Mexican AGW Gets Hut! Hut! Hutted!

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What follows is likely just beginning.

A Mexican armed government worker was set on fire by protestors – not of the George Floyd variety but a more local species, upset over what was reportedly a brutal beat-down of a man by AGWs. The man later died while in their custody.

And this was the result of that:

It’s horrible – but predictable. AGWs are out of control. They aren’t just snuffing black lives, either. They are snuffing everyone’s freedom to live, by enforcing “lockdowns” and Fear Mask wearing – and by not doing a thing to prevent the work of a lifetime from being looted and burned to the ground.

So as sad as this is, it’s nothing surprising. Violence begets violence. Sow the wind – reap the whirlwind.

. . .

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  1. Eric, you are so right. The armed bureaucrats of the U.S. are not only snuffing out black lives, they are busy brutalizing, menacing, and oppressing all badgeless groups and are protected by qualified immunity and lucrative corrupt police unions.
    Why have I not yet read/heard the name Kelly Thomas RIP, Orange County CA Jul 2011, when Eric Garner, Rodney King, Michael Brown, etc., are noted? The subhuman AGWs, ramos and cicinelli, that tortured and killed Mr Thomas walked and are free today – cicinelli even has a nice AGW pension. TPTB and their media lackeys are terrified of all badgeless groups unifying against the scourge of AGWs in the U.S..
    Mr Kelly Thomas, I have never forgot you RIP, or have I forgot the names and faces of your tormentors/killers.

    • Ditto, Ghost –

      I’ve been doing my best to publicize the truth about AGWs here for years. Even in a best-case scenario – an AGW who isn’t an outright sadist looking to hurt/kill you – the essence of the threat is the same. All AGWs have effectively unlimited power to do as they like – and that is hanging over every interaction between an AGW and a “civilian.” Who feels “safe” when they look in the rearview and see an AGW behind them? How about when you’re walking down the street and one is walking toward you? This ought to tell people something.

      • “All AGWs have effectively unlimited power to do as they like –”

        So do BLM and Soros-funded antifa.

        Both feral negroes and thug cops have been dangerous enemies of White people for decades…except, perhaps, those marxist virtue-signaling Whites who now “take the knee” or publically prostrate themelves at the feet of their black superiors. Of course, if or when their revolution succeeds, “woke” whitey will be the first to be lined up at the wall and shot by the new regime.

        That said, I agree with your comment.

        The Minneapolis city council has decided to “defund,” maybe even elminate, their police department. There is similar pressure on DC’s and LA’s leftist mayors. For a number of reasons, I hope that do and hope this movement spreads country-wide. One benefit would be that both urban and rural heritiage Americans would be freer to defend themselves with armed force as necessary.

        • “Heritage rural people” could get their shit together and secede. Or at least in Texas they could. I belong to the Texas Nationalist Movement just because of what I saw coming federally. Well, it wasn’t “coming”, it was already here but not nearly to the degree we have it now and certainly not what the oligarchs have in store for us.

          Shutting off money to rural farmers won’t work now that we’re ready to get away from the Fed and already have our own state gold depository.

          I can tell you right now, those in the big cities who want to go along with this will make it easier to break this state up sans big cities. Big cities will shit a brick when we cut off all the power from west Texas. Huge amounts and more every day of wind generation power, huge amounts of nat gas and oil. The pipelines don’t flow from Dallas or Houston to us but just the opposite.

          We can shut the transmission lines off at many places and the same goes for pipelines. And we don’t have to shut the electrical grid off from other states because we aren’t part of the national grid. ERCOT made sure Texas electrical power wasn’t connected to the entire grid. We don’t have brownouts or blackouts. We have refineries all around us and pipelines to take it major routes.

          Since this last round of patch frenzy of $120/bbl oil, we now have small natgas electrical production all over west Texas.

          My SIL is so stupid she has no idea what’s going on because she gets her “news” from the MSM. And she rightly is one of the MSM. She won’t even discuss topics like this since it stupid for her to waste her time on her stupid, conspiracy theory sister and BIL. She said she preferred to get her vaccination information, not from doing research on her own, but from her DIL who is a PA who’s dad was a doctor. I have no doubt my doctor(the most uninformed, biased, brainwashed people on the planet)thinks I’m on the verge of old age paranoia or is falling into it. Meanwhile, she has no idea this is a Plandemic and dutifully wears that mask.

