Thank God for Trump…

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Trump is like a set of studded tires. They suck most of the time, but then comes a blizzard – and you are grateful.

Just so now.

If he were not jefe and instead we had her instead, it is probable that – before this day is out, an emergency executive order would emanate from Washington, outlawing the possession of “weapons of war” (as she has styled them) by other-than-government-workers and, of course, the people such as this Stephen Paddock character. The laws – and strict punishments – that attend murder didn’t much persuade him. It is doubtful new laws would have much if any power to restrain the next Paddock.

Most people understand this.

So does she, incidentally. It is why she has a cordon of heavily armed protectors with her whenever she goes out and around her the rest of the time, too.

Those guns do not “kill,” apparently.

Yet some people will still plead for “sensible” measures. Meaning, criminalize the possession of firearms by people who’ve not shot anyone. Put them in prison because someone else did.

It makes all kinds of sense.

But 59 people killed! Only “weapons of war” could facilitate such carnage! Well, no. Shooting people is actually a very inefficient way to kill lots of people. Ask Heinrich Himmler, the Reichsfuhrer of the German SS.  It became a chore to do away with people one bullet at a time. Hence the gas.

Or, explosives.

Until this Vegas thing, the most deadly mass killing at an American school was not done with guns but with bombs. In Bath Township, Michigan in 1927. Andrew Kehoe planted several bombs, some of which went off (but not all). He succeeded in killing 38 kids and wounding about 60 others. It is interesting that fewer people have ever heard of this massacre than remember a third tall building collapsed on 911. Everyone knows “Columbine,” meanwhile.

Warum – as they say in Germany?

Undoubtedly, it is because bombs don’t fit the agenda, notwithstanding their superior effectiveness at killing large numbers of people. Hence, “Bath” it is not a trigger word brayed unctuously by the media donkeys and, of course, her.

There is also a racial fritz.

She would have had a field day with this Paddock guy, a “deplorable” in every way, it appears. Old and white. Likely disgruntled. No official news yet, but he probably will turn out to not like “people of color” (white people being, of course, translucent).

Meanwhile, the other shooting, which happened just a couple of days ago in TN, barely got any coverage on the day it happened and has since evaporated like mist on Mars. Emmanuel Sampson – a guy of black color – shot up a church full of white people. It is likely he did not like them – probably on account of their translucence. When the shooter-victim roles are reversed, we all know what the results are. Endless unctuous braying about “hate.” Sampson hated just as much but the unction is nonexistent. It does not fit the agenda.

Back to her.

Imagine she is jefe today. You are waking up, have just turned on the news. A “deplorable” has shot up a concert, the highest body count to date.

Better start clinging.

This event would provide a pretext similar to that of 911 – for which a “Patriot Act” just happened to be handy. Already written, in fact. It wasn’t read but it sure got passed – by overwhelming vote because if you’re not with us, you’re against us. The flag. Etc.

It is certain that a similar document is also written – and ready. Waiting for her signature. Or the signature of someone like her, just waiting. Elizabeth Warren, for instance.

Lucky for us – and for all his numerous faults – the national cockatiel (as my amigo Fred Reed styles him) will not be signing it. Because he does not fit the agenda – on this score, at least.

And for that, we should all be extremely, extraordinarily grateful on this second day of October, 2017.

. . .

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  1. I didn’t immediately think about the Bath incident; but then again, no one talks about it anymore.

    It’s a good thing the United States’ version of Evita is still away from the corridors of power. But I agree that Diane Feinstein has already written that Executive Order. And the incident in Tennessee didn’t get much hype from the lamestream presstitutes. They had obvious motives for keeping quiet.

    One thing that most people aren’t picking up on is that this assailant in Las Vegas was a former Postal Service employee, before “graduating” to become an Internal Revenue Service employee. As far as I’m concerned, those are two positions that should not entail the right to carry a firearm while on the job.

    Maybe the orange swan will come up with an Executive Order that prohibits Postal Service employees and Internal Revenue Service auditors from carrying guns.

    We all know what it means to “go postal.”

    • Hi Travis,

      It’s become obvious at this point. I mean, the selective coverage – and the way what’s selected is covered. Black guy shoots up a church full of white people… memory hole. White kid shoots up a church full of black people . . . we never hear the end of it. Part of this is just liberal-left political correctness. But a more sinister part of it is the purposeful fanning, on the one hand, of minority violence toward whites and, on the other hand, the heightening of white fear of minorities – who increasingly (and rightly) see themselves as second class/persecuted.

      Who benefits, in both cases?

      I also believe that any attempt buy the feds to impose “gun control” will be met with resistance. Which is exactly what I suspect they are hoping for.

    • “We all know what it means to “go postal.””

      Good point, Travis. Younger people haven’t heard the term, maybe, but it refers to a time in the early ’80s when there were several incidents in which post office employees brought guns to their workplace and shot as many people as they could.

      Really, though, it seems that the media’s version of the Vegas shooting is geared toward getting us talking about this one guy they’ve fingered as a patsy. In real life, there’s just no way for cops to determine instantly where all the blame for a shooting like this goes. When they have a “lone nut” immediately after the shooting, that’s a sure sign that they’re lying.

        • Words and intentions are great. But it all comes down to deeds. How about you or one of us driving to Eric’s place and helping him plant tobacco, which would earn him $1500 an acre or so.

          Help him harvest and process it to. As well as plant a covering crop around the perimeter, since there’s all kinds of restrictions on growing tobacco.

          Dig some underground storage. A place where our phyle can store hundreds of thousands of dollar equivalents in various necessary commodities.

          Reinvest the harvest money into buying more land. Work day jobs to amass more capital. Building a big pile of fuck you Uncle Sam money that he doesn’t even know about.

          Freedom is there for any of us willing to take it.

          You’re kidding yourself if you think you’re any better than anyone else because you didn’t sully yourself by voting or living in an urban area with higher taxes, etc.

          You’re either living free or not. There’s no middle ground there. Living free means getting your expenses below your incomes. Having a surplus. Using that surplus to work for you and building it up over the years until you can take or leave the tyrant’s game as you so vividly describe it.

          Getting free of tyranny is a hard nosed dirty business. It isn’t patting yourself on the back for being morally superior to anyone based on some subjective criteria you’ve built up inside your mind. That’s just rationalizing your submission and defeat at the hands of the tyrants, and nothing more.

          • All that voting accomplishes, is to show that we believe in and participate in [que Eric’s “saaaaaaafety” voice] goooooooooovernment and [shudder] demoooooocracy.

            It is impossible to be free in a police state. There are degrees of enslavement and freedom. I’m pretty much as close to the freedom end of the scale as one can get. My only attachments to goobermint are the few hunnert dollars a year I have to pay in property taxes; and maintaining a driver’s license and all the requisite BS to drive on their road monopoly. Of course, there are lots of things I might do if we were free, which I don’t do, because of requisite entanglement with the police state- but none-the-less, living simply and being debt free, and not having to interact with gov’t types and deluded citizens is basically the realization of 95% of my goals anyway….so I can at least live enjoyably until I can escape der furherland.

            Sheesh, I feel like I’m playing Bevin!

            Hey, If only Eric had a tobacco barn [assuming he doesn’t] that wouldn’t be a bad idear! Doesn’t require much help- maybe just a few hands when it’s time to pick it, and again when it’s time to strip it. And even that’s just for convenience. Maybe the states get in on the act, but since they stopped the subsidies, and you no longer have to have to have a tobacco base [essentially: buying permission to grow a set amount] it’s pretty much just grow it; dry it; strip it; bale it; and sell it. Tobacco- ironically- at the grower level- is freer than it’s ever been in the last 70 years.

            My neighbor grew 8 acres worth this year, to supplement his cows and his muffler shop. Your figure of $1500 an acre is pretty accurate.

            Tor, you paint a picture that is all too common though [Not about Eric/tobacco- but about people in general]: Everyone wants to “expand”; get more money…to expand more…to get more money…. Where does it end? Such people are never happy, because no matter how much they get, it is never enough; and it doesn’t change who they are, nor the world. -Which is why uber-rich celebs and tycoons tend to be the most miserable people who have to live on intoxicants.

