Quadruple Diapering?

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Insanity tends to worsen when i’s normalized. So it’s not surprising to hear that the day after it was suggested by the “experts” at Virginia Tech that people should triple-down on the wearing of the Holy Rag, four of them would be even better.

Which tells you something about the efficacy of just one – especially if it’s literally just a rag, a “face covering” as required by the various “mandates” – i.e., rules by decree – that Americans now live under.

Don’t “face coverings” – “masks,” as they are generally styled – work? Isn’t that what those insisting on them have been saying all this time; that is to say, after Pope Fauci XVII said they don’t work?

Then said they do?    

The double-diaper (now triple and even quadruple diapering – per the “recommendation” of a Dr. named Scott Segal at Wake Forest Baptist Health in NC) injunctioning – if that’s a word – tells us the single diaper most people have been wearing like a kind of Facial Codpiece all these many months does not work. Which of course is self-evident given the fact that “the spread” hasn’t stopped, even in countries like Great Britain that have been militantly forcing everyone to wear a Facial Codpiece all the time and everywhere.

In other words, they lied to us – again!

As Pope Fauci admitted he did when he said the Facial Codpiece was “theater” and didn’t work – before he changed his mind and now expects us to believe him – or at least obey him.

Mitt Romney – the “Republican” who invented forcing people to buy health insurance – has been a fashion leader when it comes to double-diapering. He obviously believes two diapers are better than one and in that case, surely three – even four.

“If you put three or four masks on,” says Segal “it’s going to filter better because it’s more layers of cloth.”

The problem, of course, is that these diapers or Facial Codpieces – “masks,” if you insist on dignifying them with that title – do not work, even in multiples, for the same reason that you can’t make a water-tight canoe out of bug screens.

If they did, why haven’t double-quadruple diaper activists like Segan been triple and quadruple diapering before all-of-a-sudden? Isn’t he a doctor? Shouldn’t he know how many diapers it takes to “stop the spread”?

Apparently, not.

So just wear another one.

To show just how much insanity they can get people to buy into. It’s a modern Milgram Experiment, which was a 1960s attempt to see just how easy it was to get most people to do crazy – and evil – things, provided an Authority told them to do the crazy and evil things.

Show them a white coat or a name badge with a title – Dr. Mengele, for instance – and many will do almost anything.

And just wait, anal swabbing is coming. The Chinese are literally expecting people to bend over to “stop the spread” and in all probability, Americans will do it willingly once they are told to do so.

Aren’t you proud to be an American? Where at least you know you’re free?

Leaving aside for the moment the evil absurdity of demanding that people who aren’t sick pretend they are – as has actually been demanded by a Gesundheitsfuhrer in North Carolina – if the government weren’t playing us for fools, a “facial covering” or “mask” – however many – wouldn’t cut it.

OSHA – the Occupational Safety & Health Administration – does not ok people walking around with cantaloupe halves on their heads in hard hat zones. If you enter a bio-hazard suite, a bandana over your face isn’t going to pass muster, either.

So why is it that a “mask” or “facial covering” which literally can be nothing more than a “mask” or “facial covering” meets the criteria to walk within a store even though such a device prevents the passage of viral particles as effectively as bug screen keeps a canoe water tight?

The answer is as obvious as the average American’s reluctance to come to terms with it.

The “mask” or “facial covering” isn’t meant to keep you from getting or giving a sickness – one that doesn’t kill 99.8-something of the population even if they do get sick. Rather, it is a device meant to demoralize and isolate you – if you are among the few who refuse to put one (or several) on – and to render the majority who do put them on an anonymized collective of pathetic serviles who do as they are told.

And look it.

There is some good news, though. A revolt against this revolting business is developing. It’s based on the flash mob idea. If you want to feel a little better about your fellow Americans, check these people out. No doubt, the video will be pulled by the tube but there are always alternatives.

The Freaks and Tyrants haven’t won yet.

. . . .

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  1. Well,if they make anal swabbing mandatory(you bet they will at least want to)…I will eat a bunch of prunes,chili and not wipe and hope to have an explosion when they swab me..

    *Sorry for the childish/disgusting comment but I just cant take it anymore!!! Man,how ever bad I thought it was previous to 2020, I was so..SO wrong!!

    • Hi Colt,

      Most of desperately do not want a fight but a time may arrive when the only option is to fight. I won’t Diaper. I won’t be Needled. If Diapering and Needling “works,” then it ought to “work” for those “practicing” it . . . in which “case” they have no legitimate (medical) reason to hassle us about either thing.

      PS: Fall Guy was a great show!

  2. Four times no standard still equals no standard. The masks still can be of *ANY* construction. I should make one out of window screen just to see what happens.

  3. If you stop breathing altogether, there will be no risk at all of expelling so much as a single ‘rona.

    Is this the end goal? If so, the only choice is to respond appropriately.

  4. I wonder if this is our rulers’ way of ending masks? Instead of saying, “Okay people, you can take the masks off now,” perhaps they’re making it so ludicrous that finally the people snap and say, “Enough is enough!” (This would give the rulers a measure of indemnity for future “cases”.)

