through his sickness psychosis. I’ve sent him other studies but alas they failed to help.

    • Probably won’t work (I’m getting jaded?) but who knows? Two bits:

      ‘The Final Pandemic, Newest Book by Drs Sam & Mark Bailey’

      “… Drs Sam & Mark Bailey have just released their newest book, The Final Pandemic – An Antidote to Medical Tyranny which has been over 18 months in the making. There’s an excellent video intro to the book HERE.

      If you’ve struggled to get friends and family members to look at this paradigm-changing material then this may be your best chance yet.”…


    • The second bit:

      ‘It matters that viruses don’t exist’

      “… So let me tell you the reasons why I think it is so important that we DO understand that viruses DON’T exist. This article will lay them out briefly; future articles will unpack each one and address other ways that ditching germ theory, virology and contagion really does change everything.”…


      • Hi Relocated Yeti.

        That’s why I was going to recommend the 2023 Cochrane review . I’ll look over the FLCCC. I wonder if it’s because he’s of Chinese descent? Did I mention he gets his news from left leaning sites?

        I’ll post it in the Diaper Reports if he ever goes out for coffee. He says he won’t go until he doesn’t need to wear it at his doctors office. I’d be surprised if it’s before “Disease X” arrives….

  11. It has the possibility to become the new rosary. People who are wearing them around here tend to be pretty sloppy about it, mostly going through the motions.

  12. Until the medical industrial complex (MIC) propaganda (aka Pharma/”Health” Dept ads) is banned from the airways, hypochondria nutcases will rule this society. They’ve finally got the reins of power and are not giving them up. Chief hypochondrist “warp speed!” Trump if he ever got elected again should immediately ban all MIC propaganda and eliminate daylight savings time clock changing as well. Two simple things that apparently can never be done just cuz…

    Unfortunately Eric, the Diaper Report will never be retired, hypochondrism is embedded into the dregs of society forever.

    • I agree, Pug –

      The relentless, ubiquitous peddling of drugs is also the peddling of sickness. People are obsessed with what’s wrong with them because it’s all they har about, practically. My dad was a doctor, as I’ve mentioned here in the past. Doctors didn’t use to hawk drugs – and drugs were once illegal to advertise. That changed in the ’90s – and now it seems two-thirds of Americans are literally on drugs.

      • “Why do people advertise when it doesn’t work?”

        This is one of the odd things I can’t seem to square with libertarian philosophy. How masses can be so easily influenced without any facts. Maybe it’s an artifact of living with a century of mass media, maybe it’s a byproduct of humans’ desire for wise elders and leadership. Either way it seems like the charlatan with easy answers gets the bully pulpit so often, and the ones who point out the flaws get lost in the noise.

        “Buy this and all your problems are behind you.”

        Sure, that new car looks great, has no mechanical issues and smells good. But what about the payment? What about the near-decade of servitude to the bank to pay off the note? What could you do with that money instead? But no, everyone celebrates when you get a new ride. Post a new car to the social nets and watch the like counter go up. But post your bank balance and no one says a word. Or when the thing breaks down see a few sad emoji responses.

        How about we start celebrating when someone posts that they got the CV fixed and now the car will run for another 50K, so now they have cash for a vacation? That seems like a real reason to celebrate.

        • I agree, RK –

          I have mentioned here before the argument I got into with my mom about eight years ago when she made a snide comment about my “old truck.” I snapped at her: Well, my truck is old – but it’s paid for. I also paid cash for it. Unlike you – who financed (with my Dad’d money) one fancy new car after another, with the end result being you’re broke now and here I am taking you to buy groceries with my money in my “old truck.” It shut her up.

        • In light of the junk they have been making since around 2012 (really 2008), I shake my head when someone brags about getting a new car of any kind.

    • Amen to eliminating daylight savings time, Pug. These whack jobs politicians feel the need to bring us closer to permanent DST (originally known as “War Time”) every 20 years like clockwork. By my calculations, we’ll be on permanent war time by 2025–fitting given that our government is engaged in permanent wars. Modern-day DST extensions are predicated on giving retailers more time to sell their wares, but after the scamdemic, many retailers close shop at 8:00 pm or earlier while consumers increasingly shop online, eliminating the need for DST. Leave to Congress to be stuck in the 20th century.

    • Hi Pug. Good luck on banning MIC propaganda but why not retire daylight savings time. Sure there’s a little more light in the morning but it’s dark after work. You know this all started in WW1 when factory’s had windows and few electric lights. Now thanks to Wall Street we have no factories and thanks to Biden we will not have electric lights.


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