            Me? I’m pretty much the opposite of that. I have a few acres; I live simply; my time is my own; I’m not destitute, so I don’t have to put the touch on the relatives if an emergency arises….but I basically have no interest in money, above just making the paltry amount I need to pay my few bills and to put a few bucks in the mattress (Which is essential, when your income is sporadic)- I really should do more….but what would be the point? To say I have X-amount saved? To buy a fancy car/toy? I wouldn’t know what to do with it if I had it. Wouldn’t care. Time is the commodity I care most about. Can’t buy that; and I ain’t tradin’ very much of it for money or anything else.

            Where would it all be when I leave here? In a year or two, conditions could be such that we may be lucky to be able to leave with the shirt on our back- like a guy I met once, whose family had to flee Cuba when Castro came to power- having to literally run from their little 25 acre farm in the middle of the night with nothing.

            And the more we have invested in this place, the less likely we will be to leave when the opportunity presents itself; and the more we will want to participate/tolerate to maintain the status quo- even when it’s against our true best interest and that of our neighbors.

            I can laugh when the stock market crashes, and say “See? I told you so!”. Our hearts will be where our riches are [-Jesus].

    • Work for the IRS=you are devoid of any sense of morality; liberty; and justice. They see others as piggy banks, to be picked up and shaken. These are people who believe it is O-K to steal because someone told them it is, and because “it’s their job”. I would trust a Mafia hit-man more so than an IRS employee- and I don’t care if that IRS employee is an agent or someone who works in the cafeteria- just as it makes no difference if a Nazi was an SS officer or the guy who cleaned Hitler’s toilet.

  2. Eric, while what you have written is true I have zero confidence in Trump to do what is right and start bringing the charade to an end. Granted he has loved ones he probably holds dear to think about. The State never lets a man with ‘nothing to lose’ into office and family members ARE threatened every day if bribing or blackmail doesn’t work. So many things Trump should have ended, removed, vetoed that haven’t procured yet. The 2nd amendment shouldn’t exist in a perfect world as self defense is a natural right that cannot be restricted by anyone so any gun is legal for personal use. (legal shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence as the word is tied to our corrupt legal system)

  3. Gun violence and mass shootings have been on a steady decline over the past 40 years. But at the same time we’ve got a lot more reporting and the 24 hour news cycle to contend with. Remember, when something is routine, it’s not news. Now that mass shootings are very rare it’s a big deal. And everything gets amped up, from tricks on skateboards to mass shootings. Better do more than the last guy or you’re just wasting our time.

    This is just armchair/amateur psychology, and I only got a B in my Psych 101 class. But I think what we in the society really need to do is get their peers to recognize when someone ranting in a bar turns to something more. It seems to me we used to have that ability but either lost it or don’t want to get involved because it might require effort and “I got shit to do.” Remember Ashley Smith, the woman who was held hostage by a shooter and got the guy to give himself up after making him breakfast? She wasn’t a hostage negotiation expert, just someone who was able to create a common bond with the guy, just enough to get him to calm down and think. There used to be the elders, not some elected type, but the old timers who had experience and empathy, who offered a little sage wisdom or could intervene with a well written letter to a sibling or other relation that could defuse a situation. Maybe the wise old men, the ones who remember how to fix things, are gone. Or maybe the state told us that we’re not qualified so better let everything to the specialist and professional. Or maybe the old guys aren’t all that good anymore and just sit at home in front of the TV instead of being part of the community. Or that the community is being destroyed by forced centralization and homogenization.

    I remember back when I lived in Grand County Colorado and Marvin Heemeyer did some serious damage to the town of Granby in a home-brew tank. The people who knew him said he was crazy. He told everyone in the bar that he was building the tank but everyone ignored him. I wonder if one of those people would have just sat him down and talked him out of it, or took on the task of getting him professional help (or just got him laid), maybe things would have turned out differently.

    It’s one of those unwritten rules of society. One of those things that are lynchpins and can’t be taught, institutionalized, measured or completely understood. Like why most children with two parents do better than most children in single parent households.* The state and the commercial world thinks they have an answer, with complete tracking and algorithms to sift though all the data they’ll be able to find the mental cases. Facebook actually will insert stories about depression into your timeline if the algorithm thinks you fit the profile, which seems to be associated with not posting enough to Facebook. Maybe someday when AI is far enough along to actually get some real results this can be trusted, but like the self-driving car early success in ideal conditions probably won’t translate into the world at large.

    *Of course that can’t be discussed either because then all the single parents rear up and point out that their child did OK, and hold up another example of that kid with two parents who’s a complete f*** up. Of course anyone who’s given it some thought knows that it’s just a variation of Bastiat’s broken window fallacy, what we see and cannot see.

    • Mass shootings are a symptom, a side effect of scientifically managed society. A society where people are turned into human resources, where men are disposable utilities in ways that previous societies didn’t dare go. None of this is to be discussed. For one the media doesn’t want fingers pointed at its masters and for two people Do not want to admit they were duped. So the talk is about gun control instead. See we can keep this inhuman system if we treat the symptoms. Drug the people and when the drugs make them violent take away the guns. It will work ya see, with just the right people with more data and just enough power it can work. We can have the utopia of technocracy.

      It doesn’t work and even if it did it would be the opposite of utopia.

      • Brent, I think you are onto something here. A technocracy is run by technocrats and technocrats do not see people as human beings. The term “Human Resources” should make any decent person sick to their stomach.

        • I’ve been piecing it together over the years. I get new piece every so often.

          The educational complex uses animal domestication techniques to create human resources. The human resources are then to be managed by technocrats for the benefit of those above them. That’s as simple as I can put it. But going back to the animals there are problems that develop from leading managed lives in captivity. The medical complex is there to deal with those. The problems from the processed food, the mental problems. These interventions of course lead to more problems. Hence the shootings and such. The ones that are aren’t false flags anyway.

          • I agree with that. There’s no relief valve.

            If things like this seem natural, it is a result of conditioning. Things like this do not happen naturally, but when they are orchestrated we are conditioned to accept them as part of modern life.

            In my opinion, not one major tragedy since Kennedy was natural. All have false flag fingerprints.

            At the root of it all is our choice as a species to practice domestication. Ever since we started overruling Nature and each other using strongman’s rule systems instead of properly mastering Nature’s laws, we’ve been devolving.

            Mark Ames: Going Postal

            • Hi Tor,

              I felt such relief when I moved from the DC area – people (Clovers) everywhere – to rural SW Virginia. There are Clovers here as well, of course – but fewer and one can generally avoid them. When I drive down the mountain,I am often the only car on the road. There are sometimes a few other cars, but not so many one can’t easily just pass them and continue.

              On my land, I don’t have to see – or hear – other people.

              Und so weiter…

              In densely populated, Clover-infested areas, the stress of people everywhere, all the time – and Cloverism being inescapable – without doubt ratchets up tensions. It’s why cities are less civilized. The people less polite, the “rules” more inflexible.

              I advise anyone who is able to get out of cities – and suburbs – and get some land in an out of the way place.

                • Morning, Tor!

                  Yup. And the upside is that – if the Clovers begin to grow thick – it usually means inflated real estate prices. If you bought in before the Clovers arrive, you can always cash out and move again, but with plenty of money to buy a similar or even better spread in another Clover-free place!

                  • Trouble is, Eric, we are running out of clover-free places. Really- places which offer cheap land; are free from ‘zoning” and such; have low taxes; and are populated by just good ol’ country folks, have become few and far between.

                    Basically, the kind of places we seek which offer the above characteristics, all have one thing in common: Minimal government. And the plan seems to be to establish maximal government everywhere….and that has largely been accomplished already.

                    The only thing which seems to slow the spread of that disease, are economic downturns. Then, as soon as there’s an uptick….BOOM! more of the few remaining islands of freedom get eaten up by the State Monster.

              • I couldn’t have said that better, Eric!

                90% of America’s problems could be solved if people would trade their suburban homes, condos and apartments for some acreage and a modest house or even a cabin or a trailer, and just do their own thing on their own property, and thus stop having to be so concerned with what everyone else does.

                We weren’t meant to live stacked up in boxes like rats. Every human needs space and privacy; some just don’t realize that, because living like a huddled mass has become the norm.