  5. One thing that has *not* been addressed, to my knowledge, is the riddle as to why there appear to be “outliers,” people who appear to be otherwise healthy, but are, for unknown reasons, devastated by this virus, whilst the vast majority, such as Mr. Peters, or our very own county sheriff:
    Deal with it very well, if they need to deal with it at all
    >The sheriff said it’s difficult to avoid such a widespread virus and attributes his family’s recovery to living a healthy lifestyle. He has said he does not plan to get vaccinated.

    Bianco said he believes people with good immune systems are less likely to suffer serious COVID-19 symptoms or death.

    “What’s not going to come out of this, and I wish it would, the MDs (doctors) will not tell people this, the government will not tell people this and I don’t think it’s sexy enough for the media to report this, people need to take better care of themselves. I know there are exceptions. But with this, we know that if you aren’t healthy, you might not recover from this,” Bianco said.

    We all know about comorbidities, but what about the minority of apparently healthy individuals who get seriously ill, or even die, from this disease, while the vast majority does not? What makes them vulnerable? Is anyone studying this?

    A possible clue might be found in a population which has been more severely affected than average.
    I am aware of one such population, the Navajo Nation in Arizona and New Mexico.
    > that the Navajo have a higher per capita rate of infection than any state of the United States.
    >A June 2020 concluded that the high rate of COVID-19 infection on the Navajo Nation is influenced by a multitude of underlying issues prevalent on the reservation, such as lack of access to quality healthcare, poverty, and community behavior.

    However, it is also known:
    >One in every 2,500 children in the Navajo population inherits severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), a genetic disorder that results in children with virtually no immune system. In the general population, the genetic disorder is much more rare, affecting one in 100,000 children.

    For all the shrieking “Karens” out there, identifying and explaining the actual cause of physical (and physiological) phenomena is known as science. That may be concept which exceeds their intellectual capacity, but I see no reason why those of us with normal; comprehension should suffer for their stupidity.

  6. Just saw that Klaus Schwab is really pushing for everyone to be vaccinated. Couple that with the “rear orifice” testing. Makes me wonder, does Klaus Schwab have a twin brother named Anal ???

    • Hi Bluesman,

      I just saw the video. Anything that comes out of this guy’s mouth should already be suspect. He even looks like a Bond villain. Something bad, bad, bad is going on.

      I recommend everybody watch the Kingsman: The Secret Service. It is the first in a series of Kingsman movies. It actually is pretty good. Hopefully, the movie’s ending is factual.

    • There isn’t a single thing you can imagine under the sun that leftists don’t think could be improved by adding some judicious anal probing.

  7. Perhaps that “expert” should’ve also suggested plugging up every orifice and literally holding one’s breath while in the stores. That should help “thin the herd” real fast! lol

  8. Why stop at multiple face diapers? Wear a scuba diving outfit with mask and air tank; better yet wear one of those old timey helmets that’s used for deep sea diving, that should impress the karens.

    • Hi MIke,

      We might be able to leverage this sick carnival to advantage by going the full monte. Six Diapers, plus shield and goggles; elbow-length rubber gloves and tongs to pick up groceries…

      • Elbow length black neoprene gloves can be found at a construction supply business; they are commonly worn when placing concrete. You can also find black rubber boots at such a supply house. In lieu of tongs, I have carried a cane with a binder clip taped to the end to deal with my bank. I put my deposit ticket in an envelope, inserted the envelope into the binder clip, fully extended my arm (6 ft. distance) and proffered it to the teller. I was also wearing a black balaclava, and a long sleeved black t-shirt.

        The teller was somewhat taken aback, but processed my transaction. The bank manager actually followed me out of the bank, accosted me, and allowed as how I had scared her and her staff. Naturally, I did not tell her THAT WAS MY INTENTION.
        Policies have consequences.

        We all know this is only bad theater. “All the world’s a stage, and we but players on it,” as Wm. Shakespeare once said. Ergo, all clothes are costumes. Which role will you choose to play? I refuse to pretend to be a doctor, or “health care worker,” because I am not one. So, I absolutely *REFUSE* to wear a “doctor costume.”
        You know, the light blue perfumed mundschutz, a.k.a. cubrebocas.

        If we are going to play “dress-up,” I prefer the role of either “Arab terrorist,” or “hazardous waste technician.” Neither are the costumes sufficient. You must “get into” the role. I am *NOT* going to pretend to be happy, or friendly, when wearing such a costume. These are *NOT* sympathetic characters. Think Darth Vader. If you force me to wear a costume, I will choose a “villain,” and I will do my best to make you very uncomfortable while wearing it. My goal is to make you *THINK.*

        Just my $0.02

        • Hi turtle,

          I had to chuckle at the bank situation. They were probably terrified. Your costumes are much darker than my own. I have donned my Grumpy Care Bear outfit about three times…..head to toe….full Care Bear-paws, full bear feet, the whole shebang. I have posed for a couple pictures with people.

          The last time I had to wear it was my annual female checkup over the summer. My doctor (an older man, in his mid 70s) was not amused. 🙂 I kept the mask on the whole time.
          He said, “I can’t see your eyes to talk to you.”
          I responded, “I am happy to take the mask off if you would like to chat.”
          He said, “I need you to wear a regular mask.”
          “Nope, not a chance.”

