Diaper Report 5/3/21

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Yesterday, I was able to do something I haven’t in nearly a year: Walk into an Earth Fare without wearing a Holy Diaper – and without being “asked” to wear one.

And then ordered to leave, since I don’t wear one.

Earth Fare is a “whole foods” store – and these kinds of stores have, ironically, been the most militant about the wearing of the Rag of Agreement (with the narrative that we’ll get – or spread –  death if we don’t).

Ironically, because these stores cater specifically to people who question the healthiness of eating McCorporate Food, produced and processed by giant combines, generously salted with MSG, sodium nitrate and sweetened to taste with high fructose corn syrup. But cognitive dissonance remains the defining attribute of American kultur at this moment in history and the health conscious appear to be among the most health hysterical, as well.

Irrespective of contrary facts.

GMO bad. Face Diapers good!

Last summer, the signs went up – No Entry Without a Mask. That was outside, on huge billboards erected especially for the purpose. If you ignored them, they had Acolytes of the Diaper stationed by the door – to prevent anyone from getting in the door without the Diaper.

But yesterday, both were absent. In their place, a much smaller sign, off to the side,  requesting that Diapers be worn. I of course declined the request.

We declined the request.

I went to the store with my girlfriend, who is as militant about not deferring to such requests as I am.

We got a cart and commenced to shop. While walking by the deli counter, I thought I heard someone behind the counter mutter something about Diapers but I could not tell whether it was directed at us.

In any event, no one hassled us. We may have been regarded as freaks by the Freaks – but the freaks left us alone.

That’s the good news.

It’s nice to be able to shop at more than just one store. I can report that in my area, at least, it is now possible to shop at most stores, without being accosted by religious freaks determined to get you to join their cult.

The bad news is the cult doesn’t need to recruit – because almost everyone has already joined. Wherever one goes, one sees few faces – irrespective of any requirement not to show them. People no longer have to be forced to wear the Face Hijab.

They just wear it as a matter of course – by choice  – as pilgrims do at Mecca.

This marks a transition from militancy to normalcy – however abnormal. Much as it quickly became “normal” (after Nahhhnlevven, the Beta Test for today’s tests) to stand with your hands up and legs spread while a government worker put his hands in your pants at airports. The outrageous becomes the routine – and life goes on.

Just differently.

Another difference is that it is no longer as easy to spot an apostate. That is, another person who sees it. A month or two ago, if you saw a face, you saw a friend – or at least, someone probably not an enemy. The not-effaced did not agree – and just like you, refused to submit. It used to be my practice to always acknowledge such people with a smile and a thumbs up, usually knowingly returned.

But lately, you never know.

That person you see who isn’t wearing the Holy Rag may well have received the Holy Jab. And for that reason, it is possible he is not a friend – and may well be an enemy.

They – the cultists – are now able to hide in plain sight.

This, of course, was the whole point of the early “pandemic” enforcement of Holy Rag-wearing. Get everyone to look as though they agree – and then get everyone to agree to be Needled, so they no longer have to show they agree.

So long as they agree to get Jabbed.

I prefer being able to see what I am up against.

Of course, it also works both ways. The cultists cannot tell just by looking at me whether I am – Star Trek reference – “of the body.” Like Kirk, I can smile vacuously and pretend I am – and how will they know?

The worry there is that those who are “of the body” – and can still “get sick,” because the “vaccine” doesn’t preclude being infected by those not “of the body” – will demand that everyone prove they are “of the body” in order to walk through the doors, everywhere.

That is likely to become as newly abnormal as the wearing of the Holy Hijab has become. As abnormally normal as standing in queue at airports to have your junk fondled and your self-respect raped.

But for now, a slight respite. Enjoy it while you can. And stock up while you can. After all, we’re only a few months way from the next “wave” of “cases”!

