Diaper Report 1/5/21

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Tomorrow may be the day that wearing of the Holy Rag becomes a national “mandate” (laws no longer being necessary when people are willing to do as they’re “mandated” to do).

It may also be Reformation Day – the day the Sickness Cult is swept aside by an Orange Tide, though this is admittedly improbable. Lin Wood will have to produce Jeffrey Epstein – and that’s as likely as Elvis performing at the Inaugural Ball.

But it might happen.

Epstein, I mean.

Or perhaps a supervolcano upswelling of Maga magma.

But it will probably be just another day. The Orange Man will give another campaign speech – and his successor will be anointed by Congress. In which case, prepare to defend your face.

Enforcement of the Holy Rag is sporadic and – in most parts of the country –  it is still possible to show your face and get your food. Or go to the gym. Not in all places, unfortunately. But there are still redoubts of resistance, islands of sanity.

Which there may not be much longer, if the Diapered One ascend to the purple. In which case,what to do?

Best to get ready.

It may shortly become very hard to buy food – or work out – without effacing your face. A national “mandate” – incentivized via the threatened withholding of already stolen tax dollars – will induce governors to turn the screws on businesses that have been lax in their enforcement of the “mandates.” Instead of a sign at the door, a guard at the door.

No more food – or gym – for you.

Unless of course you join the cult by donning the Rag, which is something so base and ignoble that at least some of us won’t do it under any circumstances.

But eating is important. Working out, too.

Hopefully by now most reading this have anticipated the need to get their food from other sources- including backyard gardens and chicken coops, if feasible. Also by under-the-table, as by bartering or by working out something with a store owner you may know who is on our side but can’t show it. If you have established enough trust – an invaluable thing in any totalitarian society – you can perhaps get your victuals in the dead of night or out of the back door.

If you can still buy and show your face, buy as much as you can afford before you are required to efface your face in order to buy. It may be just a few months before the whole thing explodes and so all you need to do is wait it out. If it lasts longer, having provisions will at least give you time to consider your next move – without having to consider the most degrading move of all: Queuing up with the faithful, your face effaced.

As regards working out:

I’ve already told the owner of my gym – who I am on friendly terms with – that if it becomes a “mandate” to Diaper in order to enter I will be cancelling my membership, as I prefer to stay healthy in mind as well as body.  I think it is very important to steel the resolve of any currently Undiapered business to stand fast against enforced Diapering by telling them how much you appreciate not being made to Diaper – that you will stand fast by them so long as they stand fast by you – but that you will immediately say g’day (and good-bye) if they every attempt to enforce Diapering.

In the meanwhile, consider alternative work-outs. You can run without Diapering. You can also hike without wearing the Rag. And you can work out on the down-low, at home – or at someone else’s home – once you have the equipment. This can be a pooled resource or it can be yours entirely, depending on your budget and inclinations.

I have already decided that – if it becomes necessary – I will buy all the weights I need and then open a club to a select clientele that understand The Rules. There is just one rule:

No Diapers Allowed.

If you are a Diaperer, better beat feet.

Or prepare yourself for a beat-down.

Yes, I said it. I’m a libertarian by politics and a peaceful guy by inclination. But there’s a limit to my tolerance and it ends where my stuff begins. This includes my house. If I wish to have a weight room in my house that no one is forced to enter, you’d better back off if you are a Diaperer.

Fair warning.

Like that brave woman accosted by half-a-dozen of the faithful the other week, I’m done, too.

Not because I’m brave. Because I’m sick of all of this.

. . . .

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  1. Definitely consider alternate workouts.

    When I lived in a secluded area where the drive to the gym was an hour, I grabbed some5 gallon buckets and so,e rocks from the woods and made my own weights.

    You can pull a tractor with a chain.

    Lots of alternatives to gyms.

    Necessity is the mother of invention.

  2. The gal in the video is correct. Asymptomatic spread has been disproven, at least from people who have recovered from the Wuhan coronavirus. See https://nature.com/articles/s41467020-19802-w. That was a study of 10 million people in Wuhan city, using nucleic acid testing (the best test we have). They found that of 34,000 previously recovered people, 107 tested positive again, but none had symptoms, and no close contacts of any of those people tested positive. As a doctor, my patients almost always appreciate not having to wear a mask unless they want to wear it. I went for a 4 mile run one day in July and only got 2 miles, and then was weak for the rest of the day. I tested positive. I had all of a half a day of weakness, and then felt completely normal. So I cannot get it or spread it. My receptionist got it from her husband, and cleared it. So she cannot get it or spread it. People do not wait with others in a waiting room, as we schedule properly. My office is the safest in town. I tell people that they can wear that mask if they really want to.

    • Hi Jim,

      A non mask wearing doctor? Please tell me you are in Virginia. Any thoughts on the vaccine?

      I was sick at the end of June. I did not get tested so it could have been a horrible cold, a mild flu, who knows, my only goal was to get better. I had an elevated fever and a horrible sore throat for about a week. I didn’t even spend quality time on the couch – drank tea and chicken broth and went to work (I work in an office by myself so I did not spread it). Fortunately, I have not gotten sick since so I like to think I got the virus and now when it is near me it just pings off of me and travels to something else. 😉

      • I am over a thousand miles west of Virginia. Perhaps you had the vid, and if so you are now immune. However, a negative antibody test does not mean anything by this point. If you test positive for antibodies, then you know you are immune, but a negative test does not mean you are not immune. We have memory B cells that circulate following the clearance of infections such as the Wuhan coronavirus. They “either persist throughout the lifetime of the host or are renewed constantly through either non-specific stimulation or antigen-specific stimulation. Memory B cells circulate throughout the body in a quiescent state until specific antigen is re-encountered and triggers a potent secondary immune response. Memory B cells respond to antigen much faster, require lower amounts of antigen.” – Kelley & Firestein’s Textbook of Rheumatology, 10th edition, pp. 221 – 222. Thus, if it has been months since an exposure, you may not show antibodies although you are still immune. The antibodies even have a higher affinity for antigen the second time around, as there is a recombination process that occurs, fine-tuning the response. We also have memory T cells, complement activation, and various other immune system functions that kick in. Anybody that says you are not immune because you don’t show antibodies either does not understand the immune system or is purposely misleading you.