          I may have made a comment or two to him about him never contemplating about coming into work and feeling up a Care Bear. 😉

          The other time was a trip to the hospital (another checkup), but the nurses there found it amusing. My children’s dentist, on the other hand, did not and kicked me out of her office. :O I switched the kids dentist to my own, who doesn’t seem to care if I show my bare face.

          • Hi, RG,
            >head to toe
            Fully encapsulated. I love it!
            >I kept the mask on the whole time.
            Good job! 🙂
            >I need you to wear a regular mask.
            It is only “regular” if you are a medical worker.
            For all others, it is highly *IRREGULAR,* and must remain so.
            >feeling up a Care Bear.
            LOL. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, eh? 🙂

        • That’s the thing, if we do more than LARP this stuff they get “scared”. Then why the **** do we have to do it at all? It’s all got-damn’d social BS.

    • SCBA = Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (i.e. supplied air)
      commonly used by those whose job requires working in a hazardous atmosphere,
      such as firefighters, OCAW (Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers), and biohazard locations.
      SCUBA = Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (similar gear, used by divers)
      For those who work in supplied air, safety qualification is required.
      The next step up is “fully encapsulated,” or so-called “gumby suit,” which generally requires site specific decontamination procedure.

      Yes, I agree.
      SCBA costume could be useful as “theater.” (See my comments below.)
      But why stop there?
      You might as well ask,
      a) Is this a biohazard site?
      b) What is the biohazard threat level (1, 2, 3 or 4)?
      c) Do you have a site specific safety plan?
      d) What type of PPE does your site specific safety plan require?
      e) What is the specified decontamination procedure?
      I guarantee you will get a “deer in the headlights” look, and very likely ignorant and angry response.
      Good luck. 🙂

  9. Soon aliens will arrive with anal probes, alien anal probes will be mandated soon afterwards.

    Mask, jab, insert. har

    Mask sales must have fallen 75 percent, gotta wear four to meet sales quotas.

    Jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton

    Jump down, turn around, pick a bale of hay

    There is humor in everything, nothing is sacred in this world.

    There is corruption in anything.

    • Just wait until, say, mechanics start “losing” money. It will then be ILLEGAL to work on your own car! And don’t you dare open that hood to check the oil! The mandatory-to-pass-inspection sensors will alert the Stasi to your location via the “courtesy” on-board wi-fi.

      Whoops! Better not give them any ideas…😉

  10. The argument that “your mask protects me, and my mask protects you” was really just an admission that single-ply medical masks were insufficient to “stop the spread.” Now that the cyborgs are double- and triple-masking, maybe they’ll stop harassing non-maskers since they now have more than sufficient protection.

    • Hi Jim,

      In re the “your mask protects me, and my mask protects you” thing…

      What if I don’t expect or want the other guy to “mask” to “protect me”? I’m not concerned about catching “the virus” – not because I disbelieve there is one but because I am not a hypochondriac and understand that life entails risks, including the risk of catching a virus and I refuse to live in quivering fear of this one, especially since for me – and most people – catching it does not mean I am going to die. It means I might experience a few days/week or so of not feeling good. Hardly sufficient reason to live in quivering fear of catching it.

      So – if you (speaking to the Face Diaper wearer) want to live in quivering fear and “wear your mask,” that’s fine. But I have no need for you to wear it for me – and if you believe yours “protects you,” then bugger off telling me I must wear one, too.

      • I remember shortly before the mask “mandates”, people hoarded them to protect THEMSELVES, while leaving everyone else alone. Then suddenly, the day the “mandates” were introduced, those same people now started ATTACKING others for not wearing one! Almost as if someone…flipped a switch.

        • Well, yeah, they did. Reports came out proving that masks were next to worthless to keep from inhaling virus, but more effective at trapping exhaled virus. I guess they didn’t want to waste precious gaslighting effort to refute that.

      • They (quite deftly) flipped the entire concept of PPE on its ear. And everyone went along with it! Not only is your safety your own responsibility, so is everyone else’s…and everything that implies. Simultaneously, the concept has been weaponized, turning us against each other. This is most convenient, for the real culprits. At least, as long as they can make it last.

        Pick up that can, citizen!

    • Plastic bags: “WARNING: To avoid suffocation, keep plastic bags away from children and babies.”

      The dildos: “Duh…well, I am an ‘ADULT’! That means it’s perfectly safe for ME to wear one! And besides, suffocation is nothing compared to catching a cold and getting over it. Durr…”

      Later on, they all died from asphyxi…err, I mean “COVID-19”.

  11. I was just thinking that if four masks work so well, why not just stop breathing altogether. Zero emissions right? No, I guess that would be too easy and then they would have no control over you.

  12. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Robinhood trading mob and its potential in other respects. I suggest that folks consider reviewing any exec orders and/or other health mandates in their states closely. Take note of who is licensed to practice medicine and who might be practicing medicine without a license. Think about filing complaints through available channels with medical licensing authorities.

