“Safe and Effective” – Except When it’s Not

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Sluggishly, “the science” – as expostulated by the Vatican of Sickness, the Centers for Disease Control – is admitting that the “safe and effective” whatever’s-in-those-needles it has been very aggressively pushing for everyone to experiment with, especially children and young adults, actually isn’t.

But without saying it’s not.

They are admitting it – post facto, because the facts are becoming too-well-known not to admit it; kind of like admitting that the sun generally rises most mornings.

Whatever’s-in-those-needles “does appear  . . . to be a new trigger for myocarditis,” says a CDC Advisory Panel on Immunization Practices. Myocarditis is heart inflammation. Pericarditis, which is the related inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart, is another sickness almost no one in the previously healthy 25-and-under age group is generally afflicted with – until after having received a “safe and effective” vaccination for a sickness that presents almost no chance of giving them the sniffles.

Over just the past several months, at least 1,200 young people developed one or both of these potentially – and in several cases, actually – fatal sicknesses.

It has been reported that what is styled the “post secondary dose risk” of myocarditis/pericarditis post Holy Anointing for people under the age of 25 is 200 times the normal rate of the natural rate of occurrence for these illnesses in people 25 and under.

More about all of this here.

But the vaccines are still “safe and effective” – officially.

Linguistically, it is an imbecility. If a medicine can make you extremely sick, even kill you then by definition it is not “safe.” Was the Pinto a “safe” car? Ford made millions of them; a few dozen people may have died due to the design and location of the car’s fuel tank and fuel filler neck. It was hounded off the road – and Ford into court – over the statistically trivial chances that a given Pinto might erupt in flames if struck from behind in just the right way.

Hundreds of millions of healthy Americans have been forced to wear a degrading and medically useless rag over their faces, for most of the past year, on the basis of specious assertions about “asymptomatic” transmission – which not one person has been proved to have been sickened by.

But a “vaccine” that is maiming and even killing perfectly healthy teenagers and young adults is and which is associated with closing in on 6,000 reported deaths so far this year coincident to being injected with it is . . . “safe and effective.”

Also, time shares are a good investment.

It is astounding, the effrontery of it. A blatant “case” of Orwell’s Doublethink. And a demonstration in practice of leftist radical Saul Alinsky’s “rules” – the paramount one being to never concede error while ferociously attacking any who dares to point it out. Usually, on account of their “racism.”

But in this case, “the science” will do. “The science” always supports medical tyranny, even when “the science” has to be adjusted – without admitting it needed to be. For example, Pope Fauci XVII’s contradictory bulls regarding the wearing (and not) of Holy Rags.

And then maybe two at once.

The universal Anointing of young people and children cannot be gainsaid, either – though they need it as much as an alligator needs  a sweater and many parents are beginning to have their doubts – and beginning to ask why this incredibly aggressive concerted effort to shoot whatever’s-in-those-needles in the bodies of perfectly healthy kids.

Maybe it makes sense for elderly/morbidly obese/already-seriously-sick people who sand a greater than 1 percent chance of dying if they get the ‘Rona to assume the risk of an Anointing. But is there any valid medical reason to be experimenting with the health of people whose risk of dying from the ‘Rona is on the order of 0.0-something percent?

It’s weird – and alarming.

In normal times, most people would say – or agree with those who said – wait. Whatever’s-in-those-needles is not “safe and affective.” It is harming – it can kill – perfectly healthy kids. There is no legitimate reason to continue putting them at risk on the putative basis of practically no risk at all – from the sickness that whatever’s-in-those-needles is supposed to prevent them from getting.

Which we know it doesn’t – in adults.

The Anointed can still get the ‘Rona. Or a “variant” of it. So what, pray, is the point of the Anointing? Apparently, it is the Anointing itself. Like the wearing of the Holy Rag, it is not the efficacy that is relevant but the universality of acceptance – of the doing.

Like crossing yourself, if you are Catholic, when you enter church. Like the wearing of the Yarmulke, if you are Orthodox. Like the wearing of a Holy Rag over one’s face. These are the rituals of the Faithful. They are performed both as a sign of individual devotion as well as to establish the individual’s status as a member of a religious community.

The difference is that crossing oneself and wearing a Yarmulke will not give you – or your kids – myocarditis or pericarditis. But the enforced wearing of the Holy Rag has created the predicate for this latest – most dangerous – religious ritual, which involves something you can’t take off once you leave the store.

And which may quite possibly put you or someone you love in the ground.

. . . 

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    • That is revolting. Most of the Make A Wish participants are fighting deadly diseases and are too weak to be able to take on the potential complications of a new vaccine. I hope everyone of these members, that decided this should be the new requirement, rot in hell.

  1. Hi Eric or anyone else who can help,

    A good friend of mine is dating a woman with 2 children. She is, as are most people, entirely ignorant of what is going on, including the dangers of the jab. She will vaccinate her children when the jab pushers allow it (they are currently too young). I would like to send her information that may change her mind, but believe it would be more influential coming from a “respected” source. I have been unable to find a direct link to the CDC chart shown in this article. If anyone has it, can you please post the link in this thread?


  2. Along with the documentation, from the introduction examining a case of myocarditis:

    The cause of myocarditis is usually a viral infection; the most cited viruses are enteroviruses, adenoviruses, parvovirus B19, human herpesvirus 6, human cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, and hepatitis virus[2-4]. Cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) has become the primary tool for non-invasive assessment of myocardial inflammation in patients with suspected myocarditis.

    Hou YM, Han PX, Wu X, Lin JR, Zheng F, Lin L, Xu R. Myocarditis presenting as typical acute myocardial infarction: A case report and review of the literature. World J Clin Cases 2020; 8(2): 415-424 [PMID: 32047794 DOI: 10.12998/wjcc.v8.i2.415]

    Link: https://www.wjgnet.com/2307-8960/full/v8/i2/415.htm

    Has to be something in the vaccine that causes myocarditis, any idiot can/should be able to deduce that.

