Mein Fuhrer! I Have a Plan!

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Hi all,

I think I have a way to get that idea I had about being “live” on the site up and running. I’m here most of the day already, of course. But I thought it would be neat to do a live video feed – me taking calls (comments and questions) as they come in. The problem – so far – has been figuring out how to set it up.

Well, as an interim step, how’s this sound?

Send me your question and comments (via e-mail, to and I’ll select say five of them, do a video/chat session of me answering them, then I’ll post it here on the site.

I know, it’s not directly interactive – and definitely not live. But it’s close!

Let’s see how it goes…. I’ll need at least five good questions to get going. They can be car questions, political/philosophical questions, whatever.

How about it?

This even includes you, Clover.

Speaking of which: If you haven’t noticed it already, I replaced the “Clover” videos on the left side of the page with my latest interviews, to be updated as I do ’em.








  1. Eric did you get my e-mail?

    Something like a live video call can be done by going to YouTube (Make sure you’re signed in).

    – Top left corner, click “Upload”.

    – Click “Google+ Hangouts on Air” on right side of the page.

    – You can fill out this information, set the start point to “Later” and set the time and date.

    – Tell people to tune into your YouTube channel on that date, and you’ll be good to go.

    Hope this helps!

    • Hi Brandon,

      Yes – thanks!

      I will consider it… as a temporary step. I’d like to have something here – on EPautos. I like YouTube, but for obvious reasons, I’m trying to build this site, not theirs!

      • Understood, Eric. I think building up the site is a good idea… and we’re all waiting for a YouTube replacement.

        • Brandojin, there are YT replacements and good ones too. When we return to high speed internet we’ll certainly be going back to Vimeo and a couple others I can’t recall right now. I shun YT since it’s part of Gooogul.

          • Hey 8, either Vimeo or Vevo (I’m not sure which) has a censorship policy that is even more strict than YT. Of course, the PTB could force any of these sites to remove content they don’t want out.

            All these corporations with their damn policies… You know, what we REALLY need is a government video site. 😉 One that’ll allow all content…


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