Addendum: My girlfriend reports an interaction – today – with a man who thanked her for showing her Face. Who said he was weary of being the only face-shower in the place but felt emboldened to show his because she showed hers.

That’s how it’s done.

Now let’s do some more!

.  . .

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  1. Personal diaper report.
    Date of report: 8 May 2021
    Location: Corona, Ca 92882
    Incident #1
    Location: Corona Farmers Market
    Situation: Many naked faces
    Subjectively, more than one week ago
    Bought local honey and grapefruit from unmasked vendor without incident.
    Wife was masked but not hostile .
    Husband, who was masked two weeks a go, was unmasked today.

    Incident #2
    Location: U.S. Post Office
    Situation: Ration of shit from female Filipina clerks, but was not refused service.
    Male Anglo clerk was wearing a clear face shield behind Plexiglas barrier, but no face diaper.
    He accepted my parcel without incident.

    incident #3
    Location: Home Depot.
    Situation: No BS signs on entry.
    Pleasant interaction with female clerk, who sold me fertilizer without incident.

    incident #4
    Location: CVS Pharmacy
    Situation: No BS signs @ entry
    No hassle from employees.
    Successful purchase without incident.

    Scorecard: 4 for 4
    Hoy dia , no hay problemas aqui.
    Muy bueno, entonces.

    • That is great news, turtle! Thanks for the update. I love reading about what is going on in everybody’s section of the country. Maybe this is really coming to an end or at least loosening restrictions to a manageable level.

    • Excellent, Turtle!

      My only worry/caveat is that this may be on account of Needling – hey, we’re”safe” now! – and that in short order, they will begin demanding proof of Needling to enter. I hold my breath…

  2. It’s been several weeks since anyone asked me to wear a mask, in perhaps 30 stores visited.

    Maybe half a dozen people, mostly employees, not wearing. So about 99% still wearing indoors. Outdoors, about a third still wearing.

    More than a little disconcerting, this meekness. This lack of rebelliousness towards arbitrary authority.

    • Hi Jim,

      It disturbs me, too. But it also shows me how “Germany” happened. It is happening here. Right before our eyes. To be brutally honest, I begin to share the Illuminati – supposedly – contempt for the stupid cattle. I only differ from them in that I have no desire to harm the cattle; I just want the cattle to not harm me and other human beings.

    • I live in Oklahoma. Spend quite some time in Texas. Overall, in Oklahoma, about 1/3 of the people are not wearing face burkas at stores without the mandate. In OKC grocery stores, it is still above 80 percent on average. It is way up from a couple months ago. Yes, it is due to people getting the needle. Now they feel free to shed and breath their altered DNA on us. I despise the cattle.

      In Texas, the number of un diapered remains about 10 percent, which is about 8 times higher than it was before.

  3. Now that governor DeSantis has eliminated Covid Kabuki in Florida, lets see what happens. Of course, the governor is not able to compel businesses to stop playing Kabuki, and that’s what I’m afraid of. We have a Trader Joes in St. Pete, and I imagine it is much like your Earth Fare store Eric. Trader Joe’s is filled with organic goodies at a decent price. Trader Joes is also filled with the most fanatic of the diapered. I have ben repelled by the diaper door guards multiple times during this Covid farce. I have not ventured inside for well over a year. I plan on going this week, and see if I will be allowed to shop sans face diaper. It should be interesting.

    Yes, governor DeSantis did a good thing, albeit a year too late. Sadly, his order, and the actual legislation which comes into affect next month, I think, does nothing to relieve the children in school from not having to diaper up. Kids in school must still wear the diaper, although I think individual school districts can opt out of the craziness. My school district has not opted out, and my daughter still goes to school everyday diapered up, even though she recovered from Covid in a day, Christmas Day, as a matter of fact. What the hell is the point of a 16 year old Covid survivor girl wearing a mask anywhere? My biggest fear right now is the vaccinated herd leaking out their poison and contaminating us non-vaxxed. Look it up, it ain’t looking good.

