The Cure for “Hesitancy”

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Joe Biden – or rather, the people causing Joe Biden’s mouth to sort of move sometimes – now says he is sending out Strike Forces of government goons to cure the “hesitant,” by which he and his mouth-movers insultingly (and threateningly) mean the people who are not interested in being injected with anything concocted by the pharmaceutical cartels, especially concoctions granted “emergency authorization” that might harm or even kill them.

And which they cannot sue for damages in the event they are harmed by them.

But there is a cure for “hesitancy” … and the first dose is the rescission of the legal immunity for the pharmaceutical cartels. If their concoctions are, as they insist, “safe and effective” (as they weren’t in this case, one of more than a few) then let them back it up by being on the hook when they aren’t.

Would you buy a car from a company that you could not sue if it turned out the thing was dangerously defective? And you can stop driving a dangerous car, once you realize it is dangerous. How do you stop “driving” something that’s been shot into your body?

The country is obsessed with saaaaaaaaaafety and yet there is no “seatbelt requirement” for the pharmaceutical cartels, who are free to roar around town unbuckled and without catalytic converters, backing up over children and leaving the mess on the road for someone else to clean up.

They are the only for-profit operations in this country that are legally free to do as they like, which no doubt accounts for the fact that the pharmaceutical cartels are among the most profitable operations in this country. They are also able to use the instrumentalities of government to enhance their profits even further.

By forcing people to “buy” them. Speaking of which . . .

The “vaccines” being pushed on everyone are also being paid for by everyone – at least, by everyone who pays the taxes that are taken to pay the pharmaceutical cartels for their concoctions, which are then handed out for “free” to people not bright enough to understand they’re paying every last cent for them.

In taxes – and freedom.

Possibly also their health.

It is telling – if you’re thinking – that these pharma cartels insist on legal shielding from being held responsible for hurting people; it is even more telling that they have managed to leverage government into providing this shielding.

Who runs Bartertown?

It isn’t the cognitively impaired old hack mumbling the words he can barely remember. He’s as bought-and-paid for as the clickbait hacks who peddle “guest posts” and “content” to web sites like this one, the quid pro quo being these ads are never to be identified as such – in return for a fine fee, thank you very much.

More depressing, of course, is the wooden indian incomprehension of millions of Americans, who’ve blithely bought more Big Pharma Pintos than Ford ever sold. And Ford got sued by the handful of people – it was about 120 – who were burned to death or mauled by fire resulting from the defective design of the actual Pinto.

The supposedly 160 or so million who’ve been injected with Big Pharma’s Pinto – which has already killed many more people than the Pinto ever did and maimed exponentially more of them – cannot sue the manufacturer and somehow this passes without even a little bit of . . . hesitancy, on the part of those baring their arms.

Would such people have bought a Pinto from Ford knowing in advance about its design defect? Would they have bought one knowing that if the Pinto’s defects caused their death or maiming they could not sue Ford for recompense?

They probably would have – if the government assured them it was “safe and effective.”

That seems to be the key to unlocking the mystery of disparate accountability. If you sell something the government doesn’t particularly like – and if you haven’t got the money to get the government to force people to buy it – then you are legally on the line for any harms caused by whatever it is you’re selling. You cannot afford to pay (as by purchasing) the media to sell the public on the urgent necessity of buying your products, either. And because you don’t own the media, the media does hold you accountable when you screw up.

And sometimes, even when you don’t.

As for instance in the media-manufactured near-destruction of Audi over “unintended acceleration,” which was a case of Audi owners unintentionally flooring the accelerator rather than depressing the brake pedal, the both of them working perfectly well. As in the case of the media installing incendiary devices for filming the ignition of GM “side saddle” gas tanks that stubbornly refused to ignite on their own for the cameras.

But when you own the media and the government is your Master Blaster, then you can sell your “safe and effective” products without liability and without much questioning, either. People do as they are marketed to do. Believe what the TeeVee tells them they should believe. Like Plato’s stooges facing the wall, all they see are shadows of reality, which they are certain are reality.

