“Hesitancy” About the Drugs that Weren’t Vaccines . . . and Now EVs

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When “hesitancy” about being voluntarily injected with the drugs that turned out to not be vaccines became a thing, it became another thing.

A pushed thing.

Things got to the point that people who refused to take the drugs being pushed were threatened with loss of employment (and with it, career, in the case of people in occupations such as airline pilots, doctors, nurses and so on).

Will it get to that point with EVs?

Right now – and for now – people are still free to opt-out of “electrification.” And the evidence accrues that many are doing exactly that as word about the adverse events people who’ve already bought into “electrification” are experiencing.

Such as the very public experience of Ford CEO Jim Farley, who tried mightily to make excuses for the EV’s failings that echo eerily of the way those pushing the drugs tried to make excuses for their failure to immunize the people who took them. Who assumed that’s what they’d be getting. Instead, many of them got myocarditis and other unpleasant things. But – never mind that, said the drug pushers. These drugs will reduce the severity of symptoms and that will reduce the number of hospitalizations and that, in turn, will help reduce the burden on hospitals.

One can almost hear the same cadences in the apologias emanating from Farley – whose company is on track to lose $4.5 billion (so far) pushing battery-powered vehicles that don’t go very far and require a lot of waiting (and planning to wait) in between.

At least they don’t kill you.

Well, not usually.

But they sure do kill any desire to own one of these things. Excepting, of course, the True Believers. Who – like the True Believers in “mask” wearing – cannot be swayed by facts. That is the nature of True Belief.

One must just believe.

But they are relatively few such. Or at least, probably not enough.

Just as “mask” wearing is not likely going to be accepted as easily again as anything other than what it has always been – i.e., a device meant to create an image of agreement with a sick narrative – so also the holy nimbus that once illumined the EV is fading.

They are being produced.

But they are not being sold.

Dealers aren’t placing new orders; they have too many in inventory already. Tesla is an exception, but only because it appeals – like the “mask” – to the true believers. But there are only so many of those left. Once they have their articles of faith, it will be difficult to persuade those who are not believers to buy in.

What then?

It will probably follow the script that was intended for us during the “pandemic.”

Like the drugs that weren’t vaccines, expect EVs to be pushed on those who are . . . “hesitant.” The pushing will take the form of pushing the “hesitant” out of their current vehicles – i.e., the ones that take them where they need and want to go without a planning (and waiting) ordeal that is analogous to what it was like back in the 1940s to fly anywhere farther than very close by. Across the country, say.

In case you forgot what that was like, it went something like this:

You boarded a prop job airplane in let us say New York, at what was then Idlewild Airport (JFK International, now). It took off – and landed in Washington, where you waited for the bird to fuel up before it took off en route to your next stop in Chicago. Where you waited (again) while they topped off the bird. After another stop or maybe two, you finally touched down in LA.

It only took all day to do what it takes about five hours to do today, in a fast jet. Which can  be likened to a not-electric car in that it doesn’t need to stop to travel very long distances. An EV, on the other hand, can be likened to going back to a prop job to fly across the country – when fast jets are available.

Farley publicized the fact, however inadvertently. Much the same as Fauci and the White Coats  – it sounds like a Synth band from the ’80s – did much to spread the truth about the drugs that weren’t vaccines, by brazenly and serially lying about them.

An interesting confluence is in the making. It is essentially the same one that reached its crescendo when the Thing that currently occupies the home of the president attempted to use the government to force people to take the drugs that weren’t vaccines. The Supreme Court ruled he could not do so but the far more powerful rebuttal was that of the people who had already refused to take the drugs being pushed and were not going to take them under any circumstances whatever.

The same is forming up as regards this pushing of EVs. There are millions of people who aren’t going to be pushed, under any circumstance whatever.

What will the Thing – and the Things in his service (or is it the other way around?) do when they run into such a wall of “hesitancy”?

We’ll soon find out.

. . .

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  1. This is a great graphic. When you watch the animation, think about it in context of fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions. You’ll quickly realize that all the gains made in infant mortality, clean water, education and life expectancy correlate perfectly with increased fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions.


    If you are a real scientist and not a brainwashed social activist you’d conclude that we should make cheap fossil fuel energy available to everyone on the planet as quickly as possible and forget about CO2 emissions as they’re meaningless.

    But hey, that’s just what the science says. leftist political agendas say the exact opposite.

  2. Behold: canine vaccine hesitancy.

    ‘More than half of US dog owners expressed concerns about vaccinating their dogs, including against rabies, according to a new study published Saturday in the journal Vaccine. The study comes as anti-vaccine sentiments among humans have exploded in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    “Canine vaccine hesitancy is pervasive,” said Matt Motta, one of the paper’s authors and a political scientist at Boston University’s School of Public Health who studies hesitancy. “Honestly, we were pretty surprised.”

    ‘Rabies is almost always fatal for animals and people once clinical signs appear. A drop in rabies vaccination could constitute a serious public health threat.

    “What this demonstrates is that Covid fundamentally changed how Americans look at vaccines,” said Motta.


    What did depraved liars such as Fauci, Wolensky and Cohen THINK was going to happen, when they deliberately subverted the meaning of ‘vaccine’ with gene therapy shots that don’t stop transmission?

    Congratulations, a-holes. You so comprehensively screwed the pooch [pun intended] that no one believes you anymore about anything.

    • I’ve never vaccinated my animals- and ‘just coincidentally’, they always manage to live out their full lives to a good old age, without any of the plethora human diseases which seem to be rampant among vaccinated animals…and mine are never even incontinent to the day they die.

      My neighbor vaccinates his cows for blackleg. I never did when I had cows. Guess whose cows got blackleg? (3 guesses and the first two don’t count!)

      Vaccines- even the “real ones” are the biggest scam ever perpetrated on creation.

      • We used to get the shots recommended for our dogs until about five years ago. Saw some friends who had issues with their animals way before old age. Had a neighbor whose springer spaniel got cancer and died at around 7 years old. Could have been anything, I guess. My neighbor was convinced it was the rabies shot he was required to get so his dog could compete in bird hunting competitions.

        The only downside for us in refusing is we can no longer board our dog when we leave town. Tried bribing our new vet with one of their pamphlets with some Franklins inside. When she realized what I was trying to do she got the vapors. I guess I’ll be looking for a new vet.

