Diaper Report 2/5/21

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Some good news to report from the Undiapered Underground. Live – and let live is beginning to reassert itself in pockets around the country.

A sign of this being the sign on the door of a local business – which I will not name because of the possibility that an outraged Sickness Psychotic might make it their business to engage in none-of-their-business.

The sign reads: Everyone Welcome.

And, below the bold-faced type: If you do not want to wear a mask you are still WELCOME HERE. Due to HIPAA and the Fourth Amendment, we cannot ask why you are not wearing masks.

Can you conceive of it? No Papal Bull affixed to the door requiring the effacing of the face for the sake of the Faith, the store not being a church as well as a place that people are free to not enter, if the sight of apostasy troubles them.

There being other stores that cater to the Faithful, which they are also free to enter.

Is this not how it ought to be in a country allegedly free and without a state church that everyone must pay homage to?

People who choose to belong to any given faith have the right to wear the vestments of their faith, such as orthodox Jews who wear a yarmulke. Most people – who aren’t vicious people – have no problem with an orthodox Jew wearing his yarmulke in public, in stores and so on. It is a vestment of their faith and no one else’s business – unless the observant individual stops respecting live – and let live – by insisting they observe his faith, by wearing the yarmulke, too.

They generally do not so insist – except within their holy places, which is fine because these are their holy places. It is disrespectful in that case to enter and not wear what is expected – since you chose to enter. But no one is forcing you to enter.

Live – and let live.

Stores are not holy places.

Outdoors is everyone’s church.

No one should be coerced or pressured or gaslit to pretend they believe in something they do not believe in – such as pretending to be sick perpetually because possibly in spite of their being actually healthy – outside the boundaries of holy places, such as churches and synagogues and so on.

Join if you like and if not, go in peace.

Imagine the outrage – rightly so – if apostates forced their way into a church or synagogue and hectored the faithful within to take off their yarmulke and pour the sacramental wine down the drain.

There should be equal outrage about the Faithful – those who believe in the power of the Holy Rag to prevent people who aren’t sick from transmitting sickness – doing exactly that to those who do not share their faith outside their Holy Places.

If you own a store and believe in the power of the Holy Rag, it is your right to wear one and even to insist that those who enter your store do, as well – with the proviso that you are not being coerced to so require by people who do not own your business – i.e., government gesundheitsfuhrers and the busybodies who attend them like lampreys on a shark – and thus have no right to tell you your business.

If you own a store – like this store – and are not a believer, or believe in the right of your customers to make their own decisions as regards their faith – then you (and they) have just as much right to not wear the Holy Rag, without being pressured either way.

Live – and let live. As opposed to live as everyone is ordered to live by the Faithful.

Which of the two options seems preferable to you? Shouldn’t it be preferable even to the Faithful as well? No one is abridging their freedom to practice their Faith by not sharing their Faith. If the Rag has power, then its power protects them, amen – and that should be enough.

The threat arises – to all – when orthodoxy is insisted upon.

The Faithful, for example, are free to wear their Holy Rag – and free to not wear goggles and gloves. But when orthodoxy is omnipresent – and the Faith enforced – it is inevitable more will be expected of everyone, including the Faithful.

Who may not like it much – as Baptists don’t like the idea of being made to perform the rituals of Anglicans or Catholics and vice-versa.

Imagine what life would be life if any religion became mandatory. This should cause any thinking person to question the wisdom of making this religion mandatory. Popes, Mullahs and Grand Inquisitors tend to get intolerant of anything less than zealous adherence to the One True Faith. As defined and decreed by them.

There’s more – and better:

There are many cures for coronavirus that are being ignored because there is no money in them. Your immune system is 99.9 percent effective against the virus . . .


This is the cure for what ails us. And them, the weaponized hypochondriacs of the Sickness Cult.

Tolerance of difference. Come – or go – without being forced to do either.

Live – and let live. 

That’s a faith everyone can subscribe to – without anyone infringing on anyone else’s right to believe and practice their faith.

. . . .

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  1. You are mandated to wear a mask just to keep you in the dark, no better time to do that than during winter, can’t get any bleaker than winter, and a dark one at that.

