Goodwill Not-Diapering!

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Diapering relies on two things – the maintenance of mass hysteria and the application of social pressure. The two are of course closely related. Hysterical people can’t be reasoned with – and when hysterical people appear (being Diapered) to outnumber you, there is pressure to not stick out by not showing your face.

This is part of the reason for the pressure applied by signage at stores to get people Diapered; people see the sign and they Diaper. People see other people Diapered – and so they Diaper.

Practically everyone seems to be Diapered as a result.

It’s a circle that completes itself.

But it’s easily broken – by not giving in to the social pressure. The act itself isn’t difficult – just don’t do it – but for many people it is psychologically difficult to do it. See the first paragraph. When people are scared – not of the sickness but of sick people (who may attack) they duck their heads and don the Diaper.

It is understandable, but no less dangerous for being so. It is the same mentality that had lots of “good Germans” raising their right arms about 100 years ago.

They didn’t want to stand out, either.

Many have forgotten what it got them.

Cowardice has consequences.

The easiest thing one can do today is wear a Diaper and mouth the imbecile slogans. It is socially approved and socially rewarded – like raising one’s right arm was about 100 years ago in that other place. There was safety in seig heiling. The comfort of not standing out. Of being able to be out and about without having people look at you, perhaps express disapproval of you. Possibly, hit you.

The hard thing to do is not to raise one’s arm – or wear a Diaper – in defiance of the signs.

But it is essential.

To dispel the appearance of agreement with something very sick indeed.

And so I walked right by the sign at the Goodwill store in Roanoke, which proclaimed in block-type lettering reminiscent of Der Sturmer (all that was missing was the fraktur font) that Diapers Muss Sein! Such signs  – larger and not just on the door but inside the store – are appearing all over the place, not just at Goodwill.

Lowes and Krogers in my area have similar signs – all of them recently posted. The employees don’t say anything – yet. But the ratcheting up of the signage says they soon will.

How long will it be before these declarations are accompanied by caricatures of The Undiapered reminiscent of Der Sturmer’s caricatures of Der Jude? 

If this isn’t stopped, it will come.

Note that The Jew was represented as a biological threat to the health of the populace at large. Does it have a familiar ring? The incitement directed at The Undiapered is almost at the same pitch. The sickness heilers are being encouraged to bully and even attack the Undiapered. History doesn’t rhyme.

It mimes.

One can almost picture the Diapered marching in rank, “we’re all in this together” and “stop the spread” banners held high.

Then, as now, bullies are most dangerous in groups and groups of bullies depend on social sanction and lawlessness. They are emboldened by the submission of their victims. This is why it is a categorical imperative to not submit to organized bullying.

As by simply ignoring these bullying signs.

There are – as yet – few (if any) laws backing the signs and the social pressure providing the power is still in our hands to dissipate it.

And so I walked right on in, along with my girlfriend, the two of us visually asserting normalcy by showing our faces – something the Diaperers are seeking fanatically to efface because they understand that faceless people are submissive people. The Diaper is the same thing as the bit in a horse’s mouth – or (better) a star armband on your arm.

Degradation preceded extermination. Humiliate a man; set him apart from the others. Make him wear something that marks him out as an enemy of the rest – thereby giving sanction to the rest to do awful things to him while feeling good about doing them.

Today, it is those not wearing something that are being marked out from the rest. But those wearing the thing are also marked out, degraded. They have identified themselves as willing accomplices as well as compliant victims. As people who not only will do as they are told – because they are told – but beg to be told.

They will be the first to get Needled – along with their kids – who are being prepared to accept the Needle by being made to wear the Diaper.

Sophie has chosen both of her kids.

Of course, they don’t see themselves this way – but how they see themselves is irrelevant. What is relevant is how they are seen – by the forces that have reduced them to this state of eager servility.

It’s all for the Greater Good!

Not theirs, of course.

Much less ours.

