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It happened to Alex. It happened to the Orange Man. It happened to Ron Paul. So I am not surprised it just happened to me, too.

Yesterday, YouTube – which is an adjunct of the Google cartel – flagged me for Wrongthink and pulled a short video I had published just a few hours after I uploaded it, along with my latest Diaper Report. (I have reloaded the video on Rumble; it can be viewed here.)

Did the video contain profanity? Threats or intimations of violence? Nope to both.

But it did contain questioning words against the One True Faith. I related an encounter I had with a nice woman at the supermarket who told me how happy she was to see my face – which she could because I am an apostate and a heretic who shows it everywhere I go. I have never and never will adopt the vestments of a Faith I do not subscribe to. I won’t wear a Face Burqa anymore than I would wear the other kind of Burqa.

But we live under Sharia law and to not show respect for the Faith is a punishable offense – the punishment ranging from exclusion from commerce to arrest to what happened to me, which is a kind of online excommunication. The video was “flagged” and removed from sight on account of “violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service” – which has no specific meaning that can be divined but whose functional meaning everyone understands:

You will not take issue with our Faith. 

This is what happens when religion takes over public debate. The Faithful do not want a debate. They want subordination to the Faith. You must beeelieve – and if you do not then that is a problem.

It is ok to beeelieve in violence, by the way – provided it is directed at Unbelievers. Had I posted a video denouncing the UnFaithful, those recklessly Unburqa’d heretics who refuse to pretend they are sick and spreading a sickness they haven’t got – and suggested that perhaps the time had come to do more than just kick them out of the store, my video would likely still be up.

Extremism is acceptable – when it is in defense of the One True Faith.

But the gentlest questioning  – viz, what was done to Ron Paul, the gentlest heretic there is – is met with ferocious extremism.

These people are more dangerous than sleeping with Kraits – and they have just been empowered. Or will be, in a few days from now. It is extremely worrisome. One can hear the flames licking at the books tossed onto the pile – though the Internet-age equivalent will make no noise at all. There will instead be the silence of the closed mind, the echo of emptiness.

All will be uniform – and quiet.

Or else.

The Internet was great while it lasted. For about 20 years, information – all kinds – was available to almost anyone, easily and inexpensively. It was also possible for independent writers and commentators to reach a mass audience just as easily and inexpensively as the Authoritative Voices – as they are now styling themselves.

This was a big problem and the solution is a new religion. A religion of sickness, forever amen.

The boot Orwell wrote about that stomps on a human face, forever – in the name of spreading a sickness that isn’t physical so much as it is psychological. A danger so acute that no one may speak of it except the Authorized Voices and what they say must be accepted without question.

This is the new Medievalism – a revival of the mentality of the Dark Ages, which last manifested in Germany in the light of Dr. Goebbels’ bonfires and Stalin’s purging of the Kulaks. They didn’t have the Internet back then – thank god – but they used the same techniques then as now.

Terrorize the public so as to make the public pliable. Focus derision and exclusion on the few who remain unafraid and unpliable. Cast them as dangerous, even diseased things (the Nazis literally characterized their targets as a bacillus, as unhygienic) that cannot be tolerated for the sake of public health.

We’re here, by the way, because no one in a position to do something about it did anything about what was done to Alex about two years ago. He’s a kook, a right-wing crank. Who cares! Good riddance.

They should have done something. More of us should have cared.

Most of all Orange Man should have acted. He could have put these latter-day Torquemadas on notice that while they have every right to publish (or not) whatever they like, within the bounds of legality – they have no right to claim the legal protection of a “platform” – i.e., a mere conduit or service provider – and then use their “platforms” to silence Wrongthink, according to their own opaque standards.

But he did nothing, and the “platforms” silenced the Orange Man, too.

And now they’re focused on the rest of us Wrongthinkers.

(S)elections have consequences – and we’re about to experience them.

. . . .

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  1. For a good pootube alternative, it’s worth taking a look over at (owned by LBRY and not Goolag as people have mistaken it to be)

    My fav pootuber Young Rippa just made the move over there, looks pretty cool so far.

  2. “Trump riot” narrative falling completely apart.

    A local guy near me (NW Indiana outside Chicago) was arrested by the FBI in connection with rioting at the Capitol. This is no Trump supporter in spite of what the “article” claims (it takes chutzpah to try to keep labeling him as such anyway). He is a Latin King gang member, known to none of my local Trump supporting friends. He is half black to boot too….so yeah, white supremacist……

    This in addition to the BLM member arrested for “documenting” the riots.

    Not that this will change anything. But things aren’t quite what they seem. On anything it seems.

  3. Disgusting that they would ban this video. The bias is more transparent everyday. They don’t even pretend to be fair or unbiased anymore. Anything that in any way threatens the woke SJW agenda or that goes against the favored propaganda is subject to removal.

  4. anti maskers from antiquity:
    Daniel 3:16-21
    16 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, answered and said to the king, O Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer thee in this matter.
    17 If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.
    18 But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.
    19 Then was Nebuchadnezzar full of fury, and the form of his visage was changed against Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: therefore he spake, and commanded that they should heat the furnace one seven times more than it was wont to be heated.
    20 And he commanded the most mighty men that were in his army to bind Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and to cast them into the burning fiery furnace.
    21 Then these men were bound in their coats, their hosen, and their hats, and their other garments, and were cast into the midst of the burning fiery furnace.