    A dark winter is racist too, so it is double dark, can’t help it.

    It is so preposterous it is ridiculous.

    It is so stupid it is funny.

    It is so goddamned dumb, it ain’t funny.

    Tell Biden to stick his mask mandate up his ass so far it sticks out his neck, tell the dumbfvck and his dumbfvckery to go fvck himself. Display it on a digital billboard in DC.

    C’mon, man. har

    Ya dumbass.

  2. Case rate numbers are declining in the U.S., yet the “official” death rate numbers are spiking. Go to Google and type in “US coronavirus death rate” and you’ll see the scary-looking chart.

    My question is what’s the angle here? Why are they letting case rates fall while death rates (artificially?) rise? I wonder if they’re going to use the elevated death rates to justify something nefarious in the not-too-distant future?

    • Something tells me they will quietly change the definition of a covid death because they can’t let dear leader president select be blamed for an increase in the death rate.

      • Morning, Antilles!

        A hard thing to get your head around – it took me awhile – is that facts no longer matter. It is pointless to argue facts with a liberal or even many nonpolitical people. They have a reactionary/situational and emotional mentality – like an animal, frankly. They feel a certain way – and that’s it. If you can get them to feel scared or envious or angry – you can get them to do or support practically anything.


        • Women are more susceptible to this phenomenon. If you don’t like that men and women are different, that’s a personal problem. How many have heard a woman loudly scream if a mouse, spider, or even a cockroach runs across their floor? Men typically only scream when subjected to extreme pain. Perhaps a little less so now since too many men have been have been transexed in their perceptions and reactions if not their physical being. Since government has made every effort to replace men, successfully in many arenas, no wonder we suffer policy that reflects feminine reaction. Men don’t wear pearls, and so don’t clutch them.

    • Hi Jim,

      If I’m remembering right, deaths tend to increase over winter by dint of it being winter. Cold weather is hard on old/sick people and people tend to get sicker, easier when the sun’s dim and they don’t go out much. I think – if I am remembering right – that it was around this time last year that the daily death count was beginning to kick up, too. Then it died down – as people stopped dying – and was replaced by the cases! the cases!

      This can go on forever.

      • Indeed, there is no escape from a world full of lies. Practically every single thing the federal government indulges in is based on lies, with a great deal of State government following suit. We find ourselves deeply imbedded in Newspeak, where truth is a lie. The state has gone full tyrant. It shows no inclination to let up on the throttle, and why should it? They threw a mountain of lies at the people, and the people bought it. More to come.

  3. I got some good news from the KY state senate. They passed by a wide margin a bill described as follows:

    Amend KRS 214.036 to provide exemptions from mandatory immunization for any child, emancipated minor, or adult who, personally or by a parent or guardian, submits a written sworn statement objecting to the immunization based on conscientiously held beliefs; prohibit any administrative regulation, administrative order, or executive order from requiring during an epidemic the immunization of persons who submit either a written sworn statement objecting to the immunization based on conscientiously held beliefs or the written opinion of the person’s physician that such immunization would be injurious to the person’s health; require the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to develop and make available on its Web site a standardized form relating to the exemptions from mandatory immunization and to accept the form after it is submitted; amend KRS 209.552 and 214.034 to conform; EMERGENCY.

    (FYI – EMERGENCY means it takes effect immediately after becoming law, no waiting period.)

    Here is a link to the legislature’s web site – https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/record/21rs/sb8.html. The bill sailed through the state senate (37 senators, 34 yes votes, 1 no, 2 did not vote). Since the party alignment is similar in the house, I expect it to sail through there as well, with more than enough support to override our dictator’s veto. We’re one step closer to protection.

    This bill is a start, but there is other legislation winding its way through committees that will prevent schools (including colleges) and employers from mandating it as well. Getting closer.

    • Hi Jim,

      I am happy about the bill – but I’d be happier if it simply stated that government has no rightful authority to compel anyone to submit to any medical procedure. Period. The business about having to swear it violates your beliefs is degrading to the simple dignity of every human being who simply wishes to be left the hell alone. It is also ominous in that it opens the door to government declaring in future that one’s beliefs are countermanded by “state interest.” You either have a right to say no – or you don’t. An explanation isn’t part of it.

