Der Coonman’s Befiehl

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Things warm up as the weather cools. In Virginia, the Coonman has just decreed a partial curfew as well as more devotional wearing of the Holy Rag, the accoutrement of the Sickness Cult. He further orders that none shall gather in groups of ten or more – so as to make it harder for people to express their lack of faith, at least in public.

In Germany, they had a saying: Der Fuhrer befiehl, wir folgen!

It means: The Leader decrees, we follow!

Will we?

Not me.

A scene comes to mind from the sci-fi movie, Chronicles of Riddick. The title character is something of an outlier, a non-follower. He happens to find himself on a planet just-conquered by a death cult, the Necromongers. The leader is extolling the virtues of conversion. The crowd of defeated people kneels. Riddick stands and shows his face. A henchman of the death cult tells him:

“This is your one chance. Take the Lord Marshall’s offer and bow.”

“I bow to no man,” is the reply.

Interestingly – the film was made several years ago – the death cult members wear masks.

I’m no Riddick. But I won’t be joining the death cult, either. I will be showing my face. I urge everyone who does not wish to be inducted into this death cult to do the same.

And to do more.

Stand with others who are willing to take a stand. Follow the example of the brave people up in New York who backed the gym owner who refused to back down by not closing his doors.

And by showing his face.

I am not just typing. I am offering myself – whatever the risk – to two business owners I personally know, whom I have told I will stand with – should the Coonman sic the SicknessPolizei on them, for daring to try to earn a living.

Or for showing their faces.

The same Coonman, it bears noting, who has no worries about his living – it being forcibly extracted from the pockets of the very people he decrees may not earn theirs. Which means, inevitably, that the Coonman and his legions will take whatever they have left; their businesses – at fire-sale prices. Their bank accounts – to be seized to pay debts they were forced not to pay.


Including their liberty, which is everything.

The time has come to take a stand, even if it costs. But this cost is trivial compared with the cost of not taking a stand – while it is still possible to do so.

I had a conversation about this with one of the business owners I know. She is desperate to keep her place open and it is this desperate desire to not lose the work effort of many years that keeps her obeying the Coonman’s decrees. But by obeying, she is in effect agreeing – and that is far more lethal than a virus that doesn’t kill 99.8 percent of the people who catch it.

She is affirming the legitimacy of all that has been done – and so, affirming the legitimacy of what will be done.

If the Coonman can order her to require everyone she does business with to wear the Holy Rag then how will she refuse an order that they receive the Holy Jab?

How will you refuse it? It’s just a “mask.”

And it’s “just a shot.”

If the one is necessary for the “common good” then how can you say the other isn’t – especially when it is obvious that despite the mass-wearing of the Holy Rag, the cases! the cases! are (supposedly) crescendo’ing?

The high priests of the Sickness Cult will insist – and if you’ve already agreed, it will be very difficult to refuse.

The time has come to show your face, to show you aren’t with these people – as Riddick explained to the Lord Marshall in the movie.

It is hard to be the first one to take the mask off, to be the one to stand out when everyone else is kneeling.

But of such things are changes made. Revolutionary changes. It is easy to get discouraged when one sees the masses of the masked – and cowed. But they are doing what masses always do, which is to bow to the prevailing wind.

That wind can blow in a different direction.

One man can make a difference. A few such men can make a big difference. Lenin and his handful of Bolsheviks seized control of the largest country on earth and held it for more than 70 years – because better men didn’t act while there was time.

A handful of men acted when the redcoats fired on the crowd at Lexington and Concord, setting an example which other men followed.

We must act now. By standing together – and by showing our faces, which has become a revolutionary act of defiance. It has come to that.

And so, let it come.

. . .

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    • Those guys are utterly fantastic. I so wish a gym here wouldn’t mandate the Diaper. They all do now, because of these very tactics. I wish we had an Atilis gym here in Phoenix. No such lions among these sheep, however. The gym was my sanctuary, and I enjoyed it in the midst of the great scamdemic until Der Fuhrer Ducey shut they down, only letting them reopened if they follow a litany of idiotic guidelines, the Rag being one of them.

      (Also, what is a “Bellmawr”?)

  1. I am so sick of this – I was able to not wear a mask while shopping in a few stores but now I can’t – its getting worse. Guess I will have to order everything now for delivery. Family is all meeting in Florida for xmas vacation – at least we will get one week of freedom but I know the plane ride is going to suck big time but we think this will be our last plane ride (vaccine mandate to fly?) so we are doing it. I hope when Biden issues hios first 100 days of mask wearing that the Trumpsters will finally revolt. I am sure hoping I can find a place to live out the rest of my life sans diaper. I am in the process of looking to move to the country away from everyone. I am so depressed.

    • Hi Jen

      Stay strong. It can get pretty miserable at times, but I think we are heading toward the end. I expect around mid February many of these restrictions will begin easing or the country will revolt. Enjoy Christmas with your family. Florida seems to be loose in masking and lockdown requirements so hopefully, the state will be a breath of fresh air and you will at least get some nice weather out of it.

      Being around like minded people helps. The city is a hard place to live right now. I live in the country, but each time I have to drive into NOVA or MD I look forward to getting back home as quick as possible. Urban people have a very different mindset from the rural community. Even where I live I am one of a few non mask wearers, but nobody says anything. Many restaurants will still serve you, store cashiers won’t remark on the lack of mask, and I have yet to see anyone in my neighborhood walking or biking with one.

      I hate not being able to see people’s facial expressions, but as long as nobody steps on my toes I don’t step on theirs.

  2. I will wear the mask until it is saaafe to remove it.
    As I was saying to others that always wear them, “bzzz bzz bzzzz bzzz bzzz”, and they all bzzed back in agreement.
    It brings back memories of later summer when the cicadas are in full song. I like summer.

