Heroes Blow Away Toothless 16-Year-Old Dog

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RABUN, AL — A family feels violated after their home was subject to an unannounced, no-knock raid and their gentle family dog was shot by a deputy.

The all too familiar scenario played out in Alabama as it has thousands of other times throughout the country. Deputies intruded into a family residence with no knock, no announcement, and no permission. The family pet, curious and scared, approached the unwelcome strangers to investigate. The family pet was shot, and deputies’ justified their shoot with claims that the family disputes.

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Such was the experience of the Fretwells who live on Stacey Drive in Rabun, Alabama. On Friday, November 22nd, their aging family companion was shot by a Baldwin County deputy who had entered their home without permission.

“She’s gentle, she has a caring soul, she wouldn’t hurt anything and she never has, we’ve never had this problem ever,” said homeowner Angel Fretwell.
“I just think that maybe if they would have announced themselves or give it some kind of warning or anything at that point I think it would’ve helped this situation a lot.”

The Fretwells’ dog, Belle, is 16 years old, can barely get around, and has lost all of her teeth.

Upon hearing the four strangers in her home she approached deputies. They claim they had to shoot Belle for fear of their lives when she allegedly came after them. But the family disputes that claim. The Fretwells claim that Belle ran before she was shot in the shoulder.

After shooting their pet, deputies wouldn’t let the family care for her for over 1 hour.

They claim to have been searching for a relative of the Fretwells, who was not in the home.

Veterinarians say that Belle has a chance to survive, but will lose her leg and require a $1,000.00 surgery.

Between the use of no-knock raids on family residences and the cowardly shooting of family pets, concerned citizens have a lot to address with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. Only citizen activism can curb aggressive police tactics and acquire accountability.

“They have to be cautious,” Fretwell said to WPMI Local 15 News. “I just think that maybe if they would have announced themselves or give it some kind of warning or anything at that point I think it would’ve helped this situation a lot.”


  1. Looks like I need to get the 12 gauge out of the closet and keep it close at hand. If one of those thugs ever bust into my house I promise to take out at least one of them before they get me. Killing one of my pets would be on a par with killing one of my children; if I were Mr. Fretwell I would make it my life’s work to track that deputy and somewhere, sometime, when his thug buddies aren’t around to help him, end him as painfully as possible.
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote that if the NKVD making midnite raids during the Soviet terror of Stalin encountered people waiting behind their doors with an axe or some other weapon at the ready they might have had a different outcome.
    Looks to be that time here in Amerika, hopefully the rest of the sheeple will wake up before it’s too late.

    • Sadly, the particular variety of boobus americanus that is all around you supports such police action. There will be no waking up, because this is what people want. And in a democracy, people get what they want.

      You had the pleasure of seeing this firsthand in Boston, the first test of a wholesale stripping of the 4th amendment (more cities to follow later).

      I’ve yet to even find mention of the 4th amendment in any article on the police state that unfolded there. Everyone appears so thrilled that the “bad guy” was nabbed, though in their ignorance they didn’t mention he was actually found by a Joe Blow checking to see how bad the police had molested his expensive boat.

      Unfortunately there increasingly appears to be only two options left on the table: fight or flight. Changing the system becomes more hopeless each day, as much as I wish it weren’t so.

      “As I noted in my article, over 80% of Americans fully support these procedures, as well as any number of other intrusions in my privacy, liberty, and ability to operate a business or save for my family’s future.

      It is the price we pay when living as a citizen of a country governed by the whims, fears, and avarice of a mob armed with their votes. You can rail about it, but with a solid majority in favor of it, there’s no changing it. ”
      Read more at: http://www.caseyresearch.com/cdd/and
      (scroll down to “A Protest”)

  2. Looks like the residents of Baldwin county need to stock up on 12 foot bluestone walls with broken glass at the top and stainless diamond plate for their windows and doors. That’ll stop the cops murdering burglars.


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