    • Thank you! There are many examples like this where Godly men and women resisted ungodly edicts. The Hebrew midwives, the boys above (and their friend Daniel) in Daniel Chapter 1, Daniel again as an old man praying to God (violating the king’s order) – he then survived the lion’s den, Paul and Silas, Peter (disobeying orders not to share the Gospel), etc. They were not living in rebellion, but rather recognizing that evil and ungodliness must be resisted.

      These people are my heroes and my example.

  5. Another thing to think about in the midst of Big Tech censorship: any books you have on Kindle can be canceled without notice. If you have any Kindle books that would be disapproved of by the Soviet/Nazi types, it would be a good idea to purchase physical copies of them while they are still available.

    Orwell’s books would be an example. A few years ago, “1984” suddenly disappeared from people’s Kindles. It was restored a few days later, with the lame explanation from Amazon that they were dealing with licensing issues. Call me crazy (many people have, and I’m not convinced that they’re wrong), but I think it may well have been a test. Whether it was or not, the fact remains that it is easy for Amazon to remove anything from your Kindle that it wants to. Saving hard copies of important liberty oriented books could be vital to helping a future generation find its way out of the new Dark Ages that appear to looming.

    • Pretty much anything with an internet connection, wi-fi or cell signal is a tool of surveillance and control- always has been- it’s just being used more so for that increasingly now. (Thank you, DJT, you bastard, for 5G!). Smart phones, Alexa, Kindle, that Amazon Doorbell BS, smart appliances, cars, pretty much anything Apple or Microsoft, TV’s….. If you’ve gone high-tech, they’ve just about got you.

    • Hi Esther,

      I caught news of this arrest; will it amount to anything more than an individual arrest? We’ve got a week to go before it no longer matters. Maybe the Orange Man will act. And maybe Elvis will sing at his inaugural, too.

    • A day late and a dollar short.

      And the Xiden supporter are utterly chortling at the conservative website American Thinker caving in to Dominion System’s demand that they publish a retraction notice, stating that the information of Dominion orchestrating similar fraud in Venezuela et al. was “fraudulent”. A better term would be “UNVERIFIED”. Nevertheless, even though Dominion’s threat of legal action is obviously a SLAPP suit, very much prohibited under Federal law and many states, AT made the decision to cave in, as it’s moot, since OM will be going in a few days.

    • I just watched Die Hard this weekend….still my favorite Xmas movie. Alan Rickman is such a good bad guy. 🙂

      God bless you, Bruce. Too bad Arnie doesn’t have your balls.

        • Hi Nasir,

          The Rock threw me, too. All of a sudden he is a Bernie supporter and then backs Biden, WTH!

          We still have Kurt Russell and Chuck Norris, Eastwood lost me when he went to Bloomberg. I also like to believe that Keanu is, but he is at least intelligent enough to say nothing. So even if he is a liberal (he is a smart one, although that is an oxymoron, isn’t it?) Vince Vaughn is okay in my book. He had the balls to go out in the middle of NYC in May without a mask to buy his kid a cheeseburger.

          • Raider Girl,

            Haha, yes, Hans Gruber! I think he frequents this site, too.
            And I was a bit surprised by the Rock as well. Somehow I was also surprised by Dave Bautista coming out as an enthusiastic leftist…
            Willis and Kurt Russell were already a couple of my all time favorites before I knew any of their political stances.
            I think you’re right about Keanu. He seems to have become a fully-trained firearms expert while working on the John Wick movies, and I don’t think for a second that he’s with the majority of Hollywood on gun-control schemes. The John Wick series is a not-so-subtle advertising tour-de-force for firearms and accessories, as well as advocating general bad-assery. Reeves, however, somehow keeps his virtual sainthood while making some of the most violent films in history. I think you have it right in that he keeps quiet and to himself, which is very smart in his line of work.

      • Eric, you’re right it was foreseable. then why even trying to use youlube (aka theirlube or censortube)?

        I haven’t used poohgle, facistbook, twater, or any other techno-nazi for years, in fact I haven’t started using most of them at all in my life.

        I don’t understand why so many people love to be spied on, expose their most intimate secrets, be invaded by propaganda and be censored and told what to think. Whic is what so called ‘social media’ does.

        gestapogoogle and stasibook have been created for the occasion, there is no magic is their very quick ‘success’. they have been heavily helped by intelligence and military agencies.

        Now, there are alterntives, many of them nowadays:
        Parler, Bitchute, Gab, LBRY, mastodon, telgram, diaspora, Minds, Duckduckgo, Qwant, Metager, Banndvideo and so on…

        The only way to make techno-fascists bleed is to boycott them. Starve the beast.

        Also to distribute information, writing on walls and printing proves much more efficient in our totalitarian world than the web…

        Here is a blog below with advices about how to resist the global coup:

        Plenty of things can be done, outside the mainstream and out of their evil clutches.