  4. On Sunday, most of my church was unmasked. It was never required (they asked people to mask coming in and going out, but made that optional too), but the last couple weeks, the majority are finally no longer wearing (or wearing to come and go). There was almost no one masked this week. It seems the signs were removed and the coffee and treats were back out like before the nonsense. The chairs are back to normal too, no longer spaced out.

    There has been a side room available for those who wanted to wear masks (the only room were masks were required) that were uncomfortable with the unmasked in the main room. I thought it was a good solution putting those folks in the side room (where they watched the service, like the ones online) rather than the unafraid.

    I think word got out that we were trying to be as normal as possible. Lots of new people lately too.

    • Same here, brother Rich.

      At my church the 2020 supermajority of face condoms has dwindled to a small minority. It helps to have Holy Communion every week. That makes the face condom even more absurd. Some are finally willing to share a wholesome, manly handshake despite virus orthodoxy. Body language settles it. If you look your neighbor in the eye and extend your hand, he might take it in the spirit intended.

  5. Is the CDC Withholding More Data on Injuries and Deaths?

    “Several people have emailed me this past week with links to videos from those who are doing a deep dive into the VAERS database, and claiming that there is solid evidence that the CDC is withholding data, and that the injuries and deaths following COVID injections are probably very much higher.”


    VARES was considered to be only recording <10% of all adverse drug reactions before the 'Rona. Now it looks like they are actually hiding reports. Would it surprise anyone?

    • Absolutely not. And the current drop in cases is due to spring and summer like weather in much of the country. People are getting their vitamin D. But now, people have injected themselves with a ticking time bomb. What a load of crap.

  6. I bought a canoe on Saturday from online site. The man was 70 and when I arrived at his home he came out no mask (I was worried he would have one on) and when he announced his name guess what we did? We shook hands! Gasp how dare we….

  7. There is a remarkable thing called food and it amazingly keeps you alive. Can’t live without it.

    After 5:00 AM, you can start drinking. Coffee, then beer, in that order, then breakfast. You gotta do it to stay alive.

    Shouldn’t a person willingly take the vaccine if it were safe? With the number of adverse reactions, one can conclude that safety is an issue, and a credibility problem.

    Looks like people do die after being jabbed, so it will strike fear into any old horse.

    You’re not going to stand in line to possibly die after being genetically modified.

    The Grand Vaccinaters don’t care, they just want to see the results.

    You have to laugh to keep from crying.

  8. Another sad story. My first live together girlfriend called me today. We’ve stayed friends since we broke up 40 years ago. She called to tell me that she now supposedly has “shingles”. Her symptoms sounded to me like vaccine side effects. I asked if she got the jab, she said yes. I asked have you researched the side effects? Not much of a reply to that. But anyway…

    This is the part that I didn’t know how to reply. She said to me that if she were to die or have terrible side effects, that science would use her body to help others in need. So, for like 20 or 30 seconds, in my mind, I’m thinking “science” don’t give a fuck about your “body” , and they are going to throw it in the trash heap with all the others. She’s like, “hello, are you still there? I’m like, Ya, I’m still here. Sigh!!!

    It’s fucking sad! I don’t hate her, she will be my friend forever (I hope?) I’ve only had bad stories with old friends, but with my current friends, it’s “let’s party bro!!!”

    • Morning, William –

      Yup. This sort of thing is “going around.” It’s very sad, watching people you know and cared about descend into mental illness; to hear them repeat the “mass,” so to speak. It’s disquieting and you know that, even if you still like them, something important is different now and you’ll probably never feel the same about them again.

      I am grateful my cats are not affected….

      • I know. There are a lot of people I know and like who have listened to the stupidity and signed on the dotted line. With some of the people I know, I am terrified that someday they will be overwhelmed by the mrna autoimmune reaction to regular spike proteins in the body. This is going to get ugly.