    As an example, In NC, I believe the gesundheitfurher, who is a licensed MD, without examining or consulting with me, has negligently and unethically caused me to self-diagnose as “assumed” to be sick with a certain illness simply because I may have gathered with people outside my home. Furthermore, she has prescribed treatments, flu and Covid vaccines, without examining or even consulting with me to determine if such prophylactic treatments are appropriate to me personally under the circumstances. For those reasons, I will, in good faith and with a clear conscience, be filing a complaint against her with the state medical licensure board. I do not expect much to come from this, but it is a requirement that, even if no action is taken in response to my specific complaint, it is required to be added to her file and her file reviewed in its totality so as to “protect the people of the state.” Many complaints may send a signal or at least cause them a scintilla of the stress and chagrin they cause us on a daily basis going on 10-11 months now.

    • I think that’s brilliant. Every angle that we can exploit is worth trying. As James Corbett has repeatedly warned, “this is for all the marbles”. No single element of pushback is going to win the war, but each little bite we can take wherever we find it costs attrition to the beast.

      • Follow up: Tried to file online. Hung and the server stopped responding midway. Off to post office with hard copies. BTW, I just learned that Mandy Cooper may not even be licensed to practice medicine in NC.

        Here is some text if y’all want to amend for your circumstances. A lot of the word choices are derived directly from the text of the Medical Board’s site. This does not constitute legal advice.

        On January 6, 2021, Dr. Mandy Cohen, MD, MPH, who may or may not be licensed by the North Carolina Medical Board issued a NCDHHS Secretarial Directive (“the Directive”) https://files.nc.gov/covid/documents/NCDHHS-Secretarial-Directive-January-6-2021.pdf dated January 6, 2021 applicable, not as a recommendation but as something directed at and applicable to and, even though not a duly legislated law, all residents of North Carolina, including me (link).

        In Section I, Testing and Contact Tracing #1 of the Directive, Dr. Cohen has, without examining or even consulting with me personally about the circumstances of my health at the time of such directive and continually thereafter, used her official position to negligently and unethically coerce me to self-diagnose or “assume” to be sick with Covid-19 and “dangerous to others” simply because I may have gathered with people outside my home. In Section I, Other Actions, #’s 2,3, and again without examining or even consulting with me to determine if such prophylactic treatments are appropriate to me personally, she has used her official position to inappropriately and unethically coerce me to take prescribed treatments, including the flu “shot” and experimental injectables a.k.a the Covid-19 “vaccine” that do not even meet the scientific definition of a vaccine, thus constituting the promotion or sale of drugs to patients in an inappropriate and exploitative manner. On the whole, these actions constitute failure to maintain acceptable standards of care and lack of professional competence, as well as immoral or dishonorable conduct.

        For those reasons, I, in good faith and with a clear conscience, hereby file a complaint against her so that the North Carolina Medical Board may “act for the people of North Carolina at large” so as to prevent future problems related to the above mentioned inappropriate diagnoses and prescriptions and protect future patients, as well as all of the people of North Carolina from incompetent, unqualified, or unethical practitioners like Dr. Cohen.

        • https://freedomtaker.com/

          Scroll down and take a look at the links for documents related to vaccine conditional acceptance and refusal. I’ve given a few out to people. If nothing else, they are documents that expose the hideous malpractice that is accepted as the norm. Definitely bring these with you if you go anywhere near any medical facility, have the staff take a look, ask them what they think. A few might have a conscience, could possibly be momentarily shaken in their programming.

        • The NC Medical Board just replied to me via email:

          This is what they said:

          The complaint you recently submitted to the Board concerning Mandy Cohen has been reviewed. Your complaint, like all others filed with the Board, was taken seriously and examined in detail.

          Based on a review of your complaint and information regarding Secretary Cohen’s work at North Carolina Department of Health and Human services (NC DHHS), it does not appear that Secretary Cohen is practicing medicine or that her performing the duties of that position has resulted in a violation of North Carolina’s Medical Practice Act or related laws. Therefore, the Board will close its inquiry at this time.

          Please note:

          1. Although Dr. Cohen is not licensed in North Carolina, she is a physician. Her medical degree from Yale Medical School at Yale University makes it legally permissible for her to use the title “Dr.” regardless of her licensure status in North Carolina.

          2. There is no requirement that the Secretary of NC DHHS have a North Carolina medical license. A physician is often selected for the role, but non-physicians are eligible to serve. For instance, the immediate past Secretary, Rick Brajer, was not a physician. Similarly, the former Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services is a non-physician.

          3.The performance of the official duties of the position of Secretary of NC DHHS is not the practice of medicine. Based on readily available information, it appears Dr. Cohen does not engage in the practice of medicine in North Carolina as that is defined in N.C. Gen. Stat. § 90-1.1(5). Link: https://www.ncleg.gov/EnactedLegislation/Statutes/PDF/BySection/Chapter_90/GS_90-1.1.pdf

          We appreciate the opportunity to address the concerns that led you to complain to the Board.

          So, Mandy Cohen is NOT a licensed physician in NC, and is NOT practicing medicine. If you are interested, definitely read the link and compare it to her “directive” and judge for yourself.

