The Holy Jab

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The Holy Jab is upon us.

More precisely, it is about to be forced upon us. Not by law, probably – that being both harder to do and easier to challenge. Rather, by economic means, via the “private” sector – which has become almost-indistinguishable from the “public” sector, i.e., the government.

Which isn’t accidental.

The whole point of requiring that businesses obtain permission from the government to be in business – i.e., the business license – effectively makes them part of the government without the difficulty (for the government) of legalities. The Gesundheitsfuhrers have not had to bother about passing laws requiring everyone in America join a messianic religious movement – the Sickness Cult – and wear the Holy Vestment. The government merely threatens businesses with the loss of their permission to be in business if they do business with heretics.

This is how the Holy Jab will be administered.

You won’t have to take it. Technically. You just won’t be allowed to live if you don’t.

They won’t actually kill you, probably. But they will kill your life. Your ability to earn a livelihood, for instance – which will become conditional upon receiving the Holy Jab and – if you are a business owner – that you do business only with those who have received the Jab.

Just as a jab (several jabs, actually) is already the condition imposed on young people, if they wish to attend school – including many colleges. Some of these have announced that the Holy Jab will be mandatory.

Just as it will become mandatory in order to be allowed to work, if you work for a McCorporation – which is where most Americans will be McWorking after the Great Reset.

It is not coincidental that the “lockdowns” did not lock-down large-scale corporate retailers such as WalMart, Costco nor large-scale corporate employers; the purpose of the “lockdowns” being to herd as many Americans as possible into the corporate pen – where they will have as much freedom to refuse the Holy Jab as they have had to refuse donning the Holy Vestment.

You don’t have to Diaper – or Needle. You just no longer have a job.

Or, food. And clothes. Unless you grow your own and sew your own. Stores being closed to the untonsured heretic, without the mark of the Jab (or paperwork to that effect). The circle of life will decrease in diameter until it becomes no larger than a point – upon which you may be allowed to stand but from which you may not move.

Expect necessary-to-live things such as driver’s licenses becoming unobtainable to those who refuse to don the Vestment or accept the Jab. And without a driver’s license – or other official government identification – it becomes illegal to drive and impossible, just about, to buy a car since the dealer will require ID even if you were to put the entirety of the purchase price of the vehicle in cash on his desk.

The cash, of course, will likely be done away with as well – eliminating the end-run of the person-to-person private purchase.

Good luck opening a bank account – or depositing a check – without ID.

There will be no attending public events, no participation in life – unless you are Jabbed and probably also Diapered, as the latter maintains the necessary visual of membership in the cult.

Bill Gates saith so. At least until 2022 and probably forever, since power acquired is rarely relinquished.

They have finally managed to strike the mother lode. After generations of trying and countless false starts, including “climate change” and the failed teenage saint of that cult.

It all follows from acceptance of the doctrine that what others say you need obliges you to accept what others say you need.

You aren’t sick – and you’re also not afraid of sickness because you know that your risk of getting sick is very slight and your risk of getting dead almost literally nil (on the order of 99.9 point-something-percent in favor you’ll recover; see “the science”) and, accordingly, you have no interest in effacing your face nor in receiving a Jab that is riskier to your health than the remote chance that you might get sick and almost certainly will not die if you do.

It is no different than driving 70 rather than 55 or going for a swim in the deep end, knowing you can swim and the fact that some people cannot does not mean you are going to drown.

Heart disease, diabetes and cancer cause more death than WuFlu (and most WuFlu deaths are actually deaths resulting from things like heart disease, diabetes and cancer) but mass cardiac catheterization and “lockdowns” of the bacon aisle as pre-emptive palliative measures have not yet been imposed.

It would be interesting to know just how many Americans are walking around right now with a “widowmaker” blockage of their coronary arteries, undiagnosed hypertension and nascent diabeetus. It is certain to be vastly more “cases” – in the meaningful sense; in the sense that you have a condition that stands a more than fractional chance of actually resulting in your death – than “cases” of the WuFlu, which two-out-of-three (or more) involve no symptoms and no sickness.

Numbers – and facts – don’t matter, of course, to the innumerate and the religious.

Try to explain that the Earth is a sphere to a flat-earther. They are immune to facts, just as being functionally immune to a “virus” with a 99.9-something-percent recovery rate cuts no ice with the Cultists, who will chase you with their Holy Jab until you submit to it  . .  or do something else in response.

. . .

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  1. Over the next 4 years of Demon-crat socialism, 10-15 million new Dem voters will surge across the border from Mexico. Also, about 5-6 million would be Republican voters will die off. Maybe another few million murdered with poison vaccines. Another 10 million or more new voters of age, who usually vote Demon-crat will emerge. Then there’s the dead people that vote every election and the voting machines that can be easily hacked. Bye, bye Republicans. With control of the entire government in the DC Swamp, they will eventually take over every state government too. Bye, bye everything.

    The vaccines were tested only on mild cases or to lessen the severity of mild cases, so what would be the point of vaccines that don’t save lives…the holy mantra (reasons for shutdowns and lockdowns) of nearly every state governor over the last 9-10 months? Obvious to me is that they will create new viruses like clockwork (they naturally mutate anyway) requiring new vaccines and after several years of numerous jabs, your DNA will be fairly well altered…and to what purpose? There are $trillion at stake here. Only Dr. Gates knows and he ain’t telling us. Him and the rest of his megalomaniac gang want the planet all for themselves.

    They have already been wrecking our children’s immune systems for the last 20-30 years with multiple vaccines. Our younger people are now experiencing an auto-immune pandemic as they age in which the only solution according to the medical mafia is more pharma drugs. We are in store for the same…vaccines making you sick, and you end up becoming a full time ward of the medical mafia, courtesy of your paid-off doctor.

    Driving or going anywhere? Only in your dreams. Death may be a welcomed option to the hell these sicko morons are creating.

  2. “… the Cultists, who will chase you with their Holy Jab until you submit to it . . or do something else in response.”
    The sooner more people get on with the “… do something else” mindset, the better off we’ll all be.

      • Just like in the V for Vendetta movie, apparently we’re all kinda just waiting for the trigger to occur:
        A spontaneous trigger moment might work, but I’d suggest a planned and rehearsed ‘trigger’ situation. Have a large group of rebels ready in the wings, equipped with whatever is appropriate. Have many video cameras from many angles online in realtime. Then have a couple of maskless, distanceless rebels flaunt the ‘law’ in some conspicuous place. Escalate the situation with the gendarme until he gets over-the-top belligerent… etc. Send in the rest of the rebel group.
        Or perhaps something similar at a vax encounter. Better yet, do it at a food store where someone is being denied food because of no vax certificate/tattoo.
        You get the idea.
        I’m being simplistic. Be creative. Have fun. Start the revolution.

  3. Boy, wouldn’t it be a shame if Black Lives Matter or Antifa or someone found out that Bill Gates’ mansion is located at 1835 73rd Ave. NE, Medina WA. (Information courtesy of Wikipedia, BTW)

      • Always wonder that – why is it always the corner mom and pop store that gets looted or burnt down. Never a brick through the window of any of these types, or a politician / government type! many of which are well known….

    • If anyone teaches them to read…Gates might have to move! (Luckily for Gates, thanks to government pooblik skools, “no child left behind” and affirmative action, there’s little chance of that happening).

  4. “For his discovery, Cetus awarded Dr. Mullis $10,000, but the company later sold the rights to his PCR process to the pharmaceutical giant F. Hoffmann-La Roche for $300 million. Dr. Mullis, believing he had been denied a just reward, remained bitter about it for the rest of his life.”

    Dr. Mullis

    What you call a swindle.

  5. Despite horrific realities being presented in this article, I did enjoy the “diabeetus” video, haha.

    Also, today, Dec 17th, marks the beginning of the Saturnalia! So, for now, f*** all of this NWO horseshit.


  6. @Raider Girl (inre Linux):

    How does [Linux] work for businesses? I hate Microsoft, but I feel my hands are tied especially with the amount of business programs and business software that I need to do what I do.

    With so many distributions of Linux available, including those designed for business enterprises (large and small), there’s always a distribution and accompanying software packages that you can load that will do whatever your MS apps do. It really depends on what specifically you’re trying to accomplish. One thing to remember is that ALL Linux distributions (at least the current ones) can handle and process Windows/MS files. Depending on the commercial applications you use, they may be available for Linux as well as Microsoft and MAC.

    So, the short answer to your question is that Linux works great for business. In fact, whatever apps you use are probably more efficient than their Windows counterparts. I’m going to be replacing Windows 10 on my “best” (i.e., newest) Lenovo laptop soon, but am still deciding which Linux distro I want to load. So far, I haven’t missed Windows at all on my other devices.

    • Also @RG, but great work speaking the good word, liberranter!

      My Win 7 on my work computer was corrupted by the virus software my company installed. So, I installed Lubuntu and have used it ever since. Many business programs have Linux compatible versions, and often these days, things are web or “cloud” apps and run on anything that will run a browser.

      My work laptop has never been happier (or more secure, for that matter). Just don’t tell IT, those Microsoft shills…

        • RG,

          Linux is the KERNAL of the operating system; it’s not the OS. Linux comes in “distributions”, or distros for short. An easy way to understand this is to think of distros as flavors of ice cream. All ice cream has, as its fundamental ingredient, cream. However, you have many flavors of ice cream; you have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and so on.

          • I hear that now to use Photoshop, you have to pay a never-ending monthly fee!