Because it is all they see.

If these concoctions really are “safe and effective,” as the TeeVee says, then how about backing it up? Can anyone adduce a legitimate reason for immunizing the manufacturer of any product – especially one sold at a profit and one that people are being forced to buy – from the consequences of defective design?

If Ford can’t sell you a defective Pinto without the risk of being sued, why is that Big Pharma can force you to assume the risks of their defective Pinto?

It’s simple, of course. Ford doesn’t own the government. Or the media, which has become little more than the marketing arm of the government. Both of them owned by other interests – which do not have your best interests at heart.

. . .

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  1. A common misconception, Eric. Taxpayers aren’t paying for the vaccine. All the money from taxpayers in this country doesn’t even cover the interest on the national debt, which is always paid first.

    The cost of running the government is borne by anyone holding US currency, anywhere in the world. The Benjamin in the safe of a Columbian drug cartel member loses value every time Congress is in session.

  2. It occurs to me that big pharma has made a Faustian bargain. They have a government promise of immunity against liability. When they’re fattened enough, this transparently illegal /unconstitutional privilege can be annulled by one courageous plaintiff in front of the right judge. The system is 90% corrupt of course, but still eventually something will break right.

  3. Regarding the UNHOLY jab….we shall see the effects soon my friends. People will be dropping like flies in the coming months. PSA…be extra cautious while driving or walking the streets. People will be passing out and dying while driving. Have your head on a swivel.

    • Good advice for the near future. Personally, I have not yet seen anyone literally “dropping like flies.”

      What I have seen is minimal to moderate “zombification.” People with a slightly “dazed” look on their face. Most of their actions still seem near normal, unless you recall how they were “before.” They seem to be struggling to maintain their previous proficiencies and demeanor.

      Almost as if a portion of their portion of their true personality. or soul, were decomposing, or being stolen away.

  4. This was really really, ‘good’:

    “The country is obsessed with saaaaaaaaaafety and yet there is no “seatbelt requirement” for the pharmaceutical cartels, who are free to roar around town unbuckled and without catalytic converters, backing up over children and leaving the mess on the road for someone else to clean up.”

    That sums up the situation perfectly. We’re surrounded by monsters.

  5. Unlikely that there is any “hesitancy” left. There has been plenty of time for the hesitant to disperse into already vaxxed, and those who refuse to be.

  6. This is all too dystopian to be reality.

    Why are we being told the rona is worse than it actually is?
    Why are we being told it will be never ending?
    Why are NPI’s that don’t work being pushed?
    Why is the shot being pushed for those not at risk?
    Why are we being pressured – possibly mandated – into the shot?
    Why are we being told it is safe and effective when it is not known to be safe & is not showing to be effective?
    Why is the shot a prophylactic but being sold as a preventative?

    None of this is valid or makes sense at face value, and as Judge Judy says, if it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.

    What is really going on?

    • Even without knowing the immediate answer to your last question, my mind is made up – NO to all aspects of the con.

    • The demonization of well known cures like HCQ, Ivermectin, and Zinc provides the most critical clue. If they weren’t banned the FDA could never have granted EUA on the “vaccines”. It’s all about the jab.

      So who gains from jabbing the masses? Pfizer/Moderna/AstraZeneca/J&J are making billions. Baal Gates and his Georgia Guidestones cult are seeing their twisted dreams come true with people dying and being sterilized.

      But, IMO, the biggest “winner” is DARPA.

      It’s no secret that the mRNA technology is all about programming the human genome. Hell, Moderna spells it out right on their site. Think the Military Industrial Complex wouldn’t love to be able to create “super soldiers”? They’re already falling behind China on that front. What better way than to figure out how to program the human body to improve vision, strength, stamina. To change skin color to blend into surroundings.

      Before David Knight got shitcanned from InfoWars he had a guest named Timothy Alberino on his 12/3/2020 show. They talked about just that. While Alberino exists in a completely different dimension than I do, the discussion actually made a lot of sense (in a disturbing way). Good luck trying to find it, though. I’ll put a couple links below that they referenced during the show.