    • Are you a GP? Where are you located (city,state) if you don’t mind my asking? My GP dismissed me this summer for the offense of merely asking for medical substantiation of the new medical intervention of masks/shields so that I could give informed consent.

    • Of course one cannot spread sickness asymptomatically. It’s basic biology and epidemiology, not to mention common sense.

      That said, WaPo (gawd) is now reporting on a CDC model that posits over 50% of covid cases are spreading from asymptomatic people. And so, the CDC recommends, we must continue to wear face diapers and socially distance.

      They’re so full of shit, they literally make it up as they go. And people lap this up. It’s literally hopeless, that there’s any way out of this.

  3. At the end of December, Biden made a number of speeches including statements that he would employ the Defense Production Act to compel companies to produce Pfizers vaccine, more test kits, and more PPE stuff. So we are at war with the virus now. Haha.

    Say what you will about the vaccines, but this is spooky – to compel production of them. Can only mean one thing. Look, people who voluntarily get jabbed deserve what they get. But it’s getting increasingly likely that they ain’t gonna be voluntary soon enough.

    Meanwhile, the press won’t report on, bury, or memory hole the daily reports from around the world of deaths, paralysis, injury, and significant side effects from these things. And just on the first dose, imagine what’s going to happen at dose 2.

    • “But it’s getting increasingly likely that they ain’t gonna be voluntary soon enough.”

      Indeed. Anyone have a plan for what to do when they decide to make it mandatory?

      I have decided that any attempt to assault me is attempted murder. I will defend myself as though the person trying is attempting to kill me. They die or I do. No quarter.

      Both Nuremberg and Geneva are very clear that nobody can be forced to take an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine, treatment or drug against their will.

  4. My depressing ass diaper report:

    I have pissed off two clients so far by refusing to wear a mask. They want to meet in person, which I am happy to, people don’t scare me, but I am obligated to wear a mask. I clearly stated no. They didn’t like my answer. I am happy to offer solutions (sitting outside, picking up the work, using my company’s shipping account to send it to me, etc). I have no desire to lose good clients, but I am not putting the mask on. I realize I have dug my heels in deep and it is probably going to cost me in revenue, because this won’t be the last time that this happens, but psychologically I can’t do it. It is not normal. I refuse to pretend it is.

    After these episodes over the last few days and what looks like the loss of the Senate to the Dems I have to say it is chalking up to be a pretty shitty day. 🙁

    • Very sorry to hear this, RG –

      It is going to cost us. But it is a cost worth paying, because this psychosis is meant to be permanent … if we let it be.

      • Hi Eric,

        It will definitely cost of us….our sanity.
        No one has dropped me yet (I am actually quite likable, except for my dogmatic appeal of lesser government and lower taxes), but I do hate being at odds with them. I actually like all of my clients. I don’t comprehend the ones that vote blue, but I do like them. They just now believe their accountant is now one of those “crazy conspiracy theorists” who doesn’t believe in science or saving her fellow man. Insert eyeroll.

        • Awesome move RG – but hopefully there aren’t too many such people out there who will ruin a good business relationship over something as stupid as the holy rag….

          Personally if I was in your situation id be tempted to do something like wear a werewolf mask or something stupid like that…. take this piss or something… fight stupid with stupid till people realise.

          • I have a lovely Care Bear costume that I use when needed. 😉

            I probably just told on myself by announcing that, but I don’t care.

    • Yesterday was not a great day for barefaces here either. I went to my favorite local tavern after work and it was closed. The posted sign cited “restrictions placed on restaurants” and “please pray for ALL local businesses.” They are looking at take-out only options and if they offer it, I’ll support them. I hope for a reopening down the road, but right now, that island of sanity is closed.

      • Hi cjm,

        I know most of the restaurants around here have resorted to takeout, but still offer some version of indoor dining. I am thankful Virginia has not turned into Maryland, at least not yet, the rules are there, but no one is really enforcing them.

        Maybe Northam realized the hit to the state funds isn’t worth it.

    • Raider Girl,

      Remember that normalcy is not necessarily good. The diaper cult isn’t “normal” to us, but right now, we’re the “abnormal” ones. Your clients have been stricken with a case of mental illness, purveyed persistently by all media around them, using techniques meant to seed and nurture fear and conformity.
      Remember that, although you might have some clients who demand you wear the holy rag, there are other people out there, like me, like Eric, and so many others here and elsewhere, who would be ELATED to do business with you, whatever your business might be.
      Right now, I sure wish you were the owner of a decent little gym somewhere around Phoenix. A maskless person of that description would be happily taking my money right now!

      • Thanks BaDnOn,

        Can’t say I own any gyms.

        They are scared and I can understand it and honestly, I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, but I am sure as hell not making myself uncomfortable either. Unfortunately, I don’t have too many clients elated by my lack of mask wearing although a few have been brave enough to see me without one. Last time I checked they were all still living. 😉

    • yes the loss of the senate is a bad one. We learned the fix is in – our vote doesnt count and with the dems in total control it never will again. Communism has arrived.

      • If we take as done that Biden is in and the D grab all power, implement compulsory masking and jabbing, what then?

