Noo Joisey Ammo Ban

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Constitutional Work Around: New Jersey Legislators Move to Ban Ammunition
Mac Slavo
January 30th, 2012

While the second amendment protects our right to bear arms, some anti-gun advocates think they may have found a loophole. This afternoon the New Jersey Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee is set to consider two bills (Assembly Bill 588 and Assembly Bill 1013) that would essentially ban all handgun ammunition in the state, as well as some (or potentially all) rifle ammunition.

Sponsored by Assemblyman L. Grace Spencer (D-29), A588 is cleverly disguised as police safety legislation aimed at armor piercing ammunition (which is already prohibited under federal and state law). The measure actually opens the door to a sweeping ammunition ban by an unelected public official by executive fiat. Common hunting, target, and self-defense ammunition would be subject to ban, along with BB’s, airgun pellets, and non-metallic ammunition like plastic airsoft pellets, if the Attorney General decides that they pose a threat to the safety and well being of law enforcement.

Although the bill only mentions handgun ammunition, it is in fact not limited to handgun ammunition, and would apply to all rifle ammunition for which a handgun is ever made. As an increasing number of gun manufacturers make handgun models that shoot rifle caliber ammunition, the line between “handgun” vs. “rifle” ammunition has become blurred, and the New Jersey State Police have already begun treating rifle ammunition in this category as if it were handgun ammunition for regulatory purposes. As long as a handgun exists that shoots a particular caliber of rifle ammunition, New Jersey treats that ammunition as if it were handgun ammunition.

As Aaron Dykes of Infowars points out, the bills themselves would not outlaw the ammunition, but they “would enable the state’s Attorney General to instate a de facto restriction of the Second Amendment via executive fiat.”

In essence, if the Attorney General determines that a particular type of ammunition poses a threat to the police or government officials, that ammunition could be completely banned under this new legislation.

The goal, of course, is to render the Second Amendment impotent – the ultimate endgame of those who would brink the darkness of tyranny over our great nation.

By all accounts, as SGT Report highlights in their latest micro-documentary (available below), the government has rebelled against the people, and they are working feverishly to eliminate, one by one, each of the Constitutional protections that have ensured the peoples’ right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for over two centuries.

I want to make the case that there has been a rebellion.

This government has rebelled against the Constitution and against the citizens of the United States. The invasion of the public safety has been made by the representatives of the people.

the public safety could not be more at risk now, that the NDAA containing S1867, is law. The signing of NDAA was the crossing of the Rubicon. The government has now pushed farther than could have been imagined even 12 or 18 short months ago.

I have long believed that the final straw will come when this government attempts to ban guns or ammunition, or declare a confiscation of precious metals.

They will keep pushing, as all tyrants do, until the people push back. This latest transgression of our freedoms may be limited to a single state, but if approved, would open the door to similar bans across the entire country.

As Alex Jones warns in a recent update, those who would make us slaves and strip us of our natural rights are doing so at an accelerated rate.

It’s really simple. We’re getting down to the wire here. Tyranny is out in the open. The destruction of our basic liberties, the overthrow of our republic and basic protections, and basic checks and balances, is in overdrive right now.

Four years ago, had someone told you that the government would take over major financial institutions, manufacturers, and insurance companies, or that they would legislate universal health mandates or indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, or that they would grope your children at public venues and transportation hubs, would you have believed them?

Most Americans would have balked at the very thought of such things.

Yet here we are. And the scary thing? They’re not finished yet. They won’t be; not until the Constitution of the United States is relegated to nothing more than a historical text in some museum rather than what it was meant to be – the fundamental law of the land.


  1. When I learned that 100 watt Tom Edison bulbs would be banned, I stocked up on a small closet full. I’d do the same for ammo, and I’m guessing the citizen gun owners of Noo Joisey will as well.

  2. We can rest assured that the NJ overlords have closely studied and determined there’s no chance of a black market springing up to smuggle these banned items into NJ, and there’s no way that this black market that cannot materialize will ever end up being contested by criminal syndicates that are only “criminal” because they are not approved by Uncle Sam.

    • True enough – as regards the thug element. But (as I’m sure you agree) the ban will serve to frighten most civilians sufficiently that they’ll be disarmed and so placed at the mercy of the thug element (government included).

      I expect a national ban in the near future. Obama and Holder are itching to do it. Once re-elected, Obama will reveal himself even more fully. Plus, he will get to replace a few more “justices” on the SP, too.

      • I don’t know Eric, the 2A crowd is a far cry from the MADD crowd. I read recently that support for gun control is at all-time lows. It could scare off people who are on the fence about guns but could end up being the tipping point for the armed-and-serious.

        I’l never discount the utility of a false-flag to sway public opinion to a desired direction, but I think folks might decide to turn in their ammunition….right through the front door of the state house, minus the brass.

          • Nobody can fault you for that.

            If you’re not familiar with the event, look up the Battle of Athens, Tennessee. There are probably very few of this sort among us today, but it gives me hope for the future.

  3. Anyone know what prompted the NJ bill? After all, the (non-government driven) crime rate in the US has been going down for decades now, right in line with the aging of the population.


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