  3. Since most of the dildos already sold themselves to “Big Corp”, what else is there for them to lose? Oh, their BODIES?! But hey, at least they get to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame on FakeBook while laying on their deathbeds. “Yeah, I just got a bajillion likes courtesy of daddy Fuckerberg for receiving my 30th dose this year. #Vaxxed4Life*, baby! WOOT!”

    *And no, I DON’T use hashtags! This was just a “one-off” to prove a point.

    • They sold their souls already, why not their bodies also? Whores, all.

      But they can’t and won’t force us all to follow them.

      • Exactly! Bottom line, these dildos will either have to put a bullet in me, or have my head, before I let them “cure” me!

  4. Ok, folks. Here is my conspiracy theory for the day. They’re going to continue to push the fear porn, and the prick, and knowingly kill/sterilize/sicken as many folks as possible. We’re getting a brief respite, this fall of 2021 when cold and flu season reasserts itself we’ll be subjected to a steadily increasing drumbeat of doom porn about cases and variants. Sometime in spring of 2022 it will start to become acceptable to talk about ADE/pathogenic priming and vaccine deaths at several thousand percent above the normal risk of vaxxes. Then in about mid campaign 2022, it’s all going to come out on the orange one. He will be the poster boy with his warp speed, claiming credit for the vaxxes, and all the other egotistical blunders he led himself into.

    All the boxes are checked- massive chaos in every level leading to political opportunity for the Bolshies to consolidate power even beyond what they’ve already seized/stolen. Tarnishing populism and individualism for at least a generation. A chance to completely destroy and perhaps kill the hated orange ass and confiscate his assets.

    I am not a prophet but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night…

    • Hi Ernie,

      Actually your conspiracy theory isn’t as dark as mine. I am prepping for the grid (or more likely the Internet) to go down. That is what keeps me up at night. Do you think they still have Trump in their crosshairs? He was such a good and obedient student of the implementation of the WEF’s agenda. If anything he will probably be in Davos laughing along side the rest of the elite.

      • That is a good thing to prep for. Generators are cheap as is fuel, especially a modest sized diesel generator. The internet is so smothered in propaganda noise at this point I wonder how much I’d miss it. Present company excepted of course.

    • Ernie,

      You might very well be on to something. Thing is, I don’t think many Trump voters were all that enamored of the man…it was never about DJT the human being…it was about what–and who–he represented. And that is not going away any time soon. Populism is likely to be the future, perhaps with someone else at the fore, unless the elites decide to get their act together. Which they have made it clear that they won’t.

      If they went this batshit insane over Trump, I can only imagine what they will do to the next guy, because I guarantee you whoever it is (most likely a he) will make 2016-2020 look like a garden party.

      • Bingo, Pub. I personally loved what he symbolized, a baseball bat sized finger in the eye of the establishment bird of prey. Just by pushing the lizard queen off the stage he satisfied my expectations. It all went downhill from there. But the reactions from his first electoral win to the coup of 2020 were both a joy to watch and worrisome for it illuminated the insanity and evil of the establishment statist lot. And since he was too much a pussy to cross the rubicon, now we have batshit crazy and evil at the levers of power, a nuclear armed colossus intent on murder suicide. Come lord Jesus.

  5. So 2 stories about the jab. 1. My son ended up in the emergency room monday night and was admitted for appendicitis. Thankfully we got a surgeon that doesn’t have a god complex and attempt to treat with iv antibiotics before going to the knife. It looks like he will be out tomorrow while avoiding the surgery. However the hospital will only allow 1 of us to be with him and they have been pestering my wife to allow them to jab my son with the poison. She has outright refused and doesn’t care for the pressure tactics.

    2. Saw a report where the weasle of trenton, murderer of elderly, is going to have his brownshirts go door to door, starting in south jersistan where resistance to the poison shot has been much higher than north jersistan to tey and convince residents to get their convid poison. To me anyone who hasn’t gotten annointed at this point have done their research, know the dangers and are making informed decisions not to take the poison jab. All gov king snagle tooth weasle is doing ia cementing their decisions to never be jabbed. My concern is, this time it’s brown shirt and encouragment, natural progression says next time it will be blue uniforms with a gun? Then what?

    • Hi Antilles,

      I am sorry to hear about your son, but glad he is doing better and did not have to be operated on. What is it with the hospitals and the jab promoting? Jeezy peezy. This has gotten ridiculous. I have my annual doctor’s appointment in August. I expect to be kicked out of the office once the jab conversation is approached.

      The door to door “convincing” terrifies me. Let us live with the consequences for those of us that don’t want the jab. As we all know, it isn’t about health, but control. Starting to think I should be yanking my money out of the bank and hiding it in coffee canisters. 🙁

      • RG,

        Thanks, it’s not like him to ask to go to the doctors and when they told me to take him to the er because of elevated white blood cell count I had a feeling it was his apendix. Mine was removed back in 2002, of course i was older and stupider and thought drinking enough alcohol would make the pain go away and ended up with a burst appendix.

        Take the cash out of the bank and convert part of it to gold & silver with plenty of lead & brass to back it up.

      • Your bank is an agent of the state. If the IRS gives them a call because they suspect you MIGHT be remiss in your tax liability, and requests your account be frozen, it will be, for who knows how long. For example.

      • I haven’t heard of them doing it here but it’s the kind of really bad idea that can quickly spread to other areas. If State apparatchiks came to my door trying to convince me to inject that poison I would borrow a quote from an episode of the old science fiction series “Babylon 5” – If you value your lives, BE SOMEWHERE ELSE!

