An Attempted Diapering

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Well, I spoke to soon about Diapering waning here in Southwest Virginia. At least, in one “hot spot” of SW Virginia, where Diapering waxes. A veritable epicenter of sickness psychosis, where they are all-of-a-sudden doubling down on Diapering – probably because all of a sudden so many people have been taking their Diapers off.

I refer to Earth Fare – the store that had been militantly “of the body” – and so of the Diaper – until just a couple of weeks ago, when all of a sudden and just like that the Stalinist sign out front was gone and in its place a much smaller, meeker-looking sign left almost apologetically off to the right, inside the door.

I walked right by its impotent silent screaming, several times.

Today, the Stalinist sign is back up – outside. And there are new signs, inside.

I saw one as I walked up to the butcher counter to get some ground beef. Earth Fare has great deals on grass-fed ground beef, by the way – which is one of the reasons I go there. Or did, before sick kabuki became a condition of entry.

And now – it’s back!

A sign taped to the glass display case read: “ALL (in caps) patrons and employees must wear a facial covering.”

I of course ignored it as I do when signs are stupid or evil.

Got my ground beef and continued to shop. It was while I was loading up some fresh wings a the hot bar that I felt the hate-glow of a Diaperer. It was standing at my elbow, proffering a box of Holy Rags like a street kid in Mexico trying to sell you a Chiclet only without the honorable intent of the latter,who is just trying to earn a peso.

“I don’t wear those things,” I told it – emphasis on things to get across my contempt.  I think it was a “she” but it was hard to tell. One of the many disgusting aspects of this sick kabuli is that it’s hard to see who you’re talking to.

Not my girlfriend . . .

Anyhow, the effaced creature began to screech about “the Virginia Department of Health,” to which I said: “I don’t give a damn about that” and then “have a nice day.” It looked appalled. I continued to shop, feeling the eyes of that thing behind me, hot with religious outrage.

So why the sudden renewed Diaper Fever?

I think it’s because everywhere else, the Diapers are coming off – and I know for a fact that a goodly number of them were shopping at EarthFare. Not a huge number but more than before. And this sight no doubt caused a few especially ill sickness psychotics to lose their minds – though admittedly it is hard to lose that which you no longer have.

But at any rate.

Someone – probably several – complained to the store’s manager and I suppose the manager decided to double down on the Diapering, to appease them. Or at least to get them to shut up.

What’s amusing about this is the Diapering is being imposed now upon the Needled – those who’ve received their Holy Jab, in part to be able to at last take off their Diapers. Wasn’t that part of the incentive to be Anointed?

Now rescinded.

It amuses my dark heart to think of these Diapered Buffoons being made to Diaper up again, after having been Anointed. They have earned their humiliation for the degradation they’ve helped to visit on us, the sane and healthy.

But it worries me that EarthFare and other such joints are going to lose some business over this – that of the Anointed, who are rightly sick of being Diapered – and who may take their business someplace else. Not because I bleed for EarthFare. I worry about what Earth Fare and these other stores are going to insist on to ease the deranged fears of the sickness psychotics – who will never feel “safe” again unless either everyone in their proximity is wearing the disgusting Diaper (even if Anointed) or everyone is forced to show proof of their having been Anointed.

That’s what’s coming, I fear.

Because the sickness has not been treated. The deranged aren’t sane. And they aren’t going to get well without us telling them forthrightly that they are sick – and to get therapy – or get bent.

. . . 

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  1. Grass-fed beef? I don’t care what the health nuts say, that stuff is terrible! You need some corn in their diet to add flavor. Most of the beef farmers I know prefer the flavor of corn fed any day.

    • Hi BD,

      Not me! I’ve eaten both and much prefer the taste of grass-fed. Of course, everyone has their own taste, so it’s not a better – or worse – thing.

      I have, however, read that grass-fed beef is much healthier than corn fed.

    • Hi Big Daddy,

      Add me to the grass fed list. Yes, corn and grain does add flavor to the beef and gives it a bit more gamey taste than grass fed, but the problem is most of the corn that is fed to the cattle contains GMOs. That is why I avoid the corn fed cattle.

  2. Around here the crazies are getting more hysterical as the “mandates” come off. Had my first encounter with a Karen while out for a walk yesterday; was on a section of sidewalk that was narrowed due to construction and this hysteric almost ran in front of a car to evade me, then started screaming at me for not “respecting” her space. I merely replied “bite me” and kept walking while she continued foaming at the mouth (I assume since her face was fully diapered). All this while outdoors on a gorgeous day….ugh!
    It’s been my observation that the most militant diaperers are in the age range of late teens to mid twenties, (Gen Z?) perhaps due to being fully indoctrinated by the public skools and Marxist colleges, not to mention never taking their eyeballs away from their sailfawns. I vaguely remember my report cards from elementary school had rankings for “follows directions” and “gets along with others”, guessing it was important that we be groomed to be good members of the hive.

  3. We attended the Western & Southern Open pro tennis tournament in Cincinnati many times. We’ve seen nearly all of the world’s best players there over the years. I once had a nice chat about cars with Richard Williams outside the main stadium while his daughter Venus was playing a boring blowout match on Center Court.
    Last year they held it in New York, and didn’t allow spectators. I got an email this morning saying it will be open to full capacity again this August in Cincy, with tickets going on sale soon. But in the fine print:
    “Any necessary protocols for the health and safety of all attendees may be established by the tournament in concert with local authorities at any point prior to or during the event.”
    In other words, pay for tickets and a crappy overpriced hotel room now in anticipation of a normal tournament experience, but you might have to diaper if the “local authorities” demand it when the time comes.
    I think we’ll pass.