      Long story short: It’s a collusion among genuinely sick, twisted, horrible people.

    • Many think this is some organized conspiracy to take over the world. Using Occams razor, I can deduce that what this truly is is an unorganized lust for incentives. Everyone wants money and power. Those with the most money and power can pursue more. This pandemic has simply added nitrogen to this toxic soil of sin that we live in. It is like the deep state, 1% is organized and the other 99% is unorganized faceless bureaucratic cogs pursuing their self-interest. Remember, the simplest explanations are usually the correct ones.

  7. If you are a hesitant, balk at the pseudo-vaccine, the kill shot, you have a mental disorder, you need to be treated, just the way it is nowadays.

    Freud studied the abnormal psyche, where it all began. Uncle Joe has to be one of them.

    There are whole books in libraries with lots of content involving Freud’s studies and individual studies he performed. Came up with id, libido, ego and super-ego.

    Four of his sisters died in a concentration camp.

    Later on, Erik Erikson refined Freud’s studies, wrote of the eight stages of man.

    The freaking psyche can go lopsided at times, you can go nuts. had plenty of examples of people gone bonkers. lol is history, but if you were lucky enough to read the comments, it was the most entertaining site for a few years, shut ‘er down said the gov.

    Especially if you are traumatically stressed, post-traumatic stress disorder happens after you have experienced a scene of death and destruction, war can cause PTSD. Catch-22 stuff.

    An old railroad worker I met 50 years ago now had seen many women and children murdered during WWII while serving in the armed forces in Germany.

    One night after work, he went to the bar to have a few shots of whiskey. He returned to the bunk car to go to sleep where everyone slept until 5:00 am to get ready for a day of gandy dancing on and over ties and rails.

    I was asleep in my bunk when all of a sudden I hear screaming and yelling, woke me up. Cowboy, his name, was burying his fist into his pillow as hard as he could and screaming “No, no, don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”

    I had to wake him up to stop his fit of rage.

    The next day while moving along the railroad track to do a day’s work, he explained to me what he had seen while in Germany. The poor guy was damaged goods thirty years after the fact.

    He wore a hawk’s talon around his neck, he was superstitious, feared something, must have helped soothe his weary, troubled soul.

    What he did say to me one day was that Mexican nationals that were migrant workers would grow marijuana along the railroad tracks outside his hometown, which was a good 1500 miles north of the border with Mexico.

    I read a letter to the editor of an area newspaper, the year was 1987, the author of the letter wrote about a study that had been conducted in Jamaica on men who smoked cannabis on a daily basis. The study found that they lived longer lives, a discovery nobody was supposed to know. A new known known.

    There is the study on cannabis done by the University of Virginia during the Nixon administration. Mice were infected with known lung carcinogens and treated with cannabis compounds, the study found that cannabis was effective in reducing the size of the tumors. Efficacious is the word. Causes an effect that is helpful.

    Nixon wasn’t impressed, the study could not be promoted as a propaganda tool to demonize the evil weed.

    I’m at my fiftieth year of imbibing cannabis, it hasn’t killed me yet. I keep trying to see if it will kill me, but it never happens. har

    I’ll digress. had plenty of examples of people gone bonkers. lol is history, but if you were lucky enough to read the comments, it was the most entertaining site for a few years, shut ‘er down said the gov.

  8. You’ll know they’re in your neighborhood when you see the black helicopters circling overhead…

    Remember when that used to be silly talk? Who’s laughing now?

  9. It will take three shots now to get the jab. I told family and friends who considered the jab that it’ll eventually require monthly updates. Well, here we are in year one and they’re already talking about six month updates. It’ll be monthly by the end of 2022. You heard it here first. Or maybe not. I don’t have a monopoly on seeing how BS unfolds.

    “Pfizer says it is developing a Covid booster shot to target the highly transmissible delta variant”

    “As seen in real world evidence released from the Israel Ministry of Health, vaccine efficacy has declined six months post-vaccination, at the same time that the Delta variant is becoming the dominate (sic) variant in the country,” the companies said in a written statement.