    • They’d have to be masochists to begin their door to door efforts starting with south jersey. We’re hicks who swiftly eject trespassers, especially soliciting trespassers, especially soliciting trespasser agents of government who are without warrants, and even then…

      • Moose,

        But you guys refuse the experimental gene therapy at a higher rate than your brainwashed brethren of the north part of the state. These guys come to my house they are getting the door slammed in their face because if i engage them in conversation I don’t think i will be able to hold back my verbal barrage.

      • Funny, I didn’t think there was ANY respite in the People’s Republic of Doitey-Joisey. Maybe there is still some hope after all.

        • NJ’S last bastion of bodily sovereignty, piss & vinegar, and delicious local pizza.

          Seems like mainly the yuppies around here did submit to the experimental injections though, I’m getting the sense that I’ll be edged outta the current workplace before long seeing’s I’m one of the undesirables and they are eager True Believers.

          So it’ll be an interesting time. Hopefully the future will include some regretfully jabbed people who will loan us their privileged identities as necessary from time to time. Was it Pakistan that was going batshit a few weeks ago threatening to disable peoples cellphone services?

          • Hi Moose,

            You guys need to beat feet. I cannot imagine living in NJ. Of course, VA is not what it was, either. But I can at least still carry a gun legally. And shoot it in my backyard, if I feel like it.

            For now.

            • Yeah it’s pretty dumb. We’re only here for our parents/families. Living in South Jersey, talkin very bottom of the state, wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that it’s still technically NJ and thus subject to the same tyranny, and its people to the same govt brainwashing if they don’t know better.

              NJ is the perfect supporting case for taking secession all the way down to the individual. Makes no sense to subject humans to any ruler, but particularly when it’s so plainly obvious that the communities that they bind within the state have very little in common overall, outside of the fact that we mostly wanna be left the fuck alone..which is just another point in favor of secession.

              • We do shoot our guns in our backyards down here where we’re not living on top of each other. But as far as carrying, yeah, they got us neutered.

            • Your Governor, Mr. Blackface himself, is doing his level worst to take away those 2A rights, Eric. He doesn’t believe that you’re a trustworthy citizen, to be “trusted” with firearms. It’s only a short step to believe that you can’t decide what should propel your motor vehicles, IF indeed you should be “allowed”, upon “demonstrating need”, to have one, and not much further to decree what goes into your body (the Jab, whatever “bad” things like alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks, and “junk food”) or not. It’ll become the Nanny State as depicted in “Demolition Man”, with even PROCREATION regulated and micro-managed, and all the “phun” taken out.

              Me, I’ll stick with the BONING, the WILD MAMBO, and the HUNKA-CHUNKA!

    • Sorry to hear about your son, hopefully he finishes his recovery soon and leaves that hellish place. I wouldn’t blame your wife if she is more than mad.
      Finally the medical/pharma complex has shown it’s true face.

      Door to door offering jab, not good! If they refuse, next visit could be with a “Blue Lives Matter” member.
      BTW, this reminds me of earlier today (around 7 a.m.!!), a bus (from local community authorities) was driving around, offering transportation to a vax center and get jabbed. I couldn’t help but wonder if I accidentally warped to a different dimension or something. And this is happening in an actual third world country (Panama). I shudder to think what will happen next month, when according to gov they will receive lots of doses (supposedly) – I expect pressure to get jabbed will ramp up significantly.

      This madness is practically everywhere in the world.

  6. I, for one, am taking great pleasure in seeing these people being maimed, sterilized, and killed. These people are stupid fucking morons. They shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. All one has to do is reflect on the past year to understand we’re adrift in a sea of retards. It’s well past time to cull the herd.

    • Hi Anon,

      I share – or rather, understand- your sentiments with regard to adults, who have agency. But I think kids being “vaccinated” by adults is another thing entirely.

      • I agree it’s tragic that children are victims of stupid parents. But they carry the same genes, and will be indoctrinated by those stupid parents.

        • Anon,

          See my comments above, the hospital my son is at told my wife that her and him having natual immunity through having had convid is not good enough and she should really allow them to jab both of them with the poison shot before they leave tomorrow. This is pissing her off more than i have ever seen her pissed and she married me so i’ve seen her plenty pissed before.

          • The masks are figuratively coming off at the medical establishments – I’m sure they’re not literally off, though. So, black is white, up is down, left is right, etc., and your God-given natural immunity to whatever is somehow inferior to the gene-altering, life-threatening toxic, satanic brew.

            Come on, it’s just a jab…

  7. Well, we’re entering a brave new world now, nothing’s ever going to be the same again.

    Be HYPER vigilant, and don’t take any unnecessary risks. Hook up culture just got riskier, as the new fuck buddy might of been with someone who was with a vaxxhole.

    Accident? You might need a transfusion, and guess who donated recently…

    Traveling? Get used to roadtrips, because if the Q folks are wrong, guess what they’ll try to sneak in for future use of public transit.

    Hell, they show meats being magnetized. Best thing at this rate is to get Pine Needle Extract, carefully vet everyone you let into your life, and as Eric and other’s preach, get self sufficient, avoid new cars and get outta the sad, blue shitholes asap

  8. The linguistic fuckery of this whole thing is amazing. And the sheep have soo been trained to follow without questioning its just mind boggling. Anyone seen this article – from USA Today (a reliable source as they call it). The first para reads:

    “Australia’s top medical officer on Monday urged countrymen who have received an AstraZeneca COVID shot to “not delay” getting the second dose – even though the vaccine has been linked to more deaths than COVID in Australia this year.” ”

    I mean how can someone not see the absurdity of it? Its almost as if they’re now pushing it to see how much they can get away with (and how stupid people are). Dont believe me – the link is here : https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2021/06/21/covid-vaccine-variant-afghanistan-canada-mexico-delta/7765857002/

    • Hi Nasir,

      The degree to which they pressure the population to get this jab leaves me to believe there is something in it which would put a screeching halt (or a world war) would occur if it were to be found out. The insistence that everyone needs this to evade a virus with a 99.97% recovery rate should spear speculation to every individual on the planet, if they had the ability to critically analyze.