  9. Good news in Florida today (and hopefully other states that may follow). Gov Ron Desantis just signed a bill into law that severely curtails the ability of local governments to impose restrictions on freedom and liberty. He also invalidated all local and municipal covid orders (including all face mask requirements). Florida appears to be completely free of any and all covid mandates.

    Also, the new law specifically prohibits anybody requiring a covid vaccine.

    • I am just going to pipe in quickly as someone who is down in Florida for the time being. I applaud what DeSantis is doing, but at the end of the day nothing has changed. Very few businesses will let you in without a face mask. I have been frequenting those that will, but FL is not as open as we have been seeing in the news. True, I have not been in every part of the state, but near the Jacksonville/St. Augustine areas it is no different than back home.

      I was able to attend a small gun show unmasked only to realize that the price of 223 is going for $1 a bullet. Ugh! The good news is that 762 is only $.60. 😜

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Florida and there are places to be found that will look the other way when it comes to mask wearing, but I did expect a bit more freedom to be available and it isn’t. The businesses are holding on tightly to the mask mandates and it isn’t government intervention that is doing it. I expect the vaccine passports to be arriving shortly.

      • RG,

        Welcome back from Howland Island. I trust you’re well on the way to remedying the problems of unincorporated life there.

        “ I expect the vaccine passports to be arriving shortly.”

        What are the tax benefits one may receive after obtaining a vaccine passport?

      • It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere. -Voltaire

        The good news is that there’s no longer a government mandate. While I suppose these businesses can insist on mask wearing, as of Monday they will now do it at their own peril and will no longer be able to use the government as the bad guy. Clarity will arise and there will no longer be any doubt as to which businesses owners are the true covidiots. It will be much easier for Floridians to be able to vote with their dollars.

        While this doesn’t fix everything, it sure seems like a significant step in the right direction.

        • Found a nice restaurant in Yulee, FL by accident tonight. No one (not even the servers) were in masks. The restaurant is small and is located at a marina. Nice outside deck overlooking boats. The menu consisted of beer, wine, and seafood. Food was very good. Service started off a bit slow, but picked up speed after the first beer was in hand.

          I went on TripAdvisor (where I search for new restaurants) and realized it was in 70th place. Was it the food? No, that was delicious. The service? No.

          Prior to Covid this was ranked one of the best restaurants in town. How does a restaurant go from the Top 10 to the Bottom 10? Apparently, the lack of masks was the only indicator. If one doesn’t follow the Diaper Kabuki the Karens and Kens will make sure the world knows it.

          These are the places that us libertarians and conservatives should spend our money. Screw the big box stores and the small boutiques that enforce draconian requirements. If there is a mask sign on the door I don’t even bother to infiltrate. Why even test the waters? If a business cannot stand up to allow individuals the choice of what is best for their body do you really want to help their company exist?

          I am through wasting my time determining if an organization wants my business or not. Mask sign on the door? You don’t want it. No sign on the door? You do.

  10. Things are generally better in my area. My local convenience store has removed all signage. They have only left the plexiglass which I suspect is here to stay. It’s like bullet-proof glass, but not. But gone are the “you can’t sue us, please don’t come in if you have symptoms, etc. signs. This place kept my patronage because they never demanded the diaper. So this is good.

    Lately, I have been tapped to run calls up in the W NC mountains area. Pretty much no problem sans burqa until I had to go to a town just outside of Cherokee, NC. I’m guessing that the natives still haven’t figured out not to trust the US govt since no one had a face that I could see and as soon as I came in showing mine, I was treated as if I were a black person entering through the front door of a restaurant in the 50s. Long story short, service was performed as quickly as possible and met MY customer’s expectations, however, the person behind the counter (whom could have been the store’s owner) could have received above and beyond MY customer’s expectations of service due to the distance I drove, instead he got left with a machine that may “irritate” their faceless customers until the party needed could make their service visit and correct the problem. I could have made it better for all parties involved, but when he barked at me, he got the level of service he and my customer paid for, no more. I took a picture of the problem and said it is someone else’s problem (which it was). Out the door in under 5 minutes. I will never fail to deliver as required no matter how much a customer or a customer of a customer might upset me, but, I will never bend over backwards for those that do not deserve it.