            Meanwhile, us Linux users can use GIMP…which is every bit as good if not better than Photoshop, and is 100% FREE!!!! (Ironic name for something that certainly isn’t gimped)

            And no one’s spying on ya when ya use Linux…no back doors…no viruses…..

          • I am determined to find an IT guy after tax season that will convert this over for me. I don’t trust anything with Gates fingerprints.

            • RG, Linux is actually much easier, and makes much more sense than Windurs. Windurs is so messed up because it uses more space and resources to keep the public from actually getting under the hood than it does in actually doing what it’s supposed to do.
              In Linux, virtually everything is controlled by text-based files….and altering the system is just a matter of changing a line of text or even just adding or removing a couple of “##’s” which tell the system to either read or ignore a line of text.
              And to get to the stuff that allows you to do that, you just press two keys or type a simple command…no million hoops to jump through or endless “O-K’s” to click on. Not that you’d typically even need to mess with such things, as Linux just works….but it’s great to know that such options exist, and that anyone can use them without having to be a computer whiz.
              Heck, T’other day I wanted to copy mp3 files from 66 different folders into just one folder on my portable mp3 player….I could have done it manually- the Windows way, but what a pain that would have been! But I did it the real Linux way…I just opened a terminal (Made a window appear by pressing two keys) and typed in “cp -v (name of parent folder/*/*) (path to mp3 player/namer of mp3 player/folder)” hit “enter” and…..all of my files were transfered automatically in a few minutes!
              If you have a DVD drive, many of the Linux distros can be run from a DVD that you can burn, without even having to install the distro- so you can try it out without affecting your ‘puter in any way (Just to get a basic feel for it- of course, you won’t be able to save or download stuff when running from a DVD). Linux Mint is a good candidate for this, as well as for a first install/permanent OS.

              Really no need for an IT guy…you can do it yourself (If ya get stuck, just Google it…or ask a question on a Linux forum and get fast help!) or get a local kid who’s into Linux to do it for ya (Nice thing about Linux too: It’s almost impossible to break it- and it never just stops working, goes haywire, nor crashes [unless you’re using one of the huge bloated distros or a bleeding-edge one). If ya want, you can even leave your ‘puter turned on for ages….

      • Guys – ive also been thinking – more than the PC, im concerned about the OS on my phone. I mean the laptop stays at home / work anyways and there are so many applications on it that can track anyways.
        Is there a more private and secure Linux solution for a phone ?

        • You can use VPN app on a phone that anonymises an encrypted connection to the NET. Free versions may be slow – as they route through various servers.

          Nothing online is really private or secure – but there are ways to be less on a plate for the system that feeds on your data, and logs your profile etc.

          How would we know that any such service isn’t itself trojan?
          I don’t know. Maybe we would not.
          Tor can be used for dark Net but CIA have run Tor nodes.

          I don’t really do the phone thing but don’t think linux is a phone OS -?
          It depends on what level you want and how much you want it.
          There’s a Net of info on all of this and if you feel it important you find a way in and learn what you need to know and do – or not do.

            • I don’t see the point to ’em, Jason. If they use the cellular (n)G network, and use proprietary apps…..which are the very things people use smartphones for…then they’ll be just as insecure as an i(diot)Phone or a (Gl)And(-)roid.

              While on a computer, though they can still track your ISP activity if they want to…that’s about all they can do, as there are no backdoors in Linux; one can avoid proprietary software entirely; no “phoning home” or registration or verification, etc. Heck, you can even choose to install with the option of encrypting your disk…..

              So while it’s great for ‘puters…I just don’t see any real advantage for phones. 9’Less I’m missing something, since I don’t know phones…not being a user myself).

              • These phones run Linux, not Android or IOS, so proprietary software is not involved – they are not even capable of running all the crap “apps” that people load up on. The only thing proprietary is the cellular modem and that can be disabled when not in use.

                With this type of phone you are not part of the Google and Apple surveillance systems. Obviously if you use it to hook up to the cell phone system there is tracking at that point, but you can choose where and when that will happen, and can be certain those functions are actually disabled when you do not want to use them.

                Basically they are pocket Linux computers that can act as phones when desired, and offer features like full disk encryption, removable batteries, and hardware switches to disable Cell/GPS, cameras, and microphones when you want those things inactive. For internet use you can use whatever privacy-enhancing VPN service you choose that supports Linux.

                • Ah! Thanks for the edumacation, Jason.

                  Why not just get a $20 Tracfone then, though? (I hope that isn’t a stupid question…but remember..I don’t do phones…so I might not “get it”- but I do have a $20 Tracfone in my glove compartment- if it hasn’t turned to dust yet).

                  • That’s what I have now, Nunz. Plusbig problem is that the simple flip phone is a 3G device and 3G service is being phased out over the next year. At least a 4G phone will be required when that happens.

                    While there are some 4G “simple” phones available all the ones I’ve found run a stripped down version of Google’s Android operating system – and you know what that means. While looking for non-Android 4G phones those Linux-based phones came up.

                    • Thanks, Jason.
                      I suspected that the end is near for emergency simple-phone pay-as-you-go service, as when I went to purchase my yearly refill of airtime for my Tracfone, it was almost impossible to find the “airtime cards” on their site.

                      I guess by next year, I’ll be having to do without an emergency phone, ’cause I’m NOT signing up for monthly service for something that I might use twice in a year.

                      Only reason I care, is iffin I breakdown out in the middle of nowhere- like a couple’a years ago when I blew my tranny. It’ll be rough when something like that happens…but other than that, I couldn’t care less about having one’a them phones.

              • Neither of those phones is a finished product yet but they look promising. Of the two, the Librem 5 is way more than I’d be able to afford or justify spending on a phone ($800!) and it is not shipping yet.

                The Pinephone is lower-spec but much lower cost ($150 or $200 depending on version) and has been shipping in batches. Although software is still in an early state of development the basic phone functionality is reported to be working on at least some of the available Linux distributions on some cell phone systems. If it weren’t for the scamdemic decimating my business I’d probably order one to play around with but right now even that low price is too much to part with for something that’s non-essential.

                • Sorry to hear about your business. I hope this isn’t taken as “rubbing it in,” but I share your enthusiasm for this type of tech and I just ordered the pinephone. I’m looking forward to playing with it in 2021 and appreciate you pointing it out. I hope your business sees more success in the new year.

                  • Thank you – it’s been a bit tough but certainly many people have had their livelihoods destroyed to a much greater extent. At least we’re not waiting in line for government cheese here but money is tight for spending on non-essentials. (Looming in the near future of course is that for people who have to do their work on location it may be impossible to earn a living if one refuses to take the poorly-tested vaccines being rolled out.)

                    In any event, let us know what you think of the Pinephone when you get it! It sure looks interesting.

                    • Hi Jason,

                      If it isn’t pushed back – by whatever means necessary – then those of us who oppose the Holy Jab (and the Holy Diaper) will probably have to “punch out” – quit working, figure out a way to live on what we have and simply opt out of general society. I hope this will not become necessary; I myself hope to work for a long time to come. But if it comes down to it, I’ll sell off everything I have and buy a small cabin out in the middle of remote nowhere and simply drop out of this whole hideous business.

                    • I am in the middle of nowhere. Unmarked dirt driveway off 15 miles of bad forestry road.

                      The nearest towny where I used to get supplies has 800 or so. Very rural area of farm and forestry. 100% mask compliance for every person I saw. I am sure every one of them will line up for the jab. Also sure every one of them would happily watch if not help strap me down to be injected.

                      I bugged out from scociety 20 years ago when I had had enough of the creeping tyranny. I could basically ignore scociety and still get the basics of life but now it is clear that is no longer going to be tolerated. Comply or starve is clearly their new direction.

                      “a small cabin out in the middle of remote nowhere”, is not going to help, unless you can become entirely self sufficient. I already have a small cabin in the woods, it is the need for supplies that is the obstacle.

                      Nobody is going to be allowed to exist outside the fence if this mass hystaria isn’t stopped. Unfortunately I see no sign that masses will wake up and every indication that obeidience is increasing. I think we are fucked.

      • ****”My work laptop has never been happier (or more secure, for that matter). Just don’t tell IT, those Microsoft shills…”****

        Heh, yeah- If everyone were using Linux, those IT guys would be out of work!

    • Thanks for the information, liberranter. I won’t lie tech isn’t my strong suit, but I appreciate it you pushing me in the right direction. I will start doing a bit of research on this. I would love to get rid of Windows.

      • CJM summarized it nicely. I think you’ll find it wondrous. Instead of getting one version at a time like Windows, you get myriad choices with Linux, geared for all manner of use and all levels of user. I honestly find testing Linux distributions a bit addictive. You might not, but I’ll bet you’ll love not being told when and what updates you must do, damn near every day, for 20 minutes or whatnot!

      • I’ve been running Linux for about 20 years now. Early on it was very rough around the edges, to say the least. Much better now though. For people migrating from Windows, Linux Mint is probably going to be the easiest to deal with.

  7. Oh Holy Jab, the stars are brightly shiiining…Everybody now….

    Amazing how many people can’t even see the terror that is coming…the political terrorists have won.

    Give a gang of terrorist psychopaths a money counterfeit racket called Central Bank, and they will eventually own everything and everyone…then the political terrorists will murder you just for the fun of it.