        Seriously, what will anyone do? Write a letter? Protest? Resist a little? Resist to death? Run away?(oops, too late, you need a shot to travel almost anywhere)

        • Not by boat or personal aircraft. 😉

          I am going to start hanging out with seaman or aircraft pilots. It couldn’t hurt to know a few.

  5. I am curious why there are few if any law suits against these executive orders, aka mandates. There is nothing legal about them. Not to mention that per USC 18 section 242, imposing them is a felony, punishable by up to and including the death penalty if the violation causes death, as in the NY nursing homes.

    • I started wondering the same thing last summer. We can speculate that the usual civil liberty advocates are part of a grand conspiracy, but I think it’s simply a case of them believing that governments can suspend constitutions in emergencies, so this is all legit.

    • My wife is a retired lawyer and immediately said the same things back in March. Upon further investigation, we were surprised to learn, especially after speaking with a local gov’t law talking guy, that the courts are purely partisan now (guess what they support) and there is very little recourse. Things may vary based on jurisdiction but here in NC, the text of the Enabling Act… errr… “emergency law” makes anything and everything the govking does “legal” and the person declaring the emergency (govking) is the one empowered to declare it’s over. Everything in it is “severable” meaning if one provision is invalidated, the rest remain. Amazingly, this order flows from OM’s federal order still in effect. Facially, this is the very definition of deprivation of rights under the color of law. Furthermore, by definition, an emergency cannot be perpetual. We’re closing in on month 10. From what I understand the composition of the highest court changed for the better in Nov but it is now only more like 50/50. I wouldn’t put much faith in these black robed bureaucrats who have gotten where they are by deferring to, and increasing the power of gov’t.

      FWIW, The only thing I’ve seen overturned in the courts here is a county edict (above and beyond govking order) back in April that prevented second home owners in my area from accessing their properties. No relief from property taxes, either. Un-f’n believable. People were pissed, it created a lot of bad blood, and suspicions linger. But it hasn’t slowed down hot RE and vacation rental markets. Go figure.

  6. Diaper report from the UK- we’re just going onto another lockdown (because the others were so good at containing the flu) which prevents us from anything but sitting home watching TV or spending our money at Amazon or at big supermarkets making the oligarchs even richer…. so I guess in the US you can feel good that there are bigger basket case countries out there…. at least till the senile one is enthroned….
    The crazy thing about this is that they can even prevent people from gathering at their own house ! I mean gone are they days when an Englishman’s home was his castle….

    • Nasir,

      Sorry, but hearing other places have gone to shit as well doesn’t really bring me any joy.

      I know that my ancestors fled England and a tyranny that seems to pale in comparison to what you’re (and we’re) experiencing. Unfortunately, that tyrannical spirit is an interminable and vampiric enemy, and the only thing that can be done is to deny it a host, and possibly ignite a fire of self-reliance and self-determination. But it sure seems to be a cold and wet day for that. :p

  7. http://www.yourdestinationnow.com/2021/01/anti-maskers-storm-la-mall-and-live.html

    I note that in many of these confrontations, the maskholes don’t think the unmasked are dangerous at all. If they did, they would be running the other way. Instead they get right up in the face of the people they claim are dangerous to them, violating the ‘social-distancing’ that also clearly don’t actually bother to practice.

    Think about that. They either don’t believe there is a danger, OR, they think controlling your behavior and virtue signalling their slavish status is more important than protecting themselves from the mask less.

    At this point, the only thing that will restore sanity is if all those lining up for the jab die. If they don’t, they are coming to hold you down and inject you too. Count on it.

    • Yes, they understand there is no danger. They would not approach someone they perceived as an actual threat like they do. Like someone with a gun. They literally, simply, just want you to wear it. They just want your visual submission to the cult. More, they want to be the ones to make you to submit. To feel powerful. The same thrill a sadist gets from physically torturing a victim. That is why these events are often recorded by the maskie(s). So they can upload the video online and get more dopamine hits from the likes and comments of their fellow cultists. They are no different from bullies in school, attacking the visual outsider who they have leverage over. They are probably all trying to relive the pleasure they felt back when they were able to inflict stress on others in an artificial environment.

      Someone enforcing against their will, such as an employee, would feed the right answers to the outsider. “Policy requires a mask, unless you have difficulty breathing with one? Or have a medical condition that precludes you from wearing one?” When they don’t give you the answer, it’s a power trip thing.

      • Those are great points. You’re right. If they all walked into a supermarket with AR15s, the maskholes wouldn’t be following them around saying “hey you can’t do that! You can’t doooo that!” They wouldn’t make a peep because they’re little bitches.

        They’re just trying to humiliate them as you said.

      • Morning, Brandon!

        You’ve neatly summarized it – this whole thing is a power trip. An expression of sadism. We can make you do it. It makes me all the more determined to make them try to make me. So far, I haven’t had anyone do more than mumble something in my direction as they scuttled out the door. I’ve come to enjoy walking tall – and showing my face – among these pathetic creatures.

        • Someone once said that people (Americans?) have the attention span of a goldfish. I’m sure most have long forgotten the alleged “reason” for masking in the first place. Now they only remember that everyone MUST do it.

        • *Walking tall*- Heh, yeah, Eric. Being the only one in the Wally World without a mask makes me feel special (And Mr. Rogers always said that I am!). Seriously, it’s like being the through Jeffrey Epstain’s house with woman who’s over 18…or being the guy walking through the asylum with the “sane” stamp on their hand! “I ain’t one’a yous!”

    • That’s just for the saaaaaaaafety of the AGW’s, they’re such lousy shooters that they want to be sure they kill you so you can’t return fire. So what is the reason for this blatantly discriminating legislation, are the PTB readying a final assault on us peons? Bring it on, motherf**ers, I’m a pretty good shot and I always aim for the head.