        • Don’t feel bad, RG, my initial reaction was bit of elation as well but I figured there had to be a catch to it and another shoe to drop. I’ve gotten pretty damned cynical in my old age but I’ve found that usually leads to the correct conclusion.

      • Pfff, WTF? I’ll bet he caught a world of hurt for his barefacedness and was urged to issue this BS apology. Goddamnit, though.

  6. Does YouTube use AI to detect wrongspeak, or is some “Karen” watching newly-uploaded videos and flagging them? If the former, that’s pretty creepy that the technology is that advanced. If the latter, “Karen” should do something more productive and meaningful with her life.

    • LOL. Karens have no life, that is why they are Karens. They are so bitter about their own place in the world they feel the need to spread that bitterness with everyone they see. Their only objective is to make sure that any other person should feel the misery that they do.

      Honestly, I feel for their spouse and kids. It must be hell to live with someone who feels the need to dramatize everything, no optimism, no happiness, ugh!

    • Likely automated. Transcript feature of hangouts and teams show how fast the technology works. Maybe some human intervention to continue honing the algorithm. Face recognition, voice patterns, etc. One big information web, or Snowden said years ago…. any type of data connection puts it together. We probably cannot imagine.

    • any person with a functioning brain cell will soon see the complete morons in charge now. Trump did a few things – exposed the deep state – proved elections dont matter and tore the republican party in half. Guess thats something but hes going to pay a helluva price. other than those things he did very very little

      • Agreed. Ya gotta wonder what the “support the dupes” crowd that voted for OM thinks of all this. The pics in that article are high camp. Must… support… NNNNannnccyy PPPPellllllosssiiiii…. and Joooooooe Biiiiiddennn…. because… the troooooooooooooops… Wakes up screaming.

      • Hi Mark. I also thought that Trump did little to nothing until I started thinking more about it. He ended Obama’s program of assassinating American citizens; he gave us 4 years without a new war; he wound down the wars his predecessors started; he abolished a lot of federal regulations; he got 4 Arab countries to recognize Israel (though not a complete solution, that was a huge step toward peace in the Middle East and would have been front page news for weeks if any other president had done it); he stopped Obama’s practice of spying on reporters; he got the Obamacare penalty repealed; he stopped Obama’s practice of siccing the IRS and FBI on his opponents. And his greatest achievement: keeping that Clinton bitch out of the White House. Now that was sweet, and it gave us a 4 year reprieve from the Nazis.

        Those things don’t come close to making him a great president, and he certainly screwed ups a number of things, but overall he wasn’t all that bad compared to his predecessor and his successor.

        • Hi Mike,

          I’ll “amen” all you’ve said in defense of the Orange Man. It is why I’ve defended the Orange Man vs the alternative man. But what has the Orange Man done? He has not only shat away everything he achieved by letting the other man take the office – literally – he has allowed himself and those who supported him to be cast as “domestic extremists” and worse by the incoming Dear Leader. This is going to have dreadful consequences.

          • Eric, OM had devil horns and fangs drawn on his visage from the moment he declared his candidacy in 2015. At first, he was ridiculed, then ignored, then, when he couldn’t be ignored, lambasted, and when that didn’t get rid of him, sabotaged, even by those who should, on the basis of party loyalty alone. Yet another reason why I left the GOP some 25 years ago, and OM is the only Republican that I voted for for POTUS (I even voted a dear friend who ran as a DEMOCRAT in 2004 in what was then CA’s 3rd district, I’d known him for over ten years at the time, he had his reasons to affiliate with that party and I respect them), fairly much on the same basis that I’d voted for all the LP candidates…i.e, giving the “one-party” rule in the once-Golden State of Cali(porn)ia the “Finger”.

            While Trump was never the “ideal” Presidential candidate, he was a LOT better than most of the rest of the field. The main thing going for him is that he’s unabashedly PRO-American, and also did his best to make it “OK” to be a WHITE, CHRISTIAN, HETEROSEXUAL MALE once again. The very fact that in 2016 he was a credible contender alone gave mute testimony that our political system is a failure of what will likely become a failed nation. Sure, the win itself was a bit of a fluke, where he won where he HAD to, but in most cases, the Electoral College tally would be about where 2020’s was rigged to become. This time, the gloves came off, so to speak, and there was little attempt to be subtle about it. As much giving America, but especially the hated White, Christian, Heterosexual males the finger as well.

            Politically, the solution thus far is a NEW party, to be the Pro-American MAGA that OM started. While I respect him and what he did accomplish, I’ve neither the time nor the inclination to get involved with a personality cult. I do, however, support Trump running in 2024…if Ivanka is interested!

          • OM, worse than doing nothing, has actually aided and abetted the enemy. He has set them up with funding, via signing the two huge “COVID stimulus” bills- which are as or more ambitious than the “Green New Deal”- and funnel literally TRILLIONS to the favored players; He has not only sat idly by, but has actively PUSHED the speedy erection of the 5G network, so that the massive net of surveillance and control is now primed for the communists; He has put government sycophants, yes-men and gun-grabbers in high positions; has built-up the military and police to a level never before known…. Of course, I could go on, but one gets the idea.