          I’ve noticed “professionals” who don’t get their hands dirty are often the most out of touch people on earth. They are the ones who don’t need a gun and will call 9/11 willy-nilly for every little event in their life. “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” is cured with a 911 call. That same scenario out in my country is taken care of by the people in the house regardless of what they have to do. We’ve been doing it forever, have only recently had 911 and most would be ready to give it up.

          The real problem in this part of the state is the Hispanics who are used to having some “father figure” as in the Pope, tell them what to do.

          It’s only been recently the county had their first and what was last “covid” case even though the man was 87 and suffered from Crohn’s disease and complications with that but they stuck covid on his death anyway. And now our cases have doubled since there is one “positive” now(daily updates by county on Wunderground weather app.) There’s nobody wearing masks in this part of the country except the medical crew and they’re dealing with a DC down power structure.

          The wife is from We Ain’t Comin Out and I’m from someplace on a farm to market road. We have 6 wells, a stock pond, plenty ground for gardens and cattle mowing the yard. I know the times every day and night when deer come in to the tank and when the piggies drop by for a drink and grub up some new grass around the trash.

          LEO’s should be very reticent to jack with me. I am commonly referred to as “The” 8southman. I have to admit “yes, that’s me”. There is more than one with my same name but everyone refers to me as “The”.

          I just need to pick up some powder and sabots and primers for my .54 and find a .300 Blackout or similar. If the SHTF, I can “borrow” some equipment from the county barn a mile away. Got plenty for close-up work.

          I have a great video I can’t get downloaded to the computer from the phone from a month ago when we were on the deep end of the tank stocking fish when a deer came through the trees on the spillway and walked into the water and swam all the way down to where we were standing and talking and got out under a couple Cottonwood trees into the tall grass and chilled out.

    • As with most things in life learned behavior starts at the top. A loutish, domineering police chief likely will have similarly disposed cops under his command. A thoughtful and considerate chief, who’s genuinely a public servant, normally will have similarly disposed cops under his command. The township in which I live in PA has thoughtful and considerate officers, while the neighboring little burg features loutish, domineering, and thuggish buffoons. As usual leadership makes all the difference.

      • Just getting the union out of policing would be a boon. No better way than to use hired security. Sharpston, Texas, a suburb of Houston, kicked out their police years ago. It was such a success and cost less that the same company has been hired by towns all over Texas. It can’t happen too quickly.

  2. The police have been militarized over the last 20+ years and bear little resemblance to the “peace officers” of the past. As the behavior of the AGWs in the pandemic illustrate, police have become the enforcement arm of a corrupt government. That said, when the police are “defunded”, and BLM and Antifa run out of targets in the cities, what will stand between you and the mob? I doubt shouting “Don’t shoot, I’m a libertarian” will work. Nature abhors a vacuum, there will be a hierarchy of power. It will be a system of laws, or it will be rule by the gun. When the thugs roll up on your house, you and your AR-15 won’t last long. Be careful what you wish for, the whirlwind blows in all directions.

    • “You and your AR-15 may not last long.”

      Surely not, but the message will be received, psychologically (and maybe even physically, if your aim/training/luck is good). When enough people shoot back, some of them will start questioning their obedience.

      I know that if, at my job, I was put into situations on a regular basis that made people so mad at me that they actually decided that their best course of action was to shoot at me, I might consider a career change.

      Also, let us not forget the numbers when it comes to producers vs. parasites. We are many, they are few. They are astoundingly few. Watch “The Tiny Dot” for an explanation.

      • Anon, that came up on the tv today and we watched the nearly 2 hours of it. I like to think it was accurate. I like to think my belonging to the TNM is a good thing, that we will turn back whatever group/hord that attacks us.

        I know a lot of people are pro-Trump……and I will be too when it come to NOT having Biden. But, as usual, it’s always the choice of a lesser of two evils.