  3. OK Eric, I’ll bite. There are certain words that need to be spoken, and unfortunately, these syllables largely remain unsaid as our populace exists in terror of reprisal from their loving big brother. Being that I am surely already on several of his lists, I can think of no finer man than myself to go forward and speak what has otherwise remained long in the tooth of silence….

    We will never wear a slave mask.
    We will not take the poisonous vaccines, nor be tracked and traced.
    We will not allow “swarms of officers” to interfere with our private affairs.
    We will not bow to the New World Order.
    We will not recognize Agenda 21 nor the Great Reset as our guide stones.
    We will not have tyranny brought upon our people.

    We the people must use aggressive nonviolent resistance and withdraw consent from this despicable government.

    When such nonviolent resistance fails, We are calling for the execution of all government agents engaged in tyranny, specifically treason and attempted genocide against the innocent people of the united States of America.  

    We are warning you officers of the government now so that you are aware that you will be provided the consequence of death for your role in tyranny. This warning, given today, will provide you the opportunity to consider your options and choose to cease/desist engaging in government sponsored terrorism against the people. Perhaps you will realize that you are indeed actually one of us and join the cause of liberty.  If not, then you will be provided death.

    Regardless, rest assured, you will be eliminated by your New World Order masters when they are finished using you against us.

    You government agents have been warned, the choice is yours.  We, the people, are in the right and you, the government agents, are in the wrong.

    The Constitution does not protect the people.
    The people protect the Constitution.

    It is time to stand up out in the open and denounce this tyranny…It is John Hancock time.

  4. Diaper report from Phoenix, AZ:

    I don’t know if it’s where I was (rich libtard area of historrrrrric homes, though used to be republican), but it seems the craziness is picking up another notch.

    Went to rent skis at a spot, they had the “pleeeeeeeease wear a mask” on every single fucking door, but I breezed in with my wife, asked where rentals are, and went to the area. Three young dudes were huddled together giggling, the leader had his mask under his nose. We walked up and I can’t remember if the first thing he said was “do you have a mask?” or “you can’t be in here without a mask” but it might as well have been. He put his over his nose and got super serious really quick. Told him I couldn’t wear one, medical condition. Not for 15 minutes? he asked. Nope, can’t wear one, and I noticed you had yours on below your nose before I came up. A bit more back and forth and he said he’d “have to talk to the owner”. Ok… I had to ask him to repeat himself multiple times because he was about 20 feet away and speaking at normal volume thru his face huggies.

    I notice they have a quote on the white board about the pristine nature places that can’t be bought or spoiled by people. Uh oh, militant envirolibs.

    Back, and without a word asks what boot size my wife needs. We tell him. He says something about wearing a mask or something. She tells him we’re more than 6 feet. He goes back and says something and knocks a bunch of skis to the ground. Crrrrrrrash and clatter. I’m trying hard not to start laughing but I’m enjoying this! But still on edge. Get out of there as fast as possible. One of his little worker friends goes to clean them up. He gets the boots and sulks on his phone. He thinks he’s done and I say I need mine. He doesn’t like this.

    He goes back and knocks over some snowboards or something, another clatter. He asks what we’re gonna do at the mountain because they requirrrrrre masks. I told him I’d cross that bridge when we came to it. He told me to bring my paperwork. I told him uh huh ok. Getting the rest of our stuff he asked me if I’m not wearing a mask because I don’t respect him???

    I burst out laughing and said, “NO man! It’s not that.” I just couldn’t believe how big of a baby he was. And he believes the propaganda and regurgitates the lines! This dude had a man bun, dirty hair, tattoos on arm, dirty gray shirt, old blue jeans and low cut red converses. I was sizing him up because the air was that tense and wondering if this guy comes at me, can I take him.

    He tried to make us put our rental information online, cuz that’s their stupid policy now, though I had no idea. The website wouldn’t load on my phone so after 5 minutes he wrote the super simple order form. Boom done, outta there.

    It was so many stereotypes put together, it was crazy. And my wife, English is her 2nd language told me that he reminded her of a little girl, no not a little girl, because little girls are nice, but like a…a… a bitch? I asked. Yes! Sulking and pouting on his phone after the owner told him that we were ok.

    • Hi Michael,

      It’s wearying, isn’t it? I’ve never installed the Holy Face Rag and never will but just seeing – and dealing – with these rancid Freaks has me at the point never wanting to see or deal with them again. I mostly stay home lately. Except for the gym – which I am going to today to find out whether the owner has caved to the latest and if so I’m done with that, too.

      I know. That’s what they want. To coerce acceptance of the Rag – and the Jab – by making it so you can’t do anything unless you join their Sickness Cult. I’ll go Amish first.

      • Speaking of the Amish, I wonder if the Stasi…er, I mean “public health officials” ever dare to bother them? After all, they COULD *gasp!* catch a cold and get over it.

        • The Amish in S.E. Iowa have a special group of doctors at the University who have a special relationship built with the Amish to convince them to wear a wedding veil for the Devil. The University and the State gov. work hand in hand to make sure their Amish contacts get the word out to the others. Last Summer in a local paper I read an interview with the Dr.’s who claimed to have been successful. I imagine if thats what was going on in the so-called free State of Iowa it’s more so in other States. I have seen only a smattering of Amish myself, never did see a mask on a one. There’s that.

        • Hi Zane,

          I think most of our politicians have taken money from China (both sides of the aisle). Reading about the number of Chinese sex spies they have circling around this country leaves me to believe the CCP owns more than just Hollywood and the NBA. I have a feeling they have infiltrated every major industry.

          • Hi Raider Girl , Yea looks like the SCOTUS also. Just last week they ruled in favor of 700k non citizen`s (daca) but Texas et al can go pound sand……sad.

