Diaper Report 1/12/21

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Today, someone approached me for showing my face . . . and thanked me for it!

I was at Kroger, my local supermarket, walking amongst the Faithful when a woman who initially appeared to be one of the brethren – she was wearing the Holy Burqa – began to speak. I anticipated my first scolding for not showing proper respect in a House of Worship. But then she pulled aside her Burqa and I could hear and what she said made me glad and sad at the same time.

Glad, to hear her tell me how nice it was to see my face; sad to hear her tell me she was terrified to show her own.

Because I was there, showing mine, she felt emboldened to show hers – and revealed her lack of Faith in the tenets of the Sickness Cult. She told me she hated the Holy Hijab but felt pressured to wear it for her own safety, just as women wear the other Burqa – out of fear of repercussions if they do not – in countries under sway of another faith.

(My video was “flagged”… I reloaded it on Rumble; see here.)

This annoys me almost as much as the Faith itself. The fact that this woman – and probably many other women as well as older people and also men who are older or who look like easy targets – do not feel it safe to show their face in public because of this metastasized sickness, this weaponized hypochondria turned into a twisted religious movement.

She and I talked for a few minutes. It was very nice to have a conversation with a sane person. I did my best to encourage her by telling her that by approaching me, she made my day because she was the only person in that whole store full of people who dared to remove the Holy Burqa – other than myself – and because she made a point of thanking me for showing my face.

I told her that it is my policy to always at least smile and thumbs-up other apostates – for the sake of sanity solidarity – and that I hoped she would consider the same as it spreads sanity by showing that not everyone is insane with fear of a sickness that doesn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the healthy population.

She knew that, too. Not a CNN watcher.

Still, it is infuriating to know just how fearful of not showing faith many people are – with reason. It is not their fault. I have the advantage of being a larger-than-most man who does not look like an easy target. It is very possible the Faithful can feel my anger and choose not to engage the 6ft. 3, 220 pound redneck.

But the 5 ft. 2, 135 pound, sixty-something lady?

That’s the sort of people we’re dealing with; i.e., despicable people. The kind who’d accost and harass a slightly built woman – or an old man – for not showing respect for the Faith.

On the upside, this sort of faith is only strong when it is not opposed. It depends on complicity – and on coercion. It is a weak Faith, then. Not one genuinely embraced but foisted upon and cajoled.

This is a Faith that can be defeated, one face at a time.

. . . .

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  1. Her comes the spin.


    In 3,2,1…. The old can’t take the vax, so all of you have to take it and stay masked forever, for the old folks.

    Funny how frail and old is a factor (rationlization) when the vax is used, but is never mentioned if “They died from ‘Rona”.

  2. Since the old bitch at the store wished death on me for not wearing a mask……months ago, no one has even mentioned it. I’m not in good shape but I think in public I must unknowingly pump up and I’m pretty sure, look like speaking to me could be fatal. Of course I haven’t been out of the county for months and that’s probably a lot to do with it.

    I lie in bed and feel like there’s something hooked to my nerve system and can’t sleep. I keep seeing a million soldiers from South America since they’ve been training them for crowd control in the US for decades, coming to take my firearms. I just want to be a better shot than the better number of them.

    Last week I tried to shoot a deer but it was in a spot where the shadows were black even though the sun was up. I shot a tree limb instead of the deer…..dammit. So I pick out another in full sun and shot it right below the head in the neck. When I cleaned it I always wash them well and I had water running out of the bottom of the head. My neighbor said “holy shit”. I stopped shooting animals back in the 70’s unless it was a head shot. I shot a deer in the eye that took the top of the head off. I do this because I can’t stand to torture animals.

    Well, last week that wasn’t the case. I was going for my driveway walk with CJ and going down the porch, not being able to see far down the drive, I was getting my rifle strapped on right so I would have it properly in my hand and setting right on my shoulder. I turned and started down the drive and here come Chollie Jack with a huge sow right on his ass. I could barely get a shot at her because he was so tall but I had to take on fast or he and me and would die. I hit her in the top of her hindquarter that turned her(thankfully)allowing me to make a fast gut shot and then a good chest shot since I saw the blood spray. I flipped my gun back on “safe” and went back in the house with CJ(Good god, CJ went ape and BW came hauling ass in the house. He’d had a coyote after him. Good boy CJ, Good boy).

    But after it was over with the sow, I came back in and sat down and took a couple shots of Evan. I sat there shaking for a while and the wife wiped the cowshit that the sow had on her chest off his left rear quarter. Never a dull moment. That one could have been much duller in my estimation.
    CJ was on the edge of the porch and I was behind him and I noticed he was frozen. I followed his gaze and saw the sow’s litter, much larger now than they had been a month ago when I first saw them. It was really cold or I would be mesquite cooking a couple porkies right now.

    I hear all the really stupid things townies say about guns and wish I could turn them all out every time a wolf/coyote or wild hog was waiting outside the door.. It would have been great to have AOC and Maxine Waters between CJ and that other crazy bitch of a sow.

  3. Re the 99.8% recovery rate, next time I am confronted by a maskhole, I’m going to ask, “Why are you worried about a virus that affects only 0.2% of the population? Do you think you’re special?”