      • My parent’s generation was the first one to live their entire lives in a Progressive world. They had no recollection of Calvin Coolege, no idea what a small federal government looked like. On top of that, all my grandparents were schoolteachers who were indoctrinated into the Prussian school methods that John Taylor Gatto discusses in his writings. They remember the “duck and cover drills,” the old men who never got over their PTSD after fighting in the Pacific, and the fear they were going to die because of a political-economic theory.

        I think they were desperate for a savior. Not Jesus (although they are the last of the tradional religious types), but something more concrete. Modern mythical figures, like FDR and JFK and TR. That’s who voted for Regan, someone who would save them from the evil empire. I’m pretty sure my grandparents were able to see through most of the BS because they lived through the depression and prohibition (my parents don’t drink but my grandparents did). But mom and dad I’m not so sure. They think that the problem is the wrong guys get elected. The fail to see that they are all the wrong guys.

        • Kilo,

          Any and all conservative/libertarian types should get their kids to read Gatto’s work, regardless of their education situation.

            • Meowwww. Reeeeeee.


              State Teacher of the Year (1991, NY), John Taylor Gatto, delivers his conclusions and insights into forced schooling after 30 years of teaching junior high school students in New York City.

              He represents himself and speaks with passion, candor, and humor. He truly is an icon of freedom and self-directed learning, yet he sees himself as a regular guy who was blessed to grow up with a caring community who encouraged responsibility and dialectical thinking from a young age.

              This channel is run by Mr. Gatto’s authorized agent in an effort to ignite a serious conversation of education, that the children of the world begin being treated as whole people who lives are precious, not “human resources”.

              Requests can be made at: Agent @

              Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki Endorses John Taylor Gatto – 2017

              • I’ve been familiar with Gatto’s stuff for c. 20 years now; great stuff. Sadly, it has no effect on authoritarians/statists….just like the reality of liberalism failing completely and being on view for all to see in places like Detroit has no effect on liberals.

                Gatto’s a cool cat! 😀

                  • Oooo! I CAN’T WAIT Eric! That should be good!

                    It’s true in any field though; if you’re not a part of some norm which is accepted by at least a good sub-culture, you are on your own- the proverbial albatross or guy who farts in the elevator.

                    If we were communists or transvestites, people would trip all over themselves trying to accommodate us- but no one can tolerate those who would dare to question, -let alone expose- the authoritarian paradigm.

      • Do ya one better,, the bill against Bump Stock Trigger Release was sitting waiting for this event. Just like so many other bills. One can find them if you google it.

        OKC bombing = Omnibus Terrorist Suppression Act.
        9/11 = Patriot Act.


  4. Did anyone see today that it took 72 minutes from the first 911 call till the time SWAT blew open the door and found the dude dead. That is almost an hour and 15 minutes. I think we should recognize the heroes which are the medical staffs at the hospitals and those who risk their lives pulling people out of harms way. I’m sorry but I don’t feel 72 minutes makes these guys Clint Eastwood or John McClane heroes. How many people were killed or wounded after 30 minutes? It should not have taken much longer than 30 minutes to narrow down which floor the shooting was coming from and make a move. I’m sorry but the shooter got bored waiting for the blue suicide and decided to end it himself.

    • We were spitballing about this very thing, some of us who know this property and Vegas and what is available.

      The thing is, we pay and pay for things. Most of that public money is just hoovered up, very little is returned into things usable for the taxpayers. Anyway…

      Let’s say you’re in Vegas, the highest room might be at 500 feet above the ground. You can’t get a ladder up to that room, fire truck ladders only go to far. What are the options for all these high castle skyscraper rooms.

      If you have a shooter in one, you might take all the oxygen out of the room, have a helicopter or other delviery system shoot foam through the window. Surely a helicopter can get near enough to any hotel room in 3 minutes for a small expense. Have them on standby.

      Vegas has shot-aware, the AI system heard those shots in less than a minute. And also one of those Billion dollar fusion compounds that gets all the surveillance and sounds from a 100 mile radius. That place is lousy with feds and spooks of all kinds. Lots of local homeland guys are there too.

      All those people watching it go down live. Did anyone return fire. Try to put the guy on the defensive at least.

      Lots of celebrities on hand. They have top security. Who did they call. What did they do about things.

      Was there anyway for the Hose Heroes to fire their water streams into the room. That might have helped. Who has armor in these situations. Armor for vehicles and on the body.

      What about a beam of a blinding light focused at the window. A helicopter could have blinded the guy. Or one of those sonic guns, they could have deafened him.

      How about a got dam grenade launcher or surface to air missile, modified to take out only a single hotel room, and not the whole building. The liability and criminal laws are all wrong for these kinds of incidents. The only legally safe thing is to do almost nothing, and then give after the fact speeches about how sad the whole thing was.

      A guy shooting out a window isn’t an inconceivable scenario. They have to plan for such obvious things. And so should all of us come to think of it. We’re all responsible for our own well being.

      • Clover,

        I am typing this as I sit at my favorite coffee shop. I am armed. With a “high-powered” semi-automatic pistol. I have a concealed carry permit. How, pray, am I harming anyone?

        Yet you would make me a criminal merely for having gun on my person – notwithstanding I’ve done nothing to cause or even threaten harm to any innocent person, ever.

        Using your idiot logic, why not take things further? I am a large man. 6ft 3 and 200 pounds. I lift weights. I might just walk over to the people at the next table and beat the crap out of them. Not much they could do – I suspect – as I am much larger and stronger. Of course, I haven’t – and would not. But I might.

        Perhaps – per Harrison Bergeron – large and strong people ought to be manacled or hobbled, in order to “keep everyone safe.”

        If not, why?

        Let’s have a principled, logical argument … oh. Yes. I recall. You aren’t capable of such.

  5. BTW, it was a personally sad day for me. I only found out Tom Petty died this morning. RIP Tom, I’ll miss you for sure.

    • The language of music is being lost before our eyes 8. Anyone younger than 40 rarely understands the complex mathematics or hears them even.

      Music can only soothe a beast so savage. These kids raised in such an over computed over isolated environment don’t learn to perceive harmonies and melodies the way older generation once did.

      One good thing,

      Jeff Lynne is still alive. He co wrote lots of the songs. Often whole albums, though I can’t find a list. I’ve Loved Tom, and Jeff for as long as I can remember. Like the brothers I never had even. Sisters just aren’t the same, and as they get older, they stick together and you find yourself hanging like a yoyo and going solo, to quote another songsmith, George Michael.

      I was a young man GTOW from both women and men for a lot of years. Sometimes the radio was my only friend.

      Anyway here’s Jeff’s songs written for or co-written with Tom Petty: A face in the crowd, Built to last, Learning to fly, The end of the line, Won’t back down, a dozen more with wilbury. There’s countless more, Petty collaborated with so many more greats also.

      Stevie Nicks to take one.

      Insider – Tom Petty – Stevie Nicks

      I remember listening to these two in high school.

      Stop Draggin My Heart Around – Tom Petty – Stevie Nicks

      The intro to “American Girl” has been likely stuck in your head since the first time you heard it, but somehow, you just never get tired of it.

      You have Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers to thank for that. Petty had also collaborated with the following bands: Mudcrutch (1970-1975), supergroup The Traveling Willburys (1988-1990).

      On Petty’s solo albums, The Heartbreakers served as the studio musicians, and were further supported by Petty’s stable of collaborators. This stable famously included musicians like Jeff Lynne and George Harrison, who were also two of Petty’s bandmates in Traveling Willburys.

      Petty recorded with Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, and innumerable other industry icons, but The Heartbreakers were always his constant.

      • Tor, I remember Tom talking about a Wilburys recording session and how they’d(Lynn, Petty, Dylan, Harrison) been working on this song and Roy Orbison comes in and he does his part in one take, nails it and the rest of them were just in awe.

        If you know Roy you probably know the Louvin Brothers that wrote countless hits for not only them selves but other musicians, the greats of 60′, 70’s and on. Nobody cuts these songs anymore and they’re timeless.

        A friend was a huge Petty freak and used to get me to order her CD’s and send them on to her. I’d break them open, make a few copies and then send them on so I have lots of Petty. Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and mars. Yep, few write timeless stuff like that anymore.