            Basically, just like Reagan, while using words that pandered to the most decent people, to keep them content and pacified, he essentially primed things for our enemies, so that now they will not have to waste a moment’s time, but rather their dastardly deeds can be carried out with amazing swiftness, while all of us who oppose them will be ‘the new Jews’ in their new reich.

            Thanks, Donald! Freaking modern Lincoln.

          • In my book the one thing that Trump “did not do” is the the thing that makes him the finest president we have had in 30 years at least. He did not start any new wars unlike all the others. He even managed to back of a bit on several wars.

            • Hi Ugg,

              I’ll give him that, too – but (unless the “kraken” is coming) it’s all for nought. The diseased old creep who appears destined to replace will undo everything good he did, including the winding down of the endless wars.

              • We had to face this moment sooner or later, Eric, thanks to the 22nd Amendment. If “Trumpism” means anything, it must survive the man and his tenure as POTUS.

              • The Orange Asshat might not have started any new wars (He almost did- VZ, NK. Syria,….), but thanks to him the military is now pumped and primed like never before, being given the bigge$t budget EVER, through the auspices of the Donald- so that the machinery is now well stoked and oiled for fast action, which I’m sure is just where the Senile Pedo and his pet Kamal(a) want it to be.

                Everything OM did seems like it was just designed to set things up for the commies, while he just pacified the decent people with good acting and a few little bones which can (and will) be easily undone with the stroke of a pen in one day.

                • Nunz, OM calmed things down with that nut farm known as the DPRK and opened up engagement with the Korean Fatboy rather than get us involved in a restart of the Korean War (which has never been formally declared to have ended, it’s be under a cease-fire since 27 July 1953), and he disengaged our forces in Syria to stop further involvement in that intra-Arab squabble. I’d call that a net POSITIVE for our foreign policy. As for enhancing the PREPAREDNESS of our military…if that’s not a fundamental duty of the Commander-in-Chief, I don’t know what the hell he’s doing there at all. As a famed American General, first named “George” put it, “In times of peace, PREPARE for war.” Yes, Patton said it, but he mentioned that he was quoting a prior George that held the rank of LT GEN…WASHINGTON. Now moot, as on July 4, 1976, with many officers having superseded George Washington in rank, Congress created the special rank of six-star general officer, “General of the Armies”, and posthumously appointed George Washington to it, declaring that since his original date of service in the Continental Army, and since then and for the indefinite future, George Washington would hold that rank and will always outrank any other general officer. Even Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Pershing, Marshal, Mac Arthur, Eisenhower, Bradley, Arnold, Dewey, King, Nimitz, Halsey, and Leahy.

                  Had OM wanted to “set things up” for the Commie Rat Bastards that have stolen our country, he’d not have endured the vile things said of him and done to him. Not with that colossal ego of his.

  7. “Banned from youtube”. A phrase, in modern parlance, interchangeable with; “Told the truth publicly about anything of importance”.

  8. Looks like Rumble has monetization, your video has earned 7 cents so far (7 cents more than youtube would have).

    Looks like the newest video left on youtube is a year old. So either they are deleting them or eric has moved them and has deleted them.

  9. I went ahead and took a tiny action that will cause me some pain; canceled my Amazon prime membership, canceled all my cards for payments on Amazon, no more music, no more nothing from them. Let them know that it is in response for their political stance and attacks on liberty, privacy, and Western values.

    I know they don’t care, but it helps my sanity to contribute a few less bucks to my enemy.

    Follow suit, people. Its the only weapon you have left.

    • I used to love to shop on Amazon, but I had a problems with products, either due to quality or delivery. A big issue with Chinese companies is they advertise women’s clothing that seems to be from reputable, high end designers and use the photo, but then if someone orders it, they bang it out in their sweatshop. It’s always too small and uses substandard materials (see for hilarious examples of this). Women might be familiar with a lot of the brands that advertise on facebook (Dresslily, Rosegal, etc.) with this business model.
      Anyway, Amazon offers no way to find out where your product is coming from. I would still order some things, but only if it was something from a known brand, no more just browsing and looking for deals. But after China sent us the plague and a few other issues came to light, I am trying to avoid all Chinese products, not just sweatshop items.
      I have a kindle I use for internet at home, so I’m sure I’m somehow generating income for Amazon even though I stopped shopping with them and don’t purchase ebooks. I borrow ebooks from my city library sometimes and it routes you through Amazon to do that. So the library probably pays them.
      This all made me realize that boycotting someone because you’re pissed off at them is hard work! I tried to boycott Walmart over the gun issue awhile back. But then all the other groceries in my area also banned carrying inside. So what to do now? Who do I dislike the least?
      And yeah, they don’t care. We’re little fish in a big pond and in many cases, they’re the ONLY pond.
      All they seem to worry about is if they are the subject of angry tweets.

      • Hi Amy,

        There is always more than one pond. It may not be as convenient, but it is there. I switched my business supplies back in June. I bought everything (paper, ink, office snacks, etc.) between Staples and Amazon. I don’t have anything against Staples (they have been pretty apolitical, to my knowledge), but I will not buy from Amazon. I went hunting for new businesses to sell me the items that I needed. My printer ink comes from a little company Maryland (I skipped Amazon and buy it directly from them). My office snacks come from small companies out of NC, my almonds and cashews (which my family eats a lot of) comes from a small business in IL.

