The Woke Chimp

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No. Really? Seriously?

The Chimp – George W.Bush – the creature who marinated America in fear about Trrr for eight insufferable years, manufactured a war that killed hundreds of thousands, ordered the baldfaced torture of Americans, the mass warrantless and probable cause-free surveillance of Americans and the crotch fondling of Americans at airports emerges to lecture Americans about “the injustice and fear suffocate our country.”

Yes, he did. You can read it, here.

What’s next? Ted Bundy working at a women’s shelter? Oh. Right. Ted Bundy actually did that.

Maybe dress up like a clown and do kid’s parties? Before putting kids under the crawl space?

Of course, a serial killer without an office can only murder dozens. A government serial killer like The Chimp can murder millions. By government standards, The Chimp is a piker. He does not even compare with, say, Stalin.

Not for lack of trying.

And he may eventually succeed – by having set the precedent for a resurgent Stalinism, masquerading (literally) as virtue signaling. The Fear Mask is the new armband. The marker of the helpers of the next Stalin, whomever he or she may be.

This loathsome little man – a frog torturing sadist who enjoys other people’s pain, smirks at their suffering – has the balls to speak of fear and injustice?

He ought to be afraid to show his face in public.

Almost everything truly awful about our times can be credited to the time The Chimp was monkeying around Washington. The unspeakably precedents – the Submission Training – all arose when that man was president.

Dislike the Orange Man? He’s here because of Obama – and Obama would never have been conceivable had it not been for The Chimp and voter revulsion toward anything remotely smacking of Republicanism back in ’08.

The Enemies of Freedom. Remember? Ululating turban’d jihadis were going to cut all our throats unless we handed over practically every freedom we once enjoyed, such as the technicality, at least, of the government having to secure a court order before it could listen in on our phone calls and filch through our correspondence.

Pre-Chimp, Americans had free speech – not Free Speech Zones.

The government had to charge you with a crime – and convict you of it – before they could put you into “indefinite detention.”

We have lockdowns and Fear Masking because of the perpetual fear summoned by this evil genie, arguably the man who ruined America. The Elagabalus of our time, who opened the gates to the barbarians now descending.





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  1. Just FYI — I didn’t read the article. Because the thought of those rotten PEWC* minions makes me so sick I can’t even stand thinking about them anymore. Happily I know they won’t be smiling where they’re going (hell).

    * PEWC= pure evil worldwide cabals

  2. Bush Jr’s presidency would not have been possible if the dems had not nominated that POS Algore. And he would not have been re-elected if the dems had not nominated John Ketchup to run against him in 2004. In other words, starting in 1988, we always had the choice of electing a stooge from the new world order- or a stooge from the new world order. The voters just picked the one that lied the best in every case. Thank God that we finally got a non-politician for president this time- warts and all. I would hate to think where we would be at right now if Hitlery had been elected to finish up the destruction created by Hussein Obama.

    • Nathan: That’s a GREAT post! I agree with every word. It’s right on-target.

      I never could stand anyone from that family.

      BTW, if you haven’t already done so, you should check out the book called Family of Secrets (about the Bush clan). Good reading, but very angering at the same time. What a bunch of dagnabbed creeps. I cheered the day the old man died. I hope their “legacy” is done and none of their kids ever become involved in politics.

  3. Also of note….Dov Zakheim, with the help of his shabbos goys in the hood, looted America for over 2 trillion dollars out of the Pentagon (Pentagram is more like it). An investigation of this by some white hat good guys was taking place in WTC 7…the building that incredibly fell by itself. It is a good thing Lucky Larry Silverstein had insurance taken out on the WTC buildings the day before 9/11. Lucky indeed. A mere, cohencidence as some the real woke folks like to say.

    • The “investigation” was also being run in the section of the Pentagon that was supposedly hit by an airplane the same day. That did more to end the so-called investigation than anything else.

  4. To me, the worst people are those who are ready to lionize George W. Bush today. They hate Trump so much that they are willing to create some fake image of W as a wonderful man. Those people are the problem. They fall for the media lies hook line and sinker. And they are the ones who vote for the tyrants who promise them safety. ANYTHING for (false) safety! Those people are the problem. They are the ones who are destroying the country.

    • Hi Krista,

      Yup. The reason, of course, for The Chimp’s lionization is that he is reading from the correct catechism. He is a “conservative” who has “grown.”

      The Trump Derangement thing is very real. I know several people who go Hitler-in-the-bunker at the mention of his name. Imagine what they’ll do if he manages to be re-elected.