    • it should scare the dickens out of everyone, this shot that is. Never before have we seen a vaccine come out so fast, and with rNA and dNA to boot in it. Once in your body, these dna and rna strands will be introduced into your cells, and begin to combine and replicate into God knows what. One can guess it is for depopulation, as Gates of Hell has already prescribed, but I feel it is even for more sinister purpose…to create a slave race of humans…dumb enough to never question authority, never think beyond what is told, and never employ logic or reasoning. This subrace of human will have a very short life span as well.

      • I hear ya’ Anon, but let’s be brutally honest. They already have ” a slave race of humans…dumb enough to never question authority, never think beyond what is told, and never employ logic or reasoning,” do they not?

      • For a different “take” on the DNA manipulation that the “powers that be” want for us, obtain and read “Slave Species of God” by Michael Tellinger. The author’s premise is that human DNA fragments were purposely deactivated by extraterrestrials or other “godlike” species in order to make us compliant and to be used as a “slave species”. Sound familiar?
        With each successive generation, our dormant DNA is now reactivating itself on its own.
        Just maybe the “mRNA vaccines” are an attempt to “put the genie back in the bottle”, to restore our “compliance” and to depopulate the world.

  8. I strongly recommend a provocative book The Most Dangerous Superstition copyright 2012 by Larken Rose. It outlines the problems of government overreach in a way most have never been exposed to. It is available on Amazon. Keep an open mind and prepare to be in disbelief or completely disgusted.

    • Denying fear within (hate and conflict etc) within MUST seek an external ‘power’ or authority to stamp out or lid over and provide the masking identity.

      There – look I kept it short.
      I don’t expect others to get what I say so much as share a perspective that all are free to make what they will – for of course you will anyway 😉

      The translation of one of my posts was not wrong, so much as converted to ‘externalised’ terms.
      I invite the journey of your own questioning as the expansion of whatever you took as your reality or world.
      Not to ‘get’ answers or leverages for keeping the current handle – but of course use what works until you find something that works better.

    • Great book..stays on the bedside table along with The Iron Web because goddamn, that speech..

      An even more comprehensive one is a pricy textbook by Michael Huemer.. “The Problem of Political Authority: An Examination of the Right to Coerce and the Duty to Obey”

  9. All is not lost. Like minded people find ways to get around these draconian measures. I went for 9 months without getting a haircut because I would not wear the diaper. I just got my haircut last week at a barbershop that ignores the holy rag order. It took some time, but I found one. I told them they have a customer for life. There are more of us out there than we are led to believe, and we can create networks to trade goods and services. Black/Gray markets will always fill the void.

    • NoTax,

      I agree with you. The Black Market will prevail, like it always has. I got my haircut five weeks after shutdown. My hairdresser was out of work with no funds coming in. I asked her if she would stop by my offices and cut our hair for cash. The first appointment I had 6 family members there. Even after the salon was back and running she would stop in every 7 or 8 weeks for me. It costs me a couple hundred for a haircut and color plus a few kid haircuts as well, but is well worth it, because of the convenience. It also helps her with making some extra cash on the side.

      It is probably a bad lesson to learn, but I have been taught anything can be done for the right price.

      • I hope y’all are right.

        Ain’t had a cut or color since the first week of March, dumped my salon and finally unsubbed from their email list for spreading the fear and imposing wack restrictions.

        Working from home (who knows for how much longer–declared my meatsuit an injection-free zone a year ago) and dealing with the covid cult is a nightmare. These people want this arm jab so bad they sound like they would trample someone for it. They need therapy.

        • Hi Moose,

          I am all for those that want it to run toward it.
          My BIL is getting it today (he is in the healthcare field). Everybody knows my thoughts on it and as my sister told me “It’s a free country.” Technically, it’s not, but I will save that argument for another day.

          I don’t pretend to understand why someone would want a vaccine that was sped through with so little testing or use it for a virus with a recovery rate of 99.8%, but to each his own.

          • No, they’re not just abiding by the restrictions, their emails go above and beyond compliance, straight into pushing the fearmongering narrative right along. Do your part! Help stop the spread!

  10. You don’t still imagine that masks and vaccines are about public health, do you?

    “Grow your own, sew your own.” Exactly. This is likely to be the future of the post-post-millennials who’ll be sharing the land mass of what was and, in some ways, may still be the U.S. If I had the $$$, I’d invest in buckboards that can be made from local materials and the care and feeding of oxen and draft horses. All the old pre-grid crafts and technologies. Totalitarian institutions live of the fat of the land. When there’s no more fat, their power to enforce their rules collapses along with their collapsed economy.

    Twenty years from now, as China’s satrap, most Americans may be struggling to survive, locked down in the sense that travel will be by foot, bicycle and animal transport as we become a peasantry with no rights on the one hand but few enforceable restrictions on the other. The government will be local gangs competing for prominence but supported, in the end, by the community or they’ll be driven away.

    Suggestion: Leave off testing and reviewing motor vehicles and put that talent and research into learning about and publicizing alternative means of land transport.

  11. Are businesses which require The Holy Jab liable if The Jab results in injury or death? I have not seen that discussed in anything I’ve read. I wonder if that’s why some hospitals are holding off requiring The Jab, they are waiting for legislative waiver, just like the Vax producers, or they just need a bit more of the usual consensus reality science papers to back them up in a courtroom? I imagine companies such as MacDonald’s wouldn’t be held to the same standards as a hospital would if they both required The Jab, funny that. Seems corporations want their cake and eat it too, sort of like requiring seatbelts be worn while driving a company car or while on company grounds, so they are not liable for injury, but somehow they expect this same notion does not apply to The Jab? Asif any of that mattered. The Beat goes on.

    • I imagine that if your employer makes it a condition of employment to be vaccinated, then you become ill, due to the vaccination,that would be an on the job injury :workman’s comp imho…OSHA!

    • When I entered this doctor’s name into YouTube (yeah, I know… I know) I got redirected to some masked doctor lady in a hospital saying corona can get you even if you’re young and only the kabuki can save you! Ominous music and all. Several other commenters said the same had happened to them! Is this China?

      • What ever happened to the “people dropping dead on the street, with blood pouring out of their mouths”?

        Amazing how the masses just forget yesterday, for whatever the TV says today. “They” have truly achieved mass mind-control. No one remembers, no one cares. [Rod Serling voice: “File it under W, for WMD’s and murder Wasps…in The Twilight Zone”]

  12. Two words that don’t go together. Depopulation and inoculation. We all know Gates the Holiest desperately wants to cut the US population down to 10% of what it is now, why should the swine want to keep us alive with vaccines? Are there several vaccines that differ in their application? As in killer vaccines vs. those that merely intellectually benumb poor human trash? Idiot TV personalities that allow Gates, Fauxi, and Louse Schwab on their TV shows are not going to be spared from the ultimate ravages of these mRNA vaccines. Read what Dr. Judy Mikovits says about these scantily tested vaccines. It’s not a pretty sight, the bastards simply want to kill us one way or another. Yet, resistance to these tyrants is growing and we are headed toward a civil war or a total insurrection against the likes of the wealthy slime that purports to know the real truths about life and living it. George Carlin had it right- we aren’t in the club.

    • Hi Ruck,

      I agree – especially about things coming to a head. So many outrageous things, but among the top 5 has got to be the elevation of Bill Gates – a computer guy – to a position of any relevance as an “expert” on health matters. Ironically, he himself is an example of congenital physical inferiority – the parallel here is “Dr.” Goebbels.

      A similar fate perhaps awaits.

      • Don´t insult Dr. Goebbels. His axiom was: ¨NEVER tell a lie. ALWAYS stick to the facts.¨ I don´t understand why men like Goebbels are regularly demonized, while communist propaganda mass murderers like Ehrenburg are either ignored or eulogized. The most vicious, malicious and dishonest propaganda in history was unleashed by the anglo-american world in 1914 until in 1925 Lloyd George officially apologized to the german nation. The second wave of anti-german hatred was unleashed as early as 1933 and continues unabated, even though that in itself is totally unnatural; in short is is deliberately being kept alive and supported by the anglo-american establishment. NOONE can accusse Dr. Goebbels of anything even remotely as dishonest and perfidious.

        • You are absolutely correct. Goebbels was demonized because he pointed out the power of the “press” (mainstream media) to shape the discourse using lies and fabrications, not unlike what the media has done throughout history. All one has to do is obtain and read the March 24, 1933 edition of the British Daily Express in which “world jewry” declared (economic) war on Germany.
          Many other more recent examples of “journalistic manipulation” (dishonesty) are apparent.
          From the lies about the Spanish-American war to the New York Times’ walter duranty hiding the truth about and denying the artificially engineered and forced communist “famine” in the Ukraine, to the lies about the 1968 Viet Nam communist Tet offensive (a military victory for the South Vietnamese and American troops) reported by walter cronkite as a military defeat, cronkite and his ilk were successful in prolonging the Viet Nam war for years, giving “aid and comfort” to the enemy, who bragged about being supported by the U S media.
          Look at NBCs doctoring of GMC truck gas tanks, rigging them to explode, and the deliberate mischaracterization of George Zimmerman’s conversation withe the 911 dispatcher, deleting a key phrase, as well as showing Trayvon Martin as a 12-year-old cherub rather than his more recent “thug” facebook picture.
          The media has become a “fifth column” of the government and is not to be trusted. The CIA has had its hooks in the media since the 1950s. In fact, Hollywood script writers were paid to insert anti-drug messages in their scripts during the “drug hysteria” period of the 1980s through 2000s. Today, we have “crisis actors” embedded in our government and media, the same “crisis actors” who keep showing up, being used in every (fake) “crisis”. The mainstream media keeps parroting these imposters, thinking that we are stupid, not being able to see through their lies and deceptions.

