Stopping the Spread

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How do we cure Sickness Psychosis?

We don’t. But each of us can act individually- and that becomes a compounding and cumulative thing of eventually great power, in the manner of rain drops becoming rivulets becoming creeks and streams, then mighty torrents.

As an individual, I refuse to play Sickness Kabuki. I have never once worn a Face Diaper and have ignored all the “lockdown” decrees issued by the Gesundheitsfuhrer of my state.

This is all I can do.

By myself, it’s not much. One person out of a supermarket-full of the Faceless presents the spectacle of a curious heretic to the Faithful, who remain secure in their Faith – in the manner of everyone at a Hare Krishna gathering wearing the same saffron robes. The robe-wearers appear to be the “normal” ones, as far as they can see.

But if even a third of the rest of the people in my area or yours refuse to wear the Holy Vestment of the Sickness Cult then it would not appear normal. Those wearing the Holy Vestment would look like the small group of Krishnas you used to see at airports – i.e., obvious weirdos to be avoided. 

Which would discourage people from joining up.   

The “lockdowns” and Sickness Kabuki – including the locking up of elderly people – would end within a week. 

If even a third – perhaps it would only take a fourth – of small businesses had defied the Gesundheitsfuhrer orders that they shutter their businesses the only businesses that would now be out of business would be those that freely chose to close their doors – and that would be on them, economic suicide being as much their right as personal hari-kari.

But they would not have enabled the economic murder of the businesses that wanted to live.

Conformity is the killer. It is the thing which tyranny requires before it becomes inescapable.

We – as individuals – could be free right now if enough of us, as individuals, refuse to play along.

It would be impossible to compel a third of the population to wear the Holy Rag – especially if a third of all businesses refuse to enforce the wearing of it.

The Sickness Polizei would be overwhelmed even if willing – and the tragic fact is that many Polizei are unwilling. Many (here, here and here and that’s just a few of them) have openly stated that they won’t enforce religious rituals.

Put more plainly, they have stated – as recently as last week – they are the allies of the average citizen, whom many Polizei do not regard as criminal (and so within their lawful remit) for declining to perform a religious ritual or for wanting to keep the doors of their lawful businesses open to those who wish to walk through those doors.

It is still not too late to act, though it will be harder now because  this “new normal” has been allowed to congeal.

It takes more gumption now to show one’s face among the faceless – who are in many areas almost everyone – though it is not even remotely in the same class as wading through the surf – in the face of machine-gun fire – on the beaches of Normandy. All it takes is the willingness to not do what almost everyone else is doing.

As children, most of us were taught by our parents to resist peer pressure – to do the right thing, not the same thing just because that’s what everyone else was doing. 

As an individual, you can show your face. As an individual, you can refuse to efface your face. You are more powerful than a sign on the door and it is within your power to about face and walk out the door if the business insists you play Kabuki as a condition of being allowed to walk within.

In California the other day, an individual climbed atop a display table at a Costco store and – with a bullhorn – took off the Holy Rag and urged other individuals to do the same.

“You must not do this,” he said. Because “If you continue (to do this) this is the life you will have. . .  we have got to stand up for ourselves because the governor is going to keep us locked down until we do something about it… and I want to know, are you going to let this happen?”

That is how you and I stop the spread.

Another individual – on the other side of the country – has refused to hari-kari his gym, which is his business and a place where no one is forced to work out. Ian Smith, co-owner of Atilis Gym in Ballmawr, NJ has steadfastly kept his doors open despite the decree of Gesundheitsfuhrer that he close them. He also refuses to require the wearing of the Holy Rag, reasoning that people who wish to wear the rag are free to not enter his gym.

Smith is Churchillian in his defiance.

We have had our business license stripped. We have had our doors locked and barricaded. We have been arrested and have over 60 citations . . .Today, we will pass 84,000 visits to our facility. We don’t mandate masks. We never will. Gov. Murphy will see this video and fine us $15,000. But free men don’t ask permission or for forgiveness.”

Of many such individual actions are mighty rivers made.

. . .