      • It is absolutely stunning to me how the very same people who LITERALLY said that W was Hitler will now laud him as some saint. I suppose that when we we look at our public health “experts” and how they claimed that any protest was LITERALLY killing Grandma 3 weeks ago but now thousands in the streets are A OKAY, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. But I am. I am surprised and freakin’ angry. All these media people and “experts” better stay away from me. Because I remember when W was the devil and protests were literally killing Grandma. They can all go F themselves. And stay the F away from me. Forever. The End.

        • Oh, and btw, I support defunding the police. Let’s make it private. How about that? Then when they kill a citizen who wasn’t a threat, we can fire them and prosecute them. Private police forces in Detroit (when the gov’t could’t pay for police) were a success and they didn’t kill any unarmed citizens. Not one.

          And let’s defund the rest of the government while we’re at it.

          • If the government can’t provide the most basic security measures then defund it ALL. What the Hell are we paying for?

          • Excellent, Krista – I like the way you think!

            Even assuming AGWs provide a valuable service, they have no right to force anyone to subscribe to it. Plumbing is valuable. But I am not obliged to pay the plumber unless I contract with him to do some work for me and he does the work satisfactorily. Why should any service be transacted on a forced basis?

            The reason it is forced is because some people regard their desire for a service as binding on others to pay for it – an outrageously evil idea.

            Now, I grant that it might be beneficial to have a kind of neighborhood watchman – but such doesn’t require forced subscriptions. Volunteer fire departments work on a voluntary basis.

            And besides: If we were talking about watchmen – i.e., peacekeepers rather than law enforcers – most of us would likely subscribe voluntarily. The reason AGWs exist by force is precisely because almost none of us would voluntarily support their law-enforcing.

      • Actually, he’s an idiot par excellance.

        *** The main reason I posted is because I wanted to say that I wish there were “up vote” buttons or “like” buttons on each post, that way we don’t have to write a post for every comment we agree with – – or like. Ah well . . .

  5. If you recall the Patriot Act was not written after 911. It was already pre-written lying in wait for a crisis to come along. A document designed to curtain and maneuver around the constitution and bill of rights. No one read it. You can’t read it. In order to read it you must have all sections of the federal code at your disposal because it says *change X word to now Y word*. Congress voted on it after 15 minutes of debate.
    This evil document was conceived well before 911. Evil was plotting and planning the demise and power transfer well before 911. The Elites in Washington must really despise the constitution and freedoms that were once unalienable in order to alienate our rights from us. And the sad thing most Americans went along with it.
    I think Bin Laden is smarter than we gave him credit for. He knew his attack would kill but do no real damage. What he was counting on was we would destroy ourselves in a never ending pursuit of *safety* and lose our country in the process. Mission accomplished.

    • The Patriot Act is the 300 pages of legislation that enacted communism in Russia, translated literally. That is why the elected reps were not allowed to see or read it before voting on it. Only Ron Paul cast a nay vote. There is an interview with a woman who was jailed for 5 years on no charges and who was a translator of Arabic for the Iraqi consulate in Washington. She spilled the beans on this act of communism. I don’t know her name.

  6. I hope I’m around long enough to see that evil bastard and his co-criminal Cheney six feet under. I’ll bring a six-pack to the cemetery so I can have a full bladder to piss on their graves.

    • Amen, Mike –

      The man fouled an entire country. A true psychopath. Surrounded by more and worse – such as The Dick (Cheney) and The Don (Rumsfeld, a notoriously savage bastard).

      Together, they wrecked America. It was imperfect, of course, before 2000. But after that crew had their way it become something malignant and loathsome. Words cannot convey the contempt in which I hold that mincing, lisping poltroon.

      • OK Eric. I have the most base hatred for that guy. I know that naziol voting does no good. I was stupid enough to fill in the ballot for the creep when he told Algore that he would not engage in Nation Building. Once as titular head he went on nation destruction. He and his advisor/controllers must be hanged on pay per view. Or perhaps sent to Libya on a good-will tour.

        • Hi Erie,

          Hunter Thompson hated Nixon. For me it is and always will be The Chimp. Nixon, at least, had brains. The Chimp? A congenital defective combining aspects of the cornpone tent show evangelist and the high school bully who – absent his family – would probably have ended up being a brutal small town cop except this one became president. One can almost summon sympathy given his parents but that cut no ice for Ted Bundy and shouldn’t for this creature, either.