    • Haha, worse is that it doesn’t SEEM to define “body vest”, though that definition might lie elsewhere. But yes, a ballistic vest is like a (WORKING) face mask for lead viruses!
      I have before put out another argument regarding responsibility in the transmission of illness, using ballistic vests as an illustration:
      I am not making you sick. A virus is. If I knowingly AM sick and intentionally transmit my illness, there is culpability in that. But me not protecting you from a virus does not constitute irresponsibility in me. It is the same thing as claiming I am accountable if a gunman fires a bullet through me that hits you. You might argue that I was irresponsible and therefore culpable for not wearing a ballistic vest. But that argument is madness! Now replace “ballistic” vest with “mask” or “vaccination”, and bullets with viruses.

  8. Get the weights yourself Eric. I did it years ago and it’s 100x better than going to the gym. You usually make the cost back after a year, plus you save tons of time on traveling and thus get to work out more.

    Diaper Report Phoenix, AZ:

    A few times I’ve gone into Costco & Whole Foods with the V for Vendetta mask. Almost every single time, people guffaw and say “I like yer mask!” At first I’d smile and say something kind back, but lately the reply has been “It’s the mask you should be wearing too” or something along those lines. Stunned stupefied silence as a result. Most of the time from hoggy women.

    I tell you man, this place is weak. Soft, overfed, and faced with little to no genuine adversity (outside their heads) in their lives. Overweight women walking around with “The Struggle Is Real” shirts on lol.

    I lived in China for almost 5 years and the people (who of course have their faults) are on the whole, tough. 70 year old grandmas walking up 6 flights of stairs carrying their grandkid on their backs, and then cooking for the family. Young adults who aren’t spending their Saturday on pub crawls or undie runs, but at the park with their family, or studying. Men who don’t spend their weekend watching foooooootball, but hustling.

    I was explaining the origins of a collegiate rivalry between Phoenix and Tucson to my Asian wife. She looked at me after I finished and said, “That’s stupid. Who cares about a sports team. It’s the city that makes the most money that’s the best.”

    I could go on, but I have disdain for the vast majority of people in this land (exceptions to everyone here!), especially the ones griping about Chiiiiiiiina being the cause of the US’s prawblems.

    • Good stuff, Michael (about China) and in re the weights (advice).

      I was at my local Kroger earlier today; the joint was full of Diapered Freaks…

    • Michael,

      I’m here in Phx with you, brother. I was just kicked out of Dollar General two days ago for my unablated smile. Also, I have a plague-doctor mask I’m itching to wear to throw a curve-ball at this kabuki nightmare.

      • Eric, thanks.

        Right on Badnon, glad to see another fighter here in this increasingly pussified city. Maybe our paths will cross in person soon.

        Sorry DG wasn’t good to you. Dollar store up in north phoenix have been good to me. It could be the area of PHX too.

        Wear the plague doc mask, you’ll like the looks you get from the cowards.

        • Michael,

          Yes, there’s 99% “compliance” here, in most places. The Family Dollar in my neighborhood has left me alone regarding the diaper. So has Fry’s and my corner liquor store, but most places are diapered to the hilt.
          If I run across anyone wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, I’m shaking their hand!

    • Americans don’t know real hardship. We all assume the world is going to be exactly like it was yesterday, tomorrow. Why else would we volunteer to get so strung out on credit? When someone loses a job it means they lose everything, because the assumption was that they’d have decades of “sameness” so why not refinance and take out equity? Why not go with the 70 month car loan?

      Personally, I’m going a little crazy at work. Most of that is because I’ve been in the same job for 10 years, the longest time in any job I’ve ever had. I’m sick and tired of it. But there’s no where to go either. No one is retiring. They just continue on working. Why not? It’s not like the work is difficult, especially now that they can work from home. And they still have to support their millennial children, who are still in the same bed they were in as teenagers.

  9. EVERYONE I know up in the northeast, in lockdown heavy-handed sickness-Kabuki land, who all wear masks and practice all the “protocols”, either has, or has had the ‘Rona. Obviously, not only doesn’t this nonsense work (as we well know) but I actually believe that by wearing these filthy moisture-retaining bacteria-collecting rags they are greatly INCREASING there chances of getting the flu.

    And who knows what they are doing to those who end up in the hospital! My 92 year-old uncle and 90 year-old aunt ended up in the hospital a few days ago. My aunt- who had NO major health issues, and was full of energy all of the time- and would still cook lavish spreads and entertain regularly for her extended family and friends, is now dead. Just like that! -and I don’t believe for a second that it is from the disease, but rather from the so-called ‘prevention’ and ‘treatment’. (My 92 year-old uncle has returned home- sans wife now- forever. They were married for c. 68 years. OUCH 🙁 )

    • Hi Nunz,

      I am saddened to hear that. My sincere condolences to your family, especially your uncle. I can’t imagine being with someone so long and then all of a sudden they are gone.

    • Hello Nunzio,
      My condolences. Not all in the northeast are playing Kabuki theater, there are pockets of resistance , I fortunately, live in one of them. Also many county sheriffs out here (Pa) are not playing the mediocre governor’s game. Best to ya….

    • Hi Nunz,

      I just caught up with this thread and read about your aunt; very sorry to hear about this. And I agree with you that the “prevention” – which has imposed so much stress on all of us – likely contributed to her passing. My condolences and thoughts go out to you, friend.

    • Nunzio,

      I’m very sorry to hear that, man.

      I’m very much also wondering about all these people dying of “Complications from COVID-19”. WTF means that?