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  1. I don’t have a Twitter account, nor do I want one, but every few weeks I look to see what the non maskers and the plandemics are talking about. I am borrowing this pie chart from Pedro Disaster (thank you, Pedro) which was designed by the Workplace Medical Health Institute.

    Here is the chart.

    It is interesting to see that our government has in fact, become the abuser. We are like the good girlfriends telling the abused that she needs to leave him, but she stays, until he kills her. I just thought it was an interesting parallel.

    • Good stuff. Especially in light of Cuomo and these other power drunk narcissists like Cooper and Coonman constantly threatening to “lock us down for our own good” like some 2 bit punk murderers if we don’t “do as we’re told.”

  2. In Phoenix all the gyms require you to wear a mask at all time. When I walk by one I see everyone on the treadmill wearing one. They dont realize they’re doing more harm than good rebreathing their own waste products especially during a workout?

    • I’m in Phoenix and haven’t returned to the gym since they began requiring The Diaper everywhere in the gym. I still went when they only expected you to wear it when walking in the door (as though THAT made any difference).

      I used to love the gym. It was both my refuge and sanctuary, and I much more regularly maintained my health (and sanity) with my 4-5 day/week gym habit.

      But I’m not wearing that goddamned thing. They don’t get my money while they require that.

  3. I’ve been walking around NYC this morning. Anticipating a snow storm. City’s decked out for Christmas. Lights, candy canes, trees. Rockefeller tree and Saks 5th Ave all to myself, really. So pretty, so calming, so sad, in this holiday season.

    Place should be bustling. Not a tourist is stirring. Restaurants now shuttered except for takeout. Oh, and just about everyone wearing a face diaper.

    Got me thinking. What’s wrong with me? With us? Why do we see this in a way that seems to escape most everyone else? How?

    • Hi BAC,

      I have been wondering the same. I think it has to do with (at least) our taken-for-granted capacity to reason rather than feel. Many people act on feelings. Also, there is our now-unusual anti-authority streak. Many people just automatically obey – and this is something that does not compute for people like us, who automatically distrust authority – for several very sound reasons, which the others don’t care about because they are conditioned to obedience.

      • In various ways in certain things I am an authority, I am an expert. But unlike the good at school institutional climbers we are told to listen to and obey without question I know how little I know. Even in my own little area.

        As it was said in a Dirty Harry film, “A man has got to know his limitations”.

        My distrust of authority doesn’t come from the usual place. I was conditioned as a child quite well to obey authority. My distrust of authority, of experts, comes from seeing some up close and being labeled one myself. I don’t need to even need to assume they are self interested or evil, merely ignorant and not all knowing.

        • I hear you Brent. When you go through life learning, paying attention, you naturally become an expert in many things. And after becoming an expert, an honest man will act on his expertise and be humbled and confounded on a regular basis. Eventually you reach a level of wisdom where you know that while you know a lot about a subject, that is still such a small subset of an infinite universe that you effectively know nothing. Then you go on and do the best you can.

          Those who advance by politics go through some of the same process, but they learn that it is important to point out opponents failings for tactical advantage and to hide their own.

          It’s always good to pay attention to experts. It’s never good to follow them blindly.

  4. I’m beginning to wonder if these people have it coming. You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Most of these lemmings are the useful idiots Yuri Bezmenov warned us about. We have been trying to open their eyes with reason and common sense, and it hasn’t worked. Maybe we’ll be better off if the eugenicists like Gates get their way. Is it really the libertarian way to force someone to take your help when they clearly don’t want it. Maybe the Gates thinning the herd with some needling is what this world needs.

    • We, the ones who can’t be domesticated or properly domesticated will be among those thinned, for we are the threat. Then again, we are also the productive and creative. Maybe few enough they think things will be just fine without us.

      • I’m not 100% sure about that Brent. I would suggest watching the Yuri Bezmenov interview if you haven’t already (and again if you have). It was always the useful idiots who go first. Like you said, they need those that are productive. Who does that sound like, those who want to stay home on UBI, getting high and playing video games, or us? I was born in communist czechoslovakia. Do you know what the worst crime was? Murder, larseny, arson? No, it was “embezzlement of state property”. The people most charged with that were those who didn’t have a job. Employment was mandatory. These so-called socialists of today seem to fail to understand that little tidbit. I’m certainly not saying we’re going to have it good with these self appointed masters, but I don’t think it’s us that end up being culled.