        Oh well, collapsing economies, failing businesses, and a dying currency should begin to test peoples resolve and commitment to “THE LAW”

        • Good morning, Norman!

          I dealt with the same issue – in re “vaccines” and pets. Our cats are entirely indoors, so there’s essentially nil chance of them catching rabies. So why “vaccinate” them? It’s not just needless dosing, it’s needless risking. If there is little to no liability for “vaccine” manufacturers as regards humans, then God-only-knows what’s in the “vaccines” they make for pets. One of the side effects of the past three years is that no one with any sense has much, if any trust, for the medical apparat anymore.

          That includes vets.

  3. You are invited to the next EeeVee dumpster fire:

    ‘By the end of July, VinFast had only sold 137 [EeeVees] in the US, according to a Reuters report. A big deal was also made out of the company’s announcements that it would build a factory in North Carolina, designed to produce 150,000 vehicles a year whenever.

    ‘The company had just $65 million in revenues in Q1, according to its SEC filing, but lost $598 million in the quarter. How can you lose $598 million in just one quarter on $65 million in revenues? VinFast shows how.

    ‘At this pace, it will lose $2.4 billion in 2023. It lost $2.1 billion in 2022. It lost $1.3 billion in 2021. In other words, losses are huge and accelerating.

    ‘Today, on its ninth trading day as a public company, VinFast’s stock spiked by another 40%, to $68.77 a share, giving it a market capitalization of $159 billion. This is just nuts.’ — wolfstreet.com

    VinFast investors, 2025: ‘One hundred dollahs will buy this EeeVee …


  4. Have you seen these charts?

    Covid charts –




    CO2 charts-


    CO2 follows temp –


    (the chart also shows that ice ages end at low CO2)



    Everything you know is wrong, like sliding tectonic plates.

    Expanding earth documentary –


    Earth expanded due to iron oxidation, the oxygen created by plants –


    As the earth “rusted” from the inside, it expanded, and continents separated like bark on a tree. As a tree grows, the bark is fixed, but the trunk volume and diameter increases:


    Earth was a ball of water before expansion. The water filled in the gaps as the continents separated and appeared to rise out of the depths.

    The land masses appeared as earth expanded and ocean levels fell.

    Animals colonized land as it appeared.

    Sea shells found at mountain tops because that use to be the ocean floor before the expansion.


    Everything you know is wrong about human origin –

    Llyod Pye explains why humans are NOT primates –


    In religious schools they teach false human history called Genesis. The reason they do this is to keep you in the dark about how humans got on earth – and if you are ignorant you can be manipulated and used as a milk cow.

    God did not make you, aliens did. You are furless and fangless hybrid abomination, a domesticated slave specie, which has to work for money to eat. Bible Elohims is plural, changed to singular. The “gods” created you, a.k.a. extraterrestrials. They used genetic engineering to make human DNA, and the proof is chromosome 2 –


    More proof, humans have thousands of unique diseases while the primates have almost none. We suffer horribly because our creation was a rushed “botched” job. Our existence is literally torture – which is one reason we torture each other – like caged rats gnawing on each other.

    If you think you evolved on earth, next time you see a horse or cow drink pond water, then wonder why you can not. Or why you sunburn, or why human babies can be born underwater, or why our skin fat tissue is totally different than any primate.

    As the result of our hellish unnatural condition, some people lie to get rich and dominate others as a survival strategy. The climate agenda is by predatory humans using media and political power to manipulate and kill the masses.

    Climate change is a big stinking elite lie to rape and steal money from industry and society. The reason they are doing this is because their fiat money debt system has reached a dead end. So they are doubling down on their insane system and they are going to make you pay for their sins.

    Humans are demonic by their very nature, just look at the world today and what humans do, like endless rape of earth, war, lying, stealing, inflation, etc. etc. We are a planetary infestation – not like any other specie, not integrated to the planet, because we are not natural, but artificial.

    Everything we do is against Nature and is wrong, because we are wrong. It was a great crime to manipulate earth hominen DNA to make humans. We are not natural, we did not evolve on earth, and even your holy book says that.

    It is a crime to teach Genesis out of context of alien intervention. Aliens came here and made us, that was the real Original Sin, then the holy book blames you for what the gods did. All religion is a deception and manipulation, to put a spell on your mind so you never learn your true origin.

    Why the green agenda? Because humans are awful, deceitful creatures that should not exist. We are an abomination on earth, an evil race of psychotic creatures, just as the gods who created us.

    John Kerry and Bill Gates are two of the worst predators on the planet. They should not be listened to, they should be locked up in mental asylums. That is what sane moral people would do. But they aren’t, because humans are neither sane, nor moral, but relish being in on it with them.

  5. Some illuminating & prescient comments, very informative. I fall in the Mother Goose forum philosophically. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Electricity is wonderful, but divergence is prudent. Every power generating method is necessary for liberty.
    Be Pro Choice on gas, coal, hydro,etc.
    When one switch will incapacitate the unworthy, we are at risk.
    Especially if that switch be in the hands of Brandon.

    • Indeed, Michael –

      Remember when the Left used to wax rhapsodic about alternative energy? Now it seeks one -centralized – kind of energy. I wonder why.

  6. Eric,

    What you say about propeller driven airliners would apply to the DC-3, which came out in the mid 1930s; to go cross country, it would have to make multiple stops. Compared to what came before it (the Ford Trimotor, Fokker Trimotor, and the Boeing 247), it was an improvement in terms of capacity, range, performance, and passenger comfort. It must be noted though, that when the DC-3 entered service, it cut travel time from New York to Chicago to 4.5 hours; that was great in those days! It was much better than the overnight trip by train that had been typical prior to the DC-3’s entry into service. Was the DC-3 all that? No, but it was a huge improvement; it was progress over what had been available before its entry into service. Even if it took multiple hops to cross the country, it was still quicker than the train.

    The aircraft you have pictured, the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, was a long range airliner. It had a 375 mph (326 kn) max speed, while it cruised at 301 (262 kn). It had a 4,200 mile range (3,600 nm). That would mean it could cross the country non-stop, but it would take at least 8 hours to do so-assuming no wind. If they ran into the jet stream, then it would take considerably longer. My late mother and grandmother took cross country flights before the Jet Age, and she said it took like 10-12 hours to make the flight from EWR-LAX.