  11. Yes, I’ve seen lower diapering levels. Have walked into 4 businesses the past couple of weeks, none of the employees wearing masks. No issue with me not wearing one. This is good news but it did occur to me that some of these people may be vax believers/takers and are undiapered for that reason (but those types usually bring it up to brag about it, or as a way to ask you if you got “yours”, none of my experiences in these places had that). Then again I’m pretty meticulous on what place I choose to go to, and choose based on what place I’m least likely to have a problem (going to suburban options or rural options as opposed to the shitty city). These places were also small businesses, and I had many options if turned away, which of course seems to be a big part of it. I did thank the owners of some of these places. One said they felt the same way, the other thanked me for acknowledging it.

  12. “That person you see who isn’t wearing the Holy Rag may well have received the Holy Jab. And for that reason, it is possible he is not a friend – and may well be an enemy.”

    So now you also distrust people who DON”T wear masks, because of “something they MIGHT Have Done In The Past??” Doesn’t sound too Libertarian. 😉

    If you want to know if someone submitted to the Kill Shot, just ask. If so, they’ll proudly tell you. Hell, probably volunteer the info before you even ask.

  13. “Wherever one goes, one sees few faces – irrespective of any requirement not to show them”

    Not in my neck of the woods. The “mandate” for my small town ended last weekend. For the first time in a long time, the grocery store was majority unmasked. As the weeks go by, I hope to see it dry up even more.

    However, in the “big city” where my office is, the company announced today that the office mask mandate is still in effect even though the mandate for the city was lifted. Guess I’ll keep working from home!

  14. I am happy to say most places around my hometown are lightening up. Only a few maskholes the last time I went to walmart, for example. We went riding Sunday and our friend needed a bike part. Neither HD store we checked required dirty fear rags on customers or employees, although the one closer to my house was militant about it in the past.
    But I retain my bitterness. Like a kicked dog, I can maybe forgive, but I will never forget what was done to us and the sea change that has wrought in our society and what I’ve always seen as my place in it, as well as my relationships with my various governments. I am not happy and carefree, like “WooHoo, things are looking up!” I am still pretty pissed off. Not sure where I go from here with that, but time may tell.

    • >the sea change that has wrought in our society
      As far as I am concerned, “social distancing” = “social hostility.”
      I can be one hostile son of a bitch if I so choose, and when I so choose is whenever I encounter some airhead a-hole who likes to pretend, or actually believes, that all this nonsense is perfectly “normal,” and therefore OK.
      But basing all human interaction on fear, distrust and disrespect of your fellow human beings, BY GOVERNMENT DECREE, is no way to run a civilized society, and no way to live.
      I expect it will take many years to return to where we once were, as regards the general public, if we ever do. The one saving grace are pockets of resistance, such as this forum, which never abandoned traditional values and standards of behavior.


    Did any of you watch the NFL Draft last Thursday-Saturday? I have always been an NFL draft junkie even though I boycotted the games last year due to rona promotion. The NFL is one of the biggest rona promoters out there in existence. The whole event last week looked like a cult initiation ritual. With the fans outdoors, it was clear the event promoters forced everyone to wear masks, to send a message to the world, which the sucker fans did proudly, acting if it were “the new cool.”

    Each team has a “war room” in which they decide which players to draft each round, or to discuss possible trades, etc. Either all members in the room had masks on, or as Rich Eisen repeatedly and annoyingly announced, was the (whatever team)’s “fully vaccinated draft room,” which annoyed the fuck out of me!!