        Substitutes are everywhere, you just have to go looking for them. Also, I find the products to be just as good, if not better, and the prices are more than fair. Most of my grocery shopping (when not visiting farms) I buy from Aldi or Lidl since they are both German companies they don’t dive into politics here (which I can appreciate).

        • Excellent practical advice, RG.

          May I add as a note to trust “apolitical” Germans…as was affirmed in “The Simpsons” re: Sideshow Bob and his explanation of the phrase, “Die, Bart, Die!” as being a GERMAN phrase, “The ‘Bart’, The!”…”No one who speaks German can be ‘evil’ !”

    • Hi andy,

      Great job. I closed mine back at the end of June when all of the BLM “corporations decide to become activists” BS was going on. I have officially boycotted Walmart after they decided that those politicians that wanted to question the election were “traitors” (e.g. Cruz, Hawley and 100 + Congress people).

      Your money and my money may not make a huge difference, but if a million or ten million of us do it they feel it. If nothing else we are at least standing by our principles (and what is better than that).

    • I would go further and call for Americans to STOP BUYING, period. Well, at least that which is DISCRETIONARY. Really, as the late George Carlin (paraphrased) put it, we work long hours, absent our loved ones, paying for a ridiculously oversized home to hold all our “stuff” that we don’t really need and doesn’t, in the end, give true satisfaction. As long as one’s clothes fit, and can be mended, like folks USED to do b/c they HAD to, “store-bought” clothing being a LUXURY for the working man, don’t! Rely on thrift stores and the like for what must be replaced. Keep the old ride running, since “Detroit” is an abstract concept, we don’t really have an AMERICAN auto industry anymore. Grow one’s food if you have even a tiny plot of land or a planter on the patio! BARTER for things you can’t produce yourself.

      Rather than “pitch forks and torches, tar and feathers, and muskets, and a length of rope and a sturdy tree branch to fasten it to”, which all sound “great”, but in reality, the affected class cannot just start a guerilla campaign that’d be effective. Take a page from Gandhi’s playbook and PASSIVELY resist, by STARVING OUT this motherfucking pile of LEECHES. Their main weakness is that they’re selfish, self-centered, divisive, and typically have few, if any practical skills, so when the SHTF, they’re the first ones to either take a bottle full of pills or “eat their gun”. Good fuckin’ riddance in that case. Many of the rest will be lynched and or driven out of the country altogether. We can and MUST take our country back from these shitheads, but we must be SMART about it…and PATIENT.

  10. An interesting experiment would be to post a completely innocent, non-violent video about opposing the face mask, while simultaneously posting a video calling for violence against non-maskers. Document it well; time of upload, time of removal, etc. for each video.

    My guess would be that they remove almost immediately the anti-mask video and leave the video calling for violence.

  11. Hi Eric,

    Just curious…Have they shut down your whole channel, or just specific vids on some topics?

    Hopefully, you still can post your car rant review clips?

  12. Time for the monkeywrench.

    Make videos of 2.5 hours of static. Splice in a dozen 20 second messages throughout. Upload to Youtube. Repeat every hour. Use multiple accounts. If 200,000 people did this every day we could simply overwhelm the system. There are not enough censors and AI just is not up to the task yet.

    For Amazon. Load your cart with $5k worth of stuff (make sure it is returnable). Checkout and then cancel as soon after you get a confirmation for the order. Worst case, some stuff gets shipped and you have to send it back. This costs them even more money and half the time, they just toss the stuff once it is returned, costing even more.

    This is armchair warrior stuff. No excuses not to toss sand in the gears.

  13. Then there’s this:

    Democrats are flipping their lids on the evil, selfish, heretical Republicans who didn’t diaper during their mutual sheltering during the Great Capitol Siege.

    Dem. Pramila Jayapal says “Now up to THREE reps who tested + after being locked in a room where Republicans refused to wear a mask and mocked those who offered one. I’m worried for the health of my colleagues. How many more will fall ill? There must be consequences for those who treated this like a joke.”

    Am I wrong to wonder how many of the Undiapered Republicans have tested positive? Why am I not hearing about THEM and THEIR positive tests?! I know Rep. Andy Biggs from Az was one of those refused the Holy Rag. He seems fine. Why only the masked Democrats were infected? Am I asking the wrong questions, here?!

  14. Eric,

    I enjoyed your video, and as always, your audacious impiety is a delightful excursion from the droning of the viral vicars.
    Perhaps, however, your camera or twonky should be mounted somewhere while you drive and chat. The wildly chaotic visuals almost made me dizzy, haha.

  15. Though it’s arguably perverse and too 4D-chess like, the first of the braindead legacy parties to collapse is the R-party. The Orange Man ran under its banner, but clearly he didn’t belong there. Now the R-party’s collaborationist majority of professional time-servers and influence peddlers are gleefully unsheathing their bloody shivs to disembowel and fillet the hated orange-maned usurper.