    • 8, I found out last night that Tom passed. I was stunned. Absolutely love Tom Petty and The Heart Breakers. I remember the first time I heard them as a teenager and I said to myself “These guys are going to be big”. Funny thing though is that although he is my all time favorite rocker I never was able to see him in concert. I tried like hell to get tickets to his last concert – their 40th anniversary concert – but I could not even find a scalper. The legend will be missed…

  6. Just heard Trump say he would talk about gun laws later. Not sure what that means, but I believe he has been neutered or co-opted and we’ll see him supporting severe restriction before long. The Republicans will go bi-partisan.

    How are gun sales going right now? What will a “bump-fire” stock be worth this time next week?

    • Ignore the reeeeing, and just listen to the blunt no nonsense words Trump had for Puerto Rico.

      He’s just a guy, never claimed to be Ron Paul, maybe he’ll accomplish some of what he said he would. Maybe he’ll accomplish very little of it.

      He doesn’t give in an inch to these whiny islands spics and their boo hoo crying into their smelly sombreros

      I haven’t seen any pivot by him so far.

      Who are these republicans that are going to support gun control.

      The stock market in general, and my Berkshire Hathaway shares in particular are still through the roof since he took office, which is probably the best indicator there is of what’s really happening.

      He should be judged on what he’s actually doing. Not some mythical future things he might do.

      He’s all alone in this it seems. Everyone else is still playing politics all the while he just keeps being himself.

      It’s been forever since there was a normal human being anywhere near the swamp. Yes he’s a warmonger and cop sucker like Reagan, but who isn’t in politics that’s electable these days.

      I don’t know who could do any better, that has any shot of getting near the golden throne, given the current North Korean style crapfest we’ve currently got for a political system.

      • Tor, my test for Trump has always been what he does in foreign policy. Will he be just another Israel bitch or will he get the US out of the Globalist madness? Clearly the MIC is trying to pick a fight with Russia. And it looks like Trump is surrounding himself with the usual swamp psychopaths. Not good.

        I will add one more test for Trump now too. If he gives even one single solitary iota of a hint of supporting in even the slightest way whatever idiocy the gun grabbers are surely going to conjure up over this shooting he will be just another POS politician.

        The ball is in Trump’s corner.

        • He’s never worked for another man in his life. Unless you count the bankers. His decision process is beyond something you and I are familiar with.

          There’s a lot of blue staters here, don’t listen to their Fuzzy Orange koolaid stories about who Trump is or does. I haven’t heard anything more insightful about him here than a 60 minutes write up.

          Half the schtick is you intimidate people with what he might be capable of. Because to be honest, no one really knows. He not the usual known quantity that Americans are comfortable with.

          Even one bit of ambiguity and they all go ape shit and chimp out over what might happen. They start insisting it’s just another case of Reagan or Eisenhower or the SNL caricature of him, or whatever. Anything but do the intellectual leg work and gain even a modicum of predictive insight about somebody’s who’s not the average kettle of bicycle riding dancing bears.

        • Hi Skunk,

          Indeed. If Trump gives an inch on this issue, I (and many others) will be forever done with him. I’ve tried to defend him on several occasions – not because he’s a Libertarian but because – in a few small ways – he has talked in ways that suggest he might be a less loathsome person than, for example, Hillary.

          He has disappointed me (and many others) serially since his election.

          A step forward toward “gun control” will seal the deal for me – and many others, I suspect.

          • It’s baffling that the establishment cucked republicans do not understand why they lost the primaries. A solid 3-7% of the electorate, those that had voted for/sympathized with Ron Paul, and summarily gave up after 2008/12 heard some tolerable rhetoric from Trump, saw that he angered the right villains (Bill Kristol, the Bushes, John McCain )and for a lack of a better term, said “Fuck it.” The prospect of lower taxes and less wars (Hillary explicitly called for an expansion of regime change in the mid-east, whereas Trump at least paid lip service to a more conservative foreign policy) or even gridlock (the less a government does, the better) was enough to get some of us depressed hermits out of our caves. Seeing the likes of Rubio, Jeb, that snake Kasich, and eventually the Beast (Hillary) go down in flames was a solid enough justification for seeing Trump elected. As it was and is, we expect things to get worse and if somehow Trump slows the death machine, he’ll always better than the alternatives.

            Regardless, without the 3-7% of libertarian hermits, Trump cannot win in 2020. Enough blasphemies and we are in the wind once again.

              • Tor,

                I’m rooting for the guy. Heck, I went from not wanting a wall to craving it just for all the liberal butthurt alone. But he’s just a man, a man with loved ones who can be murdered horrifically by those that really run the world. I appreciate that he’s going through the dog and pony show for appropriate photo ops, but he’s doing it to placate the very people who want him gone, us disarmed, and taxed into the gulag. He’s not winning any converts with these actions…but its not like he has a choice. Not doing anything could be worse for him/us.

                • Sounds almost like an engineered plan to get even Libertarians to root for a champion….even though he’s really not doing anything differently than all the others. The wars and the domestic powers of the police state not only continue; but they increase; dissent is squelched; but he says nicer things; breaks nicer promises; and throws us a few minor crumbs…so we cheer.

                  I have to admit, although I do not vote, and although I had my reservations from the beginning (especially after he started picking hacks like Pense and all the generals) I even held out a little hope fror this guy- but I think it should be obvious by now that any hopes we had were merely fantasies. For every little crumb he throws us, he takes 3 big bites back.

                  He thinks that the cops are “too nice”. That pretty much says it all.

                  The only solace I have after every election, is that I didn’t vote.

                  • I have no illusions about Agent Orange as people who can’t be bothered to do any research might call him.

                    I read Art of the Deal in paperback decades ago. Trump is a knowable quantity if one is willing to learn.

                    Maybe nihilism is the prudent thing. What do I know?

                    Or just cling tight to the libertarian virtual signaling label and say don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.

                    I voted for Gary in 2012. Didn’t vote this time

                    Either way my canoe and TeePee are under attack.

                    A trail of tears is in my stars, right?

                    • We just shouldn’t be surprised, that no matter who wins any election….the wrfare-welfare state continues unabated….and we all lose.

                      If we vote, we can’t complain when we get what we voted for.

                      It’s incongruous that Libertarians should vote for authoritarians; it’s counter-productive. We just end up participating in their game.

                      The best option, is to stop participating….in every aspect of life which comes under their usurped dominion.

                      If we pay their taxes; vote for their government; send our kids to their schools; apply for their permits, then our ideology is purely intellectual, and contradicted by our actions.

    • What else is new, Patrick? The bastard’s renegged on virtually everything he’s said in the past…so why should we expect anything different with this? It’s Ronald Reagan all over again- He spoke wonderfull words…then proceeded to do the very opposite of the things he’d say. Only Trump doesn’t even say as nice of things as Ronnie did; Trump dumbs it down to bumper sticker rhetoric.

      Maybe it would have been better had Hitlery won; maybe by now, people would have rebelled. The people on the side whose candidate wins, always go back to sleep because their guy is in.

      • Yawn another black pill rant. Is this ground hogs day again?

        I’ve said the same thing a million times in similar circumstances. Might as well make it a million and one. Your version is always fun to read at least.

        The Animals – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

        We gotta get out of this place
        ‘Cause girl, there’s a better life
        For me and you

        Now my girl you’re so young and pretty
        And one thing I know is true, yeah
        You’ll be dead before your time is due
        I know it

        Watch my daddy in bed and tired
        Watch his hair been turning gray
        He’s been working and slaving his life away
        I know

        He’s been working so hard
        I’ve been working too babe
        Every day baby
        Yeah yeah yeah yeah

        We gotta get out of this place
        If its the last thing we ever do

        Hey Siri. Find me on the internet. Get me a one way ticket to Cafayette Argentina South America please.

  7. Lee Harvey Oswald sneaks into a theatre without paying. The cashier calls the cops and tells them a guy skips a $.50 movie fee. 10 Po leece cars and 24 Po leece arrive to handle the situation. Lee says “I’m a patsy”. At least Lee knew something….but this guy, he might have just had some badass enemies. Bound and gagged at the scene, guns stuck into his hands, then somebody, one of the 3 or 4 shooters….or more, turned a gun on him and offed him at which point soft gag and cuffs were removed and everyone left.

    The autopsy will be conducted by Mickey and Minnie and show nothing but what the cops are told it should.

    So this guy manages to shoot 600 people by himself. Well, the shit’s so deep it’s pulling my waders off, gotta go.