      • Especially regarding children. Which is the current target demographic. They suffer no more risk from COVID than from dandruff, yet are targeted for a vaccine that has already killed more of them than the virus has. There is something evil going on here, and those of us who do not embrace evil have a hard time pinning it down.

        • Hi John,

          I can’t help but think the Deagel report is right in their assumptions especially knowing those that produced it. I cannot fathom the evil that perpetuates in the elites minds. I can only hope that their desired statistics never see the light of day.

      • Hi RG – I think the vaccine is the something. To use experimental mRNA technology encoding a viral toxin that has prion motifs and may also induce cross-reactivity against reproductive proteins is either criminally negligent or just criminal. In industry trade group meetings I often attend, I keep hearing the term “needles in as many arms as possible.” Something is afoot, and they need to get it done quickly before people can figure it out. That said, as complacent and stupid as people are these days, I wonder if they’d even care if the something was exposed. Just another day in dystopian paradise.

        • RG and BAC, think this is the key – as many people to get it as possible, before they realise what is happening. The whole time, they do let truths get out (like say VERS, or the EU database, or the UK yellow card system). They dont hide it – because tomorrow they will say we didnt force you. Even this article they clearly state that the damn vaccine is worse than covid !! Furthermore (and thankfully) there are (so far) no laws requiring this in the west at least. And I suspect the reason is that whoever forces this will be liable for any long term issues that arise. And when they do – they dont want to be anywhere close to it…..

          Im just hoping the shit goes down faster than the planned, and people wake up. It goes to what people like Mike Yeadon have said (who’s not inherently against a covid vaccine). He said if you dont need it badly (which most people wont), just wait it out and see which way this goes, and then decide…..

        • Hi BAC,

          You are 100% right. There is something in the shot that they want everyone to have as quickly as possible. Would anyone care? I guess it really would be dependent on what it is. Nanotechnology/microchip? Some could deal with it, others, like me, could not. Sterilization? Upsetting, but not worth jumping off a cliff for. Spike proteins that integrate into your cells and leave one with autoimmune diseases or worse, the shutdown of your internal organs? I don’t know how I would react. I would say a deep abiding hatred would be called for in any of the instances. Revenge against the ones that created and substained this? Without a doubt. I think it would be a requirement.

          • Hi RG,

            I’m more inclined to think the “vaccines” are beta testing for future injectable credit cards, biocomputing infrastructure to power central bank digital currency blockchains, digital ID implants, that sort of thing. If you’ve been following what the central bankers are up to, not only are they peddling the “vaccines” but they also talk about how central bank digital currencies would afford them the ability to turn people’s money on and off at the push of a button (see here at around 24 minutes: https://meetings.imf.org/en/2020/Annual/Schedule/2020/10/19/imf-cross-border-payments-a-vision-for-the-future). At any rate, I think everything is still in the invention room.

            • Hi Logan,

              I know both Tony Blair and Klaus Schwab have mentioned biometrics and a digital currency more than a few times over the last couple of years. Blair can hardly tamper down his excitement in enacting such a scheme. You may well be right that this is the end game, which may be why they are pushing the jab on children. They could control an entire generation’s money supply in just a few short years as these children come of age.

              I am curious though how they hope to accomplish such a feat. It would basically have to occur overnight. Cyber Polygon offers a few details. I expect disruption to the financial markets and wouldn’t be surprised if the banking system would be down for a matter of days, but the mass amount of data that they would have to have on every individual in the world be would near impossible to populate, because not everyone is on the grid. Not to mention that the oligarchy have tried to overturn the use of cash for centuries, with little success. It would be interesting to see how the Italian Mafia or the Mexican drug cartels would bow to something like that….or better yet, they wouldn’t. 😉

              • Inflation. Years ago I read a compilation of correspondence from some who lived through the Weimar inflation. There was one bit of information common to nearly all of them. This did not happen gradually. One week we were living with inflation, the next week it became somewhat alarming, and the next week it simply couldn’t be dealt with. So, given modern digital banking, how long do you think it would take to ruin the dollar?

                • Isn’t it already ruined? Copper is $5 a foot. Beef has skyrocketed 20%. Used cars are selling for more now than when they were purchased new. The dollar has been tarnished, but they would also have to ruin the Euro, the Yuan, the Yen, the Pound, and the Peso. If the goal is only to bankrupt the US then it is pretty easy to convert the US dollar to BitCoin, silver/gold, the Ruble, or the Yuan before it tanks. It has to be a world wide pandemonium for it truly to be successful. The problem that the WEF is going to run into is not everyone is going to want to play their game – China, Russia, and the Middle East are not going to be willing participants in this fiasco. The drug and crime cartels have too much too lose for them to go along with this willy nilly.

                  • RG – This is the game plan im going to think will be followed. The real dollar will go to shit (which it already is as you mention). Once it gets so noticeable they cant hide it anymore, they will create a “crypto” dollar – which will have fixed prices, which they will also give some for free to the people (ofcorse to help them). People will be encouraged to flip the real dollar to the crypto dollar, which they will under the assumption stuff will be available at a fixed price. Crypto dollar will be no different to existing dollar except it can be controlled centrally even easier. As soon as everyone does the switch (well at least the plebs), though the price of goods will be fixed supply will be scarce….. and real producers will either switch to other currencies, bullion, or other crypto, and only the stock they cant sell using real currency they will sell in crypto dollar.