    HOWEVER! However, in first class, two people sat at a table (with a flower in a vase!) in between them; that was common on all the piston powered airliners of the day (i.e. pre Jet Age). The Boeing Stratocruiser also had sleeping berths down on the lower level! While it took a lot longer to get somewhere, the passengers flew in a lot more comfort and style; indeed, that would be considered luxurious travel by today’s standards.

    Even with all that said, supplanting ICEVs with EVs is akin to going back to piston powered airliners. Even with their superior creature comforts, why would anyone want to take almost double the time to get somewhere? And I say that as a FAN of EVs! While I like and appreciate the progress that they’ve made in recent years (the CEO of my former employer has a restored Detroit Electric from 1915 or so), they’re not ready for Prime Time. They don’t offer the convenience of ICEVs. Until they do, most people with a choice will continue to opt for ICEVs, as they offer a better performing and more cost effective alternative.

  7. In order for EVs to appeal to people they had to go after the car enthusiast market first. Notice that EVs have tremendous acceleration. Bury your head in the headrest acceleration. But those car enthusiasts are close to being tapped out and they are going back to buying high horsepower internal combustion. Your average guy who willingly drives a 120hp Honda Civic is not interested in spending four times that price for an EV with limited range. Nor are the ladies who find out they have to do some detailed math to determine if they can detour to the store on the way home from work.

    • Performance entusiasts and people who collect anything first year Blue Oval at any cost, who I’m sure comprised most of the early F150 Lightning buyers.

      However, I doubt a Garage Queen F150 Lightning will roll on its own power in 10 years unless the collector has a staff of engineers on call with complete access to Ford design documents and source code to the component firmware like Farley does.

  8. We all know climate change is a hoax, and thus the push for EVs also a big stinking hoax based on a big stinking lie of climate change.

    Oil, coal, natural gas industries, along with auto industries are threatened with extinction.

    But they have not organized a coalition to fight the climate agenda.

    Why is that?

    Because the CEOs of all those industries are bought and paid for whores – just like the politicians.

    It is way worse than you think. The conspiracy is far deeper than we realize.

  9. All these EeeVee boosters are obviously full of shit. Sadly, we have a bunch of mental midgets running the country right now and they’re the pie in the sky nincompoops that are pushing it. That can’t last, can it? I just feel like a huge percentage of normies are finally seeing through the dubious claims those same people are making. IDK, I keep thinking of the movie Idiocracy and it sure seems like we’re living it. In fact, I can see regulations on vehicles being relaxed since what’s currently going on should be obviously unsustainable to even the dumbest among us. I’m probably being too optimistic but I can’t help but feel like they’re overplaying their hand. Badly.

  10. The good news is, that amazingly, it seems that more people are realizing what a scam EV truly are, largely due to disgruntled EV owners going public on platforms like Youtube. How much ya wanna bet Youtube will start banning videos which are critical of EVs as “misinformation”, like they do to every other ray of truth that manages to appear?

    Scary thing is, as with the clot-shot, some of the EV purchasers, even after having lost many thousands of dollars from trading in their dysfunctional EV in 6 months or selling it after a year or two, STILL remain believers and remain optimistic, saying things like “They just need a little more time to get it right” or “These problems will be solved shortly when the “new technology” comes out…”!

    And many among the general sheep just hear all of the accolades and see the smiling faces in the MSM any time EVs are mentioned, and just remain blissfully ignorant, waiting for the day they too can buy an EV and brrrrrrpppp around like George Jetson every time they need to run to the corner 7-11 to pick up some Buid Light, lottery tickets, and pampers for the poly-injected day-cared snot-geyser.

  11. We sure will find out especially if they try to reintroduce lockdowns. It seems like going forward we will need to implement workarounds to the things being taken away from us and forced onto us. The term vaccine hesitant implied there was some level of decision making still remaining when a more accurate characterization was that people had already made a firm decision not to take the vaccines. Ditto with EV’s. Absent major improvements in battery technology, their shortcomings are obvious. The term hesitant for me more accurately applies to the medical and pharmaceutical industry in general, in terms of a growing awareness of the limitations of standard medical care. It seems like somewhere along the line technological advances have been blurred and usurped by political goals. It seems like individuals are going to need to apply much more common sense and critical thinking skills to navigate life successfully. We have been lulled into complacency and misplaced trust in authority. Well, not the readers of this site but in general.

    • Workarounds? Yes. And, no. It’s time to make anyone who privately pushes these measures (lockdowns or EVs or trans”ing anyone) regret it. Confrontation, boycotts, demonstrations, harassment (I really liked people filling carts, taking down their mask to pay after they scanned and bagged everything, and walking out when they said to put the mask back on). Escalate from there if they don’t get the message. If you remember, it didn’t take long for several chains to say they wouldn’t enforce mandates when several people got in their employees’ faces. When did Americans become afraid to be angry?! As for the politicians, we need to fix the voting, or America is done.

      • Good point I was also happy to see boycotts and protests starting with the trucker protest. My left leaning family members were so derisive but that didn’ stop but rather served to strengthen peoples resolves and led to the Target and Bud Light boycotts. It feels good to take a stand too. To feel strong instead of pushed around. The left’s mo has included twisting and altering the definitions of commonly used terms like vaccine, hesitant, inclusive etc. i think more and more people are becoming hip to this tactic as well as sick of it all. Hence, bud light, try that in a small town and the like. The tide is turning.

  12. Malice aforethought:

    ‘The FDA said this year’s updated version of the COVID-19 vaccine [sic] is likely to come out by the middle of next month, a bit earlier than the late September timeline previously announced by the Department of Health and Human Services.

    ‘The earlier-than-expected arrival became apparent after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scheduled a Sept. 12 meeting of its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a likely indication that the vaccine [sic] would become available shortly afterward.’


    ‘A likely indication’ –> dead-nuts certain that venal, bootlicking yes-men will rubber stamp whatever’s put in front of them

    The L.A. Slimes goes on to issue this chilling threat:

    ‘Regardless of the new mutations in Pirola [variant], the anti-COVID therapeutic drugs Paxlovid and remdesivir should remain effective.’

    OMG … the homicidal US fedgov is still paying hospitals to dose unsuspecting Fauci-virus victims with toxic, kidney-destroying remdesivir?

    Better stay away from these medical roach motels at all costs: ‘They check in, but they don’t check out.

