No Mandatory Fear Masking at Sam’s!

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I’m happy to report a no Fear Masks mandatory policy at Sam’s – unlike Costco, which has decreed exactly that. Which is why I will never set foot in a Costco again – and why I just renewed my Sam’s membership!

I encourage everyone who is appalled by Sickness Psychosis to stop doing business with any business so afflicted – and tell them so. And to make a point of thanking businesses not afflicted with Sickness Psychosis and not requiring Fear Masking and other forms of Sickness Kabuki by giving them your business – as well as letting them know why they are getting it.

If we don’t want to have to spend the rest of our lives in a loony bin, where the pathological has been normalized and refusing to pretend the pathological is reasonable, then take a stand now – while you still can!

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  1. You only need to become a “plus” member that costs about $40-45. It’s worth it since they give it back at the end of the year if you don’t get it back in outright kickbacks on certain products. I just made an order to Sams a couple days ago. They showed a shipping charge but they always do and then reimburse me for it. I have no idea why they do it that way. The FedEx driver has my number and I meet him at the gate. It’s a 60 mile drive one way so it’s a boon for us. You can’t get perishables that way but we are fairly full up on things like that.

  2. Good to hear… i guess. I haven’t been able to shop at sams in a couple weeks because of lines. I’m not going to line up like cattle. No thanks. Just as bad as the mask policy in my mind. I can run to 4 aldis in the same amount of time and get all my shopping done for less money anyway.

  3. The closest Sam’s requires a mask because it is within the boundaries of incorporated Austin.

    In the unincorporated areas, the Judge who would normally issue such orders has been caught several times breaking his own shelter-in-place orders in huge ways, including ordering a Hobby Lobby to open for a personal shopping trip for “mask making material”.

  4. Forget the warehouse clubs. I went to Target yesterday. They have a literal cattle chute manned by a Karen! I went to one of the self checkout lines to stand on their stupid red dot six feet away from the cattle checking out and was summarily scolded to go to a blue cattle waiting area to wait to get into a waiting line. The part that ticked me off was that she promptly sent someone who would have been behind me to stand on the red dot. I do take solace that I received some good chuckles when I somewhat loudly said “corralled like cattle…this is ridiculous”. The only thing keeping me from putting down my refrigerated perishables and other items was that it was the only place I could find the TP that my wife can use. Otherwise I would have just left.

    • When they frantically try to clean the station after the customer in front of you finishes checking out, just stand as close to them as possible. They seem to go faster when I do that.

      • Once on the dot line…I just moved to the next open checkout BEFORE they could clean it. I did not watch for a reaction though…should have as I probabably would have been Karen-ed if I had not been halfway through beeping out everything.

      • It is the ultracleanliness crap that is causing the problem. Germs are necessary to keep the self defence system working at peak ability.

  5. sam’s requires fear masks in hawaii, as does costco

    you can claim a medical condition and be exempted though.

  6. Eric,

    What if ALL businesses (at least the still open ones) in your area are FORCED by Fuhrer’s edict to force everyone to wear a mask though? How do you tell the good guys from the bad guys here?

  7. Meanwhile, it would appear that Sam’s Club is requiring its employees to participate in the fear mask LARPing.

    What about the idea of ridiculing the fear maskers one encounters? Their complicity in the matter is an act of aggression. Thus, they have violated the NAP.

    • Problem is, you never really know who may have an immune deficiency. Even young, healthy looking people may be affected and may have a good reason to wear the mask. This is what keeps me from laying on the ridicule. Personally, I’m content to just Not wear a mask in all situations. Luckily (for them), no one has said anything to me yet about it.

      Business owners who mandate customers or employees to wear masks deserve full ridicule. Sweeping mandates, even by private business owners should be challenged. Especially by their clients.

        • And/or should not be going out if they are truly scared of catching something. Which should apply really at all times as the Plandemic is not really anything special when compared to other things you can catch.

            • Hi Bill,

              Yup. Which begs the question: If you’re sick, why are you not home? And if you’re not sick, why wear a mask? Isn’t that like wearing Depends when you aren’t incontinent?

              Of course, the assertion made to justify Fear Masking people who seem healthy is that they might be sick.

              Isn’t that delicious?

              The perfect – because unanswerable – pretext. Anything is possible. No need to be specific; forget all that antiquarian nonsense about due process and probable cause. Just blanket indict everyone. Can’t be too careful or too safe.

              • I dunno eric. A person could be incontinent at any moment and what if it was caused by covid? I mean, it might be caused by what you had for supper or you accidentally took 1200 mg of magnesium but till you get the docs there and they have identified you as just being grossly incompetent…….or just a dumbass. We can take no chances.

                Everybody in the house now or we’ll blow your, quite possibly postive…..or quite possibly negative cornona ass into next year. Say what? You think that might spread it. All right commandos, everyone get a flame thrower and when you come across somebody without a badge, burn em till you run out. We don’t have a shortage of flammable liquids or gases.

                Now, go get em. Burn their non-badged asses to nothing. We’ll soon have the Soylent Green centers up and running….but till then…..

                Bubba, what that a dry hacking cough? You look peaked. Do you have fever. Bubba, stop, stop. slow your ass down or we’ll fire, well, not really, you’re part of the thin blue line so we’re just shitting you. HA HA HA HA

              • A better analogy Eric…wearing a mask is like guys wearing a woman’s coochie leak proofer pad thingy…:-)

                • I tried to get one of those and some panties off my neighbor but I think he thought I was joking. I was dead serious. I’ve already made my arm bleed today so getting a bit of blood on it would be the piece’ de resistance.

        • As terrible as it seems to mention it, IF a person has some manner of immune deficiency, it’s nature’s way of culling the herd. For all those whom pontificate about “being ONE with ‘nature’ “…BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

    • I’m not sure the NAP applies to outlier scenarios. The left ALWAYS uses such scenarios to argue for changing the normative behavior for the benefit of a select few. The promise of security is never worth the freedoms sacrificed in pursuit of it.


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