  4. Today is another day that the Lord hath made. This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Hear us Lord, in our greatest hour of need.

    Fuckin’ A, man. Might as well, just ain’t gonna make life any worse, being glad and glad you’re here, just how it is.

    No sense in being unhappy about all of this bullshit, what good is that going to do?

    We live in a fake America, a fake US gov, a fake money system, a fake election whatever it was, ain’t doing anybody any good, ‘specially Uncle Joe the Vaccinator. Ad absurdum, ad infinitum

    Don’t fret, don’t lose your cool, just keep on truckin’, like Freewheelin’ Franklin always does, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers can lead the way. R. Crumb and all of that nonchalant jazz.

    Hunter would just say fuck it. lol

    Another day in paradise, nirvana in the Halls of Shangri-La. It’s just another day.

    You can still rejoice and be glad in it, you can still bring it all to a screeching halt, not an easy job, but not difficult to turn it all around and make it all better.

    There is humor in anything, humor in music, Frank Zappa would agree. The Fugs would too. You have to kill for peace, corruption says so. There is corruption in anything, burn witches at the stake, burn Joan of Arc at the stake, cook her well-done.

    Her executioners were horrified when they retrieved her blackened remains to find her heart still beating. True story.

    … throw down your books and pick your gun, we’re gonna have a whole lot of fun… be the first one on your block to have your son come home in a box – Country Joe MacDonald

    Don’t need no stinkin’ war when you can vaccinate people to death. Makes the Grim Reaper happy as a lark.

    Efficacious has a whole new meaning, when I say a word…

    If the vaccines cause harm and death, you have a desired result.

    Hippocrates would be horrified.

    • … throw down your books and pick your gun, we’re gonna have a whole lot of fun…


      … throw down your books and pick up a gun, we’re gonna have a whole lot of fun…

  5. I’d guess many people who work at Earth Fare would never put a genetically modified food into their mouth. Yet, the same people are willing to be genetically modified. #pretzellogic

  6. That is ominous in Oregon. However, Oregon is run by the most psychotic creatures in the nation. They should be put against the wall. Now. Before it’s too late.

  7. Get bent is the only reply I give them.

    I find it endlessly entertaining when they walk up and ask my about “my” mask.

    I just don’t respond.

    It’s amazing that people think addressing someone else means there has to be a reply. It’s funny to watch them squirm when you don’t reply or acknowledge their presence.

    But sometimes that gets boring. I’ll let them hand me a mask, followed by a grin and a thank you, followed by my dropping the mask on the ground or in a garbage can.

    Step back and put the pretentiousness down, you masked quarter wits, it’s over.

    • “It’s amazing that people think addressing someone else means there has to be a reply.”

      Right on. It’s especially obnoxious when they are addressing you so that they can ask you a “personal” question.

  8. Save half of Manhattan, Franchises/Chain Establishments or anywhere with some teeny-bopper with the iq of a Chicken McNugget playing hostess/cashier, most places here in Jersey just won’t care anymore.

    I went to Asbury Park on Saturday (Austin TX of Jersey, just gayer), no mask or lanyard and walked inside a busy restaurant/sports bar with my sister and gf, they didn’t say shit. Walked to the Gelato shop I used to frequent prior to Covid unmasked/lanyard’d and had a conversation with the employee about his opinion on the matter.

    ONLY time I seen them care was when my cheapish friend took me to Moe’s in exchange for installing an AEM filter and replacing the halogen bulbs in his Ridgeline’s bed with LEDs, had my medical exemption lanyard on under my hoodie just in case and the manger was going apeshit on someone waiting without a diaper as he couldn’t with me, while the customers around me were like “Stand your ground, don’t let him kick you out”. I was wondering why they’re telling me that when it’s clear as day I gotta “medical issue” (lol), but ate inside with no issues and that’s that.

    Supposed to be vaxxed or masked here in Jersey, but just like the Dirty Carpet Bagger Gov from Massholetwoshits, everyone’s tired of the damn Maskerade and being corrupt here as half of the state was NY when NY was tough, no one will ask or of they do, won’t press it

    Just my two cents

    • Zane,

      South and west don’t care anymore. South jersistan never cared period. But hit anywhere on the rt 1 corridor from edison to newark and they are as militant as when this idocracy began. Metuchen seems like ground zero for sickness psychosis in nj. With diapered sheep walking around like good little cultists.

      But all is not lost, Even my wife is commenting on how almost everyone in left wing target have grown tired of the game and most have the diaper hanging from their chin. My guess is the conversion from winter right to summer and very little spring in between had something to do with the locals desire to stop wearing an oxygen depletingThe local minor league team has declared 100% capacity and diapers optional. I’ve taken to not even engaging people anymore, i’ll throw head phones on when i walk in and pretend i don’t hear you when you ask me where my diaper is.

      • Exactly. Saw on Gab that in a Monticello NY Walmart, masks are on clearance for 25 cents, sign of the times indeed.

