Just Trust ‘Em! . . . Because You Can’t Sue ‘Em

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You can’t walk into a store without wearing the Holy Rag – because someone might get sick. But if you actually get sick as a result of being forced to take the Holy Jab, you can’t sue the company that made the god-knows-what’s-in-it vaccine.

Which is pretty sick when you think about it.

The pharmaceutical mafia can force you – via its enforcer, the government – to take its products; vaccines are already required for kids in many states and if you don’t submit to it the state can take your kids . . . and then walk away from any harm caused because the government protects the pharmaceutical mafia from you.

Thus one-upping the health insurance mafia  . . . which only forces you to buy its product.

The vaccine-pushers are uniquely endowed with government-granted immunity from lawsuits. They can wreck your life – and you get the bill.

This is almost beyond belief – especially in view of the fact that they are for-profit enterprises, meaning they can literally get rich off of the suffering they impose on people who can’t say no to the Jab.

Jabs, actually – as it’s not just one – and not just this one. There will be at least two Holy Jabs and then – having established the precedent that they can make you take those jabs, why not other jabs?

All the risk – which you won’t be allowed to say no to – on you.

All the profits for them.

Where are the Public Citizens and “consumer advocates”? Where are the investigative i-Team reporters?

They’re out there. The problem is they’ve been bought – literally. And sometimes you get what you pay for. Ask your doctor about Nemenda.

Don’t tell the audience anything about what Nemenda might do to you (cue the super-fast-talking dude who gets paid to read the fine  print at warp speed).

Else we – the drug-pushers – might pull our ads.

When I worked for newspapers, it was understood that the car dealers who bought ad space would not be happy – might pull their ads – if the paper published car reviews that weren’t come-hither/come-buy hagiographies.

That same principle applies to the breathlessly favorable “coverage” of the it’s finally here! Holy Jab – and the silence about its possible not-so-great consequences.

With the difference being one could sue the manufacturer of a dishonestly advertised, shoddily built and dangerous car. And there was another difference: The government has yet to force anyone to buy a particular car.

You may remember the Ford Explorer/Firestone tire fiasco of the late ’90s.

The Explorer was one of the first really successful “SUVs” – a term unknown before someone in the marketing department conjured it as a way to sell what had been specialty/niche 4x4s sold mostly to men (and a few women) who liked to use them for rugged, off-road adventures and more importantly understood what they were for and so what their limitations were  . . .  to soccer moms and others who drove them like the cars they weren’t, often at high speeds on tires not designed for 80 MPH highway running.

With sometimes catastrophic results.

A tire would blowout – and the Explorer would do the equivalent of an alligator’s death roll.

The lawyers of the victims’ families blamed Ford for designing and selling a vehicle apparently not very safe at speed to begin with, which Ford allegedly made even less safe at speed by recommending too-low tire pressure  . . . in order to make the Explorer ride less like the modified truck it was and more like the car it wasn’t. This exacerbated the high-speed stability issues of what was more or less a truck with its bed enclosed and carpeted and seats bolted to the floor.

Plus the Firestone tires themselves were apparently pretty flimsy, even if inflated properly.

Mix it all together and you had  . . . liability.

Ford and Firestone got sued – because the victims could. And the industry was chastened, that being the point of such lawsuits, even more so than compensating the victims. The idea being to discourage future victimization by holding today’s victimizers accountable.

It is not for nothing that post-Explorer SUVs – not just Fords but the entire class of SUVs – behave more like the cars most of the people who buy them assume they are – and that tires are chosen and inflation pressure recommended to promote stability.

And it is because of the Explorer/Firestone tire debacle that all new vehicles are required to be fitted with tire pressure monitors that warn the driver about an under-inflated tire – so as to make the point that the driver was warned about the risk of under-inflated tires – and given an opportunity to avoid the consequences.

But there is no such chastening anvil hanging over the heads of the drug companies, who are free to advertise – and use the editorial power this gives them to suppress negative (i.e., factual) coverage of themselves and their wares and their motives – knowing they can get away with victimizing people.

What do you suppose this encourages?

Imagine a car company wheedling a deal for itself with Uncle that let them sell you a dangerous vehicle, with a built-in design flaw or unusually high risk of some kind of critical failure – and then gave the car company immunity from civil lawsuits.

How careful do you suppose the car company would be with design? How much testing would be done to ascertain whether its vehicles held up, didn’t have weird quirks that would get people dead?