    “The companies said although they believe a third shot of their current two-dose vaccine has the potential to preserve the “highest levels” of protection against all currently known variants [emphasis added], including delta, they are “remaining vigilant” and developing an updated version of the vaccine.”

    • Hi cjm!

      Someone here mentioned a species that appears in Star Trek (one of the newer iterations) called the Jem Hadar. They require regular infusions of a drug to stay alive. The drug is provided by their master race, which uses them as a kind of enforcer caste.

      Sci-fi is often less “fi” than pending actuality.

      • I’ve been reading Sci-fi for more than 50 years. Started with “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” when I was about 12. There is no end to the horrors that it has depicted. Far too many have come to fruition, but there are plenty left. Looks to me like the next chapter may be dominated by the Zombie Apocalypse genre. Not sure whether the resistant, or the true believers will be cast as the Zombies, but there’s no doubt who will be promoted as Zombies by the Sociopaths In Charge..

          • I Am Legend. Regarding the original book, the alternate ending is far more accurate. The premise of the book is described in the title. In the book, the infected had all become vampires. A legend. The end of the book is the moment Neville, the un-infected, realizes that he is now the legend.

      • Star Trek was big on the “Drugs Bad” trope, Eric. The pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation has “Q” with his first time of screwing around with Piccard and the Enterprise-D staff, where he sets up a scenario where they’re the defendants in a Kangaroo-court set in the 21st century post-Atomic horror, set in the year 2079. The “baliffs” are these guys wearing some funky hooded overalls, and on their utility belt and chest pack is a drug dispenser that uses something inhaled to give the trooper a “buzz”.

        Later, the Enterprise-D runs into a planetary system where there’s a dispute between two factions, one addicted to a drug which the other faction conveniently produces. As it turns out, the drug IS the problem, NOT the “cure”. Of course, Dr. Beverly Crusher has to annoying give one of her pontificating, self-righteous lectures rather than just put a smile on CAPT Piccard’s face! (As a “Robot Chicken” parody put it…”you want Wesley to watch? Oh…MAKE IT SO!”).

        As for the Jem’Hadar…supposedly they’re a genetically engineered race anyway, but even then likely there were limits to what genetics could do to provide strength, endurance, aggressiveness, and the “burst factor”. It seems that the “Ketra-Cel White” was a Kluge to get their performance up to target levels, but the drawback is that it’s highly addictive and the Jem’Hadar are non-functional without it.

        I’m not sure, if there’s a nefarious purpose behind the “Jab”, that it’s to make us all addicts. I’ve heard so many wild-assed conspiracy theories over the years with a modicum of scientific validity that I’m not sure what to believe. The one I think MIGHT…MIGHT be where this is going has to do with what was once known as HAARP. The idea is that IF our body chemistries could be altered to where we could be controlled by RF radiation (at least not strong enough to give us radiation burns or microwave our brains into tumors), it’d turn us all into “zombies”…assuming that hasn’t ALREADY been accomplished by years of the “boob tube”!

  10. ‘If you sell something the government doesn’t particularly like then you are legally on the line for any harms caused by whatever it is you’re selling.’ — EP

    Just ask the tobacco industry. Tainted-cigar Bill Clinton’s assistant attorney general Joel Klein was shocked — shocked — to discover that tobacco companies were damaging folks’ health.

    So he went in partnership with them. By forbidding new entrants (thus guaranteeing oligopoly), tobacco industry profits were raised high enough to pay enormous, fictitious ‘damages’ to the states, who were supposed to fund tobacco-cessation programs for smokers who wanted to quit.

    Guess what — states ended up just pocketing the loot. Whereas, helping motivated smokers to quit — why would states want to do that?

    After all, the states are silent partners in the tobacco biz. Just as the US fedgov is the best partner Big Pharma could ever dream of, stuffing it full of free money coupled with legal impunity.