  13. More is better? So we should ignore warnings not to exceed recommended dosage, or capacity, or ingredients in a recipe? Next time you change your oil, be sure to add an extra quart, and see how that works out for you. I will admit that wearing 2, 3, or 4 masks is no more insane than wearing one. Much like the belief that 51% have full authority to force 49% to be just as insane as the 51%. Never forget the simple observation spoken by George Carlin, that half the population is below average IQ. Actually it should be “the mean IQ”, but given half the population doesn’t know what “mean” means, we have to accommodate them.

  14. I must say I have this delicious fantasy that involves a woodchipper, a ceremony with lovely folding chairs, and white paintsuits.

  15. Just so ya’ know. I’ve been banned for 24hours from facebook. It took two posts in 9 months. The first was posting last April that we should be wearing leather face masks with red rubber balls for our mouths…that was a violation of sexual standards…I thought it was a medical device. Then yesterday I suggested that Fauci, to really fight the cooties with multi-masks, wrap his face in six layers of Saran Wrap.

    Gawd I feel so fulfilled now…

    • I like the leather S&M mask idea. It sounds more interesting than what we’re doing now. I want a plague mask, the one that looks like a black bird head with a beak.
      I got a warning for commenting that the capitol protesters forgot the pitchforks, torches and guillotines when they stormed the castle. I was thinking about leaving farcebook anyway due to the creepy ad targeting/spying, the general inanity of the inhabitants (“Your an idiot”) and facing the reality that I really could be doing something better with my time. The snarky little warning was the final nail in the coffin for me. It just pissed me off.
      I didn’t delete the account but I unfollowed all my media sites and deleted most things off it. I need it for work, but only go on about once a week for 5 minutes and never post or comment. I thought I’d miss it more, but I really don’t.
      I’m sure farcebook doesn’t miss me either, but if 20,000 of us leave, they will start to feel the hurt a bit. I think the only way to defeat big tech is to starve it out.

      • Hi Amy,

        I got the plague doctor mask! Also, I’ve suggested everyone who “follows” (stupid term) me on Facebook jump ship to Gab. For hate’s sake (per Kahn) I hope that FB goes bankrupt and everyone associated with it loses their job.

      • I have one of the “plague doctor” masks, a fairly nice leather one, which I have worn on one occasion, to pick up a pair of eyeglasses from the optometrist. Obviously, I could not try out the glasses wearing the “doctor costume,” just pick them up and leave.

        I also found a functioning full face respirator, with serviceable filters, in my garage, right next to a box of N95 dust masks. I am fitted for that respirator. Obviously not possible to converse with someone while wearing it. Good, I say. Haven’t needed to use it yet. These items are actual PPE, not costumes for a bad theater production.

    • Hi Mark,

      Dump FB. Please. I urge anyone who cares at all about not being handled like an idiot child in need of correction to stop using these filthy “services.” Keep in touch with friends and family by other means.

      • Believe it or not, Facebook et al are not a nutritional requirement. I’ve lived the far greater portion of my life without any of them, or a cell phone for that matter. A better life in hindsight. People looked like people instead of a robotic appendage of a technical apparatus. People who did not wander out in traffic while staring at their phone.

        • Way to go John – I also do not have an electronic leash (cellphone) and am not on any social media. I prefer the anonymity and “sticking it” to the powers that be. I’m trying to develop a short list of things that can be done to “sand the gears” since we now have an illegitimate government. Not carrying a phone around and staying off social media are good starts. I know most here aren’t too interested in mainstream sports, but I’d also suggest widespread boycotting of the superbowl so all those jerk corporations can pay big bucks for ads that few will see. Any other ideas that everyday people can employ to foul things up are appreciated.

          • I used to be an avid fan of the NFL. No more. I can’t even abide watching highlight reels that show the game in about 15 minutes. I couldn’t tell you when the Super Bowl will be, if its not already done, much less who will be playing in it, or has already played in it. Forget about who the winner might be.

            • John,

              Same here. Don’t think i have watched a game since early 2016. And this is someone who’s wife while we were dating took a part time job just so she didn’t have to watch football on sundays from 1:00 on. I have no concept now of any of it. I also have kicked facistbook to the curb. Although i need to keep my account open for work i am never on it. The few people i want to keep i touch with i exchanged numbers with. Everyone else i could care less.

              • I love football, miss it terribly. It became political – I stepped away. When attending concerts, sports events, etc. I want to enjoy myself not have someone’s political stance jammed down my throat.

                This year’s Super Bowl is next Sunday, the 7th, KC vs TB. Brady will win, because he is good at what he does. This is very hard for this Raiders fan to admit since I still am trying to move on from the 2001 AFC Divisional Game and the infamous “tuck rule” that cost of us a trip to the AFC Championship Game and likely the Super Bowl. But, the guy is once of the best, although I like Peyton Manning more. 🙂

                Won’t be watching it next weekend. My guess is the commercials will likely be disastrously, very PC, and likely not funny. There would be only so many I could watch with a masks over everyone’s faces before turning the TV off, so why bother?

                • Hi RG,

                  I wasn’t able to run – due to snow – so I went upstairs to ride the hamster wheel at the gym instead. It was insufferable. The machines all face a row of TeeVees tuned to Diaper Programming. Even the sports stuff – Diapers everywhere.