      • By putting forth a “law” that allows freedom in a certain situation, the state assumes authority to deny it just as easily in other situations. Or even assume you have no freedom unless they say so. Therefore replacing the creator that endowed us with inalienable rights, they put themselves forth as Gods. Unfortunately for us, the Godship they claim is the exact opposite of the one described in the New Testament.

  4. A Virginia restaurant could use a helping hand….


    I am out of state now, but plan to stop in on my way back next week. I have never been, but am definitely willing to check it out…..I am a sucker for a worthy cause and people who flounce these mandates. I am hoping that it is still open come this weekend.

    • Morning, RG…

      Infuriating – but also encouraging. That man is a hero – unlike the body-armored poltroons enforcing the “mandates.” I’m going to look up the place and would be up for trying to gather a group to support it by dropping by and having a meal – without the god-damned Holy Rag and god-damn those who haven’t got the common courtesy to just stay away if they are “afraid” and who haven’t got the balls to say anything but instead snitch to the government like the little fags (no the homosexual variety, the Southpark variety) they are.

    • Its infuriating that the term “pandemic violations” has even entered the American lexicon at all. I see it in print every day now. They are heat if the moment diktats based on fear and wrong information.

    • Raider Girl,

      It would be a true triumph to do away entirely with these “permits” and “licenses”. Free people do not need permission to run a business. If someone is truly in violation of some law, charge them suitably. These “permits” and so forth just seem to be a way to circumvent due process, and it must be stopped.

      • Agree, BaDnOn. They are taxes, nothing more.

        I believe government needs to allow the business owner to run his/her enterprise. Let the owner take the risk and liability. Let the customers judge their comfortability on entering such an establishment. I am tired of crazy Karens and Kens dictating what I as a customer can or cannot do. If someone doesn’t feel relaxed, don’t go there. Why instill their ridiculous demands onto the rest of us? They need to find other accommodations that fit with their values.

        • Ditto, RG –

          We’re about the same age so I’m sure you remember when most people considered it poor form to impose themselves on others. Don’t like smoke in a bar? Then don’t go in that bar! It is the apotheosis of assholeness to insist that the bar – its owner and the customers who want to smoke – cater to you. Unfortunately, that sickness took hold back in the ’90s – and we are living with its metastasized repercussions today.

          • In my mind, the civil rights legislation of the 1960s was a big turning point, since it codified the anti-liberty notion that if you offer goods for sale, you must be stripped of the right to decide who you will associate with and who you won’t. But it only goes one direction. Shouldn’t I get to sue a customer when he chooses to buy a loaf of bread from my competitor because he doesn’t like my race?

            • Amen, Roland –

              As with so many things imposed by the Left – brilliantly, I must admit – the imposition is packaged as a beneficence and framed as a redress of an injustice.

              Certainly, black people were denied service on account of their race – a despicable thing to do to anyone. This was the appeal used to sell the destruction of freedom to associate, a more despicable thing. Because a more dangerous thing, generally. A store that refused to serve black people would face competition from stores that did not; and of course, black people would be free to open their own stores. Instead, all stores – owned by blacks and whites – are now forced to associate (or not associate) with whomever the government says they must – or must not.

              Which is preferable?

              • Exactly. The question I have for those who believe such coercion is necessary is: How long would a restaurant be in business if it put a “Whites Only” sign in the front window? About 10 minutes. Problem solved.

    • Okay, the familia and I stopped in on our way home from SC.

      It was awesome!!

      We walked into the door and the musician was singing Copperhead Road, followed by a little Johnny Cash, and Zac Brown. 🙂

      No masks, people conversing, TVs showing the pre game. The place was kicking. Service was a little slow, because they were busy, but the food was delicious (especially the tater tots and I am not a huge tater tot fan). It was a time long ago and was a nice little trip to what life once was. All ages….kids to elders, not too many women, but there was a handful of us. My teenagers loved it and hubby and I enjoyed it. I truly hope the business makes it. The kids and I plan to visit once or twice a month when we head into town to visit our farmer markets.

