Reader Question: Michael Jackson Pizza Delivery?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

William writes: I have been reading your site off on for years now. I just wanted to tell you what happened today here in North Carolina. I was stuck at home waiting for my car to get fixed, so I ordered a pizza. Second time this week. He came by, I opened the door. I see him six feet away from my door and my food on the ground at my door step. He, at least, had the decency to put the pizza and items on the pizza bag. I looked at my food I looked at him. This mug looked at me like nothing was wrong with this picture. I said: “Okay umm….?” He preceded to tell me about social distancing and everything. I told him this was very strange, as I was perplexed at the situation.

So I bent down to pick up my pizza and food off of his bag on the ground; I shut the door. Only then did he feel safe enough to breach the six foot DMZ and retrieve his bag and leave. I wonder if this fool realized I had to touch his bag to get my food. This weirdness didn’t happen last time. The last pizza guy took the boxes out his bag holding one end; I grabbed the other end. And that was it. It was no different than before this Corona madness.

I know this a minor thing in the grand scheme of all that has happen around here, but this one really hit home. I had not been ordering in this whole time because I actually wanted to go out and get my food, so I did. But today’s food delivery felt like basic disrespect. Put a man’s food on the ground and then him asking for a review as his gets his food and closes the door. At least he wasn’t wearing a mask.

My reply: Given the events of the past week or so, it is astounding that anyone is still playing Sickness Kabuki. it will be even more so in about two weeks – the vaunted “incubation period” for WuFlu – when there aren’t mass deaths resulting from the mass “cases” of WuFlu not spread by the not-social-distancing rioters.

You touch on something mighty important, which is that that Sickness Kabuki isn’t about sickness; rather, it is meant to alienate us from one another; to cause us to regard other people as a “threat” and also to degrade us by forcing us to treat one another – as well as ourselves – like lepers.

Which is why I refuse to play my part in this despicable opera of aberrance – and instead openly ridicule it by my defiance. I stand next to people in line – the tape lines and spot-marked-X be damned. If someone objects – and no one has peeped so far – I will ask them whether they are sick? If the answer is no, then I will ask them why they are pretending they are. If they say yes – or “maybe” – then I will tell them they are being very irresponsible by being out rather than home.

The good news is that enforcement of these idiocies is becoming a laughingstock due to the lack of enforcement during the riots. They’ll Hut! Hut! Hut! us for standing too close in line or not dressing up like Michael Jackson… but do nothing to prevent rioters from burning down cities?

It’s enough, already. Spare us. And if they don’t – watch out. See the short story and video I posted about the cop in Mexico who got Hut! Hut! Hutted!

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  1. When I’m working I’m required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including a hardhat when outdoors. This includes when on an extension ladder on arial plant. What the heck is going to hit me in the head 28 feet in the air? I suppose I could smack my head on a transformer, but extremely unlikely. I always wore it, even though I thought it was stupid, because you never know who might happen by. For example, the power company will rat out techs to management if they catch you on the pole without proper PPE. And that’s just amongst fellow utility workers. Now amplify that by the paranoid population at large, who is well educated in the “science” of mask PPE.

    And remember that everyone sends out those feedback surveys or has a number you can call. “Karen” would like to speak to your manager, because you didn’t observe proper social distancing when you delivered that food (which is far more dangerous to your health than the Wuhan flu). Now you’re getting a writeup and possibly worse. Why take the chance? Play the game and keep your shitty job. Take a stand and “why did you leave your last job?” gets a little dicy. And the job applicant will have their resume’ run through the master database to verify all their past because it’s so easy to do.

  2. Good morning eric. I didn’t see your story of a mexican cop but I’ll take your word for it.

    I’ve seen more tyranny in a few weeks than I have my entire life. I want to go home, where the hell ever it ran off to.

    We went to the “big city” a couple weekends ago to buy another freezer(damned if I’m going to pay $9 for a lb of burger. Since our other 2 were stuffed, we thought a new one that would hold a beef and a hog was in order.

    I only see masks around here when I go to the clinic, which I had to do this past week. It was ludicrous but I just tried to make it as short as possible. Once a tech and I were inside a private room where the bled me, We could talk about what horseshit this entire power-grab is. She’s a young woman but isn’t stupid and has to play the game to support her family.

    I thought I was about to be off BP meds a couple months ago. No surprise it’s been up, way up. There’s a guy I’ve known for over 40 years about my age and he works at Wally. He has an n95 mask and it’s killing him. He has a bad ticker as he calls it and says the lack of oxygen and too much CO2 made him feel bad. Or course he could complain to management, and be fired no doubt. He could probably sue and lose since they seem to be able to find bootlickers for every jury these days…..or maybe it was always so.

    I was just reading an article in LRC by Thomas di Lorenzo about the Lincoln memorial that has been defaced in the district of criminals. I never knew it was protected to the detriment of everyone else in dc except the orange man. The fasces there has a little eagle over it, for shits and grins I guess, but the meaning of the fasces is still the most important part.

    I went to Disneyland when I was 18 and was bored to death but got a great laugh out of watching the moths fly in and out of Lincoln’s mouth with the bottom jaw flapping up and down and the sound of a bad actor coming from PA speakers with no coordination of the sound with the flapping jaw. It was hilarious and it’s a damned shame there weren’t video recorders back then a normal person could afford. I’d love to have that to watch now and again and post it to the bootlickers site and get a good laugh. Well, there has to be some humor some where in Lincoln’s life but I don’t think a homosexual tyrant is especially funny.

    Not much I do find funny these days. I certainly can’t find the price of anything funny including ammo and components. Powder, bullets and everything else is up there with ammo. Before this insanity began I found some mini-cases of 1200 rds of 5.56 for 29.5 cents per round. I hum hawed and the next thing you know some of the rip-off artists such as Cheaper than Dirt tried to sell the same ammo for a $1/rd. Everyone gave them hell but that prompted the others to get at least $.40/rd at the cheapest and that’s green tip which is steel over lead, not the most accurate loads to say the least.

    Let’s see, what else can I bitch about? Well, have a good one and much sex for you or whatever you desire the most. peace……b


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