        I’d of done the headphones thing if I didn’t get a medical lanyard. Best $25 I spent, fools 99.8% of everyone, my friend even said it was nice of the dr to give me one, and I never did tell him that I simply ordered it online xD Best is when the NPC’s would get all apologetic, and admit they never saw one, making it seem even more legit.

        By July, other than $tarcuck$ and other libtarded franchises, only the Hypochondriacs will be masked, most people won’t even bother wearing it around their chins at that point, just be in the trash where it belongs

      • Hi Antilles,

        I just got back from my the Food Lion in my little town of Floyd, VA. They have the Diaper signage up but half the people inside aren’t Diapered and no one said anything to me about my blatant face-showing. In my neck, it seems to be the case that only Earth Fare remains a canker sore of sickness psychosis.

  9. At the risk of being tedious, since HIPAA comes up so often, my attempt at illustrating when it applies and when it doesn’t.
    Let’s say you live in a very small town with one doctor’s office. At the grocery store, they say you have to tell them whether you’ve been vaccinated or you can’t come in. The store is not in violation of HIPAA because 1) they are not disclosing your medical information; they are asking for it, and 2) grocery stores are not subject to HIPAA in the first place.
    But then, guessing that you are a patient of Dr. Smith, the store calls his office and asks whether you’ve had the shot. They answer that no, you have not. Now the doctor’s office is in violation of HIPAA because 1) doctors’ offices are subject to HIPAA, and 2) they have disclosed your medical information to another party without your permission.
    Not a perfect illustration, because with the shots being available from many sources, your doctor’s office would not be able to say for sure you’ve not had it, but I hope this helps.
    Just say “None of your business!” Add expletives as desired.

    • Just to be clear almost everyone in the USSA can honestly answer that they’ve been vaxxers. Before I looked into it and learned the truth of vaccination and germ theory of disease, I was shot up with a number of vaxxers. Nobody questioned it in the 70’s and 80’s. Very few people outside of the research community knew of the drawbacks of vaxxes.

      So if you’re in a hurry, or tired of fighting for the moment, you can honestly say you’ve been vaxxers. They don’t need to know it was for polio or TB.

  10. Sadly, for them, EarthFare has just come out of Bankruptcy and has NO room to screw up again … THIS ALONE could tip them over and out of the grocery game especially i us normies decide it’s too much trouble and desert them!

    BUT, I have no mercy for those companies that choose to pander to the sick kabuki theater mask psychotics and virtue signalers …

    If they choose the sickies over us normies then they get what ever they deserve …

  11. I think in the near future, kind of like during the civil war, there will be free states and not free states. Here in Ohio there is legislation pending banning vaccine passports and discrimination against the unvaxed. There are other state legislatures doing the same thing.

    I think the mask has become an ideological badge for the virtue signalling wokesters. If you don’t wear a mask someone may think you are a conservative. it’s their MAGA hat so to speak.

  12. This “proof of vaxx” nonsense merely betrays the fact that our “medical privacy” laws are a sham. Those laws were largely implemented as a way for the liberal ruling elite to force the conservative plebes to accept behaviors that were historically regarded as sexually deviant.

    If an employer instituted a policy under which gay men with HIV were required to wear hazmat suits at work but everybody else was exempt, the courts would practically shit themselves declaring it “unconstitutional.” If a grocery store or football stadium demanded to see proof on a cell phone app that a woman was free of gonorrhea, or never had an abortion as a condition of entry, you know damn well what the reaction would be.

    But when it comes to enforcing obeisance to the government religion of COVID hysteria… well, then, “my body, my choice,” HIPAA, and my “right to medical privacy” goes right out the f–ing window in a heartbeat.

    • HIPPA is misunderstood. As someone who works with HIPPA forms on a regular basis the deal is that in order for a medical provider to release medical information the patient must give permission for that release by signing the HIPPA form. You can refuse to give your medical information to a business so your privacy is not breached. Bottom line is it’s doubtful that you could seek relief through the courts for this. However, your state legislator can address this.

      • Boy, is it ever. The P in HIPAA stands for Portability, not Privacy. While there is a Privacy Rule within HIPAA, it does not prohibit any business from asking you for medical information.
        The good news is that you don’t have to answer. Just say “None of your business!”

  13. Stay alert, and file quietly into the execution chamber when it’s your turn.
    Relax, this will not hurt a bit. The nice doctor is here to help you.

  14. Eric – just my two cents – as long as they allowed you to shop without (as annoying as it is), keep going back to rub it in their face. keep reminding them there are people there who dont give a damn about what the government department of this and that mandates…. basically keep the battle on their turf !!

  15. Took my teenage daughter to the orthodontist yesterday. We were the only 2 people not diapered up. Sat in the waiting room about 30 minutes, and watched many mother hens escorting their diapered teenagers into the office, must have been at least a dozen people. The mother hens would drop their teenagers off, and depart. Here I was a mid 50 year old dude, sitting in a waiting room with a handful of teenagers who were fully diapered. Teenagers who have are as close to 100% safe from the Rona as can be, and all of them sat their dutifully wearing their diapers without a peep of complaint. I thought when the mother hens left, they would remove their diapers, but I was sadly mistaken. What is wrong with people?