  5. Although you can hardly hear the man protesting against masks in the Tustin Costco video, naturally they give plenty of airtime to the pro-maskers who feel abused by people complaining about having to wear a mask. Notice how the woman chuckles when she talks about having to hear complaints from people who feel like their constitutional rights (ha ha) are being violated. IMO, they deserve all the complaints they get and then some.

  6. Good news to report:

    Since the Advent of the Diaper, about 6 times I’ve had some blue-collar workers come into my house either to do work or to give me a quote. I’m talking about 9 men all total.

    Every time I met them outside and said that I was 100% OK with them not wearing masks inside my house.

    I swear to God, ALL of them took off their masks before coming in. Several of them even made comments about how stupid the masks are. There are more of us than it seems.

    • This is excellent news, Greg – thanks! I encourage everyone here to relay such good news – if they have any – as it will buck us all up.

      And I think we could all use that.

      • I did see a face here the other day though, I valued it and told them as much, and they said it’s ridiculous. Went about my business a little cheerier for it.

        Unforunately I’ve also observed that those big companies that have been able to work from home, seem to be the perfect conduits for continuing to serve up the fearmongering to their respective collectives, who in turn openly express disgust at those “insane people who don’t think you need to wear a mask”.

        Just a quote from the same person who “never thought about it that way” when I asked if Philly really needed to nuke MOVE in the eighties…

        They all sound like they’re talking about their periods in health class when they bring it up

        Some colleagues I make calls to will needlessly explain that theyre out sick for two weeks..but they say it in a very talk-around-the-obvious, giddy, rite-of-passage tone like they’d just gotten done inserting their tampon for the first time and couldnt hide their awkward excitement at being part of it.

        Fuckin disturbing

    • Just be careful that they’re not fence sitters who’ll turn around and spook at a sniffle, assume the Commie Cough, go collect their free false positive test and then implicate you in contact tracing with the local authorities..

  7. That linked video from the “news” was so infuriating! Glad the guy stood up and publicly yelled to encourage others to dissent. But the majority of the clip was “experts” droning on about how we must wear the diaper….Especially infuriating was “Pippin”, the “RN” who whined that she was being persecuted for wearing a mask! What a laugh! People who wear the diaper can go anywhere and do whatever they want! It is those of us who refuse who are yelled at, stopped, escorted, and refused service! LIARS, all!!

    /rant off
    Different note, I was standing in a long, cold line this morning to enter the local grocery store. I was, of course, the only free breather. A lady came up to get in line behind me, and struck up a conversation. When I learned she was an instacart shopper, I let her in front of me. She and I chatted for a while, and she decided it wasn’t worth it to fulfill the order so she cancelled. (below freezing standing in line to go into a nearly empty store) We continued chatting, and finally, she took off her (sequined) diaper. It was such a blessing for me to see another human face (and smile)!

  8. You can’t make this stuff up.

    There was an old cat who lived in my hometown who claimed he had been beamed down to earth from Mars.

    He wasn’t all there, his nickname was BLIMP. When he wrote his name on the chalkboard at the local pool hall, he would write ‘BLIMP’ across the whole board.

    He also claimed that in a faraway village in Norway he was worshiped by the locals. So much admiration and love that they were going to carve St. Harvey, Harvey was his first name, onto a mountainside near the remote town in the mountains of Norway.

    When the townspeople began the project they got as far as St. Har, Blimp then, Harvey, stopped them right there. He didn’t want to be worshiped by anybody he told those who worshiped him.

    So, according the gospel of Blimp, somewhere in Norway on a mountainside the letters ‘St. Har’ are carved in stone.

    He was a gentle soul, actually, just wanted attention. Nobody really feared him at all.

    You can fool some of the people all of the time.