      41 year-old Republican Congressman-elect Luke Letlow died of just that. The first article I read said he died of “cardiac arrest while being resuscitated”. Here is another article, which says: “apparently suffered a cardiac event this evening that was refractory to all resuscitation efforts”.

      Also, Mary Ann, aka Dawn Wells. She died of “causes related to COVID”.

      Mary Ann was in a nursing home: One place you should avoid at all costs. The other appears to be a hospital, wherein they will SAVE YOU TO DEATH.

      • Let’s be real. Biden doesn’t know what he wants. He doesn’t even know that his name is Biden. What his handlers decide is another thing, and that’s where the real danger lies.

      • Darn, DaDnOn! I didn’t know Maryanne had died!
        You are so right- I knew when I heard that my aunt and uncle were in the hospital, that it was not going to be good. If they put them on a respirator…goodbye! Plus, the hospi’ls in NYC where they live are like third-rate Calcutta flop-houses even in the best of times. My aunt was healthy…and died. My uncle, who has COPD is home and recovering. It wasn’t the flu that got my aunt…..

        • Nunzio, allow me to add my condolences as well. I am so sorry that your aunt and uncle got into this terrible situation. Sounds like they were unlucky enough to be labeled “covid”, and adding age meant they were in for it. I know of another elderly couple in TN who this also happened to. Had some old-age infirmities, but once they were labeled “covid”, each was put on a respirator. She died, he survived but had a stroke as a result of the “treatment.” Just happened about a month or so ago.

          Again, so sorry for your loss.

          • Thanks. The scenario with the couple in TN. as well as my aunt and uncle seems to be very common. We’re worried about my uncle; between the grieving and the flu, and who knows what they did to him in the hospi’l, …and his age, I don’t see how it can be good. He still drove in NYC traffic (even took other seniors to doctor appointments!) and was very active…but I fear that this blow will be a game changer and turn him into “an old man”- if not a soon-to-be-dead one.

            And the absurd thing is, I hear relatives saying “See? Better wear a mask!” . Ahh…yes- they all do/did…and almost all of them have/have had the ‘Rona. Brilliant! Apparently, the ‘Rona also causes mental retardation…..

            • Agreed. Will pray for your uncle to make a full recovery, at least physically. He may never be quite the same, but hopefully you will have him in your lives for a time longer.
              There is a lady in our church who wears the mask faithfully. She has been upset that everyone else isn’t, although some do. She now sits in the parking lot of the church on Sunday mornings listening to the sermon, to avoid the unmasked. She had to take a “test” recently before having a hospital procedure. Guess what? She was positive (and no symptoms!). Just like your relatives. This rona is very fickle!

    • That really sucks, Nunz, sorry to hear that. Really to stay healthy you have to stay out of the hands of the medical establishment. Medical mistakes have killed a lot more people than the China virus allegedly has, and that’s just the mistakes that got caught.

      • Indeed, the last number I recall is that medical error is the third leading cause of death that never appears on a death certificate. About 250,000 per year in the US, EVERY YEAR! The Medical Industrial Complex has zero concern for your health. Unless there is profit in it it doesn’t do anything. Which is why they don’t consider nutrition and supplementation at all. They in fact vehemently oppose any reference to these foundations of health as a solution. One need only look at their reaction to Hydroxychloroquine to see the depth of their evil. To place a restriction on using a drug off label is practically unheard of. They jumped on HC in a heartbeat. Those in charge of the Medical Industrial Complex don’t generally have an MD in front of their name. They have never read the Hippocratic Oath, much less abide by it. Those who do have an MD in front of their name are agents of evil, and so are unconcerned with violating said oath. It is just as dangerous, evil, and useless to real human beings as the Military Industrial Complex.

        • One cannot be sure that they are evil, but their institutional blindness, arrogance, and god playing amounts to the same thing. They went through 12 years of brainwashing and took on soul destroying levels of debt, so they are heavily invested in the narrative of modern “miraculous” medicine.

          Unfortunately, like cops, by the time they have experienced enough of the world to be worth a damn at what they are supposed to do, they are cynical and leave as soon as they can.

    • Thank you, everyone, so much, for your condolences and support!

      Indeed, this is why I’ve stayed away from doctors my entire adult life. I’m wondering if my aunt had taken any vaccines!(She very well could have had the COVID vaccine- as her and my uncle were personal friends of their physician, and their son is in the medical field).

      I’m sure that it WASN’T the flu that killed her- as she was strong, and not at all at risk- and had weathered the flu, and a super- bug (The kind ya get in the hospital; she wasn’t hit by an old VW) etc. in the recent past, without so much as a hiccup.

  10. There is a slight possibility that diaper mandates coming from the demented pervert will cause some states and localities that are teetering or slightly on the diaper side to reverse course. That some of the “Republican” (gawd, that this is our first line of recourse) areas will resist, just because the decree comes from Team Blue. Or maybe, when the Orange Ass goes down in flames, people will use covid resistance as their outlet.

    But part of me had hoped the new year would change attitudes a bit, that people would resolve to ditch their face diapers. Those hopes and dreams were quickly dashed, however, by venturing into public spaces.

    Hope springs eternal. Or, wish in one hand and shit in the other, to see which one fills up first.

    • Hi BAC,

      I expect a little leniency to begin around mid/late February. I don’t have any hard data or evidence that such a thing will occur, only gut. Once Biden gets in the blue states will let up, the “cases” will magically drop (of course, because of Biden’s impeccable record of influence and responsibility….gag), and several million doses of the vaccine will be floating around in people’s bodies. I don’t see us being on a perpetual lockdown like the United Kingdom.

