Diaper Report 6/1/21

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A weird – because sudden – “case” to report.

Last week, I reported on an attempted Diapering at Earth Fare in Roanoke. An Acolyte of the Diaper ran up to me, proffering a box of Holy Rags, urging me to accept one (the Acolyte being afraid, apparently, to hand me a Rag). I demurred – as I have all throughout this organized attempt to induct every man, woman and child into the Church of Sickness Perpetual, amen.

But that’s not the interesting part.

What’s interesting is that I’d been entering Earth Fare – a “crunchy” store that specializes in “clean” food, which is one of the few things I have in common with most of the types who frequent stores such Earth Fare – for the past several weeks, showing my face without being accosted.

This had not been possible prior to a few weeks ago, when Earth Fare – like most “crunchy” places – was a militant branch of the Church of Sickness Perpetual. Enormous billboard signs with block lettering were placed outside the doors – and within the doors, more signs. If you entered without donning the Holy Vestment, the Acolytes would mob you and cast you out.

Then, about three weeks ago, the big placard outside went away and all that remained inside was a much smaller sign urging the donning of the Rag. But no attempt was made to impose it; one could shop without being accosted. I was not the only bare-faced heretic, either. At least a third of the people shopping were Undiapered. I suspect because most of these had been Anointed and so had stopped wearing the external symbol of their Faith, having made it a part of themselves, internally – amen.

But this was apparently a reform unwelcome by the traditional members of the Church, who – like Pope Fauci XVII – favor both the external and the invisible/internal signs of devotion.

There is also the problem – for the Faithful – of invisible heresy.

As those Anointed began to shed their Holy Rags, it became easier for those who never wore a Rag to go about unnoticed. And to go within. The Holy Places were now open to anyone. You could not tell, just by looking, whether someone was “of the body” – a member of the Church, in good standing – or someone not “of the body” – someone who has not yet accepted the Faith (or the Anointing).

This triggered a counter-reformation.

The big signs out front returned – and the Faithful obeyed. Including the Anointed. I was accosted, my heresy once again being visible to the Acolytes.

But just three days after my Accosting, the signs were gone. Outside – and inside. No Accosting by the Acolytes. I walked freely among those “of the body.” It is the will of Landru.

Actually, it is probably out of temporary necessity. Because Earth Fare’s management probably had to deal with angry Church Members who had received their Anointing and – being fully vested members of “the body” – resented being ordered to continue wearing the symbol of a mere novitiate. Had they not fully immersed themselves in Doctrine? Accepted within themselves the Water of Life?

Some of these may have told the manager-priests that they would not shop unless they were not made to look like mere novitiates. Earth Fare’s priest-managers also knew that people – “of the body” and not – were now free to shop elsewhere (almost anywhere) because enforcement of Rag Wearing has been on the wane as Anointing has waxed.

And so, the signs disappeared, just like that.

For now.

Because the problem of heresy remains and religious fanatics cannot abide unbelief. It is almost certainly only a matter of time – and likely, not much time – before new signs appear at the entrances to the Holy Places.

These will state that either external or internal proof of Faith is required to enter within. The external proof will be the Rag of the Novitiate, required of those who lack proof of having been fully Anointed into the faith.

It will be insisted upon because this is a matter of Faith. A Faith in Sickness Abiding, forever amen. A Faith that the wearing of anything that effaces one’s face qualifies as an article of Faith (proving that “science” has as much to do with it as “science” has to do with Scientology). A Faith that requires everyone to be Anointed, notwithstanding the non-religious objection that those Anointed ought to be content with their Anointing, if being Anointed is about “keeping them safe” from sickness, which the Anointing supposedly prevents.

But it is not about “keeping them safe.” It is about cementing their Faith – by making certain all share in it. By making life as difficult as possible for those who question it.

Shop while you can. It won’t be for long.

. . . 

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  1. Diaper Report: 6-3-21 Southern KY:

    Went to:
    The Dentist
    Food Lion
    The Bank
    Gas station
    Pharmacy (for my mother)

    Not a word about my always bare face, anywhere.

    Sad thing is, I’ve become so accustomed to seeing all of the psychotics, I really didn’t even take notice of who else was unmasked….