        If I could, and you called, I’d be there like stink on hockey. If I had my druthers, that ass-whooping (and I didn’t enjoy it nor want to be there)the Vietnamese took after the Tet Offensive would be the tip of the iceberg. Yeah, I know we were supposedly whipped then but in actuality the US drove the commies back to China.

        I have a little bit of advantage on the average person since I had two friends who worked for the CIA and one who worked for same. Their stories were completely different from what was said on MSM. Just for clarification, I never supported the war, and got a good record for opposing it, but you can’t change reality and that’s what was done after the Tet Offensive. It turned into the commies running for their very existence.

        It could happen again, right in this country although I hope things can just cool off and they can point at me and say I’ve had white privelege and I’ll point back and say “go fuck yourselves” and we can let it go at that.

    • Actually, Griff, if it weren’t for the state having largely disarmed the innocent, there would be little crime, because a man with a weapon is king except where everyone else also has a similar weapon- then he becomes a mere mundane, and must take his place among the rest of us…or perish quickly.

      It is still like that in the few places where most people are well-armed. No riots where I am- just a few peaceful gatherings; no random home break-ins…’cause you break into a house here, you leave in a body bag. Compare that to the big cities and liberal states- swuch as NY where I am originally from- where riots are common, and the innocent live with bars on their windows.

      The idea that good people and the community can’t protect themselves, so we must tolerate tyranny and injustice for the protection of the state, is what many would like us to think- but in reality, as we have long witnessed, and more so now, the state will not keep us safe; will take away our ability to protect ourselves; and will aid, abet, and foster crime, while punishing those who dare to protect themselves.

      We are kept safe by preserving liberty, not by destroying it. The state by preventing a good part of the population from protecting themselves is endangering everyone. There are more reasonably good people in the world than bad. Put them on an equal footing by not restricting anyone’s access to weaponry….and it becomes no problem for the good majority to decimate the bad minority- but it rarely even comes to that, because once the bad see that they no longer possess any superiority, their own sense of self-preservation kicks in.

      I’m sure that the same percentage of the population here would be inclined to rob houses as in NY. Yet here, where your neighbor is a quarter or half a mile away (as opposed to ten feet away) and where the fuzz are 25 minutes away….we can leave our doors unlocked; equipment sitting outside at night, etc. and there’s never a problem. Why? Because it would SUICIDE for any would-be robber….as we have among the country’s least restrictive gun laws, AND the best castle law (Anyone breaking into your home is presumed to be there to do you harm; you do not have to wait to see if he will use “deadly force”; no charges nor civil suits may be filed against those who shoot in self-defense.)

      • Hello Nunzio. An armed society is a polite society. I own an AR-15 as well as other guns and lots of ammo. In Texas, just about everyone is armed. We also support our local and county police. I don’t support everything they do, but every day they have to deal with the scum bags and turds of society. Imagine yourself pulling up on a burglary, or a pulling over an erratic driver, or confronting some drunk lunatic threatening his wife or neighbor with a gun. There are bad cops and they need to be rooted out, but most are good people doing a tough job, wanting to go home to their family at the end of the day. If there were no police, we would have to create a neighborhood security team to defend our lives and property. Over time that group would evolve into a law enforcement organization.

        There are bad people whose aggression must be checked. Could be BLM or Antifa (aka communists) or just local thugs and who wouldn’t hesitate to hurt or kill you for your money and property. A society has to walk a line between liberty and security and right now we’ve gone too far toward security, but the way we walk it back is to win politically (corrupt politicians are the problem), both nationally and locally, not demonize the police.

        • Hi Griff,

          I demonize the laws which are tyrannical – which are enforced by AGWs. You say “most (AGWs) are good people.” This is something I don’t understand. How does a good person participate in the manning of probable cause-free “checkpoints” where people are forced to produce their “papers” and prove they aren’t “drunk” or “high”? Isn’t that an obvious affront to the basic, once-upon-time idea that in a free country, people should be free to go about their business unless they’ve given reason to suspect they’ve caused harm?

          Is it good to threaten people with murderous violence – and mulct them of their money – for private decisions that are rightly no one else’s business such as the not-wearing of seatbelts and helmets?

          Who was enforcing the “lockdowns” – the destruction of millions of jobs and countless people’s businesses? Was that good?