    Even organized crime don’t get THAT good a deal. *reaches for his little friend*

    • Hi Jim,
      Just like cigarette taxes I’m sure the sudden “legalization” of all things cannabis is about the bonanza of taxes the states can collect. They’re pretending it’s about our personal rights/choices, but when did they ever give a rat’s ass about that.

      • Mike,

        It’s a tough call between raking in campaign contributions from private prisons that board drug offenders — or replacing them with bounteous revenues from cannabis taxes.

        But lawmakers have concluded that the latter trumps the former … except in states where religious fanatics still hold sway; Texas being the largest and most shameful of the Bible-addled foot-draggers.

        In my scriptures, the shortest verse reads, ‘Jesus toked.’

        • The nice thing about weed is that it is. Anyone can grow it anywhere. Hard to tax that home grown. I am gonna plant some. A cash crop.

          • sure, but it could become regulated like tobacco or alcohol. Then, all bets are off. I wouldn’t try and operate a still in this day and age, especially since the entire tax code enforcement provision is through Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (Title 27 USC). Pot is a form of tobacco, so it will be very convenient for the government to extract revenue from its sale and distribution.

            • Tobacco is hard to grow. Marijuana isn’t. It requires no processing as alcohol does. Far easier to conceal. One may simply “find” it growing on their property. My brother grew a substantial amount of it about 50 years ago, simply by dumping seeds off his rolling tray out the back door of his house. The next year, “look at all this marijuana I found”.

    • Oh it’s even worse than that. Not only did the states just pocket the money, they borrowed against future payments. So it actually put them further in debt! They took the long bet that there would be a chronically addicted group who would never quit smoking. Sounds like a sure thing right? But then along comes vape pens, developed as a way to help ease people off tobacco, but it quickly became a “safe cigarette,” and much more acceptable in public than smoking. Not to mention far less expensive too thanks to the untaxed nature of the product. A cottage industry built up around cheap Chinese pens and designer-flavored fluids. Cigarette sales plummeted. Suddenly the bonds were coming due but the income wasn’t there. Can’t have that, so vape pens are now the scourge of mankind. They explode! Well, yes, when you hotrod them sometimes the battery goes into thermal runaway. Oh my, children are using them! As if kids never smoked before. And many of those kids weren’t using nicotine-infused fluids, just flavoring. In fact, they were pretty effective for some of my friends to reduce their consumption of nicotine by fine tuning their fluid.

      But Uncle never saw it coming. The State assumed technology was never going to innovate, nothing was ever going to change. The same cigarette rolling machines that were invented in the 1920s might be incrementally improved on, but the fundamental tech was settled. Vaping was a “black swan” event for the industry. This is the ultimate failure of Communism as well. By destroying the entrepreneur and the desire to innovate, they basically freeze themselves at the state of the world at the time of the revolution. Oh sure, there’s some top-down ideas that might be viable, but without any way of discriminating between good ideas and bad, there’s no signal to correct the course. And no way to see a black swan coming. In fact, black swans are trampled out of existence when they appear.

    • And he discovered GAMBLING at Rick’s “gin joint” in Casablanca, and was shocked, he told us, SHOCKED!

  11. Pharma/biotech is held to account for most of their products – see, Vioxx, Neulastia, Xarelto, the list goes on. It’s the vaccines that are specifically exempted. I see it as less about lobbying and special privileges, and more about a (misguided and improper) government policy that is based on the idea that vaccines are necessary to promote public health and control communicable diseases, and should be administered to as many people as possible. And that absent such an exemption, due to their widespread use and unpredictability, no company would make vaccines as that would be massive product liability payouts waiting to happen. In other words, the government has decided it wants vaccines to be made, and is willing to provide a special exemption to promote this (or, more accurately, the taxpayers assume the risk via the vaccine fund and court). Worry-free revenue, in turn, ensures companies manufacture vaccines.

    That said, it’s telling that a special exemption is needed – meaning that it’s obvious how dangerous these injectables are. Worse, that the government assumes all the risk, such that the companies that make them have no real incentive to make them safe.