    So the message was clearly propagandized one that said, “everyone is either genetically modified, or if not, everyone wears the mask like a good little boy/girl, and you all must do the same.

    The NFL has shown itself to be little more than a Political Action Committee in recent years.

    When the commish went to the podium to announce each draft selection, he wanted by someone in a chair, a mascot for the team on the clock, who was masked up and costumed to look like a mummy.

    Occasionally, they’d let a “woke” person announce a pick for the team. In those cases, they’d walk up to the podium fully masked, then remove it to announce the pick (even though the commish was unmasked), and then put it back on immediately afterwards.

    The whole thing was just pathetic and sickening.

    Roger Badell is such a fuck and a total weasel.

    • Meant to say, “When the commish went to the podium to announce each draft selection, he WALKED by someone in a chair ….”

    • The NFL receives huge government subsidies, via taxpayer built stadiums. I live in the SF bay area. The San Francisco 49ers got the taxpayers of Santa Clara to pay for a significant part of their stadium in Santa Clara. I just recently heard that the 49ers were contributing $100,000 to the campaign of the despicable Gavin Newsome in the upcoming recall election. And then there are those military flyovers at football games, in which the NFL teams are paid by the US military to spread military recruitment propaganda. The NFL sucks!

  16. Just had a conversation with a coworker about why people i talk with on the phone volunteer with absolutely no prompting on my part, that they have, or are on their way to receive their holy annointing? Round one or round 2. I don’t need to know you are a member of the sickness cult. Although it does offer some degree help in allowing me to know who to be discreet around in the future and who I can talk with openly in a business setting.

    I’m also sick and tired of the, did you get the shot yet questions. Our manager who also is of the same mindset came up with an idea that kind of makes sense. If someone asked if you got “the vax” or “the shot” yet, chances are you got a vax or a shot sometime in your life so just say yes to shut them up. Even though we know they are talking about the holy annointing, if they didn’t specify what shot, you are free to let them know sure, i got my shot. They don’t have to know it was say a tetanus shot 8 years ago.

    • Every damn call starts with this. Followed by, “I got Moderna!” Or “I got the Pfizer!” Then a recitation of the side effects, and how they were sick for two days, blah blah. I sit there silently, biting my lip. I’m not getting into it with them, as it’s effectively an argument over religion. But it’s instructive nevertheless.

    • “volunteer with absolutely no prompting on my part, that they have, or are on their way to receive their holy annointing”

      Because they want to be seen as part of something, anything. Because their self worth is entirely based on external input and validation. They expect praise for mindless compliance. Pavlovian entities.

      They are not actual people, just simulacrums. NPC.

      • Like Bac i just sit there quietly not saying a word. Just mentally noting who is part of the problem and who isn’t at my office, in my neighborhood,. my extended family, and in my circle of acquaintances/friends.

        There is one meme out there that stands out where a little girl asks but daddy, how will we know who is vaccinated? The dad’s response is don’t worry they’ll tell you.

    • I haven’t got my shot yet but I’m looking forward to it. Said with a straight face- while thinking that the 700 yard offhand one shot kill on a deer was a good one but not the prey most worthy of that shot.

  17. Maybe off topic, slightly…

    Some asshole stole my Milwaukee drill last afternoon while I took a break for a while, right out of my front yard. It was inside my spiked fence, on my ladder, both of which I was using to rewire my security cameras. This prick must’ve nimbly reached over my gate and grabbed my favorite cordless drill, because I would’ve heard the gate open, and so would’ve the dog.

    A camera was right above the scene of the crime.

    No, it wasn’t recording, as I was working on things. Either A. The perpetrator knew it was defunct. B. He/she just didn’t give a shit. Or C. (And this is what I think) They were brazen idiots and were probably wearing a face diaper.

    A face diaper, because “no face, no case”, and it still looks quite “normal”, even outside in the fucking hot Arizona Sun.

    • BaDnOn,

      One again, where were your attack crows?