          Do good people who do bad things retain their goodness?

          Even their own term for themselves conveys that they are in fact not good. They style themselves law enforcement. This means they enforce the law – whatever the law happens to be. Because it is the law. There is no goodness in that. In fact, there’s a lot of badness in that.

          You write:

          “If there were no police, we would have to create a neighborhood security team to defend our lives and property.”

          Well, speaking for me – and I’m the only one who has the right to do that – I disagree. My county has AGWs. My life and property is not defended by them. It is defended by me. Even if the AGWs had an obligation to defend me and my property – which they don’t; you might read up on this… their job is merely to . .. enforce the law – they can’t because they aren’t camped out in my yard. It takes about 30 minutes for an AGW to “respond” in my rural county. By the time he does, whatever happened already has and his presence is an irrelevance.

          I submit we make a great mistake when we offload our individual responsibility to defend our own lives and property. And we make a dangerous one when peace keeping (a reasonable concept) becomes law enforcement.

          • eric, Griff, if they’re almost all good people, why does a tiny county like I live in constantly have to replace deputies. They don’t quit, they get fired by proxy, by locals complaining. The fact that the sheriff is elected is THE only good part about it.

            If more than a few come through my fence I’ll call my neighbors and have them get after then with their chopper and plane and pickups. I think they won’t care for the crossfire since the ones with a big chopper have some huge guns. I might buy that .50 Beowolf AR that’s for sale just so I can punch through vehicles. You can’t hide from that bad boy.

        • Hey Griff,
          A few points abhout what you say:

          ***”. Imagine yourself pulling up on a burglary, or a pulling over an erratic driver, or confronting some drunk lunatic threatening his wife or neighbor with a gun. “***

          Imagine a SWAT team smashing into your home; or a cop “suspecting” that you are one of the types of people you mentioned. Imagine being arrested for protecting your own life, family or property? Fact is, very few of us will have to interact with actual criminals….but almost everyonme will have involuntary interactions with armed government goons who have qualified immunity, immediate access to other members of their gang, superior weaponry, automatic credibility in court, etc. against whom we are powerless to defend ourselves. I’d rather take my chances with the criminals (the non-governmental kind, that is) against whom I can defend myself physically or by due diligence. I worry much more about being victimized by the state-sanctioned criminals.

          ***”There are bad cops and they need to be rooted out, but most are good people doing a tough job, wanting to go home to their family at the end of the day”***

          I would have to disagree. All order-followers are bad people.

          Good people do not participate in civil asset forfeiture (legalized robbery) nor interfere with and extort people who are not harming others- such as for driving their car while not wearing a seatbelt, or rolling through a 4-way stop when no one is around, or for violating some arbitrary speed limit, especially when such a violation is so meaningless that it can only be ascertained via the use of “clocking” the perpetrator with radar, etc.

          ***” If there were no police, we would have to create a neighborhood security team to defend our lives and property. Over time that group would evolve into a law enforcement organization. “***

          Agreed! But if you have no problem with cops, why would you have a problem with a group of citizens defending the interests of their own community, as opposed to paid order-followers who are essentially mercenaries whose official job is to proterct the interests of the state and enforce it’s laws, whether just or unjust?

          But we wouldn’t even need neighborhood weatches- but rather just individuals protecting their own interests and helping their neighbors when needed. If it weren’t for the state and it’s agents restraining us from doing so, via things like “gun control” there would be little crime (as used to be the case when we were indeed freer) because the miscreants would not be in a position of superiority (Again, think unarmed NYC residents, as opposed to rural TX), and the prospect of those miscreants receiving instant retaliation would discourage most.

          ***”There are bad people whose aggression must be checked. Could be BLM or Antifa (aka communists) or just local thugs and who wouldn’t hesitate to hurt or kill you for your money and property.”***

          Hows that working out so far, with us having to worry more about those who are supposedly “protecting us” more than those who who they are supposedly protecting us from? Seems to me that criminals and rioters are doing just fine- while those who are victims are prevented from defending themselves and or arrested and prosecuted for doing so?