    You can convince people, people can convince themselves, to follow anything, doesn’t matter if it is a person or a mask.

    Especially when you use fear as a psychological weapon.

    Mask Power works!

  9. Thanks for the article Eric. It is true. We have to encourage people to opt out of this contrivavirus cult. It is our only recourse. This is a numbers game. If there are too few pushing back we will be unable to alter the horrific trajectory we are on. We also have to support and encourage others that are resisting.

    Day by day, the absurdity of the entire exercise increases on an Al Gore hockey stick style curve, yet people continue to remain doggedly uncritical and mindless. So we have our work cut out for us. We all need to steel ourselves for the persecution we will face, in increasing measure, if we don’t surrender and join the rest of the good Germans.

    I don’t use Paypal. (or Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon or any of the other primary enslavement devices being used against humanity) I will have to mail you a check to support your work.

  10. What happens when/if Hair Plug Man gains the throne on 20 January? Things will only get worse. He will implement the “100 Days of the Mask”. This will send his followers into a frenzy. Everyone of us non-diapered will be persecuted even worse than we are now. Can you imagine it? The SJW’s will be hunting down the non-diapered in the streets, and shaming them like never before, perhaps violently. Things will not end well.

    Here in my section of Florida, the liberal bastion of St. Petersburg, there are very few un-diapered. I saw two this morning in a Wawa. Before that, it had been many, many days since I saw someone’s face in a store unless it was my wife or kid. I see the diapered driving cars alone wearing their Holy Vestment. A guy yesterday filling his car, out in the open, with a nice breeze blowing, was masked up. My church says masks are “Required”. I sit in the front pew, with my grandmother right next to me. Neither of us wear a face diaper. She is 99, and says “When my time is up, its up.” At work, I have to wear a mask when leaving my cubicle to go to the bathroom or grab a snack. Once seated, I can remove the diaper, even though I am less than 6 feet from other people. Its a joke. A sick joke. Yes Eric, I have worn the face diaper. It is a condition of employment. I need to feed my family and pay the bills. I will NOT submit to the Holy Needle, employment or no employment.

    • Hi Rush,

      They haven’t won until they do – and I won’t give in until I am dead. I mean that. I’m no hero. But I won’t live Diapered or Needled and if that means they come get me, so be it.

    • Hey Rush, I’m surprised that there’s that much difference between St Pete and a hundred miles south in Ft Myers. While the majority of covidiots are wearing the holy rag in Publix, etc., there’s a pretty significant number who don’t. Even at that, a lot have it below the nose, so you know they’re just going thru the motions. All of the local shops seem to be undiapered. You mentioned Wawa. Down here, Wawa, Circle K, 7-11, any of the convenience stores, NOBODY wears the diaper. I guess I’m pretty fortunate living here, folks don’t seem all that hysterical about it. I have never worn the diaper (don’t even own one anyway), and only once, in Home Depot, did anyone ever say anything to me.

  11. “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” -Thomas Jefferson

    My intent is to be eternally vigilant and continue to push back against this tyranny. I don’t do this because of a hope that we’ll eventually reach some libertarian promise land (I used to think that), but because that is the only way I can be at peace with myself. That’s what free people do.

    • Maybe it’s time to start tarring and feathering the health inspectors. The goal is to get the petty functionaries who actually enforce this crap on the ground to start fearing for their safety – or at least for the safety of their good work clothes.

      The price of liberty is eternal vigilantism.

      • As a bit of an amateur historian, I know of at least 2 fascinating early american practices which sound innocuous, but are in fact viscerally satisfying and an illustration of what is really necessary to keep the government in its proper place. A third is to be hung, drawn, and quartered, but that is designed to be a rather permanent message and will not be considered…

        Tar and feathers involves heating pine tar to a sticky liquid of in excess of 140 degrees F. It is then brushed or ladled over the deserving recipient, inducing 1st and 2nd degree burns to some extent, followed by a generous dusting of feathers from a goose down pillow. Field expedients are often employed, use of asphalt tar is not highly recommended as it has to be around 400 degrees F and will not be enjoyed for a long enough time by the deserving recipient before unconsciousness of death. A truly appropriate and to the point traditional message to local enforcement tyrants.

