Reader Question: A Silver Lining to the Corona Cloud?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mark writes: If there’s a silver lining from Corona psychosis, it’s that lots of conservatives are turning their backs on AGWs! I follow Dan Bongino on Parler. I used to follow him on Twitter, but I was booted from there for Wrong Think. Anyway, Bongino is a up and coming conservative commentator and pundit. Before he did that, he was a NYPD police officer and US Secret Service agent, so you’d expect him to back cops. Look at what he’s saying here, and look at the responses.

My reply: It’s about time!

For decades, I have been frustrated with “conservatives” who claim to value liberty yet worship those who enforce its removal, i.e., armed government workers. I have challenged, for example, those who resent infringements of their Second Amendment rights to explain why my right o not wear a seat belt (or wear a helmet) is ok to infringe.

Huff, puff. It’s different.


No (coherent) answer.

They object to taxation – but don’t dare object to being taxed to “support” government schools… or armed government workers. The latter including anything wearing a military uniform.

The moral incoherence of “conservatism” is perhaps best illustrated by William F. Buckley, Jr. – who for a generation headed it. He was a virulent anti-communist who supported the leviathan state to fight it. He even said that the U.S. must be more like the Soviet Union in order to fight it.


The U.S. is now worse than the old Soviet Union – where the population was never wholesale “locked down” as Americans now are and never pathologized into miming anxiety disorders in public, as Americans now do.

So, I am glad to find that some “conservatives” are beginning to realize that armed government workers are government workers – and as such, the enemies of their liberties, now gone.

Perhaps they can be recovered. But I suspect it will not be easy.

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  1. What I fear the most is the use of police against the people. Almost all of them are brainwashed, or roided(or both) and so many are ex-military who can’t wait to get all geared up and kill those lesser people, the public.. There is an ex-military guy running for office. When it was pointed out to him that we were losing our rights, he immediately said “Fuck your rights”. He should be a great rep of the people eh? Sorry, I’ve forgotten his name and state but you won’t miss him. He was muscled up once but he’s eaten so much and sat on his ass till he’s just another big fatass with a bad attitude.

    I could have beaten him up when I was 14…..just by making him mad and causing him to chase me. I could run like that all day. That sumbitch wouldn’t make it 5 minutes before having a heart attack. I could have killed him without ever touching him.

    • Recent history has given you REASON to fear the police. What’s more is that they follow orders, no matter how unconstitutional or immoral. They’re even arresting people attending church services! Hello, what about the 1A? You know, the amendment that talks about freedom of religion and the FREE EXERCISE thereof? They’re also going after groups of people. Hello 1A again! The 1A mentions the freedom to peaceably assemble too. Anyway, if the police will so willingly stomp on our rights, what’s to stop them from going after the guns if they’re ordered to do so? Recent history has shown us that the cops will prize paycheck and pension over any oath they took to the COTUS. If nothing else, the Corona hysteria has made convervatards LEERY of the police, and that’s a good thing… 🙂

      • But what will happen when their paychecks and pensions go away when the governments who employ them run out of money because tax revenues have cratered because same governments shut down businesses that generate those tax dollars? States, counties, and cities can’t print money to cover their spending, and many are required by law to balance their budgets. Sure, they can ask Uncle Sam for money, but the Orange Man is likely to tell many of them to go pound sand.
        It will be interesting, to say the least.


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