      Anybody in the surrounding area I urge you to give it a try. I am sure they only have musicians on certain nights at certain times, but great place and lots and lots of bare faces.

      It is nice to sit back with a good beer, a good sandwich, some live music, and some decent people.

      • Hi RG!

        This is such a nice story; if we had a news media in this country rather than a propaganda organ of the government-corporate nexus, such stories would get covered without condemnation and the normalcy would resonate and take hold. This is why I do what I do, even though I am just a small bird chirping in a very noisy room…

        • Hi Eric,

          Do you know what the really twisted thing is? It almost felt like we were doing something bad. That is how screwed up our mental health is becoming. That is how the social conditioning is invasively affecting most of our heads (even several of us non maskers).

          Honestly, I did a double take when I walked in, it was so February 2020 or February 2017. You walk up to place an order and you are greeted by a smiling cashier. You look around and there are four 18 or 19 year old guys laughing and talking, two old men at the bar discussing the the game, bartenders making drinks conversing and smiling at customers. No signs, no reminders that we are in a “plandemic”, a few people picking up food wearing masks, but they were definitely in the minority. It was a surreal experience and felt like a godsend in a world of insanity.

          • Hi RG!
            Speaking of smiling cashiers, I’m sure you’ve seen the video of that awful grocery store (in Florida, I think) where people’s purchases are being rung up and bagged with no face-rags in sight. Look at it again and watch for the beautiful smiling lady talking to a customer about midway down the row of checkout lanes. The sight of her nearly brought me to tears. This is the way human beings are supposed to act.

  5. I called my dentist’s office Monday, planning to cancel my Wednesday checkup because the town now has a rag mandate. Last time I was there, the hygenist, the doctor and I had a good laugh about how silly and useless they are, so I wasn’t too surprised when I was told I didn’t have to wear one. I just had to call from the parking lot when I got here – I suppose to minimize the chance that I would disrupt a large celebration of the sacrament in the waiting room. There was one believer, and it was obvious he couldn’t stand the thought of looking at me. What a dark, angry religion this is.

    • Excellent, Roland!

      My dentist – who shall remain nameless – operates on the same principle. It’s sick how these Freaks have destroyed what used to be normal life in this country…

      • Eric, an interesting aside is that I actually was in compliance with the order the whole time. No. 14 on the list of exemptions states that you are not required to wear the rag inside a place of business so long as you stay at least six feet away from other people. I’m pretty sure I could do a shopping trip to Walmart without violating that, but because few in the cult have bothered to read it, there would be hell to pay. If I were your size and age I’d do it just for grins.

  6. Eric,

    Is it that I agree with 99% of the random comments on your site, or is it the insightful and literate compositions?

    Regardless, this has become my “go to” place, along with my all-time favorite on-line author’s missives


    In my mind, it has been his common-sense advice about vitamins and supplements that has kept me covid free.

  7. eric – “Join if you like and if not, go in peace.” – a phrase said by socialist ideologues and power seeking psychopaths exactly zero times in history.

  8. The thing the other side likes to do is invert the language, words and names that we use, they just flip them around on us. Everyone knows what is meant by Karen, it is a nag of political correctness. This Woman being told by a girl to do a pc thing is not a Karen, She is a free person giving the proper response of F—- You, F—- Off.

  9. Diapering in CT remains at max levels. I’ve received word today that the local Gesundheitfuhrer has just decreed that they intend to test all local school students twice weekly, at a cost to the district of $12K per week, likely from some government grant (courtesy of taxpayers, redistributed by the demented diaperer).

    I’m sure parents will need to consent or find alternative school arrangements, like zoom school (an offer they can’t refuse). I’m also sure 98%+ of parents will consent their kids to be poked with a biweekly nose (anal?) probe. I’m even more sure this is a prelude to mandatory needling. For a disease that, effectively, doesn’t kill school kids.