    Oh, and get this. I Never let a Google script run or Twitter or Facebook…..but this comment couldn’t be posted because WP was evidently incensed I had some scripts blocked. I think I’ll reblock the fuckers and try again.

    • Yeah I get that warning sometimes to. Sadly the internet isn’t private property, but rather any kind of script might be running at anytime. There’s little privacy or sovereignty anywhere these days.

      All kinds of goons are allowed to trespass wherever they like, walk through your virtual yard, rummage through your cyber cupboards in the middle of the night while you sleep.

      Every domain is a dystopia these days. For most, private property is just there, who knows how it got there or who it belongs to. Do with it as thou wilt. That is the new commandment. Heathens.

      • And Google dominates smart phones. I wanted to use an app for cycling but I always read the privacy policy. Of course they wanted location seeing it was GPS. But, it wanted your contact list, your photos and videos and even your SD card and said it had the right to change or delete anything therein. I finally gave up and now updates came up like this morning offering new services. I read it over and clicked on Clear as I did the 12 updates that come up from time to time. I have 38 updates that come up now and then and I just click clear and go on. I’m going to buy a stand alone GPS from somebody like Garmin(I have an old Garmin that’s about the size of a small CRT just too big for a truck….but a great unit)and use that alone or maybe in conjunction with a dash cam(CYA).

  8. Still waiting for all the “facts” to come out but this stinks to high heaven of a false flag. “Sandy Hook” did not produce the desired effect (a national uproar calling for gun confiscation a la England and Aussieland) so they upped the body count hoping this will do the trick.

    Now let us see how many conservative repube politicians roll over because of this.

    • And James Fetzer is saying that Las Vegas is looking a lot like Sandy Hook.
      Sadly, it appears that Trump is going over to the dark side a little more every day.

      • In the entire Executive Branch, who isn’t dark siding these days.

        Trump seems to be the Lone Ranger of Non-Lunacy left anymore. What a bunch of chicken shit villainous scum the pols all are.

        It’s like there’s an entire race who are nothing but Inspector Javert & Agent Smith types. So soul-curdling to think of them all scurrying about like bipedal vermin in their mazes of institutional corridors.

    • Yeah, it stinks all right. This time they made sure the victims were all likely to be Trumptards, so maybe they’re trying to convert some flag humpers to their cause. They reveal what retards they are by thinking that a gun owner would switch to being a gungrabber once he or someone he knows got shot.

      What a bunch of goobers. They can’t even pull off a false flag attack without it looking exactly like a false flag attack. Retards.

  9. Two thoughts: First, the gun grabbers are always telling us that “we don’t need guns” because the police will protect us. So how did that work out here? Roughly at least two hours of shooting (about like the Orlando gay nightclub killing timespan). Reports from witnesses who said you could clearly see muzzle flashes from the hotel windows. So where were the donut eaters? Did none of the security/cops have long guns? Where was all of the SWAT type cops? Don’t you think having a counter sniper team in that situation would be prudent? Of course, Vegas cops can handle the usual lowlifes, but not someone like this nut. Cops were worthless.
    Second, I have noticed extreme suppression of the news story of that CBS VP who callously claimed she had no sympathy for victims because they were all country music fans and thus likely Republicans. None of my news feeds featured this, or the subsequent story of her firing. So, down the Memory Hole. Can’t talk about it. She was a hyphenated last name feminist. Jewish from the looks of it. So this highly paid member of several Official Victim groups merely sneers and cheers when (presumably) white Republicans and country music fans are killed by a nut. This is liberal empathy at work. Some are more equal than others. Why the news blackout on this? You can easily imagine alternate scenarios involving, say, a Fox executive who make similar comments about the Orlando victims, etc. We would be hearing about that daily. But CBS, well, they did fire her…

    • You need to read Jack Kerwick’s column at LewRockwell.
      His bet is that this guy was a member of the Trump Resistance. Kind of like the guy that shot Scalice and the other Repug congressmen.
      Deplorables are expendable.

      As for D himself, mebbe the slo mo military coup continues.
      We got 3 generals and nobody from the campaign in the Casa Blanca.
      And dude signed the hate speech thing that congruss put together after the Charlotteseville charade.

      But hey, make Amerika free.
      Build a wall around Washington DC.


      • Blind Mandalay Melon Patsy’s a registered democrat in Florida. Might be something like this.

        Quite a body count, whatever his deal was.

        More importantly is we’re all engaged in a kind of spiritual warfare. There is either fight, of get fought.

        Alan Walker – Faded – 1.3 Billion Views

        Maybe some of you can relate as I sometimes feel this way too but I remind myself not to give up the fight.

        Spiritual Warfare is a very present reality and the song alludes to the fact that the struggle is pointless. Yet that is a psyop in and of itself to disarm and numb the masses. To make you rationalize your impotent nihilism.

        Without hope there is no purpose to all of this and that is something I choose for no man. Hope is produced through patience, endurance and character.

        I choose hope.

        Maybe for you hope is picturing yourself in a van by a river
        With tangerine trees and marmalade skies
        Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly
        A self walking robotic girl with kaleidoscope eyes

        Cellophane cyber flowers of yellow and green
        Towering over your head
        Look for the robotic girl with the sun powered vehicle in her eyes
        And she’s gone

        Elon in the sky with diamonds
        Elon in the sky with diamonds
        Elon in the sky with diamonds
        Ahhh what ever floats you hope.

        Follow futura down to a smart bridge by a pharmo fountain
        Where rocking horse people skype marshmallow pies

        Everyone smiles as you hoverboard past the flowers
        That grow such incredible wifi

        Fake Newspaper headlines appear on the shore
        Stories to take you away
        Climb in the FTL Mars capsule with your head in the clouds
        And you’re gone

  10. To me the big issue is: why should anyone give a tin-plated shit what this old gasbag says about anything? She holds no public office, is roundly despised by most of the populace and is so obviously retarded that it’s clear she has been unqualified for any office she has ever held.

    Without the totally corrupt media we have in place today, her ass would never have been a senator in a state she had just moved into and would probably have been in prison within a few months after her priapic husband left office.

  11. I don’t care what the stats are on “gun control” because I’m a free human being who has not harmed anyone. However, the stats are available and they are clear. “Gun violence” is like AIDS. If you’re not participating in very criminal behavior, you’re likelihood of suffering “gun violence” is about the same as people in 1st world foreign countries with gun bans out the ass. And of course, stricter laws don’t stop mass shootings. See Norway or Paris, France. And of course you have places like Mexico and Brazil with strict gun laws and sky high homicide rates.

    The Left and their fake solutions make me sick.

  12. “She would have had a field day with this Paddock guy, a “deplorable” in every way, it appears. Old and white. Likely disgruntled. No official news yet, but he probably will turn out to not like “people of color” (white people being, of course, translucent).”

    Completely wrong. He was a leftist who went to anti-Trump protests. He is photographed with a “pussy hat” on his head. There are pictures of this on Twitter, even though Facebook immediately deleted his page to prevent people from seeing what he was posting.

    You should have been able to figure this out. He fired at a concert with country music – the vast majority of the people will be conservative Whites. He had a Filipina girlfriend. Both of which make it far more likely that he is left-wing than right-wing. Not to mention that “deplorables” don’t murder. Almost every mass shooting is done by Democrats, the only exception being Dylann Roof. Democrats – and non-Whites are greatly overrepresented among serial killers as well. As for the fat communist woman who died in Charleston, hours after the rally, they had surrounded the driver’s car and threw rocks at it. Before that they had attacked him and beaten him with baseball bats. He didn’t want to stay and be killed like the truck driver during the LA riots, so he drove into them before backing away. The communist wasn’t hit by the car, but she was obese and died of a heart attack. That’s the one killing by a White right-wing man lately – but actually he was part Jewish.

    • Hi Tenet,

      Regardless, the “gun control” crowd will exploit this to further their agenda. As you know, the facts are irrelevant. “Guns” are the problem; they “kill”… and so forth.

    • Hi Tenet,

      She just Tweeted:

      Hillary Clinton ✔@HillaryClinton
      Replying to @HillaryClinton
      Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.