  2. Mask REPORT in Southern California
    2 JUN 2021
    I live in La Mirada and I just returned from having lunch at a new place called Board and Brew – La Habra. The salad and sandwich were great and the choice of brews phenomenal. Great new lunch place.

    As I walked in, I noticed there were not any warning signs to wear the mask or social distance, so I didn’t. The staff had masks and patrons wore masks until eating, but, I wore no mask during my entire visit. No one said a thing.

    Huh? I have not heard of any change in mask policy for SoCal… So what gives?

    Next stop was Smart and Final. I noticed they had removed the warning signs that have been up front and in my face for over a year.

    They were one of the first stores to yell at me when I entered sans mask.

    I did my shopping mask-less. Patrons and employees all had masks on. Again, no one said anything about my mask-less face. After checkout I asked the cashier about the missing signs. She said, “Oh, we can’t tell you to wear masks, so I guess you don’t have to wear one.”

    Something has changed! No signs and no managers bothering you. Yet, all the patrons continued the mask protocol.

    WAKE UP sheep – enforcement is over!

    It is time for everyone to Stop wearing masks

    • Greetings from western Riverside County, ZIP code 92882.
      Today’s personal report:
      1. Auto repair shop
      Not a diaper in sight. Normal Interaction with owner.
      2. Auto upholstery shop
      Not a diaper in sight. Normal Interaction with owner.
      3. Auto paint & body shop
      Not a diaper in sight. Normal Interaction with owner.
      4. Pep Boys – auto parts & accessories chain store
      Kicked out for refusing to diaper, by a ruffian looking clerk with extreme hair style who looked to me like he *might* manage 90 IQ on a good day. Corporate dweeb who follows orders without question.
      I calmly pointed out that he is turning away business, and commented that it must be nice to have that luxury. Corporate dweeb shrugged indifferently.

  3. went to an outdoor mall in Allen TX yesterday. had to be at least 90% of shoppers STILL WEARING the rag. every other store STILL had “mask required” signs or a variation that read along the lines of “based on new updated CDC guidance if you have been vaccinated = no mask required, if unvax’d = then wear a mask. most of those stores were a mix of faces and the faceless. a handfull of stores had a “we don’t care what your vaccination status is, MASK REQUIRED and several even had “required” signs AND an employee STANDING OUTSIDE the entrance who would refuse entry to anyone not wearing the rag.

    • ‘ “we don’t care what your vaccination status is, MASK REQUIRED and several even had “required” signs AND an employee STANDING OUTSIDE the entrance who would refuse entry to anyone not wearing the rag. ‘

      It’s clear who is getting the big buck$ from GatesofHell & co. They don’t need my money.

    • The outdoor malls from nationwide retailers are the worst. I can’t figure it out. It was the same way in Florida last month. The only store in the St Johns Town Center was a cooking/food prep store (name will remain anonymous to protect the innocent) that didn’t care if you wore a mask or not. This was also before the CDC unmasking guidelines. Oh well, I don’t need anything from Louis Vuitton, Victoria’s Secret, or Bath and Body Works anyway. Idiots. I did spend a pretty penny on new cookie sheets though. 🙂

      Tanger Outlets (SC) had the same rules (mask mandated).

    • I’m grateful for people still voluntarily wearing their face diapers. It creates the appearance of unvaccinated people following the rules. This, in turn, allows the unclean to walk among them without fear of being accosted. Otherwise, the anointed would clamor for passports.

      Here in CT, the state supposedly has one of the highest vaccination rates, north of 70%; yet 95% of people still wear diapers indoors, even though signs have relieved them of this responsibility. I suspect most of the 5% undiapered are also unvaccinated.

  4. I’m not sure if the mask mandate for “Covid” will return once it’s fully gone. It’s important for TPTB to maintain an illusion of not only control, but just as important, success.

    “Your government led the way to safety…. See, masks and SD work and we did this together!!”

    To have a “Covid variant” and future clown health emergency for the same virus might signal a policy failure on governments part.

    Now, that’s not to say they’ll try the same shit with influenza or some other fictitious disease that the alien landing false flag will bring.

  5. Mask mandates are complete nonsense and are meant to distract you, you are being driven to distraction.

    You have to say it, fuck those people.

    Since August of 2019 there has been approximately 19 inches of precipitation, far short of the average amounts of snowfall/rainfall. The top three inches of ground is powder out here in the middle of nowhere.