Then imagine them securing a mandate from the government that you had to buy a vehicle from them.

You actually don’t have to imagine this – Tesla has built a business on this model.

But at least you can still sue Tesla – for now – if you get roasted to death in one of their mobile crematoriums.

Not so the Needlers, they of the Holy Jab.

You’d think it’d make people mad.

Hopefully, it will.

. . . .

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  1. One, albeit tiny, ray of hope – The Emergency Use Authorization specifically states you can refuse the vaccine:

    * FDA has authorized the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19
    Vaccine, which is not an FDA-approved vaccine.

    * The recipient or their caregiver has the option to accept or refuse
    Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.

    * The significant known and potential risks and benefits of Pfizer-BioNTech
    COVID-19 Vaccine, and the extent to which such risks and benefits are


  2. I read an interesting article from John Rappoport which was done by Richard Moskowitz and is a great analysis of vaccines. This is why I am against vaccines and that no long term studies have ever been done to ascertain what several vaccines can do to the body over time. No way do I trust an arm of the medical mafia that offers no culpability or liability for their products. Your doctor doesn’t know squat about these new RNA/DNA altering vaccines. They will not stop the spread of the virus nor will they keep you from getting sick enough an possibly dying. So what is their purpose other than to line pharma’s and Gates pockets with 100’s of billions of dollars? That is a question no one will ever answer. The idea of forcing anyone to take a vaccine or any drug is purely 110% criminal in every sense of the word. No thanks…keep your crappy vaccines and stuff ’em you know where. I am beyond angry at this point with fake pandemics, fake testing, fake deaths, fakes cases and now fake vaccines and even fake elections and the totally fake media.

  3. I read an interesting article from John Rappoport which was done by Richard Moskowitz and is a great analysis of vaccines. This is why I am against vaccines and that no long term studies have ever been done to ascertain what several vaccines can do to the body over time. No way do I trust an arm of the medical mafia that offers no culpability or liability for their products. Your doctor doesn’t know squat about these new RNA/DNA altering vaccines. They will not stop the spread of the virus nor will they keep you from getting sick enough an possibly dying. So what is their purpose other than to line pharma’s and Gates pockets with 100’s of billions of dollars? That is a question no one will ever answer. The idea of forcing anyone to take a vaccine or any drug is purely 110% criminal in very sense of the word. No thanks…keep your crappy vaccines and stuff ’em you know where. I am beyond angry at this point with fake pandemics, fake testing, fake deaths, fakes cases and now fake vaccines and even fake elections.

    • Best that I can tell now, and I had to piece this together from a variety of sources, the mRNA vaccines work by sending messenger RNA instruction to the cells at the injection site to manufacture a protein that looks like the wu-flu virus. Once the messenger RNA is consumed the cells then stop producing the protein. At least that is how it is supposed to work. However with no long term experience and rather poor results in animal testing over the years and years mRNA vaccines have been tried (vaccinating the critter then exposing it to or deliberately injecting it with the virus). The animal testing was not apparently done for this new vaccine. The first humans to get it are the experiment.

      In any case no DNA is altered and best that I can figure out the protein production stops once the signal is gone. Of course I have yet more questions such as what happens if the immune system decides to attack the cells producing the protein? Everything is smeared with ‘listen to the experts’ instead of proper explanations. Tell me how it works as if I am reading an old school technical textbook for a car or other machine where the reader is told every little step of how the system works so he can figure what’s broken. But that can’t be done so then suspicion rightfully grows and grows. I’ve spend a fair amount of time piecing together what I have on mRNA vaccines. Straight forward technical explanations are lacking.

  4. It should be noted that Mike Wallace was only able to air this story (in the mid-seventies) because it was BEFORE pharmaceutical products were allowed to be advertised on television, which occurred in 1985. Today, such a story would be impossible, since Big Pharma is responsible for 70% of television news revenues. No negative story about Big Pharma or its products is ever likely to be seen in a television news story today. The U.S. and New Zealand are the only countries that permit television advertising of pharmaceutical products.