    • Well the intent is also to hack the Biome – including the human biology.
      So humans as lab rat or asset of a genetic control join with the mind control.
      It’s all one thing really – a psycho-physical expression of Being – under the ‘Mind-Control’

      How would you split One-Thing or rather One Expression of Living, into a mind-set of control that ‘lords it’ over all else – at least within the lockdown of a prison planet?

      Trauma. But this means setting the scene as an identification of a perfection of ideal set in form, that is then broken – and necessarily so, because the identity set in form is closed off from the Spirit and turns inward to consume itself.

      The fixation and fascination with conflict can give extreme hits of stimulation and polarisation. But while polarised, the voice for the Field of vibrational quality of which polarities rise, has no voice, is unseen and un recognised. It is as if we are turned inside out to a VR representation of reality-made-backwards to which we invest and adapt and defend as our only ‘life’.

  13. BTW anyone here watch the financial media much (BBG, CNBC) ? Ive noticed over the past few weeks all its been about is how wonderful the vaccine is !! (dont watch any other mainstream media so maybe its all become the same now). But god they are all jumping over themselves – the hosts with all the guests talking about how they cant wait to get the vaccine!! Just now some kid who’s some scientist from MIT talking about how shed love to get it ASAP, though unfortunately she’ll have to wait as she’s not in a high risk group….

    • Hi Nasir,

      It does not compute! Well, for me.

      I’ve been Undiapered since this all started; never practice any Sickness Kabuki. I shake hands. I don’t avoid people. I’ve not even had a cold this year so far.

      I need a vaccine like a fish needs a bicycle.

      • The same applies to me, but I am retired, I thankfully do not have to follow the rules all the time, however I do when I go shopping. NO STORE allows me inside without the diaper, and no agenct accepty my money when I want to pay my daily bills either. It is sheer tyranny, even here in far away Chile.

        • Hi Gerard,

          I can still “get away” with not donning the Holy Rag, but I have thought about what I will do if it becomes impossible to enter a store without donning it.

          I don’t think this will happen – though it may mean dealing only with small stores where the owner is willing to not enforce Diaper Decrees – but if it does, then I will find other ways. There are always other ways. These include barter as well as growing your own food.

          It is imperative that the Cult be resisted – fought, if need be.

          • I’m a big chicken and instinctive people pleaser (not proud), but one time just to test my mettle I went into an empty gas station shop with no mask and timidly asked the shopkeeper if it was ok for me to just grab a bottle of water, forgot my mask, etc. I got the biggest smile ever and was peppered with questions, “Are you from Bellevue??” (Seattle suburb). Clearly he hadn’t seen any even very timid rebels in there and assumed I had to be from far away. Do what you can, scaredy cats! It will make you feel a little better and a little less gaslit by life in a blue state. Peace and hugs.

            • Hi nk,

              Convenience stores are the best for testing this. They seem to be the most flexible with lack of masks. Each time you do it it gets a little easier. I don’t go into too many stores because I really don’t need anything and shopping was not something I ever liked doing, but the few times I had to walk through an organization’s doors no one has said anything. Personally, I think they are just surprised by seeing a middle aged woman without a mask. By the time they think of something I am past the cash registers and into the aisles.

            • Way. To. Go. NK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

              I was raised to be like that- “Do what you’re told”, “Ask permission”…

              Luckily, it dawned on me at a fairly young age, that if one is going to resist the forces of evil in this world, they need to be BOLD and strong.

              I have never had a high opinion of the obnoxious self-seeking over-compensating “macho” types; and consciously try to avoid being like them, never-the-less one can be resolute and strong, and maintain what is right, and not give in to evil- and you have embarked upon that path! Kudos, my friend!

            • A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. Each step you take is a step towards reclaiming your humanity and innate dignity. I always pray before I go out to the stores, and there are a couple that I have discovered are friendly towards non-diapered, but I never take it for granted. Every now and then, I venture into another store to test the waters. So far, so good. Only twice have I been refused service, and each time it turned out to be a blessing (saved me $, kept me from buying something I didn’t know I already had). Use all the resources you have available to you for this fight, especially spiritual resources, like prayer.

              Never too late to begin the battle. Good for you!

  14. In a couple of weeks, the Kentucky legislature goes back in session. A bill marked as Emergency has been prefiled that would prevent the government and most employers (the exception is the federal government as an employer) from requiring the jab. If they pass this, then there are at least some government critters I can trust. I’ll keep you posted.

    I’ve been looking into some counter economy options to fight the crap that’s coming our way. Agorism. There’s a web site called Freedomcells dot org that may be worth checking out.

    • Excellent news, Jim!

      I’m hoping more pushback percolates – and it appears to be doing just that. I sense more and more of us are sick of this – and ready to put a stop to it.

    • Kentucky is like the Montana of the East. I’m often reminded of what made me choose to move here (Since making it to the West with elderly mother in tow, and minimal resources was not feasible).

      In NY, things would only ever continually get worse. Here in KY, things actually get better! I’m not used to such sanity!

      We have a black Attorney General who wouldn’t surprise me if he ended up becoming guv’nor….and he’d probably be a darn good one, as he is currently doing a lot to protect us from our current ass-hat guv’nor.

    • Kentucky.. if I recall correctly, y’all have that senator that made everybody suuuuuuper butthurt back in the spring 🙂 Massie innit

  15. Who in God’s name is going to go along with all of this shit? Nobody.

    It’s the blind leading the dumb!

    Joe Biden doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind, obviously.

    “What’s time to a hog? What does the old cow think when you load her on the truck? What’s time to a hog?” – The Dillards

  16. Next up, The Holy Brain Chip.

    I expect they’ll use saaaaaaaaaaaaaftey and security as the pretext to sell it to the moron masses. Thought control = no more mass shooters.

  17. The only answer to the Holy Jab is old-fashioned conservatism (i.e., not Conservatism, Inc.). Libertarianism is helpless before the trampling of our lives and rights as long as it’s done by private enterprises and not government. On the other hand, our conservative founders would never have countenanced this kind of crap even if NAP were satisfied and free trade became the Holy Grail.

  18. Hey – do you think this may actually have a negative effect – if I cant go to a Walmart or Target or other big supermarket because I refuse to take the jab – im more likely to shop at a local corner shop or local cafe for example, pay for by cash (or whatever the alternative is). This can be magnified to all areas… fine will be a hassle to travel, till someone figures out how to get an airline up and running which wont require vaccinations, but eventually it will probably happen. Maybe it will work for the better? Now maybe im in an echo chamber but most websites I read which allow comments or any places like this – most people are very strongly against the vaccine…. Even if say 20-30% dont take it and get cut off from the official channels – I suspect that will be enough to sustain a parallel economy in many things.

    • I think you’re right about the parallel economy, Nasir. The trick is to start building the networks and mechanisms for that economy now. When asked to “walk the plank” in the future, it would be nice to have that alternate “vessel” ready to catch you when gravity kicks in.

      • Everything you do via the Internet is effectively surveilled, or even run by the mind you think to trick. This is the nature of the ‘deceiver’ as if a part of you already knows what you are thinking and can nudge and frame you to seek and NOT find.

        Networks of communication with your being are below the radar of Herod.
        The trick is that we are already deceived and tighten our own net – as in a ‘psyop’.
        Learning to see the trick is regaining freedom to choose not to use it or take its bait.

    • The choke on supply of needs will force up price and Gov bailout will become Gov loans.
      Starvation and lockdown work the herding into an Internment of Things.

      Therefore set not your treasure in the things of this world – for they will corrupt.
      But live the day and the joy of the day as your freedom.

      As we do even unto our Self.

    • But this is why the statists and corporatists have worked very hard to destroy the local shops and businesses. How many have gone under?

      • Like others here, I am trying to build a personal network of “underground” services and businesses. My local Ace Hardware store, for example. Even though it has 10 signs on the doors requiring masks, the employees and cashier said nothing upon seeing my face, except “thank you, have a great day!” I will spend a little more to go there. My dentist is a small private practice (not a chain), and I called in advance over the summer to ask if I could go maskless – literally walking 20 feet from the front door to the chair. They accommodated my request, although I respected the constraints they are under, and called from the parking lot when I arrived to ensure it would be OK to enter. As a result, I brought my kids to this practice – their pediatric practice was making everyone mask up and still wait outside in the car to be called in! Have referred to a couple of underground friends as I want to send trusted folks to these businesses to support them. It also helps others when you share your underground resources as long as you are sure of who you are sharing with.

  19. At some point, the only option is to take from them what they take from us.

    Prohibited from entering without a jab? Burn it down. If we can’t have it, make sure they can’t either.

    Do I think this is a good idea? No. Do I want to do so? No. But if they won’t let us be, what options are left?

    If you are not willing to go to these extremes, put your mask on and line up for the shot. They are not going to simply let you say “No.”, in any meaningful way. Peaceful resistance is never going to change their course at this point.

    Personally, I hope the Vax is incredibly deadly but takes around a year to kill the pathetic suckers. This could be a great Darwin event. We might be able to rid ourselves of the mindless-conformist-detrious, stand-in-line-because-the-man-said-so braindeads that the majority have become. I won’t shed a tear for them.

    I won’t be jabbed and will end anyone who tries to do so to me. I am old enough to simply not give a F**K any more.

    • “Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms”

      ― Heinlein

      • The belief and identification of such a mind IS the thing that you think you are resisting – it is simply not supporting your ‘breed’.