    • Yea, my kids would be pulled the next day. Never going to happen. I don’t care if i have to go broke getting them schooling, that and demanding rhe jab is not going to happen to my kids.

      • Good on you for taking a stand, it blows my mind how many parents have utterly failed in all of this..the cowards are too busy going through their lives led by their emotions to be bothered protecting their kids from the talking heads and their loyal cult. I don’t wanna hear anymore about how homeschooling is too hard or too expensive, they owe it to the humans they dragged into this shitshow to honor their right not to be friggin enslaved 😡

        • Morning, Moose!

          I agree. When I see a Diapered parent and Masklings in tow I feel a combination of anger and sadness; the former toward the loathsome adult fear-conditioning its progeny and sadness toward the poor kid, who has no idea he is being abused and – indeed – likely believes he is being “kept safe” by the Holy Rags.


        • So glad we pulled our kids out of PS years ago. Although they sometimes complained that they were “missing out” (on what? I would ask. They did all sports, cheer, went to prom, 4H, etc.etc.), my college daughter recently admitted that it was good prep for self-discipline and expectations of the profs. I’ll take the compliment, but that’s not why we did it…we wanted to give our kids the benefit of being reared by their parents, and being able to truly vet whatever they were being taught.

  10. I am seeing signs of a lightening up in Indiana. My county went from “red” to “orange,” “cases, the cases!!” are down and hospitalizations are down (4-7 patients at any given time). They attribute that to people lining up to obediently take the jab, although statistically, not an overwhelming number have gotten the shot here, just 9.5%.
    People predicted cases and severity would dramatically drop once His Fraudulency Joe Biden the Sniffer got installed. I’m not saying that’s why we’re seeing better numbers, but it does make me go “hmmmm.”
    Of course, our health dept. is still advising to wear fearmasks, keep your distance, etc. That’s not likely to ever change. The red to orange just means you can have larger events. In my community, which isn’t exactly a hotbed of culture, it mainly affects high school athletics.

  11. ‘Live and let live is beginning to reassert itself in pockets around the country.’ — EP

    And so is the pushback against those who refuse to live and let live. Case in point, the petition to recall Gesundheitsfuhrer Gavin Newsom has collected 1.4 million signatures toward a goal of 1.8 million, to ensure that 1.5 million qualified signatures remain after vetting by election registrars.


    ‘Are you tired of being locked up, unable to make a living, at the same time as California’s prisons are being emptied?’ — this grievance comes through loud and clear.

    Not mentioned, probably because of the campaign’s June 2020 kickoff, is Newsom’s Sep 2020 imperial ukase banning sales of IC-engined vehicles in 2035.

    Residents of inland California understand that Newsom’s EV diktat is a frontal assault on their way of life. PSPS power blackouts make it impossible to keep the lights and heat and refrigerator on … much less charge up a freaking soyboy Tesla.

    A successful recall of Newsom would send a powerful signal to Minister of Electric Vehicles Buttitwitch and his calicom (California communist) lieutenants that shoving unwanted EVs down our throats is political doom.

    Let’s bring leftist authoritarian Newsom toppling down like Saddam’s statue.

    • They let anyone vote for a presidential election without any vetting or verification ! and then proceed to vet signatories for the recall of a governor !! WTF ! couldn’t make this up!!

  12. Not sure if you guys heard – theres a report out from Kings college London (was in the Daily mail today). They said that in the UK just 1 of 170 people had “symptomatic covid”. ie under 0.6% of people who tested positive for covid under the extremely crooked PCR tests was actually ill !! I knew there was a bit of fuckery on those PCR tests – but the extent is shocking…. Now here is the most crooked bit… This morning – it was on one of the bullet points (ie 1 in 170 actually being sick). After me (and a number of others) pointed it out in the comment section – its disappeared from the article (though assuming its still somewhere in the depths of the full report).


  13. While most religions require adherence based on no physical evidence, the current state religion is based on nothing but FRAUD. Lies told deliberately to advance the FAITH. It takes little research to discover that nothing we’ve been told regarding COVID is based on any empirical evidence whatsoever. The virus has never been definitively proven to exist. Overall world wide deaths have not increased nearly enough to indicate anything resembling a “pandemic”. Far more likely any significant increase is a result of the “cure”. How convenient that a few years ago the WHO redefined pandemic, removing severe symptoms and death as a qualification. By the current WHO definition, acne could be declared a pandemic.