                    Personally id like to think Russia and China will push back – but there are very powerful partiers there as well who support a lot of this crap…. I have no hope in the middle east – they are basically just oil companies owned by the west with a flag…. I had hope in countries with weak government and large populations, like say Pakistan, Indonesia or Brazil – but i dont know the way things are going in Pakistan, with some polticans pushing forced vaccinations….. I just hope the people figure out a way around – as they always do. And put the relevant politicians 6 ft underground – as they have before…. But heres to hoping…

                    • Hi Nasir,

                      So what you are saying is that we are screwed? There doesn’t seem to be an exit from the roller coaster. How do we prepare? I actually don’t trust crypto. I have no problem buying silver or gold, but will I even be able to convert it once everyone falls? I hate feeling stuck. I am okay as long as I see light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t see it in this scenario.

                    • Morning, RG –

                      I may write about this at length but thought I’d post a short comment about the dilemma I and others – I think you, too – are facing: Is it smart to save money or to spend it while we still have it?

                      My girlfriend thinks I ought to buy a proper greenhouse; the real deal – glass panels, properly set on a foundation, etc. The cost to do this will be at least $4,000 – which I haven’t got jangling in my pockets. But I could put it on a card. I recoil from this as I have always avoided debt. But the times are extraordinary and being able to grow food this winter might be a life and death difference. Then again, being in debt means they own a piece of you.

                      It is incredibly frustrating to not know how to act because everything is so up in the air…

                    • RG – I am having difficulty seeing a sane way out of this one… or a place where one can lay low and sit it out, as say a lot of the well off did when they went from Europe to the indian subcontinent during the last world war….. but I do think the dollar (and other western currencies) are toast as we know then, And they realise it and are preparing an alternative in crypto. There will always be a market for barter with commodities I think, but it certainly wont be as efficient and easy as the current model we have. Hence I try to keep some metal on hand…. but yes – there is no easy way to ride this one out. I guess just surrounding ones self with similar minded people and having a good tribe around you is perhaps the way to minimise the pain.

                      Eric, I faced a similar dilemma – had an issue at an apartment I rented at the start of the year, which could have led to huge bills. I hate card debt, so I made the hard decision of getting rid of the much loved Mustang to have some cash at hand (as in sane and rational times thats how one deals with it).

                      In the end – car prices have spiked and its gone up almost 15% in the past 3 months…. in hind site – it would have certainly been better to have been in debt for a bit….

                    • Hi Eric,

                      I understand your dilemma. I agree with your view on debt. I have never been a fan of it.

                      I bought the $4k greenhouse. Actually, it is $4k for everything….the cement, the river rock, the tables, the shelving, etc. I also put it on my Amex. I was fortunate that I was able to pay off the balance the following month. I pulled the money out of savings.

                      My rationalization for the greenhouse is it makes my family independent from society when it comes to our food supply. My greenhouse is 9×14 which is big enough for our family. I won’t lie it was a bitch to build. It took us (mainly hubby) about 2 months to build.
                      We got it under roof last weekend.

                      Whenever I have to rationalize a high expense I run numbers. Will I see a ROI? Is the LT debt reasonable for us to carry? Etc. I also looked at what is happening in society. Could there be a time that inflation rises so high that I can’t purchase food? Could a shortage on materials make it impossible to purchase the greenhouse? It is also a second heating source if the grid goes down.

                      There are simpler and more affordable greenhouses out there, but I paid extra for higher quality materials, the automatic vents, etc.

                      Personally, I feel I made the right decision buying it. The independence it provides from having to rely on the grocery store or a local farm helps me sleep a little better at night.

                    • Thanks for the input, RG!

                      Interesting that what you paid dovetails with the estimated cost I ran for what I am looking to build. I am very close to just doing it, for all the reasons you’ve laid out. I have the protein side of the food supply covered (chickens and ducks; I could add goats or even a few cows, easily enough). But vegetables – that’s still supply chain dependent and that makes me uneasy…

          • RG – heres a scary one. The UK gov has put out a tender, for mass storage of bodies for this winter. Some (more believing ones) state that its for a winter wave of covid. Others are saying its due to the risk of ADE reactions to the vaccines over the winter for all those who took the jab….. Really home my side is wrong on this one….


          • I wonder against whom they would seek redress or revenge? The manufacturers are legally immune. The government – untouchable in any event – will just say “hey, it’s not like we held a gun to your head.” People will have only themselves to blame, for doing less due diligence on a permanent, potentially life-altering medical procedure, than they would before buying a new toaster on Amazon.

            • BAC – i think this is exactly why its being set up this way….. no force, no compulsion, everyone comes out and says “no vaccine passports”.

              But theres immense social pressure to get the Jab, and to get it quickly…..

              I heard a financial commenter on a podcast some days back. He said “its probably wise to be long torches and pitchforks”…. Think thats the time thats coming

              • Hi Nasir and RG – my fear is that when the torches and pitchforks are met with high powered LED Incapacitators and machine guns wielded by the actual perpetrators, they’ll turn their torches and pitchforks on us.

            • Hi BAC,

              This would not be handled through the courts, but through good old fashioned vengeance or as Nasir has implied – torches and pitchforks.

  9. Great article Eric.

    The jab is only > 40 times as deadly as any other vaccine according to VAERS. That’s > 4,000% more deadly for those who prefer to use scarier sounding statistics.

    Although I strongly disagree with any vaccine mandate (especially for experimental ones like this), I can’t for the life of me even see the logic to “universal vaccination.” The entire universal vaccination argument rests on this assumption:

    Vaccinated people are less likely to spread COVID than unvaccinated people.

    However, all the clinical trials only looked at 2 things:

    1) Efficacy (how well does it work)
    2) Tolerability (how well do our bodies tolerate it)

    I am aware on NO study that looks at transmissibility.