      How much bird food could you have bought for the price of a new Milwaukee?

    • Dammit, BD… that sucks and I hate hearing about it.

      It is also why I like living in the Woods. My driveway is a long gravel run and my place well off the road. Harder for any cretins to snatch and grab. And easier for me to shoot, shovel – and shut up.

      • Eric, I hear that, and want desperately to move out to my rural land, too. I have, unfortunately, a few loose ends to tie first. Hopefully in a few years.

        To update: There was a good candidate for drill thief (and attack crow target) creeping around the neighborhood this morning. My guard dog properly functioned this time.

        He was a brazen idiot, no doubt, as he appeared to pull out a piece of tin foil and using the straw in his mouth, began to vaporize and aspirate dope of some kind. Then he stumbled across the adjacent lot and out of sight.

        He was wearing a chin-diaper, so I was somewhat right. Couldn’t let it interfere with his straw-and-foil habit, though.

        Cameras and dogs are functioning, and should he return and get TOO brave, well, he can aspirate my .357.

    • Never give up an opportunity to cause suffering and misery to someone who hardly deserves it if you possibly can. lol

      I had a flat tire, removed the wheel to have a new tire mounted, had it done, had the new tire and wheel in the box of the pickup, someone drove by and helped themselves to the wheel and new tire. Ya dumbass, there is karma in this world.

      Thieves take advantage of every opportunity. Had a 2 1/2 gallon gas can I filled at a gas pump, paid for the gas, when to find out the gas can was gone.

      You do become a cynic, which is positive which is sarcasm.

      • Hey D and B sorry to hear that. I hate thieves most of all. Especially someone who steals tools. I, like Eric live down a gravel drive that belongs to five families with 15 total acres divided among us. We all stop people who we don’t know, keep track of who comes and goes.

        The front part of my property parallels the main road. One day when using my string trimmer I left a five gallon gas can out. Later that day gone. I can attest to the Karma aspect of it. The next day I left a full 5 gallon can out. Gone again only this time it was full of corn syrup with the gas. Haven’t had anything stolen since.

    • It’s my considered opinion that theft is not considered to be as serous a crime as it is. One usually acquires property by investing time and effort in the acquisition of it. Time and effort that is what your life is made of. When such property is stolen, part of your life has been stolen. Just as if the thief had erased that time from your life. A partial murder. A felony used to be defined as a crime for which capital punishment was applicable. Which included theft of certain items, like horses and cattle among others.

      • John,

        “ Which included theft of certain items, like horses and cattle among others.”

        Theft of the government’s human livestock is still a felony. It’s called human trafficking.

        In some countries it is a capital offense.

  18. On the: “GMO bad. Face Diapers good!”

    The real irony is those that say “GMO bad” and have taken the jab are now themselves GMOs. If they only knew that when the aliens invade, they will be fed to the fattest, laziest, and least educated of aliens who shop at Big Bang Mart.

  19. As the destruction of our economic health continues, at some point, folks may discover that starvation is a real and eminent threat, while COVID, not so much. That wearing a mask won’t stop your stomach from growling. That wearing a mask won’t help your children sleep when they didn’t get supper. That wearing a mask won’t stop people who don’t need to from losing weight. That wearing a mask has not stopped the US from increasing alcohol use by FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT. That wearing a mask does nothing for the severe mental health damage caused by social isolation. That wearing a mask is part and parcel of a “cure” that is worse than the disease.

    • “ folks may discover that starvation is a real and eminent threat,”

      I was told by the locals in Hawaii that haole was best served with mango bbq.

    • “ increasing alcohol use by FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT”

      I’ve come to the conclusion that the alcohol industry provides more choices than any other.

      • John,

        This 500% rise in alcohol.

        People often refer to it as self medicating.

        Is that necessarily a bad thing?

        With the other option being the pharmacist?