                  • Ugh! I have stayed away from TV for the last few months and it has been quite refreshing. I think I will head South and see what kind of trouble I can get into in SC. Nothing like mini golf in February (but at least I don’t have to wear a mask). 🙂

                    • Only channels I’ve been watching the last few months are MeTV and Antenna TV, available over the air in most areas. Nuthin but oldies, Leave it to Beaver, Bewitched, Gunsmoke, stuff like that. Refreshing change from all the “news” and modern bullshit.

                    • Hi Floriduh,

                      I agree. I am watching two shows now Cheers and Dallas. I have made it to Season 5 on Cheers and Season 9 on Dallas. Larry Hagman is the best. I also loved him on I Dream of Jeannie. 😊

                    • I’ve been watching one my old favorites: “Cannon”.

                      I would like to find one of the “Cannonmobiles” used in the series. Especially the ’71 Lincoln 2dr, blue with red interior. Funny thing is I noticed that there were a couple other cars with different interior colors in a couple episodes. And of course each season he had the new model year. There’s got to be at least ten or more screen used ‘hero’ Lincolns used in the run.

          • Ditto.
            I do own a modern cell phone, but only for emergency use in case my VOIP landline goes out (power or cable modem failure). The cheap cell phone sits on my desktop, plugged in and charged, but I neither answer that phone nor give out the number, which I do not remember.

            I am in favor of ridicule as a tactic of passive resistance, either by
            a) laughing at people, not taking them seriously, pointing out the absurdity of their behavior, or
            b) raising the ante, such as fully encapsulated Tyvek with supplied air (SCBA) to see if they will scare. Haven’t “suited up” just yet, but it is one possibility, provided you a) have or are prepared to acquire the gear, and b) are checked out on proper use of the equipment.

      • I’m on Gab as of yesterday. I’ll admit to letting fb have too much control, but, it’s mostly because for so much of what I really love, sports car racing, it’s become quite a nexus. Specifically when I’m having a problem with one of my cars. Within minutes of posting a problem to a specific fb group I can have a half a dozen solutions, work arounds, offers for assitance and such.

        I just have to make the break for any non-work stuff. My job was why I got on fb 15 years ago

        • Hi Mark,

          Yup; I get that. And it’s what FB relies on to get us to play along. But, remember: FB was not always the nexus – and something else (like Gab) can be the nexus tomorrow . . .

          • when I get released from timeout I’m going to post that I’m moving to gab. I guess I’ll start a few car groups to encourage those to follow.

            • Excellent, Mark!

              Perhaps we can form one around my Gab page? I’m absolutely game. I would participate, too – which I’ve never done on FB because I’ve never liked FB…

              • Count me in with the car group. Be sure and post something about it when it’s up and running. I haven’t joined Gab yet, but I would for that.

      • I deleted my Facebook account two weeks ago and haven’t missed it at all. The last straw for me was the suspension of Ron Paul, who is nothing more than a kindly principled old man. That was enough for me.

      • Hey Eric, another big step is to stop using Microsoft Windows. Linux is free, open source, easy to get, easy to use, full featured, and lets you have control of your computer. Windows on the other hand does whatever it does and lets you do your thing if it doesn’t interfere with Microsoft’s priorities. There’s no good excuse in this day and age to still be using windows or Apple for that matter.

  16. Anal swabbing, from an automotive perspective — p.m. headlines in the NY Slimes:

    ‘G.M. to Phase Out Gas Vehicles, Signaling Seismic Shift of Auto Industry”

    ‘General Motors said it would sell only zero-emission vehicles by 2035, an ambitious plan for an automaker that makes billions from gas-guzzling vehicles’

    Shun GM and its ‘compliant’ CEO, Mary California.

    Make it cry, make it die.

  17. I just went through this argument with a relative over the phone. This guy just laps up whatever the gunvermin and the media dish out. He brags about wearing multiple face diapers and just about fainted at the idea that I won’t wear them, won’t line up for an experimental vaccine, yet still go out about my business rather than cowering at home.

    As far as I’m concerned, “Doctor” Fauci (a lifetime bureaucrat who has been wrong about almost everything) as well as the politicians and poltroons pushing this nonsense should just go the full distance and put multiple layers of duct tape over their mouths and noses.

  18. Well, if some lil’ Jesuit goblin says you can make a canoe out of insect screens and you don’t do it, you just want grandma to die! All hail Pope fauxci!

    I believe it was Owen Benjamin that said “masks are for criminals, perverts, and slaves.” Which explains perfectly the political leader’s fetish with these cult symbols.

    There’s no level of absurdity and evil they will not engage in, and as Milgram proved an astounding percentage of followers will escalate to the point of death for no other reason than “going along.”

    I still seldom get any flak when out shopping etc. The occasional karen, or retail guard dog staring me down is about it.

    On my way out I did recently have a cashier at Kroger tell me “sir, next time you need to wear a mask.”