        Seeing as history is a lie set over vengeance masked as virtue or necessity, the wish to see violence as saviour is the persistence of what does not work and can not work as if THIS time it will work.
        You carry within you all that you deny. Nothing is as you think you want it to be, but while you WANT IT THUS! – you are driven by the killer within as if it speaks your own heart’s truth.
        Oh I know ‘he started it!’.
        I am not arguing with your freedom to align in your own choice and live and learn from it.
        Nor am I saying a forceful communication is not sometimes the only way to be seen or heard. Nor am I saying we have no right to self-defence when being attacked.
        But if we become the thing we hate – what is victory?
        The worship of hate and of guilt sought seen and glorified in Others is vengeance.
        If you don’t give the temptation for vengeance to the Lord, you let it Lord over you – and this will NOT let You go until you are brought to your death and pursued beyond.
        The pattern of denials and trauma come down the generations as toxic debt with interest. What exactly is yours, and what is yours to release and be free of?

        Yes there is a lot to be hateful about – but that is the easy way of an abnegation of responsibility to a hurt and grievance that SEEMS to be a source of power – without which who would you be? It becomes a consuming addiction.
        There is a setting of issues as reconciliation within your self first – that then allows you to look upon your world from a new place. As long as a house divided is set at war within itself, it will seek and find war as its masking reinforcement.
        You are free to deny your freedom, but you are not free to destroy it completely because you do not create yourself – even if grievance makes the claim that you must – in retaliation for what the world did to you.

        I’m not saying there is any magic answer to conflict – but that one kind of magic is to cast hate on the scapegoat and kill it. They are incited to defend against and thus attack you. Everyone hates themself in everyone else. Good luck with that!

        Just because people seek to manipulate in spiritual presentations does not mean there isn’t a truth that lies are not seeking to escape, lock down and mask over.
        Why do people hate to love?
        Is it the cost of loving to hate?

        Invested identities are the tale that wags its dog.

          • He’s saying love is the answer, not hate. Love the sinner, hate the sin. The answer is not force to change the obviously wrong, but only force to protect the right and virtuous. But he uses a lot of verbiage to say it.

            Simply refuse to go along with a mob, and they may kill you but they have to face themselves. Which is pretty much what Jesus said.

        • Freedom for what – from what?
          The word can mean whatever you want.
          Ideals are very dangerous because they frame a mind to think as if the ideal is itself truth.
          Idols are the same in symbolic representations.
          Limitation is inherent to life and experience so are you talking of the subjugation of the will?

    • It’s true, Anon.
      If our father had done that when all of this was in it’s infancy, we’d have a far different world today.
      If we had done that, we’d have a far different world.
      Now it’s to the point where merely resisting and trying to fly below the radar may no longer be an option, because the technological state is legislating resistors out of existence- and making it impossible to live peaceably – so what really do we have to lose at this point? Fight fire with fire, and at least do not go gently into that night- and for someone somewhere, it might even do some good at some point.

    • Where does it rise from?
      Will the passing satisfaction of striking back bring down a ‘justified’ pogrom of bulldozing communities and shooting kids to crush the ‘terrorists’?
      Would that play into the mind that wants to bulldoze your world at any and every excuse – especially where they can get you to provide it?
      I am not gainsaying the experience of being disempowered.
      If you come too soon you cant carry through – but what is to come through may be refined by the process of grounding in a deeper quality of our being than the reactive of what is largely a conditioning or a ‘normal’ that runs mostly unwatched.
      I don’t think anyone ‘survives’ in the frame of the world – but while we are in a realm of choice we are the freedom to determine what choices or thought and belief we accept and live from – and so truly know our purpose and our life in giving and receiving.
      I know – everyone is locked into a Big Conflict and a Big Fear – that has different faces for different people.
      The mask of fear locks us into bubbles or partitions that depend on conflict to maintain their existence.
      there is a sense in which fear makes a world real by reacting as if it is true, so as to set a chain reaction – like this.

        • We have several eclectic types at EP Auto. All our welcome. I had a client once (literally a rocket scientist) who spoke in a similar manner. I just viewed it as he had a very different brain pattern than myself. He saw me as not smart enough to keep up with him.

          • Old retired nurse with several years of psych experience. Binra is a religious delusional psychotic. Possibly bi polar and is in a manic phase. Anon is correct, religious word salad. She/he/it has found a temporary home to pontificate it’s hallucination delusion. As many have said, best not to feed the trolls, and they come in all forms.

            • You replicate the pattern of the ‘smear to invalidate’ scapegoating mindset.
              The masking of defence against ‘contagion’ is nothing to do with viruses but the recognisable signature of a fear-driven control mentality.
              You can claim whatever authority you want and assert enemy and threat as the call to lockdown and wall out humanity.
              It has nothing to do with being rich and powerful.
              You do unto your Self.

              I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.
              Because I clicked the send replies button after dropping a comment to a call for violence as the only way to settle anything. (Which does not attract ex nurse to warn of psychopathy), and because it sends all replies and not just replies to me, your conversations are coming into my home.

              I offer perspectives into a freedom of communication.
              I don’t try to smear and blank other human beings in order to get some kind of groupthink set in virtue signalling cancel culture. You are free to associate with who and what you value of find worthy, but if you seek to deny others you will forfeit your own freedom.

              Your attitude gives example of your psychiatric ‘care’, and why so many are wrecked by the medication to a new normal. If you feel safer in the lowest common denominator, then you will seek to pull others down rather than step up to live your own responsibilities.

              Be still.
              And know.

              • Binra,
                Oneness is the Highest Reality. Almost no one on this planet lives there, or is aware of it.
                On Earth, Duality is where everyone plays.
                Bottom line: If you wish to continue philosophizing through your temporal dualistic body, you’d better drop your mind back into duality and start kicking some ass. Otherwise you’ll be just another useless ‘bourgeois intellectual’ who is killed off in the current crazed attempt to create The Final Technocratic Fascistic State… coming soon to a theater near you.

                • No. You are not the last judge of reality.
                  Take a break. Let some light in. Relax.
                  The choice as to how to live the life you have and are is yours, not anyone else’s. No matter how you frame it – it is yours – not The technocratic state.
                  But you are right in this, few are aware that they live in God. But then what is running in place of knowing being?
                  The body is like a musical instrument or a weapon. Its your choice and your result. If you want a different result make a different choice. But first we have to become aware of our current choice and very few are aware of the thought that runs beneath the masking appearances we take to be reality. Why? Because fear of what runs beneath sets us in a masking reality so as to lid over and escape it. No blame for surviving.
                  But now the lid is coming off and the fear and all its progeny are coming up anyway. So there is a call to double down and deny deeper into a control mentality – that by its nature has to coerce and deceive. By not choosing to consent, we become open to the Call of the heart – that is blocked out by fear.
                  I am not talking of sentimentality or trying to be something else, but a direct honesty of the kind we all die in – because we cant maintain the mask in the truth of life and death.
                  I am not telling you to do or not do this or that but inviting you to be whole in what you choose to do. This is freedom to be – regardless the apparent outcomes.
                  Any instant of a true alignment inspires and encourages another. The resistance to unmasking may block at every turn. We all have our scripts and triggers.
                  But I wrote into a forum of human beings who love life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness and do not accept or support tyranny. Some of you are really mad at the madness going on. Deeply disturbing is part of the everyday at the moment. It doesn’t help to give it the power to drive us mad too – or madder than we already are!
                  Nor does it help to give all the power to your CAPITALISED terror symbol – and it is terrifying or a horror to look on – but if you don’t break the fixation it will define and dictate your reaction.
                  The refusal to an inhuman machine is the active choice to be truly human. Many THINK they are alive as whole human being, but few are directly aware of this as their lives. Which is where I started.
                  Bringing more of what is going on in our self (including our reactions to loveless fear agenda) to our awareness is impossible to allow without a deeper resource of support. It doesn’t matter so much what we think we believe because what we actually believe is what is active.
                  A lot of this is conditioning or old choices and inheritances that CAN be changed as a result of honest acceptance. No one can change or release what they are unwilling to own. And so all that is left them is to try to get their world to change so that they can feel better about themselves.
                  You can see this so easily in some kinds of people but we none of us are so quick to see the ways in which we set ourselves up to fail. If any of this is useful it is already yours by your recognition within yourself. If it isn’t for where you are at right now – you probably didn’t get this far 😉
                  That is freedom in the moment at hand.
                  Don’t lose what is truly here, for the fear of what seems to be coming our way whether we like it or not. That is the inducement to consent to deny a living will under the stamp of fear.

                  I don’t see a lot of ‘manic’ energy but a very suppressed energy – along with a psychotic undertone. These are truly demanding times. But why not make that a demand for truth in ourselves? Instead of feeling unequal to an encounter with the devil (in whatever form). Practice with the evils of the day thereof.

                  I use words in a way that is not from the common currency of acceptance. Words can work spells on the mind – and so I feel the words I choose to use for the meanings they represent or point to.
                  At the foundation of all things is the word you give. Few are aware of the meaning they give in a world that is set up for Getting.

                  • Binra – Good points all. And I presume you see my point: the movement is on is for a radical restrictions of freedom and liberties (i.e. choices) across the board. As well, there seems to be a strong intention to force incompatible and quite damaging biological alterations onto and into everyone. These include Permanent Irreversible Alterations to our very ability to perceive and respond.
                    For all of us, these planned alterations are serious restrictions to our range of options. The biological restrictions will be permanent. All of it is quite unnecessary. But here we are.

