The Chimp Criticizes Trump

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Which tells me, vote for Trump!

Without naming Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, former President George W. Bush – The Chimp – delivered a Chimpy critique of his policies of “isolationism, nativism and protectionism” at a private fundraiser in Cincinnati on Tuesday for Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, according to four people who attended.

Trump has broken with GOP orthodoxy and pushed an “America First” platform that calls for renegotiating trade deals, reconsidering longstanding military alliances, and curbing immigration by Muslims and people from countries beset with terrorism. He has repeatedly denounced The Chimp for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, though he never publicly opposed the war before it began.

The Chimp told the crowd of about 400 people that he had been reflecting on threats against American exceptionalism, though he didn’t put his remarks in the context of the 2016 presidential campaign. The Chimp scree-screed for 20 minutes in the Diamond Club of the Cincinnati Reds baseball stadium and spent another 40 minutes answering a half-dozen questions.

“It was an interesting exercise of statecraft,” said Ken Blackwell, a former Ohio secretary of state. “No one could say he directly spoke in attack mode against Donald Trump. Neither could anybody miss the fact that he thought there were some cutting-edge issues that Trump is advancing that need to be scrutinized and debated.”

Freddy Ford, a spokesman for The Chimp, declined to comment on the former president’s remarks. A spokesman for Sen. Portman, Michawn Rich said, “We are honored to have The Chimp in Ohio to help us raise well over $1 million in a single day.”

The Cincinnati event was one of two fundraisers The Chimp appeared at Tuesday for the Ohio senator, who served as U.S. trade representative and director of the Office of Management and Budget in his administration. The former president also spoke to Portman donors in Cleveland.

The absence of The Chimp and his father, former President George H.W. Bush, from the GOP convention earlier this month was one of the starkest signs of the divide between the 2016 nominee and the political establishment. The youngerChimp’s brother, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, ran against Mr. Trump in the GOP primary and has withheld an endorsement.The Chimp

People at the fundraiser recalled that the former president said that Islamic women should come to the U.S. to experience a free society so they can lead the charge for equality in the Middle East. “He said everyone wants to be free,” said U.S. Rep. Brad Wenstrup of Cincinnati. “He really touched everyone in the room.”

Asked about the future of the Republican Party, The Chimp said, “As long as everyone feels welcome, I think we’ll succeed,” according to Mr. Wenstrup.

The Chimp also stressed to Mr. Portman’s donors that the institution of the presidency was more important than the occupant of the White House. Criticizing President Obama, he said, would demean the institution. Even in troubled times, “we’re lucky because we’ll always have the presidency,” The Chimp said, according to one attendee.


  1. The press is doing everything they can to make Trump out to be the next devil. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. I think they want Trump in office, and they know that his appeal is that he’s an “outsider” and and “underdog.” But there’s no way he’s not politically connected. You don’t run golf resorts, casinos and fancy condos without attracting a bunch of politicians.

    If nothing else, on November 9th, every paper in the country will run the headline (in 72 point font) “You’re Fired!” Doesn’t matter which picture they put under the headline, that alone is gold to the remaining newspapers because it will be one of those keepers like the Onion’s NSFW announcement of man walking on the moon.

  2. Finland has hit on a good solution….for them. Since they have a tiny border with Norway that was a highway for young, Muslim men with nothing good in mind, they are building a big fence and not one of those throwing money down the drain things. I don’t think they’ll even have a problem of getting volunteers to watch every inch of it either. They’re sick of the problem. Of course they don’t have a statue with the inscription of “give me your tired, poor, hungry, crazy, psychopaths yearning to bring the country down” either.

    Of course here in this country all one needs to do is look Mexican and it’s “we’re here to help you in every way we won’t help our own”.

  3. Folks keep trying to make a big deal about W & Dad not going to the RNC. So what? They weren’t at the last 2 either. Does that mean they didn’t approve of Mittens or McInsane?

  4. It’s amazing how the anti-Trump people only make me WANT to vote for Trump more! I may not even have to hold my nose (as much) when voting!

    Even if he is the worst president ever (an increasingly high bar), if he can break the two party system it will still be worth it.

    • “Even if he is the worst president ever” – well that’s highly unlikely. I hear folks now and again claiming the O-Bomb-ya is the worst ever. Oh, puhleeze! Of course lots of GIC trained idjits think that my choice of the worst ever was actually a great man. After all, Dishonest Abe saved the Union and freed the slaves. The fact that he had to destroy the (already weak) Constitution to do so and commit treason never crosses their addlepated brains. Then Woody and Franklin come in well ahead of Barry O as well. I do think he passed W, but not by much.

      • ‘ever’ tends to be to the limits of people’s personal experience. Barry was worse than chimp, chimp was worse than bubba, bubba was worse than bush the elder, bush the elder was worse than ronnie, ronnie was worse than the peanut farmer, the peanut farmer might have been about the same as ford and ford might have been better than tricky dick. Tricky dick was probably better than LBJ. But LBJ was so horrid he’s difficult to top but the next president just might.

        • “LBJ was so horrid he’s difficult to top”
          I generally rank LBJ as the worst since FDR, but you do need to take into account that Truman dropped the Big Ones on Japan, so he rates pretty high (or low) too. But he was just finishing the war that Delano started.

          • Used to disagree, but a nugget for those who would:
            Japan wanted to surrender before Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
            They just didn’t want unconditional surrender.

            So, with the USSR on one side, and Japan on the other, the decision to bomb was seen as good. Show the big red bully that you could be a bully, too; force the Japanese to surrender unconditionally.

            That was what the mainland was all about.

            Of course, USA wanted to occupy Japan. I wonder why…?

            • “They just didn’t want unconditional surrender.”
              True, but the only condition they were requesting was being able to keep their emperor. Which Truman & co. ended up allowing them to do anyway.
              No, ‘the Bomb(s)’ was not about Japan, it was about Uncle Joe.

    • Hi Rich,

      Amen, exactly!

      The GOP roaches are beside themselves. This can’t be an act. They really do loathe him. Which makes me like him more and more!

      • What also amazes me, the inability of most people to even DEFEND their own position on some issue. Just look at Barack when the teleprompter goes down. He is a babbling idiot.

        For me it was the same thing on “climate change”. Was it the deniers that convinced me it is a fraud? Nope, it was the alarmist people that did. They cannot even make a case for it. Granted most people are sh**ty liars, but if you can’t even make a case for your “cause” you need to shut the f**k up.

      • The chaos and craziness that Trump is causing is awesome. Not sure how he’ll play out as president, but you can bet that, good or bad, we’ll get something different than the same old same old. Bring it on!

            • Wouldn’t it be grand?

              It’s so ironic… as kids, we’re taught to cheer the colonists who tarred and feathered the cretins who worked for King George. But we’re chastened when any of us even mildly criticize the cretins who work for Uncle.

              The case of the GOP is particularly striking. These asshats have touted “less government” for decades and never done anything except to increase government. Republicans gave us Obamacare. The “Patriot” Act. The “hero cop/soldier” cult…

              I despise the political left but respect them as worthy adversaries who are open about their collectivism. But Republicans?

              Is there anything worse than a moral poltroon? A philosophical fraud?

              If I could send every flea (and flea egg) I have in this house to Jeb! and maybe some more to The Chimp I’d happily do so…. but the fleas might object.


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