  12. Eric,

    David Knight said on his show that Big Pharma buys like $2.5 BILLION in advertising from the major media outlets. Ever wonder why there are so many “ask your doctor” commercials? It’s because, for all intents and purposes, Big Pharma OWNS the media! As you recently said, advertisers can and do influence the media outlets on wich they advertise; when they do billions in advertising, they have a lot of pull.

    I’m also bothered by the high pressure “sales job” for The Holy Jab. If it’s REALLY good for us as they say, wouldn’t it be self evident? Wouldn’t people see that it’s good for them, based on what they see in others? For example, everyone knows that Omega IIIs are good for you, so no one has to be pressured in to consuming or taking them; they see people being helped by consumption of Omega IIIs, so they decide on their own to make them part of their diet.

  13. In spite of Pharma’s government granted impunity regarding vaccines, every single one of the vaccine makers has paid out billions in civil and CRIMINAL penalties.

  14. The good thing about this is that it finally exposed in plain sight the true nature of Big Pharma/medical industry for all to see (although many of us already knew or suspected this). The approval of the Alzheimer drug was the final nail in the coffin for the FDA, in the eye of many.

    Also at this point, given the wide availability of the concoction in the US, there is no “hesitancy”; people simply don’t want to do anything with it.

    They are trying a new trick though: unvaxed persons are “variant factories”.

    Which is non-sense; these are non-immunizing jabs. Those who took it can still get infected and infect others.

  15. Consider how many people are on anti-depressants or other psychoactive drugs. Some estimates are up to half of working age adults are on some sort of chemical, most of which aren’t monitored for efficacy or on a plan to get past the administration of the drug to the root cause of their issues. Of course the DSM-V basically says the only people who are mentally ill are the ones who aren’t willing to accept whatever random notion brought them to the psychologist in the first place. Not to mention the whole “science” of FMRI research (much of which was funded by the Obama BRAIN initiative), where brain scans are able to magically match the hypothesis, especially after one corrects for the test subject’s ability for moral judgment.

    Years from now we’ll look back at this time in mental health in the same way we view shock treatments and civil war surgery.

    • RK:

      You raise a great point about depression. There’s never any talk about finding the root cause of it. “Patients” are told that they have a chemical imbalance that needs to be treated with a drug. While I can accept that there may be some cases like this, I suspect the vast majority are depressed (i.e. unhappy) for a reason that can be corrected with lifestyle/behavioral changes. I think the root causes of depression are likely bad marriages, unfulfilling jobs, lack of friendship, unfulfilled dreams, debt slavery, poor nutrition and health, etc. One can lie to himself and insist that everything is fine, it’s just a chemical imbalance, but the subconscious mind knows better. Instead of correcting the cognitive dissonance by correcting the lifestyle, the solution instead is to numb the mind with a drug.

        • Speaking of the good Dr Szasz, psilocybin is showing promise as a depression treatment. Well-designed studies finally are proceeding, after the US fedgov strictly prohibited them for half a century.

          Too bad about a couple of generations callously deprived of effective treatments for depression, and possibly alcoholism as well.

          It was worth it to punch the hippies, sighs Nixon’s ghost, shoveling shit for Satan on an eternal 24/7 shift together with his law ‘n order buddy Spiro Agnew.

      • When I got divorced about 6 years ago, I went to my Doc for an annual. Informed him I was depressed to certain degree because of it. He offered me drugs. To which I responded, “I just got divorced. I’m SUPPOSED to be depressed”.

        • amen John. Depression and the terrible feeling of loss is something we should and we need to go through. It teaches us resiliency and really sometimes theres just no other way to learn something. It also ties in with this endless pursuit of “happiness”. Nothing wrong with trying to find it but only the mentally ill are always “happy”. If you fucked up and lost something you SHOULD be depressed. Hopefully it will teach your sorry ass not to do trhat again.

          I’ve read that people who lose an arm or limb go through terrible depression but eventuially their level of life satisfaction climbs back to where they were before. I’ve also read that a very high percentage of those would still risk a surgery with a 90% chance of death to regain the function they lost. If I was disabled to a degree that I was a burden on others I would too.