      • Hi Eric,

        Did the gym owner stay strong or cave?

        I feel the same way as you do. I despise these rancid freaks and plan my day and places I go to try to avoid them. One of the things that keeps me going is that they’ll be wiped TF out during the coming economic storm. They don’t really have any skills to speak of.

        Another thing that helps me (easier said than done) is to remember a quote by Marcus Aurelius that basically reminds one to stay in the moment, not in a yoga-girl way, but when about to enter a store, or talk to a chode, to ask oneself “in this moment, is this too much for me to handle?” Oftentimes the answer is “no, I can handle walking into a store and talking to this creep. I’m stronger than they are.” It’s a good head check. For me, usually the worst aspects of it are the dread of what the freaks might say, rather than what they do say or do. Hope that is helpful.

  5. i went to a bar grill tonite, there were many people with human faces and only two masks in sight and i think those two kids were slow. i overheard the owner say to someone that he does not make people wear face diapers, or not wear them. I’m not from the area so i felt a little out of place there for that reason, and then realized I hadn’t been out to eat – inside – since sometime in 2018. I was kind of, and still am, in a bit of shock. i didn’t say much, like i would have in the past. it’s very odd, this feeling after having been around a small crowd of normal sane human beings after having been around nothing but masked up zombie-like freaks everywhere else i go. i should have felt upbeat, but i wasn’t. that was the biggest surprise to me.
    i plan on going back. it’s the only half-way freedom place i know of.

      • A small town in Iowa. The food was good. The beer was cold, but sadly, not on tap. Face diaper requirenments in the bigger cities seems near the same as out your way, I even had them chase me down in a Best Buy store after I walked past the hall monitor at the door telling me i Had to wear one to enter the store. I walked right to where the item was I needed until the six foot tall black security dude showed up carrying a clear plastic bag of trash. I guess security does double duty. He asked, more like, demanded to know where my mask was. I blurted out, ‘I have C.S. and can’t wear one’. He was like, ‘Oh, ok. We’ll get you a face shield’. Yeesh. So I dis’ed his bit and just told him what I was looking for and that I’d be out of there right after I get it. He must have sensed I wasn’t going to wear a face shield either, nor go easy, so maybe that’s why he even helped me look for it. I wondered if he saw the irony of a black dude telling someone to get into the back of the bus and that I was drinkng out of the wrong fountain.
        Who knows. I sure did get a lot of funky looks from the masked morons as I walked to the surprisingly friendly cashier. I almost felt bad adding them to my shit list to never shop at again alongside Menards.

        • The fact that “hall monitors” and other draconian measures are required to get people to comply, should be enough evidence that we are NOT in the middle of a public health crisis. Ooh, but then the dildos wouldn’t get their “free” (stolen) money, now would they?

      • Hi RG,

        There are – were – at least three places in my area (Roanoke) where you could eat Undiapered. Stay tuned for a Report as to whether one still can. If so and you or anyone would like to know which places, email me and I will send along the names.

        • Eric,

          I’ve got 3 plus the one you recently told me about. Feel free to pass along my email/cell to RG.

          @RG: too many honey-dos and xmas stuff going on, not making it out to Campbell Co. for shopping recon. I’ll most likely take a trip out there between Christmas and NYE.

          • Hi cjm,

            Me, too. I spent most of today wrapping gifts and decorating the house. I still have four batches of Xmas cookies to get in the oven.

            I still hope to get down there next week.

            I will email Eric and you on Monday about the restaurants. Would love to get a decent meal without a lot of pushback.

  6. It’s a cliché, but doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Yet it’s all these psychopathic governors know how to do.

    • I see that old cliche as incorrect, I think that doing the same thing over and over whilst expecting a different result is just a show of a lack of intelligence and poor decision making.

      Nay, clearly in our society, insanity is defined as follows…When you are outnumbered, you are wrong.

      Democracy is an evil deception my fellow free range slaves. Systems of democracy are nothing more than tyrants stealthily tricking the population into enslaving themselves.

  7. I heard that when you brine pork belly and smoke the pork belly with bourbon wood chips for about five hours, it will cure everything that has ever plagued mankind.

    Just a rumor, but it is something worth considering. Faith in smoked pork belly to cure what ails you can’t be all bad, can’t really go wrong.

    If you don’t wear your mask, like you should at all times, you are gonna die, it’s just a matter of time. That’s what I heard anyhow, could be true and if it is, you’re gonna die just like that.

    Good riddance to non-mask wearers, whatever they are.

    The Grand Vaccinator will know.

    This is an inquisition, ya know. This is gulag gone wild, concentration camp, stay at home orders, same thing, you have to rebel.

    Mask War is here. Vaccine War is next.

    Smoked pork belly über alles!

  8. Since the beginning, these ridiculous public health measures have appeared to me to be political in nature and best suited for people control. The timing of the tightening of gathering limits and nighttime curfews in VA and NC seems to be coinciding with the Texas suit in front of the SC. Both VA and NC as well as a host of other blue states have filed briefs in favor of the fraudster states, while something like 18 states have filed briefs against. Any over/under thoughts about OM’s chances here? Or another big fat nothingburger?

    • OM: slim and none and Slim left town.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish, though. He can take his national emergency, warp speed vaccine poison-promoting, Biden-causing, do nothing orange ass back to NY. Let’s just get on with national face diapering and our society’s final collapse.

  9. I don’t believe anyone’s polled the majority of AGW’s, Stasi, or the military on whether they’d enforce the mask , and soon to follow, other prescriptions on the public sheep. Do we truly think that these people who are trained to follow orders will suddenly become human in their actions down the road?

  10. I believe the most insidious aspect of the diaper is it is the symbol of the forced public acknowledgment of assent to the tyranny. This has to change. It is truly an existential struggle.