  5. That is not to say that the war is not serious, nor that Capitol trolls under multiple bridges do not scheme to strengthen their grip over people and property, raw materials, produce and livestock, every productive mechanism and endeavor, from sea to shining sea. They undeniably intend to achieve their goals, enslave the willing, and imprison or destroy the unwilling. If they fail, they will cease to be powerful, will lose wealth and security, and they may face public humiliation, guillotines, or both. The clock is not turning back. The future really is at stake. Let’s take a moment to thank 2020 for shining a cold harsh light on the designs of our “betters.” As Americans, let us be grateful to her for leading more than a few million people, from all philosophies, political leanings, and backgrounds, to liberty’s boot camp.

    The Best of Karen Kwiatkowski

    Some of you here might also consider thanking Eric for his leading. At least he’s trying to do something.


  6. “You’d think it’d make people mad.

    Hopefully, it will.”

    Nah! Then the dildos would have to face the “horrors” of…*gasp*…SELF-ACCOUNTABILITY. *dun-dun-duuuuun* As long as they continue to receive their “free” handouts, they’ll claim that a 100% LETHAL “cure” is safer than any virus with nearly the same SURVIVAL rate.

  7. All people should read the article by Larry Romanoff, a deeply thoughful and incisive article that asks some very sticky questions. Namely, that second waves are not possible with Covid and that, gasp!, messengers from Gates headquarters are going all over the world carrying buckets of new inoculum of Covid. Ever notice that in NYC, it appeared the disease was ebbing, finally, but then, it came back with a bona fide vengeance? Moreover, differing strains of the disease are popping up all over the world, this is no accident. Mutations? In some cases, yes. People have been taken in by this disease, too many people don’t see the disease properly, they think it will kill everybody. The fear element is being played constantly, governors are using the worthless PCR tests and they think that testing is accurate and truly diagnostic. No so. Numbers have been tossed around in ludicrous fashion, far fewer deaths have occurred than announced. A scam, and we can thank the
    Deep Staters and Bill Gates for this scam. Let’s smarten up before it’s too late.

    • We are being attacked with a lab created bioweapon. The imaginary Wuhan virus is just the pretext to scare you into accepting the administration of the lab created bioweapon.

      Any time you watch a zombie movie and the script tells you that the zombies are the result of a virus, you need to do some editing in your mind and revise that to, the zombies are the result of technocrats meddling in things they have absolutely no business meddling with.

  8. 300,000,000 people wearing masks and the dreaded novel corona virus continues to spread, even refuses to go away, must be some kind of spite.

    You have to wonder why people are wearing masks when they do no good whatsoever and are maybe contributing to the spread. Completely ineffective to stop the spread of the Covid flu, absolute madness going on out there.

    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results defines insanity, Albert even said so, so there.

    Dr. Benjamin Rush signed the US Constitution, however, he advocated, campaigned for, individual medical rights.

    Didn’t happen, much to my chagrin now.

    If you are prevented by law what you can’t use as a mind-altering substance, once alcohol, morphed to cannabis, you know the long story, if that, then you can be told what must be used to help prevent disease, will be done by law, decree, force, coercion, not your choice, you’ll do it.

    And don’t you be questioning what you are told to do, you ignorant swine.

    Pharmaceuticals are advertised like booze and cigarettes from way back when. It is beyond the pale, obscene, the number of side effects that could take place if you take the drug are too numerous to mention. More than likely, you’ll end up with shit for brains if you take them or you already have shit for brains if you are willingly taking them.

    Prozac caused how many suicides? One I know for sure, guy blew his brains out, prescribed Prozac was the culprit.

    Doctors endorsing Chesterfield in magazines, Andy Griffith would have a cigarette while he was on duty.

    Those were the days.

    A civilized free people doing what they want, nobody stopping them, providing not doing any harm. Having fun was more or less the name of the game after your 8 hour day, find a way to have fun. Play ball, whatever you want to do, just have some fun, drinking beer is fun.

    I asked my second son what he says when he isn’t on the school playgrounds. He said to me, “Dad, you know what I say when I’m not at school?”

    No, what?

    He shouted as loud as he could, “I having goddamn fucking fun!” It was hilarious, he was seven years old at the time. No expletives deleted.

    Those were the days.

    In today’s world, there are local gangs in Mexico enforcing mask orders, if you aren’t wearing a mask, you’ll have a steel folding chair coming at you, an order you won’t refuse, you’ll put on your mask or else.

    The victim meekly dons his mask, fear rules. It’s over at banned video, whatever that is.

    Going crazier by the day.