Would you have raised your right arm? Worn the yellow star? If not, why do you wear the Diaper?

Why do you insist others do? Because they might be sick? Why not just burn witches, while we’re at it?

Will you be able to live with yourself if you have helped to enable what’s obviously in process, once it’s all over with?

It may not be easy to do the right thing.

But it’s much worse to do the wrong thing.

. . .

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  1. The other reason wearing a mask is pointless is 75% of the morons I see cover their mouth, but leave their nose uncovered or pull their mask down to their chin.

    I saw a moron wearing a pair of little girl panties as a mask.

    1 It will not save him.

    2 It makes me think he was a pedophile.

    If the Government wants to really protect the people then the Government needs to provide every person with HAZMAT suits.

    • Hi Harlequin,

      I suspect that anyone wearing little girl panties as a mask is intentionally trying to mock it and point out the absurdity. He’s probably not a pedophile and may even be one of “us”. Also, people wearing the mask around their chin may also be protesting the absurdity of it all.


  2. I agree with you brother.Telling people to were a mask is just like telling people not to get an abortion, to wear a condom, don’t do drugs, don’t hurt yourself, don’t commit suicide!

    It is my body and my health. Mind your own f×@#ing business. To hell with the government.

    • Indeed, Harlequin –

      And it’s even worse because it is premised on an absurd assertion. At least the wearing of a rubber does mitigate against disease and reduces the chances of an unwanted pregnancy and those who insert their members into orifices do run a significant risk of both if they do so without the rubber.

      But a healthy person cannot transmit a sickness he hasn’t got. And a piece of cloth does not shield the wearer from inhaling a virus anymore than a chain link fence blocks the path of mosquitos.

      This fact alone ought to convince anyone not entirely out of their minds with fear that this whole business has nothing to do with health and everything to do with something much more sinister.

    • Instead of bikers with COVID, we’re likely to see a bunch of blind ones now- She probably poked a few eyes out with those things!

  3. Following is a letter to the editor from the weekly newspaper in a small(ish) town near us, where the city council recently voted down a mask mandate after an angry crowd showed up. This is the kind of stupidity we’re up against. Enjoy.

    Anti-Maskers’ Hypocrisy Is Astounding
    To The Editor:
    Regarding [the] recent defeat of a mask mandate, riddle me this:
    1. How can a town that prides itself on being so devoutly Christian care so little about the health of your friends and neighbors while displaying an attitude that flies in the face of Sunday sermons?
    2. How can a town so motivated about “self-health” that they petitioned for and passed a “No Smoking” ordinance in private businesses, yet be against a similar threat to their own and others health, all the while defying the business owners their right to allow their customers to smoke?
    3. How can a town full of people that stand on street corners with pro life signs and bus students to D.C. for the annual March turn around and profess your life doesn’t matter?
    4. How can a town that spends so much time, money and effort on economic development deliberately ignore a clear and obvious threat to the financial health of everyone?
    5. Lastly, how can a town that professes to honor its veterans with its regular ceremonies and flag-flying trucks discount the many, many months of sacrifice and rationing the country did in the name of patriotism during two world wars. All you’re being asked to do for the good of our nation is wear a mask, not do without milk, butter, gas, meat or lights, such as they did.
    Yet because you haven’t contracted COVID-19, or know anyone who has, apparently this means you just don’t care that 183,000-plus-people have died as of today while the numbers increase.
    The hypocrisy is astounding.

    • Reading that made me throw up in my mouth. Face diapers only work in one direction, apparently. Lost on all of these face diapered imbeciles is that they remain free to diaper their face, wear scuba gear, wear a BL4 suit, shutter themselves in their basement, or hide in a bunker at any or all times. Never content to be idiotic by themselves, they.