    The crops are being damaged right now and need three inches of rain immediately. California’s breadbasket is turning to dust.

    Prepare accordingly.

  6. Paraphrasing you, Eric, “It’s not science, it’s Scientology.” Masterful connection, sir.

    Oh and did you notice the country’s largest meat packer has been “hacked” and held for ransom? They’re getting a head start on the upcoming Event 201 style exercise in July, Cyber Polygon, that plans for a global supply chain disruption, just like the Convid-Con in 2019

  7. While reading the comments I was reminded of this song from a scene in The Hunger Games. “They” can do whatever they want, how-freaking-ever:


    I was also thinking, RE: the novel Dune, there’s a character set, in the TeeVee show Deep Space 9, which have the same characteristics as those addicted to a drug in Dune, the Habbidar, or some such spelling.
    I couldn’t find a link easily, but I find it curious, the parallels to The Shot and the predictive programming.

  8. Most are readily letting the diapers go around here. But I notice that black folks seem to keep on wearing them, even ones that got the jab. Saw one lady today, no one around, wearing 2 masks and a face shield talking on her phone. I have heard that some liberals want to keep wearing the masks because they don’t want to be seen as “Trump voters”, and want to keep wearing their new vestments so they can see who their enemies are, but unless a black person is wearing Trump or MAGA gear, everyone assumes they were NOT a Trump voter. That cannot be the case, I think the fear propaganda has been run through black communities heavier than for other communities and they have black folks scared to death. And it is my suspicion the reason for this is because that community would have had a naturally higher jab hesitancy rate if exposed to the same amount of propaganda as everyone else due to their history of mistreatment. The fear mongers had to use more fear than should be needed to try and break hesitancy. I suspect the same is true for native populations as the only place I have ever been treated horribly for entering without a diaper was at the Cherokee reservation border.

    Yes, shop while you can. We have a blackout coming soon so stock up and be prepared. As well, I suspect the future will be that they cannot mandate passports, nor that you prove your medical history, but if you don’t volunteer such information, you will be mandated to wear the holy rag just the same as Star of David. .. and many parallels can be drawn from such point forward I strongly suspect.

    • Yes, that is the next phase now in play. The “anointed” can go maskless while the apostates must mask up if they, the bacillis want participate.

      The honor system will devolve into vaxpasses, in some states.

    • I was thinking about this today. For those with TDS, admitting COVID was a wild overreaction is to admit Trump supporters were right. Those people are so consumed by their hatred for all things Trump, they’ll never, ever let go of their COVID narrative.

      The VP responsible for the COVID response where I work is one such person. She refuses to let things return to normal even though the entire state has moved on. This is a red state so there’s no way she’ll ever let it go. Unfortunately all the male VPs are worthless milquetoasts so nobody has the balls to put an end to it.

      • Hi Anon,

        There is, I think, much to truth to this – that TDS drives Diapermania. And I’d like to defend the Orange Man; but – like Fredo – he broke my heart. I know it was him.

        • Furthermore, it’s my contention that because Trump was doing that whole tariff thing on China, that China purposely released this bio attack from their Wuhan lab. Also to deflect from what was happening in Hong Kong at the time.

    • 90 Percent of black voters voted for the Democrats. Our minority work programs are not doing too well in getting support for our side. I noticed the same thing regarding face diapers. Initially, they didn’t wear the rag and thought it was kind of stupid. Then, the non stop virtue signaling had the intended impact. There are some that are resistant to the jab, but most will get it. America is falling apart

  9. I went to get a money order at the US Post Office today here in SOMD. Big signs, apparently “crafted” by a 5 yr old, that masks are still required in the lobby. And they still have the plexiglass and “stand here” stickers and all of that stupid shit.

    Still seeing a LOT of people going in/out of BJ’s or Harris Teeter (etc, etc) with masks on. Restaurants same thing, I’m actually surprised by how many people are wearing them still with no requirement to do so. Plenty of people are not, so it’s hard to give it a rough percentage.