  9. My wife, daughter, and I will never get the wu-flu shot, under any circumstances.

    I would quit any job without question rather than get the shot. What value your job when the shot has made you too sick to work any more? Better to be poor and healthy than poor and sick.

    As a final resort, I would go on welfare before getting the shot.

    • Hi Geoff,

      Amen. And you raise an interesting point in re welfare. Normally, I personally oppose such things, meaning I personally want no part of government “benefits” someone else was forced to pay for. But, perhaps there is a case to be made for accepting them when the government literally forces you to stay home and close your business or gives you the “choice” of having something injected into your body as the condition of being allowed to work.

      If I get any “stimulus” money from the cretins, I will use it to pay taxes. Let the government pay itself.

      • Really?! Then we are hypocrites. No welfare. All that means is then we have accepted totalitarian rule and are part of the problem. We can’t have it both ways. The dumb little stimulus check that everyone got back in April I view as a tax credit (since that is how it is reported on the tax return). I am for any individual taking advantage of legal loopholes in the tax code. If you are a taxpayer and tax credits and deductions are available to you to reduce your liability you have every right to reduce your burden.

        Welfare is a completely different beast. It is theft. It is taking someone else’s equity and putting it into your own pocket. Either we stand by our principles or we are just as corrupt as the system that controls us.

            • When a private actor interrupts or causes your business to close, you are entitled to compensation. It’s so serious courts often award treble damages. When a gov’t does the same thing to you, it is perfectly compatible with libertarianism to receive similar compensation for damages. Eric’s referral to such compensation in such cases as “welfare” was simply a poor word choice, not some mistaken validation of your support for gov’t coercion in some cases.

        • “Legal loopholes” – you are still making the mistake of conferring upon the Federal Mafia a legitimacy that it does not deserve. Leaving aside for a moment the fact that the federal income tax doesn’t even establish a “legal” individual liability, those “laws” are nothing more than the same type of gang rules that any group of gangsters running a protection racket in a given area might lay down.

          Oh, they sugar-coat it with the pretense being able to vote for the dons who appoint the street thugs somehow legitimizes the whole racket. It doesn’t. At the end of the day it is still nothing more than a criminal gang, albeit the biggest and baddest one around.

          In any event, I hope you and everyone here has a great Christmas, or as great as it can be under the circumstances given that we may soon be witness to the elimination of our remaining freedoms under the thumbs of the incoming pack of dons. (To the “aryan warrior”/white supremacist chowderheads, phony Christians, and craven cowards that pop in from time to time here to spew their malicious bigotry, have a very merrry Kwanzaa!)

    • As part of receiving welfare, they will make the shot mandatory. They are cornering us and soon we either fight back or give up everything we thought we would stand for. Thats the choices.

      • Or avoid as much as the system as possible.

        Cameron, I agree with you that most government services will probably require a vaccine, but I believe the majority on here don’t need them or wouldn’t want them anyway. Those that choose to skirt the system will have an easier time avoiding the shot.

  10. Hi Eric,
    Thought I would post a small diversion….I recently put the peoples republic of Oregon in my rear view mirror (thankfully). Just prior to leaving, I was asked to contribute harp on an updated version of a tune that a friend wrote and recorded years ago. The original has been used on the NPR radio show “Car Talk”. When the songwriter and vocalists girlfriend got a new Honda, he updated and re-recorded the song for her.

    Enjoy !

    • And 4.8: “very common” side effects include headache, joint pain (arthralgia), muscle pain (myalgia), fatigue, chills, and fever (pyrexia). In other words, the same symptoms of covid 19. Why bother?

      Most significantly: all long term effects are unknown and unknowable. Who in their right mind (operative words) would take this?

  11. In concert with the immunity to liability, which by the way all vaccines enjoy, I also heard that the Federal Vaccine Compensation Fund that tries vaccine litigation, and pays out the results, will not fulfill such a role per the COVID vaccines. So, indeed, one is left with no recourse at all. Which is going to encourage a violent reaction from some who experience the loss of a loved one from the vaccines, with no other source of justice.
    While on the subject of vaccine liability, may it not be possible to file against any institution that forces vaccination as a condition of employment? Or maybe even one who denies service without it? I recently read a piece on Lew Rockwell’s site wherein one threatened a suit because of health effects of wearing a mask.