                    So, here and now, in this reality, with these bodies and minds, the choice must be made, while we still have it to make. That choice, as always, is to fully practice and express our liberties, while demanding freedom from repression in whatever guise that repression appears.
                    As fr me, I very selfishly demand maximum morally legitimate freedom and liberty for every being on this planet.

                    • Yes a shock reaction is operating as a death cult.
                      I do not capitalise what I am unsubscribing from 😉
                      I don’t demand freedom from others. I live the freedom I have.
                      I will be vigilant against choosing denial of life – including DNA editing or toxic degradations, but insofar as these or other limitations are unavoidable – I will live from meanings arising from Life and not the mentality of lockdown into a separated and controlled sense of existence. Freedom to live a dis-integrity is locking into the consequences that follow. This is never purely a matter of my person. My person is part of an inherited human conditioning. I trust that in following your way, you will find what you need.
                      I don’t not believe Gates and co – or any human act, has the power to change what truth Is – but through such corruptions we may change our framework of thought and perception. There are qualities beneath all appearances that are simply out of range of the human ego – no matter how terrifying or horrific. The core obstacle I see is hidden guilt. The fear is invoked to hide and protect by lockdown and separation. It is blind ‘self’-protective and dissociated from reality. IE: very destructive to a true and freely shared being.

              • If you come the process of our being and our purpose and belief we are the ‘terrorists’? Would that choices or partitions that depend on conflict to maintain the frame of bulldozing the experience of fear makes and shooting the from? Will their existence. the freedom to process of being or though may be refined by realm of our world receiving.
                I know – every excuse – everyone ‘survives’ in which fear – that is a sense in a ‘justified’ pogrom of fear makes and live freedom to crush the process of what if?

                • If English isn’t your first language then I mistakenly read you as a cut and past disinformation robot!

                  If you are a human – use your own mind to formulate your own questions.
                  If you think you see a fake it is because you are acting out a fake mask.

                  • Irony overload.

                    It looks like something you wrote.

                    In other words, word salad ramblings of a mental case.

                    P.S. Does anyone else imagine a thin bald dude in a dress, dancing and banging a tamborine in an airport when they read Binra’s droppings?

                    • Binra is a relatively mild version of the “Advaita Trap.” “WTF is an Advaita trap, ” U ask?
                      Well, maybe you’ve run across someone who takes literally everything you say and twists it, undermines it and dismisses it as irrelevant, or even non-existent? That’s the Advaita Trap. It’s someone who has had a very heady glimpse of transcendental awareness, has fallen back into our regular polarized world, and then seeks to convince himself that everything in our regular world is BS.
                      Here’s a cartoon video that summaries it perfectly (and obnoxiously):

                    • I could only stomach about 1 minute of that video. But, Thanks.

                      But I think that is probably giving it way too much intellectual credit. To me, probably more like, the stupid rarely know they are stupid and often consider themselves superior due to stupidity blinding them to their own stupidity.

                      “It’s someone who has had a very heady glimpse of transcendental awareness, has fallen back into our regular polarized world, and then seeks to convince himself that everything in our regular world is BS.”

                      Yeah. I had a couple of friends like that in the past. They took way too much LSD and mushrooms. Their reality no longer matched mine. Their argument will be that they ‘expanded’ their minds and they have a greater understanding of reality. Mine would be that they altered (damaged) their brains so badly that they are no longer capable of discerning what is real.

                    • I didn’t accuse anyone here. But I am used as the scapegoat for the casting out of hate for the virtue signalling of groupthink.

                      Polarities operate a good cop bad cop for your inner tyrant. Until you don’t buy them as if they are not two sides of a coin.

  20. Some good news. I work for a large hospital, which is administering vaccines starting today. I am eligible to receive it as a “high risk” worker but they only encouraged me to do so. No requirement and I declined, many of us declined. However, this institution is loosely associated with the university system. As such, they can’t force me to get a flu shot either, which I also declined.

    The one thing that will likely make this article wrong (hopefully) is that by choosing a corona virus for this scamdemic, it will be fairly hard to maintain the fiction the vaccine is still effective. They’d have to come out with a different one and say the virus mutated to a form just as virulent and deadly. Even given the sheep like nature of our citizens this will be a hard pill to swallow. But at the end of the day, we’re so slavish nothing would surprise me. If the teevee says it, it will be so.

    • Ach! C’mon, Zach! They’ve already gotten the pooblik to accept the ludicrous notion that ONE single strain of the flu has permeated the entire WORLD all at once and has been extant everywhere for almost a year now…..

      At this point, there is NOTHING that the masses will not believe- no matter how absurd or ridiculous, if it is promulgated in the media and labeled “science”.

      • I was thinking the same. What percentage of sheeple receive the flu shot? Whoever said ‘if you repeat a lie often enough…’ was dead on.

  21. I see a good future business opportunity in fraudulent China virus vaccination certificates. I need to look into how to get this going.

  22. Back in the 70’s when I was in the Navy, I was forced to get a vaccine for Typhoid. I only had 60 days left till my discharge so I refused. They froze my pay until I relented. After the jab, I wound up in ICU , in and out of consciousness with 105.2 degree fever . My parents were contacted and informed that I might not make it. That was and is the last shot I have taken. If and when the TPTB force the Covid vaccine, I will see that they get a shot as well. Of lead…..

    • My last vax was in ’76 when I was 14- The Swine Flu nonsense…. I knew it was wrong…tried to resist… But that was it- Since then I’ve never taken a needle- no tetanus, nothing…and yet I live! (And quite healthily- without doctors or hospitals, or insurance or medical bills!)

        • I believe ya, Bin. Hell, in the real world, even rabies is so rare that if it weren’t for them manufacturing it in labs to make vaccines, it would probably be totally extinct. Ow! The dissonance! “We” keep diseases, viruses, and bacterias alive for decades, and distribute them, all in the name of “eradicating disease”…… Kinda like taking a crap to clean your terlit!

  23. And the thing is, many businesses are OK with this. That’s because they can leverage Uncle to insulate them from competition and the vagaries of the market.

    For one thing, licensing creates a barrier to entry for potential newcomers that may indeed have a better/faster/cheaper/easier to use mousetrap.

    Regulations and taxes mean that only those with the means to hire armies of lawyers and accountants to navigate them get to play.

    Uncle also creates and props up demand where it otherwise wouldn’t be there, bails out businesses that fail often due to Uncle’s action (think of all the mandates Uncle piles on car manufacturers, and then bails them out when people can’t afford their cars or don’t buy them because of all the problems caused by Uncle’s edicts), all for paying him tribute.

  24. ‘… if you work for a McCorporation – which is where most Americans will be McWorking’ — EP

    McDiversity is a big club. But we ain’t in it:

    ‘Representing the Democratic Party as Arizona’s 11 presidential electors are three tribal leaders, a female Latina mayor, three labor union leaders, an openly gay Latino county supervisor, a Black member of the state utility regulation commission, the president of a county NAACP chapter and the state party chair, Felecia Rotellini.’


  25. It is just a little nicotine, guys. Of course, nicotine mixed with water (which our bodies have plenty of) creates insecticide. Insecticide causes A fib. You may die of a heart attack, but at least, it won’t be Covid. 😜

  26. The new “Jim Crow” is alive and well in today’s COVID fear society.

    Those of us who cannot wear masks are being discriminated against. Soon it will be “proof of vaccination” that will be used to discriminate against us.

    We are told that we cannot enter businesses, are harassed by some business owners and employees for not wearing a mask, and in some cases refused service for the inability to wear a mask.

    It gets better. We are told that we can order on line, request “curb service” or home delivery. We are still being denied the ability to walk into a business establishment and being served without harassment or outright refusal. This is just WRONG.

    All of these “compromises” are no different than “Jim Crow” laws–in the past, African Americans being refused service, or confined to “carry-out service”, or being unable to walk into a store without being harassed or even being denied service.

    Those of us who are unable to wear masks are being discriminated against, “Jim Crow” style.

    The 1964 Civil rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of race and of medical condition. Public accommodation is a necessary right that cannot be abrogated.

    Both Acts are being flagrantly violated by ANY business that harasses or denies service to those of us who cannot wear masks.

    Where is the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act and the ADA?

    It’s time to use their own laws to stop this…

    • I heartily agree re the Jim Crow laws. That’s why I “Rosa Parks” whenever I am out and about.

      Don’t forget the discrimination against those who are UNWILLING to wear masks, such as myself. I suppose I am “able”, but in keeping with the spirit of the ADA, I refuse to cause myself bodily harm by breathing in CO2, fibers, and chemicals/dyes (just so someone else will feel more at ease). And those rags even say on the package, and the label, that they do not protect the wearer against illness or spread of disease.

      • Amen, Anon!
        ….those of us who are unwilling because we don’t care to let others choose how we adorn ourselves.
        Those of us who are unwilling because we refuse to transgress true science and logic and sense to give heed to nonsense.
        Those of us who are unwilling because we care to maintain our legal rights.
        Those of us who are unwilling because we refuse to submit to tyranny.
        Those of us who refuse because we reject giving the appearance of virtue-signaling to false virtue.
        And those of us who are unwilling to submit for religious reasons- the mask being a visible sign of whose authority one obeys, and a precursor of the Mark Of The Beast.

        • ^THIS^

          I also do not adorn myself in cultish gear for the sake of my children, to teach them to recognize and stand up to tyranny, and even for the sake of those who are currently submitting but last year at this time didn’t think it necessary to guard against seasonal illness with a talisman. (Guess that’s just about 99.9% of the pop – coincidentally the cohort that is immune to any ill effects from this alleged illness!)