    -“No, I’m exempt.”
    -“Dat dudnt Mattuh.”
    -” Are you my cardiologist now? Don’t give medical advice if I’m not your patient. It’s illegal.”
    -“do duh wear duh mass!” (Reaches for two way radio, I’m assuming to call security.)
    – “bye retard…”

  19. This reminds me of the old joke where an old gent tells his bartender, ” I’ll bet you $100 That I can pee into a shot glass on one end of the bar from the other end of the bar.” The Bartender thinks this over and agrees to it. So the bartender puts a shotglass at one end and the old man stands up on the other end a pulls it out and starts peeing all over the bar, stools, and even the bartender. The bartender jumps up for joy knowing that he has just won his hundred when he notices the old man laughing. He asks the old man why he is laughing and the old man says, “I just bet two men in the back $500 that I could pee all over you and the bar and have you like it.”

    I can just see all the Davos boys all gathered for drinks at the end of a hard day of scheming to rule the world, when Gates says to Rockefeller, ” I’ll bet you five million that I can get everyone in the world to wear a mask”. Rockefeller says, “No way can you pull that off, you’re on”.

    So when Bill Gates collects his five mil he asks Rockefeller if he wants to go double or nothing that he can get every one in the world to wear not just one mask, but two, three or even four!

    These guys are laughing their asses off at the ridiculous hoops they have people jumping through right now. It’s hilarious.

  20. Eric, your picture game is on point.

    By now, it should be obvious that this is just mockery. The ones perpetuating this are pissing their pants laughing at how stupid and mind-controlled most people are. Diapers for stewardesses on airplanes. And all new in 2021, anal swab kits. They’ll replace masks as the ubiquitous ad on demoralizing Fakebook and be the #1 sector of the fake economy this year.

  21. ‘”If you put three or four masks on, it’s going to filter better because it’s more layers of cloth,” said Dr. Scott Segal, chair of anesthesiology.’
    Might work as an anesthetic, too, Dr, Scott, when you go hypoxic and pass out.

    “Avoid masks with a valve. Segal said that while the valve allows for easier breathing, it defeats the purpose of wearing a mask because it lets viral particles out, putting others at risk.”
    Well, maybe “others” should quit telling me what to put on my face, because when I wear a mask, as at work, I wear an N95, WITH A VALVE, because she’s right, you can actually breathe though the fucking thing!
    And shouldn’t part of the “purpose” to be protecting YOURSELF?! They seriously discourage people from wearing N95 masks, which actually might be SOMEWHAT effective. Sure couldn’t have that!

    • I envision a scientific experiment involving Dr. Scott Segal, an AR15, and three chain-link fences.
      I’m thinking Pay-Per-View.

  22. I feel like we may have reached the point where face diapering is going to jump the shark with many of the public. At this point its almost like they are taking bets on how much the idiots in the public will take before they break. Well, we got them to hide in their homes, close their businesses, wear face diapers everywhere, accept a stolen election, accept a dna altering drug that we are calling a vaccine, now we got them running out to put 2, 3,or 4 diapers on their face. What can we do next? Normally when someone wants to one up you the phrase is hold my beer but with these elitists its probably more like hold my vino or hold my cabernet. And i’m already seeing this insanity take place. My kids think these idiots with 2 or 3 diapers on their face are hilarious. How soon before someone who’s oxygen intake is already reduced by 1 diaper passes out while driving kills someone while wearing 3 or 4 diapers?

    • “How soon before someone who’s oxygen intake is already reduced by 1 diaper passes out while driving kills someone while wearing 3 or 4 diapers?”
      And they all “die of COVID”.

  23. Spoke to my Red team state senator rep in NC (yeah, I know, I know). The Red team has majorities in both houses, both of which grew in 2020 elections, but not a veto proof majority to reign in Saddam Cooper a.k.a my doctor and king, and his rule under perpetual emergency law. Guy tells me to, essentially, “vote harder” in 2022!!!!! so red team can try to override Saddam’s vetos of actual laws passed in a legislature meant to limit emergency powers. Can’t you just smell the legitimacy?

    • If all the Red Team did was put forward bill after bill to stop Obergruppenführer Cooper, never taking up anything else until that was passed, there’d be a modicum of respect for them. But they’re f()cking worthless. They had a veto proof majority before and shelved anything that could be considered ‘controversial’. Like the fed under GWB, they had all seats “of power” under McCrory and they didn’t do dick to cut down the size and scope of NC government.
      They, like all Red Teams, are scared of making the wrong decision. If they were to force the matter and things went bad, they’d be to blame and they’d lose their gigs. So they’d rather we get fisted and then they can campaign “See what Team Blue did to you. That’s why you need us. Gib’us money and votes and we’ll fix it all.”

      • Send a note to the NC Medical Board about Handy Mandy (see my comments on Eric’s quadruple masking thread). It’s better than waking up screaming about this Red Team betrayal.

        • Hi Henry,

          Voting has done nothing because it is a flawed palliative. Asserting the inviolability of our rights – by insisting they be respected and being willing to back that up – is the only way things change for the better.

          I’m doing this in my own small way by refusing to wear a Face Diaper – ever. Period. I will fight if they attempt to force it on me. Same goes for the Needle.

          This sort of refusal scales and – collectively – it results in our freedom being respected again.