    I can safely say that there is just as much data to support that vaccinated people are MORE likely to spread COVID than unvaccinated people than the reverse.

    There are 3 possible outcomes:

    1) Vaccinated are less likely to spread COVID than unvaccinated
    2) Vaccinated are more likely to spread COVID than unvaccinated
    3) There is no statistically significant difference in spread of COVID between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

    Why does everyone assume number 1 is true? Show me the data.

    This is the ONLY argument in factor of vaccine mandates, yet there is zero data to support it.

    This critically important question seems to be forgotten in all the arguments – for or against.

    Let’s not cede this ground. It is important since it is the ONLY argument in favor of forced jabs.

    The clinical trials aren’t even looking at this. In fact – they never even plan to look at it.

    There are rumors of “shedding” of spike proteins of vaccinated people, but they are just that – rumors.

    Show me the data. Until then – science is dead.

    • Thanks, Blake!

      Last night was a sleepless one; this business has me on edge. I try – hard, I really do – to not assume the worst. But what else can be assumed about this? Something extremely unsettling is going on.

      • ‘Something extremely unsettling is going on.’ — EP

        News report: ‘President’ Biden made headlines on Wednesday after suggesting in a rambling gun control speech that gun owners who want to take on the government would need “F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

        This is the sort of remark we might have heard from Colonel Qadaffi back in the day … and from thugs like Duterte or Erdogan in the present. WTF?

        • There’s a lot of guffawing going on about Old Joe and his whoppers about gun control but what scares me is he ALREADY recently allocated something like $530 billion of convid relief funds to the states to use in a murkily laid out way to fight crime and “gun violence.” The excuse given that gun violence is a “symptom of the pandemic.”

          • What Sleepy Ol’ Joe forgets is that not everyone in the military is on the same page as he and his fellow Communists. While there are certainly psychopaths who would be be more than happy to turn on their neighbors, Joe and company would be well advised to keep in mind it is far from certain where all of those F15s and atomic bombs would be pointed if the excrement hits the ventilator.

            • Hi Jason,

              I wonder… consider the historical examples of the German Reichswehr (which became the Wehrmacht) and the Czarist army (which became the Red Army). In both cases, the majority of professional staff officers simply bent to the new order. A few quietly resisted but not enough to make any difference. Most were caught and eliminated (e.g., Erwin Von Witzleben; Marshall Tukachevsky).

              Military people tend to be people who obey orders. Any orders. It is after all what they are trained – and paid – to do.

        • That would be just another in a very long line of Biden gaffs where he spittles out the truth. I realized a long time ago, maybe two decades ago that the US federal government would not go quietly into the night like the government of the USSR. It would go down in thermal nuclear glory, exploding mushroom clouds on major cities of states that dared disregard its authoritah. What sealed that idea in my head was when Texas was going to be made into a no-fly zone by force if it proceeded with standing up to the TSA gropings.

  10. Pfizer is pushing for their EUA for kids ages 2-11. So I guess we will soon be treated to reports of what these toxic injections do to young children, some of whom will die as a result. I hate people.

  11. Completely irrelevant to the jab topic, but does anyone see any link between the Surfside, FL building collapse and the pedestrian walkway over 295 in DC? It is a tad odd that both steel structures fail within 12 hours of each other.

    • Unlikely, except to illustrate that shoddily-built US structures now collapse just like the shoddily-built Mexico City elevated metro line. Probably, it derives from increasing corruption as we transition to a ‘nuclear-armed Third World’ country.

      I understand your implication that with ‘deal on infrastructure bill’ headlines yesterday, a disastrous building collapse hands Resident Biden a trump card to up the ante in the pot, with eerily perfect timing.

      Preparation or luck? Only the “president’s” spooks and plumbers know for sure.

      • Hi Jim,

        For newer structures I would agree with you, but I would think that a 40 year old building would have been built with US steel, using mainly US manufacturing supplies, and at a time when tradesmen existed. If it turns out to be a sinkhole that is one thing or if the foundation had large cracks in it that were ignored then the owner of the building better have one hell of a policy, but two separate pieces of infrastructure on the same day? It is like two planes going down or two trains derailing. One, could be possible. Two, I hesitate. If a third happens we know something is running amok.

        I think you make a valid point with these collapses and the Biden infrastructure deal. This gives him the excuse needed to keep the printing presses running. Although, it will take a decade for the plan to get off the ground due to the bureaucratic red tape.

        • RG, another way of looking at it is if this was the standard 40 years ago, imagine what it is today….. I mean the decline of a society happens slowly for a long time, then suddenly big changes happen which people start noticing. I think we are reaching that time of sudden big changes….

          • No doubt, it is crap today. Very few people take pride in their work anymore. Everything is about how to get this done the cheapest and quickest way possible. Cutting corners? Why not? Customer unhappy? Who cares. It is a sad world we live in.

            The American electrical grid averages about 40 years in age. I expect that, with a little help from the oligarchy, should put the finishing touches on the demise of the USSA.

            • As much as I love the coast to coast USA as it currently is, really hope the “united states” falls apart in a USSR fashion, and that there remain some sane parts of the land which value freedom and liberty, where one can potentially migrate to….

        • The Hyatt Regency in KC Missouri. I don’t remember the date, but it was some time ago, that the balcony collapsed onto people below. I happen to see a close up photograph of the failure point. Which consisted of sleeve in the concrete deck, with a threaded rod half the diameter of the sleeve holding the deck up, with a big washer and nut supporting the weight. With the sleeve being so much larger than the rod, the washer as taking practically ALL the stress. I took one look at it and my intuitive engineering screamed at me “this could never work with any added stress” like the dancing that was going on. Law suits abounded. Guess what the engineers suffered. The had their Missouri seals pulled. That’s it. Probably went to another state and got new ones.