          ***”A society has to walk a line between liberty and security and right now we’ve gone too far toward security, but the way we walk it back is to win politically (corrupt politicians are the problem), both nationally and locally, not demonize the police.”***

          Cite one example in the history of the world where a proper balance has been achieved under a political structure; or an authoritarian system which isn’t/hasn’t been corrupt? If there are humans, there will be corruption, and political systems enthrone corruption, and attract the very worst sort of people- those who desire to rule over and extort others without consequence.

          The cops don’t need anyone to demonize them- they are doing a fine job of it themselves.

          Your heart may be in the right place, but what you say is akin to communists and socialists saying “It would work if it were done right, and we just had the right people”. But of course, it can never be done right, and the “right people” can never be found, because any government and it’s agents are just comprised of the same people as is society- only under the guise of governmental authority, those people have special privileges and immunities which allow them to do things which would be crimes if we were to do them. Can something be moral for one group of people while being immoral for others?

          If I point a gun at you and relieve you of the fruit of your labor, I would be a robber and deserve punishment, right? Yet, when a politician taxes you and gives your money to someone else, under threat of violence if you don’t pay that tax, it is not only somehow “legal”, but it becomes illegal for you to keep that which is yours. I can not support their agents who enforce such things, because in reality, there is no difference between them and the guy just pointing a gun at you and demanding your money. They are one and the same. At least you could protect yourself from the robber- but if you protect yourself from the government mercenary, YOU become the “criminal”. A just person would never participate in such things- which is why only the worst people are attracted to such jobs. It is no different than being a knight for a medieval king- they raise funds for the king by robbing the subjects while pretending to be the defenders of the kingdom.

          • Nunz, it’s like the people who tell you “You say you don’t like the cops but wait till you need one”. Here I am in my seventh decade and I’m still waiting. Nobody has ever knocked down my doors, held me and the wife at gunpoint and taken everything we had, well, nobody but the govt. Can’t wait for another round of that.

            • Hi Eight,

              Amen. I’ve never been mugged – except by AGWs, who’ve robbed me of thousands of dollars. Worse, I’m not legally permitted to defend myself against these legalized thugs. I was hoping Griff would respond to my counter to his post in defense of “good” AGWs. Not because I want to attack him – but rather because I want to dispel the idea that such a thing exists.

              • Hey eric, we have probably all been somewhere and have seen someone we wonder if they might be dangerous….and maybe it was just my reflection, but when you see that badge, your notion of ‘could’ turns to one of ‘is’.

              • Here is the crux: Worse, I’m not legally permitted to defend myself against these legalized thugs.

                Is lawfully any better, you would still be a man killer, and man killers must be killed by man killers, et al

            • Ah, so true, Eight! I’ve never needed a cop- but I do spend a good deal of thought on how the avoid them.

              Funny thing too: They tell us how we’d have pandas moaning [pandemonium] if it weren’t for the fuzz and the structures of government and all that, but yet, where ya have the MOST government, and where ya see tons of cops every time you venture outside- places like NYC and L.A……you have the most crime- not ther least, as they assure us should be the case; and also consequently, those are the places where the innocent who are just going about their business are interfered with the MOST by those cops.

              I’d been stopped and hassled numerous times in NY, As A PEDESTRIAN and almost even ran over by a piggy-mobile once while crossing the street with a green light in my favor….but I never had any problem with private citizens- even when I used to explore the slums of Brooklyn and the South Bronx in the 70’s and 80’s.

              Meanwhile, people are no different here in my one traffic-light county in KY….but the beauty is, I’ve gone years here without ever seeing a cop…..and as long as one of their badged highwaymen doesn’t intercept me for breaking some petty rule (real or imagined) while driving, it’s easy to steer clear of the bastards, and they show the average citizen a lot more respect, because here, they never know if you’re carrying..or what you’re carrying.

              And guess what? Not only is there no pandas moaning here…but we can still leave our doors unlocked, because people protecting their own interests and those of their neighbors are a much better detergent to crime[-Archie Bunker] than some roided-up mercenary with a badge and a ‘tude who’s just collecting a paycheck and who only cares about getting himself home safe…but who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you, your safety or your home.

              • Sad but true Nunzio. While there are some good cops (I know a few…^^) with the vast majority its just a job. There are also quite a number who should never have been hired (and should have been fired after the first legitimate abuse). But we’ve been around and around, this subject before.