    • I can’t take credit for this since I read it somewhere else, but if this guy was clearly a republican, conservative, nationalist, or a libertarian with an anti-government ax to grind, the media would be screaming it from the rooftops and the leftist sycophants (Modern day Alexander Hamiltons, if you will) would be licking their chops. They would have their 9/11-esque gun incident they could use to push through, like so much serrated freedom-destroying excrement, their “Protect the Children and if you don’t vote for this you obviously want to murder all the children…with guns” Act.

      The whole thing seems suspicious beyond belief and if the deep state/fake news wanted to placate us they’d toss us the truth once in awhile. It looks like that ain’t happening, once again.

  13. There was a similar situation like this in the book, “Enemies Foreign and Domestic”. Old fogee takes an AK and fires rounds, on a high arc, into a football stadium from a hotel room during a game IIRC. Kills several people.

    Anyone else pick up on this?

    • Yeah frenchy… I thought about that immediately but I had initially thought it was from John Ross’ Unintended Consequences. But you are right. Thanks for refreshing my memory!

  14. Well shucks it’s the American right to go on a shooting spree – until he starts it’s covered by the 1A and 2A. After all, EP & friends believe in reckless, drunk driving provided it doesn’t hurt anyone.Clover

    • Aussie Clover!

      As usual, you’re forced to rely on imbecilities such as: “Well shucks it’s the American right to go on a shooting spree – until he starts it’s covered by the 1A and 2A.”

      In other words, possessing a gun (as I do) is tantamount to going on a shooting spree.

      Can your mind grasp distinctions?

      No, of course it can’t.

      You are a Clover, after all.

      You are defined by your incapacity to reason. By sloppy emoting. You feel. You do not think.

      Logic, principles – foreign to you.

      I’d be ashamed had I posted a comment as idiotic as the one you just did.

      Just once, I’d like to have a debate with a reasonable, intelligent person. The problem, of course, is that people such as yourself aren’t reasonable or intelligent.

      Which is why you are a Clover.

      • Good old Gil. I see him on the Coyote Blog. He never gets an upvote or any response.

        Here’s one from 6 years ago

        Gil • 6 years ago
        What about over 25s? If you can’t get employed when you’re young then you’ll have no job skills when you’re not so young and by rights will still be unemployed.

        If anyone speaks cloverian, can you make tails or heads out of Gil.

        Vegas Shooters Neighbor Said Guy Was Framed (A video since deleted from everywhere normies can access.)

      • Strange how Righties have no problem regulating everything else. Ask a Rightie whether there should be Muslim immigration into the West and it’s “no way, the few that are terrorists outweigh any good from the rest.”Clover

        • Clover,

          Another distinction you’re apparently not capable of making: This is a Libertarian site. Libertarians are not “righties” and, indeed, couldn’t be more philosophically and morally on the other side of the spectrum.

          Ever open a book, Clover?

          It might help open your mind – which is characterized by emoting rather than reasoning. You can’t even hurl an effective criticism because you can’t even get your facts straight!

          • Eric, this is why so many women are liberals. It resonates with them, because it based on emotion, rather than fact and performance. Women and feminized douches/girly-men are liberals. You never see any real men espousing liberalism.

            Anyone who is capable of reasoning and dealing with actual facts (including some sane women…there are a handful out there) would dismiss liberalism out-of-hand, because of the fact that it has failed so miserably everywhere where it has been practiced- and if there is any doubt as to that, all one needs to do is look at liberalism’s poster cities- like Detroit; Baltimore; Chicago- or even the cities in otherwise “red” states, where liberals still rule the cities, like Memphis….

            All of their “Great Society” programs have been practiced in these cities for half a century or more now- from rabid welfarism to Bolshevik gun-control….and look at the results! The worst crime and poverty; biggest government/gov’t corruption/ Nazi-style police state tactics; redonkulous taxes and cost of living; no one escaping poverty, but rather many former middle-classers and working class types being dragged into it….

            And yet these fools continue to beat the drums for all of these long-failed idiotci programs and practices….and keep expecting/promising different results.

        • Actually the general view is that most of us don’t want to hear the adhan “call to prayer” over loudspeakers 5 times a day.

        • Gil, the issue of letting in muslims into the West is that islam is utterly incompatible with Liberty. I know libs have this fantasy that mankind is all one big happy equal family but nature and history prove that this is simply not the case.

          Reality can be denied only for so long before it reasserts itself. Woe unto those who continue to refuse to accept it.

          • Bull, the Koran and Bible are practically the same. As said it’s one issue where Righties can see where trying to ban something in the hope of minimizing harm is deemed beneficial. On the other hand, when it’s another mass shooting it’s a case of “those who were stupid enough to not bring guns to defend themselves deserved what they got.”

            • Clover,

              How does one “minimize harm” by harming everyone?

              You propose to enact laws that take away the liberty of people who’ve harmed no one, and which transform them into “criminals” not for any harm they have caused but because they possess firearms and you fear they might cause harm.

              How is this different from banning people from learning martial arts, say? After all, a trained martial artist might use his skills for no good.

              Why not outlaw any car capable of moving at a speed faster than a man can run – since after all, someone might otherwise use the car to run down said man?

              If you’re capable of it – and I suspect not – I’d like to hear a factual, logical rebuttal of these principled, logical and coherent objections to your idiocy.

            • Ah, right…right, Gil. You know, turds and diamonds are practically identical, too- or so you must believe, if you think that the Koran- a text which advocates forced conversion by coercion/violence, is “practically the same” as the Bible- which advocates voluntary conversion by the acceptance of a message which is freely proclaimed, even to one’s enemies, and is at the sole discretion of each individual as to whether they choose to put themselves under the authority of such; with absolutely no retribution in this world for those who do not care to accept the proffered message and doctrines.

            • Ah, yes, Gil- and turds and diamonds are almost identical, too! At least that is what you must believe, if you think that the Koran and the Bible are almost identical!

              Yes, yes…the Koran- which advocates forced conversion via any means possible, including violence; and which does not tolerate dissent in the world, is “almost the same” as the Bible- which advocates voluntary conversion by freely proclaiming it’s message, even to it’s enemies, so that those who accept that message intellectually and obey it voluntarily may reap the benefits of it; while it does not prescribe violence nor any penalty in the world towards those who do not accept it’s message.

              Methinks somebody did not watch Sesame Street on the day when Bob sang “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other”….

              And what’s more, your belief in authoritarianism actually has more in common with the Koran, since you advocate forcing all to abide by a code of law which is imposed by force and violence; and which seeks to dictate the precepts by which everyone lives their lives and interacts on every level- societal and personal.

      • Aussieland is full of clovers; they abound on our roads especially. Sometimes I wish I had a hot laser beam on the front of my car, but it would be burnt out after just 2 kilometers.

        • Hi To5,

          It’s sad. From what I have seen, the land down under is a beautiful land. To hear that it has been ruined by Clovers is heartbreaking.

          And: It is very interesting to me that Clovers are uniformly incapable of putting together a logical, defensible-in-principle argument about anything. Their “arguments” are always emotional and incoherent; they remind me of the musings of 14-year-old girls.

          It is impossible to reason with them.

    • What kind of drugs are you guys on down under? I’ve often laughed at the Aussie’s self styled “rebel” image, when there is no single country on Earth that can hold a candle to you in religious zealotry regarding “saaaafety”. (I have wasted many hours reversing bizarre Australian safety modifications on tooling and equipment in order to make it actually useful).

      I own multiple guns, and I can only apply 2 injuries (to humans) to any of them. One is an old Colt .38 revolver that dropped an armed robber back when the west was still somewhat wild, and the other is a Winchester single shot 12g shotgun that bruises the hell out of anyone who shoots it. Does owning multiple arms make me a likely threat to anybody except the local dove/quail populations? I don’t think so.

      Your overly simplistic analysis of events aside, has anyone noticed that the mass murders/shootings have gone UP exponentially as more laws and restrictions go on the books? It is a lot easier to get away with things like this when you know you are in a gun-free zone or safety zone and the guy next to you isn’t going to assist your suicide for you before you get to show your wounded emotions to the world. Then maybe we should delve deeper into the root cause and run a simple statistic showing the increase in these incidents alongside the ever-broadening Byzantine maze of laws and regulations adding stress factors onto the general population.

      Call me crazy, but I am certain that Cloverian ideas aren’t going to solve the problem….only add to the malignant growth of laws and subsequent erosion of freedoms.