    Maybe it’s time for inaction, however. The tyranny “machine” needs support personnel, maintenance, and repairs. Very few things of importance are done “in house.” Close your business, especially if it is deemed “essential.” Call in sick or just disappear. Minimize to the very extent possible all of your economic activities. Maybe for a specific time, like the length of the latest edict. Use the time to identify collaborators and quislings. Attempt to educate those who may simply be ignorant. Encourage those who agree to join your strike. Reflect on those who resist and why. Where appropriate, remind them that just as they may be watching us, we are watching them. Remind them that they have a choice and that we are being pitted against each other in a divide and conquer strategy. Remind them that they are relying on us to police each other. Remind them that “just following orders” was not considered a legitimate defense at Nuremberg.

  11. I’m sick of this shit that the totalitarian wannabes are imposing and enough is enough! As I tried to explain to my wife the other day, that the mask is the first step in their plans that ultimately lead to a measure to permanently close our mouths to stop any dissent of the dictator’s ways. Ballots proved useless due to massive fraud and brain dead sheep voting. Are bullets going to be appearing in the future to stop this?

  12. I am going to ignore this decree as I have ignored all the others. I can still get what I need, but I will have to use a back door for everything. I absolutely abhor the Farmers Market order. I expect signs up when I show up next week. I guess we will see if they will sell to me. It is going to pretty hard to turn down somebody that drops $200 each time they make an appearance. I guess I will start doing what the drug dealers do….setup a time and appointment to meet to pick up my food, paying cash.

    The stores had began loosening up their restrictions, all this order will do is reintroduce the Mask Nazis back to the front door. I guess the government hasn’t seen enough suicides and drug overdoses yet to believe the stricter the enforcement the higher the depression rates.

    Christmas is still on. My entire family has the same outlook on these rules that they did on the old ones. We will be oblivious to these as well. I am thankful that I was born into a sane family who has no problem thumbing their nose at such rubbish.

    I have kept a certain amount of normality and optimism within me. I play these mandates as a game (not a very fun one), but to me this is psychological warfare. I won’t bend, but man, it is disheartening to see more and more people kneeling. This country is beyond recognition from even a year ago.

    • It’s come down to THIS? A shopper, wanting to get the “Farm to Fork” produce (gee, I thought the libtards were all over that shit), having to do so furtively, like a junkie seeking his next FIX? WTF is going on in America these days?

      • Us country girls have always bought farm to fork….not that garbage they sell at Whole Foods or Wegmans. I like to know my beef was mooing last week. We also go out in the wilderness and cut down our own Christmas trees when no one is looking. 😉

        It is almost laughable if it wasn’t so ridiculous. Who would have thought buying fresh produce and meat would institute the same steps as buying cocaine.

        • FWIW, I prefer to chase my beef around the plate, STILL mooing in abject terror.

          And I thought it was the dictum that when “Outlaws” have “outlawed” firearms, only “Outlaws” will have them, whether in cause of 2A or more nefarious pursuits. What’s next, food and TP RATIONING?

          • I admire your manliness for beef cooked rare. 😊 Personally, I trend toward a less violent plate, medium rare/medium.

            It would not surprise me if the oligarchy stated rationing resources. I guess in a way they already have, hence the limit 1 one now sees shuffling through the grocery store aisles.

            • Just try to find “Asian Pink” coolant if you have a Toyota, Honda, or Mazda. I acquired a gem of a ’13 Corolla with 24K miles in mint condition. Doesn’t need to be “flushed”, it was done a few years ago, but since the hoses and serpentine belt are factory original, best to be prepared. Gonna nab some 0W-20 for it too, even though it’s not yet due for an oil change. Either there’s terrible inefficiencies cropping up due to the “Rona” and “Gubmint” mismanagement in responding to it, or else common supplies are being messed with DELIBERATELY. At this point, I wouldn’t put it past the PTB.

              I’d already figured out doing an excavation on my property and burying a cargo container, with a concealed entrance. Looks like it may have to serve as more than what the fictional Sarah Connor retrieved her firearms in some desert compound just inside Mexico in “Terminator 2”.

        • “Who would have thought buying fresh produce and meat would institute the same steps as buying cocaine.”

          Who? Anyone who wants raw milk, that’s who. They’ve been fighting the good fight mostly in obscurity for decades.

          • Good point, A. That is one of the things I like about Europe. Never understood why the USSA had such stringent restrictions on these products.

        • Dear RG

          I like freshly-slaughtered never-frozen beef heart that I subscribe to (on the down-low), along with my A2 Raw Cows Milk, fertile eggs with their cuticles intact (which thereby don’t require refrigeration), and organic fruits/veggies. I have “worm-approved” Apples that I grow right in my yard. The worm is an unimpeachable critic; if the worm won’t bite an apple, why should I? NOT available in Whole Foods or any grocery store in MA due to stupid “public health” laws that demand that milk (and eggs!) must be pasteurized (cooked), among other things. After pasteurization/ heat treatment, food is enzymatically dead- the pasteurization requirement is just another manifestation of the Germ Hysteria that has consumed our society. In any case, I lost access to Whole Foods back in April or early May 2020 due to the mass hysteric hypochondria/manufactured Scamdemic. I WILL NOT DIAPER for ANYONE!
          However, I have just recently regained access to one particular Whole Foods store, but only when a certain manager is present, whom I have to call ahead and be escorted into the store.

          I slice up the Beef Heart or kidney/liver and eat it completely Raw- NO heat treatment at all; I like my food LIVE, with all its enzymes intact! I eat it along with a clove of raw garlic. It’s quite a lot of food value for the dollar, since this, and other Organ Meats, are not popular with the general public. I also eat the various cuts of muscle meats, such as New York strip sirloin, but not often, because these are MUCH more expensive. I eat them the same way- completely raw/never cooked. I stopped cooking meat/seafood back around 2015- I very quickly found that I don’t miss it at all. I feel that my gut microbiome is much happier if it isn’t presented with heat-damaged proteins that the body doesn’t quite know what to do with.