      • There is nothing you can imagine that is so evil the Sociopath In Charge will not engage in it if it serves their interest. Not only do they reject ordinary human virtues, like compassion, sympathy, charity, remorse, etc. They are beyond there comprehension. Other than as weapons to be used against us.

  12. Safe and effective, as a bomb dropped from an airplane poses no risk to the pilot.
    By any metric, even the heavily manipulated figures from the “officials/experts” cadre, these are the most dangerous vaccines ever allowed to be used, EVER!

  13. “it is not the efficacy that is relevant but the universality of acceptance – of the doing.”
    Oh, it is the efficacy all right, just not of having an effect on the virus, but having an effect on consciousness. The vaccines are demonstrating that particular efficacy in spades.

  14. “Safe and effective”, hahahaha I love that phrase, specially when spewed without enough data from real-life scenarios.

    Effective, well…the jury is out on that one. They claim the decrease in cases and deaths are due to the jabs (ignoring completely seasonality factors and natural immunity post infection). However, UK and Israel are reporting increased cases from the variants…in jabbed people. In fact, Israel is threatening to reimpose restrictions and diapers.
    And look at Chile; more than 50% jabbed and infections are running amok there. The true test (for the Northern Hemisphere) will come in fall/winter.

    And regarding “safe”, hmmm…even studies from Israel have acknowledged increased risk of myocarditis between 16-24 years old (1 in 3000 to 1 in 6000). What’s the risk of death and/or complications from natural infection for that age group? If I’m not mistaken is around the same…or lower.
    And these data are officially reported stuff. There are a lot of adverse events that go unreported. So this is like an iceberg; what we are seeing may only be the top of it.

      • Hi Mark,

        I hesitate to endorse the sterilization hypothesis absent direct evidence of that. But what other explanation is there for the frantic push to Anoint the cohort of people most likely to pair bond and have children (or try to) over the next 10 or 20 years? If one wanted to dramatically reduce the population, without killing off large numbers of people, the most effective way to do it would be to dramatically reduce the number of new people being born…

        • Hi Eric,

          The depopulation has been taking effect for almost a generation. Yesterday a report came out that the US birth rate dropped to a level not seen since 1973. They are cajoling people that the nuclear family is not a necessity of society. The individual’s wants, needs, desires should always be first and foremost. One can argue that the individual is living how they please, another side could argue that the downfall of civilization is around the corner.

          • There’s definitely a war on children, particularly boys, going on. Also a celebration of childlessness from the perspective of degeneracy as well as a new form of “environmentalism.” I suspect strongly that the gene therapies are, either on purpose or as a result of warp speed type failures, a sterilizing agent if not an actual hard kill time bomb for all ages.

            That being said, I’ve spent some time in the past looking into the birth “rate” because I’m a “birth dearther” (’74) and it has always interested me vis a vis the contrast vs. the post WWII “baby boomers.” What I found is that, although the rate was much lower per 100k people in the early 70s, the amount of births was relatively the same in 74 as, say 47, the height of the baby boom. It moves around a bit but later years also have low rates but high numbers of births because the population has increased so dramatically in the U.S. since the mid 20th century. It would be something if the late 40s rates were applied to today’s population.

          • I think much of the decline in births can be attributed to potential parents not wanting to bring children into this cauldron of insanity. I know it played a part in my decision to stop after having one.

            • Hi John,


              If I’d had kids with my ex, I’d have been much more at the mercy of all this evil nonsense than I am. If you have kids, they are the government’s property and their existence gives myriad government Karens and Kevins entree into your life. If I were to have kids – doubtful as I am getting too old and am too tired – it would have to be with a woman willing to have them free range. Home birth, no records – no Social Security number, no government schools. My girlfriend is of the same mind and if we’d met ten years ago . . .

              • I’ve always been respectful of people who chose to be childless or were unable to have kids for whatever reason. That being said, having kids does not give myriad gov’t Karens and Kevins entree into your life. Some parents may choose something like this. It bears no resemblance to my life or my child’s life. I consider having and raising a child one of the best things that I’ve done in my life for many reasons. To each his own, I guess.

                • Amen, Hat.

                  I love my kids. They are kind, funny, and responsible. Yes, kids aren’t for everyone and I respect those that do not wish to have them, but my days would have been darker without them. I have no regrets on my husband and I bringing them into this world. They are only the government’s to indoctrinate if we allow that to happen, which so far we have not. Not every parent is an irresponsible one.

                • In retrospect, I often think I should have had more, since my well educated son turned out so well. We need more of him. But then again, I sometimes wondered if I was going to make it.

    • Wholly unsafe.

      How much of this did they guess wrong when they slapped it together? 1) They thought the Spike protein was a good target, except the natural immune system of those actually infected seems to home in on the virus nucleocapsid protein. Oops. 2) The Spike protein itself is apparently a toxin. Oops. 3) They thought the mRNA vesicles would stay in the muscle cells, except they go everywhere and also likely cross the blood brain barrier. Oops. 4) They thought the Spike protein as produced would stay in the muscle cells, except it gets into the blood and travels everywhere, and accumulates at the heart and in the ovaries. Oops. 5) They thought it would prevent transmission, except at best it lessens symptom severity. Oops. 6) They thought they solved the antibody enhancement problem, except the vaccinated seem to die at a fifty-fold higher rate if they get Covid. Oops.

      Nothing about this was thought through or designed rationally. Instead, it was warp speeded because the Orange Ass needed a political victory. What else did they get wrong in their warped thinking? What else is on the horizon? How many more have to die or be disabled for life, whatever may be left of it for them?