    • Hi Rush,

      These kids are the most programmed kids of any generation to date, I think. I mean the government-schooled and TeeVee watching ones. I say this because I’ve observed quite a difference in critical thinking skills and “servility index” between kids who were sent to these government schools (and watch a lot of TeeVee) and the homeschooled kids, who are almost always more adult, speak thoughtfully and seem more questioning of mindless rules.

      • Public schools have achieved the goals it set a hundred years ago when it became mandatory. By far the most effective psychological operation in the history of the US if not the world. Which makes me think evil thoughts about the property tax collector that is forcing me to finance it, at gunpoint.

  16. Damn, I’m jealous of all your stories from other parts of the country where you don’t have to diaper. I live in the Sillycon Valley, diaper central. Gavin said June 15th is the day we throw the diapers away. If I want to eat I have to don something, which is a worn out, greasy bondo mask, doesn’t really do anything, and once I’m in, it kind of just falls off my face naturally. But anyway…
    I’ve been fuckin’ with the mask nazi at the door at the local Safeway every time I go in. I’ve asked him shit like “you’re just here for the paycheck”, or “this is retarded right?” He’s like’ “yea”. After the cashier has bagged my shit and given me my change i immediately rip off my bondo mask and proceed to walk out, past the mask nazi at the door, and I say to him “have a nice day”. He’s like “you too”. I’ve decided, “fuck them”, fuck with me, I’ll fuck with you.

    • It sucks, William –

      I have a suggestion, too. One I’d never make in normal times. Throw the used face condom on the ground the moment you leave the store; the sight of these things is disgusting and it may help to make more people sick of them.

      • Hi Eric,

        Well, I guess there are at least three posters here who live in silicon valley — William Self, Opposite Lock, and me. The paradox is that this area has perhaps the most highly educated demographic of any place in the entire world. Silicon valley is full of engineers with Phds in electrical engineering and computer science. Yet the insanity is widespread here. We are indeed diaper central. The paradox being, of course, that such highly educated, highly intelligent people have fallen for this nonsense head over heals. This illustrates that intelligence in some areas does not necessarily translate into intelligence in other areas. Highly educated, intelligent people can be really stupid in areas outside of their areas of expertise.

        • Education doesn’t make you intelligent. Your born with that, or without it. It can be nurtured and improved, or denigrated and destroyed, but it can’t be created. Such is a major delusion of the masses. That a PHD means something other than Piled Higher and Deeper, to quote Bobby Knight. In fact, given the abject failure of education, more may actually mean less. Many of us could excel if we spent every waking moment on a particular subject, discipline, or field of study. Most of us don’t have that luxury, or don’t bother with it. The latter being one reason some buy self driving cars.

        • Many of the smartest most educated people have absolutely no common sense. This plandemic has served to highlight that fact in spades.

          • Hey delow24,

            Yep, smart, educated people make the best useful idiots! The reason is that they highly value their perceived intelligence, and education. This makes most of them incapable of recognizing, or admitting, that they’ve been fooled; that their critical thinking skills have been derailed by fear and propaganda.


        • Hi Martin!

          I have a theory about this. Being able to assimilate a great deal of specialized information is one thing; it is certainly an aspect of intelligence. Dullards cannot do surgery. Well, cannot do it competently. But it is also not the same thing as critical thinking, a more important aspect of intelligence. I think the former is lacking because the habit is not developed – as it once was, when an “educated” person was first taught how to think rather than what to think. Today and for at least a generation or two, most people are actively discouraged from thinking while being rewarded for rote memorization and obedience.

          I think this explains a great deal.

          I regard myself as supremely fortunate to have been raised by people who encouraged me to think rather than to regurgitate. I was given access to all kinds of books at an early age and encouraged to read and draw my own conclusions. I did. I became – cuing Terminator monologue – self aware at around 11 years old, as most kids once did when kids were encouraged to attain to age of reason, which was often just before or just around puberty. They became smaller-scale adults at that moment.

          Today, many adults remain pre-pubertal children, mentally. Even though many are quite “educated.”

          • Eric,
            “… people are actively discouraged from thinking while being rewarded for rote memorization and obedience.”

            That brings back a memory. Although I was only 2 years and a week old when Kennedy was killed, I remember it. And I remember a day in first grade when the teacher finished reading something to the the class, what it was, not important. Anyway the teacher asked me my thoughts about the story and i replied “I don’t know.” She kept pestering me and I kept saying “I don’t know.” The thing is, I knew exactly what she wanted me to regurgitate, I just didn’t want to participate in the conversation.
            My next report card said that I am having problems “comprehending.”
            When I look back is it possible that I was “awakened” at the age of 5? I’d like to think so.

        • Martin,
          So true.
          Have you heard that one PSA on bay area radio.

          “When we look back at the last year, you can say…” (different people, voices) “I did what I could…”, “I looked out for the safety of the community…”, I did my part for my family and friends…” “Wear your mask, keep your distance, get vaccinated”.

          When I hear that at work at the shop, I say I didn’t do shit! Then I want to throw a hammer at the radio.

          • I would just stick with a good personal playlist or CD rotation, fuck listening to the radio when they’re pushing that crap. I can’t even set foot in stores without headphones on anymore cuz of all the poisonous propaganda on the in-store radios..hearing it is enough to make me wanna lose my shit. I talk out loud at it too but the other people are so goddamn docile, I look around and it’s a full-on toxic dystopia with the State pumping bs thru the speakers.