  27. Optometrists and dentists are apparently being trained and certified to administer vaccines. As of now, this might just be in certain states, but we all know how this will go.

  28. That’s the standard operating procedure for government. That’s how they get all the States to hold down the highway speed limit. By holding their funding for ransom. After they stole it from us.

  29. The only hope is that enough of us RESIST The Holy Jab! The Danes stopped mandatory vaccinations protesting in the capitol banging pots and pans for 9 days. I realize that the “private” sector will be used, so as to avoid messy legal challenges, but we have to resist this.

    I’m not taking The Holy Jab for two, sound reasons. One, this vaccine was RUSHED! It was ready in only a matter of months, not the years a vaccine normally takes. Two, this vaccine is different from all others that came before; rather than using an adulterated or dead version of the virus, this one is using messenger RNA, or mRNA. That’ll CHANGE your genetic code at the cellular level! Uh, no thank you.

    • Hi Mark,

      I can think of a third – valid- reason not to take it: I don’t need it. I’m healthy, not “at risk.” My immune system works just fine.

      And that ought to be enough.

      • That’s true too, but I took it for granted; I didn’t think that saying we aren’t sick and have good immune systems didn’t need to be said…

      • I can think of another good reason: I don’t want it. If that’s not enough they can F off. I’ll make ’em force it, and go down swinging if they do.

        • That is the right answer. If you want to get philosophical, or theological, we can say God or nature gives us the right to make our own decisions.

    • Hi MM,

      They have been messing with our DNA for quite awhile. The current flu vaccine that they have been distributing over the last 4 or 5 years for those under 65 is a cell based flu vaccine called MDCK (Madin Darby Canine Kidney), which is from the kidney tissue of a female cocker spaniel from 1958.

      Many other vaccines: the chicken pox, hepatitis, and rabies are made from fetal tissue from human aborted fetuses from the 1960s and 1970s. Yes, the amounts are minuscule, but growing viruses in another human (or dog) cells has to alter the individual’s DNA in some way.

      • The last flu shot I took was in 2003 or 2004. I took a tetanus shot in ’03 or ’04. I haven’t had a shot since then. Goodness knows I took PLENTY when I was in Navy boot camp…

        • Yep, the military are Guinea pigs. I read an article that the US Army was given the Gilead treatment for SARS 1 in 2015, which is now called Remdesivir. The military has had very few deaths attributed to Covid, I believe the last count I read was 8 or 9. It is likely we have always had treatment, but we weren’t want to tell the population that because they may remove the masks and go back to work.

          • Military personnel tend to be young and healthy too. According to the CDC, the survival rate of those 0-19 years of age is 99.997%, and for 20-49, it’s 99.98%; that is to say that military people are in a demographic which is statistically zero.

            I had no problem taking the shots when I was in the Navy. The Navy and its people operate worldwide, so one has to be ready for a plethora of diseases and bugs. I had no problem with them getting us ready for whatever we may see wherever we go.

            We spent the better part of a week getting our shots. We got so many that we were LITERALLY on an assembly line! We’d go to one station, get this shot; then go to another station, get that shot; and so on. I never felt ill after my shots, but I do remember feeling a bit off for a day or so after getting a round of ’em.

            And you know what? School kids receive MORE than we did! Not only that, they give the shots to kids who aren’t even in school yet. As I said above, I felt a bit off after a round of shots, and I was young and healthy; I dare say I was in the peak of good health. I can’t imagine young kids, some of whom are toddlers, getting all the shots we got. It’s the kids I feel sorry for these days…

            • You can plot lines on a graph tracing the ever-increasing number of “shots” kids are given as time progresses, and ones plotting the steep increases in autism, asthma, allergies and cancer (the cancer being deferred for a few decades) and the lines look identical!

              I’ve never vaccinated any of my animals- from dogs to cats and cows….. I’ve never once had a dog who had cancer, and all of my dogs have lived LONG healthy lives, and have always remained healthy right up to the end, and haven’t even been incontinent in their late teens, even right before they’ve died. Seems everyone I know who vaccinates always has animals that get cancer or other human-type diseases and die prematurely.

              Funny- Dogs are now routinely vaccinated, and now routinely get the very same degenerative diseases as humans…all of whioch were rare in both dogs and people 100 years ago.

              My neighbor vaxxed his cows for blackleg….guess what? He had a few cows contract the disease and die from it! I had cows at the time…I never had a problem.

              But to not believe in vaccines “Is conspiracyheory and a unscientific”! LOL.

              • AFAIK, the only shots my cats have had is rabies. I don’t think that they had anything else. I had ’em chipped though, so I’d have a better chance of getting them back if they ever got out-better safe than sorry there.

                But yeah, school kids today take MORE shots than I took as a Navy man! I get why I needed ’em; Navy men travel the world. I don’t get why kids need more shots than I did though. Oh, and I was young, strong, and healthy when I took those shots.

                Of course, the shots I had in Navy boot camp 40 years ago weren’t mRNA vaccines; they were simply weakened or dead bugs. The mRNA vaccines will make you a GMO human-no thanks!

              • Just another reason I homeschool. Kids in Virginia are required to have 12 different vaccines, which is about 30 doses total before entering 7th grade. I thought I read somewhere that children are recommended to have 74 doses of various vaccines before their 18th birthday. I am pretty sure that counts getting the flu shot each year from infant to adult.

                I picked and chose what I wanted the kids to have, they have most of their baby shots, and a few five year old shots, but nothing since then. I am fervently against either one of them getting the HPV vaccine and I regret getting my son the chicken pox vaccine, but I was young and didn’t know better. When I took the kids for a wellness check up two years ago I got reamed out by the RN for my children not having all of their shots. She wrote me a prescription with a list of vaccines that each needed to have and told me I needed to set up an appointment with the local health department. On the way out I ripped up the paper and threw it away in the trash bin. My 10 year at the time, looked at me and “said, please don’t take us back there that woman is a witch.” I couldn’t disagree with her.

                • “…I regret getting my son the chicken pox vaccine, but I was young and didn’t know better.” –RG

                  I was older and didn’t know better. My kids are teens now. I need to apologize at some point for the shots I “approved” them getting (including chicken pox).

                  • Hi CJM!

                    Robert Kennedy, Jr. is a liberal but he has a lot to say that is sound about vaccines. It is pretty clear something has changed over the past 40 years. It was uncommon for ’60, 70s and even ’80s kids to have severe allergies; then it suddenly spiked upward and became very common. Why? What is the common denominator? It may not be vaccines but it is suspicious as vaccine-pushing became much more aggressive beginning in the ’90s and now these young people have historic percentages of allergies, as well as other health/developmental problems.

                    • I think the fascist food system is to blame, too.

                      I’ve always eaten mostly organic, and I rarely get sick.

                      The so-called “progress” we’ve endured the past 50 or years is killing us. Every initiative is designed to enrich and further empower the parasites of our society.

                    • Amen, Handler!
                      Prior to 1985, I just used to pretty much eat whatever I wanted…the typical American diet.

                      I used to get sicj at least once a year; have stomach aches, yada, yada- and bear in mind, I was only 23 in 1985!

                      In ’85 I made some big changes- including keeping “kosher”- and giving up all of the processed crap, and most sugar, and chemical-laden garbage, refined foods; and only ate meat on rare occasions…..and I’ve been very healthy ever since, and live quite nicely without doctors or insurance…..

                • Excellent, RG!

                  If I had kids,I would also homeschool. The thought of sending a child to a government indoctrination center – injected with gods knows what (literally as well as mentally) is simply impossible to bear.

    • It doesn’t change your genetic code. The mRNA is an instruction. For instance you give a computer program an instruction the actual code isn’t changed, the software simply carries out the instruction. But here’s the rub. What cancels the instruction when the job is done? Apparently it is never canceled. I have looked to find out and there is simply nothing I’ve found. Maybe I have to look harder or there is some scientist word I need in the search terms. But I can’t find the end of the instruction to make the virus like protein.

      So apparently it stops when the cell ages out and is replaced. For the muscle cells at the injection site, they live around 15 years. The new cell won’t have the instruction. It’s like setting up a new computer, it won’t have any of the instructions of the old one unless you put them in. So the average cell is maybe 7.5 years old with 7.5 years left to go. Other cells will be brand new with the 15 years. All the while producing this protein for the immune system to attack. What does that do over the long haul? Nobody apparently knows. But I know from a control systems point of view the immune response will be on going as long as those proteins are produced.

      Now what if the immune system then attacks the cells producing the protein? What if it then decides to attack similar cells that aren’t? What if that doesn’t happen until four years down the road? I know listen to the experts, I’m a conspiracy theorist, blah blah blah. I can’t ask these questions anywhere but among the heretics who don’t know the answers either.

      • Hi Brent,

        This pretty interesting. Thank you for the information. I have been trying to find studies (not through Google) regarding the ingredients in the Pfizer vaccine. I finally found a list, but I have not been able to delve into them all yet, mainly they are the typical ingredient structure of potassium, salt, and sugar. I would be interested to know how they actually created the mRNA. It needs to be iced at -90 to keep it stabilized and technology has never been able to accomplish it. So why now and in such a short time span?

        • An interesting one that keeps popping up about these vaccines is the impact on fertility. Anyone heard anything about that ? I mean the high priest of the holy jab bill gates himself has mentioned vaccines as an effective way to control population… this seems to add up…

          On a separate note a society where a known eugenicist is the one pushing thier vaccines is bound to have some issues !!