          • As I often point out, if someone is “happy”, they aren’t paying attention. One may be happy with certain aspects of their life, family, friends, etc. But overall happiness is a delusion.
            The by far most effective means of learning is to fuck it up, and then fix it. Regret, remorse, guilt, etc. are necessary tools to learn life. As you said, you learn “don’t do that again”. Or at least “don’t do it that way again”.

      • Hi Mister,

        I’ve been depressed – usually, with reason. There is almost always a reason. Meaning it is normal. It isn’t because one is “sick.” It is because of stress – often caused by events/situations one feels at a loss to deal with. I was severely depressed when my marriage ended. But rather than drugs, I did a daily inventory-mantra of the things – the many things – I had to my advantage and for which I had damned well better be grateful. I then made it a rote-point to do something productive every day, no matter how I felt about doing it.

        And it has never failed to dispel the depression.

        • I concur. Doing something every day is a BIG help. I was caffeine free when my X left. I started having a couple of cups in the morning to get me moving. Much cheaper, and not nearly as dangerous as Pharma’s recommendation.

          • Morning, John!

            Yup. I learned this trick – do something positive every day, whether you feel like it or not – as the cure for the blues and it works every time. The trick is getting started; overcoming that sense of torpidity that envelopes one when depression descends. It can be very hard. I know. I have been there and done that – many times. But productive movement works wonders on the soul and the body.

            It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just so long as it is something!

      • I would imagine there’s a good bit of depression based on envy. Especially in the era of mass media. Putting celebrities in your living room is bad enough, but reality TV shows (nothing real about them, they’re more like improv troops) lead one to believe they actually know the cast members. When you see the over-the-top way the Kardashians live, and compare it your world it has to have some effect. Every day I see private jets over at the Aspen airport. KASE is the third busiest airport in Colorado because there are so many. I often think I should be able to fly one (or fly in one), but of course that’s ridiculous. Am I upset to the point of taking action? Well, to the point of investigating flight training (which is still out of my budget), but beyond that, no. But if not caught I could see myself getting very jealous and out for “equity” if these feelings were allowed to fester. It doesn’t help that the only thing that matters to investors is growth and P/E, so the “best” businesses figure out how to make products and services that are just good enough to be less horrible than their competitors.

        The other thing that seems to be producing dissonance is online life. We’re told over and over that video games don’t (or do) lead to violence, pornography is healthy, and that reality is the problem. OK, you have my attention. But as the frame rates go up and resolution gets better our brains are struggling to know the difference. When someone chooses an avatar that is the opposite sex of theirs it might lead to wishful thinking. Instead of dope-slapping someone who wants to change their sex (which is cheap and effective), they accommodate the behavior, since that can lead to thousands of billable hours and procedures.

        • I find it easy to not be jealous of the rich / super good looking athletic whatever. I just realize what fucking cowardly idiots 99% of them are. Th only person I can think of I would possibly be jealous is Vladimir Putin. A man among men. Perhaps Bashar Assad as well.

            • The Russians were lying on their back bleeding out, and got up and won WWII. And that was when they were still communists. Well, their Sociopaths In Charge were anyway.

              • Indeed, John!

                The Soviets took casualties that defied belief – of Hitler, of the German high command. They just kept coming. Granted, some of that had to do with having no choice (NKVD blocking squads behind their own lines, shooting their own troops if they tried to retreat) but nonetheless. The Germans also fought with incredible tenacity. Even in late 1944, when they had been attrited to a state of near collapse, they managed to mount a credible offensive in the West while also fighting in the East. The struggles were titanic and even heroic. The cause was not ours but I can’t help admire the gumption.

                • I have read that the Soviets had over a million dead taking BERLIN! Which would be more than twice the US dead in both theaters for the duration.