          Same with my cats- I wouldn’t think of feeding them anything I wouldn’t eat myself. No kibbles or commercial pet foods EVER.

          Busybodyness seems to have entrenched and interwoven itself into every corner of society- politicians and their hangers-on have throughout the ages taken cynical and diabolically-creative advantage of both this and the nearly universal desire to “bathe in the Great Belonging” To prey upon the balance of humanity.

          I live alone, but have had family members and others look with horror and concern for what’s on my dinner plate on occasional visits. My nearly 93-year old mother, for example, needs reading glasses but doesn’t seem to have any problem seeing from across the table that the meat on my plate is raw. I have to remind them that they don’t have to look at it if it makes them uncomfortable, and to, “mind their own plates!”

          Principles violated for mere convenience, “going along to get along,” cease thereby to be exist. As has been said, only dead fish “go with the flow!”

          • I had to laugh about feeding guts to cats. My mother used to buy beef kidneys for the cats. They make the most astonishing noises when eating. Growls and gnashing growls with their mouth open. What a show.

          • Hi Numberonehuman,

            I agree with you on the organic fruits and vegetables. We grow a small bit of our own food on our land. I have some terrific berry bushes that come back year after year and my cherry tomato plants produced well past the first frost in early November.

            Your palette is a bit different than mine. I love fresh seafood, but I do still require a brief period of grilling. Also, the best part of bacon and scrapple is it being crispy! I do love fresh eggs though.

            It is interesting that you mention gut microbiome. I have been reading on that very topic over the last year. Our gut bacteria really is the most important aspect of our overall health. A recent study I read suggests the healthier the gut flora the better our bodies have the ability to convert Vitamin D into active form. A deficiency of Vitamin D has been attributed to 89% of Covid related deaths. I am sure it will take years to link it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they discover that if most patients took a certain amount of D vitamins or ate D enhanced foods the death rate would be non existent.

            • Seafood must always be cooked. The fish swim and pee and poop in their own environment and then use the water that billions of sea creatures use as their toilet.

    • RG,

      The stores had began loosening up their restrictions, all this order will do is reintroduce the Mask Nazis back to the front door.

      Yes. But please allow me to share an anecdote. Last month, our state’s kleinpinkelfuehrer renewed his diaper edict and (post-election, of course) put a few more teeth into it by threatening to fine businesses for the actions of their customers. I went to the sporting goods store, hoping against hope to find some ammo. They had brought in 2 Mask Nazis to man the entrance, and as I strode past them ignoring their bleats of “Sir, you need a mask” I overheard one say to the other “They’re not listening to us…” There were a few other undiapered customers, and I could swear I saw an old guy loosening his…

      I don’t think all is lost. I think this is one of those things that will happen slowly, and then all at once (not original to me, but I like the saying). Winston Churchill once said that you can trust the Americans to do the right thing, after having exhausted all other options. Perhaps that will be the case with this one, as well.

      • Hi Publius,

        I haven’t masked up yet, but I have gone out of my way to avoid stores where they have mask checkers waiting to confront patrons. If it is going to cause a scene I will take my money elsewhere. I just want to shop in peace. I want to be left alone. I have no desire to be on someone’s phone camera or the 6 o’clock news.

        My feeling is we have another month or two of this and the restrictions will slowly be lifted (or gradually ignored). What holiday are they going to blame the surge in viruses on in February or March? A mass gathering for Valentines Day? Once those that feel the need to take the needle have been “saved” they will see no need to keep the masks and gloves on indefinitely.

        • I play it by ear. I have ignored them and kept walking, turned around and walked out never to return, and let them follow me around yelling at me while not listening. Depends on the situation and my mood. Depends on who asks and how. I prefer to say nothing, and let my actions speak for themselves in any event.

          I can’t get fired (again) right now, so for now I have to wear one at work. At least I get paid to be there. It’s also clear, from the incident reports and saaafety writeups, that many of the people who work there are brainwashed beyond redemption. It’s also clear, from (sometimes very hushed) conversations, that many others are not. I can only push so hard, keep looking for the soft spots, and see how everything plays out.

          • Hi Publius,

            I agree with you regarding the brainwashing of most Americans. I never realized how many nuts we truly had living in this country. Some people don’t believe the narrative, but if they go along with it, nothing will change. The problem with the masks is you can’t tell who is sane and who isn’t. If I see an unmasked face I know I am at least dealing with someone with a reasonable amount of intellect or who just doesn’t give a fig. 😉

            Just reading some of the comments section of various national newspapers (even my local paper) people scare the bejesus out of me. This country suffers a massive deficiency in sound judgement. People are wailing that the restaurants and bars are still open! That we need to lockdown the entire country for at least three weeks! The 5% of non maskers are causing all of this mayhem! They would be really surprised to find out that even if us 5% left the country the cases would just be as prevalent. I am sure we will get a study in the next 2-5 years that the masks caused bacterial pneumonia, which will justify the rise in cases.

            • RG, it seems to me that inability or unwillingness to reason coupled with a lack of curiosity about how things work make many people’s brains particularly susceptible to washing.
              Yesterday I tried to explain to a friend how an infected person aerosolizes the accumulated spit inside his mask, making him more of a threat to people around him than he would be without one.
              She is not a dummy. She works as a nurse-practitioner, pretty much the same thing as being a physician.
              Her response? “But we have to do something!”