      • Ever notice that the mass shooting problem correlates with the social engineering and domestication? Furthermore the use of various drugs to keep people enduring these conditions? Ever notice?

        We’re not supposed to. Just think like we were conditioned in grade school. One kid can’t handle something so nobody can do/have it. Furthermore that this engineered society we live in, if you can’t deal with it, you’re mentally ill. Not that maybe, just maybe this inhuman domestication we live under in increasing amounts since the scientific management of society began a century or so ago might be bad for people.

        • Yep Brent, and I remember when this shit started…or at least in my world. This kid, probably doing calculus in the 3rd grade and twice the size of the average 3rd grader had some disconnect that included no physical abilities including the inability to hold his water when he got really tickled… stuff nobody else could figure out what was funny.

          So we’re playing baseball, no pussy softballs for us bad to the bone 5th graders, boys and girls. Probably 35 feet from the pitchers rock to home base rock since we had no field, just a rock and dirt parking lot. We didn’t need no stinkin grass…..since it wouldn’t grow there anyway.

          This kid come to bat and we’re all shaking our heads. The pitcher has a serious arm but he slows it down for the guy since we just wanted to get him out without injury. He had been known in Pee Wee to call for a pop up from the coach just lobbing lazy ones for practice, and he was right, he had it, both hands outstretched to the side and caught it right in the mouth.

          But at school, there were women, in fact, nearly only women. So one bossy bitch comes out and says let him hit it. Hell, that’s all anybody wanted since he couldn’t actually run for reasons not quite understandable. So the bad pitcher gets real close and underhands as softly as he could and strikes him out, not really wanting to but you can’t swing the bat for somebody who can’t swing it themselves. Bossy bitch comes out and demands he throw more pitches. The rest of the kids are nearly in tears just from boredom by this time. I think he sorta hit it finally and then took off not exactly running but screaming at the top of his lungs right after he’d pissed himself being so proud he hit it. Everybody pretty much ignored him and he’d run from base to base sorta willy-nilly until he crossed home rock at which point we could get back to playing.

          Of course our baseball practices were men dominated and we played as serious baseball as the big leagues, maybe more seriously since we had no kegs of beer. We’d try anything to keep him occupied when we tried to play at school. The girls didn’t whine and coming in with a shiner was a medal, not an injury. But women dominated anything can take the fun out……and we always wondered about the married one’s husbands……no fun for Tom or Jerry tonight……or any other night.

          I can remember when a fight started in general public a man or two would stop it, even when it involved a gun. So where did that reality go? It went right out the window a little bit every day as the nanny state took responsibility more and more. Now the only people who get beat up are mainly ones not showing enough respect to the cop screaming obscenities nobody should have to hear. Deaf people are more at risk from cops that speeding cars.

          • Bingo! In just about every one of these mass shootings the shooter was on “legal” mind altering drugs. Dylan Roof, I think, is the only one that was not. Of course the MSM will never investigate or report this because legal drug pushers aka Big Pharma will not allow it.

      • Hi El Guapo,

        Clover is unreachable.

        I am at a coffee shop right now, working. My .45 Sig tucked under my shirt. If some freak comes into this joint and starts shooting, I will at least have a chance.

        Clover finds this outrageous.

        In his “mind”- what passes for it – the gun on my hip possesses amazing powers; it can turn a middle-aged and very pacific writer into a crazed lunatic, simply by dint of it being in my possession. Since, in his view, I might go berserk, I should at the very least be treated as if I had, in fact gone berserk. Presumptive criminality.

        For “safety,” you see.

        Of course, this “reasoning” of his never applies to armed government workers. They, apparently are incapable of ever misusing a firearm and may be trusted implicitly….

        • As the captain in Cool Hand said, “Some men you just can’t reach.”

          Even if you did have a meeting of the minds with a Clover, they remain unreachable. They see that as a feature not a bug.

          Say you met the Clover all the way, and no longer carried your gun around. Say your whole town did the same.

          In this future land of beneficial compromise, imagine you and your friend return to the coffee shop before working on a project together.

          This time you have a hammer hanging from a tool belt, open carry. Your friend has a large pipe wrench.

          Will this not get the gears of the Clover mind churning once again. Will he not approach you or the manager, and ask that you not enter “his” favorite coffee shop carrying such weapons of potential mass destruction.

          Why you two might start beating everyone in the coffee shop senseless. Assault tools must be banned in a public space such as a coffee shop.

          Without question this also means all kinds of knives and sharp objects. And all large objects that might be wielded as bludgeoning instruments.

          Just secure them in your vehicle under lock and key. For the children and for everyone’s safety.

          Thing is there’s no limit to a Clover’s tyranny. You can’t co-exist with them, unless you’re ready to go to the ends of the earth, beyond all reason, and imagine limits of ad absurdum infinitum.

          Ipso Facto the trifolium incarnatum est Wacko.

          • Tor, “Thing is there’s no limit to a Clover’s tyranny. You can’t co-exist with them…”

            Exactly! And this is why the only thing that can stop a civil war is a peaceable secession. We are not united. It is time to accept this reality and act accordingly.

            • We are so diverse it has gotten ridiculous. Few countries have as many different groups all trying to get along in the same borders.

              Maybe India, which has a lower per capita GDP than even the continent of Africa.

              There’s a lot of different kinds here, and a consensus agreement on the issues may not be possible.

              I’m thinking a partition like they did in India might work. Or however the Soviet empire went from 400 million people in 1989. To the 160 million Russian Republic and other nations you see today.

              On the left coast, spin off CA OR WA HI and NV On the right coast spin off ME NH VT NY MA RI CT NJ DE MD DC.

              This will Red State lock 4 blue states MN IL CO NM with a delegate count of 45. The fair thing is to give the new Blue US some red states with similar delegate count as compensation.

              Red US could move the capital back to Philadelphia, or choose a whole new place as the capital.

              Not a perfect solution, but imagine having a chance to live somewhere in New Red America that is no longer ruled by DC New York or California.

              • Not ever noted, after the guns were taken down under, the overall crime rate has skyrocketed. Seems the criminals kept theirs.

      • I don’t think its surprising that the anti-freedom groups are almost solely aligned on the left side of the spectrum (although the right is full of that crap as well). Even if you could justify having a gun for hunting on your remote homestead, the left will want it confiscated because ultimately, you have no right to eat the flesh of another animal. They want us all locked in cage…cities, doing drone work, making children but not parenting them, while eating some variation of soylent green. The constant derision of “fly-over country” is part of this. Mark my words, the horrific city-state lording over the dregs in dystopian films like Brazil and The Hunger Games is the end goal for the wolves in the ranks of humanity.

  15. Anybody know if this guy had a class 3 firearms license?

    People can legally buy machine guns, actual assault rifles (not the meaningless assault “weapons” term thrown about, explosive devices, suppressors, etc. with this license, If you have no criminal record, (and a LOT of money) you can get one.

    However, “legal” machine guns are extremely expensive: They had to be manufactured before 1985, making them extremely scare. E.G: The difference between and AR-15 and an M-16 is a trigger disconnect that would cost about $0.30 in parts. The difference in price is about $800+/- for an AR-15 and north on $20k for an M-16 is good condition.

    I saw a 50 caliber Minigun for sale for $400k.

    If you think that’s expensive, think about this: At 66 rounds per second emanating from its 6 rotating barrels, and even cheap 50 BMG going for $5 a round, it costs $330 per SECOND just to feed it.

    It will be interesting if these end up being legal machine guns.

  16. Gun Banner Leftist (GBL): We need to ban the kind of guns that did this!

    Me: Belt fed machine guns, or for that matter, fully automatic machine guns of any kind, are already illegal for civilians. Making them illegal didn’t stop this guy from getting and using them. Why do you think criminals are gonna obey any new laws you would have passed?

    GBL: We need to ban all guns! The death toll is unacceptable.

    Me: Twice as many people died in car accidents today in the US, and every other day also. You gonna ban cars?

    GBL: We gotta do something!

    Me: How about we quit abridging the rights of people who aren’t violating other people’s rights? If only we had a written document that said that …

    • Yes, we get it, as Bill O’ Reilly put it, mass shootings are the price to pay for gun freedom. It should be no more be news than traffic accidents.Clover

      • How the fuck are you a we? No one is with you here.

        Are all you leftards implanted with thought repeaters now?