        The next one near to my barbaric and uncivilized Irish/German heart is “riding them out of town on a rail”. Now, this doesn’t sound all that bad until you investigate the details. A simple ride out of town on a 4×4 could be unpleasant in a number of ways, but not terrible in it’s message. And putting the bad guy on a train is definitely not what is meant.

        The actual act involves stripping the government agent naked, binding them hand and foot, and then seating them on a split rail (think split rail fence), with stout crossbeams at front and rear, and 4 husky local lads each take a corner and jog them out of town. The end result is said to be rather like sliding down a razor blade slowly for endless minutes.

        Anyway, enjoy the history lesson. Americans don’t do that kind of thing anymore, it’s against the law. And we all know that the law is sacred in America. Just like gun ownership and free fair elections.

        • I think one should consider the Vikings Blood Eagle Execution. Ivar the Boneless does not get near enough credit for his torture of enemies for the retaliation of Ragnar’s death.

          • Yeah, that’s more like the hung, drawn, and quartered thing and not traditionally american. I personally think the aesthetics matter. Though my Amerindian ancestors did have much more imaginative treatments for enemies involving ants, and scalping. To each their own, I guess.

            • Sorry, I didn’t realize we were sticking to only American ways of torture. I vote for the American Indian method of dousing each body opening with honey. Let the ants have their way.

              • Indeed, RG. If we are opening things up to the world, then the oriental despots had some truly impressive ideas. The Japanese, up thru WWII didn’t consider anything torture if it didn’t result in death.

                So if we’re casting off western civilization in favor of naked communist rule, then all sorts of entertaining possibilities open up. It’s going to be so much fun to live in such a world…

                • I don’t know if it would be a fun world Erehwon Man, but definitely an interesting one.

                  The Japanese always seem to one up Americans. They are much more creative and thorough.

                  • Jesus, people – I meant driveway sealer, not actual hot tar.

                    I don’t want to hurt anybody – just embarrass, inconvenience and/or discourage them from interfering in my life.

                    The only people who should leave this life screaming are car thieves.

                    • What on earth are you talking about man, we were simply having a simple academic exchange about history. I clearly said this is illegal now. Though why car thieves would merit higher punishment than traitors or rapists is an interesting question…

  12. “Conformity is the killer. It is the thing which tyranny requires before it becomes inescapable.” Spot on as always Eric. It’s a battle each and every day because it’s all around us at every turn. The average person has completely given in and is willing to throw their neighbor under the bus with no fucks given. I’m truly weary of it but I’m definitely not giving up.

  13. People will follow the undiapered lead, but only if they want to undiaper themselves. But this does not appear to be the case. It’s why I have yet to see someone yank off their face diaper when they see me or my undiapered family. In fact, quite the opposite – people recoil, stand back, or walk on the other side of the street when they see me coming. It’s why, in the aura of this gym owner, the megaphone man, and others, no sustainable critical mass accretes behind.

    I just read somewhere that 71% of people believe the diaper will protect them from infection. I bet in some areas, more than 90% think this. See, they’re in the cult. They believe. They’ve acquiesced control of their free thought, research, and reasoning ability to the publicly facing “experts” who espouse “science.” They’re unreachable.

    In the same way the suicidal businesses that conformed have signed the death warrant of many other businesses that wanted to live, so too have these individual and collective cult members destroyed the freedom and liberty of those of us who wanted to enjoy those facets of life. They out number us 99 to 1.

    They will next clamor for our needling. I say, may the side effects of their needling rest heavily upon them.

    • Critical mass is exactly what is needed. I watched a couple approach the front door of a tavern that I was in (glass wall/door). They had their masks pulled out and in their hands, but when they opened the door and saw several unmasked people, they never put theirs on.

      But on the other hand, I had a friend meet me at this same place one afternoon. I was the only one there since it had just opened. This friend opens the door, puts on a mask to walk across an empty room, sits next to me and takes his mask off. So, YMMV.


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