            I recommend subjecting yourself to as few Big Brother ads as possible. Having to hear it regularly is actively harmful and seriously wears on the soul.

          • Hi William,

            I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing that particular add. But I’ve seen lots of propaganda on radio, television, and the internet, all paid for with our tax dollars, all pushing masking, “social distancing”, and these experimental vaccines.

            The latest revelation is about Facebook. Two Facebook insiders have leaked internal company documents to Project Veritas. These documents reveal that Facebook has been suppressing content that promotes “vaccine hesitancy”. A tier system is used to determine if a comment should be suppressed or hidden. Facebook is using an algorithm to do this. Twitter has been suppressing any content questioning lockdowns, masking, or vaccines for a long time now. And youtube has been taking down videos questioning the mainstream position on this, labeling these videos as “medical misinformation”, even if the videos were linking to reputable sources in the scientific and medical community. That’s the society we’re living in now.

      • Eric,
        I can’t do that, it’s my only rag, I don’t use those blue stupid looking things, and I never would. If you were to see what I use you would crack up. I’ve had store employees ask me if I would like a new mask, and I politely reply, “no, I like this one.”

  17. Let Earth Fare lose your business, Eric. Seriously, screw them. I drove down to Georgetown, SC yesterday. It used to be one of my favorite little cities on the waterfront. I loved walking into the small boutiques, learning about the local history, and just the general enjoyment of being around water and lots of boats. One of the restaurants also has a killer peanut butter pie.

    The town is now a shadow of its former self. Twenty percent of the shops were now vacant, another twenty percent were only open “Covid hours” aka three days a week, twenty percent demanded masks (which I will oblige the sign on the door and refuse to enter), and the remaining 40% were a mix of restaurants and service businesses (e.g. realtors or boat tours). People were milling around, but very few had any bags in their hands. I only ended up shopping at one store. I had money to burn, but most businesses were closed at 2 pm on a Monday. The stores that were open the mask requirement made shopping a deterrent. The gourmet food store made out, but it was the only one. Shop owner unmasked and welcoming. I left with a variety of popcorns, salsas, and shortbread cookies.

    • Morning, RG –

      I know; you’re right. It just sucks because EarthFare has great deals on quality food – the type not even available at Kroger and other stores. For now, I will continue to march right in and shop unless they demand I leave. If they do, I will drop my basket of food on the floor as I do. One’s obligation to be civil ends when others are not.

      • Don’t accept a demand you leave from some “employee” who may be acting out their own derangement without management approval. Insist on seeing the manager, who is the only one you can be sure is a legitimate representative of the business.

        • There are also forms you can bring along to have the manager sign, stating that they agree that they are discriminating against you. Same for the businesses/employers/schools who want to require a jab.

      • Hi Eric,

        Have you tried getting the name of the manufacturers that sell to Earth Fare and buying from them directly or locate another distributor who sells the same product without the Kabuki?

        • Hi RG,

          No – not exactly – but it’s a sound idea. Are you hip to Joe Salatin? His farm is about two hours away from me and I think that’s a trip worth making. But I need to get a big freezer first!

          • Hi Eric,

            I have heard of the farm, but I have not toured it. It is about an hour and a half from me. We have a few similar farms in our area. We have annual farm tours where I live. A few years back the familia and I stopped in at Moving Meadows Farm (the actual farm, not their storefront) and it was an excellent learning experience. It was a hayride tour and lasted about an hour/hour and a half, but they took us all over the farm and showed us how the chickens, cows, turkeys are raised, the environmental impact, etc. I stopped buying meat from the grocery store after that tour and will only buy it from local farms.

            We also have a really neat brochure that is distributed to the households of the four counties in our area annually. It lists every farm in the area and all of the products that they sell….blueberries, honey, eggs, meat, lavender, etc. I have set up enough distribution lines that I could survive without a grocery store. It wouldn’t be easy, but doable.

          • I’ve been up there for the tour and used to stop in occasionally to pick up a few things when I still had family in Ch’ville and it was kind of on the way. I no longer routinely drive that route but I do recall that some of his students/apprentices started similar farms in other areas. Maybe there’s one down this way? I’ll have to look that up.

          • I think its called poly face farms (not exactly sure) I have watched many of his videos, seems like a solid sustainable operation. I learned a lot from them before getting chickens. If I lived near by I would frequent.

            Fortunately I have a neighbor who is a butcher with his own walk in cooler. His kids raise cattle. The beef is wonderful even if pricey, its worth it.

          • Hey Eric,

            Joel Salatin is amazing! A radical libertarian, Christian and passionate steward of the earth. A friend sent his first book, “Everything I Want to do is Illegal” to me many years ago. Holy Crap! A libertarian manifesto coming from a true environmentalist, who’d a thunk it?



    • Murrells Inlet SC has been open for sometime, still see the Covidians but they are fast becoming the minority, for now.

      • Hi Mark,

        It seemed like Surfside, Garden City, Murrells Inlet, and Pawleys were pretty open. Enjoyed a delicious Italian meal in Pawleys Monday night. No masks anywhere not even on the staff. It was great to see.

        I was a little confused when Tanger Outlets still required masking. I drove up to NMB, saw the sign, and didn’t even park. I am not going to waste my time.