      • Hi RG

        I wish I could share that optimism. I attended a monthly industry call today, where it was discussed that they are anticipating harder lockdowns in the weeks ahead, as the new U.K. strain takes hold here. This information is coming from people “in the know.” Will this be the case, I don’t know, but they’ve been nearly spot on in other aspects of this.

        I see this U.K. thing as the next wave of insanity, though news of it has been muted somewhat of late for some reason. But it’s being billed as something new and spooky, and it’s something political opportunists can glom onto to further their campaign of destruction. Ignoring the fact that new strains are the natural and appropriate course for a highly mutagenic respiratory virus that is supposed to evolve to be more infective and less virulent. But the public, ignorant of biology, will buy this hook line and sinker.

        Bottom line, things are lining up badly. And the last vestiges of anything remotely resembling a federal safety net are about to be washed away and, worse, turned against us. I foresee blue states won’t let up, but will double down. It’s up to the rest to decide the course of things. But will they do the right thing?

        • Hi BAC,

          I am trying to think like a politician and as someone who lived through the 2009 H1N1 strain that took place under the Obama Administration. The H1N1 flu virus harmed those 64 years and younger. Between April-October 2009, 22 million Americans were infected with it. This is even higher numbers than the 20 million Americans that they believe have been infected with SARS2 from March 2020 to December 2020. So the H1N1 virus was much more contagious than SARS2, but it affected people with healthier immune systems (the young) and they were able to recoup without the additional hospitalizations and deaths that are occurring under the current virus.

          The US usually sees a new virus about once a decade. We did not lockdown under the 1954 flu, the 1968 Hong Kong flu, the 1976 swine flu, AIDS (which let’s be honest, was some scary shit), or the 2009 flu. Why now? I understand the caution at the beginning believing we had another Ebola on our hands or a 1918 Spanish flu, but after studying this for as long as we have we see it affects those older with compromised immune systems. Even the CDC’s own death rates for 2020 are below average compared to other prior years (the total death toll may be higher, but the percentage of increase is not). This we can attribute to more people living in the US, not necessarily more people dying from exponential causes.

          The industry may very well be right. Biden may come in and try to force the states and the country into further shutdowns, but do the states want to push the American public onto the brink of bankruptcy (we are about there)? I agree with you, there is no safety net, but people fight when they are hungry. Logistically, the government cannot take care of 328 million Americans. We are not a small country and our range of movement is widespread. I think Biden will pretend to be strict in his first month in office, will happily inject anyone who wants the guinea pig of a vaccine, and then shout “Hallelujah, we have been cured” shortly thereafter. The states are losing too much money and too much control to keep this ongoing for any length of time. If Trump was still in there, I would say we would probably be on lockdown for another four years, but they will make sure Biden does not suffer the same fate.

          • All true. The difference, though, is that Biden fully will bailout the blue states and cities such as NYC. In fact, those states and cities are counting on it. Failing that, they go tits up and everyone knows it. The only possible way to stop bailouts is for the senate to say No. That won’t happen if the dems steal Georgia. But even if the republicans hold on to the Senate in numbers, the rank and file like Mittens will go right along with the bailouts. Deals will be made.

            See, now that everyone knows federal money can be printed and dolled out at will, state bailouts are next up. In that way, lockdowns and whatnot can continue indefinitely, as there is no consequence. They’re thinking in the now, not worrying about what happens when there’s no more bailouts and the bills come due.

            I guess it comes down to how you view the objective. If the objective is to find a way out of this, then you are correct that the vaccines will suddenly be found effective and states will moderate their response in order to ensure that the senile pervert gets the credit. On the other hand, if the objective is to destroy and push Go on the Great Reset, then they need to finally crush us. They are putting in place the means and excuse to go to ludicrous speed for that crushing. I fear this is what they intend.

            • **”Biden fully will bailout the blue states and cities such as NYC.”**

              Same ol’, same ol’…. The NYC subways just got what? $4B from the latest “stimulus” that the Orange Turd signed? Like I say…there’s no difference…just different words to appeal to different supporters, to give the illusion that we have a choice.

          • Because China locked down, that’s why. The attitude of western politicians seems to be one of extreme envy of and desire to emulate the Chinese Communist party. And because of the Patriot Act and other unconstitutional laws that never seem to get heard by the Supreme Court, legislators get to do whatever they want. Now that the “loyal opposition” Republican Party has been tossed to the curb (with an extremely large self-inflicted wound), the door’s open for a Hong Kong style takeover of the “rouge red states.”

  11. For me, it doesn’t change a thing. I’ve had 10 months to go about my business, ignoring “mask required” signs and living my life as a free and sovereign person, regardless of the latest diktats and hysteria. That will not change.

    Yesterday, we went back to the Chinese buffet restaurant that we visited a few weeks ago, sans mask. They were professional and friendly last time, and one of the reasons we tried them the first time was no sign anywhere about masks. Yesterday, we went back. Now there is a small sign on the door (“masks required for safety”). Still went in sans diaper. Still same friendly service. Went to the buffet sans mask no problem, even though there were other customers inside. As we were eating, two AGWs (sheriffs) walked out from the back – they had been eating in what I thought was an off-limits, closed area, hidden from view. Didn’t say a word to us, but were masked up.

    It will be interesting to see what happens next visit.

    • Good for you, A.

      My feeling is they can load up on all of the mandates they want, but we can still ignore them. We have a great Asian restaurant here as well. I have placed an order 2 or 3 times and walked in each time maskless. No one has said anything. I tip well so they don’t give me a hard time next go around either. 😉

      • Remember the famous quote, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent?” I think about that every time I am the Lone (unmasked) Ranger. Not gonna happen here.

        I think the inferiority complex stuff is what motivates many of the reluctant maskers – not wanting to be looked at as the oddball. I’m too old to care, but too young to hide away and give up.