  12. RE media: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” ― Upton Sinclair

    I’m too young to remember cigarette ads on TV, but considering the percentage of the public that smoked in the 1940s through the 1970s (the “golden era” of TV) I seriously doubt the product needed much marketing, at least not to the level of marque sponsorship and talent live reads.

    The last four years of media pretty much proves they’re done. Even though they continue to fight the trend with streaming options, the number of people disconnecting their cable and satellite TV service is accelerating, and more importantly, the young aren’t even buying televisions, unless they are really into sports (gambling) or console gamers. The online streaming services are able to get people to switch with low introductory offers, but once the rates go up they will be unplugging there too. The only real ad revenue left is pharmaceutical companies, and I imagine they’re really just in it for the hush money. Once we have single payer, big Pharma will shift ad dollars to investor media, much like the evil Boeing and Bayer AG (Monsanto). Anything to keep journalists from sniffing around looking for a story.

  13. Although I’m not an anti vaccine crusader, there are several things that, in the words of the C&C Music Factory, make you go hmmmm:

    First is the question of what post-release surveillance, if any, is being done on people who’ve gotten the vaccines. I know that when I’ve gotten other shots in the past, I got paperwork that tells me what bad side effects to keep an eye out for, along with to do and who to call if they happen to me. I haven’t heard anything about plans for whether or how drug companies and health authorities are keeping an eye on any possible side effects over the next few years, as well as how well the vaccine works and how long it lasts “out in the field” so to speak. I mean, problems with vaccines have happened before, from them not lasting as long or protecting as well as thought to serious reactions. I just want to know what the plan is for that.

    Next is the question of how vaccines are to be doled out. It makes sense to give them to health care professionals first because it’d be bad if they got sick en masse, and if hospitals and doctors’ offices became sources of contagion such that people are afraid to get necessary medical care because they don’t want to get sick. But after that, they go to essential workers, the elderly, and high-risk populations such as racial minorities and people with certain chronic diseases. The question is, who decides who “essential workers” are, what age constitutes “elderly” (somewhere between 50 and 75?), and whether you decide between white older people or minority younger people?

    And then there’s this twist: it’d seem to make sense for vaccination efforts to focus not only on those who are most likely to have complications that send them to the hospital or heaven forbid, the morgue, but also those who are most likely to CARRY and SPREAD the disease. That includes essential workers such as those in grocery and drug stores, and younger people. Think high school and college students, or for that matter, people from 16-35.

    The point is that these questions aren’t even being asked…let alone answered.

    • I think there are even bigger more fundamental questions.

      Why do we need a vaccine for a virus that has never been isolated and for which there is virtually zero credible evidence that it even exists?

      Even if you do accept the assertion that the corona is actually a thing, why do we need a vaccine for a virus that has no reliable data to support its being a legitimate threat to public health and safety, with case numbers created out of thin air with a test that is not a test, which can be manipulated to produce any desired result? With numbers of most deaths counted that were clearly not caused by the alleged virus, and those that are not clear can certainly be attributed to something other than the virus?

      Even if you take the official numbers at face value why do we need a vaccine for an illness that has a 99.98 survivability rate?

      These are questions that are being asked, but the ruling class has told us to just STFU and take our shots.

  14. Eric,
    I don’t necessarily like lawyers but they do have their place. Lawsuits do in fact modify behavior quickly and effectively especially in large corporations. I work in the Construction Business.
    A large firm I used to work for, back in the day had a safety program which essentially told workers *be careful*. The firm at the time was building a high-rise and had a fatality from a worker erecting steel and fell (he was not using safety equipment). The firm was sued by the family and union representing the worker. The construction firm thought they had a good defense; the firm turned the erection over to the ironworker subcontractor and it was the subcontractor’s safety decisions from that point on, plus the worker was behaving in a high risk manner at the time. The construction firm lost the lawsuit. The Judge in the case stated that the General Contractor had an *un-delegable responsibility* to safety and was responsible for allowing it to happen. The Construction firm changed their behavior after that and mandated 100% safety harness use. Unfortunately it took a fatality and then a lawsuit to change behavior, but in large corporations this is usually the only point to which affects the upper management his hit them in their pocket-book…hard.
    The point is lawsuits change behavior much more effectively than regulations.

    How will big Pharma behave knowing they are free and clear of any responsibility? (I noticed Pfiser’s CEO cashed out on his stock just as they had released the vaccine. Isn’t that insider trading? Is he getting out while the getting is good before people are hurt and find out they can’t sue?)

