Handgun Issue

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GeoD submitted this one:

I have friends on both sides of the handgun issue, those who
believe easy access to hand guns is not good for this country
and those who believe government has no business dictating
ownership one way or the other.


I have gained valuable understanding from both arguments.
I have made my final decision. Certain Americans, especially
those who are more likely to become victims of crime, need
to own and become proficient with handguns!





I can’t discuss this any further right now, it’s my turn┬áto pick up the shells.


  1. [more on the handgun issue]
    “I have a concealed ham sandwich” – LOL.

    Three weeks ago, city council member Rick Almberg started a national controversy by trying to kick out a wounded Army veteran who was legally carrying a weapon during a council meeting and then walking out when he was unsuccessful having the man removed.

    This meeting, a crowd of 160 citizens were waiting prior to the meeting, a good many openly carrying handguns, having rifles slung over their shoulders, or conceal carrying.

    Resident Joe Hawkins openly mocked the councilman: “Mr. Almberg I just want you to know that I have a concealed ham sandwich right here, I don’t want you to get up and walk away,” he chuckled.

    Oak Harbor, WA, city council backs down.


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