      God Damn these warp speeders. God Damn these needle makers. God Damn these needle pushers. God Damn those who do the injecting. God Damn those who require needling. God Damn them all.

  15. We’re in a post truth/fact environment. Nobody much cares. We give the psychos and women and children free reign to rule over us. Not sure much can be done.

    • True, Zach –

      Fifty years ago, facts mattered. What I mean is, a fact actually countered an assertion. If one could prove an assertion was false or not supported by facts, the assertion lost all credibility and the asserter was compelled to give up asserting it. This was because most people still respected facts. It wasn’t a political thing. Facts simply were facts – and you accepted them and based your arguments upon them.

      Now it’s all out the window. All that matters to many is how they feel – and the facts be damned.

      • Now your “facts” have to include unicorns, like the 1619 project, and CRT. Once these are determined “facts” how in hell can one determine truth?

    • “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” (Isaiah 3:12)

      Can’t help but think of today’s leftist icons such as David Hogg and Greta what’s her name.

  16. The Holy Rag psychosis was bad enough. This Holy Jab psychosis takes psychosis to a new level. What the hell is wrong with people?!?! What the hell is wrong with parents?!?! Who in their right mind would let anyone jab their perfectly healthy child with this shit? Doesn’t anyone do even the slightest bit of research anymore? A simple web search (Not Google) of say “Risk of COVID death percentage by age”, reveals multiple charts that there is basically no threat to children. A chart I found has the death rate at .0001 for 5-14 year olds, 1 child in 100,000 will die. This is less than the damn flu!

    Then there is the outright bragging and celebrating by those who got the Anointing! Remember that? When they first started giving jabs, I had people I work with openly talking about getting the jab. They were proud of themselves! They talked about it like people talk about the Super Bowl the next day. I remember one guy who was pissed off that his doctor told his wife to not get the jab since she was breast feeding their young child. The doctor was actually being honest with the guy and his wife, and he got pissed! This couple, in their 30’s, have about a .033 chance of dying (Using one chart I found, and there are many, and others might be different). It boggles the mind how the sheeple have been lead to slaughter.

  17. The reason is because EVERYONE is on the hook for this one. The WHO funded the lab. The WHO is part of the United Nations. The CDC and other countries’ equivalent laundered money for the lab through the UN/WHO. Everyone wanted to do this research because they are under the impression that they are proto-gods. If only they can make it to the inflection point where medical science will allow those with enough money eternal life on Earth, or the point where they can upload themselves into Kertzweil’s Spiritual Switchboard. But to get there requires research with sometimes dangerous stuff. The stuff that is life, that which seemingly defies entropy and wants to be free.

    Unleash the horrible genie. Then try to stuff it back in the bottle. We’ve seen this play out with sub-atomic particles, now we’re seeing it with DNA. But inanimate particles don’t have a built-in replication mechanism, so once they are released it’s a janitorial job to clean it up. This research will continue. These sorts of events will happen again. In some situations there will be hot wars. In others, massive attempts to “undo” the mistakes. The CCP is still a brutal dictatorship, despite efforts to “open up” their county to western-style enlightenment. They have no problem with throwing millions of people into early graves if it means they might have a shot at eternal life. The only difference between them and the western governments is they can use hard persuasion, where the western democracies have to employ Edward Bernays’ marketing techniques.

    And of course we don’t hear about the lawsuits. Everyone is being sued or getting advise from their lawyers telling them to jump through all these hoops so that they can claim they are following the advice of the CDC. Even Fauxchi is more of a lawyer than medical doctor, which is why listening to him is like nailing jello to a wall. And all that bailout money is tied to playing ball. You don’t do what they tell you to do (like put stickers on the floor and make employees wear masks) and your application may be held up for greater scrutiny. You wouldn’t want the auditor to have to come by, would you? Of course not. Just go along with the program, it’s the path of least resistance.

  18. Although I know no one who has died from “rona” (even elderly acquaintances who were allegedly put on some kind of respiration–in one case, the wife in a married couple died I believe BECAUSE of the ventilators, husband miraculously survived), I now know of 5 over 70’s who have either died (2) or have had blood transfusions (2) or become mysteriously ill (1). All were fine until within a few weeks after the jab.

      • Hi Mark,

        Holy cow. I had not thought of that. But you’re right. Unless you get blood (for surgery or whatever) from someone you know hasn’t had theirs Prionized, now yours will be, too.

        • I have no idea what current methods and standards are used, but once upon a time, before elective surgery, one could donate their own blood. Of course that’s of no help if you get your arm cut off in an accident.

        • It was contaminated a few years ago when california allowed HIV positive people to donate blood
          Just worse and nationwide now

      • Shiiiit… That’s a good point. Even blood plasma will be contaminated. And who thinks they’ll screen for spike proteins?..

        • The whole health care system will ultimately be contaminated. They might even start slipping in the Holy Jab with other medications whether you want it or not as a matter of routine. It’s more important than ever to stay healthy and stay away from the medical industrial establishment.

          • Indeed, I went to the ER a few years ago with an injury, and one of the very first things they did was give me a DPT vaccine. Tetanus is VERY rare, so I don’t suspect I needed that part, and I’m certain I didn’t need the Diphtheria and Pertussis part. The Medical Industrial Complex has destroyed medicine. All illnesses are drug deficiencies. Or in this case vaccine deficiency. There’s nothing stopping then except friction and gravity from poking you with the vaccine because you broke your toe.

          • Excellent point, Jason!

            And outfits like my HMO, Kaiser Permanente, don’t even have to be so blunt as to deny services if you haven’t been “Jabbed”, but I can see that coming! In particular, I’d avoid being “put under” or given any injections if I can help. As for medications…well, I dunno that an oral form of the Jab can be slipped in, but I already take such a shit load of meds and supplements as it is, how would I KNOW?


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