  4. From Indiana:
    Went to a BBQ place in Bedford that had a sign basically saying medical conditions are exempt from diapers, so if you’re not diapered, we will assume you have one, etc. Yay! We might return. Good food, but no adult beverages.
    A bunch of IU students went to a local reservoir, rented four pontoons, lashed them together in the middle of the lake and proceeded to party like … um … college students. Some Karen took photos and turned them in to the police, the DNR, the university and the media. IU is on the case, vowing to figure how who they are and throw them out of school.
    Went to Lowes over the weekend. Saw about 20 undiapered souls, including ourselves. We got knowing nods from our fellow agitators. The complaint either ignored us or looked envious. And at least half of the mask wearers had them only over their mouths. I think they are easing into the rebellion. Come! Join us on the dark side and remove that stupid thing!
    Sign on the employee entrance at work: Masks required! Thank you for helping us slow the curve. I tried explaining to the ignorant rube that you “flatten” a curve, not slow it, but to no avail.
    I think we Hoosiers are done with this shit. The only people that seem worried are government officials, the media and large corporations. The rest of us are pretty much over it.

    • Hi Amy,

      Thank you for this dispatch from your front lines! It’s largely the same here; though I must report I saw something appalling at my gym the other day. For the first time in the almost three months the gym has been open, two young guys Diapered up. The sight of them at my island of sanity just about ruined my day. No doubt it’s why I’m here at my desk – at 3 in the morning – rather than still asleep!

      • At the gym yesterday, also my island of sanity, we were infiltrated by a mask wearer. He was lifting weights with a mask! What a moron. He’s the only one I’ve seen do a full workout with a mask so far.

        I wanted to ask him if he considered oxygen deprivation to be antithetical to building muscle, but I left him alone.

        A young guy came in a few weeks ago with a mask on and his friends gave him a hard time until he took it off.

        • Philo, it nearly broke my heart yesterday- I stopped at Lowes for some terlit parts (Random “associate” has nothing better to do, so insists on ‘helping’ me. “Do you know what brand toilet you have, sir?” Me: “Yeah, I think it’s a Turd King…nah, wait…I dunno…” Guy cracks up)

          Anywho, there’s a guy about my age (58) just completing check-out as I get to the cashier, and he looks like a typical construction-type guy, and has a cart with some plywood and other building materials…..and as he turns to maneuver the cart, I see he’s wearing a freaking mask!

          You know we’re screwed when handymen and mechanics are buying into this BULLSHIT!

    • In a recent “discussion” on the vaccine I got the vaccine mandate dufus to admit that vaccines are a risk/reward calculation and then a couple paragraphs later he argued that there should be a mandate to protect the people who can’t vaccinate blah blah. To which I replied that argument is only valid if vaccines are risk free. Because why should I be forced to take on a risk to reduce the risk for someone else? It’s forcible risk transference.

      But of course we are directed away from the logic of things because masking and vaccines here are about social engineering and power more than anything else.

    • Hi Jim!

      The NYT has become a kind of slightly more highbrow Weekly World News. Hysteria and nonsense, packaged by better writers. “Just enough of the virus”? How about “just enough AIDS”?

  5. I live in Spain, which proudly proclaims they have THOUSANDS of dead from the “new” coronovirus. Here in Aragon, the gubmint announced today that they are raising the fine for refusal to wear the face diaper. Yesterday the fine was only 100€. Now it is 3,000€. I haven’t worn a diaper and will not wear one. The dummies can go fuck themselves. If the gubmint here told them to jump out of a 10 story window, they’d do it. Proudly. Morons.

  6. I posted this the other day in an older thread, so it may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Sorry for the re-post.

    An interesting thing happened today during our weekly grocery store trip. We were in the produce section which is close to the store entrance. I notice another couple entering the store with masks in their hands, getting ready to strap them on. I make eye contact with the dude, and he turns and says something to his wife, and they both put their masks away! Seeing me and my wife maskless was all the encouragement they needed!!

    Please people, charge forth into this chaos with courage and set the example for others who may be on the fence!