    The place that I work for just relaxed their policies to match that of the individual state (we have multiple state locations). So, in states where unvaccinated must continue the Kabuki, you gotta do it in those locations (SOMD makes no distinction between vaccinated/unvaccinated in the remaining orders). They even threatened that we could be disciplined up to and including termination if they find out that any employee is breaking the rules. They won’t ask your vaccination status but they sound like they’re encouraging employees to rat each other out!

    On a separate but related topic, I think the recent cyber attacks are the work of certain left-leaning deep state apparatchiks. What it is now? Cyber Polygon or something.

    • I also noticed the conflicting messaging in the USPO – right next to the official looking sign stating that “masks are recommended” is a homemade sign, also of questionable quality like the one you saw, stating that “masks are [still?] required” – I did my usual and didn’t comply with the recommendation or the requirement. Nothing was said.

  10. On several other websites I frequent ( The Burning Platform In paricular ), I’ve read reports from commenters that life insrance companies are asking whether the applicant has been tested within the last x number of months ( 2 IIRC ). If so, they must wait 4 months before re-appling. If he or she has been vaxxed, they are refusing to underwrte any policy al all.

  11. Eric:

    I love how your piece is couched in religious terms. It’s just so effective.

    A thought came to mind that if I had slipped into a coma on February 1, 2020 and just woke up this weekend, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue as to what you were talking about. Reality has just become so nutty.

  12. My totalitarian state ended the mask “mandate” — for the “vaccinated,” anyway — about ten days ago. I have since been able to go to places in public without being accosted and confronted, which has happened many times over the past year.

    What has struck me is that probably 40-50% of people are STILL wearing the damn things. Voluntarily. I am still seeing people outdoors in open air with them, kids walking home from school with them, and people driving alone in cars with them, for God’s sake.

    Frankly I think the only reason that the government was able to enact the idiotic “mandates” was because so many of the the sheeple actually WANTED to comply. It appears to be a classic case of the Overton Window — the government did what it did because they understood that the stupid people were actually in favor it.

    • Yes. If we had never disobeyed the 55 mph speed limit, we would still be going 55 mph on the nation’s highway. It is thanks to a good number of people who disobeyed that limit and a small group of vocal activist and a small activist group, the National Motorists Association, that we have 70-80 mph speed limits in most of the United States.

      • Isn’t it strangely cognitively dissonant that people will obey the mask covenant, even while driving alone, but, willfully ignore all sorts of motor vehicle laws. Everything from exceeding the speed limit to texting or cellphone talking while driving. Or, failing to yield to oncoming traffic or coming to a complete stop. Failing to use turn signals, failing to stop on red before turning right, failing to keep a safe distance (tailgating), failing to drive while sober, and a host of other petty annoyances while driving (littering to be one).

        These are actual laws that people flout on a day to day basis. But, when it comes to guidance from the CDC concerning wearing masks or getting toxic injections the cult followers are out in force demanding adherence to the cloveresque rules.

        I remember last year when Eric woke up one day to find that 99.99% of the population turned out to be full blown clovers, especially when it came to following the mask dictates of Fauci and the CDC.

        What’s really amazing is that the wearing of masks was just guidance from the CDC and not as a result of laws passed by state legislatures. As I keep telling everyone. Guidance does not equal “as required by law.”

        Oh well, might as well get down on one knee and hail the Clover Cult and our Benevolent Landru. Peace be upon us.

        • Hi Darth,

          Yup – and I think I know why. Mere laws are one thing; religion is another thing. The Diaper People are religious people. They Believe, they have Faith. Such people cannot be reasoned with.

  13. ‘The problem of heresy remains and religious fanatics cannot abide unbelief.’ — EP

    Government having largely supplanted theistic cults as the predominant secular religion, the doctrinal debate grows hot and heavy, with implicit threats of stylized violence visited on heretics.

    NYT, a notorious house organ of baseless conspiracy theories for gov-worshipers, is stirring the pot with all its feeble might. Orange Man Bad, according to meretricious ink-stained scribbler Maggie Haberman, is telling his coterie that he will be ‘reinstated’ by August.

    There being no constitutional mechanism to ‘reinstate’ a president, NYT likely is spitefully trolling devotees of the Q prophecy, not to mention Orange Man Bad himself. Having suffered all his adult life from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Trump (the NYT supposes) might just take their poisoned bait.