            • Apparently they are getting ready for war with us too….cant blame them if they drop one on some pedos in san fran, but I really dont want that. I have a friend who lives there and cant escape and says they are getting hit with propaganda against us hard, and they church is in support of it too,making death against americans a way into heaven. Internationally, putin is respectable, says good things and defends his country’s interests, but I have never met anyone who lives under him who really likes him. And they have stories of more votes for putin than voters, like our thief in chief. Its reallly hard to know what is going on over there, and they are pushing a shot hard too, with increasing restrictions. Theirs is different- remains to be seen if theirs depopulates the same way as the western ones

              • Of course they are preparing for war. Russia is always preparing for war. They have been run over a number of times, from the Mongol hoard to the NAZIs. Which has made them just a bit paranoid. Which given recent activity by NATO, which lost its mandate 30 years ago, they are perfectly justified being so.

          • Putin survives largely on BLUFF.

            But I’ll give this to him,,.he’s a straight shooter, If he likes you, he says so. If he thinks you’re an asshole, he says that too. He’s not a ‘nice” guy, but in his world, unlike Major League Baseball when Leo Durocher managed the Giants, nice guys don’t “finish last” and get another season to try again, they get buried, with a finger or other body part mailed back to the family along with a bill for the funeral.

            • Hi Douglas,

              I respect Putin. He is a man. Unlike say Joe Biden. An accomplished man, leaving aside the politics. A man not to be fucked with.

      • @Mister Liberty:

        The one question that no doctor who prescribes psychoactive drugs for “depression” can answer.

        What exactly IS the correct chemical balance of the human brain? Surely there’s a blood test of some sort to detect how much of a serotonin or dopamine deficiency one has right?

        The real “drug pushers” all wear white coats.

    • Not one single psychiatric “disease” has any definitive symptom that can be clinically demonstrated. It’s all founded on magic.

      • Absolutely true John,
        Psychiatry is nothing more than witch doctory with a diploma; there’s no actual science involved, it’s just an opinion of some so called “experts” who probably couldn’t change a tire if their life depended on it.

      • Psychiatry is just the science of controling weak people’s minds. Not the most challenging of professions. However it did lead to the rise of mass entertainment and propaganda. Hm which ethnicity invented this field Flinders?

        • I’m flattered that you were thinking of me Markie, but as usual you are wrong right out of the starting gate, your fundamental premise being utterly and completely flawed. Phychiatry is not the “science of controlling weak peoples’ minds”. In point of fact it is a field that deals with mental disorders.

          “Ethnicities” do not invent anything, individuals do. So not only is your initial premise incorrect, your worldview is based on a collectivist foundation of quicksand. In fact the roots of the treatment of mental disorders go back centuries, the individuals involved not even being of the “ethnicity” you are thinking of.

          In short, once again you are simply pulling ideas out of your ass and filtering them through a haze of blind hatred.

          Hmm, if I wanted to get into your kind of collectivist thought I would note that your continual carping about a certain ethnicity makes you sound like the member of an inferior race that has been subjugated by its betters, impotently railing against the world-conquering supermen who have bested you.

          • “In point of fact it is a field that deals with mental disorders.”

            Well..without naming the ethnicity of those individuals who disproportionately influence the fields of modern psychiatry and psychology, let’s admit that, whoever they are, they see themselves as belonging to a superior collective and have been masters of defining and then monetizing so-called mental disorders.

            As regards your notion of “collectivist” thinking founded on “quicksand,” one cannot survive, let alone craft a cogent worldview, without a certain degree of inferring from the specific to the general. Extreme Individualism can be as detrimental to the well-being of a person and that of his kith and kin as can excessive collectivisim. In a healthy society there is a tension or balance between the two.

            My 2 bits.

          • If indeed Psychology is a “Joo” thing (and I’m not convinced that it is, only that it’s about 98% bullshit), it couldn’t have survived unless there were gullible and feeble-minded “Goyim” to buy into it. As Ben Franklin is reputed (sources?) to have said, “Vampires” do not feed on fellow vampires. So WHO is really to blame?

  16. Informed consent implies informed non-consent, as well. There is no “hesitancy” in this matter, no matter what the satanic rats behind this scam would like to project.


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