    P.S. I saw many more maskless people in the store today than I saw last weekend. Encouraging!

  7. The muzzling in Oklahoma is the same as it was since the beginning of the mask mandate. Maybe slightly less. I’m not sure if that’s the case or just wishful thinking. I noticed the change in wording as you go into national corporate stores. Local ones, not quite so bad. I am tempted to start tearing down the diaper signs as I go in. I think a little civil disobedience is in order. Kind of like tearing down the “speed limit 55 sign” in the middle of nowhere.

  8. I went looking for a repair kit at a couple auto parts chains and was the only unmasked person. They were even maskedoutside working on cars in the parking lot. Ended up with “no mask no service” line at the register and so I have 2 places crossed off my list of decent establishments. In between I thought of a”no service eventually no salary” response–but the darn shock of the “diaper gestapo” rattled me a bit and witty or effective responses were not on the tip of my tongue. I appreciate the articles and the stark clarity they bring to the topic, and the chance to learn some effective approaches.

    • Hi TN,

      Here in SW Va, Diapering (or not) is like getting a drink during Prohibition. You had to seek out a SpeakEasy and know the special knock. Once you were recognized and trusted, you’d be let in for a drink on the hush-hush. Such places exist now, too – only instead of a drink, you can shop or eat without a Face Diaper.

      • Eric, I’ve just read a new article that puts all of this in to perspective. It seems that a basic “mistake” was made… Of course, those involved will be VERY unlikely to admit it. But its very obvious and very, very damaging. As a consequences, tens of thousands have died, countless tens of millions have lost their jobs, entire industries have been badly damaged, and petty tyrants have revealed themselves.

        • Hi BJ,

          This jibes with the ought-to-obvious (if people judged based on what they see rather than what they hear on TeeVee) which is that bodies aren’t and never have been stacking up; that most of us don’t know anyone who has gotten sick, even. I performed a real-life experiment to test the virulence of WuFlu . . . using myself as the guinea pig. If this virus is what it has been claimed to be, I should be dead or at least have gotten a cough.

          I’ve been going out without any “PPE” or taking any of these demented “precautions” since it all began back in February or so. I’ve shkane hands, been in close proximity to lots of people – Undiapered people – and I’m still here (I think, at any rate). So is everyone I know and that includes about a dozen good friends – the ones who still are my friends – who, like me, never bought into the BS and never Diapered or PPE’d and yet never got sick.

          This is anecdotal, of course – but it jibes with the experience of most people all over the country.

          Either we are Teflon Humans or the virus is just another flu.

  9. Tried watching “American Ninja Warrior” last night. Peppered with insulting offensive Scold’s Bridles (aka slave muzzles, aka face diapers). So they hate humans too, they hate their audience. Not ever watching them again. Another day, another TV show ruined. That’s okay, I’ll spend my time doing something more productive anyway.

    Cancel your cable and your satellite TV everyone — it’s just slave muzzles / face diapers 24/7 now — all channels, all shows.

    When all these demons die and go to hell(s) to burn, they’ll probably ALSO have to wear slave muzzles now too, since they’re torturing the entire planet with this crap. I won’t be sending them a postcard from paradise. I will forget all about them.

    • Hi Harry!

      I don’t have cable or watch TeeVee… except the other day, at the gym – because I managed to Charlie Horse (or something) my right leg, so couldn’t do my usual outdoor run. I rode the gerbil wheel instead… facing the TeeVee at the gym. Nauseating – especially the sports events, with Diapered sportcasters. I felt an Elvis Moment coming on and had to leave…

    • The newest things I’ve watched lately are reruns of Dirty Jobs and This Old House. Otherwise it’s TV from the 80s or before or movies prior to 1960. I keep up my immunity from nonsense this way 😉

      Speaking of sports at an MLB game some owner or GM was thrown out by the ump because he was in suite by himself without a mask.

      • Morning, Brent!

