Der Fuhrer About to Issue a New Befehl

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As his administration prepares an executive order tightening access to guns, President Barack Obama met Wednesday with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a proponent of new gun laws who has become the chief enemy of the National Rifle Association.

Obama has met with a series of gun control advocates in recent weeks as his aides complete work on a potential order expected to expand background checks on gun sales by closing the so-called “gun show loophole.”


  1. The Wolf and The House Dog

    There was once a Wolf who got very little to eat because the Dogs of the village were so wide awake and watchful. He was really nothing but skin and bones, and it made him very downhearted to think of it.

    One night this Wolf happened to fall in with a fine fat House Dog who had wandered a little too far from home. The Wolf would gladly have eaten him then and there, but the House Dog looked strong enough to leave his marks should he try it. So the Wolf spoke very humbly to the Dog, complimenting him on his fine appearance.

    “You can be as well-fed as I am if you want to,” replied the Dog. “Leave the woods; there you live miserably. Why, you have to fight hard for every bite you get. Follow my example and you will get along beautifully.”

    “What must I do?” asked the Wolf.

    “Hardly anything,” answered the House Dog. “Chase people who carry canes, bark at beggars, and fawn on the people of the house. In return you will get tidbits of every kind, chicken bones, choice bits of meat, sugar, cake, and much more beside, not to speak of kind words and caresses.”

    The Wolf had such a beautiful vision of his coming happiness that he almost wept. But just then he noticed that the hair on the Dog’s neck was worn and the skin was chafed.

    “What is that on your neck?”

    “Nothing at all,” replied the Dog.

    “What! nothing!”

    “Oh, just a trifle!”

    “But please tell me.”

    “Perhaps you see the mark of the collar to which my chain is fastened.”

    “What! A chain!” cried the Wolf. “Don’t you go wherever you please?”

    “Not always! But what’s the difference?” replied the Dog.

    “All the difference in the world! You can keep your feted slaveries, your so called shining city, I wouldn’t attend all of your feasts and I wouldn’t take all the tender young lambs in the world at that price.” And with that, away ran the Wolf, he contentedly threw himself back into the woods.


    There is nothing worth so much as liberty.

    • authorities said police killed eight people during a shootout with an alleged group of criminals near the capital Bujumbura.

      Ah, it’s so easy to be a criminal when everything’s a crime. On the down side though, the US is catching up as rapidly as possible. Maybe the next prez will be one of those “real hatchet men”.

      Let’s see, RCBS Rock Crusher, automatic primer feed, powder dropper, base for .45, .243. .270, 30.06, .308, base for 5.56X45, 9mm, stacks of batteries, bullet molds, brass polisher, old coolers full of brass, digital caliper, scales, primers, powder, I think I’m on to something…..lots of 10% lowers, it’s coming together now. Screw the NRA. They helped write the Brady Bill.

      • “Screw the NRA. They helped write the Brady Bill.”

        True, that. They’ve helped write, and lobbied for, every major gungrabbing bill that was ever passed, including the first big one in 1934,


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