    In the Orange Man’s debauched imagination, Resident Joe is carted off to the memory care home, as golden-helmeted Trump rides down Pennsylvania Avenue on a white horse to the delirious cheers of his devotees. Behold the fulfillment of the Q prophecy: the Messiah has come, in the fraught month of the dog star’s return.

    I got star dog spilling out my blunt
    I got bad bitches back to the front
    I got hounds outside on hunt
    I got pounds inside of the trunk

    Too much on my mind
    Too much on my grind
    Melania I’ll be fine
    Lobster when we dine

    — King Kari, I Got

  14. My observations this weekend, Shore towns in nj seem done with the kabuki. Home depot in lakewood nj 5% diapered and that includes the workers. Stop & shop still had their signs up but it was 50/50 and those wearing seemed to be doing so halfheartedly. All the local small places seem to have dropped the theatrics. The test was coming up north to diaper central and seeing what happens. Stopped in to a quick check in islen nj today and it was me, the lady at the check out countet and 1 other guy undiapered but, just to show you how many people just follow orders, one guy in there was quetioning why people did not have the diaper on. One of the workers tells him you don’t need it anymore because the gov rescinded the mandate and the guy immediately takes it off.

    • Antilles,

      I used to GO to that Home Depot in Lakewood! It’s in the shopping plaza at NJ-70 and Shorrock Street, not far from GSP Exit 88…

      • Yup, that’s the one. Knew it was going to be a crap weekend so got some painting done for the mother in law at her shore house. It was surreal in that everyone, workers and shoppers were happier than i have seen them in ages. Noone cared about sickness kabuki, they were just happy to be free of the oxygen stifling diaper.

    • That is great news, Jim.

      I hope this vaccine passport misfires on all cylinders. Maybe people will draw their line in the sand and say, “no more“. Unfortunately, I think the oligarchy is letting her guard down for a reason. I think they want to show people what they were missing when they were masked up and everything closed down. When the new “variants” appear this fall and the government locks down society again the masses will be angry at the unvaxxed and will have no problem turning us in. The best thing we could do is probably keep our traps shut and not announce to everyone we know that we didn’t take the jab. Let them think what they will.

      • RG,

        All I know is that the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade association for the world’s airlines, is working with governments and the tech companies to IMPLEMENT a vax passport system! You can read about it here on IATA’s website: https://www.iata.org/en/youandiata/travelers/iata-travel-pass-for-travelers/

        I don’t for one minute believe this is gone; I don’t believe that TPTB have given up on the vaccine passport-not by a long shot! I think that such news is a head fake. Here’s why: the EU has been working on the idea of vaccine passports since 2017. You can go to this Activist Post article to see for yourself. Scroll down until you see the ad for “Legend buys Apple…” Look at the paragraph right above that ad, and you’ll see links to OFFICIAL EU documents that’ll tell the story. One’s a web page, while the other is a PDF. You don’t have to read the whole thing; just reading the chart/table will be enough. Go here to see what the EU’s plans are: https://www.activistpost.com/2021/04/as-european-parliament-approves-immunity-certificate-document-proves-plans-in-the-works-since-2019.html

        • Hi MM,

          I have a feeling you are right. They want us to let our guards down. I anticipate we have until October to get our stuff together. Then hell begins.

          • I don’t know if they’ll go all out right away, as that might wake up too many people. I think that, while they’ll start tightening the screws in fall, I don’t think they’ll go fast-at least not immediately.

            I think that one thing that has saved us from really draconian restrictions in other countries (Ireland and Australia 3 miles from home, while Peru was ONE KM, or 0.6 miles) is the fact that the people have guns. Our gov’t, at all levels, know that they can’t push things too hard or too fast, particularly outside Lefty controlled areas.

            But yeah, TPTB have been wanting to do this for a long time; the EU started work on the passports in 2017. Don’t take my word for it though; check the EU docs for yourself, and you’ll see…

            • Hi Marky,

              Are you in the UK by any chance? I agree with you – I dont think this is the end. This news was released in the mainstream media on the eve of huge protests planned in London. Some say up to half a million people attended to protest this con – people suspect they wanted to maybe calm people down and maybe make people stay away. Some also say that this is to monitor social media response. Note also the reports everywhere only refer to large events or domestic events…. it wont be everywhere. Keep in mind the NHS has already made a “vaccine passport” under the table (first time the NHS has ever dome something efficiently and quickly – really makes you wonder). Also, I know someone who works logistics in one of the booking.com group companies- one of the things they are currently working on is how to manage requirements for vaccine passports…. so unfortunately I think its still happening, they just want to calm people down to give themselves some time to iron out the logistics.

