Reader Question: Contact Tracing?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Tom asks: I know that contact tracing is very bad, but could use a lucid explanation to use, and a description of the dastardly concept, its ramifications, and its consequences. Thanks!

My reply: Contact tracing means what it sounds like it does. The idea is to trace anyone who has had contact with a known “case” of Corona (not the beer in the refrigerated section of the supermarket). The means by which they do this range from the old-fashioned to the state-of-the art, as by chipping people to monitor – and trace – their movements.  The less high-tech methods include making people give their names when dining at a restaurant, as a for-instance – and then tracing them if later someone at that restaurant tests positive for Corona.

Many worrisome issues attend, the obvious being the Orwellian surveillance implications but also this business of presuming anyone who got within six feet of a “case” is a de facto “case” himself. This can and I believe already is being used to force-quarantine people who aren’t sick – because they might be – because they may have been near someone who may have been sick, even if they weren’t showing symptoms.

A “positive” test is all it takes – even though these tests are known to be hugely unreliable, registering “positive” when the person isn’t.

The fundamental danger here is the premise of presumptive sickness and asserted mass death, i.e., you are guilty of something in the absence of evidence that you are and even evidence of innocence – so to speak – is irrelevant.

“Someone” might be sick. “Granny” – an archetype – might die.  Therefore, everyone must be Diapered, Vaccinated and real-time Traced.

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  1. I’m going to Texas in a week, then I gotta come back before returning once again

    Just because it’s on the Jersey Quarantine list doesn’t mean I’ll comply, I’ll just rip the form up and go about my business, especially as my return trip could be considered business.

    Don’t ask why I don’t just stay a week, it’s a long story xD

  2. If you must have your phone on you, keep it in a faraday cage or signal-shielding case. Or use a burner phone purchased with cash.

    If you are going out to dinner, eat only at places that accept cash. Make reservations with a phone with a number spoofing app, or with a burner phone. Make reservations with an alias. Do not bring a phone with you. Choose a restaurant several towns away, and one in which you are not a regular. Park in an adjacent lot or on the street away from external cameras that could see your license plate. Go only with a trusted associate who agrees to abide by the same protocol. Enter with a hat and sunglasses, and could even be a good use of a face diaper to obscure your identity at the entrance where there is likely to be a camera. Walk with your head down to avoid any internal cameras. You must act like and be a ghost. Give them no bread crumbs.

  3. It’s totally ridiculous at this point. It would have been a good idea when it first got into the country but now it’s everywhere.

    • Hi Anon,

      It’s worse than ridiculous – because it’s another means of exercising limitless control over us. In the name of “health” everyone will presumed sick – and treated as a criminal.


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