    One such is the Dirty Old Turtle, Mitch McClownnell. Even as the presstitute media welcome his collaboration, they subvert him with a repellent photo making all too clear the painful reality of how this dissolute old roué crab-scuttles round the capitol baring his filthy yellow vampire teeth, trailing a noxious cloud of halitosis, flatulence and decrepitude, even as his chicom beard of a ‘wife’ helps rake in more tainted cash and pad their multimillion-dollar government pensions.

    Dirty Old Turtle is a mascot and microcosm of 90 percent of Kongressklowns from both parties. These humanoid reptiles belong in jail cells, not parliamentary chambers.

    Klowngress is a failed institution that needs to be shut down, starting with arresting and expelling Repuke members like Liz Cheney as they attack the tiny remnant of the R-party that still possesses a shred of courage and character to challenge a criminally hijacked state.

    To paraphrase an old saying, Repukes cry out in pain as they strike you.

  16. trumps last act of suicide was signing the grotesque bill with millions for gender studies in Pakistan and another 500 million for Israel and without the 230 exemption stripped from tech. Man he was/is dumb. He signed it with zero negotiation. He doesnt have one single principle that he wont drop if someone blinks at him.

    • Sort of like George W Bush’s cringeing, effusive encomium to casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, for whom Bush launched a war on Iraq that killed a million people and thousands of US soldiers.

      The special shame of every Repuke presidential candidate since Bush is that they had to put on a command-performance audition for ‘Sheldon,’ promising that they would prioritize Israel’s needs over those of America, in return for Adelson’s circled-K ‘kosher candidate’ stamp branded on their bare buttocks like an Auschwitz tattoo, and his filthy lucre.

      Trump sold out his country just as halfwit Dubya did. But unlike collaborationist Dubya, who was welcomed back into the good graces of the Uniparty by Obama’s handsome ex-linebacker spouse Mike, effective today Trump is forever ostracized despite his groveling, lickspittle service to Israel’s every whim.

      Once Trump rendered the obligatory service, he was chucked into the dumpster like a used Dixie cup. Maybe Trump’s self-published sequel book will be titled ‘The Art of the Kneel.’

      • The day that the Capitol was “stormed”, Kunt Pelosi said “Even if the Capitol were to crumble, we will uphold our commitment to ISRAEL”.

        Did she say “We will honor our commitment to the American people?
        Did she say “We will honor our commitment to the Constitution”?


        Why on earth, would the leader of a superpower whose job it is supposed to be to represent the American people and uphold the Constitution, confirm their commitment to a small foreign nation in a time of crisis?

        Yet some refuse to acknowledge who are true masters are……even among us. Well, I’m just a ‘raciss’ and an ‘anti-semite’ don’t ya know!

        • “Why on earth…”

          Likely because Israel is our proxy in the mideast. We pay them and supply them with weapons to do our dirty work. It’s a matter of one criminal gang contracting with and paying another criminal gang to do what the first one (ours) can’t get away with in that region. (Note of course the Pelosi isn’t even a hooknose, she’s a wop! Could it be there’s a jooo-wop-mafioso conspiracy we’re overlooking? What if the Irish get involved?)

          From a libertarian perspective the fix is to end ALL foreign aid, Jewland included.

          • I think you have things backwards, Jason. We are their proxy. We have been fricking with the Mid-East now for the better part of a century, and getting blowback for it, because we insist on redrawing the map of the Mid-East just so that the artificial goyim-created nation of “israel” can exist where it has no right to. We supply them with weaponry and manpower, though they have time and again acted as our enemy.

            Sheesh…talk about a blind spot……

            Why should we need a proxy in the Mid-East? What rightful business do we have there? -Unless plundering oil and maintaining Israel is somehow a rightful business.

            How come Pelosi didn’t say “We will maintain ouir commitment to Pakistan”, or Saudi Arabia…etc.? Not that that would be any less absurd…

            • Actually I do believe you are the one who has it backwards, Nunz. He who pays the piper calls the tune, and the U.S. is the one paying the piper here. It makes a lot more sense than creating vast conspiracies out of whole cloth.

              • Aww, C’mon, Jason. What has Israel ever done for the US. ?(9/11?). When something’s going down in Israel, do they make statements confirming their commitment to the US? Quite the contrary- they have their players at every level of our politics, and if one of ours who isn’t fully “initiated” dares to so much as say something that is not to their liking, they immediately make it clear that they will throw us under the bus.

                Is it illegal to criticize The US in Israel? But yet is illegal to criticize Israel in many nations and states and even college campuses and institutions here…..

                • BTW, look what the Orange Oaf signed into law today:

                  “On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, the President signed into law:
                  H.R. 221, the “Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Act,” which elevates the Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism”


                  “The policy that the Trump Administration put forward is that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.”

                  • Oh well….I’m sure Uganda has an envoy to combat anti-Canadianism, and surely Guatemala has an envoy to combat anti-Koreanism, no?

                    Surely it’s just randomness that in this “isolated case”, it just so happens to be the Jews that our government is concerned about- I mean, it’s not like we’ve ever concerned ourselves with anything Jewish before, eh? 😀 😉

                • “What has Israel ever done for the US. ?(9/11?)”