    • “OMG … the homicidal US fedgov is still paying hospitals to dose unsuspecting Fauci-virus victims with toxic, kidney-destroying remdesivir?”

      Yes,,, even here in Florida. Desantis recently signed an extension of the ‘treatment’. Hospitals are making a bundle off of each kill,,, about $135,000. Fauci holds the patent is making millions. Don’t know about Paxlovid but Remdesivir is a killer. It destroys the lungs,,, the patient is then ventilated which kills over 90% by blowing out the lungs.

      Considering the cartel wants as many deaths as possible Paxlovid probably is no better.

  13. “Where you waited (again) while they topped off the bird. After another stop or maybe two, you finally touched down in LA.”

    Remembrances of an old man.

    First you must be talking about the DC3. 1500 mile range. One of the sturdiest aircraft ever built. American all the way. Some are still flying in S. America.

    In 1959 at 11 years old I flew in a Trans-World Constellation (Connie) from Chicago nonstop to Phoenix. The bird had a range of 3500 miles. Even at 11, I was impressed. The Aircraft was immaculate, inside and out. I mean spit shined. When I boarded it smelled clean. Seats were clean and everyone was in nice suits,,, even kids. The meals were JHC fabulous.

    In the military I flew a lot. Even then I noticed the aircraft were getting dirty inside and out and getting worse every year. The last time, I flew, 1993, the aircraft was filthy and smelled like a sewer. People were dressed in sloppy shorts and holey shirts. Kids were uncontrolled and running around. Got a bag of peanuts. That was it for me.

    Present time,,, Seeing everyone lined up with shoes in hand, children groped completes the picture of today’s America. Strange. I remember when I shipped out for Nam they were telling me I was fighting for our freedoms. Weird ideas for sure looking around!

    I still remember the Connie. What a time period. Good jobs,,, little gov interference, beautiful cars. Today the fascists tell us what we can eat,,, drive,,, how we can light and heat/cool our homes even toilets are regulated by the cartel. Apparently with our permission as we are too scared to complain.

    Telling us we will use electric toys for transportation,,, Watching them burn up children and their homes so they can build their smart cities, eating bugs and fake meat is a far cry from that ride in the Connie.

    • Thanks for the memories. A more civilized time when a few elements were still there like decorum, manners, self worth to name a few.

    • Damn, Ken! That brought back memories of the first time I was ever on a plane- 1969- I was 7. It was the height of civilization. You walked into the airport; presented your ticket, and walked out to the portable staircase which led to the plane, and got on. It didn’t take 10 minutes- and this was in NY! (LaGuardia). Took 45 minutes to get from central Long Island to the airport…a few minutes to go through the airport (just the time it took to walk) and get on the plane….and a short hop Pittsburgh. Today, you could drive it (even with exponentially more traffic and endless workfare road construction) in less time than it would take to go through all of the rigors of flying.

      What a time it was! And the future looked brighter, right?! Everyone was polite, well-dressed, and genteel; and acted rationally. Everything just worked. Even men could strike-up conversations with and entertain little kids, and it was an appreciated kindness, and they were thought highly of for being so kind- as opposed to being automatically labelled potential pedophiles.

      Everything was clean and functioned properly. People interacted rationally, and they didn’t have to follow some robotic company protocol to create dysfunction- as they could use judgment, and common sense; and had manners…so any potential problems were solved quickly and efficiently by people just doing the sensible thing and acting ass intelligent benevolent beings.

      I mourn for the young’uns who have never known such a world. I am eternally grateful that I got to experience the tail end of it in the late 60’s and 70’s. If I were to die tomorrow it would be O-K. I’ve seen the good, and now have to endure this decaying society with only memories of the good things which we will never see again. It is only those memories that keep me going….I can’t imagine what it would be like to have been born more recently- to not have known those saner times…and to think that they present dystopian human quagmire is “normal”.

      • > It was the height of civilization.
        Amen, Nunzio.

        Before airplanes (and coexisting with them) , there were railroads, with luxury passenger trains, many of which had names, such as Super Chief, Panama Limited, City of New Orleans, etc. Popular songs were written about some of the legendary trains.

        Here is a promo video for the Super Chief:

        I agree, it was indeed a more civilized time.
        What happened?

        • Here’s one for ya, Adi:

          On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe – Johnny Mercer:

          A great train memory from better days:
          When I was a kid in Long Island, my mother and I would sometimes take the Long Island Rail Road[sic] into Queens to see my little Eye-talian grandma. On one such trip- I must’ve been about 7 or 8, my mother was conversing with the nice old Irish conductor about how much I loved trains- and at the next stop, he actually took me up to the locomotive (They were still using diesels at the time) and let me ride in the cab and watch engineer, and even toot the horn. That was a thrill for me t that age! I still remember the conductor’s name: Mr. Hall.

          And that kids were still expected to call adults “mister”….rather than using their first names……

          Speaking of that…. During the ‘Rona psy-op, I parted ways with my long-time veterinarian due to the way they treated maskless me, and found a new vet. What a blessing THAT has been! You have to picture this: The new vet- a kindly old guy, has this small office where when you walk through the door, it is like stepping back into that better time. The receptionist and the vet’s assistant are 20-something year-old girls, who are not only super-nice and super-respectful (They called me “mister” and “sir” until I told them to call me by my first name) but are also super-feminine (and dress very modestly, and not in that bland artificial “profesional” office way…but rather in old-fashioned sweaters and dresses; and the vet doesn’t wear a white coat…), and just so nice. I love going there! I love those people!

          It’s like being in The Twilight Zone- you step through the door, and you’re in a bygone time (Even as far as the prices go!).

          Contrast that to the old vet- where I’d been going for over 15 years…and they didn’t even know me by sight! “Can I help you?” “What’s the name?”.

          Gosh darn, the difference the little social amenities make! A place of sanity, and they never pestered me about masking- nor do they try to pressure me to vaccinate my animals!

          Next time I’m passing by the place, I’m going to stop in and leave $40 with the receptionist, and tell her that lunch for the office is on me today.

          Even here in rural Bumblephuc, such places/people are becoming rare. What a joy to be able to experience one such place and such nice people.

          • I remember that song very well, Nunzio.
            In fact, it was playing in my head while typing previous comments. 🙂
            Here is a more informative video on the Super Chief:

            Growing up in Albuquerque in the 1960s, AT&SF Albuquerque shops were a big deal. Our next door neighbor earned his living there as a boilermaker. ACF (American Car and Foundry) also had a plant in Albuquerque, and I went to school with the two sons of the plant manager.