              So I dont think this is over unfortunately. I think a big step is the up coming G7 meeting where our Dead Leader and your Dear Leader are expected to meet and announce something between US and UK travel…. personally I see hope in the US where a number of states are ruling against vaccine passports…. that is where I think the hope lies.

              • Nasir,

                I’m in the US. I’ve always wanted to visit the UK, but I never made it; I don’t know if it’ll ever happen now.

                As for the states banning vaccine passports, all but two of them are meaningless. In most states, the ban only applies to gov’t buildings and schools; private companies and organizations are exempt, and they can require the passports. IOW, these bans are a head fake by Republicans to APPEAR to be on the side of liberty, but who aren’t actually promoting liberty.

                That’s the story in Pennsylvania, where I’m located. The GOP (I should say RINO) legislature just passed such a “ban” on the passports. I dug in to the details a little bit, and as with most of these bans, it’s a head fake.

                • Hi Mark, well lets hope people can travel freely – I really need to get out to the US soon…. the one in Florida seems to really be serious. a fine of 5k per person for cries ships in Florida ? Also even Biden has apparently said that there will be no federal covid passport… sounds positive – doesnt it ? (though I dont know if he knows what he said… infact dont know if he knows whether its day or night…. )

                  • David Knight has quoted from a JAMA article about implementing vax passports. They SPECIFICALLY SAID that the last thing you want is a legal or statutory requirement for one! The way to do it was bring it in via the corporations, i.e. the big box stores that were allowed to remain open. This way, thorny due process/Constitutional issues are avoided; even in today’s corrupted courts, such cases would be winnable.

                    That’s why most of these anti-vax passport bills are head fakes; they prohibit the gov’t and schools from requiring the passports, while exempting private corporations and organizations from the passport prohibition. See how that works?

  15. **”which is one of the few things I have in common with most of the types who frequent stores such Earth Fare”**

    AHahaha! Brings back memories of back in the 80’s when the only option for finding such things as whole wheat spaghetti or raw honey was to go to small independent “health-food stores”. I always felt like a fish out of water in those places- I mean, as if living on Long Island wasn’t alienating enough….the people ya’d see in those stores took it to a whole new level. Those stores slowly started replacing what actual food they sold with various pills and potions, and became like a cross between an alternative pharmacy and a get-rich-quick infomercial- so before long there was no reason to visit them anymore.

    But, I regress[sic]. Back to the point of your article, Eric: Check out this video of Reddit posts being read on the topic of “What Were the Worst Companies During the Pandemic?”- and see how the idjits UNANIMOUSLY demand their chains and unleash their wrath on anyone who dares to dissent from the propaganda and or offer actual free choice!:

    “What Were the Worst Companies During the Pandemic?”

    Stuff like this is just proof of just how far gone this world is, and that the pols only represent a fractional percentage of who our real enemies are.

    • One of the health food stores I once frequented is owned by this old, fat New Ager with a nasty attitude. The food they actually sell is often times out of date. She had this strange Andrew Weil-looking dude pushing supplements. I remember one time I was in there he was helping a couple find special supplements for their gay (AIDS?) son. He told them, “the gay man needs a little selenium”!

    • That, and whole foods. I kind of enjoyed the food, but as a center-right libertarian economic nationalist, I felt completely out of place there. It was mostly full of weird crunchy hippy types and lesbians. Them and the revolutionary POCs are the most annoying groups on God’s creation. They are the enemy of a strong society.

      • Hi Nixon,

        THat’s part of why I like going to those places! I usually wear an obnoxious (to Leftists) T-shirt and my general ambiance is that of Annoyed Redneck… I amuse myself in such ways!

  16. In my area you still have “rule books” on many places, a turnoff to the Nth degree. The places I regularly patronize I can go mask free, but for the one-offs, if they have a rule book, I will bypass them. As a customer, I expect to be made to feel valued and welcome, not a hazard they must grudgingly let into their establishment for purposes of their profit, despite the “danger” I present to them.