                  The Israeli massacre of our sailors on the Liberty, the intentional delay of the U.S. Navy from coming to their aid even long after, let alone during, the attack. and the cover-up, still in place even today, by LBJ and his ivy league whiz-kids in the DOD were my wake-up call, when I was a green Army LT, as regards whose bitches our political leaders really are. .

                  • Heh, I was actually thinking of the Liberty incident when I wrote my schpiel above, Mack. Another one of their “gifts”, which we happily swept under the carpet, eh?

                    Rick James ripped-off Israel!!! “I’m Rick James, bitch!” was just a copy of “I’m Israel, bitch USA!”.

                  • Mack,

                    As a Navy vet, all I can say is SHAME on task group commander who obeyed LBJ rather than help his fellow sailors! It’s the Law of the Sea that one helps out fellow mariners in distress; that goes DOUBLE for your own! And the sailors on the Liberty were our own How did that SOB ever sleep at night?

          • Disagree AND agree at the same time, Jason. Israel is not AMERICA’s proxy, AmeriKKKa is Israel’s “bitch”. No less than one-time tank commander Ariel Sharon (and, admittedly, he was a damned GOOD one in the ’56, ’67, and ’73 wars, in the last his division crossed the Suez into Africa and effected the cut-off of the Egyptian 3rd Army which forced Egypt to sue for a cease-fife, effectively ending the “Yom Kippur” War…of course, what Sharon WON’T admit is that he was instructed by none other than “Schnell Heinz” back when the IDF was building its first armored battalions) put it best when he told the Knesset: “Don’t worry about what the Americans will do on this or that. We, the Israeli people, control the US CONGRESS, and the Americans know it.”

            Where American public opinion or political gravitas may have actually played a role was in the decision of Golda Meier, back in ’73, when they had credible warning that Egypt and Syria were about to attack about 24 hours before they did, held off doing a pre-emptive air strike as they’d done in ’67. Not only did they assess that likely their opponents wouldn’t commit the boners that made the ’67 strike a classic (my Dad saw the gun-camera footage and was amazed at the accuracy of IAF pilots, with a very hit score of hits on their strafing passes), they worried that doing so would sour public opinion against them. Although they did have the support of President Nixon, he was, at the time, embroiled in the Watergate controversy, and Meier feared that “if we strike first, we won’t get so much as a ‘nail’ “. That they took the initial brunt of the attacks in the Suez crossing and in the Golan Heights shows that Meier prevailed over Moshe Dyan’s position for a pre-emptive attack, but their securing of American aid (Operation “Nickel Grass”), which mainly arrived AFTER the war was effectively over, allowed the IDF to go “balls out” to counter-attack and turn an embarrassing defeat into at least a tactical victory…and also avoid reliance on a nuclear retaliatory strike, which, if it appeared that Tel Aviv and the rest of the population centers, or the Dimona facility in the Negev were threatened, Israel was quite willing to do!

            The best thing for US policy is to disengage with ALL sides, but allow free trade with all. If we keep our noses out of the conflict, it might de-fang them all enough that they’ll see the futility of future hostilities, and just find a way to get along.

            • The opinion of one Israeli nut job does not make it so. Given the relative size and power of the two criminal gangs it just does not make sense.

              However, I do certainly agree with you that we need to disengage from this nonsense.

              • You and I might consider Sharon to be an extremist “Nut Job”, Jason, but those that count, Israeli voters, don’t seem to think so.

                I see Israeli as more of the smart little bastard, riding on the shoulder of a huge and powerful, but clumsy and dim-witted giant, whispering orders. At some point, the giant should have flicked the annoying little bastard right off his shoulder, but he lacks the initiative and the self-determination to do so.

                • Hehe…so true, Douglas- always right there on the shoulder to guide the giant- From ol’ Heinz Kissinger (Who could be more visible at the time) to Trump’s Kushner…and now “Mr. Kamala Harris” , Doug Emhoff, who will be the First Man once they get rid of Biden.

          • Actually… the original “organized crime” in this country was jewish (see Meyer Lansky and co). The wops came later. Not that I have anything against “organized crime”- I wish I knew some as I approve of free enterprise and could use some powerful friends…

            • That’s true, Ernie! Even quite recently- like in the East New York and Brownsville sections of Brooklyn, in the 40’s….the Jews ran “Murder Inc.”. They were just the lower-class Askenazi though- wasn’t enough money or power in it for the “real Jews”, so when the white people fled those neighborhoods, their gig was pretty much over, except for some (and their children) who moved up to local politics and “legitimate businesses” which are still extant but “respectable”.

              It’s pretty easy to spot many of their descendants (or at least it was, in the 70’s and 80’s)….you’d see these real low-class criminal types who were like the Semitic versions of Guidos…only with Jewish last names. You see a guy named Cohen, but instead of being a doctor or lawyer, he runs a run-down struggling muffler shop…you know exactly where he came from….. And the “real Jews” HATE them! (So the former have to live among the goyim, while the latter cloister themselves off in better neighborhoods where they keep the property values and taxes high enough to keep the others out. )

    • “He doesn’t have one single principle that he wont drop if someone blinks at him.”