  4. Eric, great story! Thanks for sharing! Must be something in the air today, I had several friendly interactions with maskers, and NO confrontations. Too bad I couldn’t see their smiles!

    I have yet to meet another uncovered that will actually make eye contact. I try, and smile, especially if they have kids, but most avoid looking at me eye to eye. It is as if they don’t want to be noticed, and I do understand, but like you, I resent the PTB that have created this and also the petty tyrants (at all levels of society) that continue to enable it.

    I am still optimistic that somehow, my actions are encouraging others. So good that you received some feedback (and interaction) to validate and confirm your principled stance!

  5. I’ve got a good one for you. Total Orwellian nightmare.

    Broke my habit of going to Kroger late at night to avoid people and went during the day at 3. Place was packed and 100% mask compliant – except me of course. As I was shopping an announcement came over the intercom: “ATTENTION: THERE IS A CUSTOMER IN THE STORE WITHOUT A MASK ON.”

    You probably wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through since March to be rag free. Lot’s of chats with HR, coworkers, business owners, store clerks, etc. However, I must admit, when that announcement came over the intercom and I realized that they were talking about me, it really really freaked me out!

    • Hi Pappa,

      Jesus! And: I expect the same. And you know what? They are inciting the mob to attack you. I see this as not much different than Jew-baiting. Look, a kike!

      And this is why I pack. I can handle myself one on one but against a mob of Diapered Freaks? That’s why my good friend Sig always accompanies me.

      • We are the enemy. They’ve made us the enemy, so that the masses can have someone whom it is O-K to hate, and to distract them from their true enemy- whom they view as their protector.

        It’s always “some other country” or “those crazy people who won’t cooperate with ‘science’ “….but never the psychopaths who have built the machinery of our opression and destruction.

        • Hear, hear! Divide and conquer.
          Why do you think the FBI and the feds likes to very publicly put celebrities in jail for bribing their kids way into college or other non-crime? Or make a big show out of college players getting money from agents? Or, *gasp* steroids in freaking baseball? Public sacrifices of no consequence to satisfy the masses that their rulers are just.
          Leviticus 4:3-5
          “If the anointed priest sins, bringing guilt on the people, he must bring to the Lord a young bull without defect as a sin offering for the sin he has committed. He is to present the bull at the entrance to the tent of meeting before the Lord. He is to lay his hand on its head and slaughter it there before the Lord. Then the anointed priest shall take some of the bull’s blood and carry it into the tent of meeting.”
          Replace “Lord” with “general public” b/c these people are their own gods.
          Replace “tent of meeting” with “screens” b/c these people only interact with the world through the filtered lens of their screens.
          Replace “bull” with “celebrity patsy” b/c they need someone with some clout to allow the masses to hurl all their anger at and bring down.
          Shame, shame, shame!

      • While I don’t have the benefit of your 6’3″ 220 frame, I’ve never been more ready for a fight in my life. This nightmare has put me into conflict with more people than ever before and it has me in a fighting mood. Yes, fighting for myself, but mainly for my (our) children.

    • That’s infuriating, PappaS! With your revelation, I just realized that not one single day has passed since last March that I haven’t been met with a fresh outrage. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, these demons plumb the depths of satanic depravity with yet another new low. This just proves that psychopaths and near-psychopaths are running the show right now.

    • Wow Pappa – you must feel really special, all that effort for you ! I normally get nagged by some incompetent mall cop sort of security guard or a karen at checkout !! I must say I feel quite feel jealous !!

  6. I needed a new recliner. Yesterday I went to a furniture store I’ve used before, with satisfying results. It’s in a County imposing masking. I didn’t. No one suggested I should. The young lady that came to assist me was. She started talking, and I told her I was hearing impaired and could not understand her with her mask on, which is true. She immediately pulls it down, and smiles at me. At the counter making payment, I thanked the manager, who was not wearing one, and the young lady for not attempting to mask me. They both smiled. I explained I did have medical exemption, I’m a mammal and I need to breath. Which got a chuckle out of both. This store is not far from the County line. It’s been my experience that the farther you get from the center of the insanity, the more sane people are.

  7. Excuse me for the re-post, but I think it bears repeating:

    Display your free mind and face for all to see. I force myself to do it everyday. It never takes as much effort as you think and it feeds the soul. It’s like exercise. It always seems a chore at first, but you’re always glad you did.

    I saw a fellow non-masker in the grocery store (first time in about a week). The sight of each other immediately lifted both of our spirits. We exchanged big smiles and a few encouraging words. That experience made my day. Make somebody’s day by displaying your freedom.

  8. Eric, your video has been removed! That slimey Biden bastard isn’t even in the White-privilege House yet….and the purge is ramping up!

    Oooo! You bad, bad ‘Rona dissenter! You spoke wrong-speak and thought wrong-think!

    We are truly the new Jews….

    Any doubt yet that we’d better vamoose? We’re gonna be completely silenced, persecuted, and genocided…… It’s happening faster than any of us would have ever antifipated.