        You should be no more be speaking for anyone else. I’m sure even leftards wouldn’t agree with you.

      • Clover,

        Another example of your imbecility.

        Equating a willful, deliberate criminal act with accidents.

        And then arguing that people who’ve never harmed anyone should be presumptively treated as criminals.

        What a vile SOB you are.

      • Mass shootings didn’t happen before society started to be managed scientifically and not even until that passed a certain threshold. Firearms have been advanced for over a century and yet for most of that time these mass shootings did not happen. Of course the last thing a control freak wants to give up is control so, the answer to control is more of it.

      • So, ummm, Gil, what would your excuse be when that dude in Norway shot-up all those school children a few years back? Norway…where they have among the most stringent gun prohibition in the world….

        Gun prohibition has the same effect as drug prohibition: I have to drive 34 miles the next day to pick up my 92 year-old mother’s sleeping pills, because we all know that she might get high on them if she were to get them a day early (Yet somehow manages to control herself with the bottle of 30 she gets the next day)…but of course, junkies have no trouble at all getting any drug they want; and welfare cretins have no trouble getting pain pills galore, for free, via Medicaid, which they sell to supplement their incomes…but you believe that out-lawing gun ownership will keep guns out of the hands of criminals?!

        You retards NEVER learn!

        I think the real reason that people like you want to disarm everyone, is because you know that people such as yourself are such an abomination, that many would gladly use you for target practice.

        • Actually why have any laws then? Let people shoot others, get your own gun and defend yourself already. Let people dope themselves to death. Let people drive wherever they want and make other people get out of the way.

          • Clover,

            Again, your inability to grok distinctions is quite something.

            “Why have any laws at all”?

            There are laws, on the one hand, which proscribe harms caused to others; examples include laws forbidding theft, assault and murder. These laws are morally legitimate because the acts they describe involve harms caused to other people.

            Then there are the laws you favor – which criminalize actions that involve no harm to anyone, such as the possession of a firearm. In your twisted view, the possibility that someone (not a specific person, just “someone”) might cause harm is sufficient justification to punish them pre-emptively, exactly as if they had, in fact, harmed someone.

            I’d like to hear your justification for this – and in particular, where you’d draw the line in the sand. I mean, it can be argued that almost any human action imaginable might lead to harm. Given that, to use your own imbecile logic, why not outlaw everything?

  17. The unhinging of the gun control nuts is off the charts today. Don’t they remember the Ariana Grande concert was a bomb(s) and not guns? Do they prefer these gunmen become bombers and do more bombings instead? Because that what will happen. They are going to do it no matter how many laws there are, and no matter how hard the government makes it for innocents to own their own protections.

    If anything we need to END more gun control rather then add to them.

  18. Regardless of who did it, this is obviously a meticulously planned act of terrorism. Getting a room 32 floors above the concert, and opening up with what can not possibly be anything but a belt fed MG, plunging fire into tens of thousands of unarmed innocents. The audio is horrifying, literally hundreds of rounds stuttering out at a time, no puny 30 or 40 round mags here.

    This stinks in every way. The alleged lone gunner is really implausible. Something false Flaggy is in the wind.

    The only amazing thing is so few were killed.

    Be afraid.

    • Top notch LoL. This is the right response to this random degeneracy.

      I know a dozen people that work at Mandalay. So what. Don’t give these property grabbers and destroyers what they want, never surrender.

  19. What do you want to bet that the “second suspect” (i.e. the assassin’s “handler,”) will vanish from all mainstream media mention by Noon, PDT today?

    • Hi Tor,

      Yes. It casts light on the agenda, doesn’t it? That shooting was barely a blip on the radar. But we’re still hearing about the white kid who shot up the black church.

      It makes my teeth ache that people aren’t catching on.

      • Can’t vet Sudan at all.

        Shut the spigot off until fixed, no brainer there.

        On Vegas scene account

        My story: sister was 20 ft from the stage, texted us immediately “gunshots.” She hid behind a bar, had ricochets hitting the bar, thought shooter was on floor coming closer. She ran out, someone hooked their truck to a fence and pulled it down. She jump through the fence with her boyfriend , and they ran to a private airport thing. Stole a golf cart, got a bunch of people to safety. I left to get her , she made it to just north of McCarran airport , I broke some laws to get there , but pulled in and grabbed my sister her boyfriend , his aunt and 4 other girls piled into my car. One girl was shot in the leg . Dropped the 4 girls off with a friend of theirs at the airport, drove to fire station 19 and dropped his aunt with his uncle there. Drove home , and currently am at home.
        That’s the jist. I may update more details. I am a 19 year old UNLV student. She is 21.
        Thank you everyone for your kind words and helping the information flow. I apologize for inaccuracies throughout the night and I’m just glad it’s all over.
        Goodnight everyone. See you in class tomorrow !

        My sister is downtown hearing gunshots running for her life and there is no news coverage what the fuck is going on down there
        A video of the concert being interrupted by gunshots.
        10:35 VEGAS BLVD CLOSED.
        10:49 RENO AND TROP
        10:59 at least 8 critical injuries on scanner in last T minutes. Many going to Sunrise Hospital
        11:02 so many injuries being confirmed on the scanner.
        11:03 FOX5 News says All clubs are closed and locked down. My sister is MGM employee her boss says ALL MGM properties ( all the strip really ) is on LOCKDOWN. STAY SAFE PLEASE
        11:05 scanner just said 3 shooters UNCONFIRMED. HACIENDA AND TROP/ VEGAS ?? Has bodies / shooters. Not sure when last shots were fired. Tropicana Offramp Is CLOSED
        11:06 so many fucking injuries being reported. SCanner says multiple 419’s? Scanner saying DO NOT WORRY ABOUT INJURED, NEUTRALIZE THREAT.
        11:13 my sister saying airport feeling unsafe maybe more gunmen fuck fuck fuck
        11:17 SAYING LUXOR
        11:20 TROPICANA
        11:22 STRIKE TEAMS CLEARING MANDALAY 32 29 and CASINO FLOORS. Teams on starwells
        CHAOS PEOPLE. ITS CHAOS. ASSUME SHOTS EVERYWHERE STAY SAFE. outside world , assume shots only Mandalay Ali baba and Tropicana. Maybe NYNY and maybe Excalibur
        11:46 I’m hearing way less injury , way more negative gunshots.
        Freeways are dead, cops all over. UPDATE 12:15 215 IS CLOSED BY AIRPORT FUCK OP is wlive. Got my sister.
        OP is home and safe. One suspect down. Two dead.

      • Oh yeah, MK Ultra has been gone for decades… repeat after me, MK Ultra is waay in the past, MK Ultra is waay in the past…..

      • They kill us and use it as am incontrovertible reason to disarm us, so that we can be killed far easier – see a pattern?

        FOX news had a nice israhelli security expert telling us how we need a police state to keep us safe. More searches, more restriction, less rights, less privacy. It’s like we are being tuned into Palestinians in our own… oh wait… it was their land too.

        Not only do we need all of our guns, we need body armor for everyone in our families too. The War is here – its the summer of 1914. We haven’t seen anything of what is coming now. They are in the open. They openly espouse violence, revolution, genocide and commit terrorist acts against political opponents and burn cities. But hey, there is a hashtag now it will all be okay..

      • If our fifth columnists with bloodlust in their veins have heavy weapons, it sure seems we need heavy weapons too. Anyone trying to take our meager self defense away is doing everything they can to enable our extermination. Genocide is their stated goal, they worship the architects of genocide, their language, acts and demonstration of blind rage and their furious attempts to inflict it on the entire society must open our eyes.


        Every day they are burning the Reichstag, they won’t be limited much longer to institutions.

        • Hi Thought,

          I realize this is ridiculous, but:

          Knowing I could never defend the Fuhrerbunker if the scheisse really does hit the fan, I keep my backpack loaded with necessary supplies and could “bug out” into the woods literally at the drop of a hat as the woods – hundreds of acres, abutting my place – are literally right outside my back door. I have no illusions about long-term survival but I might make a try at walking out… of the country, that is. If it got that bad.

          I hope and pray it does not get that bad.

    • That was funny Tor L! City boys were outwitted by a sheep (not a goat!). I would have sidestepped his charge, grabbed it in a headlock, and forced it to the ground until somebody with a rope tied it up.


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