            • Spot on RG,
              The mass psychosis of the average American is truly depressing. I see the same thing around here, the lemmings demanding lockdowns irregardless of the fact it is crushing small businesses and restaurants- i.e. their neighbors. Also the mask insanity is truly cognitive dissonance in that if wearing one was effective then the wearer will be fine even if others are unmasked. All these chicken littles should just stay in their basements and let the rest of us live our lives.

            • According to a study the esteemed “Dr.” Fauci conducted approximately 4 years ago,the major cause of deaths during the “1918 flu pandemic” was bacterial pneumonia, NOT influenza. The common denominator was the (forced) wearing of masks. Sound familiar? Look for an uptick in respiratory illnesses in the coming months due to mask-wearing. The study is available on the internet…

  13. This BS is NOT about halting a resurgence of the dreaded “Rona”. If laxness about wearing the “face diaper” or refusal to “socially distance” were the culprit, and adhering to these strictures were the “cure”, we’d see corresponding stats in the cities/states affected.

    This is about stifling the public in wake of the Election “Steal”. Youtube’s banning of any posting of the subject are the proof…that they’re “skeered” (SCARED)! The PTB want a COWED America, when, should the SCOTUS ultimately rule in Trump’s favor (I’m not necessarily confident that they will), they effect their backup plan, which will obviously dispense with any legalities and the rule of law.

  14. Hi Eric,
    I’m reading the Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and the following excerpts caught my attention:
    Solzhenitsyn quotes Lenin’s them words: “An oppressed class which did not aspire to posses arms and learn how to handle them would deserve only to be treated as slaves.”

    Also Solzhenitsyn was commented on the people who sided with the Germans as they invaded East having a choice of; throwing off their oppressors and siding with the Germans or not:
    “I will go so far as to say that our folk would have been worth nothing at all, a nation of abject slaves, if it had gone through that war without brandishing a rifle at Stalin’s government even from afar, if it missed its chance to shake its fist and fling a ripe oath at the Father of the Peoples. ”

    Time to shake our fists at these tyrants. We should take a lesson from Gandhi, and make the tyrants be violent, to show their true selves.

    • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
      Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago

      • James N, great quote. About half our population have become useful idiots (thanks to public schools). The other half are just trying to go along hoping this tyranny wont change their comfortable lives. It’s time we all become *woke* to what’s coming and say *No!*.

        • Hi Hans,

          It seems to me that most “useful idiots” are highly educated, intelligent people which, they believe, renders them immune from propaganda and manipulation. Because so many of these people define their self worth, in large part, to their perception of their superior intelligence, it is nearly impossible for them to see that they’ve been had.

          As Twain apparently wrote. “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”.


  15. Just read the full “order.” It includes this tidbit on page 18:

    “Any person who declines to wear a face covering because of a medical condition shall not be
    required to produce or carry medical documentation verifying the stated condition nor shall
    the person be required to identify the precise underlying medical condition.”

    So there’s at least that.

    • CJM:

      Most of these orders contain such exceptions. Thus, it’s so easy not to comply. Yet, most of those not suffering from delusional psychosis will comply nonetheless because they’re f-ing cowards.

      • Coonman’s “orders” have had the medical exemption since the beginning, but this is the first one that I’ve seen that has the “protection” (if one wants to call it that) of explicitly saying that one doesn’t need to supply paperwork or identify the condition itself.

    • cjm, the common medical exemptions are at least plausible on the surface, although I do wonder why anyone should be allowed to murder (as they claim we’re doing) just because he has a medical condition.
      But in our county, one of the exemptions is truly nutty. It says that people who are deaf or hard of hearing don’t have to wear masks. I assume this is because they need to be able to see people’s faces and read their lips. See anything wrong with this picture? Shouldn’t it be all the people whom the deaf are trying to communicate with who get the exemption?

    • They have to include such provisions to make them prima facie legal. If they required papers at this point they’d lose miserably in court. We haven’t just yet hit full Banana Republic collapse where the court system is completely ignored. We give the priests in black robes some deference to interpret the mountains of laws and without religious and medical exclusions they’d violate their own pre-existing laws and regulations. The whole debacle relies on voluntary compliance from willing slaves.

      • There is the liability issue you mention related to non-doctors making mandatory medical decisions for people in a one size fits all manner. The medical exemption also serves to undercut principled non-compliance by creating doubt in the minds of the impressionable or undecided about why a person is not complying willingly. Maybe they’re sick with something that makes it medically dangerous? If not, they are then by default a liar with all that connotes in the minds of some people. Political display of opposition checkmated in all but a handful of instances. Makes it imperative that acts of political noncompliance be accompanied by “testimony”, which dials up effectiveness and risk

    • These exemptions exist for a very important reason. Since they are usurping powers they are explicitly denied, this provides an “out” without provoking confrontation. Like gun control- there is an “out” if you just consent to our power and get a CCW “permit” or get a tax stamp or some sort of permission.

      Make no mistake, the only thing to do, ultimately, is to stand up and say go (back) to hell to these totalitarians/demons. They are asserting ownership over you, and showing that they are enlightened, compassionate masters by allowing exemptions to their rules for the few who might otherwise make trouble.

    • I suffer from severe, debilitating “C.S.” is the most I’ve volunteered so far. No one has pushed further to find out that CS stands for Common Sense.

      • Wearing a mask triggers my Tourette Syndrome. Coincidentally, when I’m asked what my golf handicap is, I answer “Tourette Syndrome.” It’s a multipurpose condition.

        • We recently took a trip to a place where dogs aren’t allowed to go. It’s mostly arbitrary but not without some merit as many dog owners are jerks about leaving dog land mines. So it is and has been for as long as I can remember.