        • A,

          It takes about a great amount of self confidence to go against the crowd and it is definitely not for the weak willed. I am glad we have you in our corner. 🙂

          • Glad to be a part of this online community. We may be spread apart geographically, but the encouragement this group provides will nurture the continuance of free and sovereign individuals everywhere, hopefully preventing the watering the Tree of Liberty desperately needs.

  12. Took a flight to visit one of my daughters down in Colorado, Maskistan, you won’t be flying if your temperature is 100.4 degrees F or higher. You have to don a mask, otherwise, you won’t be flying. Sure beats driving 800 miles for two days, then resting for another, then back to do it all over again.

    The roof leaked some for a few years, replaced it, I now have to repair the ceiling where the water ruined it. I stopped in at local lumberyard to buy a sheet of gypsum board. I didn’t have mask on my face, the place was filled with unmasked employees.

    I was totally shocked, turned around, exited the place, stood outside and called the cops to arrest everyone with no mask on.

    Just kidding. Not one employee was masked, yard workers, no mask, sales people no mask. It was a breath of fresh air. Saneness for once.

    The newly elected idiot needs a wake-up call but that isn’t going to do any good.

    I’m beginning to believe we live in Dumbfuckistan.

    It is totally insane out there.

    • Having worked in the construction trade most of my working life, there is a LOT of resistance to authority among those that do, at least there was when I was working the trade. A lot of hard and dangerous work is done, and those that do it don’t feel obliged to accept some whining moron’s decisions regarding the rest of their lives.

  13. The new “Jim Crow” is alive and well in today’s COVID fear society.

    Those of us who cannot wear masks are being discriminated against.

    We are told that we cannot enter businesses, are harassed by some business owners and employees for not wearing a mask, and in some cases refused service for the inability to wear a mask.

    It gets better. We are told that we can order on line, request “curb service” or home delivery. We are still being denied the ability to walk into a business establishment and being served without harassment or outright refusal. This is just WRONG.

    All of these “compromises” are no different than “Jim Crow” laws–in the past, African Americans being refused service, or confined to “carry-out service”, or being unable to walk into a store without being harassed or even being denied service.

    Those of us who are unable to wear masks are being discriminated against, “Jim Crow” style.

    The 1964 Civil rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of race and of medical condition. Public accommodation is a necessary right that cannot be abrogated.

    Both Acts are being flagrantly violated by ANY business that harasses or denies service to those of us who cannot wear masks.

    Where is the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act and the ADA?

  14. Elvis nor Jeffrey will be showing up. Lin Wood is a whack job. He has to be on the Democrats payroll. The more I see of Trump’s hiring style the more disgusted I get. His entire Administration folded in on him. In life they say people are able to stay in control based on one of two things: fear or loyalty. Trump doesn’t have either. I think he has great business sense. He can see the long game, but his people skills are atrocious. His ego gets in the way. He doesn’t respect people and in turn, he does not command the faithfulness that someone in his position needs to survive.

    I am not worried about tomorrow. It is all for show. If we are honest with ourselves we know how this is going to play out. There is no last minute Kracken coming through the door. Biden will be inaugurated as President in 15 days and the Chinese will break this country in two. Isis, North Korea, Russia, and Europe are standing by gleefully waiting for our downfall.

    If anything we need to be looking at tonight’s election in Georgia. Will the Senate Republicans maintain control or will we be facing yet another November 3rd where the fraud is so prevalent, yet no one raises an eyebrow? I hold no great hope or respect in Republicans, but if they can obstruct the Democrat agenda I will be thankful for that small consolidation.

    • RG,

      Since nothing was DONE about the election fraud, either in GA or anywhere else, I expect the Dems to take control of the Senate. I also expect them to take control of the Senate because Leader Mitch McChao blocked the effort to send out $2K relief checks, thus handing the Dem candidates in GA an atomic sledgehammer to be used against Perdue and Loeffler. Truth be told, Mitch McChao PREFERS being in the minority, because then he can sell GOP votes to help the Dems meet the necessary 60 vote threshold. You can read more about that here: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/12/29/a-familiar-play-mitch-mcconnell-blocks-attempt-to-pass-2000-covid-relief-bill-deflects-accountability-to-potus/

      While The Conservative Treehouse is a pro-Trump site, Sundance has EXCELLENT info about McConnell! He gives the reader good insight in to HOW the DC Uniparty works. While you’re reading the above piece, I’d also encourage you to read the other linked pieces, particularly the CNN articles. CNN, believe it or not, actually did REAL JOURNALISM in those two pieces! They give you insight in to how devious, scheming, and dare I say, Machiavellian, Mitch McChao is. I’d also encourage you to read about McChao’s machinations in MS during the 2014, where he undercut Chris McDaniel, so he could put that senile old RINO, Thad Cochran, in, who’d do McChao’s bidding.

      So yeah, look for the Dems to win both GA races. One, the GOPe (GOP establishment) has done NOTHING to fix the causes of the fraud; the problems haven’t been addressed. Two, Leader McConnell, aka McChao, handed the GA Dem Senate candidates an atomic sledgehammer by blocking the $2K relief checks, which will hand the Senate to the Dems. For his own devious desires, McChao is fine with being in the minority; in fact, he prefers it.

      • Hi MM,

        I think Loeffler will lose and Perdue will be the 51st vote for the Republicans. Biden does not want to push a progressive agenda. He is happy not ruling and does not want go toe to toe with the Squad and a progressive Senate. Wall Street wants a Republican Senate. Kemp and Raffensperger will make sure that one of the Repub’s wins.

        If this country goes full blown blue the Stock Market will show its unhappiness in tomorrow’s trading.