    • Anon,

      This is where the owners who are holy zealots are going to start complaining. Most like us will just not want to deal with a zealot and will skip the store, others who went along with the diaper stupidity but now that they have a choice prefer to breath freely will also skip stores that stay hard to the fraudci religion. These stores will soon find themselves with little to no traffic and will begin to complain to the ptb that it is unfair that their business is down because they are cultist members in good standing. This is where the push for passports will begin

      • You could well be right about that last statement. Equal dystopia for all will be the solution. I sometimes think of sticking my head in these places and telling them that until they lose the rule book on their front window or door, I will never set foot in there. At the same time, they’ll rightly respond with righteous indignation anyway (“I’m “protecting both my employees AND you”) so why bother? If they can’t figure that out for themselves, they deserve to go under. By the way the original post was from me. I forgot to put my screen name in.

  17. The Medical Industrial Complex reveals its true colors, as it practically DEMANDS that children be subjected to this medical experiment. Despite the fact they are at little if any risk from the virus, and have been repeatedly proven not to be a significant transmission vector. So why are they encouraging child abuse? Apparently Doctor Mengele lives on. Far more pathetic is the number of parents willingly putting forth their children as Pharma’s Guinea Pigs.

  18. A local bookstore owner who is a full on diaper commie was complaining in the local media about losing 50% of her customers because she still requires diapers for all because “she can’t tell who is and isn’t gene therapied.” In the comments, a faction definitely supported her stand, but a definite majority indicated they did not want passports. The conventional logic applied being if you’ve been “vaccinated” why do you care if others are or are not? Indeed. Folks on here know why that might be argued but I’m not sure your average boobus can actually separate the dissonance from the truth in order to support the nefarious outcome. The ones who can are the ones acting in a purely political and evil manner that has nothing to do with health.

    • Time for the yellow triangles.
      Point down, inscribed “nicht geimpft.”
      Fraktur typeface, naturlich.

      Wear yours with pride.
      I’ll be right there with you.

  19. This charade is so reminiscent of inquisitions and witch burnings, its hard to escape the parallels. Those too may have occasionally relented, temporarily, to keep the rabble at bay. To lull them into a sense of security, before the next episode of murder in the name of God.

  20. Hence, as you and others have noted, the push to get everyone jabbed ASAP. People are dying within a short time of the jab (I know of two personally and a third who has been ill ever since). There won’t be enough of the anointed to hold the line against the unanointed if too much time passes, as the anointed will be disabled or dead.

    Was it on this site I saw a link to a recent pic of Kate Middleton allegedly getting the jab? I thought the royals were into homeopathic remedies…and conspicuously the cap stayed on the syringe. But people will only see what they are looking for…

    Liars, all.

    • Darn it! I did not notice that. The media kept telling me to focus on her cute white t shirt ($7.99 from H&M, for anyone who cares), her great hair, and the huge sapphire on her finger.

      • The way they’ve rolled out queenie and the royal family to promote the jabs in a way shows me theres hope – these are normally the last resort of propaganda in the UK. I guess not many are buying the crap and staying away from the Jab…. hence the need for the nuclear option….

    • Maybe, maybe not. The “vaccines” are killing a number of people within a certain timeframe. If you survive this injection of the spike protein, you will be okay, until more people get jabbed. Eventually, the jabbed will call for booster shots which will kill more. They will demand that the un vaxxed conform and get the shot as well. My answer will be what it always has been: “fuck you” My asshole brothers, the liberal one and the formerly neocon one both got the pfizer jab. I tried to discourage both, discussing messenger rna and how it messes with your immune system and rewires your dna. They were having none of it. As a cherry on top of the whipped cream, I told the liberal one (who is a car hatinge environmentalist) that throwing away his bicycle and eating McDonalds is far less damaging to his body than the poison he just took. It may be a matter of time before he gets affected or gets a booster jab. Time will tell. I don’t really care anymore.

      • Some people have lost all capacity to reason. The simple question is WHY would anyone need a “vaccine” for an illness that has a 99.8% recovery rate WITHOUT medical intervention?

        Since reasoning has gone out the window, your response above is the best.

    • Just got word that my father is in ICU with a mysterious blood loss.

      Took second jab about a month and a half ago.