          Anyway, we put the pooch in a kennel for a couple of days during the no-dogs-allowed part of the trip. This being in a relatively free Western state the orders are to some extent ignored, not completely, but a little. There was an informational sign on the entry door, which I honestly didn’t sense as particularly apologetic, that the employee won’t be masked. They find many dogs become markedly more aggressive around humans with masks.

          Discussing it with the workers (two of them + two of us = zero masks) it seems without facial interaction dogs have a hard time understanding us. We’re actually very poor communicators to dogs and they rely on seeing our faces to really understand us.

          Seems like a human psychological parallel can be easily made, I dunno.

          • I agree with that one. It’s definitely much harder to read a masked up face than without.

            I usually see them as having the vacant bovine stare, especially with sunglasses over the stupid thing.

  16. Friends in Pennsylvania tell me their Fuhrer has ordered full lockdown to begin this Saturday, for three weeks (extendable). They already had full face diapering and curfew. Didn’t work, for reasons apparent to everyone but their elected leaders. So double down. They have only one playbook, so expect Virginia and other states to follow suit soon enough.

    It’s like they want people to push back. Egging stressed people on, hurting them and laughing about it for sport. But I think that will be a tremendous mistake, for these petty tyrants. Much as I don’t believe it will actually occur, since our society is full of pussies, if and when it does, woe onto them that caused it.

    • BAC,

      I’m in PA. This morning I received an email from a local restaurant that stated they are staying open.

      During the first round of lockdown, a few restaurants opened and flaunted it, were fined, and at least one was successful in court and had all fines dismissed.

      This time, before the new lockdown takes effect, there is at lest one more that has stated they will not comply with the dictat.

      This gives me hope that more and more will defy, which is what is needed. The gubernor is destroying faith in gubermint, and that is great. As more defy, they lose their power.

    • Hi BAC,

      What is left for them to take away though? They have taken the election, our faces, our enjoyment, our places of worship, our jobs….honestly, what haven’t they taken?

      The only thing that doesn’t make any of this truly enforceable is how spread out the land in the US is. I am starting to love the left’s Defund the Police campaign. I don’t have anything against the cops, but I applaud the left for being so incredibly stupid that they want to abolish the enforcers of the draconian principles that they feel the need to instill.

      This country is too stupid to bring about Communism, much less administer it.

      • Hi RG –

        Communism? No. You’re correct. But it will be something; some new and more virulent variant. We have something the Russkies didn’t, and that is a burgeoning technocracy and a population of cowed down, device-addled, juvenile cupcakes who need safe spaces, puppies, and coloring books.

        Our population as a whole is dumb, but the perpetrators here are not. And there will always be an enforcer class who needs a paycheck.

        I’m not all that hopeful for a way out. But I think there is reason for optimism, in that our psychopathic self-appointed betters are going for broke here. They have, for some reason, arrived at a heightened state of bold, and accordingly have started pushing too hard and too fast, on a population that seems increasingly less in the mood. It’s a gasoline soaked room, and these dipshits are throwing matches.

        I don’t want this. I don’t want to see it. But either way, somethings going to give.

      • In the world envisioned by the non-doctrinaire leftists of today, the costumed folks who come to your door to enforce their insane blather will not be called police or cops but rather fully funded culturally competent social equity facilitators or some such nonsense. The effect and results of such an interaction will remain the same.

          • I’m guessing it would be difficult for them to confiscate your property or dispatch you for wrongthink without them. My point is their words may change but their intentions and outcomes never do. These folks are playing for keeps. Don’t underestimate them.

            • If they are the same people that they sent from the Census Bureau, I am safe. 😉

              I have found the majority of the police and military view these mandates as complete BS. Our county Sheriff’s Department has already stated they would not be enforcing them. As long as we don’t trespass I don’t see LEOs coming out and ticketing or arresting us.

              The government is creating the rules, but with no enforcement it is our peers that are doubling down and abiding by them.

              How do you reach the people because there is where the work lies. People are chaining themselves willingly. This country would look altogether different if 15% of the population told the other 85% to go to Hell.

              • In your comment above you mentioned the prospect of engaging in gray, if not black, market type transactions to buy food. Which is understandable but kind of undercuts the “don’t worry ‘scro” bravado you display in this thread. Just sayin…

                • I am happy to show my face in public and have no issue with buying in person and I hope that does not change, but if I go to next week’s Market and the guys tell me “We can’t sell to you without a face mask” (I don’t think they will, but I need to be prepared if they do).

                  I am not worried about the police enforcing the mandates, but the owners of the businesses doing it.
                  If that is the case then I do shop Black Market going forward. If I have to show up at some farm at 7pm on a Sunday night to buy $600 worth of beef then I will.

                  Honestly, this is so absurd that the country has even spiraled this far that I even have to think of something like this to eat. 😳

              • Do not assume anything. The Boys In Blue are a gang and their loyalty remains to the gang and to whom the largess flows (Big Daddy Gubermint). They might (and only might) not murder their own mother in enforcing laws but there’s little doubt in my mind that if it’s a “lawful” order it will get enforced regardless of moral or ethical standpoint as long it comes with a paycheck. Being allowed to stroke their macho ego by throwing their authoritah around is just icing on the cake.

                • The major flaw in the US is that they don’t treat their enforcers particularly well. In past tyrannies, enforcers were most often well taken care of. Beefeater Gin was so named because it was made to appeal to English enforcers. England’s enforcers were the only ones among the population who could afford beef, or Beefeater.

                • I am not assuming anything, I can only go by what is said. I have no desire to tangle with anyone. But, it does help me (and the population in general) if the LEOs don’t enforce the restrictions. That doesn’t mean they won’t further down the road, but I will cross that bridge when necessary.

    • Here’s the thing. They are counting on people being pussies- it always works, until it doesn’t. Eventually a cornered animal turns and fights- it is hardwired into out DNA- there are hopeless situations where sadistic Japanese beheaded helpless prisoners, and einsatzgruppen shot helpless captives, but they only got away with this where they had overwhelming tactical advantages against defeated enemies. Which is what made them so contemptible and evil and not human.