                I also agree that being one, places one in a very bad situation. Keeping ones oath, as opposed to keeping ones job. In some areas when the chief or sheriff is still old school, thats more possible than in most metros or fed agencies.

                Do I like the reality that we have to deal with? Of course not. But it is what it is. As long as we have
                tens of millions of low information voters, who are manipulated by the corporate mass media, and the public “educational” system, matters will continue to grow worse.

                In the face of wide spread, lack of self discipline, near total lack of responsibility, and accountability,
                some form of authoritarian system is going to exist. Its simply the nature of the beast.

                For that we have the Monsters who first established our “educational” system, and the Progs, Long March through the Institutions to thank.

                Cultural Marxism is going to be the death of Western Civilization, unless it and its advocates,
                are dealt with, harshly.

              • Nunz, if we could just get everyone off that damned idiot box we’d be so much safer in every way. I’ve been doing the internet for 20 years+ now and my views have been changed a great deal. I wish I could get everyone I know to watch this Masters Report right here. He comes up with some great material and this is no exception.

                I want to add one thing about this video. When my dad was beginning to lose his mind, his body went too(lupus). He just all of a sudden had 5 breaks in his back. My sister(copsucker, literally, although I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead)brought him home from the doc and had this big bottle of Vioxx. I nearly shit when I saw it. It was one of those drugs that had barely gotten a toehold when the beans were spilled and it wasn’t from watching tv. I shitcanned that stuff and told her to try again.

                Anyway, this video is a great representation of what’s going on with the MSM and everything you buy for the most part. Notice you don’t see ads for Corona multi-purpose ointment cause it works and costs less than $20 for a jar that will last forever.


                • Eightsouthman,

                  Thank you for sharing the link from Masters Report.
                  Only watched one video, but I found it interesting.

                  • Mith, the thing I like about John is his well-thought out videos. He does his homework. He has a video with 3 pics that look like Chauvin on the neck of George with the other two taken in France and Spain.

                    When I saw that happening i pointe out to the wife how set-up looking it all was. He kneels, hand in pocket, with a strange, almost sanguine look on his face as if he’s playing a part, never turning from looking straight into the camera.

                • Well… Thats certainly one way of looking at it. ^^

                  Eight, thanks for that link. I’d not run across that channel before.

                  • TH, no joke. I hope not everyone believed they were all like Andy Griffith but there were plenty like Barney. That was before the Barney types went all ex-military. And there are plenty intelligent ones these days but psychopaths are intelligent.

                    • Morning, Eight!

                      Remember the original Rambo? Colonel (real military) Troutman as contrasted with the idiot thug sheriff? It was an early example of the problem of cops playing soldier. They are two very different lines of work but the appearances have been blurred. AGWs today look like they are soldiers – and not surprisingly, play the part.

                      I really believe that if most AGWs returned to wearing the same outfits they used to wear – as opposed to the Hut! Hut! Hut! tacticoooled outfits most of them wear now – that alone would calm things down.

                      Put a guy in BDUs, wrap him with bandoliers and multiple mags and web-strap a Glock to his thigh… and how do you suppose he’ll act?

                    • Good morning eric. I believe we’ve seen too many times how that plays out.

                      I would love it if the cop suckers got to experience what the wife and I got with a cadre of this type of person at your door wanting to search your property WITHOUT A WARRANT, based solely on a rumor concocted by a mentally ill, scorned woman facing five felonies. To tell the truth, I was surprised they couldn’t get a search warrant. The chief boar(bore?)was incensed we didn’t want them in the house anyway. After all, what do you have to hide? The inside of my house I suppose, that little term they don’t recognize for anyone but themselves, Privacy.

                      A machine of war flying round your house is a sure sign something’s afoot and certainly gives your neighbors something to talk about and try to speak with you without being implicated of knowing you.

                      It’s the perfect example of “what goes around, comes around” in the 21st century and everyone knows it.

                • Excellent, Jason!

