Stormtroopers Aren’t Just for Star Wars

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Have a look at these Imperial Storm Troopers dealing with the Rebel Alliance. Included in the latter group, an Undiapered journalist who got a finger jabbed in his chest and then a full Hut! Hut! Hutting! for covering the Stormtroopers – who are wearing helmets that look as though they were stolen from the prop closet of Return of the Jedi. Also armor covering their limbs, just the same except it’s dimpled and black rather than smooth and white.

This is what’s coming to America if Americans give up their guns – and give in to Sickness Psychosis.


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  1. Nowhere on the face of the planet has the necessity of an armed population been more effectively demonstrated than in Australia. Not by the amount of tyranny they currently suffer, but by the monstrous change that so quickly occurred. Australia, and New Zealand as well, do NOT have a long history of tyranny. In fact, New Zealand in particular was not long ago considered a Mecca of liberty. How quickly they descended into tyranny once the people were disarmed. How quickly the government goons learned they could do as they pleased to their victims, without much risk. The most adamant sadistic goon will restrain themselves to some degree if they risk being disposed of by an armed citizen. Take away that risk, and so is the boundary between what they prefer to do and what they will do.

    • an idiotic post cause US is the heavily armed people in world history and have done nothing and will never do nothing. just a bunch of loud mouth cowards

      • Hi SPQR,

        I dunno. I think perhaps this time it will be different. Why? Because this time, it’s not a matter of putting up with another petty annoyance but largely being able to live a normal life; being able to enjoy a relatively normal life. This is for all the marbles. They are going to take away everything if this succeeds. It follows we have little left to lose. That concentrates a man’s mind – and gives him the courage to fight.

        Myself, for instance. I am no hero and try not to be a keyboard Rambo. I’ve got no martial skills to speak of. But I will not give in to this. I’ve had enough. I’ve also had a pretty damned good life and while I’d like to continue living I will not reduce myself to mere existing as a pathetic Diapered Up slave of these bastards.

    • Our soldiers going to battle against the middle east crazies never wore this much gear in the fight. But Vic Police, now a private corporation, have gone the full monty. Arresting young petite pregnant women, harassing 2 old ladies sitting on a park bench, one without a mask, while letting a noted football commentator get off with just a warning. Vic Police pride themselves on picking on the most vulnerable people in society. Meanwhile, the Somalis and sudos run their moozie gangs with out any interference from the Vic police. And dictatordan down here in Melbourne is going hog wild on destroying the economy of Victoria, which accounts for 40% of Australia’s economy with only 23% of the nation’s population. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of Vics are going to leave the state when the borders open.
      This is what will come to the US when the democraps get into office in November.
      To see what also rans can do when given unlimited power, watch developments in Victoria. Watch SkyNews as they are the only ones really questioning the state premiers, all of whom are no doubt admirers of the Hitler ideology. Vic police say they did not advise of the curfew but they sure seem to enforce it with all the thuggery of the brownshirts of naziland back in the 30s and 40s.

  2. Seems fitting since Australia was built by a bunch of criminals. Are the authorities just gonna start going door to door and shooting people “for their own health and safety”?

    • Morning, Blue!

      I’m the last person to advocate violence – except in self-defense. The Aussie people have that right – and they had better exercise it, soon. Government goons are literally attacking people for nothing more than what amounts to – I don’t like your looks (i.e., seeing your face) and for the “crime” of leaving their homes and going about their peaceful/rightful business.

      The guns they need are available. Just take them from the goons. The alternative is let the goons take their lives.

      • That’s what the French Resistance had to do to stand up to the Nazis during the Occupation…the Germans took all the equipment that made French cartridges like the Lebel back to Germany for “safekeeping”, and made the local police and later the Milice use mainly Brownings that used the Parabellum 9×19 cartridge. Even the British-made Sten Gun used the German Parabellum round, which had been facilitated by confiscation of some cartridge-making machinery as reparations under the Treaty of Versailles, as not only was it preferred over the “Yank” .45 ACP used in the Thompson SMG and the M3 “Grease Gun”, the Sten was intended for used by British Paras, Commandos, and for the “Forces françaises de l’intérieur”, or FFI” as the Resistance movement was formally known. Having this machine pistol chambered in the same round as the Germans proved handy for capture of enemy stocks.

        I’d say even if your own sidearms don’t use them, get a few boxes of .357 Mag, .45 ACP, 9 mm, and .40 S&W, as these are common rounds used by the military and/or law enforcement, so IF the situation should arise where you “opportunistically” acquire a piece, you’ll have the means to actually put it to use!

    • Hi Frank,

      Amen. Lots of talk online. I abhor violence and want nothing more than to be just left the heck alone. But if a man can’t be left in peace to live his life, then it is time to fight. I have no desire to exit stage left before my time but I will not bend knee to this insanity… to this evil.

  3. Some comments I found on

    “A virus so extremely deadly that you need a test to know you have it.”

    “Funny how the fear of covid has ruined more lives than covid itself.”

    “Guys, they clearly didn’t test this flu before they released it and it didn’t hit the numbers they wanted. But they’re continuing on with their plan anyways because you can’t back track now.”

  4. They look and act like robots. Dehumanized, uncaring, apathetic nihilists. What kind of person geeks themselves up in catcher’s gear and armor to go beat upon their fellow humans? How does one like this sleep at night, or look at themselves in the mirror, or face their family, or not realize that it could soon be their kids on the receiving end? The diaper is an especially nice ironic addition – buncha tough guys clad in armor but afraid of a virus. Shows them all to be unthinking command followers.

    • Lots of home movies of Nazis at home with their families. Watching them you would never think what they did for “work”.

      It’s easy to compartmentalize your life, everybody does it to a point. Granted the Nazis guys are an extreme case, but we are again in extreme times. Most people will do anything for a steady paycheck. And since government “jobs” are the few remaining “steady” jobs, there will be plenty of people willing to sign up. Even if they know better.

      • Vic police have turned into real life thugs causing much harm and misery. They never used to be this way. Used to never carry guns, wore shorts on a hot day with just a buttoned shirt, and smiled. I swear on a stack of bibles that I have not seen a cop with a smile for years. They can enter your home without a warrant, but they are also civilly liable for damages they cause you. Several court cases and recent legislation have proved that.


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