  14. Another sign to look for, we *request* that you wear a mask. Request? Ok, you can request all you want, I’ll just refuse the request. In some cases, that could be coded language, so it doesn’t hurt to check them out.

    Took my elderly mother to the eye doctor yesterday, forced to muzzle up. We got into the elevator and an employee of a dental office was on, sans muzzle. She apologized, but I told her that we (mom and I) don’t usually wear them anyway. She started covering her mouth with her jacket but I told not to. I think she might be a rebel in disguise.

    • Hi Jim,

      This business of being forced to perform a disgusting ritual as the price of obtaining a necessary service such as medical care enrages me. Even more so the poltroonery of the people who “go along” with it – i.e., those who know it’s idiotic as well as degrading but force people to do it within their medical practices and so on.

      • All true, and I agree. However, I will defend them a little, at least this gal. Last year I worked in a store until they started going crazy with the virus nonsense. I was just a cashier, nobody with any authority. We cashiers were forced to enforce the nonsense, which was when I quit. Low level people, and I believe she was one, like a dental tech, don’t have much, if any, say. Sad. But we all have to earn a living somehow.

        • Hi Jim,

          I don’t disagree – but this Karen (the checkout girl) was a militant little Diaper Enforcer; it is clear to me that she wasn’t just going through the motions for the sake of her job. She is like the shrill bitch at my ex-coffee shop, enjoying her newfound Power over her betters.

          It is beyond insufferable to be lectured by a child.

  15. They are attempting to reel in the scamdemic in certain respects but definitely not diapering. A local franchise of a national chain with several locations in my area took this tack with diapering a few months back. It was a story in local media. Its stores were an oasis of sanity for workers and shoppers… for a while. Then something happened and the tune changed. Not positive but I suspect it was the addition of enforcement language in the “mandate” followed by police checking for customer “compliance” in the parking lot day in day out for several weeks. The purpose seemed not to accost individuals but rather to collect data in order to apply pressure on the business owner/operator. Nasty stuff. I hope the place mentioned in this post stands firm.

    • Hi Zek,

      The use of AGWs for this purpose only increases the loathing for AGWs…and that is not a bad thing. People who are – reasonably – instinctively supportive of cops because they erroneously believe cops still exist – i.e., that there are people whose job is to pursue criminals and to protect the rights of decent, not-harming-others people – as opposed to enforcers of the government’s (and corporations’) evil ukase – are beginning to understand that cops no longer exist, except by default and only occasionally.

      • Certainly some will come around to this view, similar to the way some have after witnessing some of the events following the election. The Karens, true believers political and otherwise as well as those who are benefitting from the scamdemic will not. BTW, the convid porkulus being unleashed by the go king and his co-promoters of the scamdemic in NC contains billions in “bonus” pay for all manner of AGWs. It’s praetor payoff time…

  16. I can confirm that the masking seems to be subsiding a bit in my neck of the woods. Nobody bothers me anymore for showing my face. I think as the warmer weather comes and the media plays it as a Biden victory over the virus it will taper off even more.

    With that said, I truly believe that this shit will never actually go away (kinda like the “war on terror”). It will be used against political enemies whenever needed. For example, if the yellow vest were to reorganize in France, “authorities” would suddenly detect a particularly virulent strain of the virus requiring swift measure to quell the protests, I mean virus.

    Also, like the war on terror it will be continually cited as a way to implement further controls on the population. If anybody questions these controls the government response will be something like: “we need to do tis so that we don’t have further lockdowns.” This will be very much like the local mobster saying that it would be a shame for your local business to burn down by accident.

    Thus, the fight for liberty and freedom will be eternally necessary.

  17. Great news! I’ll be supporting this business in the near future. As for my report, not much change. I hit two of the restaurants on my “safe” list this week and still no hassle about my bare face.


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