      I think you can just truncate that to “He doesn’t have one single principle.”, Mark. 😉

  17. I disagree with “elections have consequences”. Selections of course do. I have seen precious few actions by the Psychopaths In Charge that have moved us in a positive direction in my 66 years. It’s all been downhill, with constant acceleration. In my studies of history, I would peg the start of the fall at least as far back as the so called Civil War, which wasn’t one. The South had no intention of taking over the Northern government, they just wanted to divorce what they considered an abusive spouse. The result was a complete obliteration of the very founding principal of this nation. A union of independent sovereign States. The Union, at the behest of Lincoln, proceeded to kill more Americans than have been killed in all wars since to dispel us of that notion. So much for the military “defending liberty”. Ending slavery was just a side effect. It would have cost far less, in lives and wealth, to end it as England did for example, buying the slaves and freeing them. I can’t recall any tyranny ended without violence. Quite often there is no improvement. As in the French Revolution. Perhaps someday we will discover there is no advantage to having any gang of psychopaths forcing us at gunpoint to bend to their will. Until then, I fear we are on a treadmill of modest liberty, to no liberty, to tyranny, to war. Rinse and repeat.

    • In 1844, LDS “Prophet, Seer, and Revelator”, Joseph Smith, Jr, announced his candidacy for President of the United States, which he knew he didn’t really have a serious chance, but wanted to use as a platform to address outrages committed against the Mormon Church and its members. Having supposedly received a revelation that foretold the UN-“Civil” War in 1832 (D&C 87), predicted that it’d start in South Carolina (which, due to the recent “Nullification” Crisis, wasn’t that much of a stretch), Smith did state his opposition to slavery (though slave holders could keep their slaves if they joined the LDS Church), but advocated their purchase from their owners, financed by the sale of government lands to settlers.

      I agree that Lincoln the TYRANT, in declaring he was “saving” the Republic, DESTROYED it, by changing it from a VOLUNTARY association of the several states, into an INVOLUNTARY one, where a state could not leave if it so desired. From hence hath all “evil” from Washington, in the “District of Criminals”, came.

    • In fact most of the south and most southrons didn’t want to leave the union. But eventually the choice became to submit or separate. Sound familiar?

  18. Hey Eric – congratulations on the achievement. The way I see it being banned from by some tech company is one of the highest accolades a real journalist can get – proof that you’re onto something…. keep it up.

    • Eric, amen to that, brother! Wear it like a badge of honor! You really matter, you are a real threat, youtube has taken notice that you are a potential threat to the New Orthodoxy.


      Long live the resistance.

  19. And there is literally nothing that can be done unless people get angry enough to supply enough competition, both in tech and in politics. The fact no one is talking about nullification and secession proves we are very screwed.

    • The problem with that being the bank cartel is in charge of ALL money. At least of the fiat sort. Which sort of takes competition off the table. There is talk of secession, though I fear it would just descend into a different gang of Psychopaths In Charge than those we now have. Nullification SHOULD be on the table. Instead of avoiding jury duty, we should embrace it. Endeavor to be seated as a juror. A sitting juror has more power than the POTUS. They can deny enforcement of any law that comes before them. Aside from that, nullification by refusal to comply is definitely an option. One that can be costly. But as Malcom X once said, “If you’re not ready to die for it, take the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary.”

      • Another way to “nullify” is to go OFF THE GRID as much as one can. By growing one’s own food, generating one’s power where practical, and BARTERING for goods and services, the banksters and the fraudulent government can be starved out.

      • WELL SAID! Do not ever shirk jury duty. And never tell them why you’re acquitting- it’s your business and your conscience. Also, Malcolm X is going onto my reading list- I’ve seen several sage quotes like that attributed to the man.

  20. I still hold out hope that the people will do something, but it seems to be wishful thinking.

    They did nothing throughout all of 2020 as people were (and still are) going bankrupt and kids were (and are still) killing themselves.

    They did nothing when they woke up in the morning and discovered Trump had magically lost the election he was clearly winning last night; to some senile cook who magically managed to get the most votes in American history no less.

    Now even the ones who are just now finally starting to doubt the COVID narrative parrot the official story that the business in the capitol was a massively destructive riot, despite the absence of turmoil in the rest of the country and the videos that indicate the “storming” was deliberately instigated.

    It’s going to get progressively worse and the people will do worse than nothing: actively participate.

      • Kudos to Public Education. No institution has ever been more successful achieving its goals. It took more than 100 years, but their success is complete.

      • Absolutely true, PappaS. It is getting bad. People are turning on each other left and right. I can’t believe people do not see the similarity with 1930s Germany.

        WP columnist Eugene Robinson recently came out and said that Trump supporters need to be “deprogrammed”.

        This kind of talk is starting to scare me to death. People do not need to be deprogrammed, cleansed, or reconditioned. Different points of view need to be heard and appreciated. The government and large private companies deplatforming and literally, going after persons who state opposing viewpoints was something I didn’t see coming.

        I guess now they will come after us all.

    • Hopefully all of us here are doing what we can. Be vocal. Rebel against the mask. Rebel against the faux vaccine. Ignore all lawless restrictions on freedom of movement and association. Stop participating in building your prison – using Youtube, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, Walmart and others. If we here aren’t able to do these relatively painless things at this point, rest assured the non critical thinking masses are not going to do something.


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