        • RG,

          I hope you’re right. What you say makes sense. Though Biden is Dem/lib, he’s more of the old style Dem/lib; he’s not a loony like The Squad. Oh, BTW, The Squad all voted for Pelosi as Speaker; IOW, they sold out their prog suppoorters! I’d LOVE to know what Nazi Pelosi offered them in exchange for their votes…

          • What Biden is, or is not, is irrelevant, since one thing we can all agree on is that Biden is often incapable of forming a coherent sentence, much less establishing any policy. He will do exactly as he’s told.

        • Plus, if Joe Biteme has a GOP Senate, then he can go back to the radical commies of the Dem party and tell ’em that his hands are tied. He can say, “Gee, I’d like to do more for you, but GOP controls the Senate.” Yeah, that works for his interests…

        • I was out in my car, so I was listening to Sean Hannity; I don’t care for him that much, but there isn’t anything better on the local radio here. Anyway, he had two pollsters on who said that, thanks to Mitch McChao blocking the $2K checks, both GA Senate seats are up for grabs! They told Hannity that, had the $2K checks been approved, the races would’ve been over last week; unfortunately, that doesn’t suit McChao’s Machiavallian agenda.

          I hope you’re right though. If both seats go to the jackasses, then my investments will take a hit…

          • I expect to be looking at pretty large losses this week…..and the next four years. My AMD stock had a beautiful run while it lasted. 🙁

            • I’m not sophisticated enough to do individual stocks; I do mutual funds instead, as you can get far more diverification. Plus, I understand them, which is one of the cardinal rules of investing: never invest in something you don’t understand..

              Even so, if the market goes down, so do my mutual funds.

              • I have a few mutual funds with Vanguard, but I love stocks. I can’t make a 300% ROI on a mutual fund, but I can also lose every last dollar I have, as well. I only invest what I can afford to lose and I do quite a bit of research before I buy anything, but the risk is half of the fun. It is all a game of poker to me.

                • I’m with VG too! I might do some speculation one of these days; it would be fun to buy the next Amazon soon after its IPO… 🙂

            • I got out of the stock market long ago. Wall Street is a casino, owned by the bank cartel, and the house always wins. I prefer less income, and some idea what’s coming, rather than more income and be at the mercy of the bank cartel. The entire COVID psy op is engineered by the bank cartel to extract what wealth remains among the 99.9% and deliver it to the 0.1%. They are doing a bang up job of getting it done.

      • Good article, though. I will check out the rest of articles tonight after work. McConnell is a douche, him and the President of the Chamber of Commerce, which is another joke of an American institution that should be torn apart.

        • RG,

          If your opinion of both Mitch McChao and Tom Donohue are low now, wait until you read the CNN articles; your blood will boil! Yeah, we know that they’re both Swamp Creatures, but until you read the CNN pieces, you have no idea HOW bad both of them are. The CNN pieces Sundance cited are so good that I BOOKMARKED both of ’em…

          And yeah, I think that the US CoC is a joke; it’s more for promoting the corporatist interests of multinational/globalists corporations, vs. promoting Main St. businesses, as is the case with your local CoC…

      • MM, sounds like Australia for sure. 16 years ago there were vast differences between the Liberal, Labor, and greens parties here. Now there are no distinguishing differences. Other than pollies from all 3 groups taking money from China. I call this arrangement the Major Unitary Partypets, MUPpets for short.
        Our courts have been privatised, in fact our whole government at all 3 levels is now corporatised, as evidenced by their Australian Business Numbers.

        • To5,

          We’ve had a Uniparty here for longer than any of us suspected. As is the case with Aussie politicos, the vast majority of ours from both parties are on the on the Chicom/globalist payroll. Here, you can think of the Democrats and Republicans as the left and right wing of the DC Uniparty bird…

      • Hi MM,

        You were right, it looks like the Dems will take both Senate seats. I expected Loeffler to lose, she was never elected, but appointed by Kemp. She also doesn’t have mass appeal and came off a little cardboardy in speeches. I am a little surprised Perdue lost since he is a GA native, a businessman, and is well known in the state.

        Right now the Dow is up 475 points…..I feel like I live in Backwards Ville. None of it makes sense.

        Income taxes will increase, Obamacare will be extended to include a public option which will result in higher premiums, additional carbon taxes will ensure, and the Supreme Court will probably expand…..and the Stock Market is up?!?!

  15. Well said Eric, I’m DONE too , have been for a loooong time. Peeps need to stock up like you wrote, really should have begun months ago(In my case I started a few years ago, not a ” prepper”, but like being prepared).
    Home gym is the way to go, my sons helped with that. Fortunately for me I live in an area where many push back against The Diaper, among other nonsense….because they HAVE sense. Will be REAL interesting when they decide to start federally mandating crap here, ain’t gonna go over well.

    Continue to walk as free men … Diaper free….

  16. Hi Eric,
    Sounds like you’re weary of “el plan.” Me too. But tomorrow we’ll see.
    BTW no need for weightlifting (though I use dumbbells for squats interval training). Check out “The Miracle Seven” by John E. Peterson and Wendie Pett. They’ve been part of my routine for almost 15 years (now 66). I don’t know (or see) anyone my age with my muscle tone.
    There’s also “Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time : So Is Cardio, and There’s a Better Way to Have the Body You Want,” which is on my to-read list.

  17. Yeah, it’s gonna be interesting Eric. I’m already thinking about what I’m gonna do because as of now I’ve been mask free all along. I intend to keep it that way.

    • Quite likely more interesting. Which is why I prefer boring. Boring is good. Usually when things start getting interesting they turn to crap in short order. As they have now. Once tyranny reaches its current level there is only one option. Make it expensive to enforce, as Solzhenitsyn recommended.


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