            >They called me “mister” and “sir” until I told them to call me by my first name

            It *REALLY* chaps my ass to have medic office minions (minionettes) presume a first name familiarity. I suppose they are trained that way in order to humiliate the raw material (a.k.a. “patients”). I generally do not respond until they use my last name, which we free white citizens all tend to have.

            > the difference the little social amenities make

            Amen, brother. Whatever happened to manners?
            Just another symptom of social decline, if you ask me.

            Stay well,

        • Loved riding the Super Chief with my-parents. Dad was a travel agent and a train enthusiast. We rode across the US several times sleeping in a pullman car and dining in the dining car. We even saw celebrities on the trains! Flew alone across the country age 12 no problem. Everyone was civilized and the plane seats were spacious and comfy. Yes the 60s and 70 s were a very different and better time in many ways.

      • The reason: People had just been through the back-to-back hell of ruined economy and global war. It could have all gone much worse, and there was certainly plenty of examples of the latter. I’m certain there was a lot of “Lord, if I get through this” deals made. They knew at the end of the day all you have is your dignity, and how you choose to live is how well you live.

      • Hey Nunz!
        It’s criminal that today’s youth are growing up in a police state, where assuming you might be a terrist is considered normal, especially regarding air travel. When I was a college student I’d take the Eastern Airlines (rip) shuttle between Boston and Newark to come home for breaks and such; cost all of $12 and you could run aboard the plane as they were closing the doors, no problem. No need to arrive at the airport two hours early to stand in line for an hour to get groped, what a great time it was, now all turned to sh*t.
        Still have family in NJ but we I visit now I take the train, always was a train buff and it’s way less stressful.

        • Hi Ya Mike!
          Ah, yes! That brings back memories of seeing dashing commuters in overcoats and hats, when businessmen were about actually making a profit by wooing customers, and only prospered if they offered services and products that actually worked…..as opposed to these rent-seeking woke pussies who are more concerned with promoting some weirdo agenda and seeking “funding”. The former were men who were doing their best to provide a good home for their families in the ‘burbs, where their kids could have a nice life frolicking in the woods and on the grass, and spend time with people of their own choosing who shared their values- as opposed to being thrust in with every third-world cretin, gang member and hood rat and learning to act like felons from the hood.

          Damn, how far we’ve fallen!!!

          Mike, I know you’re the kind of guy who has always done his part to maintain that world, and it disgusts me how they’ve stolen it away from guys like you- and from your children..and from all of the sane who are left.

          • Morning, Nunz!

            I sometimes watch YouTube videos of the America I can dimly remember from my childhood, as well. Like this one, for instance. Men doing work. Women – and men – looking and behaving like civilized human beings, admiring achievement. I know you have issues with the space program, but that’s not really the point I’m trying to make.
            It’s so goddamned sad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHfGt6nUZTE

            • Hi Ya Eric!

              Yeah, I get ya! My BIL is one of those good guys…even though he worked worked for Grumman for decades. (I’ve mentioned him on here before…the one who got to see the Lunar Rover being tested in the parking lot..and said it could hardly even navigate that lot!).

          • Hi Nunz,
            Thanks for the kind words, I’m old enough now not to give a sh*t what happens to me personally. If the time ever comes when the AGW’s knock down my door I will follow Solzhenitsyn’s advice and take a few of them out with me.

            • Hey Mike,
              Yeah…same here. I may be a little younger than you…but I feel the same way. I feel worse when I think about it happening to guys like you, who were truly the backbone of this country when this country was something worth being a part of. I could literally practically cry.

              Your life and my life aren’t worth a gum wrapper to these thugs…but they’ll fawn over some faggot Moozlim rapist……

              Knew an old Jew (now deceased) who hid in an out-house when the Nazis invaded Hungary- with a pistol pointed at the door, ready to take a few of them out when they opened that door. They amazingly never opened that door. Recently, in his last years, he realized that things were starting to feel the same way here. He was ARRESTED at 86 years old…for daring to install a used airbag in a car (NY…).

            • Mike,
              I’m apparently of similar age, and like mind. I exist for my progeny. And to dispose of a few “jack booted thugs” if the opportunity arises.

    • Hey, Ken,
      >Remembrances of an[other] old man

      I was born in 1949, so in ’59 was 10 years old.
      My dad was USAAC in WWII and had a fondness for airplanes.
      We used to go out to ABQ just to watch the commercial planes land and take off.
      TWA flew Constellations and Continental, some type of turboprop.
      I well remember the triple tail Connies and the whine of the turbines.

      By 1966, the year I graduated HS, TWA had switched to Boeing 707s and, later, Convair 880s. I went to school back east, and well remember flying TWA jets (student standby fare)
      ABQ -> ORD
      ORD -> BOS

      Cue Gordon Lightfoot:
      (Early Morning Rain)

    • A SHAME what’s happened in this country. In ’59, most folks dressed in attire suitable for CHURCH (which more attended, BTW). Men wore business suits, white shirts and ties, and wore hats, until they boarded the aircraft, at which point they doffed them. LADIES wore dresses and/or modest skirts. Children were expected to behave, and DID. The STEWARDESSES were BEAUTIFUL, clean, polite, and PROFESSIONAL. One other thing…the clientele was overwhelming WHITE. What few “Knee-Grows” flew were either professionals, accomplished entertainers, or well-disciplined servicemen in uniform. None of those fights breaking out like on Spirit Airlines which seem to happen almost every week.

      Folks in the year of my birth didn’t necessarily have a LOT of money, but they had CLASS…

      • Dress codes have gone all to hell in the past couple of decades…..the other day I was at a client’s house and when I was getting ready to leave, a woman came running up to me from a car parked out front. She had come from the house next door, which had recently been listed for sale. She had on a mu-mu and a pair of flip flops, looking like she had just come from home watching soap operas and doing laundry. Neither me nor my client (I care for elderly people in their homes) recognized her. But to my shock she identified herself as a real estate agent and wanted to know about the empty lot behind the house she was showing. Based on the way she was dressed, she’d have been one of the last people I would have thought might be a real estate agent showing a home. The last time I saw an agent show a home (which was the one my husband purchased while we were still dating) she was dressed in a business suit. She looked neat and professional.
        And then there was the big flap about teacher dress codes in Howard County, Maryland schools a few years ago. A staff meeting was called to address said code violations made not by students but by teachers! Yes, it seems teachers were coming to school in gym shorts (they weren’t gym teachers), tank tops, flip flops and halter tops. They actually had to tell the school staff that they cannot come to work dressed like their students….