        • Raider Girl,

          You are voting with your wallet and that is what we all need to be doing. I make it a point to tell owners why i shop there and drop money on things in their stores. I make them understand their lack of following the sickness cult is why I made a purchase, large or small, and why i will be back. I keep getting calls from my old gym wanting me to come back and i keep asking if they dropped the mask requirement to work out, they say no, i say well there is my answer.

          • Hi Antilles,

            If this past year has taught me anything it is that I am able to survive with less. Maybe a lot of the fight is gone (or my patience), but I don’t want to assist businesses who have stupid rules. I want to reward those businesses that are willing to participate in defiance and I do, but are there enough willing participants to do the same?

        • Good to know about the outlets. We are going to Ocean Isle in a couple of weeks and we usually go down to MB and the outlets on a day. I will just skip it this year. It is kind of strange too in that SC has not had the diaper requirement for a long time as their governor freed them quite a while ago.

          • Hi delow,

            Most of MB is open and mask free. In early April the town council lifted the city ordinance for mask mandating and it is now only enforceable via business. When I pulled up to the entrance on Saturday I noticed a “Masks Required Sign” at each entrance into the outlets. I didn’t even exit the truck – just turned around and headed back south where the sickness isn’t as prevalent.

    • Hi Dan,

      I will attempt a diagnosis. I think sickness psychosis is the final stage of safety neurosis, a disease that has been metastasizing since the late 1960s and now is fully elaborated. People have been conditioned to be afraid of practically everything; risk – no matter how attenuated and abstract – has become something that must be eliminated by any means necessary, no matter the cost. One sees this in everything – from cars to Corona.

      I’ll have more to say about this later…

      • Based on the supposition that “you can’t put a price on a life”. Which you most assuredly can. A simple demonstration. If given a choice between spending a million dollars to save one life, or a million dollars to save ten, which do you choose? If you choose the ten, then you have put a price on their lives, one hundred thousand dollars. Sucks to be the one that needs a million.

        • Hi John,


          Of course, it also begs some questions – such as who is going to pay the million? Is it worth paying it – to them? It may well be worth it to the individual involved. But if it means other individuals must provide the million, is it worth it, to them? Perhaps other things are more important – to them. Is this wrong? If it is, then arguably it is just as wrong for the individual demanding others fork over the million because it is important to himself.

          One size rarely fits all.

          We can see this in the current fiasco. For some, it is important to live in terror – for others, not. Why not let each decide for themselves, without imposing their value judgments on others? I don’t want to wear a Diaper and so don’t. Others should be free to wear one, if they wish to. But neither ought to force the other around to their way of thinking.

      • eric,

        I can’t disagree.

        I remember as a kid when all the “wear your seatbelt” stuff started.
        Good enough, it can help you but we mostly went san belt and were able to ride around in the back of pickups. And god forbid, two kids under 8 in a front bucket seat.

        We even got in a wreck in a pinto, me and my brother in the front seat.
        Didn’t die or anything.

        Then the progression to AGW enforcement [for our own good]

        Surprisingly our motorcycle riders won their freedom years ago to not wear a helmet. Can’t believe they pulled that off.

        • Hi Dan,

          Yup; me also. We were lucky enough to have grown up in the Before Time – when people obsessed with saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety (not just their own, naturally) were in the minority or at least, lacked the power to enforce their sickness on everyone. We may have been at a higher potential risk of dying as a result of not buckling up and not wearing helmets and all of that – but our lives were so much better. I doubt anyone who was there and remembers will disagree with me – except for the deranged, who ruined it all and turned it into what we are dealing with today.

  18. Just like before, the big boxes are fine, for now. It’s the medium/smaller businesses near me that are doing the same thing as before. Diapers required irrespective of mandates. The worst is the local ice cream parlor that the local gesundheitfuhrer made a public example of last year. Yesterday, I watched a group of 3-4 10-13 year old tourists diaper up after leaving their house to walk to get ice cream (I overheard the discussion with parents who requested such and I consider those parents to be complicit in this evil). I also know some of these business owner people personally and they now sicken me as well. There is no duress to blame.

    • Seems like some of the most vigilant mask cultists are these holistic health, tattooed, vegan type businesses. Months ago long before the mandates were in place Rainbow Blossom was all diapered up and had taken the deep dive into total covdiocy. The irony of a bunch of leftist “health nuts” going along with the, Jesuit goblin “doctor’s”fauxcisms didn’t go unnoticed. We used to go there for healthier snacks and occasional supplements etc. They haven’t seen a dime from me in 8-9 months and probably never will.
      I absolutely refuse to engage in any business with these cult members. It’s actually been a blessing in disguise. I never would have went so hard at gardening, raising my own meat and eggs had these idiots not acted like this.

      • Hi Sicilian,

        In re: “I never would have went so hard at gardening, raising my own meat and eggs had these idiots not acted like this.”

        Ditto. I am seriously considering a milk cow and some goats. I have the chickens/ducks covered. I need to get the greenhouse built. But I am working on all of this – for the same reasons you got motivated to work on them. I have come to loathe even seeing these Freaks and would love to never have to see them again.

        • Yup. Among many other expanded gardening adventures this year, I spent the day yesterday putting 2 new lime trees from into raised beds in the yard. Might take a year or two to fruit but it’s a good time to get started.