  15. I have a different theory on the Explorer ‘tire’ problem. If you noticed, Ford changed the rear suspension very quickly in that car. I did a little research and found the Explorers rear suspension articulation put undo side load stress on the rear tires. Wasn’t the ‘tire’ problem always the rears?
    The articles and info I found about the suspension issue was all eventually scrubbed from the internet.
    Certainly the other issues you mentioned are all part of it, but I think the suspension design was the main culprit.

    Even the crappy I-beam 4×4 front suspension they did for a long time, while not engineering smart with the tires going through a large arc, did not put undo side load stress on the tires through it’s movement. Ever see a I-beam trucks front tires with a plow on it?

    • Hi Chris,

      I’ve heard that as well. Of course, part of the problem was people not driving these things with respect for their limitations, especially on under-inflated tires in 100 degree weather…

      Imagine if someone took a Corvette off-road and bitched because it got stuck.

  16. I don’t see this as an issue, for two reasons. 1) I will not be jabbed. 2) Assumption of risk.

    On the latter point, people wanted something – anything – and allowed these half-baked vaccines to be put out there for political reasons. Orange Ass’s Operation Warp Speed, to show what good old Amerikan innovation can do for the world, with MAGA asshats lining up to say “yeah, preach it.” Others allowed themselves to be duped into joining the sickness cult. The members of these groups are and will be tripping over themselves to get their double dose.

    The potential and actual risks are known and knowable. The information is available for those who have the initiative to look for it, or at least ask questions. About past vaccine failures and harms, about the previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines (SARS 1) that killed ALL of the animals tested due to antibody dependent enhancement, about pharma immunity, and most of all – that these companies here, Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, etc. took short cuts, cut out animal testing, rigged their trials, and removed safety protocols in order to rush this to market. They basically governed their own approval process at the FDA.

    I recall something similar of recent memory. What was it? Oh yeah, the FAA, Boeing, and its 737 Max. You know, a rushed product with the company behind it taking short cuts and controlling the safety review at the FAA. Ring a bell?

    No. These people, who get their jab, are without excuse. They get what they will get. They take the bad with the good. And if they get autoimmunity, cancer, or a dick growing out of their forehead, they deserve no compensation. From pharma or anyone.

      • An independently wealthy business owner, yes. Nothing mandatory for my business. For those not in this situation, you need not sheepishly comply just because the EEOC says employers can mandate vaccination. Band together, strike, quit en masse, sue anyway and bog them in the courts, don’t do it anyway and let them try and punish you. Lotta good that paycheck will do when you spend years battling incurable chronic conditions, and spending life savings on treatment. My position stands.

    • I have a few older (mid to late 70s) relatives who I and others have advised about all the risks and simply do not care. They are literally drooling over which brand/flavor of quackcine they’re gonna get like little kids in an ice cream shop. They like the Moderna because they love that Fauci criminal. Seriously. Never mind Moderna has never before brought a vax product to market or all the things you mentioned. Folks on this board talk about mind control and I swear it’s real and being done through Bluetooth hearing aids. All these relatives I’m speaking of wear them.

      • Strange, isn’t it, Hatterasman? You can literally bring a container ship full of evidence, scientific literature, expert Ph.D.s and M.D.s, victims of past vaccines, and dead bodies, and they will ignore it or discount it. Then go and get needled based on a photo-op of Fauci, in a face diaper, receiving a dose of saline while vomiting forth bullshit about vaccinating Santa Claus. How can we possibly overcome that degree of cognitive dissonance?

        • Great point BAC,
          I’ve wondered if all these big shots getting the “shot” (pun intended) are merely getting injected with saline to fool the rubes into thinking that “we’re all in this together”…..as if!

          • Of course, Mike. Fauci and company are not dumb. He is very old and well outside the range of ages tested in the so-called clinical trials of these vaccines. His immune system is in decline, as is his overall metabolism, and health (advanced age) such that receiving some experimental potion could cause any degree of havoc on his body. Knowing this, he’s certainly not going to take an mRNA vaccine that for all intents and purposes has not been vetted. So we get this spectacle, as you say, to put up this facade that it’s all of us. BS. They are not in this with us, and I’m not in this with them or their face diapered, needle humping acolytes.