        It’s 3 in the morning here; decided to give up trying to sleep and do some work… forget TV! The “news” is toxic; idiotic and insufferable. Same as regards the programming (just the right word). I watch streaming series now and then but chiefly – like you – restrict my viewing to reruns of old stuff, such as old Star Trek and Twilight Zone.

        Books are better. I just found – at Goodwill – a biography of Kruschev that’s pretty interesting.

      • Same here, Brent- Pretty much the only movies I watch are in black & white- 30′-50’s. -and a smattering of 60’s/70’s sit-coms- with Seinfeld and earlier Simpsons episodes being the only exceptions.

  10. It’s actually getting worse. In spite of the recent news about the COVID only death rate and the uselessness of testing, the mask cult is getting larger and more entrenched. I was in Home Depot yesterday and was the only unmasked person in the entire store. Got lots of sideways glances, masked children pointing at me, but going through check out was the worst/best. The cashier was a young lower 20 year old and he was absolutely terrified by my unmasked face. He was completely panicked to spasmodic body twitching because he had to slip into the plastic enclosure around his cash register while I was only two feet away from the opening. During the entire transaction, he stayed as far from me as he could manage. Thought I kept hearing animal sounds in the store too. Sort of sounded like “moo, he’s got no mask” and “baaaaah, danger, he’s so selfish.”

    • It does look like he hasn’t chimed in for a while, though I’ve only peeked in a few times myself lately. Hopefully he’s just busy with other things.

    • How come you never ask about where I am, Nunz? I work my ass off to get great comments here and all you care about is 8. Because of what? He has a bigger ranch than me? Screw you, man.

  11. I’m not wearing crap. And, I’m sick of seeing the stupid pieces of paper plastered to doors. Gonna start taking them down. It’s a steaming pile of bullshit. Those cheesy signs are ripe for being torn down.

  12. I was out at an outdoor ice-cream stand last night with my wife. The whole 6ft spacing crap on the walkway and a huge sign “no mask no service”. My wife and I paid no attention to it. Everyone was wearing masks but us. We wait a few minutes and get to the window and the attendant says “you must wear a mask for service in a not so nice tone”. I said “no I will not wear a mask, I would like a cookies and cream please”. The attendant balked and made the order, grumbling.
    Some looked on in light shock and some in curiosity. A small percentage took off their masks too. I enjoy witnessing the differences in reactions and actions.
    We ate our ice-cream and laughed at the sheep. We were happy, most were not.

    • I guess I’m the odd man out here. I viscerally despise seeing mask wearers. I have never seen anyone of these sheep take off their face diapers either. It is good to hear of these stories, though.

    • One would think the idiot at the ice cream stand would be worried about his job. No business=no longer in business. Who was it, one of those dumbass millenials?

  13. The history lesson the psychotic maskers fail to realize is that the result was the massive destruction Germany ended up suffering because the people went along with the psychosis. You and I may suffer indignities, castigation, even jail time, but the maskers will ultimately suffer total destruction if they don’t wise up, and soon. There have been massive demonstrations against the psychosis, mostly in Europe, which the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media in the US never report. Because the Europeans have been there, done that, and they DO remember. Total US casualties in WWII, 450,000 dead. The rest of the world, at least 50,000,000.

    • “but the maskers will ultimately suffer total destruction if they don’t wise up, and soon.”

      Indeed. However, in this information age where the warnings are literally everywhere if you just have 2 active brain cells left that can conduct logic and reason…I’ll have little sympathy for them when they line up for their DNA altering covidiot shots, which will result in their demise (and destruction as you state.)

      In a way, it will be good for the rest of us…as the mindless sheep will fall by the wayside, and what will be left is the battle of good vs. evil. The culling of covidiots sadly, would strengthen our cause, as what will be left is the hardened, resilient, critical thinking mass we need form together when the time comes for battle. Karens and Bubbas would only have gotten in the way.


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