          • Thanks, Hat for the site information. I wanted to add a few lemon and lime trees into the greenhouse this fall. I am going to even try the coffee plant. I don’t expect to have a lot of luck growing my own arabica beans , but I will give it a whirl.

  19. Oregon governor told businesses that they must verify vaccination or require masks. I went into a store today and they added extra mask signs and a new sign on the plexiglass in front of the cashier saying “ we have the right to refuse service to anyone without a mask” . They never mentioned anything to me about not wearing a mask.

      • I think the small respite was to give folks a small taste of “normalcy,” then they will “take it back” until everyone gets the blood clot shot.

        It’s coming, this Pysop is far from over.

    • “Oregon governor told businesses that they must verify vaccination or require masks.”
      Which is a criminal act per HIPPA. They are not allowed to even ask you for medical information, much less demand it. I’m hopeful the courts get extremely busy over this attempt to create vaccine passports.

      • Sorry John, HIPAA has nothing to do with a business asking for your medical information. Its Privacy Rule only prohibits medical establishments from disclosing medical information about you that they already have. That said, you might be able to fend off a demand for information by invoking HIPAA, since few people know what’s in it.
        From HHS:
        “The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information and applies to health plans, health care clearinghouses, and those health care providers that conduct certain health care transactions electronically. The Rule requires appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of personal health information, and sets limits and conditions on the uses and disclosures that may be made of such information without patient authorization. The Rule also gives patients rights over their health information, including rights to examine and obtain a copy of their health records, and to request corrections.”

        • “The Rule requires appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of personal health information” does not apply? If not, I stand corrected.
          In any case, There must be some regulation that prohibits forcing one to disclose their medical information. Was their not a big drive to protect AIDs victims from such?

          • As far as I know, the Privacy Rule of HIPAA is intended only to prohibit hospitals, doctors’ offices and insurance underwriters from disclosing your information without your permission. It has nothing to do with anybody asking for it. So no, it would not apply to a business that is being required by the government to verify vaccination status.
            As far as other laws like the ADA are concerned, I don’t know. I researched HIPAA a few years ago when our congregation had a lazy interim pastor who was not visiting the sick and homebound, as his agreement with the church required. He claimed that he could not disclose to our board of elders whom he had and had not visited because it would violate HIPAA. After reading what’s in HIPAA, I called BS. If he blabbed my medical details to everybody he met, it would be a loathsome thing to do, but not a violation of HIPAA, because churches and most businesses are not subject to it so long as they’re not running medical or mental health clinics or selling health insurance.
            The situation that Anonymous references has even less to do with HIPAA, because the business would not be in possession of your information in the first place – it would be asking for it.

            • After a couple of hours of searching, I don’t find any regulation that defends us from being asked that YOU to give up your medical records, except in particular situations, such as AIDs as I mentioned above. So, we’re SOL on that path, except of course you can’t be FORCED to give them up, but you can be denied service if you don’t. Our Psychopaths In Charge doing what they do best.

              • ADA might offer some relief. Is it legal to deny people service or otherwise discriminate against them on the basis of a (possible) medical condition or whether they are taking a specific medication? I don’t know. We may not know for sure until it is tested in court.

                  • Hi Moose!

                    I’ve always regarded the ADA as a form of regulatory capture. It is much more difficult for a small restaurant to remodel for “handicap access” than for a big chain to do so. Eventually, Taco Bell will be the only restaurant left!

                    • Yeah I mean it’s definitely also just another way to keep small business owners outta business that as usual wouldn’t be possible without politicians and the activist/lobbyist statists demanding equality/equity/blahblahblah..

                      For scenarios like those, I like to imagine the power of voluntary mutual cooperation coming to their aid. A likeable restaurant owner may be able to find local suppliers to donate materials and local contractors to put in the labor, in exchange for a meal a day for life, placemat advertising and some contractor lawn signs outside. It’s good PR if they have the resources to write off and a smart community would help out to keep good eats around and help business in the area thrive in general.

                      ADA in terms of individual rights protection however is just another feel-safe illusion.

                      Same with disability benefits when ya really need em. Forced to pay into it outta our paychecks, and then when you’re down with something like chronic Lyme, Bartonella, chronic fatigue, etc (more often than not as a result of govt meddling in the shitty healthcare system leaving doctors useless and uninformed) they tell you you’re crazy and leave you to wither.

                      It’s kinda like the game of how we can trace most of our misfortunates back to the government. Ya got Lyme disease…where’d it come from? Well potentially it was a govt bioweapon. Ya got mold poisoning and none of the doctors that your govt-mandated insurance company covers would ever venture a guess, since it’s more profitable for them to push pharmaceuticals and antidepressants on you to convince you it’s in your head and make it easier to seize your firearms under redflag laws. (Happy Mental Health Awareness month! Everybody just admit you’re not feeling so good in the head, close your eyes and drop your finger to a random page on the DSM so you can fit in, be sure to document it on social media, the collective cares about you! Excellent, now good luck with your gun permit application.)

                      Your car breaks down, or fails inspection..which govt-regulated part that ya didn’t need was it this time?