  17. Eric,

    Since you posted the old 60 Minutes piece (back when they did REAL journalism!), I thought you might write about the Ford Pinto. Even though the Ford Explorer/Firestone Tire situation was a tragedy, I don’t put it in the same league as the Pinto. The Explorer situation wasn’t deliberate, since no one had sold SUVs to a mass audience before the Explorer. OTOH, the Pinto WAS deliberate! Ford management knew full well about the tendency of the gas tank to explode, and they concluded that paying the inevitable lawsuits would be cheaper than fixing the defective and dangerous design. Besides, the Pinto is from the same period as the swine flu vaccine debacle. Just my $0.02…

  18. ‘They can wreck your life …’ — EP

    … or your liberties. Early Monday, Robert E Lee’s statue was removed from the Statuary Hall in the US Capitol at the behest of the Coonman regime. “The Confederacy is a symbol of Virginia’s racist and divisive history,” Gov Coonman Northam said in a statement.

    Yet the late professor Walter Williams of George Mason University kept a Confederate flag in his office. Williams, a black man, was by no means an apologist for slavery. Rather, Walter Williams viewed the battle flag as a symbol of the right to secede, which Virginia explicitly reserved when it ratified the US Constitution on June 27, 1788 by a tellingly narrow margin of 89 to 79.

    By contrast, Virginia’s ordinance of secession was approved in a May 23, 1861 referendum by a landslide margin of 132,201 to 37,451.

    One might have thought that US president Lincoln, a prairie lawyer, would have sought an emergency injunction in the Supreme Court to prohibit Virginia’s exit. But no. Lawyer Lincoln answered the people of Virginia on the battlefield with half a million corpses. That was the only adjudication that Virginia’s secession, based on its written caveat in 1788, ever received.

    It’s no accident that General Lee’s honorable example of resistance to fedgov tyranny is being erased in the year of our overlords 2020, as government arrogates ever more arbitrary, plenary executive powers to itself, summarily bypassing elected legislatures.

    The stark message is that, contrary to the flimsy broken promises of the Bill of Rights, ‘petitioning for redress of grievances’ is futile, and will be met only by a whiff of grapeshot.

    George Mason, one of the 79 ‘no’ votes in 1788, asserted that a national, consolidated government would burden Virginians with direct taxes in addition to state taxes, and destroy liberty. Correct on both counts he was.

    So Mason’s statue too must be torn down by the Coonman’s red guards, and Mason’s august name erased from the institution that bears it, to be replaced by that of some random, retroactively canonized seamstress or washerwoman.

    Sic transit gloria Virginis, comrades.

    • Amen, Jim –

      As a graduate of GMU, I will never support the institution in word or otherwise henceforth if the memory of George Mason is sullied by these cretins.

      Lee was an honorable man – unlike those prototypes of Waffen SS Obergruppenfuhrers Grant, Sherman and Sheridan.

    • Never mind that the product of Lincoln’s war against liberty created the very thing we suffer most to this day. The omnipotent central government, and the complete destruction of State sovereignty. Otherwise we would still have the two votes that really matter, and can’t be defrauded. Our feet and our wallet. He is also personally responsible for the deaths of more than 650,000 Americans, more than all other wars combined. In the process of fulfilling such a lofty goal, he also commanded the very first western military to directly attack non-combatants. The only praise he deserves is the same as that which Obama could be praised for. An excellent command of the language that he used to justify such horror.

      • Even some countries that formerly were under the totalitarian jackboot of communism — the Soviet Union; Yugoslavia; Czechoslovakia — peacefully broke up to accommodate irreconcilable differences among their cultures.

        But thanks to Total War Abe’s bloody slaughter, the United States remains a razor-wire perimetered concentration camp which no state is free to leave, despite egregious provocations such as rampant election fraud and a 5,593-page covid relief bill written by lobbyists in the dead of night, which no member of Congress actually read.

        The US fedgov is defunct. It just doesn’t know it yet. Sad that Virginia has cast its lot with the malign plunderers of our wealth, our freedom, and our culture.

        • Sweden and Norway were one nation once upon a time, which indicates you don’t have to live in a former dictatorship to desire such. I know of no conflict between these two, although there must have been some reason for it.

    • Love the “random, retroactively canonized seamstress or washerwoman” line. 100% true. We must feel baaaaaad baaaaaad baaaaaad about everything we’ve done and uphold the WORKERS!

      Gosh, I swear this movie just gets stupider and stupider.


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