      Victims fight back- the fight scene in “A Christmas Story” is instructive.

      • True, Ernie. Everybody breaks eventually.

        In the WP (Washington Post) they had an article on how more and more people are stealing food since it is no longer affordable and these people are not working. What happens when the stores start cracking down on these shoplifters? People have to eat, they will do what is necessary to do just that and no mask, curfew, or social distancing mandate is going to get in their way.

        When the stores start cracking down or going out of business, people will raid others homes, and robberies and burglaries will increase throughout the nation. Desperate people have nothing to lose.

  17. Speaking of another, PERMANENT Befehl, Porsche plans to keep *some* IC-engined vehicles in its fleet, says CEO Olivier Blume:

    ‘Let me be clear, our icon, the 911, will have a combustion engine for a long time to come.’

    The decision to keep the two-door sports car powered by internal combustion comes as an outlier to the company’s plan that by 2025, half of all Porsche vehicles sold will be electrified — either fully battery electric or plug-in hybrid.

    But Porsche’s seeming brave stand conceals a nasty sting in the tail — eFuels:

    ‘Porsche, Siemens Energy and others are developing a pilot project in Chile as the world’s first commercial plant producing synthetic, climate-neutral fuels (eFuels).

    ‘In the pilot phase, around 130,000 litres of eFuels will be produced as early as 2022. Porsche will be the primary customer for the green fuel.

    ‘The Haru Oni pilot project in Magallanes province takes advantage of excellent wind conditions in southern Chile to produce precious cupfuls of climate-neutral fuel with the aid of green wind power.’

    ARRRRRRRGH … *tears hair out*

    You don’t need no PhD in industrial engineering to grok that producing hydrogen from renewable electricity and combining it with CO2 to form a hydrocarbon with zero net greenhouse gas emissions is an insanely costly form of virtue signaling.

    But that’s how Porsche plans to keep its legacy fleet of gasoline-burning classics running past 2030 for posh, superannuated old IC engine huggers, who will be chivvied on into guiltless greenness for their own damned good.

    With ‘friends’ like these …

    • Of course there’ll still be nice stuff. It just won’t be something you or I can buy and own. The flaw in their plans to consolidate wealth upward is that they only see things as they are now. They’ll have a factory full of Klauses and Adolphs building those Porsches for the elite and they’ll get treated well as part of the extended king’s court. But those guys need food, houses and clothes. So the trickle down benefits of market capitalism will either have to work or the system fails when there’s no one doing all the work the economy needs. They think they can slice and dice what’s essential and let the useless eaters wither and die. But central planning can never anticipate everything and eventually every planned economy is sucked dry of it’s productivity and dies. Ours in the U.S. is already close to failure just from the greed, nevermind the political bullshit. They had a saying the Soviet Union, “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.” You can only whip and abuse people before they just give up. The Politburo knew the reality and most of what you saw by the 1970s and 1980s was wallpaper. They’d fly the same planes around and around for parades because the majority of the fleet was cannibalized for parts and they didn’t have enough fuel. The basic economy ground to halt and they were unable to actually make or do anything. The opposite happens in a socialist market, the poverty trickles up and eventually everyone feels it. So what if you’re sitting on $100 million if there’s nothing being made to actually buy?

      • Ground Zero of EV fever, Kalifornia, in fact imports the largest amount of electricity of any US state. Why are we not surprised?

        Like all socialist economies, Kali has crippled its own producers, and thus must rely on the still-functioning power producers of surrounding states to keep the lights on (except when the lights are deliberately turned off by Third World-style Public Safety Power Shutoffs).

        That’s one reason Kalifornia now mandates solar panels on new houses. Force the peasants to cough up the capital cost of producing power, since Kali and bankrupt PGE can’t.

        The endpoint of Kalifornian policies is Venezuela — poor, darkened, violent and hungry.

  18. Only about 10% of the colonial population supported the Revolution. Tories actually outnumbered them. The indifferent outnumbered both. Yet the Revolution succeeded. Because they held the moral high ground. Which those that refuse the edicts of COVID tyrants do as well. It’s easy to be discouraged, with so much acquiescence apparent. What is NOT so apparent is that a great many of those that appear acquiescent really aren’t, at least not completely. They are just going along to get along, while they abhor what’s being done to them. It may take as little as seeing you defy tyranny for them to join you. And don’t mistake those unfortunate enough to work under the mask as being in agreement with it. I’m hearing impaired, and so have a great deal of trouble understanding someone who wears a mask. Many times have I told those wearing a mask as a condition of employment “I’m sorry, but I can’t understand you with that mask on” and they don’t hesitate to pull it down, as if they were looking for an excuse to do so. In one case it was a pharmacist, whom one might expect to be a card carrying member of death cult. Perhaps you could become “hearing impaired” as well.

    • JWK:

      It’s understandable that the folks truly suffering from this sickness delusion wear masks and neurotically sanitize. I feel sorry for them because they actually believe what the TV and facebook tells them. They have no apparent ability to critically think for themselves. Their actions (while silly to those of us not suffering from this delusion) are at least consistent with their beliefs.

      The problem lies with the those who know better but “go along to get along.” They are cowards worthy of our contempt. They’re fraudulent assent enables the gubmint and media to perpetuate this nonsense. How they’re able to look at themselves in the mirror astounds me.

      • I doubt they are wearing a mask when they look in the mirror, which is where you come in. Show them the absurdity of it by NOT wearing one. How many times have you been influenced by the behavior of others, good or bad? If all they see is compliance, what other conclusion can they reach than compliance is acceptable, if not required?


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