          • Me, too, Eric. In my own humble way, I am resisting by refusing the diaper. So far, so good. Very little pushback. In fact, it is amazing how little pushback, when there are large signs at the doors and most people are masked (codpiece is hilarious BTW). I try to educate others, usually 🙂 waiting for them to ask for info. Sent written testimony on a bill in my state to limit the guv’s overreach. Whatever I can do peacefully, I will. Hoping by being steadfast that it won’t come to an un-peaceful end.

  24. Anal swabbing. It’s perfect. That’s close to what I’ve been telling the fomite freaks – stand in the corner, on your head, with your thumb in your rectum. I want you to do it to keep me safe. As always, you, being a modern sophisticate, and science follower, should go first. I on the other hand am simple and backward, and don’t readily follow science, so shouldn’t be expected to stand on my head in the corner with my thumb in my rectum.

    There’s a saying – Those that can be made to believe in absurdities will commit atrocities, or something along those lines. Looks like the atrocities should be starting up soon.

  25. what theyre telling us is that this will never end. orwells boot on the face forever has arrived. the orange idiot set off complete tyranny on this country. he pushed this toxic crap of a vaccine and wouldnt take one himself. what a guy

    • I agree, Mark –

      If any one person bears responsibility for the weaponization of hypochondria, it is that bloated, bloviating Orange Fail. Or rather, success – in that he enabled it all by doing nothing to stop it.

    • I saw a recent picture of Orange Julius with some slimy congressman at his Mar-a-Lago.

      Anyway, that had to have been the happiest smile I’ve ever seen from him.

      • Hi Handler,

        Someone sent me a link to a company minting silver coins with the Orange Fail’s face on them. It baffles me. It baffles me that some of the regulars here got upset with me for criticizing the Orange Fail’s failure to challenge the weaponization of hypochondria, which not only cost him the office but cost us everything. The double-soon-triple diapering and general pathology that besets us everywhere we go. The turning of the entire country into a sickness gulag run by gesundheitsfuhrers and populated by hysterics.

        Every bit of that can be laid at the feet of the Orange Fail. Some will say: But it was too organized; he couldn’t have stopped it. Perhaps. But he didn’t even try. What he did do was let Fauci terrorize the country, let governors become gesundheitsfuhrers. He did nothing.

        And thus, he failed.

        He gave the federal apparat to Joe Biden and his band of leftist thugs, which has led to the canceling of the Keystone pipeline. The force-feeding of electric cars. Rancid, rabid “equality” policies coming. Because the election wasn’t stolen.

        The Orange Fail gave it away. By letting hypochondria be weaponized. By not doing a damned thing to prevent the election from being rigged via unvetted absentee ballots, which he knew would be coming months before the election. He failed to do anything to stop what was obviously coming. And this failure undoes everything good he may have done – because Biden and the Leftists will undo it.

        Harsh? Yes – but also true.

        • Trump did only one effective thing, and it was over the instant he was elected. By running for the office he provided a means for the unwashed to express their disgust with the Psychopaths In Charge simply by voting for him. He did nothing of any significance thereafter. He wasn’t our savior, he was an organic bumper sticker.

          • Indeed, John –

            And now anyone with sense ought to be disgusted with him. He was in a position to treat the weaponization of hypochondria before it spread. He enabled the spread.

            I will never forgive him for that.

            • There is no such thing as a politician I am NOT disgusted with. Such has been the case for decades. No forgiveness for any of the last 160+ years, when Saint Lincoln created the omnipotent central government we now suffer.

  26. CVS is offering drive-through coronavirus testing. Simply open your window a crack, put your crack up to the window, and they’ll take care of the rest!

    Incidentally, does anyone know the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer?

    The taste!

    • But will CVS require an ass gasket, for “safe mooning?”
      Next thing ya know, we’ll be required to
      a) bottle our farts, and
      b) use an air rebreather to scrub CO2 from our exhaled breath,
      in order to reduce “greenhouse gas emissions.”

  27. Actually, I think if you put Flex Seal on a screen door, you can make a boat out of it. I encourage, therefore, maskaholics everywhere to coat their face diapers with Flex Seal to help stop the spread.

    Saw a woman yesterday with two masks, goggles, gloves, and a face shield. This was no parody. They’re out there.

    • I saw a woman yesterday with this contraption on her head, and before I could even put my brain in gear I blurted out “da fuck, you goin to the moon?” I don’t know if it was homemade or what, but it was a giant bicycle helmet thingy, with plastic shielding attached all around going down to her neck, then a sort of shawl attached that draped over her shoulders. The helmet part had 2 sets of plastic tubing attached to what looked like a fish tank pump clipped onto her belt. On top of that (actually underneath it all) she had an N95 mask on too. Craziest thing I’ve seen so far. She completely ignored me and went about her business.

  28. It’s time for the litigation to begin….Every one of these dumb bastards with M.D. after their names who virtue signal this multi mask crap should be forced to show research evidence in court…..Maybe a few multimillion dollar settlements against these maskurbators will finally end their grandstanding.

    • One Ohio lawsuit centers around the legitimacy of the ’emergency.’ This is the real issue and not the distraction of a violation of ones ‘constitutional rights.’ However, as has been seen in other states, the states attorneys are withholding the information because they know that they haven’t a chance once the info gets out.


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