Reader Question: Michael Moore and the EV?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Bob asks: Have you seen the recent documentary with Michael Moore as executive director, that seems to through a wrench into the idea that EVs are going to help save the planet?

My reply: No – but I’ll have a look. Michael may be trying to get ahead of the curve – or, more darkly, Michael may be predictively programming the public that EVs are not going to be the “answer” – that is to say, a way for them to continue living a first-world life. That sacrifices – by us – will be necessary to save the planet.

The extremely affluent will, of course, not be “asked” to make these sacrifices – or rather, will be able to afford them. The rest of us, however, will be “asked” to make them – and cannot afford them.

The end goal – which ought to be obvious to all by now, given Corona and what’s going on under the cover of Corona – is the economic palsying of the masses; a state of arrested development and material impoverishment/dependence. The technocrats behind all of this use people like Moore – by funding and promoting him – to manipulate the public into participating passively in their own destruction, by shaming/guilt-tripping them to believe (or pretend they believe) that it is a necessary sacrifice for them to make.

Moore’s a great propagandist, by the way. Dr. Goebbels would have hired him in a hot minute.

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  1. I understand that Michael Moore was EXCORIATED by his fellow leftists; how DARE he undermine the EV orthodoxy! I also understand that he started the documentary from a pro EV stand point, but he was honest enough to show their shortcomings as he got in to the project.


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