  20. Eric, glad to hear that the crunchy granola store is lightening up. We have a similar store in my area, that still has a sign up, “No Mask, No Service, No Debate!” (including the exclamation point)….

    Some good news to report: After reviewing my write-up on the facts surrounding masks, PCR, and “asymptomatic spread,” our church leaders determined at least for the immediate future to “re-open” after a 2 week shutdown. No masks required.

    I do not know if this is merely because they now felt “safe” again, or if they have changed their policy for good to allow those of us who wish to assume the “risk” of entering into the house of the LORD (and without covering our faces) to do so. (I did have some positive feedback in person from a couple of them.) I hope we will not keep shutting down every time someone gets a sniffle. The conclusion to my argument was, how will a stranger respond to a church that is basically cowering over a “virus” yet claims to have the answer for his soul’s eternal destiny?

    I am encouraged. Time will tell.

    • Excellent, Anon – very glad to get your report about your church. Of all places, you’d think these places would be immune to this sort of thing… like the “crunchy” stores… sadly, not so much.

  21. This, of course, was the whole point of the early “pandemic” enforcement of Holy Rag-wearing. Get everyone to look as though they agree


    This was my biggest complaint a year ago when the mask mandates started popping up. That those who disagreed were being compelled to play along with the nonsense.

    A story I like to tell is how I was in a big box store last May, before the mandate started in Texas, and about 50% of the people were wearing the diapers and the atmosphere in the place was one of fear and dread, because with all the people walking around with masks and standing far from other people and otherwise suspicious of human contact, it all felt abnormal.

    I have never been scared for of the ‘rona. I have never thought it was an existential threat. But the mask mandate required people to act as if they thought it was. It made us all conscripts into spreading the fear message that the government wanted us to spread. And if everyone is afraid, then government has an easier way of putting in more restrictions and prolonging the “crisis”. The masks literally reminded everyone to be scared, and that’s what government wanted.

    I even spoke to a constitutional lawyer about whether there was a free speech argument to be made and he said that white he agreed with my logic, unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of history on whether the government could force someone into speech. And that the only real restrictions were on government blocking speech, and I was still free to express my opinion in any way I wanted.

    It was very disappointing because I legitimately felt like the mask mandate was a violation of my conscience. Not sick and not scared, but still – at least according to the letter of the law – had to play along like I was.

    • It’s stupid that we need a written right in the bill of rights to not be violated in that regard (not that it works anyway). As if we need to have it written down for every single thing government is not allowed to do. Govt shall not obstruct breathing – the right doesn’t exist. I guess since there is no right that says, Govt shall not murder their own citizens, by the logic of these people, Govt has every right to murder their citizens. There is nothing written protecting the right to eat green vegetables. Guess if Fauci decides that’s bad, there is no legal argument to protect it because it isn’t in the bill of rights.

      No, the standard should be, is there a victim? Was harm caused? But what about the new religion, they would feel you being able to breathe is a violation of the NAP against them, as if blowing cigarette smoke in their face. So I guess it goes to what is objective reality.

  22. [But for now, a slight respite. Enjoy it while you can. And stock up while you can. After all, we’re only a few months way from the next “wave” of “cases”!]

    This is why I’ve done a couple of things for myself and family. Last week I signed up with a local food cooperative, and planted a garden. As spring turns to summer, I’m going to scout out farmers’ markets. The food coop delivers grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, eggs, dairy products, honey, etc. It’s run by someone in my Thursday night meetup who screens members to make sure we’re all freedom-loving individuals. While I don’t have a lot of space in an apartment, I do have a garden plot and am looking into container gardening. And of course the farmers’ markets. Between those three, and stocking up on canned goods while I can, we likely won’t starve if it hits the fan worse in the future.

    • Good to have connections who are farmers of like mind.

      I’m trying to develop a samizdat list of people with whom to barter various services, as well as food. Even if we don’t agree philosophically, if they are willing to freely trade, I’m in.


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