    One day soon I expect to find a blank page where this site used to be 🙁

    • Oh my god, they really took it down. This is bordering on absurdity now. Well, I guess us libertarians and conservatives must learn to create our own. Stop funneling through FB, YT, Alphabet, Twitter, and Amazon. If things like this doesn’t show us there is a propaganda war going on, I don’t know what does. We are commie China.

    • Seems to be accelerating too. Betcha the million MAGA asshat marchers never foresaw that they’d provide the impetus for the final solution against the former United States. I’m sorry, but this was entirely predictable.

      I agree, this will not end well. Vamoose, sure, but where? How?

    • Haha, I’m very curious about that video, now. I thought for a second this was a picture of the “Sorry, no video” screen and Eric was going to mention something about the Tech Purge…
      But no! Instantly a victim OF the Tech Purge. Those fuckers are quick!

      I’m happy you’ve finally had this experience. I’m still waiting for a good conversation with another heretic. I see diaperless people here and there, but they are in general keeping their heads down and dodging everyone.

      Keep your heads high! Smile! Give out some winks! Exude confidence! After all, YOU are the Few and the Proud.

  9. I worry about my wife when she goes out shopping without me. She is a nonbeliever and does not wear the mask. She has been asked to leave many places. Funny, when I’m with her, nobody asked me anything. I too probably carry with me a “better not F with me” expression while I’m out. And I hate that the world has turned me into this.

    • We’re on the same page, Philo. The ONLY time my wife gets hassled is when I’m not there. …Fucking Karens.

      Here in Iowa, I’ve seen there’s a constancy in the hardware bigbox stores and large grocery stores, for every 100 or so Borgs, there’s only 1 to 5 Human Beings. …Have you ever seen the film, Little Big Man? The old Indian… he pegs it. “Human Beings”.

      Anyway, I only once in the last year have been able to give a thumbs up to a fellow Human Being not wearing a mastica muzzle in a store because – most of the time – they don’t, or won’t, make eye contact with me. That really surprises me. Sometimes, it’s a matter of, it’s not quite right to do so, they’re fumbling with a wallet or talking to someone, etc… but, a lot of times, they act the same as the Borg. I just don’t get that.

      Also, I had an old man approach me in the parking lot of the grocery store. He had a black mastika dangling from his chin so I was leary he’d be a panhandler with the, “I’m outta gas and almost home, ya got any money I can have” story, but no. He was passing out cards for a Baptist church. I asked him, “Do you wear masks?” He smiled and said, “No. And, we don’t [anti] social distance, either.”
      Made my day.
      I’m not a regular church go’er but I’m thinking of going just to be around a group of sane people.

      One last bit I didn’t think about, the grocery store chain in my area, HyVee, their motto is, “A Helpful Smile, In Every Isle” …. They’ve dropped that from their banners and replaced it with something about Lockdown Low Prices, yet I still see it from time to time, I wonder when it will be gone, altogether? The 20th?

      • Advice from a chick:

        1. Holster
        2. 380 or 9 mm
        3. Can be seen by the naked eye
        4. Guaranteed, no harassment by Karens or Kens 🙂

        • true. however; every bit I’ve read says that’s a great way to get a thug to say, “Nice, gimmie that.” as they point theirs at yours.

          I suppose it’s a trade off or something, is a person walking near gangster types, or Ken & Karens?

          • A thug usually says that same thing right before he steals your purse.

            I don’t suggest that one adhere my advice when walking through SE DC or Oakland, but to the grocery store or Tractor Supply I have yet to be inundated by Karens or thugs.

            Even if one doesn’t carry visibly one should carry concealed, especially women. I think it is important to have the ability to protect herself. Many shooting ranges offer classes on training how to handle a firearm, shooting techniques, gun laws, and basic self defense. I highly recommend it.

            • I put on a dry-rotted spare tire the other day, just to drive to my neighbor’s shop in the li’l town about 10 miles away to have him mount my new tires. The spare blows out a couple of miles out of town….
              So I’m sitting there on the side of the road. Used to be, here, that every car (and more so every truck) that’d pass a stranded car around here would stop and ask if ya needed help.
              A bunch of vehicles passed, but none stopped, except for ONE car, containing a nice elderly couple- which got me thinking: Even around here, it’s getting so that one has to keep in mind that in a position like that one is pretty much helpless- anyone could stop and do anything to you. Should’ve carried my rod.
              Not only would it serve to keep the peacer, but it would’ve served double purpose: I could’ve robbed the elderly couple! 😉

        • I’ve mostly ditched my waist carry 40 Taurus for a nice pocket carry 380 Taurus. It just gives peace of mind and it’s ALWAYS there and unobtrusive and secure.

      • **” their motto is, “A Helpful Smile, In Every Isle” ….”**

        The way things are going, by next week, it’ll probably be something like: “You get $5 if an employee fails to fart in your face at least once on every visit!”.

  10. Hi Eric,

    That is a wonderful story. 🙂 It was very brave of her to approach you. We know a good amount of people do not believe there is any benefit to wearing the Holy Rag, nor do they believe this virus is dangerous to most Americans, but they are fearful of being ostracized.


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