        As for air travel, the last time I flew (was in 02′) the flight attendants did wear uniforms but overall the experience wasn’t pleasant. I could only afford to fly coach and 5 hours (if I was lucky to get a direct flight) across the country with someone’s elbow planted firmly in my ribs was far from nice. And back then the TSA was only getting started…all I had to do was remove my shoes.

        • > They actually had to tell the school staff that they cannot come to work dressed like their students

          When I was in high school (1960s) there was a dress code, not very restrictive. Girls were *not* allowed to wear trousers, let alone shorts. I don’t recall specifically, but there must have been a minimum skirt length, relative to the knee. Definitely no “airplane skirts” (just covers the cockpit).

    • Hi Ken,
      Me too! I was about 8 years old, was flying back to Newark from Ft. Lauderdale after visiting my grandparents. The triple tail was quite impressive to my young eyes; my seat was the window seat just behind the engines and it was very loud 😆. It was a night flight and you could see blue flames coming out the exhaust, kind of scary but overall a great experience.

    • ‘I still remember the Connie.’ — ken

      As do I — as a boy, boarding a Lockheed Constellation in Beaumont with mom, brother and sister.

      Whisked aloft for the time ever, I watched the Connie’s four big propellers chop powerfully, magnificently, through the puffy Gulf Coast clouds of June 1960, cutting deep grooves into my mind.

      Why don’t I remember our descent into Houston, which surely made Mom tense? Tryin’ to be her stoic little man?

      Yet I vividly recall Dad, 33 and beaming, meeting us at the gate at Hobby Airport, a new wonderland to me.

  14. ‘expect EVs to be pushed on those who are … “hesitant.” — eric

    ‘Hesitant’ was chosen for a specific reason, by the shadow gov that drip feeds the Lügenpresse stenographers. It evokes an image of a spooked child, refusing to step on a moving escalator, or jump off a low diving board, or play a piano recital. A concerned parent knows that nothing bad can possibly happen; it’s just irrational hobgoblins inhibiting the fearful youngster.

    ‘Hesitancy,’ when applied to adults, mocks them as weak and childlike creatures. In fact, the leftist Lügenpresse regularly denounces every R-party victory, from Reagan to Gingrich to Trump, as a ‘voter temper tantrum’ to heap abuse on the Deplorables.

    Even supposed exposés of our rotten Deep State are contaminated by a deep-set contempt for the people. In July 2016, during the Hillary-Trump presidential contest, Michael Glennon added a prescient afterword to his book, National Security and Double Government:

    ‘Since the book’s publication, a more immediate threat to democracy has emerged. It is from populist authoritarianism.

    ‘Both double government and populist authoritarianism spring from the same source: the people. Both burn the same fuel: pervasive political ignorance.

    ‘A brief afterword therefore is in order concerning … the new notion that the national security bureaucracy might constitute a proper institutional check on a popular, repressive president.’

    Thus Glennon successfully sketched the contours of not only the falsely predicated Mueller ‘investigation,’ but also this year’s vigorous, coordinated ‘ballot cleansing’ operation, in which candidates disapproved by the natsec state are indicted, arrested and jailed.

    This suborned country is in deep poop, and you can practically feel the impending political violence teed up by the illicit Fourth Branch of government. Burn the BUG (Biden Usurper Government).

  15. Go to the brick company and buy one brick, display it in your living room.

    For 50 cents, you will be avoiding one of the most expensive lawn ornaments ever.

    100,000 miles, 50 grand, 50 cents per mile. Should be obvious by now that EV’s ain’t gonna work. You won’t ever own the thing, then it’ll have to go because it won’t go anymore.

    100,000 bricks will make something worthwhile. You will have bricks that can be sold again, somebody will be willing to buy some or all. Buy yellow ones, you can make a road.

    Nobody will buy a dead EV, you’re stuck, another bag holder. Every single EV is going to be junk and be in some salvage yard. Just can’t change the inevitable.

    Might as well quit while you are behind. Insanity continues in some places.

    The report from Arizona is there are a lot of EV’s in Phoenix.

    If you see them, brother
    Please tell them
    I’m a poor mourning pilgrim
    Bound for Canaan land
    – Natalie Merchant, Bound For Canaan

  16. I still think that delivery of the first Cybertruck, probably to a Deep State type similar to the first F150 Lightning, will soon test the True Believers’ faith.

  17. @Eric – Last night’s national METV feed included the final episode of original “Star Trek”, “Turnabout Intruder”. The last reel has some cool cuts which could be used to illustrate jab hesitancy.

    It is kinda crazy when you stop to think how many times a jab was deployed as a weapon on that show.

    Two weeks ago, the episode was “The Savage Curtain”, with arguably one of the most poignant lines Roddenberry ever put to paper, Nichelle Nichol’s Uhura reacting to another character’s use of the word “negress” and quickly apologizing:

    “But why should I object to that term, sir? You see, in our century we’ve learned not to fear words.”


  18. Since you brought up masks, Walmart parking lot yesterday saw a couple wearing them.

    Late 20s, lady was obese, guy looked to not own a hair brush.
    Interesting how they seem to not take good care of themselves, but pull out the ole face diapers on to stay healthy.

    Good bet they also had CNN tattoos.

    • Indeed, Dan –

      I am at the point of having no sympathy for these people, especially the fatties. It’s been years now. If these people are so worried about their health, why don’t they do something about it, then? Instead, other people are supposed to do things. Like wear that god-damned “mask.”

      Sorry, I won’t. And I’m actually not sorry. I’m mad. Stop doing nothing about your health, if you’re so worried about it. Lose weight. Stop eating unhealthy food. Exercise.

      And take off that god-damned “mask.”

      • I got the wake-up call two years ago during my yearly checkup, time to rein in the booze and lose a few pounds. Done and done, blood work for liver back to normal.

        I don’t understand with the easy access to medical information and known risks of being a sweat hog – why do that to yourself? Especially moms, you have a kid or kids to care for and you want to leave them without a mom when you stroke out at 38?