          He is the actualization of what H.L. Mencken wrote about 100 years ago – an actual imbecile ascended to the highest office in the land but not merely an imbecile. A vicious, vengeful little ferret who brought the country down to his level. We are treading water in the septic tank because of what he did.

          God damn the bastard.

        • Bush the Lessor, was mainly stage dressing to get Dick Cheney, into a position of power. A good part of the evil conducted during W’s reign of error, originated from Cheney, and his cabal of Neocons.

          To call a Neocon a war monger, is to repeat oneself. They are almost as dangerous to our peoples liberties, as their Prog co conspirators.
          Between the two, the only wonder is that matters aren’t even worse than they are.

  7. Fukkkin’ W. A retard version of his POS father Bush “kinder faggier America” 41. How the FUK did this retread get elected? Oh yeh- because votin’ is a right and not a privilege.

    This shit is going to get “worser und worser” as long as anybody that can fog a mirror and his dead relatives can vote.

    In their wisdom the Founding Fathers LIMITED the vote to white make land owners- you know: the guys who paid the bills. Now any retard can vote early and often and of course against the guy who built the country and keeps it running.

    If white privilege is so offensive give us back our electricity!

    Can you imagine an America where dipshit hysterical women and illiterate humpMonkeys run things? No running water, no electricity, no traffic law, no gasoline. Just jungle anarchy. Which will be (as we all know) white privilege’s fault.

    Damn the Bush crime family.

  8. I thought that indefinite detention came in the 2012 NDAA, no? That was Obama’s baby. I’m not saying that The Chimp didn’t do his fair share of gutting the COTUS, but indefinite detention happened on Obama’s watch…

  9. I’ve got holes dug in the desert of my mind for these creatures should I ever get the opportunity to make wrongs right.

    The eternal question… if there’s a God, how does He let these types of creatures slither upon His creation. Not only exist, but succeed exceptionally at their dastardly deeds. Their crimes against humanity are so out of proportion to the good done in the world by others, it’s unfathomable to my little brain.

    Reminds me of the story of the man who saw Tony Blair in a cafe, and walked up to him and declared that he was under arrest for crimes against humanity. Blair’s reaction was laughter. He thought it amusing.

    How there are not more serious attempts to end these creatures is beyond me.

    • “If there’s a God”, the idea of such could be described as the moral and ethical behavior of our species. Since such behavior has become progressively less common among us, is it any wonder that the least qualified, and the very worst so called human beings find their way into position of power and authority? When any delusion one suffers, such as gender identity, even species identity, is identified as a “right” which all must accommodate, why not put the epitome of evil in charge of the most expensive arsenal in the world? GW is not simply the worst president the US has ever had, he is the worst HUMAN BEING that ever held the office. He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

  10. Both the chimp / Cheney and McCain are/were evil bastards. I voted for that SOB first term. Stopped voting all together after the WTC demolition derby. Won’t vote again as they are all war mongering anti-freedom low IQ jerks that need Nuremberged.

  11. “Looting is not liberation, and destruction is not progress.” — George W Bush

    As a commentary on the egregious Iraq invasion, Shrub’s statement is succinct and accurate.

    “Aggressive war is the supreme international crime.” — Nuremberg Tribunal, 1946

    Why should Bush not meet the fate of von Ribbentrop at Nuremberg?

      • When you say Empire, do you mean the Central Bankers controlled by zionist jews? As far as I can tell, once broken of the mind control, anyone with half a brain and decent reading comprehension and logic will learn the truth…as Patton did, that Germany was the good guys. Oy vey!

        • There aren’t any good guys. Reality isn’t black and white. All of these wars have been Oligarch wars. Hitler had only a dim view of the real enemy. He over generalized, and horrible events transpired.

          The central banking cartel is only one of the pieces of the puzzle. It is owned by one of the Oligarch factions. But they are not unopposed.

          We may well be entering an End Game state. Wise people, are finalizing their preparations.

          • Perhaps, because the “trains ran on time|? Far too many people, are willing to accept authoritarian systems, as long as they *feel* personally safe. Its even worse, when they identify with that State.

            Look at the typical American, as just one sorry example. We live in a Soft Despotism, that is growing harder by the year. Yet the typical American is so bound up in illusions and delusions, that they actually think that they have some control over the system.

            The popularity contests (elections) just determine the bit players in the shadow play. Those who pull their strings, are well off stage in the shadows.

            While its Good to be the King… Its even better to own the King.
            That way, if the peasants ever come for the king, one just fades back deeper into the shadows, and waits for the next King.


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