                      “Classic libertopian-tards blaming the government for everything!” Try it for yourself though, it’s fun. It’s like the Kevin Bacon game but only about 2 degrees and with toxic statism instead of Footloose 🎶

  20. SO! Some asshole was just walking up and down our street with a wagon full of signs, leaving one, along with a wire stand, at every door.

    These are 24″ x 18″, full color signs, featuring cartoons and a few loathsome phrases to which we all have been exposed in abundance:


    And centrally, upon a big, red heart:
    “KEEP YOUR COMMUUUUUUUUNITY SAFE AND HEALTHY” (Emphasis on “community” is mine.)

    Smaller lettering: A message from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

    This day just keeps getting better!

    ALSO, on the other side of the sign is the same thing, EN ESPAÑOL!

    The bastards won’t quit! I might see if I can wash it and write “THINK FOR YOURSELF!”.

    • …I put on my sunglasses and it just says “DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY”.

      Also, the sign is featured at the website at the bottom:

      Scroll down to where it says “When you get your first vaccine you will be provided a vaccination card. Save it for your own records.” (!!!)

      • Don’t you have a no soliciting sign on your door? I thought all of us individualist types did

        Can’t you get them on trespassing, or littering

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        I agree with Moose. You do need a sign. I suggest a “Beware of Dog Sign” or “Attack Dog Sign, Enter at Your Own Risk.” I may or may not have a few gun signs around the property as well. 🙂

        The idiots that are ballsy enough to still ring the door bell – I let the dogs get to the door first, bark ferociously out the window, and scare the bejesus out of them.

        • “Shotgun and Backhoe on Premises” is the sign my family is looking for.

          Some salesman will still proceed. Like the ones in Secondhand Lions, but that turned out fun at least

            • The promos for Tucker Carlson’s show about the AR-15 has me thinking I might use some of mine up on our range. I think it’s nearing the “Best if used by” date.

                • I did see something about Chapman on TC, but I think it might have been a segment on last evening’s show, not in a promo for the upcoming Tucker Carlson Today program about the AR. I could be wrong.

          • Eric,

            I’d probably catch some bozos trying to salvage the brass for scrap or something. Some of these derelict city dwellers aren’t terribly bright when it comes to messaging.

            …Or some AGWs would stop by, thinking I’m the culprit regarding the random gunfire that is heard here at times.

            • RE: “the random gunfire that is heard here at times.”

              Man, I’m so glad I moved out of the city. I do not miss that, at. all.

              When I first moved to the city I would sometimes see things like ATV’s running down a snow covered street in defiance and disregard for Da Law, I thought that was cool. But then, it stopped.
              I didn’t see fun stuff like that happening soon after I moved to the city, I’m guessing that the hammer fell.
              All that was left was the shots.
              While I like gun powder, that was,… ummm, pretty much, not cool.
              Especially when BLM arrived on the scene and started lighting up random molotov’s and the like.

        • Moose and Raider Girl,

          Let me correct myself, they were more at putting these signs at every GATE, unless they could reach your door, but that’s pretty rare around here. So, they didn’t technically enter my property. So, “every door” meaning everyone got one. Some appear to have received two.

          The only thing good to come of it is that I can tell who the Zealots are around the neighborhood: Those who staked these things into the ground. So I can add those houses to my shit-list.

          Unfortunately, acetone doesn’t remove the print easily. So, I might try heptane or some other solvent. Then, as the song says, I’ll make my OWN sign.

          • When you’re all done repurposing it, is there a way to set it up behind your gate and still have it be visible from the road?

            Wouldn’t want your artwork stolen or defaced.

            Could lengthen the legs on it to add some height.

            Make sure to get a good picture before deploying too so you can easily reproduce it or share with others.

            People are too brazen to trust with your first amendment rights anymore.

      • BaDnOn,
        Just took a look at that terrible website. Hilariously bad, and all creepy cartoons, but suitable for the consciousness level of the grown up babies around us.

        And look at the rapid demographics change! According to the site, AZ is just 14% white! And according to the sign, 0%!

  21. [“I don’t wear those things,” I told it – emphasis on things to get across my contempt. I think it was a “she” but it was hard to tell. One of the many disgusting aspects of this sick kabuli is that it’s hard to see who you’re talking to.]

    Well, I used to work in a place, long before covidcon, where I couldn’t tell if it was a “he” or “she” either. Or a “he” that wanted to use the women’s bathroom, or vice versa. I’ll never, NEVER, work in a call center in a majority democrat city ever again. Between the trannies, ear gauges, nose piercings and tattoos up the wazoo, I was traumatized.

  22. Yes, “get therapy or get bent.”

    I noticed in an article today, there is some coaching going on by psychologists to help people de-mask. However, they are not challenging any of the fears, but giving them credence by saying that people are correct that there is something real to worry about. Can you have it both ways?

    How do you coach somebody to drop their fears while saying that their fears are reasonable? Maybe it’s just a job of trying to lessen their fears, but not treating the underlying neuroses. Is that a definition of success?

    Maybe it is, but is symptomatic of the crazy world we live in where nobody has to really alter their thinking. You just have to keep your neuroses in check enough so that you don’t ruin your daily life. As long as you keep under the threshold of debilitating craziness, you get to live your dysfunctional life.

    They call them the walking wounded.

    • Therapists much like most attorneys have a primary function of dragging out a case as long as possible. Saying nothing without wasting a word. Gotta keep those billable hours up ya know!


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