      His wife said it is not looking good for him.

      That makes 4 people close to me that have died or become seriously ill shortly after the jab. I’m not even on social media.

  21. We have a 3-4 month opening to fill our freezers and prep our pantries. I just bought $330 of meat and seafood at our local farmers market. This biweekly price doesn’t even surprise hubby anymore. He shrugs his shoulders and asks “Did the freezer get below 20 lbs of hamburger meat?” Of course. Some women buy Fendi bags and Jimmy Choos. I prefer Delmonico steaks and wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon. My feeling is when the SHTF leather doesn’t taste very good. BTW lump crabmeat is $44/lb now. I almost keeled over when I saw that price. Something about a labor shortage. Apparently, sitting home collecting $678 per week is keeping people from job hunting. 😒

    • You don’t say? I don’t believe that there is a labor shortage. Of course, that is from nearly 40 years of participating in a sub par, low employment economy with negative wage gains for most and for me, barely keeping up with inflation. This year, there are too many computer hacks, and ship collisions creating shortages of food, gasoline, toilet paper, supplements, auto parts and others for it to be a coincidence. The price of meat at the grocery store appears to have jumped 15 percent in the last two weeks. Gasoline is fluctuating at the pump, but trending higher. Used cars are through the roof and supply is constrained. It’s unprcedented. I have paid for everyone’s stimulus check while I have gone to work every day since this crap started. I for one, am sick of it. I haven’t seen inflation like this since 1979-80. Except now, the prices are almost 4 times as high as back then.

      • Amen, Swamp –

        As I type this, I am looking at the envelope containing the four figure check I am about to mail to the county as the price of being allowed to remain in the home I thought I paid for many years ago. It’s at least a month’s earnings for me – gone – without the dignity of having surrendered it to a thief with the balls to break into my house and put a gun to my head; someone I could at least defend myself against.

        Instead, a letter comes, announcing: Pay up!

        Somehow – I don’t understand how – I “owe” money for the education of other people’s children in schools I never attended and want nothing to do with.

      • You don’t believe there is a labor shortage? Even if it intentional? There is an event taking place in July this year called Cyber Polygon being held by the WEF. They provided us so many clues to Event 201 and its similarities to Covid I expect the same with this scenario. The elites do love to boast. Rumor has it that it will align with a major supply chain disruption. We have already seen government hacks to oil and now meat. I expect the banking system to be next, but it also could be the electric grid, food supply, or water.

        • Hi RG,

          I can report (based on direct knowledge gained from conversations with business-owning friends of mine) that there is indeed a labor shortage, especially on the lower end – apparently because many people are collecting more in “relief” and “unemployment” than they can earn from working.

          • Hi Eric,

            I have seen and heard the same thing. Nobody is going to work for $400 a week if they can collect $600 + in benefits. I do think it is intentional though. What the idiots sitting at home collecting benefits don’t realize is that small to large businesses will automate pushing aside manual labor. Those jobs will be gone forever. Unemployment benefits will not last and when they do return to the job force there will be nothing for them.

            • Hi RG,

              Yup; plus, there is the sadness of people being rewarded and so conditioned to be pathetic, dependent losers. And we all know what ends up being the fate of such people.

              • On a good news front….just got the gravel delivered for the greenhouse…four tons of crushed river rock.

                The greenhouse should be completed by next weekend. Heading over to TSC today and hoping I am not too late to find some planting seeds.

        • Jerome Powell said what he’s so scarrrrrred of (all these gov twats are scarrrrred of everything), is if Hack0rz shut down a major payment processor (I’m thinking the major credit cards) and how much havoc that would wreak on the economy.

          Maybe that’s what they’ll do. Plastic won’t work. There’ll be chaos at the ATMs and soon out of cash (remember that fake & gay “cash shortage” last year?), and no one will be able to check out at Costtttttco!!

          Fights, riots, looting (“After all, people HAVE TO EAT!!”) and then a push for FedCoin, which is unhackable, and like the covaids vagxine, developed in RECORD TIME! Another! Holy! Miracle!

          But yes, I’m watching July 9 for clues.

          • Seems like the whole world stops when the computers go down; was buying cat food at a Petco recently and I couldn’t even pay with cash because their system went “offline”. Gotta love “progress”.


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