        The type II diabetes ads are ridiculous, always some fatty going to pop a pill instead of fixing their eating habits and going for a walk.

        • That’s the thing, they may very well be accessing “medical information” and are talking to their Dr.’s – which are all giving them bad advise. From the food pyramid on down.

          Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Donald Miller goes into detail here:

          …”The rise in obesity parallels closely the rise in carbohydrate intake. As Gary Taubes shows in his book Why We Get Fat: and what to do about it, carbohydrates, not overeating or a sedentary life, are what make you fat. Eating fat and protein don’t make us fat, only carbohydrates do.”…


          • That’s another problem, the “official” gov so called experts pushing the food pyramid. Turn that upside down you’ll be much better off! One radio guy summed it up – what’s pushed is what they feed cattle to fatten them up before slaughter. A farmer called in, said without modern fertilizer and chemicals good luck growing large scale as most commercial farmland is like growing in sand, so depleted.

          • The indiscriminate vilifying of carbohydrates is a part of that medical misinformation. “Simple carbohydrates” -the kind you get in refined white flour and other refined processed foods ARE a problem- but the solution is to eat “complex carbohydrates”- such as whole grains. That fact can be ascertained even their own research…but is generally hidden from easy view, so that those who don’t know likely will never see it, or will be so overwhelmed by the plethora of mainstream literature which pushes the “evils of carbohydrates” and barely makes a distinction between simple and complex, that they will never “get it”- and thus they lose the many benefits of eating whole natural foods, which not only would prevent many of their problems, but would actually reinvigorate their health.
            Of course there is no money to be made by telling people to eat simple natural foods, like 100% whole wheat pasta- instead, they just tell people to “cut down on carbohydrates” which is hard to do and very unnatural; and which leads to the eating of other harmful crap. They have to keep the processed chemical-laden food industry going, since it is cheaper to make those foods which are laden with subsidized ingredients like HFCS, and which never spoil, since all of the real nutrients which spoil have been removed- then, just give the patient some pills ($$$) and keep him coming back for endless “services”, since he will never be healthy.
            There is a reason that bread (REAL bread made from whole grains, and without sugar, fats and chemicals) has been called “the staff of life” for millennia. Now, they are seeking to take away the staff of life by vilifying it- which is easy to do, since what passes for “bread” in this society today (Even the phony crap that is sold as “whole wheat”) is indeed extremely destructive to health.
            Just think of all the dietary BS. of the past 40 years which people are just now starting to realize was all BS….. But now the new dietary BS is deemed to be “the real deal”.

        • Indeed, Sparkey!

          And – to be clear – it is none of my business whether someone else chooses to be healthy (or not). It is only when they get in my business that their choice to be unhealthy – while demanding I wear a “mask” – becomes an obnoxious affront.

          • Personally, I give these freaks a stare that would turn Medusa to stone. It doesn’t hurt that I look like a mean bastard. The morbidly obese, I tend to just chuckle at, but I have seen people wearing those old blue masks that look like they’ve been riding around on the floor of the car for a couple weeks. It’s nasty, and generally speaking, the people wearing them are, too.

          • That’s why Government-mandated “Health Care” is a JOKE, and a DRAG on those that CHOOSE healthy lifestyles, which SHOULD be their own reward. Is it that hard a “sell” that the fruits of my labors ought not to go to pay for those that have been careless or reckless in their personal habits and lifestyle CHOICES? Sort of akin to the tale of the Grasshopper and the Ant! Of course, given that the Grasshopper made his “living” not by hard labor, but singing, dancing, and playing that fiddle, I can well guess what his COMPLEXION was, and why he believed himself ENTITLED to be supported by the Ant’s hard work!

            • Indeed, Douglas –

              The system that once rewarded responsibility and industry, thrift and prudence now rewards (and so encourages) profligacy, paid for by the responsible and industrious.

    • You just described half of the crowd I saw at Best Buy yesterday afternoon in the Austin suburbs.

      They will comprise most of those in attendance at the big anime show in San Antonio next weekend. The convention still required proof of jab and full masking as late as last Labor Day Weekend.

      • Texas is FUCKED. Maybe that 1845 admission treaty, where supposedly the Lone Star State reserves the right to be sub-divided into as many as FIVE states, is the only hope of the REAL Texans?

  19. If “EV hesitancy” continues or even expands, I suspect that the Biden Thing will try to decree that ALL vehicles on public roads be electric and/ or make it MANDATORY for people who have a gas vehicle to give it up, citing “Climate Emergency” or using the latest term from these psychopaths, “Global Boiling”. Such decrees would virtually guarantee that the economy, such as it is, crashes, and then the regime could theoretically also propose universal basic income or CBDCs as a solution, provided you have a chip implanted in your hand, drive an EV, comply with draconian COVID diktats, and take the latest “vaccines” that Big Pharma concocts.

    • This would not happen. It would not just crash the economy it would be an extinction level event. But first the current government or anyone who tried to implement such a decree would go extinct.

      Virtually everyone drives, to work, to shop, for pleasure. There is almost nothing done in this country that does not involve driving. Sure some people live in a city and walk or bus a few places but even they still need everyone else to drive.

      Any change to EV is going to be slow. Whatever government decrees that try to hurry it along will be ignored or changed when they run into reality. It will soon become a political issue and the ICE’s will have the votes.

      I can tell you one thing that will derail it immediately. It’s harder on poor people which means it will affect blacks the most and thus it’s racist. They aren’t going to give an EV to every black person so until EV’s are way more affordable there will be no “racist” proof mandate for them.

  20. “Hesitancy” the new way of saying “Common Sense”. As for our beloved ICE vehicles:

    The only question is if it will be like Clinton’s “Assault Weapons Ban” or Obama’s “Obamacare”.

    Like your ICE vehicle and you can keep it but not buy a new one or .gov takes away your ICE vehicle like they took away your doctor? That is the question.

    If trends continue perhaps by the 2032 election we’ll here calls to restrict bicycle use (Ev’s being only for use by the wealthy at this point).

  21. I knew from the outset that Jim Farley’s trip was a complete setup and the follow-up “tweet” that you have there is all the proof that I need. There was nothing organic about it. Those kind of people never ever “fess up”. If it sounds like they’re admitting to an “aha!” moment, that is the limited hangout phase of the program. And that will always be followed by yet another psyop to pretend to address the faked admission.