          • Hi Nasir,

            I have my suspicions that is the case, but we won’t find out for several years. All of a sudden I think we will start seeing young men and women who cannot have children. I am weary of the HPV vaccine, too. Gates has a history of vaccine malfunctioning in both India and Ghana.

            Globally, leaders of the elite have been trying to sterilize people for a century. Margaret Sanger with Planned Parenthood, a third of all Puerto Rican women of childbearing age in the mid 1960s, the Tuskegee study where black man were left with untreated syphilis, etc.

            The world is ignorant if they think everything is wine and roses. I find it appalling the amount of people that are willing to jump on board without study and research for a quick jab in the arm believing that people really care for them.

            • Gates “vaccination programs” in Africa introduced birth control and sterilization agents into the recipients WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION.
              Trust NO vaccines, especially if Gates has anything to do with them…

              • Like many here, the fact that a computer guy is pushing vaccines has bothered me from the get-go. Where’d he get his medical training? Why is his opinion more weighty than thousands of front-line doctors and researchers? Oh yeah, $$$$ and threats of bodily harm.

                • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation puts forth philanthropic platitudes that command political attention and clout. But no one would or could dare question whether it is a front for nefarious purposes. After all, its mission statements are so globally noble, he and this foundation are beyond reproach.

                  • I don’t know whyu, but that seems to be the case with most philanthropists and bleeding hearts- from Gandhi to Mother Theresa- they all turn out to be horrible people and hypocrites who end up harming instead of helping people.

                    Any time I hear someone signaling philanthropic virtues, my BS-detector goes off the charts! Same as when a salesman says something is “free”.

                    • Hey Nunz,

                      Philanthropists are not subject to market discipline. Once they acquire enough wealth, the only check on their actions is what they personally think is right. When Gates was a “ruthless” capitalist, he had to please actual people and convince them to buy his products. Thus, he was compelled to consider the desires/needs of his customers. Now that he is a philanthropist, he can pursue whatever he wants and his “customers” are the PTB.


                    • Evenin’ Jeremy!

                      Very apt observation.

                      Probably the biggest reason I have never desired to be rich, is because of the ability and power great wealth gives one to do virtually anything, without consequences; To the point where life and the world are essentially meaningless- and one’s only limit is their own mortality- which is something all must deal with, whether one is a homeless nomad or the world’s richest man. Trouble is, the world’s richest man in his various pursuits will affect others- even the whole world, and given the limited abilities of men, and the fact that we were not created to rule others, but rather only ourselves and those under our direct care, it is certain that any power we exercise over others will not result in good for most.

                    • Ultimately, they are or become nihilists, not philanthropists. They use their influence to hurt others, unrestrained by empathy, morals, or human feeling. A twisted variant of Manchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

                    • Heya Nunz,

                      Years ago, over dinner, at a family get together someone said, “isn’t it great that Bill Gates is now using his money to help people, instead of just making money. After awhile, I chimed in and said that when he was “just making money” he was doing far more good for the world than he is now as a philanthropist. I tried to explain that by making money he had to provide something that people wanted and chose to buy; that by doing so they indicated that the products Gates offered, improved their lives. Now, as a philanthropist, he need only worry about what makes him “feel” that he is doing good, regardless of whether people want or need it.

                      It was not a popular sentiment.


                    • Hehe, Jeremy- The truth is never popular. I’ll never understand how most people can go through life just taking things at face value- just: “Who wouldn’t want ‘free’ healthcare? It’s free, so why would anyone complain?!” 😀

                • I will not allow Gates’s nefarious products to inhabiot my computer…why on earth would I want them in my BODY??!!

                  ****This post brought to you by Linux and the Free Open-Source Software community. Linux is the free-market/Libertarianism for your computer*****

                  • Amen to that, Nunz!

                    Linux has become incredibly end user-friendly over the last decade, with dozens –no, hundreds– of distributions available, the majority of them FREE. The ones that are designed for personal PC/laptop use are easy to install, lightweight (MS’s kloodgy, spyware-laden bloatware will slow down even the most powerful modern processor), and contain software application packages that do anything any MS app can do, only better and faster.

                    Folks, if you haven’t made the switch, I beg you to do it now and deprive the Micro$oft beast of your $$$$ and power! Go to to for more info. For an easy-to-install and run personal use distro, I recommend Linux Mint (’s especially good on older hardware!

                    • How does it work for businesses? I hate Microsoft, but I feel my hands are tied especially with the amount of business programs and business software that I need to do what I do.

                    • Hey RG,
                      Hehe…business ya say? The vast majority of internet servers run on Linux- including Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, NASA…..

                      Pretty much anything you want to do, you can do with Linux, and for free…and without backdoors and spying…nor “subscriptions”.

                      It’s exceptionally secure, and requires virtually no maintenance nor anti-virus (Ya won’t get Corona’d! 😀 )

                      You can find a “distro” that fits your needs, anywhere from minimalist to bleeding-edge.

                      Oh…and (with the possible exception of some of the beta-versions and bleeding edge stuff)…it virtually never crashes. It’s basically the complete opposite of Windows.

                      And for a lot of things that would require an “app” or some software in Windows or on a Mac, you can often do in Linux just by “opening a terminal” and typing in a simple command. (And you don’t rteally even have to know what to do- you can just google what you need to do, or even ask on a forum, like, and copy and paste).

                      Most of the time, you don’t even realize you’re running Linux…except for the fact that it actually works and doesn’t crash…and there are no annoying prompts and pop-ups…. It’s wonderful!

      • Absolutely correct, Brent. Moreover, proteins in nature share motifs and epitopes (where an antibody will bind). Few proteins are truly unique, and most share significant homology with other proteins -even between species, even between microbes, viruses, and humans. These shared protein motifs can and do cause cross-reactivity of the immune system with the intended target and other things. When this happens, autoimmunity results. Once autoimmunity starts, it cannot be reversed, and the person will likely die in 10-15 years, slowly in a horrible degenerative fashion.

        They ram-rodded these vaccines like shit through a goose. They and we don’t fully know whether the immune response generated against the viral proteins (the “S” or spike protein from the virus, primarily) can or will induce cross-reactivity against any other protein in the body, and cause autoimmunity. And autoimmunity can manifest years later, not in weeks or months. It’s why vaccine safety trials normally take 10-15 years, not six months. But we had to throw the safety protocols out the window, for God knows what reason – Warp Speed? Remove all fail-safes, like Chernobyl. What could go wrong?

        Will these vaccines cause autoimmunity, cancer, degenerative disease, or something else, or will they be fully safe? We can’t know that now. Only time will tell. But if they do, there’s no reversing it. Take the Holy Jab at your peril.

          • Indeed. We have an immune system designed to adapt to threats and keep us alive. I believe it is God given and miraculous. Humans have survived far more dangerous bugs for millennia.

            90 plus percent of disease was eradicated by engineers- clean running water, refrigeration, plenty of food, better living conditions. The quack medicine snake oil pushers came in afterward and claimed credit for it.

            In 100 years people will look back on mass vaccination the way we look at blood letting (which actually does work in limited circumstances) or snake oil.

            • Amen, Ernie! Clean, running water, hygenic sanitation/sewage, and refrigerators did more for people than the entirety of the modern medical system….and now those wonderful blessings are being neutralized and reversed by politicians and psychopaths, the influx of barbaric savages, and the practices of a perverted culture, which sees us as the enemy for not virtue-signaling by wearing a worthl;ess mask…but which has absolutely no problem with and affirms the “rights” of sodomy.

              …And it has indeed all come to pass “in a night”- in one generation.

    • How about this for a reason… I have the inalienable God given natural right of self ownership. I am the only one who decides what goes into or on my own body.

      • Exactly. God gave us our immune system, which as has already been pointed out, is quite miraculous in adapting to and neutralizing threats. It is when we are weakened by stress or exposure to toxins that we develop illness. God also gave us our freedom to choose. That doesn’t come from the government – and it has no right to infringe.

  30. My wife has worked in 3 or 4 different hospitals over the years, and every one of them has required that all employees get the annual flu shot, including this year. They are not requiring anyone get the COVID vaccine. The Florida hospital association and the largest nurses union in the state have lobbied the government so that hospitals can not force any employees to get it. If the nurses and the group that represents hospitals doesn’t want anything to do with this vaccine, that tells ya somethin’ right there.

  31. Hi Eric. Sorry to use this spot to warn about something you wrote in a previous article. I’m referring to your idea of not paying vehicle registration fees any more. Be aware that your insurance company may well use this as a reason to deny a claim. I wouldn’t put it past them.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Yup; they may – but it’s ok. I judge my risk of being involved in a wreck that’s caused by me to be slim to none. Based on the fact that I haven’t been the cause of a wreck lop these past 30-something years and the last one I caused (at 19) was just me and a tree!

      • Once on a 35 mph two-lane road, where I had a flashing yellow light and the cross road a flashing red, a stopped vehicle on the cross road suddenly pulled in front of me when I was a couple of seconds from entering the intersection. The other driver, who simply hadn’t seen me, got broadsided. Police investigation showed speed, alcohol, etc were not factors.

        Yet my insurance company assigned 50-50 responsibility to both drivers. ‘The only time you are zero percent responsible is if you are parked with the keys out of the ignition,’ said my agent.

        Facts? Right of way? Investigation? The Mafia aren’t interested. Rough justice prevails.


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