                  The other problem with “good cops” is that they are only so to the degree they don’t do their jobs. How many of them do not hassle people for failing to buckle up? Refuse to hand out “tickets” for manufactured offenses? Refuse to search people absent probable cause Do the “good cops” retain their jobs when they refuse to man “checkpoints”? How many “good cops” took no part in enforcing the “lockdown”? How many enforced the Constitution’s protections against the “lockdowns”?

                  I think the “good cop” thing arises from the once-every-now-and-then interaction with one that isn’t all Hut! Hut! Hut! But even this is a kind of mind fuck in that the interaction shouldn’t have happened in the first place. He let me off with a warning! Well, how about he just let you alone instead?

                  • But they sometimes join along with the fire department to give lockdown birthday party parades. So that makes them A-ok in my book.

                  • Mornin’ Eric!
                    There can be no good cops- just slightly less evil ones.

                    I watched this vid a while back in which this cop from NY became a Libertarian. He knew he could not continue to be a cop in NY in any way, shape, or form- but he thought that maybe if he moved to small town, he could continue being a cop without compromising his principles.

                    So he takes a job in a small town in FL. and reasons that he will not participate in drug arrests/raids if no real crimes have been committed; not stop people for traffic infractions if they were not posing immanent harm to others, etc.

                    He got away with it for a couple of months by using some creativity…but it wasn’t long before his inferior superiors noticed that he wasn’t making drug busts or issuing enough tickets, etc. and warned him that if he did not get his numbers up he would be fired…. LSS, he realized that there was no way he could be a Libertarian cop, so he quit.

                    Having grown up with too many relatives who were/are cops, just hearing the garbage they are taught at “the academy” and the way they are taught to think of usw mundanes; how to trick people out of their rights, etc. it is apparent to me that anyone [Not even a Libertarian- but any decent, honest person] who may be simple enough to want to go into the profession would be immediately repulsed and walk out on the first or second day of training [And I say this based on what they were taught 30 years ago- as I no longer bother with those relatives. Imagine how much worse it is TODAY?!

                    • Ditto, Nunz…

                      I’ve brought this up before, but – it bears repeating. A few years ago, I briefly thought bout taking a part-time gig as a local-yokel deputy sheriff in my small rural county. But then I thought: If I take this job, not only will I be required to abuse the rights of innocent (of having harmed anyone) people I will also be guilty of using the government to line my pockets at the expense of people forced to finance my paycheck. I’m not the best-looking dude in town but I like to be able to look at myself in the mirror when I brush my teefus… so I thought no more about it!

                    • eric, in my part of the country we sometimes have “first responders” who aren’t affiliated with the LEO’s.

                      The one at Colorado City, Texas got to me in my infamous shoot-out with the Northern Pacific 15 minutes before the sheriff’s dept did and that building was less than a mile away. DPS arrived over half an hour later, then went out of their way to personally insult me. Yeah, they’re great guys all right.

    • Well if you just randomly pick your targets, you may not last long. If however you shoot the one doing the talking, or shouting, usually near the back of the mob, the “followers” will likely turn around. The one furthest in front is also a good target, as the rest will see what they risk. The major flaw we suffer regarding law is that there are very few real crimes, all being some form of theft, whether property, life, or well being. The rest of the laws are expressions of tyranny.

      • I’ve noticed it’s almost always a female with the loudest voice. That’s the only muscle they can flex but it doesn’t go far in a firefight.

  3. If you are finding that a lot of people out there would like to SET YOU ON FIRE, I’d say it may be time to rethink your life.

  4. In the midst of urban rioting — normally bad news for retail businesses — used vehicle prices soared by 8.96% month-over-month, according to Manheim.

    A massive onslaught of government tape-painting is underway to create the illusion of a V-shaped recovery.

    Temporarily flush with their extra $600 a week federal unemployment boost, some laid off workers are buying cars, unworried about how they’ll meet the payments when the aid ends.

    In parallel, the Treasury/Fed criminal cartel has juiced stocks to the moon, in the biggest disconnect with the real economy ever.

    Like the WTC towers shattering into dust and collapsing into their own footprints (and then playing the video in reverse and reassembling themselves), all is not necessarily as it appears.

    Steve Jobs’ legendary Reality Distortion Field was nothing compared to this.

    We’ve stepped through the looking glass into the Bizarro World.

    Danger, Will Robinson!


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