    “This is why we’re working with @Telsa…”

    Oh fuck off with Tesla! The idea that they care about what people want — that ship sailed away long ago. They specifically intend to override the will of people and force them, first by power of suggestion (aka lies) and, if that doesn’t work, by all manner of force or lack of alternatives.

    Words like “hesitant”, “anxiety” (as in range…) are just part of their psychological manipulation. They know better and they always have. They use guilt and shame to get people to talk themselves out of what they really know and want.

    The people that do that and the people that enable them are most of what’s wrong with today’s society. They are unredeemable and are nothing beyond garbage human beings.

    • Preach it, XM!

      Just once, I wish one of these CEOs would say – I’ve had it. I quit. This is absurd. I’m tired of playing along and I’m not going to anymore. A guy like Farley is rich beyond most of our imagining. He does not need to work woke anymore. He could tell the truth, give them all a big Up Yours! salute and regain his self-respect.

      And earn ours.

    • One reason why EVs are seen as the future is because of the unfailing optimism that somehow all of the shortcomings of them will be sorted out. Just throw a bunch of smart people at the problem, motivate them with money and any issue will be solved.

      Solar panels are a fairly good example of this level of thinking. The efficency of solar panels over the last 60 years has steadly increased, eventually approaching 20-25% for new cells on a clean surface (they begin to degrade almost immediately to about 8% less than new, then slowly after for the next 10 years or so, although most still put out derated power for years after). But solar is benefitting from Moore’s law because they use the same silicon that’s used for chip production. As purity requirements for microprocessors have gone up, the old equipment got repurposed to make solar cells. Still, it took 30 years of intense focus to get the incremental improvements good enough to scale.

      That’s not happening with lithium batteries, despite boatloads of money thrown at the problem. Mostly because the most efficient battery technology is aimed at the transportation market. No one really cares that much about having to charge your phone every night, we’re all used to it by now. Most people (present company excepted) don’t see long battery life as a primary selling point for a phone, so any extra capacity, if there is any, is used for physically smaller batteries or greater performance. The big innovation in mobile devices is using less power, not making better batteries. Can’t do that when you’re moving mass around, it takes a certain ammount of work to move an object a given distance, no matter the method of motivation.

      • Thanks for the refresher on Newtonian physics. Many of our common modern “conveniences” are the result of generations of innovation falling together at the right time. The cellphone was a good example. The phones utilized lsi, and fast switching transistors developed for the military and space programs enabling relatively efficient operation in the gHz bands. Similarly, things like Tesla’s motor technology, power mosfets for controllers and lighter more durable chassis brought the EVs up to the current “plateau” in technology. All that innovation is there, waiting for the two pieces of the puzzle to be found, another battery breakthrough, and a real world infrastructure that would handle the EV recharge demand. Maybe a mini-reactor in my garage? Maybe a way to harness the incredible, consistent power of the chipmunks digging up my lawn? Time to get cracking.

        • And Tesla’s high level of factory automation still can’t get the cost down. There’s a hard floor to carbon fiber, rare earth metals and lithium. CF because the manufacturing process doesn’t scale. Rare earth metals are hard to extract and process without creating a lot of toxic byproducts. And of course Lithium because it it is somewhat dispersed in the Earth’s crust and because it isn’t elemental in nature.

      • The much-hoped-for improvements in EVs might happen IF “Uncle” gets out of the car business. Or NOT. You can’t legislate the laws of physics, not even if you’re LCR Montgomery Scott, United Earth Space Probe Agency and Starfleet Command.

        But you can “cheat” on the repair manual…


  22. As is usually the case, FedGov leaves destruction in its wake. A once vibrant domestic car market is now ashes. It took two tries, first back in the early 70s, and of course currently. But mission accomplished. Just as a once trusted medical system is now without credence, and is wholly corporatized. Feared by the well informed.
    “How could we possibly get along without government!” Pretty well I think. Or at least a whole lot less of it. FedGov has run roughshod over its own charter, the US Constitution. Won’t even abide by its own rules.

    • The only trouble is, eleven states THOUGHT they had the Constitutional RIGHT to do WITHOUT “Uncle Sam”. “Dishonest Abe” and his corporate supporters and Yankee useful idiots felt OTHERWISE, and waged four years of brutal warfare to “preserve” the Union…only, like the fictional Bela Oxymyx from the “gangster” planet, they had to be the “Unity”, and over 750K people on BOTH sides paid the ultimate price. Given what was the US population at the time, that’d be like SIX MILLION (sound familiar?) ‘Muricans being butchered, mostly by their own government. Don’t kid yourself that some 170 years later, the current incarnation of “Uncle” won’t hesitate to do it AGAIN.

  23. Tell the EV owner his EV is destroying the roads….and he doesn’t pay one cent to fix them….

    ……roads can’t cope, as heavier vehicles cause them to wear out faster. We’ve known this since the 1950s when (maths alert) it was calculated that the change in damage to the road surface is proportional to the difference in axle weight to the fourth power. A two-tonne SUV would therefore do 16 times more damage than a one-tonne car.

    According to a 2021 study published in Economics of Transportation a 100 kg increase in vehicle weight led to a 2.4 per cent increase in pedestrian fatalities.

    Heavy vehicles require more energy to make them move which creates a vicious circle of engine power, weight, and reduced efficiency. No matter whether it’s diesel, petrol or electrons that provide propulsion, …..The 2014 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion diesel, capable of a claimed 88.3 mpg imperial, or 73.5 mpg U.S. ….the average EV car 20.8 mpg….


    • the change in damage to the road surface is proportional to the difference in axle weight to the fourth power….

      so a 6000 lb EV car does 625 times more damage to the road then my 1200 lb Super 7 clone

      5 to the 4th power…5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 625

      save the roads…buy a Super 7….

    • Interesting comment but begs some questions? At what point does no road wear occur? Does my Schwinn bicycle impact the roads? The study from the 1950s might have been valid in the 1950s when roads were constructed for different loads and made of different materials. The loads, also are calculated in psi, modern tires have a bigger footprint as they are almost all radials not bias as in the 1950s. Also it seems that while certain electric models are somewhat heavier, they are all in the “range” of comparable ice machines. Teslas range from 2723, to 5185 lbs curb weight while a Toyota camery weighs 3340 and a Nissan frontier typical mid size pick up at 4708. The ubiquitous SUVs are in the middle somewhere.


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